(CHICAGO) - All-Star coach Otto Graham basked in the applause due a winner today, but the eventual winners from Friday night's collegiate win over the Green Bay Packers probably will be the Minnesota Vikings, the Chicago Bears and the Washington Redskins. The Vikings have tide to All-Star quarterback Ron VanderKelen, the Bears to place-kicking, pass-catching end Bob Jencks and the Redskins to pass-catcher Pat Richter. They were the key men in the Stars' triumph, an upset scored by a two-touchdown underdog team that ignored the odds, and even Packer coach Vince Lombardi complimented his conquerors. "We wanted to ran," he said,"but they wouldn't let us, I thought we were up, but we just went flat. I expected them to play a fine game and they did." Vanderkelen, who played about 75 per cent of the game on offense, completed eight of 10 passes, one of them for 21 yards to Richter, his Wisconsin teammate, to set up a five-yard touchdown run by Iowa's Larry Ferguson, and another for 73 yards to Richter for the clinching touchdown. But VanderKelen's other throws kept the Packer defense off balance to set up ground gains of 141 yards, and when the offense stalled, Jencks took over. He kicked field goals of 20 and 33 yards in addition to the point after both touchdowns.
GREEN BAY -  7  3  0  7 - 17
ALL-STARS -  0 10  0 10 - 20
1st - GB - Taylor, 2-yard run (Kramer kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - COLL - Larry Ferguson, 6-yard run (Bob Jencks kick) TIED 7-7
2nd - COLL - Jencks, 20-yard field goal ALL-STARS 10-7
2nd - GB - Kramer, 21-yard field goal TIED 10-10
4th - COLL - Jencks, 33-yard field goal ALL-STARS 13-10
4th - COLL - Pat Richter, 73-yd pass from Ron Vander Kelen (Jencks kick) ALL-STARS 20-10
4th - GB - Taylor, 2-yard run (Kramer kick) ALL-STARS 20-17
College All-Stars 20, Green Bay Packers (0-1) 17
PRE-SEASON - Friday August 2nd 1963 (at Chicago)