APRIL 24 - Traded E Billy Howton to CLEVELAND for  HB Lew Carpenter and DE Bill Quinlan.
MAY 23 - Traded 1960 3rd round choice to CHICAGO CARDINALS for QB Lamar McHan.
JUNE 27 - Purcashed DB Emlen Tunnell from NEW YORK
JULY 22 - Traded LB Marv Matuszak to BALTIMORE for OG Fred "Fuzzy" Thurston
JULY 24 - Traded 1960 5th round choice to CLEVELAND for DB Bob Freeman.
JULY 28 - Traded HB Howie Ferguson to PITTSBURGH for a 1959 draft choice. Traded OT Ollie Spencer to DETROIT for OT Ken Russell. Russell
left camp August 3, and the Lions sent a 1960 5th round choice instead
JULY 29 - Placed QB Bob Webb, G Larry Hall, HB Tom Newell and T Bob Eiting on waivers.
AUG 3 - HB Howie Ferguson returned to GREEN BAY from PITTSBURGH
AUG 18 - Claimed OG John Dittrich off waivers from CHICAGO CARDINALS. Placed E Ken Higgenbotham, E Buddy Mayfield, C Willie Taylor, LB
Dick Teteak and HB Bob Laraba on waivers.
AUG 28 - Placed HB Bill Butler, T Gary Raid and HB Al Carmichael on waivers.
AUG 30 – Traded an undisclosed draft pick to CHICAGO CARDINALS for DB Dick Nolan. 
SEPT 8 - Placed HB Bobby Jackson on waivers.
SEPT 9 - Sold DB Dick Nolan to NEW YORK
SEPT 14 - Traded 1960 4th round choice to CLEVELAND for DT Henry Jordan.
SEPT 15 - Placed HB Alex Hawkins on waivers.
SEPT 16 - Recalled HB Alex Hawkins from waivers and sold him to BALTIMORE
SEPT 17 - HB Howie Ferguson retired. 
SEPT 22 - Traded 1960 10th round choice to CHICAGO for DT Ken Beck. Placed HB Dave Smith on waivers.
SEPT 30 - Placed HB Tim Brown on waivers. Recalled HB Bill Butler from waivers.
Vince Lombardi became the fifth head coach on February 2, and the Packer franchise was changed forever. The former Giants' assistant coach immediately changed the face of the team. In April, he
traded WR Billy Howton, the top Packer receiver of the decade, to Cleveland for HB Lew Carpenter and DE Bill Quinlan. In May, he acquired QB Lamar McHan from the Cardinals. After Bobby Dillon
retired, Lombardi picked up DB Emlen Tunnell from the Giants. He also acquired OG Fuzzy Thurston from the Colts and DT Henry Jordan from the Browns. Lombardi also released Howie Ferguson,
Babe Parilli and Al Camichael, as 16 veterans from the 1958 team were sent elsewhere or released. In posting their first winning record in twelve years, Green Bay opened the season 3-0, lost five
straight, then won their last four games. A change at quarterback from McHan to Bart Starr in Week Five re-energized the Green Bay offense, as Starr established himself as the team leader for the
next decade. For the first time in years, Packer fans looked forward to the off-season, and the upcoming campaign.
A half century ago, Randy Duncan was the best quarterback in college football and the most sought-after player in the National Football League draft. Duncan had led the Iowa Hawkeyes to the Big
Ten title and two consecutive Rose Bowl victories in 1957 and in '58. His senior year, he was a consensus All-American, the Walter Camp Award winner and the Big Ten's most valuable player. The
athletic, strong-armed quarterback led the nation in passing and total offense and ended second to Army's Pete Dawkins for the 1958 Heisman Trophy. "I was used to winning," said Duncan, who
also excelled in the classroom and aspired to attend law school. So Duncan, who was 6 feet tall and 180 pounds, was less than thrilled when informed that the Green Bay Packers - the worst team in
pro football - had chosen him with the No. 1 selection in the 1959 NFL draft. From 1956-'59, the draft consisted of 30 rounds and was held in two separate sessions, two months apart, at the Warwick
Hotel in Philadelphia. The first four rounds of the 1959 draft were held on December 2, 1958 - as the Packers were in the midst of a seven-game losing streak in an atrocious 1-10-1 season. The
remaining 26 rounds of the draft were conducted on Jan. 21, 1959. Duncan had hoped to play for the Los Angeles Rams, who had the No. 2 selection in the draft, in a metropolitan area that offered
several options for law school. He received the news of his No. 1 selection via telephone from Jack Vainisi, Green Bay's personnel director, as he waited to catch a flight in Chicago back to Iowa.
Duncan was returning from a television appearance in New York featuring the collegiate All-American team. "You have to remember, the Packers had only won one game in 1958," Duncan said. "It
wasn't a real popular situation at the time. Nobody could have seen what Lombardi would do. Being the No. 1 draft choice in the league wasn't what it was now. So basically it came down to
money. I got more to play in Canada." Jerry Kramer, a guard in his second season, said most Green Bay players did not pay much attention to the draft or rookies. "Pro football and the draft just
weren't the big deal they are today," Kramer said. "We didn't get excited about the new guys coming in until they put on a helmet in training camp and you could see if they could play or not. I really
don't remember much about drafting Randy Duncan because I was in my second year and worried about my spot."  Duncan spurned the Packers offer and signed a two-year, $35,000 deal with
the British Columbia Lions of the Canadian Football League. His signing bonus was $2,000. "It's hard to believe with what No. 1 draft choices receive now," Duncan said Monday from his law
office in Des Moines, Iowa. "But that was a lot of money back in 1959. It was a couple thousand more than Green Bay offered. And I was going to law school." It was a major blow to the reeling
Green Bay franchise, whose finances mirrored its on-field performance. The NFL's smallest-market team was not held in high regard by NFL brass and many team owners. "The Packers were
not doing well financially at the time," said Lee Remmel, former team public relations director and team historian. "Randy Duncan was very successful at Iowa, but he went to Canada and never
played a down in Green Bay." But the Packers had a bigger void to fill. The organization was focused on finding a head coach to replace Ray "Scooter" McLean, who resigned under pressure in
December after the worst season in team history. "The Packers underwhelmed 10 opponents, overwhelmed one, and whelmed one," said legendary sportswriter Red Smith. Duncan's coach at
Iowa, Forest Evashevski, was the leading candidate for the vacant Green Bay position. Evashevski opted to stay at Iowa after a secret trip to Green Bay to meet with executive committee members.
The Packers then pursued Vince Lombardi, an assistant coach with the New York Giants. The rest is history. Lombardi became the fifth head coach in Green Bay annals and created a dynasty,
winning five NFL championships in seven years in the 1960s. But what would have happened if Evashevski would have taken the Packer post? "If he would have gone to Green Bay, I'm sure I
would have gone too," Duncan said. "But it didn't work out that way." Duncan played two seasons in British Columbia, throwing for 3,480 yards, 25 touchdowns, and 38 interceptions. In the
offseason, he attended law school at Drake University in Des Moines. After his unimpressive CFL experience, he signed with the Dallas Texans of the American Football League in 1961 and
continued his education at Southern Methodist University. Head coach Hank Stram traded for Len Dawson, relegating Duncan to a backup role. He appeared in nine games, throwing just one
touchdown pass. Duncan's professional football career was over, but his business career was just beginning. "I didn't want to be on the bench," he said, "So I decided to go into law." Duncan
completed his studies at Drake and followed in his father's footsteps, operating a successful law practice in Des Moines for more than 45 years. He and his wife, Paula, have been married for nearly 50 years. They raised three boys, two of whom played at Yale and Iowa. Duncan, who was inducted into the Iowa Sports Hall of Fame in 1976 and the College Football Hall of Fame in 1997, closely follows Iowa Hawkeye football and the NFL. "I like the Packers and the Vikings - can you believe it?" Duncan asked with a laugh. He has attended a few games at Lambeau Field over the years, the last time for a Monday night contest against Tennessee in 2004. "I went up with some friends to a game at the renovated stadium. It's a great facility," he said. "We toured the Packers Hall of Fame and had a good time." Duncan said he has no regrets about his decision five decades ago to bypass playing for the Packers. "I'm 72 and golf, play tennis and even play a little handball - I don't have to work that hard anymore," Duncan said. "I have no regrets over the past and no fear of the future." SOURCE: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 5 May 2009
Ken Beck            73   DT 6- 2 240 Texas A&M        1  1 24 12 1959 Trade - Cardinals
Tom Bettis          65   LB 6- 2 225 Purdue           5  5 26 12 1955 Draft - 1st round
Nate Borden         87   DE 6- 0 240 Indiana          5  5 27 12 1955 Draft - 25th round
Tim Brown           25   HB 5-10 195 Ball State       1  1 22  1 1959 Draft - 27th round
Bill Butler         22   HB 5-10 180 Chattanooga      1  1 22 11 1959 Draft - 19th round
Lew Carpenter       33   FB 6- 2 210 Arkansas         1  6 27 12 1959 Trade - Cleveland
Dan Currie          58   LB 6- 3 235 Michigan State   2  2 24 12 1958 Draft - 1st round
Bobby Dillon        44   DB 6- 1 180 Texas            8  8 29 12 1952 Draft - 3rd round
John Dittrich       68   OG 6- 1 235 Wisconsin        1  2 26 12 1959 FA - Chi Cardinals
Boyd Dowler         86    E 6- 5 225 Colorado         1  1 21 12 1959 Draft - 3rd round
Bill Forrester      69   DT 6- 3 240 SMU              7  7 27 12 1953 Draft - 3rd round
Joe Francis         20   QB 6- 1 195 Oregon State     2  2 23 12 1958 Draft - 5th round
Bob Freeman         41   DB 6- 1 205 Auburn           1  3 26 12 1959 Trade - Cleveland
Forrest Gregg       75    G 6- 4 245 SMU              3  3 25 12 1956 Draft - 2nd round
Hank Gremminger     46   DB 6- 1 205 Baylor           4  4 26 12 1956 Draft - 7th round
Dave Hanner         79   DT 6- 2 260 Arkansas         8  8 29 12 1952 Draft - 5th round
Paul Hornung         5   HB 6- 2 215 Notre Dame       3  3 23 12 1957 Draft - Bonus
Henry Jordan        74   DT 6- 3 250 Virginia         1  3 24 12 1959 Trade - Cleveland
Gary Knafelc        84    E 6- 4 220 Colorado         6  6 27 12 1954 FA - Chi Cardinals
Jerry Kramer        64    G 6- 3 245 Idaho            2  2 23 12 1958 Draft - 4th round
Ron Kramer          88    E 6- 3 230 Michigan         2  2 24 12 1957 Draft - 1st round
Norm Masters        78    T 6- 2 250 Michigan State   3  3 26 12 1957 Trade - Detroit
Max McGee           85    E 6- 3 205 Tulane           4  4 27 12 1954 Draft - 5th round
Lamar McHan         17   QB 6- 1 205 Arkansas         1  6 26 12 1959 Trade - Cardinals
Don McIlhenny       42   HB 6- 0 200 SMU              3  4 24 12 1957 Trade - Detroit
Ray Nitschke        66   LB 6- 3 230 Illinois         2  2 22 12 1958 Draft - 3rd round
Bill Quinlan        83   DE 6- 3 250 Michigan State   1  3 27 12 1959 Trade - Cleveland
Jim Ringo           51    C 6- 1 230 Syracuse         7  7 29 12 1953 Draft - 7th round
Bob Skoronski       76    T 6- 3 250 Indiana          2  2 25 12 1956 Draft - 5th round
Bart Starr          15   QB 6- 1 200 Alabama          4  4 25 12 1956 Draft - 17th round
John Symank         27   DB 5-11 180 Florida          3  3 24 12 1957 Draft - 23rd round
Jim Taylor          31   FB 6- 0 212 LSU              2  2 24 12 1958 Draft - 2nd round
Jim Temp            82   DE 6- 4 250 Wisconsin        3  3 25 12 1955 Draft - 2nd round
Fuzzy Thurston      63    G 6- 1 245 Valparaiso       1  2 24 12 1959 Trade - Baltimore
Emlen Tunnell       45   DB 6- 1 215 Iowa             1 12 34 12 1959 Trade - New York
Jesse Whittenton    47   DB 6- 0 195 Texas-El Paso    2  4 25 12 1958 FA - Chicago Bears
A.D. Williams       81    E 6- 2 210 Pacific          1  1 25 12 1959 FA - Los Angeles
NO - Jersey Number POS - Position HGT - Height WGT - Weight YR - Years with Packers PR - Years of
 Professional Football AGE - Age at Start of Season G - Games  Played FA - Free Agent
1959 PACKERS DRAFT (December 2, 1958 (1-4) and January 21, 1959 (5-30))
RND-PCK NAME                   COLLEGE
1  -  1 QB Randy Duncan        Iowa
2  - 13 HB Alex Hawkins        S.Carolina
3  - 25 E Boyd Dowler          Colorado
4  - 37 to Cleveland for Len Ford
5a - 49 to Washington for J.D. Kimmel
5b - 55 G Andy Cvercko (A)     Northwestern
6  - 61 C Willie Taylor        Florida A&M
7a - 73 HB Bobby Jackson       Alabama
7b - 83 T Gary Raid (B)        Williamette
8a - 85 E Buddy Mayfield       S. Carolina
8b - 95 HB Bob Laraba (C)      TX-El Paso
9  - 97 HB George Dixon        Bridgeport
10 -109 G/T Sam Tuccio         S.Miss.
11 -121 QB Bob Webb            St. Ambrose
12 -133 G Larry Hall           Misso. Vall
13 -145 *-FB Jim Hurd          Albion
14 -157 G Jim Kerr             Arizona St
15 -169 C Dick Teteak          Wisconsin 
16 -181 E Dan Edgington        Florida
17 -193 HB Tom Secules         Will.& Mary
18 -205 TE Dick Nearents       Washington
19 -217 HB Bill Butler         Chattanooga 
20 -229 *-FB Chuck Sample      Arkansas 
21 -241 FB Dave Smith          Ripon
22 -253 E Charles Anderson     Drake
23 -265 *-T Orville Lawver     Lewis & Clark 
24 -277 C Joe Hergert          Florida
25 -289 HB Leroy Hardee        Florida A&M 
26 -301 *-E Ken Higginbotham   Trinity-TX
27 -313 HB Tim Brown           Ball State
28 -325 G Jerry Epps           W. Texas St
29 -337 HB John Flara          Pittsburgh
30 -349 T Dick Emerich         West Chester  
A - from Pittsburgh for Dick Christy B - from New York for Al Barry C - from Cleveland for Dick Deschaine * - Juniors
Bold - Played for the Green Bay Packers
Bears at Packers
September 27th
Packers at Rams
December 13th
(MILWAUKEE) - Zeke Bratkowski tossed a 37-yard scoring pass to Rick Casares with 41 seconds left to cap a Chicago comeback and boost the Bears over the Packers Saturday night. The Bears got their chance when veteran Em Tunnell let a slippery ball slip from his grasp on an apparently easy interception. The Bears wasted no time in capitalizing to spoil the debut of Vince Lombardi as Green Bay coach. The Packers made a late bid in the last 23 second, before Vic Zucco intercepted Lamar McHan on the last play of the game.
CHICAGO   -  0  3  0 16 - 19
GREEN BAY -  0  7  6  3 - 16
GB - Hornung, 17-yard pass from Starr (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
CHI – John Aveni, 15-yard field goal GREEN BAY 7-3
GB – Knafelc, 9-yard pass from Starr (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 13-3
CHI – Rick Casares, 1-yard run (Aveni kick) GREEN BAY 13-10
CHI – Aveni, 22-yard field goal TIED 13-13
CHI – Hornung, 46-yard field goal GREEN BAY 16-13
CHI – Casares, 37-yard pass from Zeke Bratkowski (Kick failed) CHICAGO 19-16
AUGUST (2-1)                            RESULT      RECORD    ATT STARTING QB              LEADING RUSHER              LEADING PASSER              LEADING RECEIVER
15 M-CHICAGO BEARS                     L 16-19      0- 1-0 28,286
23 at San Francisco 49ers              W 24-17      1- 1-0 18,916
29 Philadelphia Eagles at Portland, OR W 45-28      2- 1-0 25,456
5  New York Giants at Bangor, ME       L  0-14      2- 2-0 20,000
12 Washington at Winston-Salem, NC     W 20-13      3- 2-0 15,000
20 Pittsburgh Steelers at Minneapolis  W 13-10      4- 2-0 18,081
SEPTEMBER (1-0)                         RESULT      RECORD    ATT STARTING QB              LEADING RUSHER              LEADING PASSER              LEADING RECEIVER
27 G-CHICAGO BEARS (0-0)               W  9- 6      1- 0-0 32,150 Lamar McHan
4  G-DETROIT LIONS (0-1)               W 28-10      2- 0-0 32,150 Lamar McHan                                                                      Max McGee (3-124)
11 G-SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (2-0)         W 21-20      3- 0-0 32,150 Lamar McHan              Paul Hornung (138)
18 M-LOS ANGELES RAMS (1-2)            L  6-45      3- 1-0 36,194 Lamar McHan
25 at Baltimore Colts (3-1)            L 21-38      3- 2-0 57,557 Lamar McHan                                                                      Max McGee (3-110)
1  at New York Giants (4-1)            L  3-20      3- 3-0 68,837 Lamar McHan
8  at Chicago Bears (2-4)              L 17-28      3- 4-0 46,205 Lamar McHan
15 M-BALTIMORE COLTS (4-3)             L 24-28      3- 5-0 25,521 Bart Starr                                                                       Boyd Dowler (8-147)
22 G-WASHINGTON REDSKINS (3-5)         W 21- 0      4- 5-0 31,853 Bart Starr 
26 at Detroit Lions (2-6-1)            W 24-17      5- 5-0 49,221 Bart Starr                                                                       Boyd Dowler (4-107)
6  at Los Angeles Rams (2-8)           W 38-20      6- 5-0 61,044 Bart Starr
G - Green Bay M - Milwaukee
(SAN FRANCISCO) - Rookie George Dixon's 96-yard kickoff return set up the payoff touchdown Sunday in the Packers' exhibition victory over the 49ers. Dixon's kickoff return was from two yards inside the end zone. Don McIlhenny carried the ball over on the second play. The Packers, under the direction of veteran QBs Babe Parilli and Lamar McHan, stayed on the ground during most of the first half to come up with a 10-3 edge. The Niners had a chance to tie the game late, but an “Alley Oop” pass from Y.A. Tittle to R.C. Owens, while complete, was too late as Owens fell inside the one at the gun.
GREEN BAY     -  0 10  0 14 - 24
SAN FRANCISCO -  0  3  0 14 - 17
SF – Bobby Luna, 20-yard field goal SAN FRANCISCO 3-0
GB – Hornung, 21-yard field goal TIED 3-3
GB – Knafelc, 4-yard pass from McHan (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 10-3
GB – Hornung, 9-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 17-3
SF – Jim Pace, 1-yard run (Luna kick) GREEN BAY 17-10
GB – McIlhenny, 6-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 24-10
SF – Joe Perry, 1-yard run (Luna kick) GREEN BAY 24-17
(PORTLAND, OR) - An alert rookie, Bob Freeman, was a prime factor in the Packers’ victory over the Eagles. Playing at defensive safety, he intercepted three passes, setting up one touchdown and scoring another with a 30-yard runback. The Packers demonstrated ground power and scored five of their touchdowns on running plays, although passes were instrumental in three of the scores. QB Joe Francis completed passes for 53 and 44 yards in setting up two of the scores. Norm Van Brocklin kept the Eagles in the game, passing for 378 yards and three touchdowns.
PHILADELPHIA -  7  7  7  7 - 28
GREEN BAY    -  7  7 24  7 - 45
GB – Hornung, 10-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
PH – Tommy McDonald, 44-yd ps fr N. Van Brocklin (Dick Bielski kick) TIED 7-7
PHIL – McDonald, 17-yard pass from Van Brocklin (Bielski kick) PHILADELPHIA14-7
GB – Carpenter, 2-yard run (Hornung kick) TIED14-14
GB – Hornung, 21-yard field goal GREEN BAY 17-14
GB – McIlhenny, 4-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 24-14
GB – Freeman, 30-yard interception return (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 31-14
GB – Taylor, 4-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 38-14
PHIL – Peak, 2-yard run (Bielski kick) GREEN BAY 38-21
GB – Ferguson, 1-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 45-21
PH – Walt Kowalczyk, 5-yd pass from Van Brocklin (Bobby Walston kick) GREEN BAY 45-28
(BANGOR, ME) – The Giants easily whipped the rusty Packers in the first professional football contest ever staged in Maine. About 13,000 fans attended the event, held in observance of Bangor's 125th anniversary. Alex Webster scored twice from inside Green Bay's three-yard line tonight to lead the Giants. scoring. Green Bay never got beyond New York's 14-yard line.
NEW YORK  -  0  7  7  0 - 14
GREEN BAY -  0  0  0  0 -  0
NY – Alex Webster, 2-yard run (Pat Summerall kick) NEW YORK 7-0
NY – Webster, 1-yard run (Summerall kick) NEW YORK 14-0
(WINSTON-SALEM, NC) - Paul Hornung scored all the Green Bay points tonight as the Packers defeated the Redskins. Hornung scored touchdowns on runs of four and three yards, converted both points after the      
touchdowns and booted field goals of 25 and 46 yards. The victory was achieved in the city's fifth annual Piedmont Bowl game before 14,000. The Redskins made a last-minute bid for a tie under the guidance of Eddie LeBaron. The little quarterback rushed his club to Green Bay's 5-yard line, only to have three successive passes batted down.
WASHINGTON -  6  0  7  0 - 13
GREEN BAY  -  0  3  7 10 - 20
WASH – Jim Podoley, 9-yard run (Kick failed) WASHINGTON 6-0
GB – Hornung, 25-yard field goal WASHINGTON 6-3
GB – Hornung, 4-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 10-6
WA – John Carson, 7-yd pass from Eddie LeBaron (Ralph Fenton kick) WASHINGTON 13-10
GB – Hornung, 3-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 17-13
GB – Hornung, 45-yard field goal GREEN BAY 20-13
(MINNEAPOLIS) - Paul Hornung climaxed a frantic final five minutes by booming a 44-yard field goal with 10 seconds left Sunday to earn Green Bay a victory over Pittsburgh. Hornung's long kick came just 11 seconds after the Steelers pushed over the tying touchdown on the end of a 99-yard march piloted by aging Bobby Layne. In the final minutes, Layne, playing in his 13th year of pro football, connected on four passes, one of them a 50-yarder to Ray Mathews. Tom Tracy burst the final 12 yards to score on a trap play. Miner's conversion tied the score. With less than 20 seconds left, Green Bay QB Joe Francis hit Max McGee with a 17-yard pass to bring the Packers into range for Hornung.
PITTSBURGH -  0  0  0 10 - 10
GREEN BAY  -  0  3  0 10 - 13
GB – Hornung, 34-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
PIT – Tim Miner, 15-yard field goal TIED 3-3
GB – Hornung, 5-yard pass from McHan (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 10-3
PIT - Tom Tracy, 12-yard run (Miner kick) TIED 10-10
GB – Hornung, 44-yard field goal GREEN BAY 13-10
The Packers carry Vince Lombardi off the field after their season-opening win
(GREEN BAY) - A magnificent defense and just enough offense added up to a historical Packer victory over the Bears. The final score was 9-6, with the Packers scoring a touchdown, the extra point and a safety in the final seven minutes of the heart-stopping game before 32,150. This was more than just a triumph over Green Bay's arch rival. It was the beginning of the new and fiery regime headed by Vince Lombardi, who was carried off the field by the joyous Packers after the game. The Packers threw up a fierce defense—probably the Packers' toughest since the mid-30s. In fact, the last time Green Bay held the "Monsters of the Midway" without a touchdown was in 1938 when the Bears won, 2-0. Yesterday, the Bears scored on 42 and 46-yard field goals and they got inside the Packer 30 just once. The Packers came up with an offense that showed much promise for the future. The offense was frustrated for three quarters of dropped passes, missed field goals, fumbles, penalties and many little problems before the worm turned in the fourth period. Jim Ringo pounced on a fumble on the Bears' 26 to set up the Packers victory. Paul Hornung and Jim Taylor, who led all ball carriers with 98 yards in 22 attempts, took turns moving closer to the Bear goal. Finally, Taylor swung around end from the five for the score. Less than two minutes later, Max McGee got off his last punt —a 61-yard boot that rolled out on the Bear two. As Ed Brown went back to pass, he was dropped in the end zone for the safety by 243-pound defensive tackle Dave Hanner. The Bears were the top team in exhibition play with a 5-1 record.
CHICAGO   -  0  3  0  3 -  6
GREEN BAY -  0  0  0  9 -  9
2nd - CHI - John Aveni, 46-yard field goal CHICAGO 3-0
4th - CHI - Aveni, 42-yard field goal CHICAGO 6-0
4th - GB - Taylor, 5-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 7-6
4th - GB - Safety, Hanner sacked Ed Brown in the end zone GREEN BAY 9-6    
(GREEN BAY) - Lamar McHan, a veteran quarterback picked up during the summer on a trial basis, fired four touchdown passes as the rejuvenated Green Bay Packers belted the Detroit Lions, 28-10, for their second straight win. Obtained from the Chicago Cardinals for an unnamed draft choice, McHan connected on payoff heaves of 12 and four yards in the first period -and then on 41 and 36 yard aerial maneuvers in the fourth quarter. The Packers doubled their 1958 victory output by jolting the Lions with electrifying plays for long gains and a stout defense carefully groomed by new head coach Vince Lombardi. Don Mcllhenny skirted left end, cut down the middle and then to the right for 46 yards and a first down on the Detroit four on Green Bay's initial play of the' game to set the pattern to the enjoyment of a packed crowd of 32,150. A fumble cost the Packers a touchdown, but they immediately regained possession on a pass interception and McHan hit Gary Knafelc in the end zone from a dozen yards out. Runs of 26 yards by Jim Taylor, 22 yards by Paul Hornung and a 47-yard pass from McHan to Max McGee set up the second tally. McHan finished off the advance by pitching to McGee. The Lions scored on a one yard dive over guard by Nick Pietrosante in the second period and a 50-yard field goal by Jim Martin in the third. But that was the best they could manage. McHan found the range again in the final quarter, hitting McGee for a score and then winding up by pitching to his favorite target again although battered by Detroit linemen. The Packers held Detroit's vaunted running attack to a mere 82 yards, but the Lions managed to connect on 18 of 34 passes for an additional 202 yards.
DETROIT   -  0  7  3  0 - 10
GREEN BAY - 14  0  0 14 - 28
1st - GB - Knafelc, 12-yard pass from McHan (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - GB - McIlhenny, 4-yard pass from McHan (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
2nd - DET - Nick Pietrosante, 1-yard kick (Wayne Walker kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
3rd - DET - Jim Martin, 50-yard field goal GREEN BAY 14-10
4th - GB - McGee, 41-yard pass from McHan (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 21-10
4th - GB - McGee, 36-yard pass from McHan (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 28-10
(GREEN BAY) - The resurgent Green Bay Packers posted their third straight victory by edging the San Francisco 49ers 21-20 becoming the NFL's only unbeaten team. Green Bay, 3-0 for the first time since 1944, sent a sellout crowd of 32,150 Packer fans home happy after blowing a 14-6 halftime lead. San Francisco scored twice in the third period on Y. A. Tittle's 14-yard pass to Billy Wilson and Tittle's 75-yard pass-run heave to R. C. Owens. The Niners, leading 20-14, were driving for another touchdown in the final period when Dave Hanner forced Tittle to fumble and recovered on the Green Bay 40. Seven plays later McHan passed to Knafelc for the winning score. Tommy Davis booted two field goals but missed from the 37 in the final seconds.
SAN FRANCISCO -  3  3 14  0 - 20
GREEN BAY     -  7  7  0  7 - 21
1st - SF - Tommy Davis, 28-yard field goal SAN FRANCISCO 3-0
1st - GB - McGree, 30-yard pass from McHan (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 7-3
2nd - SF - Davis, 32-yard field goal GREEN BAY 7-6
2nd - GB - Hornung, 8-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 14-6
3rd - SF - Billy Wilson, 14-yard pass from Y.A.Tittle (Davis kick) GREEN BAY 14-13
3rd - SF - R.C. Owens, 75-yard pass from Tittle (Davis kick) SAN FRANCISCO 20-14
4th - GB - Knafelc, 21-yard pass from McHan (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 21-20
(MILWAUKEE) - The Los Angeles Rams, spiked by the passing of Bill Wade and the running of Ollie Matson, ripped apart Green Bay's vaunted defense to overwhelm the previously unbeaten Packers 45-6. Wade pitched for three touchdowns. Matson, Jon Arnett and Tommy Wilson shocked the Packers with bruising runs and sweeping end scampers behind solid blocking. The Packers, who had surrendered only three touchdowns in winning their first three league games under Coach Vince Lombardi, could do little right after receiving the opening kickoff. The Rams scored on a safety on the fourth play when Sam Williams blocked a punt and the ball rolled out of the Green Bay end zone. They added a field goal and a touchdown in the first period, a field goal in the second, a touchdown in the third and then 24 points in a wild finale. Paul Hornung accounted for the six Green Bay points with a pair of field goals, one a 46-yarder with the clock showing just one second left before halftime. The closest the Packers managed to get to the Los Angeles goal was in the fourth period just after Los Angeles had upped the count to 28-6. With first down on the two, Green Bay lost a scoring bid when a pass was intercepted in the end zone.
LOS ANGELES - 11  3  7 24 - 45
GREEN BAY   -  0  6  0  0 -  6
1st - LA - Safety, Sam Williams blocked punt LOS ANGELES 2-0
1st - LA - Jack Morris, 22-yard field goal LOS ANGELES 5-0
1st - LA - Del Shofner, 26-yard pass from Billy Wade (Kick failed) LOS ANGELES 11-0
2nd - GB - Hornung, 14-yard field goal LOS ANGELES 11-3
2nd - LA - Morris, 17-yard field goal LOS ANGELES 14-3
2nd - GB - Hornung, 46-yard field goal LOS ANGELES 14-6
3rd - LA - Ollie Matson, 49-yard run (Morris kick) LOS ANGELES 21-6
4th - LA - Joe Marconi, 1-yard run (Morris kick) LOS ANGELES 28-6
4th - LA - Jim Phillips, 53-yard pass from Wade (Morris kick) LOS ANGELES 35-6
4th - LA - Shofner, 25-yard pass from Wade (Hornung kick) LOS ANGELES 42-6
4th - LA - Morris, 33-yard field goal LOS ANGELES 45-6
(BALTIMORE) - The Green Bay Packers started Sunday's action tied with the Colts and Forty-Niners for the Western Conference lead. The Packers scored early in the third period at Baltimore to make the score 14-all. Then the Baltimore defense, combined with the passing of John Unitas, triggered three quick touchdowns and the Colts won easily, 38-21. Green Bay shocked the Colts and a sellout crowd of 57,577 when Lamar McHan's pass to Max McGee went for 81 yards and made it 14-all. The Baltimore defense and Unitas then reeled off three third period touchdowns. Johnny Sample ran a punt back 25 yard to start a drive that Unitas ended with a three-yard pass to Alan Ameche. Linebacker Bill Pellington stole a McHan pass and ran 30 yards to score. Halfback Ray Brown stole another McHan pass to set up a Unitas toss to Raymond Berry for Baltimore's last touchdown.
GREEN BAY -  0  7  7  7 - 21
BALTIMORE -  0 14 21  3 - 38
2nd - GB - Carpenter, 55-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - BA - Raymond Berry, 8-yd pass fr Johnny Unitas (Steve Myrha kick) TIED 7-7
2nd - BALT - Alan Ameche, 3-yard run (Myrha kick) BALTIMORE 14-7
3rd - GB - McGee, 81-yard pass from McHan (Hornung kick) TIED 14-14
3rd - BALT - Ameche, 3-yard pass from Unitas (Myrha kick) BALTIMORE 21-14
3rd - BALT - Bill Pellington, 30-yard interception return (Myrha kick) BALTIMORE 28-14
3rd - BALT - Berry, 2-yard pass from Unitas (Myrha kick) BALTIMORE 35-14
4th - BALT - Myrha, 43-yard field goal BALTIMORE 38-14
4th - GB - Dowler, 4-yard pass from McHan (Hornung kick) BALTIMORE 38-21
The 1959 Green Bay Packers Christmas Card (Photo Credit: Packerville.blogspot.com)
A letter from Vince Lombardi to season ticket holders for the Green Bay Packers season. The schedule and ticket prices are also part of the body of the letter. (Photo Credit - Wisconsin Historical Society)
The Packers in action versus the 49ers
(NEW YORK) - Vince Lombardi's return to New York did not go well, as the Packer offense went into the deep freeze. Alex Webster bulled over for two touchdowns and Pat Summerall booted two 49-yard field goals as the New York Giants thrashed Green Bay 20-3 for their fourth straight win. The Eastern Conference leaders completely smothered the Packers offense, limiting them to a harmless field goal by Paul Hornung in the second period. Green Bay mistakes paved the way for both of Webster's touchdowns. His first touchdown, early in the first period, came after the Giants had recovered a Green Bay fumble deep in Packer territory. The hard-running halfback's second TD, in the third period, was set up by an interference penalty on a Chuck Conerly pass to Webster. Summerall's field goals, his sixth and seventh of the season, came in the second and third periods. They were both from 49 yards out, equalling his longest three-pointer as a Giant. It was not a happy homecoming for Lombardi, who left a pleasant backfield coach job with the Giants last summer to take over the head coaching duties at Gieen Bay. The Giants outrushed the Packers by only 10 yards, 79 to 69 and outgained them in the air by only 32—144 to 112. Webster and Joe Morrison accounted for most of the Giant yardage on the ground. 
GREEN BAY -  0  3  0  0 -  3
NEW YORK  -  7  3 10  0 - 20
1st - NY - Alex Webster, 3-yard run (Pat Summerall kick) NEW YORK 7-0
2nd - GB - Hornung, 28-yard field goal NEW YORK 7-3
2nd - NY - Summerall, 49-yard field goal NEW YORK 10-3
3rd - NY - Webster, 7-yard run (Summerall kick) NEW YORK 17-3
3rd - NY - Summerall, 49-yard field goal NEW YORK 20-3
(CHICAGO) - The Chicago Bears converted two Green Bay fumbles into touchdowns in the first quarter, held the Packers on the 1-yard line twice in the last half and built up a 28-17 victory. Paul Hornung fumbled away the ball twice in the opening quarter as the Bears went ahead to stay. Joe Fortunato pounced on the first bobble on the Packer 12 and in two plays Merrill Douglas barreled across from the seven with only 1:21 gone on the clock. Later, Hornung lost the ball again and Charlie Sumner gobbled it up, returning six yards to the Green Bay 38. Ten plays later, Rick Casares drilled over from the five. Lamar McHan's pass to Don Mcllhenny was good for 30 yards in setting up Green Bay's first touchdown At the outlet of the second period, the Packers capped a 66-yard drive in eight plays with Jim Taylor scoring from the 10. Hornung later added a 27-yard field goal. The Bears made it 21-10 at half time on Ed Brown's perfect 36-yard toss to Harlon Hill in the end zone. It ended a 77-yard thrust that started on J. C. Caroline's steal of McHan's pass. The Bears, supported by Zeke Bratkowski's 42-yard run, moved 69 yards in nine plays to score their last touchdown at the start of the third quarter. Bratkowski's eight-yard pass to Jim Dooley was the pay off. Later, the Packers were stopped on the Bear one. With 30 seconds left in the game, Bill Butler ran back a punt 61 yards to score for Green Bay. McHan left the game with a pulled leg muscle just before half time. Bart Starr replaced him.
GREEN BAY -  0 10  0  7 - 17
CHICAGO   - 14  7  7  0 - 28
1st - CHI - Merrill Douglas, 5-yard run (John Aveni kick) CHICAGO 7-0
1st - CHI - Rick Casares, 5-yard run (Aveni kick) CHICAGO 14-0
2nd - GB - Taylor, 10-yard run (Hornung kick) CHICAGO 14-7
2nd - GB - Hornung, 27-yard field goal CHICAGO 14-10
2nd - CHI - Harlon Hill, 36-yard pass from Ed Brown (Aveni kick) CHICAGO 21-10
3rd - CHI - Jim Dooley, 8-yard pass from Zeke Bratkowski (Aveni kick) CHICAGO 28-10
4th - GB - Butler, 61-yard punt return (Hornung kick) CHICAGO 28-17
(MILWAUKEE) - Sharp-shooting Johnny Unitas passed for three touchdowns and Lenny Moore scampered 26 yards for another as the Colts handed the Packers their fifth straight loss. Unitas hit end Ray Berry twice on payoff heaves in the second period and then connected with his other flanker, Jim Mutscheller, for what proved to the winning touchdown in the opening minutes of the final quarter. The Packers, in a tailspin after winning their first three games, came to life after a dismal first half and gave the Colts a scare as Jim Taylor went across for three touchdowns. However, time ran out on them after Taylor scored with less than three minutes left. Baltimore pushed Green Bay all over the field in the first half, rolling up 233 yards in the air and 70 on the ground when Unitas called aerial plays to keep the Packers' defense honest. The Colts needed just three plays after intercepting a pass on the Green Bay 38 for the first score. Unitas passed to Moore and Berry for six yards each, then sent Lenny through left guard for the tally. Baltimore traveled 80 yards in 11 plays for its second touchdown and 69 yards in five plays for another just before the halftime intermission. The big play on the third scoring march was a 43-yard pass from Unitas to Moore. With Bart Starr at quarterback in place of the injured Lamar McHan, the Packers found the range in the third period. Starr's passing and the running of Taylor sparked the Packers. Green Bay went 75 yards in nine plays for its first touchdown, with Taylor slicing off left tackle for the final two strides. Two plays after the ensuing kickoff, the Packers recovered a fumble on the Baltimore 34. A pass from Starr to rookie Boyd Dowler was good for 14 yards and Starr then hit Taylor, who raced into the end zone. The Colts, who had lost their last two games to Cleveland and Washington, bounced right back going 80 yards in 10 plays on an advance which carried over into the fourth period. Mutscheller capped the move by grabbing a Unitas aerial down the middle and bulling his way across the goal line. The Packers fought back but could score only once more, Taylor going off tackle from the two.
BALTIMORE -  7 14  0  7 - 28
GREEN BAY -  3  0 14  7 - 24
1st - GB - Hornung, 23-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
1st - BALT - Lenny Moore, 26-yard run (Steve Myrha kick) BALTIMORE 7-3
2nd - BAL - Raymond Berry, 7-yd pass fr Johnny Unitas (Myrha kick) BALTIMORE 14-3
2nd - BALT - Berry, 10-yard pass from Unitas (Myrha kick) BALTIMORE 21-3
3rd - GB - Taylor, 2-yard run (Hornung kick) BALTIMORE 21-10
3rd - GB - Taylor, 20-yard pass from Starr (Hornung kick) BALTIMORE 21-17
4th - BALT - Jim Mutscheller, 24-yard pass from Unitas (Myrha kick) BALTIMORE 28-17
4th - GB - Taylor, 3-yard run (Hornung kick) BALTIMORE 28-24
(GREEN BAY) - The 31,853 fans crowding City Stadium were delighted with the outcome of the 1959 home finale. The triumph for the Packers was the fourth of the NFL season and all of them were in Green Bay. It also was the first shutout for the Packers in a decade. The last time was in 1949 when they scored a 19-0 victory over the New York Bulldogs. Bart Starr dispatched two touchdown passes in the second quarter, one for 11 yards to Gary Knafelc and the other for 10 yards to Max McGee. Starr then engineered a 76-yard touchdown march to open the third period. Paul Hornung climaxed the drive with a five-yard plunge. Starr completed 11 of 19 passes for a total of 120 yards. It was the first time he quarterbacked a victory in the NFL in four seasons. The Redskins were hurt by the loss of quarterback Eddie LeBaron, who was sidelined with a cracked rib, and were outplayed all the way by the Packers.
WASHINGTON -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY  -  0 14  7  0 - 21
2nd - GB - Knafelc, 11-yard pass from Starr (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - McGee, 10-yard pass from Starr (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
3rd - GB - Hornung, 5-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 21-0
(DETROIT) - Green Bay scored 24 points in the first 22 minutes to defeat the Detroit Lions 24-17 in the second game in a row where the Lions lost while outgaining opponents. Detroit rolled up 354 yards to 242 for the Packers and had 21 first downs to only 12 for Green Bay. But the Packers look advantage of three fumbles for two touchdowns and a field goal, and marched 65 yards in six plays for another to beat the Lions for the second time this season. Detroit got an early leadwith a field goal set up when Bill Butler fumbled the Lion opening kickoff and Dick LeBeau recovered for Detroit on the Packer 19. Green Bay rolled back with the ensuing kickoff to score, then added another touchdown less than two minutes later after John Dittrich recovered Terry Barr's fumble on the following kickoff. Paul Hornung scored both the first touchdowns and kicked a 39-yard field goal for Green Bay as the first period closed. Bill Forester fell on a Lion bobble to set up the three-pointer. The final Green Bay touchdown was scored by Jim Taylor with the second period nearly seven minutes old. Henry Jordan recovered a Lion fumble to start that drive. Detroit got two touchdowns on on a 27-yard pass from Earl Morrall to Jerry Reichow and the other on a five-yard dash by Hopalong Cassady — before the half and that ended the day's scoring.
GREEN BAY - 17  7  0  0 - 24
DETROIT   -  3 14  0  0 - 17
1st - DET - Gerry Perry, 22-yard field goal DETROIT 3-0
1st - GB - Hornung, 11-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 7-3
1st - GB - Hornung, 6-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 14-3
1st - GB - Hornung, 39-yard field goal GREEN BAY 17-3
2nd - GB - Taylor, 1-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 24-3
2nd - DET - Hopalong Cassady, 5-yard run (Perry kick) GREEN BAY 24-10
2nd - DET - Jerry Reichow, 27-yard pass from Earl Morrall (Perry kick) GREEN BAY 24-17
The 1959 Green Bay Packers
(LOS ANGELES) - The Packers scored their highest point total of the season, cracked the West Coast jinx, and assured themselves of at least a "miracle" 6-6 season. These three wonderful goals were achieved when Green Bay knocked over the Los Angeles Rams, 38-20, before 61,044. The Packers really jelled their offense and defense. It paid off in the club's first victory out here since 1947, ending a string of 12 straight losses in the Los Angeles Coliseum. The Packers' defense was wicked. The Rams showed 20 points but the hard-rocked defense should have been charged with only seven. One touchdown was set up on a 85-yard kickoff return by Tom Wilson. Another was sscored on a 71-yard punt return by Jon Arnett. Bart Starr continued on his fantastic comeback, steering the club to its first straight win and keeping the Rams off-balance with a varied collection of calls that produced five touchdowns on drives of 42, 80, 62, 30 and a clinching 75 yards. Starr had a passing partner- Paul Hornung - who pitched twice for 56 yards and completed both for touchdowns—on faked end runs—to Boyd Dowler. Hornung's first TD toss, a 26-yarder Packers a 14-7 edge and the second, a 30-yarder, made it 28-7. Hornung, besides pitching a perfecto, ran 11 times for 74 yards and caught two passes for two yards. He missed a field goal from 24 yards, kicked a 3-pointer from the 23, and booted five extra points. Jim Taylor scored two touchdowns - one on a 13-yard pass from Starr on which Hornung delivered a key block. Starr had seven straight completions at one stretch in the first and second quarters and in the first quarter alone he hit on seven out of eight passes for 129 yards. He finished with 11 out of 20 for 161 yards.
GREEN BAY   - 14 14  0 10 - 38
LOS ANGELES -  7  0 13  0 - 20
1st - GB - Taylor, 13-yard pass from Starr (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - LA - Billy Wade, 8-yard run (Lou Michaels kick) TIED 7-7
1st - GB - Dowler, 26-yard pass from Hornung (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
2nd - GB - Taylor, 6-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 21-7
2nd - GB - Dowler, 30-yard pass from Hornung (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 28-7
3rd - LA - Joe Marconi, 5-yard run (Michaels kick) GREEN BAY 28-14
3rd - LA - Jon Arnett, 71-yard punt return (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 28-20
4th - GB - McIlhenny, 7-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 35-20
4th - GB - Hornung, 23-yard field goal GREEN BAY 38-20
The Packers at the Los Angeles Rams
The 1959 Green Bay Packers coaching staff (from left to right) was Phil Bengston, Bill Austin, Vince Lombardi, Red Cochran and Norb Heckler.
(SAN FRANCISCO) - For the first time since 1947, Green Bay ended a season with a winning record. The San Francisco 49ers were shellacked by the Packers, 36-14. The 49ers, sensations of the early season, led the West by two games with five to play. The Packers' come-from-behind victory in the finale boosted them into a third-place tie with San Francisco. With the game less than five minutes old, fullback C. R. Roberts, playing his first game for the 49ers, dashed 43 yards up the middle to score. Eight minutes later, J. D. Smith helped San Francisco to a 14-0 lead with a 10-yard scoring dash. The second half was just 11 minutes old when the Packers went ahead to stay. Bill Forester tackled 49er quarterback Y. A. Tittle in the end zone for a tie breaking safety. Hardly anything went right for San Francisco after that. The Packers drove 66 yards in four plays after the safety to score again. Hornung rolling 3 yards for the score and the Packers were on their way. Bart Starr completed 20 of 25 passes for 249 yards, Lew Carpenter ran for 113 yards and Hornung scored 22 points, as the Packers won both of their traditional West Coast games to end the season for the first time ever. The Packer offense clicked for a season-hugh 479 yards.
GREEN BAY     -  0 14 16  6 - 36
SAN FRANCISCO - 14  0  0  0 - 14
1st - SF - C.R. Roberts, 46-yard run (Tommy Davis kick) SAN FRANCISCO 7-0
1st - SF - J.D. Smith, 10-yard run (Davis kick) SAN FRANCISCO 14-0
2nd - GB - Hornung, 13-yard run (Hornung kick) SAN FRANCISCO 14-7
2nd - GB - Knafelc, 22-yard pass from Starr (Hornung kick) TIED 14-14
3rd - GB - Safety, Forrester tackled Y.A. Tittle in the end zone GREEN BAY 16-14
3rd - GB - Hornung, 3-yard run (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 23-14
3rd - GB - Dowler, 10-yard pass from Starr (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 30-14
4th - GB - Hornung, 2-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 36-14
The Packer Preview from the 1959 Sports All Stars Pro Football magazine (Photo credits: Packerville.blogspot.com)