(GREEN BAY) - Lamar McHan gave 32,150 fans a treat and the Lions a treatment Sunday as he fired four touchdown passes to spark the Packers' convincing 28-10 triumph. McHan's haymakers connected twice in the first quarter and twice in the fourth quarter. Detroit's only consolation is being the first team to score a touchdown against Green Bay this season. What a defense! The 26-year old McHan hit Gary Knafelc for 12 yards and Don McIlhenny for four yards to give the Packers a 14-0 lead. The Lions cut that deficit to 14-10 in the third quarter, but Mac came back with two bombs to Max McGee - 41 yards and 36 to leave no doubt of the outcome. The Packers had to rely on McHan's passing because they were having trouble on the ground. The Cardinal castoff didn't disappoint, completing seven of 16 passes for 146 yards. It looked like another cliffhanger shaping up until Tobin Rote was racked up by Dan Currie and Bill Quinlan late in the third period. Rote kept the pressure on the Packers as he triggered the Lions to a 48 yard match in seven plats for a touchdown in the second period, Nick Pietrosante leaping over from the one. Detroit's other score was a mighty 50-yard field goal by Jim Martin in the third period, his longest ever in a game. Three interceptions ruined Rote. Bobby Freeman stole two and Bobby Dillon came up with another. In addition, Jesse Whittenton and Tom Bettis literally took the ball away from the Lions in the fatal fourth and Detroit was had.
Green Bay turned two of the breaks into touchdowns. Freeman returned his first interception to the Detroit nine and in two plays the Packers had their first touchdown. In the fourth period, Pietrosante fumbled and Whittenton recovered on the Packer 41. On the next play, McHan drilled a 41-yard touchdown pass to McGee. It wouldn't be fair to single out any on defense. However, Rote saw more of Bill Forester, Henry Jordan, Nate Borden, Quinlan and Currie than he ever expected. The Lions lost 60 yards attempting to pass.
After the Packers jumped out to a 14-0 first quarter lead, the Lions came to life. Green Bay's farthest advancement in the second quarter was to its 27. In the third period the Packers got as far as their 37. Bob Long, Darris McCord, Alex Karras, Gil Mains and Joe Schmidt had Green Bay's running attack under control. McIlhenny, who came to the Packers in the Rote trade, was the game's leading ground gainer with 52 yards in six plays. The bread and butter backs, however, were finding the going tougher. Fullback Jim Taylor, who gained 98 yards against the Bears a week ago, picked up 16 in 10 carries and Paul Hornung was pounding through for 44 yards in 14 attempts.
The Packers threatened to score right off the bat when McIlhenny galloped 46 yards on Green Bays' first play. Forrest Gregg threw the key block. McIlhenny was finally nailed on the Detroit nine. The threat ended when McHan's fumble was recovered by Bob Long. Green Bay was pounding on the door two plays later when Freeman made a leaping interception of Rote's pass returning 22 yards to the Detroit nine again. Hornung lost three yards. McHan then faked a pass to the left and fired to Knafelc who was all alone in the right corner of the end zone. Hornung converted at 4:46. Earl Morrall, who subbed for Rote in the third quarter, boomed a 43-yard punt which rolled to the Packer 15. In eight plays Green Bay had its second touchdown. A 47-yard McHan to McGee pass play put the ball on the Lion five. On third down, McIlhenny, with a Lion climbing his back, scored on a four-yard pass from McHan. Hornung's PAT gave the Packers a 14-0 lead with 1 1/2 minutes to play in the first quarter. Detroit's farthest advancement was to the Packer 41 in the initial period. But the complexion changed in the second and third quarters. Detroit controlled the ball. Rote directed the losers to the Packer 16 in the second quarter only to have Whittenton break up a fourth down pass. The Packers then failed to pick up a first down, but the Lions romped 48 yards in seven plays for their lone TD. Rote fired a 24-yard pass to Jerry Reichow to set up the score from the one. Pietrosante leaped over and Wayne Walker converted with four minutes to play in the first half. The teams exchanged interceptions as the third period started. Jim David swiped a McHan pass and Dillon returned the favor by sharing a Rote aerial on the Packer 37. Green Bay couldn't get its attack rolling and neither could Detroit. But when Jim Steffen caught McGee's 35 yard punt and lateralled to Terry Barr, who dashed back to the Packer 37, the Lions were threatening to tie the score. On third down Rote was ready to unload a bomb. He never got it away as Currie and Quinlan clobbered him for a nine yard loss. The Lions then went for a field goal with five minutes remaining in the third quarter and Martin, the old pro, came through with a 50 yarder to cut the Packers' lead to 14-10. The Packers managed to reach their 37 during this quarter, but that was all. The turning point of the game occurred in the fourth quarter when Morrall tossed a short pass to Pietrosante. The Notre Dame rookie fumbled on the Packer 41 and Whittenton recovered. Quicker than the Lions could say "look out", McHan's pass hit McGee for a 41-yard touchdown play. Hornung's conversion booted the Packers' lead to 21-10 with 12 minutes to play. Danny Lewis bobbled the kickoff, putting Detroit in a hole on the 12. But Morrall hit Jim Gibbons for a 32-yard gain four plays later and Detroit had a first down on the Green Bay 36. Attempting to pass, Morrall shot out of the pocket but met a host of Packers. He fumbled and and Bettis fell on the ball. The Packers came up with their final touchdown with less than six minutes to play. Morrall punted deep from his end zone to the Lion 40. After two plays gained four yards, McHan faded to pass. He got beautiful protection, but waited and waited for a receiver. McGee shook his defender and McHan spotted him. The pass was right on the button, McGee taking it on the three and scoring. Hornung's conversion made it 28-10. Rote came off the bench was his first pass was intercepted by Freeman on the Packer 38. On his last chance with seconds remaining, Tobin failed to pick up a first down despite a gutty 16 yard run to the Packer 21. McHan sneaked as the fans counted out the final seconds with a roar as Green Bay got to its most impressive league start since 1955.
DETROIT   -  0  7  3  0 - 10
GREEN BAY - 14  0  0 14 - 28
1st - GB - Knafelc, 12-yard pass from McHan (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - GB - McIlhenny, 4-yard pass from McHan (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
2nd - DET - Nick Pietrosante, 1-yard kick (Wayne Walker kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
3rd - DET - Jim Martin, 50-yard field goal GREEN BAY 14-10
4th - GB - McGee, 41-yard pass from McHan (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 21-10
4th - GB - McGee, 36-yard pass from McHan (Hornung kick) GREEN BAY 28-10
OCTOBER 4 (Green Bay) - The Packers are playing for keeps. Ask Detroit quarterback Tobin Rote, who broke his nose when he was racked up in the third quarter. "They were tough, all right," said Rote as he left a dismal Detroit dressing room Sunday afternoon, "but we expected the Packers to be tough." Rote was injured late in the third period when the Packers' Dan Currie and Bill Quinlan nailed him for a nine yard loss. Besides a broken nose, Rote suffered a pulled leg muscle. But like the pro he is, the 10 year veteran came off the bench in the fourth period. His mere presence seemed to spark the Lions. Packer Coach Vince Lombardi praised his defense, which now has given up one touchdown and six first downs rushing in two games. "Our defense played the same king of ball last week against the Bears," Lombardi said. "The morale is high - and will keep getting higher." When asked if his club suffered a letdown in the second and third periods, Lombardi shot back: "Heck no." "We weren't able to block. We're not that good a team yet. We don't know how to cope with all types of defenses, but I'd say that we're improving." Lombardi said the Lions were out to stop the Packers' running game and they succeeded. "That's why we passed more," Lombardi said. "Detroit is a great defensive club." Lombardi said he was pleased with his offense and predicted, "as long as we keep getting more than 100 yards rushing we'll win some more games." And again he expressed satisfaction with Lamar McHan's quarterbacking. Paul Hornung, nursing an aching thigh, said: "That's the best defense I've played against. Not only one man hits you hard - but six." Center Jim Ringo, who insisted on staying in the game when he injured his knee in the fourth period, said: "That's my job - to play." As far as Detroit Coach George Wilson was concerned, "It was another rough game - the second in a row. We gave the ball away five times," said Wilson. "The only good thing was our punting. I think we better punt after this."
OCTOBER 5 (Green Bay) - Vince Lombardi had a hard time Monday keeping the alumni solemnous and not riotous following the Packers' second straight win for these victory-starved fans. "If we win too many this year," Lombardi said with a laugh, "well, they'll expect too much next year." The Packers are off to their best start since 1955 when they defeated the Lions and Bears before being edged by the Colts. Next Sunday the Packers and 49ers, only undefeated teams in the NFL, will battle it out for sole leadership of the Western Conference race at Green Bay. A few remaining 49er tickets, which were available before the Detroit game, vanished quickly Sunday afternoon. It marks the third straight sellout here. Lombardi was his usual serious self Monday as he started preparations for the 49ers. He accepted numerous congratulatory phone calls with a polite "thank you" and then cut them off as he went into hibernation with his staff to look at films from San Francisco. Just how far can the Packers go this season? "I don't know," answered Lombardi. "The boys are even surprising me." To this observer, the Packers are winning because Lombardi has the team believing they can do anything. In Lombardi's book there's no substitute for victory. The sudden take-charge of quarterback Lamar McHan and a hustling defense which never lets up are the prime reasons for Green Bay's surprising start. McHan attempted 16 passes against the Lions, four more than he tried against the Bears. Out of seven completions Sunday, four were for touchdowns. "We know McHan can do the job," Lombardi said. "McHan knows he can do this job and the players know he can do it." McHan never acquired that confidence during his so-so seasons with the Cardinals. Mac is a clever pro. His audible change-ups at the line have really paid off, although Sunday the offense was confused at times, being guilty of taking too much time and starting before the ball was snapped. "It takes a good year to become familiar with an offense like ours," Lombardi explained. "They were jumping around now and then. but we'll correct that." Lombardi praised Detroit's defense as the best in the business. "Golly, they're fast," Lombardi observed. "The Colts are just as effective but not as agile. We had trouble running against the Lions. We just had to pass more and McHan came through." Don McIlhenny started at right half because of his speed. Lombardi said he made a few replacements because he was "just afraid to change the way the game was going." However, Lombardi is high on rookie end Boyd Dowler and said he would start using him as a flanker back. Lombardi's defense has yielded a single touchdown and six first downs rushing in two games. Always alert, it took the ball away from the Lions five times. Center Jim Ringo and defensive end Nate Borden were the only casualties. Both sustained knee injuries. Ringo was walking fairly well Monday, but Borden was limping. It was too early to tell if either would be ready against the 49ers. JIM TAYLOR AND NATE BORDEN TO MISS GAME AGAINST 49ERS
OCTOBER 8 (Milwaukee Journal) - Fullback Jim Taylor and defensive end Nate Borden will not be able to play when the Packers square off against the San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Sunday. The game will be for first place in the Western Division between the NFL's only undefeated teams. Taylor was burned in an accident in his home Tuesday night. Borden is still in a Green Bay hospital with his sore knee in traction. He was injured in the Packers' 28-10 victory over Detroit last Sunday. Taylor, the team's leading ground gainer, will be replaced in the starting lineup by Lew Carpenter, former Cleveland Brown who has been sharing the right halfback spot with Don McIlhenny. Jim Temp, third year man from La Crosse and the University of Wisconsin, will replace Borden. Without Taylor, the Packers are reduced to three fulltime running backs to fill the three starting spots. They are Carpenter, McIlhenny and Paul Hornung. Lombardi may use linebacker Ray Nitschke, 225 pound second year man from Illinois, to spell Carpenter. Rookie Bill Butler of Berlin, Wis., and the University of Chattanooga may be pressed into service, too, although he is primarily a punt and kickoff return man with some experience in the exhibition season on defense. With a shortage of running backs, Lombardi may employ three ends in the lineup at the same time more often.
He did this quite frequently in the opening 9-6 victory over the Chicago Bears. Green Bay's starting ends are Max McGee and Gary Knafelc. Ron Kramer, former Michigan All-American, has been rounding into shape after getting out of the service and is available to spell Knafelc at the "tight" or blocking end. Boyd Dowler, rookie from Colorado, the fastest man on the team, may play quite a bit as the flanking back, but strictly as a receiver, not as a runner. A.D. Williams, rookie from College of the Pacific, is available to play either end spot or flanking back. He is green, but is valuable as a member of the various platoons for kickoffs and punts. Taylor leads Packer runners with 114 yards in 32 carries. Hornung is next with 105 in 33. McIlhenny has 59 in eight, quarterback Lamar McHan seven in six and Carpenter five in two. McHan has completed 10 of 28 passes for 227 yards and four touchdowns and Hornung two of three for 34 yards. McGee is the leading receiver with four catches fir 191 yards. Knafelc has three for 46, McIlhenny two for 13, Hornung two for seven and Taylor one for four. Taylor suffered second degree burns on both his right hand and right foot while extinguishing a fire in the kitchen of his home. His wife was frying potatoes when the grease ignited. Taylor rushed to the kitchen in his stocking feet and carried the burning pan outside. The grease spilled on his hand and foot, leaving burns about the size of a half dollar both places.
OCTOBER 9 (Milwaukee Sentinel) - Coach Vince Lombardi announced late Thursday that he was shifting Bob Skoronski to the offensive center spot to replace the injured Jim Ringo in Sunday's game between the Packers and the 49ers at Green Bay. Jim Temp, former Wisconsin end, is expected to start in place of injured defensive end Nate Borden. One other Packers is also on the injured list - Jim Taylor, No. 1 fullback, having suffered burns in a kitchen fire. Lew Carpenter will replace him Sunday. Thus the Bays will be at a physical handicap as they meet in a game which many fans said couldn't be - the Packers battling the 49ers for the Western Division lead. The popular consensus during the summer relegated the Packers and 49ers into the also ran class, especially the Packers who were picking up the pieces following their worst season in history. Hitting the first quarter pole Sunday, the Packers and the 49ers are the only undefeated teams in the NFL. The winner will emerge as a serious contender. The surprising spurt of these two clubs has been accomplished in similar ways. Both teams have new coaches. Lombardi is the boss at Green Bay. Red Hickey succeeded Frankie Albert at San Francisco. Lombardi and Hickey credited their defensive units as the key to success. The Packers beat the Bears, 9-6, and whipped the Lions, 28-10. The 49ers trimmed the Eagles, 24-14, and clobbered the Rams, 34-0. Here's how they did it defensively: Green Bay has given up 78.5 yards rushing and 149 passing. San Francisco has held its opposition to 95.5 yards on the ground and 132 in the air. The Packers have allowed competitors to complete 49.1 percent of their passes, the 49ers 47.4. Both teams have intercepted three times. Green Bay has recovered four enemy fumbles. San Francisco is credited with two. Offensively, the 49ers have the edge on the ground. They have averaged 202.5 yards while the Packers are rolling at a 145 yard clip. The Packers have the edge in the air, 130.5 yards to 91. From this analysis, Sunday's showdown shapes up as a down to the wire fight for sole possession of the Western Conference lead.
OCTOBER 9 (San Francisco) - Coach Red Hickey isn't one bit unhappy that his 49ers are listed as underdogs for Sunday's meeting in Green Bay with the surprising Packers. "Seems to me the Packers should be favored," he observed as his club left for Wisconsin. "After all, they beat the Bears and Detroit and licked us out here in the exhibition game."
OCTOBER 10 (Milwaukee Sentinel) - The injury riddled Packers are a surprising four point favorite Sunday to beat the hoity, toity 49ers in a battle between the only undefeated teams in the NFL. Apparently, the oddsmakers lean toward the Packers because of their home advantage despite the fact Vince Lombardi probably will have three starters sidelined, including his No. 1 ground gainer Jim Taylor. For it has been in City Stadium where the Packers have jumped off to successive victories over the highly touted Bears and Lions as 32,150 roared their approval. Lombardi shrugged off the injuries Friday as he finished preparations for the West Coast invaders. "You can't do anything about injuries or the weather," Lombardi said, "so why talk about it." For the record, Lombardi said defensive end Nate Borden is definitely out of Sunday's scrap. Jim Temp, clamoring for the taste of combat, will take over for Borden. Taylor hasn't been able to run at all since suffering second degree burns in a home accident Tuesday night. Lew Carpenter, the swing man on Lombardi's running backs, will start in place of Taylor. Lombardi listed tackle Bob Skoronski as his starting center. However, the Packer boss said Ringo was running Friday in drills and if he is "okay Sunday, we won't save him." The weather forecast for Green Bay Sunday calls for temperatures in the low 40s and - NO rain. From San Francisco came word that Red Hickey isn't going out on a limb with the second straight prediction that his club would beat the Packers - a prediction he made about the game with the Rams. "We've got a good chance," said Hickey, "and if everything goes well, we should win." Although the Packers are the favorite, there is a strong feeling in the 49er camp that San Francisco could win this one as easily as it defeated Los Angeles, 34-0. Halfback J.D. Smith has been one of the surprises so far. Used little in his first three years with the 49ers, Smith is the club's leading ground gainer with 178 yards in two games. Joe Perry, the 32-year old fullback, looks like the Jet of old. He has gained 158 yards. "It seems when they get a quick lead they run all the better," remarked Lombardi, referring to the way Smith and Perry smacked over the Rams. The 49ers arrived in Milwaukee Friday afternoon. They'll set up camp here next week in preparation for the Detroit game.
Green Bay Packers (2-0) 28, Detroit Lions (0-2) 10
Sunday October 4th 1959 (at Green Bay)