Nick Barnett     56   LB 6- 2 240 Oregon State       8  8 29  4 2003 Draft - 1st round
Atari Bigby      20    S 5-11 220 Central Florida    6  6 29  4 11-1-05 FA - NY Jets
Desmond Bishop   55   LB 6- 2 241 California         4  4 26 15 2007 Draft - 6th round
Diryal Briggs    47   LB 6- 4 230 Bowling Green      1  2 24  5 10-26-10 FA - Denver
Bryan Bulaga     75  T/G 6- 5 315 Iowa               1  1 21 16 2010 Draft - 1st round
Morgan Burnett   42    S 6- 1 210 Georgia Tech       1  1 21  4 2010 Draft - 3rd round
Jarrett Bush     24   CB 6- 0 194 Utah State         5  5 27 16 9-3-06 FA - Carolina
Brandon Chillar  54   LB 6- 3 253 UCLA               3  7 27  8 3-24-08 FA - St. Louis
Chad Clifton     76    T 6- 5 330 Tennessee         11 11 34 16 2000 Draft - 2nd round
Daryn Colledge   73    G 6- 4 300 Boise State        5  5 28 16 2006 Draft - 2nd round
Nick Collins     36    S 5-11 206 Bethune-Cookman    6  6 27 16 2005 Draft - 2nd round
Tom Crabtree     83   TE 6- 5 244 Miami (Ohio)       1  2 24 16 12-1-09 FA - K. City
Mason Crosby      2    K 6- 1 212 Colorado           4  4 25 16 2007 Draft - 6th round
Donald Driver    80   WR 6- 0 188 Alcorn State      12 12 35 15 1999 Draft - 7th round
Jermich. Finley  88   TE 6- 4 240 Texas              3  3 23  5 2008 Draft - 3rd round
Matt Flynn       10   QB 6- 2 228 Louisiana State    3  3 25  7 2008 Draft - 7th round
Robert Francois  49   LB 6- 2 253 Boston College     1  2 25  8 12-7-09 FA - Detroit
Brett Goode      61   LS 6- 1 244 Arkansas           3  3 25 16 9-1-08 FA - Jacksonville
Josh Gordy       40   CB 5-11 195 Central Michigan   1  1 23  2 9-15-10 FA - Jacksonvill
Ryan Grant       25   RB 6- 1 218 Notre Dame         4  5 27  1 9-1-2007 Trade - Giants
Howard Green     95   DT 6- 2 320 LSU                1  9 31  9 10-27-10 FA - NY Jets
Korey Hall       35   FB 6- 1 230 Boise State        4  4 27 12 2007 Draft - 6th round
Justin Harrell   91   DT 6- 5 300 Tennessee          4  4 26  1 2007 Draft - 1st round
Spencer Havner   41   TE 6- 3 244 UCLA               3  3 27  1 11-12-10 FA - Detroit
A.J. Hawk        50   LB 6- 1 245 Ohio State         6  6 26 16 2006 Draft - 1st round
Brandon Jackson  32   RB 5-11 210 Nebraska           4  4 24 16  2007 Draft - 2nd round
Cullen Jenkins   77   DL 6- 3 292 Central Michigan   7  7 29 11 5-2-03 FA
Greg Jennings    85   WR 5-11 195 Western Michigan   5  5 26 16 2006 Draft - 2nd round
Quinn Johnson    45   FB 6- 0 251 LSU                2  2 24 11 2009 Draft - 5th round
Brad Jones       59   LB 6- 3 230 Colorado           2  2 24  6 2009 Draft - 7th round
James Jones      89   WR 6- 1 208 San Jose State     4  4 26 16 2007 Draft - 3rd round
John Kuhn        30   FB 6- 0 255 Shippensburg       4  5 27 16 9-2-07 FA - Pittsburgh
T.J. Lang        70   OL 6- 4 305 Eastern Michigan   2  2 23 12 2009 Draft - 4th round
Donald Lee       86   TE 6- 3 255 Mississippi St.    6  8 30 15 9-6-05 FA - Miami
Pat Lee          22   CB 5-11 194 Auburn             3  3 26 11 2008 Draft - 2nd round
Derrick Martin   29    S 5-10 180 Wyoming            2  5 25  5 9-2-09 Trade - Balt 
Tim Masthay       8    P 6- 2 198 Kentucky           1  1 23 16 1-14-10 FA - Indianapol
Clay Matthews    52   LB 6- 3 246 USC                2  2 24 15 2009 Draft - 1st round
Mike Montgomery  96   DE 6- 5 276 Texas A&M          6  6 27  2 10-15-10 FA - Minnesota
Dmitri Nance     23   RB 5- 9 224 Arizona State      2  2 22  9 9-14-2010 FA - Atlanta
Mike Neal        96   DE 6- 2 236 Purdue             1  1 23  2 2010 Draft - 2nd round
Jordy Nelson     87   WR 6- 3 215 Kansas State       3  3 25 16 2008 Draft - 2nd round
Charlie Peprah   26    S 5-11 202 Alabama            4  5 27 14 4-26-2010 FA - Atlanta
Ryan Pickett     79   DT 6- 2 310 Ohio State         5 10 30 14 3-15-2006 FA - St. Louis
Brady Poppinga   51   LB 6- 3 259 Brigham Young      6  6 30  6 2005 Draft - 4th round
Andrew Quarless  81   TE 6- 4 248 Penn State         1  1 21 13 2010 Draft - 5th round
B.J. Raji        90   NT 6- 2 334 Boston College     2  2 24 16 2009 Draft - 1st round
Aaron Rodgers    12   QB 6- 2 222 California         6  6 26 15 2005 Draft - 1st round
Sam Shields      37   CB 5-11 184 Miami (Fla.)       1  1 22 14 4-30-2010 FA
Maurice Simpkins 54   LB 6- 0 236 Coastal Carolina   1  1 27  2 8-10-10 FA
Josh Sitton      71   OT 6- 4 320 Central Florida    3  3 24 16 2008 Draft - 4th round
Anthony Smith    27    S 5-11 190 Syracuse           1  5 26  4 10-17-10 Trade - Jacks.
Jason Spitz      72  C/G 6- 4 310 Louisville         5  5 27 16 2006 Draft - 3rd round
James Starks     44   RB 6- 1 203 Buffalo            1  1 24  3 2010 Draft - 6th round
Brett Swain      16   WR 6- 1 200 San Diego State    2  2 25 16 12-30-08 FA
Mark Tauscher    65    T 6- 4 320 Wisconsin         11 11 33  4 10-12-09 FA
Brandon Underwood33   CB 6- 1 192 Cincinnati         2  2 24 12 2009 Draft - 6th round
Erik Walden      93   LB 6- 2 238 Middle Tenn State  1  3 25  9 10-31-10 FA - Miami (08)
Scott Wells      63    C 6- 2 300 Tennessee          7  7 29 16 2004 Draft - 7th round
Matt Wilhelm     57   LB 6- 4 245 Ohio State         1  8 29  7 10-26-10 FA - San Fran.
Tramon Williams  38   CB 5-11 182 Louisiana Tech     4  4 28 16 10-29-2006 FA - Houston
C.J. Wilson      98   DE 6- 4 271 East Carolina      1  1 23 15 2010 Draft - 7th round
Charles Woodson  21   CB 6- 1 200 Michigan           5 13 33 16 4-26-2006 UFA - Oakland
Jarius Wynn      94   DE 6- 5 273 Georgia            2  2 24  9 2010 Draft - 6th round
Frank Zombo      58   LB 6- 3 254 Central Michigan   1  1 23 13 4-30-2010 Draft
NOTE: Player must appear in game to be considered on the roster NO - Jersey Number POS - Position HGT - Height WGT - Weight YR - Years with Packers PR - Years of Professional Football AGE - Age on September 1 G - Games Played FA - Free Agent
Some pre-season prognosticators has the 2010 Packers winning the Super Bowl, or, at least, making a
deep run in the playoffs. The Packers made them look good, but did not find the road to the title easy. The
season started under a cloud, when the NFL indefinitely suspended DE Johnny Jolly in July due to his
July 8, 2008 second-degree felony charge for possession of at least 200 grams of codeine. As the
season progressed, injuries ripped the roster apart, and other impediments made the road bumpy. In
Week One, RB Ryan Grant (ankle) and DE Justin Harrell (ACL) were lost for the season. In Week Three,
the Packers committed a team record 18 penalties in losing to the Bears. In mid-October, LB Nick Barnett
(wrist) and TE Jermichael Finley (knee) were lost for the year. Two weeks later, LB Brady Poppinga saw
his season come to an end. Two straight overtime losses left them at 3-3, but four consecutive wins put
them back in the playoff race. QB Aaron Rodgers suffered a concussion in a Week 14 loss to the Lions.
He would miss the next game against the Patriots. While backup QB Matt Flynn played well (251 yards
and three touchdowns), the Packers still lost to fall to 8-6. The facts were simple - If the Packers did not
win their last two games, the season would come to an end without a playoff berth. The first step was
accomplished when they crushed the New York Giants, one of the teams they were battling for the final
post-season berth in the NFC. In the final regular season game, the Packers met their arch-rivals, and
defeated the Bears,  10-3, to make the playoffs as the sixth seed. Without any home games in the playoffs,
the Packers started the road to their fourth Super Bowl title with a thrilling win in Philadelphia. Tramon
Williams intercepted a Michael Vick pass in the end zone with 36 seconds left. Green Bay traveled to the
top seed in the NFC, and throttled the Falcons. Green Bay's 48 points became the franchise's single
game postseason record, highlighted by Tramon Williams returning an interception 70 yards for a
touchdown and Rodgers passing for 366 yards and three scores. The NFC title would be decided in
Chicago. This would be the second playoff meeting between the two teams, the first since Green Bay lost
to Chicago 33–14 in 1941. With the Bears rallying late, NT B.J. Raji returning an interception 18 yards for
a touchdown, sending Green Bay to the Super Bowl in Dallas. The Packers defeated the Steelers, 31-25,
never trailing in the contest. Rodgers was named Super Bowl MVP, completing 24 of 39 passes for 303
yards and three touchdowns. This was the Packers' fourth Super Bowl victory out of five total appearances
and a record thirteenth overall NFL title. Rodgers finished the season completing 65.7% of his passes for
3,912 yards and 28 touchdowns, with only eleven interceptions, giving him his second consecutive
season with a triple digit passer rating (101.2). He was also a good rusher, adding 356 yards and 4
touchdowns on the ground. His top target was pro bowl receiver Greg Jennings, who caught 76 passes
for 1,265 yards and 12 touchdowns. The Packers never trailed by more than 7 points at any point during
the season—a feat that had never been accomplished during a complete season in the Super Bowl era.
The last team to complete a season with this distinction was the Detroit Lions in 1962.
MARCH 5 - S Matt Giordano and DE Michael Montgomery were released.
MARCH 7 - The Jacksonville Jaguars signed DE Aaron Kampman to a contract.
MARCH 9 - Former Indianapolis Colts WR Charles Dillon was signed to a contract.
MARCH 16 - Former Australian Football League P Chris Bryan was signed to a contract.
APRIL 26 - S Charlie Peprah was signed to a contract. LB Jeremy Thompson and TE Devin Frischknecht released.
APRIL 30 - Following the 2010 NFL Draft, the Packers signed 11 undrafted free agents. They were: QB Noah Shepard (South Dakota), WR Chastin West (Fresno State), CB Sam Shields (Miami), RB Quinn Porter (Stillman), LB Frank Zombo (Central Michigan), LB Alex Joseph (Temple), LB Tim Knicky (Stephen F. Austin),LB John Russell (Wake Forest), OG Nick McDonald (Grand Valley State), OT Chris Campbell (Eastern Illinois), WR Jeff Moturi (UTEP)
MAY 3 - Signed WR Shawn Gore, S Anthony Levine and NT Aleric Mullins after they attended a minicamp on a tryout basis.
MAY 12 - G Stanley Daniels was released.
MAY 20 - QB Graham Harrell was signed to a contract. QB Chris Pizzotti released.
JUNE 18 - CB Trevor Ford, S Khalil Jones, LB Tim Knicky and QB Noah Shepard were released.
JULY 16 - The NFL indefinitely suspended DE Johnny Jolly due to his July 8, 2008 second-degree felony charge for possession of at least 200 grams of codeine.
JULY 30 - LB John Russell was released. DT Aleric Mullins was placed on the reserve/did not report list.
AUG 5 - WR Jason Chery was signed to a contract. WR Jeff Motouri was placed on injured reserve.
AUG 10 - LB Maurice Simpkins was signed to a contract. CB Josh Bell was placed on injured reserve.
AUG 28 - WR Shawn Gore was released.
AUG 31 - S Atari Bigby, CB Al Harris and RB James Starks were all placed on the reserve/physically unable to perform list. RB Quinn Porter was placed on injured reserve.
SEPT 4 - LB Maurice Simpkins, DE Ronald Talley, NT Anthony Toribio, WR Chastin West, WR Patrick Williams, DE Jarius Wynn, P Chris Bryan, T Chris Campbell, WR Jason Chery, CB D. J. Clark, C/G Evan Dietrich-Smith, WR Charles Dillon, LB Robert Francois, T Breno Giacomini, QB Graham Harrell, TE Spencer Havner, LB Alex Joseph, S Anthony Levine, RB Kregg Lumpkin and LB Cyril Obiozor were released. T/G Allen Barbre and S Will Blackmon were placed on injured reserve.
SEPT 6 - QB Graham Harrell, RB James Johnson, LB Robert Francois, WR Chastin West, T Chris Campbell, LB Maurice Simpkins, S Anthony Levine and T Breno Giacomini were signed to practice squad a day after they were all cut from the active roster and cleared waivers.
SEPT 14 - Signed RB Dimitri Nance from the Atlanta Falcons practice squad and previously released DE Jarius Wynn. RB Ryan Grant and DE Justin Harrell were also placed on injured reserve.
SEPT 15 - Signed CB Josh Gordy to their practice squad; LB Robert Francois released from practice squad.
SEPT 23 - Signed LB Robert Francois to their practice squad; T Chris Campbell released from practice squad.
SEPT 29 - Signed T Chris Campbell to practice squad.
OCT 7 - Signed LB Maurice Simpkins to the active roster from the practice squad, LB Johnny Williams was signed to the practice squad and S Morgan Burnett was place on injured reserve due to a knee injury.
OCT 13 - Signed LB Robert Francois to the active roster from the practice squad, S Derrick Martin was placed on injured reserve, S Michaell Greco and LB Mike Rivera were both signed to the practice squad and LB Johnny Williams was released from the practice squad.
OCT 15 - Signed DE Michael Montgomery and placed LB Nick Barnett on injured reserve with a wrist injury.
OCT 18 -  Traded a conditional draft pick in the 2011 NFL Draft to Jacksonville for S Anthony Smith. TE Jermichael Finley was also placed on injured reserve with a knee injury.
OCT 20 - Signed DT Jay Ross to the practice squad and released RB James Johnson from the practice squad.
OCT 26 - Claimed LB Diyral Briggs off waivers from the Denver Broncos, signed free agent LB Matt Wilhelm, placed DE Mike Neal and LB Brady Poppinga on injured reserve and released LB Maurice Simpkins.
OCT 27 - Signed LB Erik Walden.
OCT 28 - Claimed NT Howard Green off waivers from the New York Jets and LB Brad Jones was placed on injured reserve with a shoulder injury.
NOV 2 - Released DE Michael Montgomery.
NOV 6 - Activated S Atari Bigby from the physically unable to perform list.
NOV 7 - Released CB Al Harris after being on the physically unable to perform list for the season.
NOV 9  - Activated RB James Starks from the physically unable to perform list and released LB Robert Francois.
NOV 12 - Signed TE Spencer Havner and placed T Mark Tauscher on injured reserve.
NOV 15 - Signed LB Robert Francois to the practice squad.
NOV 30 - Placed LB Brandon Chillar and TE Spencer Havner on injured reserve.
DEC 1 - Promoted LB Robert Francois and CB Josh Gordy from the practice squad to the active roster and signed WR Terrance Smith and LB/DE Curtis Young to the practice squad.
DEC 18 - Promoted QB Graham Harrell from the practice squad to the active roster and put S Anthony Smith on injured reserve.
DEC 21 - Signed G Adrian Battles and S Michael Greco to the practice squad and WR Terrance Smith was placed on practice squad/injured reserve.
DEC 29 -  Signed LB Cardia Jackson to the practice squad and released WR Terrance Smith.
DEC 31 - Signed C/G Evan Dietrich-Smith to the active roster and placed T/G Marshall Newhouse on injured reserve.
JAN 20 - Signed WR Antonio Robinson to the practice squad and placed S Anthony Levine on practice squad/injured reserve.
RND-PCK NAME                POS COLLEGE       NOTES
1    23 Bryan Bulaga         OT Iowa
2    56 Mike Neal            DE Purdue
3a   71 Morgan Burnett        S Georgia Tech      A
3b   86 To Philadelphia in draft-day trade
4   122 To Philadelphia in draft-day trade
5a  154 Andrew Quarless      TE Penn State
5b  169 Marshall Newhouse    OL TCU               B
6   193 James Starks         RB Buffalo
7   230 C.J. Wilson          DE East Carolina
A-From Philadelphia in draft-day trade B-Free agency compensatory pick (Colin Cole)
Bold - Played for the Green Bay Packers
​FB Spencer Havner
​FB John Kuhn, OF Daryn Colledge, C Jason Spitz, DE Johnny Jolly, CB Will Blackmon, CB Tramon Williams, SS Atari Bigby, FS Nick Collins, FS Derrick Martin
RB Ahman Green, OT Chad Clifton, RB DeShawn Wynn (Did not receive offer), OT Mark Tauscher, NT Ryan Pickett, P Jeremy Kapinos (Did not receive offer)
PLAYERS RE-SIGNED - OT Chad Clifton (March 6), FB John Kuhn (April 15), FB Spencer Havner (April 2), OG Daryn Colledge (May 10), OT Mark Tauscher (March 15), C Jason Spitz (April 5), DE Johnny Jolly (June 5), NT Ryan Pickett (March 12), CB Will Blackmon (March 18), CB Tramon Williams (June 17), SS Atari Bibgy (July 27), FS Nick Collins (March 12), FS Derrick Martin (February 22)
PLAYERS LOST - LB Aaron Kampman (Jacksonville- March 7), Ahman Green (Omaha-UFL), RB DeShawn Wynn (New Orleans - August 23), P Jeremy Kapinos (Pittsburgh - December 7)
DL Ryan Pickett
2010 PACKERS PRACTICE SQUAD (Team can have up to eight players on squad)
NAME              POS COLLEGE           HOW ACQUIRED              RELEASED/ACTIVATED
Adrian Battles     OG Minn St - Mankato 12-12-10 FA
Chris Campbell     OT E. Illinois       4-25-10 FA
Robert Francois    LB Boston College    12-7-09 FA (Detroit)      10-13-10 (Active)
Breno Giacomini    OT Louisville        2008 Draft - 5th round    9-28-10 (Seattle)
Josh Gordy         CB Central Michigan  9-15-10 FA - Jacksonville 12-1-10 (Active)
Michaell Greco      S Central Florida   12-21-10 FA
Graham Harrell     QB Texas Tech        5-19-10 FA (CFL)          12-18-10 (Active) 
Cardia Jackson     LB Louisiana Monroe  12-29-10 FA (St. Louis)
James Johnson      RB Kansas State      9-6-10 FA (Cincinnati)    10-20-10 (Released)
Anthony Levine      S Tennesse State    5-3-10 FA                 1-20-11 (Injured Res.)
Mike Rivera        LB Kansas            10-13-10 FA (Tennessee)   12-28-10 (Miami)
Antonio Robinson   WR Nicholls State    1-20-11 FA - Chicago      
Jay Ross           DT East Carolina     10-20-10 FA - N. Orleans  
Terrance Smith     WR S. Carolina State 12-1-10 FA                12-29-10 (Released)
Chastin West       WR Fresno State      4-30-10 FA
Johnny Williams    LB Kentucky          10-7-10 FA (Denver)       10-13-10 (Released)
Curtis Young       LB Cincinnati        12-1-10 FA
NAME              POS DATE ON (INJURY)
​Nick Barnett       LB 10-7-10 (Wrist)
Josh Bell          CB 8-10-10 (Foot)
Morgan Burnett      S 10-7-10 (ACL)
Brandon Chillar    LB 11-30-10 (Hamstring)
Jermichael Finley  TE 10-18-10 (Knee)
Ryan Grant         RB 9-14-10 (Ankle)
Justin Harrell     DE 9-14-10 (Knee)
Spencer Havner     TE 10-30-10 (Hamstring)
Brad Jones         LB 10-28-10 (Shoulder)
​Derrick Martin     FS 10-13-10 (Knee)
Mike Neal          DE 10-26-10 (Rotator Cuff)
Marshall Newhouse  OT 12-31-10 (Back)
Brady Poppinga     LB 10-26-10 (Knee)
Anthony Smith       S 12-18-10 (Ankle)
Mark Tauscher      OT 10-12-10 (Shoulder)
Aleric Mullins     DT 7-30-10
Johnny Jolly       DE 7-16-10
2010 PRE-SEASON (2-2)
AUGUST (2-1)                           RESULT       RECORD    ATT STARTING QB             LEADING RUSHER              LEADING PASSER              LEADING RECEIVER
14 CLEVELAND BROWNS                   L 24-27       0- 1-0 68,958 Aaron Rodgers           Kregg Lumpkin (42)          Aaron Rodgers (159)         Greg Jennings (3-68)
21 at Seattle Seahawks                W 27-24       1- 1-0 65,586 Aaron Rodgers           Brandon Jackson (80)        Matt Flynn (130)            Jermichael Finley (4-48)
26 INDIANAPOLIS COLTS                 W 59-24       2- 1-0 68,987 Aaron Rodgers           Ryan Grant (36)             Aaron Rodgers (195)         Jermichael Finley (7-96)
2  at Kansas City Chiefs              L 13-17       2- 2-0 63,843 Matt Flynn              Kregg Lumpkin (36)          Matt Flynn (304)            Brett Swain (6-130)
12 at Philadelphia Eagles (0-0)       W 27-20       1- 0-0 69,144 Aaron Rodgers           Brandon Jackson (63)        Aaron Rodgers (188)         Greg Jennings (5-82)
19 BUFFALO BILLS (0-1)                W 34- 7       2- 0-0 70,741 Aaron Rodgers           John Kuhn (36)              Aaron Rodgers (255)         Jermichael Finley (4-103)
27 at Chicago Bears (2-0)             L 17-20       2- 1-0 62,179 Aaron Rodgers           John Kuhn (31)              Aaron Rodgers (316)         Jermichael Finley (9-115)
3  DETROIT LIONS (0-3)                W 28-26       3- 1-0 70,279 Aaron Rodgers           John Kuhn (39)              Aaron Rodgers (181)         Jermichael Finley (4-36)
10 at Washington Redskins (2-2)       L 13-16 (OT)  3- 2-0 87,760 Aaron Rodgers           Brandon Jackson (115)       Aaron Rodgers (293)         Brandon Jackson (5-25)
17 MIAMI DOLPHINS (2-2)               L 20-23 (OT)  3- 3-0 70,815 Aaron Rodgers           Brandon Jackson (53)        Aaron Rodgers (313)         Greg Jennings (6-133)
24 MINNESOTA VIKINGS (2-3)            W 28-24       4- 3-0 71,107 Aaron Rodgers           Brandon Jackson (58)        Aaron Rodgers (295)         Greg Jennings (6-74)
31 at New York Jets (5-1)             W  9- 0       5- 3-0 78,484 Aaron Rodgers           Brandon Jackson (55)        Aaron Rodgers (170)         Greg Jennings (6-81)
7  DALLAS COWBOYS (1-6)               W 45- 7       6- 3-0 70,913 Aaron Rodgers           John Kuhn (50)              Aaron Rodgers (289)         James Jones (8-123)
21 at Minnesota Vikings (3-6)         W 31- 3       7- 3-0 64,120 Aaron Rodgers           Dimitri Nance (37)          Aaron Rodgers (301)         Greg Jennings (7-152)
28 at Atlanta Falcons (8-2)           L 17-20       7- 4-0 68,204 Aaron Rodgers           Aaron Rodgers (51)          Aaron Rodgers (344)         Greg Jennings (5-119)
5  SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (4-7)          W 34-16       8- 4-0 70,575 Aaron Rodgers           James Starks (73)           Aaron Rodgers (298)         Greg Jennings (6-122)
12 at Detroit Lions (2-10)            L  3- 7       8- 5-0 57,659 Aaron Rodgers           Aaron Rodgers (25)          Matt Flynn (177)            Andrew Quarless (5-62)
19 at New England Patriots (11-2)     L 27-31       8- 6-0 68,756 Matt Flynn              Brandon Jackson (99)        Matt Flynn (251)            James Jones (5-95)
26 NEW YORK GIANTS (9-5)              W 45-17       9- 6-0 70,649 Aaron Rodgers           Brandon Jackson (39)        Aaron Rodgers (404)         Greg Jennings (7-142)
JANUARY 2011 (1-0)
2  CHICAGO BEARS (11-4)               W 10- 3      10- 6-0 70,833 Aaron Rodgers           Aaron Rodgers (21)          Aaron Rodgers (229)         Donald Driver (5-41)
2010 PLAYOFFS (4-0)
9  at Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)      W 21-16              69,144 Aaron Rodgers           James Starks (123)          Aaron Rodgers (180)         Donald Driver (5-56)
15 at Atlanta Falcons (13-3)          W 48-21              69,210 Aaron Rodgers           James Starks (66)           Aaron Rodgers (366)         Greg Jennings (8-101)
23 at Chicago Bears (12-5)            W 21-14              62,377 Aaron Rodgers           James Starks (74)           Aaron Rodgers (244)         Greg Jennings (8-130)
6  versus Pittsburgh Steelers (14-4)  W 31-25              91,060 Aaron Rodgers           James Starks (52)           Aaron Rodgers (304)         Jordy Nelson (9-140)
(GREEN BAY) - Phil Dawson made a pair of field goals with less than two minutes left in the game, as the Browns rallied past the Packers. Dawson made a 58-yard field goal with about 1 1/2 minutes remaining and a 46- yarder as time expired to give Cleveland the victory. The Browns, who are trying to rebound from a 5-11 record in 2009, upgraded at quarterback in the offseason by signing Jake Delhomme, who made both Pro Bowl and Super Bowl appearances during a seven-year run as starting quarterback of Carolina. Delhomme impressed in his Browns debut, completing 6- of-7 passes for 66 yards. Seneca Wallace was brought in as a serviceable backup after spending seven years in Seattle. He connected on 4-of-8 passes for 72 yards and two touchdowns. Colt McCoy, who was selected in the third round of the draft, threw two interceptions before leaving with a right hand injury. Jerome Harrison rushed for a TD, while Brian Robiskie and Benjamin Watson each caught a touchdown pass. Aaron Rodgers completed his first 10 passes of the game en route to connecting on 12-of-13 for 159 yards and a touchdown. Matt Flynn completed 9-of-15 passes for 69 yards and an interception for the Packers, who are coming off an 11-5 season. Green Bay's backfield suffered a bit of a blow as Ryan Grant left the game in the first quarter with a head injury. Grant, who fumbled on his first touch of the contest, rushed for just six yards on three carries. Kregg Lumpkin and John Kuhn each had a rushing TD. Greg Jennings led the receiving corps with three catches for 68 yards and a score.
CLEVELAND - 14  7  0  6 - 27
GREEN BAY -  7  7  7  3 - 24
                       CLEVELAND     GREEN BAY
First downs                   17            22
Rush-yards                 22-85        29-106
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 22-40-214-2-2 24-35-241-1-1
Yards sacked                 1-3           1-7
Total Passing Yards          211           234
Total yards                  296           340
Fumbles-lost                 0-0           4-2
Turnovers                      2             3
Yards penalized             5-51          6-40
Time of Possession         26:46         33:14
1st - CLE - Jerome Harrison, 4-yard run (Phil Dawson kick) CLEVELAND 7-0
1st - CLE - Brian Robiskie, 13-yard pass from Seneca Wallace (Dawson kick) CLEVELAND 14-0
1st - GB - Greg Jennings, 25-yard pass from Aaron Rodgers (Mason Crosby kick) CLEVELAND 14-7
2nd - GB - John Kuhn, 2-yard run (Crosby kick) TIED 14-14
2nd - CLE - Ben Watson, 20-yard pass from Wallace (Dawson kick) CLEVELAND 21-14
3rd - GB - Kregg Lumpkin, 1-yard run (Crosby kick) TIED 21-21
4th - GB - Crosby, 33-yard field goal GREEN BAY 24-21
4th - CLE - Dawson, 58-yard field goal TIED 24-24
4th - CLE - Dawson, 46-yard field goal CLEVELAND 27-24
GREEN BAY - Kregg Lumpkin 11-42 1 TD, Quinn Porter 9-38, Matt Flynn 1-10, Brandon Jackson 3-6, Ryan Grant 3-6, John Kuhn 1-2 1 TD, Graham Harrell 1-2
CLEVELAND - Jerome Harrison 7-25 1 TD, Colt McCoy 2-25, James Davis 6-24, Peyton Hillis 2-3, Brett Ratliff 1-3, Carlton Mitchell 1-3, Chris Jennings 1-3
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 13-12-159 1 TD, Matt Flynn 15-9-69 1 INT, Graham Harrell 7-3-13
CLEVELAND - Jake Delhomme 7-6-66, Seneca Wallace 8-4-72 2 TD, Colt McCoy 10-5-25 2 INT, Brett Ratliff 15-7-51
GREEN BAY - Greg Jennings 3-68 1 TD, James Jones 3-46, Donald Driver 3-19, Jermichael Finley 2-30, Andrew Quarless 2-13, Spencer Havner 2-8, Kregg Lumpkin 2-5, Korey Hall 1-14, Brandon Jackson 1-11, Jordy Nelson 1-9, Quinn Porter 1-6, Donald Lee 1-5, Shawn Gore 1-5, Charles Dillon 1-2
CLEVELAND - Alex Smith 3-37, Mohammed Massaquoi 3-36, Peyton Hillis 3-34, Brian Robiskie 3-32, Evan Moore 2-24, Jake Allen 2-15, Benjamin Watson 1-20, Johnathan Hagerty 1-9, Carlton Mitchell 1-6, Syndric Steptoe 1-5, Chris Jennings 1-(-4)
Packers linebacker Nick Barnett can't stop Browns running back Jerome Harrison from scoring a touchdown in the first quarter of the pre-season opener (PHOTO: Rick Wood - Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)
(SEATTLE) - Aaron Rodgers threw for 116 yards and two touchdowns, leading the Packers. Rodgers completed 8-of-11 passes before giving way to Matt Flynn, who went 10- of-20 passing for 130 yards with an interception. Brandon Jackson ran for 80 yards and a score on 11 carries for the Packers. Greg Jennings caught one pass for 56 yards, while Jermichael Finley had four receptions for 48 yards and a touchdown in the win. Matt Hasselbeck threw for 127 yards and a score on 11-of-15 passes for Seattle, which has split its first two preseason games. Charlie Whitehurt came on in relief and completed 9-of-20 passes with one touchdown and two interceptions. Leon Washington ran for 19 yards and a touchdown, while T.J. Houshmandzadeh had four catches for 60 yards in defeat. Deion Branch added an 11-yard touchdown catch for the Seahawks. Seahawks left tackle Russell Okung, the No. 6 overall pick, suffered an ankle injury in the first quarter.
GREEN BAY - 14  3  0 10 - 27 
SEATTLE   - 14  7  0  6 - 24
                       GREEN BAY       SEATTLE
First downs                   29            18
Rush-yards                39-174         18-75
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 19-32-249-2-1 20-35-200-2-2
Yards sacked                 2-2           1-3
Total Passing Yards          247           197
Total yards                  421           272
Fumbles-lost                 2-2           0-0
Turnovers                      3             2
Yards penalized             8-64         10-86
Time of Possession         35:25         24:35
1st - GB - John Kuhn, 1-yard pass from Aaron Rodgers (Mason Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - SEA - Deion Branch, 11-yard pass from Matt Hasselbeck (Clint Stitser kick) TIED 7-7
1st - GB - Jermichael Finley, 12-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
2nd - SEA - Leon Washington, 11-yard run (Stitser kick) TIED 14-14
2nd - GB - Crosby, 34-yard field goal GREEN BAY 17-14
3rd - SEA - Ben Obomanu, 3-yard pass from Charlie Whitehurst (Stitser kick) SEATTLE 21-17
4th - SEA - Stitser, 35-yard field goal SEATTLE 24-17
4th - GB - Crosby, 51-yard field goal SEATTLE 24-20
4th - GB - Brandon Jackson, 12-yard run (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 27-24
GREEN BAY - Brandon Jackson 11-80 1 TD, John Kuhn 6-30, Quinn Porter 9-27, Ryan Grant 5-19, Matt Flynn 3-19, Aaron Rodgers 1-3, Graham Harrell 4-(-4)
SEATTLE - Leon Washington 4-19 1 TD, Ben Obomanu 1-17, Julius Jones 5-14, Justin Forsett 5-13, Charlie Whitehurst 1-7, Quinton Ganther 2-5
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 11-8-116 2 TD, Matt Flynn 20-10-130 1 INT, Graham Harrell 1-1-23
SEATTLE - Matt Hasselbeck 15-11-127 1 TD, Charlie Whitehurst 20-9-73 1 TD 2 INT
GREEN BAY - Jermichael Finley 4-48 1 TD, Jordy Nelson 3-39, Brett Swain 2-34, Greg Jennings 1-56, Chastin West 1-23, Pat Williams 1-14, Charles Dillon 1-23, Quinn Johnson 1-12, Andrew Quarless 1-10, Brandon Jackson 1-9, Ryan Grant 1-8, James Jones 1-3, John Kuhn 1-1
SEATTLE - T.J. Houshmandzadeh 4-60, Mike Williams 4-44, Deon Butler 2-24, Owen Schmitt 2-14, Julius Jones 2-12, Anthony McCoy 1-12, Deion Branch 1-11, Golden Tate 1-8, John Carlson 1-6, Leon Washington 1-6, Ben Obomanu 1-3
Packers running back Brandon Jackson loses his helmet as he is tackled by Matt McCoy and Red Bryant (PHOTO: AP)
Mike Neal (96) and Frank Zombo pressure Colts quarterback Peyton Manning (PHOTO: Mark Hoffman - Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)
(GREEN BAY) - Aaron Rodgers threw for 195 yards and three touchdowns, as Green Bay flexed its offensive muscle. Rodgers completed 21-of-29 passes to increase his preseason stats to 41-of-53 for 470 yards, six touchdowns and no interceptions, as the Packers won for the second time in three exhibition games. Matt Flynn threw for another two touchdowns in the win. Jermichael Finley led the receiving attack with six catches for 85 yards and a score, while Donald Driver and James Jones each caught a touchdown pass in the win. Jason Chery capped the scoring with a long 75-yard punt return for a touchdown late in the fourth quarter. Peyton Manning completed 15-of-26 passes for 214 yards and two touchdowns while throwing one interception in the loss, as the Colts fell to 0-3 in preseason action this season and 4-21 since 2005. This is the sixth consecutive losing exhibition schedule for the Colts, although they haven't missed the playoffs since 2001. Pierre Garcon played for the first time this preseason and caught two passes for 42 yards and a score. Reggie Wayne added seven receptions for a game-high 96 yards and a touchdown. Joseph Addai ran for 60 yards, as the Colts gave up a team record most points in a preseason game. 
INDIANAPOLIS - 10  7  7  0 - 24
GREEN BAY    -  7 21 10 21 - 59
                    INDIANAPOLIS     GREEN BAY
First downs                   18            33
Rush-yards                 20-81         34-93
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 21-37-311-2-2 33-47-337-5-0
Yards sacked                 2-3           0-0
Total Passing Yards          308           337
Total yards                  389           430
Fumbles-lost                 4-2           3-1
Turnovers                      4             1
Yards penalized           12-116          2-25
Time of Possession         22:52         37:08
1st - IND - Pierre Garcon, 18-yard pass from Peyton Manning (Adam Vinatieri kick) INDIANAPOLIS 7-0
1st - GB - Donald Driver, 6-yard pass from Aaron Rodgers (Mason Crosby kick) TIED 7-7
1st - IND - Vinatieri, 41-yard field goal INDIANAPOLIS 10-7
2nd - IND - Reggie Wayne, 10-yard pass from Manning (Vinatieri kick) INDIANAPOLIS 17-7
2nd - GB - Jermichael Finley, 15-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) INDIANAPOLIS 17-14
2nd - GB - Korey Hall recovered fumble in end zone (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 21-17
2nd - GB - James Jones, 3-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 28-17
3rd - GB - Crosby, 28-yard field goal GREEN BAY 31-17
3rd - GB - John Kuhn, 2-yard pass from Matt Flynn (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 38-17
3rd - IND - Donald Brown, 1-yard run (Vinatieri kick) GREEN BAY 38-24
4th - GB - Andrew Quarless, 11-yard pass from Flynn (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 45-24
4th - GB - Kregg Lumpkin, 1-yard run (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 52-24
4th - GB - Jason Chery, 75-yard punt return (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 59-24
GREEN BAY - Ryan Grant 8-36, Kregg Lumpkin 9-26 1 TD, Brandon Jackson 7-14, Quinn Porter 3-12, Matt Flynn 2-4, John Kuhn 1-1, Graham Harrell 3-0, Aaron Rodgers 1-0
INDIANAPOLIS - Joseph Addai 7-60, Mike Hart 2-8, Javarris James 3-7, Donald Brown 5-6 1 TD, Curtis Painter 2-0, Pierre Garcon 1-0
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 29-21-195 3 TD, Matt Flynn 13-8-80 2 TD, Graham Harrell 5-4-62
INDIANAPOLIS - Peyton Manning 26-15-214 2 TD 1 INT, Curtis Painter 11-6-97 1 INT
GREEN BAY - Jermichael Finley 6-85 1 TD, Donald Driver 5-35 1 TD, James Jones 4-30 1 TD, Jordy Nelson 3-30, Brandon Jackson 3-24, Andrew Quarless 2-20 1 TD, Pat Williams 2-17, John Kuhn 2-7, Kregg Lumpkin 1-22, Shawn Gore 1-18, Chastin West 1-15, Tim Crabtree 1-14, Spencer Havner 1-13, Jason Chery 1-7
INDIANAPOLIS - Reggie Wayne 7-96 1 TD, Anthony Gonzalez 3-31, Pierre Garcon 2-42, Joseph Addai 2-40, Colin Cloherty 1-30, Taj Smith 1-27, Javarris James 1-13, Blair White 1-11, Samuel Giguere 1-9, Gijon Robinson 1-7, Brody Eldridge 1-5
(KANSAS CITY) - Brodie Croyle completed 11-of-16 throws for 119 yards and Jackie Battle carried 10 times for 67 yards and a TD to lead Kansas City. Chiefs starting quarterback Matt Cassel went 4-for-9 for 58 yards and a TD for the Chiefs, who salvaged the last of their four exhibition games to avoid a second straight winless preseason. Matt Flynn went 23-for-37 for 304 yards and Brett Swain hauled in six throws for 130 yards for Green Bay. Charles Dillon caught six passes for 85 yards for the Packers, who played without starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers and finished the preseason at 2-2. Kregg Lumpkin ran for 36 yards and a score for Green Bay, which opens the regular season at Philadelphia on September 12.  
GREEN BAY   -  0  3  7  3 - 13
KANSAS CITY -  7  7  3  0 - 17
                       GREEN BAY   KANSAS CITY
First downs                   22            16
Rush-yards                 20-67        32-145
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 31-55-372-0-0 15-25-177-1-0
Yards sacked                 1-6           0-0
Total Passing Yards          366           177
Total yards                  433           322
Fumbles-lost                 1-0           0-0
Turnovers                      0             0
Yards penalized             6-40          5-42
Time of Possession         33:42         26:18
1st - KC - Leonard Pope, 2-yard pass from Matt Cassel (Ryan Succop kick) KANSAS CITY 7-0
2nd - KC - Jackie Battle, 1-yard run (Succop kick) KANSAS CITY 14-0
2nd - GB - Mason Crosby, 40-yard field goal KANSAS CITY 14-3
3rd - GB - Kregg Lumpkin, 1-yard run (Crosby kick) KANSAS CITY 14-10
3rd - KC - Succop, 26-yard field goal KANSAS CITY 17-10
4th - GB - Crosby, 41-yard field goal KANSAS CITY 17-13
GREEN BAY - Kregg Lumpkin 11-36 1 TD, John Kuhn 5-20, Brandon Jackson 3-10, Matt Flynn 1-1
KANSAS CITY  - Jackie Battle 10-67 1 TD, Dexter McCluster 3-37, Thomas Jones 5-26, Javarris Williams 7-22, Tim Castille 2-5, Jamaal Charles 1-2, Mike Cox 1-1, Brodie Croyle 2-(-3), Jeremy Horne 1-(-15)
GREEN BAY - Matt Flynn 37-23-304, Graham Harrell 18-8-68
KANSAS CITY - Matt Cassel 9-4-58 1 TD 1 INT, Brodie Croyle 16-11-119
GREEN BAY - Brett Swain 6-130, Charles Dillon 6-85, Pat Williams 5-70, Andrew Quarless 2-20, Jason Chery 2-18, Spencer Havner 2-14, Kregg Lumpkin 2-9, Greg Jennings 2-9, Chastin West 1-7, Quinn Johnson 1-7, John Kuhn 1-2, Donald Lee 1-1
KANSAS CITY - Jake O'Connell 4-36, Verran Tucker 3-16, Jamaal Charles 2-26, Tim Castille 1-43, Dwayne Bowe 1-30, Tony Moeaki 1-16, Rich Gunnell 1-4, Quinten Lawrence 1-4, Leonard Pope 1-2 1 TD
(PHILADELPHIA) - Aaron Rodgers threw for 188 yards and a pair of TDs as Green Bay held on in an injury-plagued season-opener. Rodgers connected with Greg Jennings and Donald Driver for scores and was also intercepted twice on 19-of-31 throws. Jennings led all receivers with 82 yards on five receptions, while Driver hauled in his 50th career touchdown amid a five-catch, 30-yard day. Ryan Grant limped off in the first half with an ankle injury and did not return. Brandon Jackson filled in admirably and ran for 63 yards on 18 carries as Green Bay won its fourth straight season opener. It was the Packers' first win in Philadelphia since 1962, having lost nine consecutive trips to the City of Brotherly Love. Kevin Kolb's long-awaited tenure as the Eagles' starting quarterback was met with disaster. The fourth-year pro was making his third career start and first since the team shipped long-time signal-caller Donovan McNabb to the Redskins in the offseason. Kolb was flat in completing 5-of-10 passes for 24 yards before being knocked out of the game with a concussion. He was chased down from behind by the Packers' Clay Matthews on a third-down scramble and landed hard on the ground under the weight of the tackle. His head and left knee were driven into the turf simultaneously as he fumbled the ball out of bounds. Kolb came back out for the next series before being replaced by Michael Vick to start the second half. Vick was crisp in hitting on 16-of-24 throws for 175 yards and a touchdown in leading Philadelphia back from a 17-point deficit in the fourth. He ran for another 103 yards on 11 attempts but the Eagles (0-1) fell just short in the end. The Green Bay offense clicked to rattle off most of its points in a 20-minute span over the middle two quarters after the sides traded field goals in a sluggish start. Kolb's injury was just the beginning for what could be a potentially devastating opening game for the Eagles. LB Stewart Bradley was also lost to a concussion in a nasty collision with a teammate in the second quarter. RB Leonard Weaver had to be helped off the field with what was being called a left knee sprain, but may be a torn ACL according to coach Andy Reid, who did confirm that center Jamaal Jackson has a torn biceps muscle. The Eagles celebrated the 50th anniversary of their 1960 NFL Championship victory over the Packers in a pre-game ceremony. It proved to be the great Vince Lombardi's only career playoff loss.
GREEN BAY    -  0 13 14  0 - 27
PHILADELPHIA -  3  0  7 10 - 20
                       GREEN BAY  PHILADELPHIA
First downs                   22            16
Rush-yards-TDs          33-132-1      20-149-1
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 19-31-188-2-2 21-34-199-1-0
Sacked-yards                3-21          6-28
Net pass yards               167           171
Total yards                  299           320
Fumbles-lost                 0-0           3-1
Turnovers                      2             1
Penalties-yards             2-15         10-80
1st - PHIL - David Akers, 45-yard field goal PHILADELPHIA 3-0
2nd - GB - Crosby, 49-yard field goal TIED 3-3
2nd - GB - Driver, 6-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 10-3
2nd - GB - Crosby, 56-yard field goal GREEN BAY 13-3
3rd - GB - Kuhn, 3-yard run (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 20-3
3rd - PHIL - LeSean McCoy, 12-yard run (Akers kick) GREEN BAY 20-10
3rd - GB - Jennings, 32-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 27-10
4th - PHIL - Jeremy Maclin, 17-yard pass from Michael Vick (Akers kick) GREEN BAY 27-17
4th - PHIL - Akers, 24-yard field goal GREEN BAY 27-20
GREEN BAY - Brandon Jackson 18-63, Ryan Grant 8-45, John Kuhn 2-15 1 TD, Aaron Rodgers 5-9
PHILADELPHIA - Michael Vick 11-103, LeSean McCoy 7-35 1 TD, Jeremy Maclin 1-11, Leonard Weaver 1-0
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 31-19-188 2 TD 2 INT
PHILADELPHIA - Kevin Kolb 10-5-24, Michael Vick 24-16-175 1 TD
GREEN BAY - Greg Jennings 5-82 1 TD, Donald Driver 5-30 1 TD, Jermichael Finley 4-47, Brandon Jackson 2-12, James Jones 2-10, Jordy Nelson 1-7
PHILADELPHIA - LeSean McCoy 5-47, Jason Avant 4-41, Jeremy Maclin 4-38 1 TD, DeSean Jackson 4-30, Brent Celek 2-32, Eldra Buckley 1-10, Mike McGlynn 1-1
Eagles QB Kevin Kolb completed 5 of 10 passes for 24 yards and was nearly picked off three times. He banged his head when Packers linebacker Clay Matthews dragged him down and pounced on him from behind, ending his day with a concussion in the season opener.
Clay Matthews reacts after sacking Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards during the first half of Green Bay's 34-7 romp. Matthews ended the day with three sacks.
Robbie Gould kicked away Green Bay's perfect start with this field goal in the final seconds
Detroit QB Shaun Hill is sacked by Green Bay's B.J. Raji. It's one of three sacks the Packers defense piles up in their 28-26 win, which was Detroit's 23rd straight road loss.
After posting two 100-yard games in the first three games of 2010, Jermichael Finley suffered a season-ending knee injury against the Washington Redskins. He was placed on injured reserve by the Packers on October 18th.
Dan Carpenter's 44-yard field goal sent Green Bay to its second consecutive overtime loss
ABOVE - Brett Favre has his jersey grabbed by Clay Matthews.  Favre threw three interceptions in the second half, including one that was returned for a touchdown
BELOW - Favre seemed to deliver another signature comeback win with an apparent touchdown strike to Percy Harvin with 48 seconds left — but the play was reviewed and Harvin was ruled to have had one foot out of bounds. With one more chance on fourth-and-15 at the Green Bay 20, Favre threw incomplete just past the reach of Randy Moss in the end zone. 
(GREEN BAY) - Aaron Rodgers threw for 255 yards and two TDs and ran for a score to lead Green Bay. Rodgers connected on 19-of-29 throws, with four going to Jermichael Finley for 103 yards, as the Packers tallied 21 unanswered second-half points to win their fourth straight home opener and fifth straight home game. Clay Matthews recorded three sacks for a second straight week for a defense that limited the Bills to 186 total yards. Trent Edwards was pressured all day and completed 11-of-18 passes for 102 yards and was intercepted twice. Marshawn Lynch carried 17 times for 64 yards for the Bills (0-2), who lost their second straight visit to the legendary venue. Brandon Jackson finished with 29 yards on 11 carries in his first start since 2007 filling in for Ryan Grant, who is sidelined for the season, while John Kuhn led the Packers with 36 rushing yards on nine totes. Greg Jennings caught three passes for 36 yards while Jordy Nelson made three grabs for 32. Fred Jackson ran nine times for 39 yards for Buffalo, which leads the all-time series, 7-4, while Lee Evans, who had made a catch in 90 of his last 91 games, was held without a catch for Buffalo. The Bills have gone 56 consecutive games without their quarterback throwing for 300 yards since J.P. Losman threw for 340 yards against the Houston Texans on November 19, 2006.
BUFFALO   -  0  7  0  0 -  7
GREEN BAY - 13  0 14  7 - 34
                         BUFFALO     GREEN BAY
First downs                   14            18
Rush-yards-TDs          32-124-1       27-91-2
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 11-18-102-0-2 19-29-255-2-0
Sacked-yards                4-40           0-0
Net pass yards                62           255
Total yards                  186           346
Fumbles-lost                 0-0           2-0
Turnovers                      2             0
Penalties-yards             4-35          6-49
1st - GB - Crosby, 44-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
1st - GB - Crosby, 24-yard field goal GREEN BAY 6-0
1st - GB - Jackson, 1-yard run (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 13-0
2nd - BUF - Fred Jackson, 3-yard run (Rian Lindell kick) GREEN BAY 13-7
3rd - GB - Driver, 7-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 20-7
3rd - GB - Rodgers, 9-yard run (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 27-7
4th - GB - J.Jones, 30-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 34-7
GREEN BAY - John Kuhn 9-36, Brandon Jackson 11-29 1 TD, Aaron Rodgers 5-20 1 TD, Dimitri Nance 2-6
BUFFALO - Marshawn Lynch 17-64, Fred Jackson 9-39 1 TD, Trent Edwards 3-12, Roscoe Parish 1-4, C.J. Spiller 1-3, Corey McIntyre 1-2
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 29-19-255 2 TD
BUFFALO - Trent Edwards 18-111-102 2 INT
GREEN BAY - Jermichael Finley 4-103, Donald Driver 4-38 1 TD, Greg Jennings 3-36, James Jones 3-32 1 TD, Jordy Nelson 2-26, Quinn Johnson 1-11, Brandon Jackson 1-10, Donald Lee 1-(-1)
BUFFALO - C.J. Spiller 4-23, Steve Johnson 3-31, Roscoe Parish 2-34, Jonathan Stupar 2-14
(CHICAGO) - Robbie Gould booted a 19-yard field goal with four seconds remaining in the game and the Bears took advantage of 18 Green Bay penalties, a franchise record, to edge the Packers. Devin Hester returned a punt 62 yards for a score and Gould kicked two field goals in the final four minutes, the final one coming after a Green Bay turnover. Aaron Rodgers completed a 12-yard pass to James Jones, but the linebacker tandem of Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher caused a fumble near the sideline. Tim Jennings pounced on the ball, and the Packers challenged the call, but replays showed Jennings stayed in bounds, giving Chicago the ball at the Green Bay 46. Jay Cutler threw a 21-yard pass over the middle to tight end Greg Olsen. Two plays later, Cutler's pass was picked off by Nick Collins, but Morgan Burnett was called for pass interference. The penalty set up the Bears at the nine, and on fourth down, Gould's kick kept the Bears unbeaten. A penatly on the ensuing kickoff set a Green Bay franchise record. Cutler finished 16-of-27 for 221 yards with a touchdown and an interception, while Rodgers ended 34-of-45 for 316 yards, also with a score and a pick. Rodgers also ran for a score, but the Packers, who were penalized 152 yards, suffered their first defeat. 
GREEN BAY -  7  3  0  7 - 17
CHICAGO   -  0  7  0 13 - 20
                       GREEN BAY       CHICAGO
First downs                   21            18
Rush-yards-TDs           15-63-1       18-77-0
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 34-45-316-1-1 16-27-221-1-1
Sacked-yards                 0-0          3-22
Net pass yards               316           199
Total yards                  379           276
Fumbles-lost                 1-1           1-0
Turnovers                      2             1
Penalties-yards           18-152          5-38
1st - GB - Jennings, 7-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Crosby, 38-yard field goal GREEN BAY 10-0
2nd - CHI - Greg Olsen, 9-yard pass from Jay Cutler (Robbie Gould kick) GREEN BAY 10-7
4th - CHI - Devin Hester, 62-yard punt return (Gould kick) CHICAGO 14-10
4th - GB - Rodgers, 3-yard run (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 17-14
4th - CHI - Gould, 25-yard field goal TIED 17-17
4th - CHI - Gould, 19-yard field goal CHICAGO 20-17
GREEN BAY - John Kuhn 6-31, Aaron Rodgers 2-20 1 TD, Brandon Jackson 7-12
CHICAGO - Jay Cutler 3-37, Matt Forte 11-29, Chester Taylor 3-9, Johnny Knox 1-2
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 45-34-316 1 TD 1 INT
CHICAGO - Jay Cutler 27-16-221 1 TD 1 INT
GREEN BAY - Jermichael Finley 9-115, Donald Driver 9-61, James Jones 5-55, Brandon Jackson 4-27, Jordy Nelson 3-20, John Kuhn 2-20, Greg Jennings 2-18 1 TD
CHICAGO - Greg Olsen 5-64 1 TD, Johnny Knox 4-94, Earl Bennett 3-21, Matt Forte 2-14, Devin Hester 1-16, Desmond Clark 1-12
(GREEN BAY) - Aaron Rodgers threw three touchdowns and the Packers overcame numerous mistakes for a second straight week and held off Detroit, 28-26, dealing the Lions their 23rd straight road loss. Rodgers completed 12-of-17 passes for 181 yards, but was picked off twice as the Packers, whose current 10-game winning streak is the longest in the series in over 50 years, dating back to Detroit's 11-game surge from 1949-54. Shaun Hill finished 34-of-54 for 331 yards with two TDs and a pair of interceptions for the Lions, who haven't won outside the Motor City since October 28, 2007 at Chicago. The NFL record is 24 road losses in a row, set by the Lions from 2001-03. Hill made his third consecutive start at quarterback in place of Matthew Stafford, who continues to make progress in his rehab from a right shoulder injury. Detroit gave the ball back by punting with 6:32 left and never got possession again as Green Bay pounded out six first downs on its final drive. Charles Woodson returned an interception 48 yards for a touchdown for the Packers, who set a team-record with 18 penalties in Monday night's 20-17 loss at Chicago. In their fourth game, Green Bay lost two fumbles, both on kickoff returns by Jordy Nelson. Jahvid Best, who started the game despite injuring the big toe on his right foot in last Sunday's loss to Minnesota, was limited to 50 yards on 12 carries for Detroit. The Lions scored the game's final 12 points, all on Jason Hanson field goals, but suffered their 20th straight road loss to the Packers. That streak includes a 1994 playoff game and eight Lions head coaches. Detroit's last road victory against the Packers came December 15, 1991.
DETROIT   -  0 14  6  6 - 26
GREEN BAY -  7 14  7  0 - 28
                         DETROIT     GREEN BAY
First downs                   24            16
Rush-yards-TDs          21-123-0       21-92-0
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 34-54-331-2-2 12-17-181-3-2
Sacked-yards                3-23          2-12
Net pass yards               308           169
Total yards                  431           261
Fumbles-lost                 2-1           2-2
Turnovers                      3             4
Penalties-yards           13-102          3-31
1st - GB - Driver, 29-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - DET - Calvin Johnson, 23-yard pass from Shaun Hill (Jason Hanson kick) TIED 7-7
2nd - GB - Finley, 13-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
2nd - GB - Jennings, 17-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 21-7
2nd - DET - C. Johnson, 21-yard pass from Hill (Hanson kick) GREEN BAY 21-14
3rd - GB - Woodson, 48-yard interception return (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 28-14
3rd - DET - Hanson, 39-yard field goal GREEN BAY 28-17
3rd - DET - Hanson, 52-yard field goal GREEN BAY 28-20
4th - DET - Hanson, 49-yard field goal GREEN BAY 28-23
4th - DET - Hanson, 24-yard field goal GREEN BAY 28-26
GREEN BAY - John Kuhn 9-39, Brandon Jackson 9-33, Aaron Rodgers 3-20
DETROIT - Shaun hill 4-53, Jahvid Best 12-50, Kevin Smith 3-12, Jerome Felton 1-6, Calvin Johnson 1-2
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 17-12-181 3 TD 2 INT
DETROIT - Shaun Hill 54-34-331 2 TD 2 INT
GREEN BAY - Jermichael Finley 4-36 1 TD, Donald Driver 3-89 1 TD, Greg Jennings 2-25 1 TD, James Jones 1-15, Donald Lee 1-15, Brandon Jackson 1-1
DETROIT - Brandon Pettigrew 8-91, Calvin Johnson 6-86 2 TD, Tony Scheffler 6-63, Jahvid Best 5-34, Kevin Smith 4-22, Bryant Johnson 3-23, Jerome Felton 2-12
(WASHINGTON) - Graham Gano's 33-yard field goal with 8:06 left in overtime lifted the Redskins to a come-from-behind victory over Green Bay at FedEx Field. Both teams punted on their first overtime possession before Aaron Rodgers was intercepted at his own 39-yard line by a diving LaRon Landry, who returned it to the Packers' 16. However, on review, it was determined that Landry was ruled down by contact by the intended receiver Greg Jennings at the 39. Following completions to Joey Galloway and Chris Cooley and a defensive holding penalty that gave them a first down, the Redskins lost five yards on a Ryan Torain run. Charles Woodson was then called for pass interference to put the ball at the 22. Donovan McNabb carried up the middle for five yards and again for two to set up Gano at the 15. Green Bay called a timeout to try to ice the rookie kicker from Florida State but it didn't work, as he drilled the game-winner right down the middle to send the Redskins to their second straight win. McNabb completed 26-of-49 throws for 357 yards and a touchdown with seven passes going to Santana Moss for 118 yards. Rodgers went 27-of-46 for 293 yards and a score while Brandon Jackson carried 10 times for a career-high 115 yards for the Packers, who have lost two of their last three games. An already banged up Green Bay squad lost tight ends Jermichael Finley and Donald Lee, defensive lineman Ryan Pickett and linebacker Clay Matthews to injury during the course of the game. After the game, the Packers revealed that Rodgers had suffered a concussion, likely on the Landry pick. Rodgers eclipsed the 10,000-yard passing mark and now has 10,034 in his career.
GREEN BAY  -  7  3  3  0  0 - 13
WASHINGTON -  0  3  0 10  3 - 16
                       GREEN BAY    WASHINGTON
First downs                   17            21
Rush-yards-TDs          17-157-0       21-51-0
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 27-46-293-1-1 26-49-357-1-1
Sacked-yards                4-23          5-35
Net pass yards               270           322
Total yards                  427           373
Fumbles-lost                 1-1           1-0
Turnovers                      2             1
Penalties-yards             9-63          4-28
1st - GB - D. Lee, 5-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Crosby, 52-yard field goal GREEN BAY 10-0
2nd - WASH - Graham Gano, 26-yard field goal GREEN BAY 10-3
3rd - GB - Crosby, 36-yard field goal GREEN BAY 13-3
4th - WASH - Anthony Armstrong, 48-yard pass from Donovan McNabb (Gano kick) GREEN BAY 13-10
4th - WASH - Gano, 45-yard field goal TIED 13-13
OT - WASH - Gano, 33-yard field goal WASHINGTON 16-13
GREEN BAY - Brandon Jackson 10-115, Aaron Rodgers 4-30, John Kuhn 3-12
WASHINGTON - Ryan Torain 16-40, Donovan McNabb 4-10, Keiland Williams 1-1
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 46-27-293 1 TD 1 INT
WASHINGTON - Donovan McNabb 49-26-357 1 TD 1 INT
GREEN BAY - Brandon Jackson 5-35, James Jones 4-65, Donald Driver 4-58, Andrew Quarless 4-51, Jordy Nelson 3-42, Donald Lee 2-22 1 TD, Greg Jennings 2-22, John Kuhn 2-5, Tom Crabtree 1-3
WASHINGTON - Santana Moss 7-118, Chris Cooley 7-69, Ryan Torain 4-27, Anthony Armstrong 3-84 1 TD, Joey Galloway 3-28, Mike Sellers 1-22, Keiland Williams 1-9
(GREEN BAY) - Dan Carpenter kicked a 44-yard field goal just under six minutes into overtime to lift the Dolphins over the Packers at Lambeau Field. A trade of punts to start the extra period left the Dolphins with excellent field position at their own 48-yard line. After picking up two first downs, the Dolphins reached the Green Bay 26 and set up for a third-down kick that Carpenter nailed to give his team a 3-0 record on the road. Miami's special teams came through in the overtime with a 50-yard punt and the winning field goal, just 13 days after a disastrous effort in a 41-14 loss to the New England Patriots that cost coordinator John Bonamego his job. The unit allowed a kickoff return for a touchdown, had a blocked field goal returned for a score and had a blocked punt for the second straight week in that Monday night contest. Chad Henne threw for 231 yards with a pair of touchdowns on Sunday and Brandon Marshall caught 10 passes for 127 yards for the Dolphins, who were coming off their bye after losing home games to AFC East rivals New York and New England. Miami is also 2-0 against the NFC North, having won at Minnesota in Week 2. Aaron Rodgers threw a touchdown pass and ran for the tying score in the final minute of the fourth quarter for Green Bay, which has lost two straight and three of its last four. The Packers had won six straight home games dating back to last season.
MIAMI     -  7  3  3  7  3 - 23
GREEN BAY - 10  0  0 10  0 - 20
                           MIAMI     GREEN BAY
First downs                   26            16
Rush-yards-TDs          39-150-0       21-76-1
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 23-39-231-2-1 18-33-313-1-1
Sacked-yards                 0-0          5-30
Net pass yards               231           283
Total yards                  381           359
Fumbles-lost                 0-0           1-0
Turnovers                      1             1
Penalties-yards             4-30          7-45
1st - GB - Crosby, 46-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
1st - MIA - Davone Bess, 2-yard pass from Chad Henne (Dan Carpenter kick) MIAMI 7-3
1st - GB - Jennings, 86-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 10-7
2nd - MIA - Carpenter, 53-yard field goal TIED 10-10
3rd - MIA - Carpenter, 41-yard field goal MIAMI 13-10
4th - GB - Crosby, 26-yard field goal TIED 13-13
4th - MIA - Anthony Fasano, 22-yard pass from Henne (Carpenter kick) MIAMI 20-13
4th - GB - Rodgers, 1-yard run (Crosby kick) TIED 20-20
OT- MIA - Carpenter, 44-yard field goal MIAMI 23-20
GREEN BAY - Brandon Jackson 12-53, Aaron Rodgers 4-14 1 TD, John Kuhn 5-9
MIAMI - Ronnie Brown 19-73, Ricky Williams 13-64, Chad Henne 2-9, Lousaka Polite 4-7, Brian Hartline 1-(-3)
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 33-18-313 1 TD 1 INT
MIAMI - Chad Henne 39-23-231 2 TD 1 INT
GREEN BAY - Greg Jennings 6-133 1 TD, Jordy Nelson 4-64, Donald Driver 3-31, Brandon Jackson 3-29, Tom Crabtree 1-33, Andrew Quarless 1-23
MIAMI - Brandon Marshall 10-127, Davone Bess 5-37 1 TD, Brian Hartline 4-44, Anthony Fasano 1-22 1 TD, Ronnie Brown 1-2, Lousaka Polite 1-0, Ricky Williams 1-(-1)
(GREEN BAY) - Brett Favre threw three interceptions in the second half, including one that was returned for a touchdown, as his Vikings fell to the Packers in a thriller. The game almost ended with Favre bringing the Vikings back against his former team. Multiple penalties set up Minnesota with a 1st-and-30 from the Green Bay 35. Favre dropped back and threw a perfect pass to the back of the end zone for Percy Harvin, who caught the pass for an apparent touchdown. The booth quickly reviewed the play, and it was determined that Harvin had one foot out of bounds, and the original call was reversed. A 15-yard pass to Adrian Peterson and two incomplete passes sealed the fate of the Vikings, who have lost two of three. The story of the game was about Favre making his return to Green Bay, where he played for 16 seasons before parting ways with the organization prior to the 2008 campaign. Favre's return to Lambeau last November resulted in the Vikings winning by a 38-26 count. Making his 119th start at Lambeau Field, Favre completed 16-of-29 passes for 212 yards and a touchdown. Favre set an NFL record for the most starts by a quarterback at a single venue, topping Denver great John Elway, who started 118 games at Mile High Stadium.
MINNESOTA -  7 10  7  0 - 24
GREEN BAY -  7  7 14  0 - 28
                       MINNESOTA     GREEN BAY
First downs                   21            20
Rush-yards-TDs          36-196-2       23-84-1
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 16-29-212-1-3 21-35-295-2-2
Sacked-yards                 1-6           0-0
Net pass yards               206           295
Total yards                  402           379
Fumbles-lost                 1-0           1-0
Turnovers                      3             2
Penalties-yards             6-40          2-20
1st - GB - B. Jackson, 1-yard run (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - MINN - Percy Harvin, 17-yard run (Ryan Longwell kick) TIED 7-7
2nd - GB - Quarless, 9-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
2nd - MINN - Adrian Peterson, 1-yard run (Longwell kick) TIED 14-14
2nd- MINN - Longwell, 28-yard field goal MINNESOTA 17-14
3rd - GB - Jennings, 14-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 21-17
3rd - GB - Bishop, 32-yard interception return (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 28-17
3rd - MINN - Randy Moss, 4-yard pass from Brett Favre (Longwell kick) GREEN BAY 28-24
GREEN BAY - Brandon Jackson 13-58 1 TD, Aaron Rodgers 3-14, John Kuhn 7-12
MINNESOTA - Adrian Peterson 28-131 1 TD, Percy Harvin 3-41 1 TD, Toby Gerhart 5-24
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 34-21-295 2 TD 2 INT, Matt Flynn 1-0-0
MINNESOTA - Brett Favre 29-16-212 1 TD 3 INT
GREEN BAY - Greg Jennings 6-74 1 TD, James Jones 4-107, Jordy Nelson 4-25, Brandon Jackson 3-46, Donald Lee 2-27, Andrew Quarless 2-16 1 TD
MINNESOTA - Percy Harvin 5-65, Randy Moss 3-30 1 TD, Visanthe Shiancoe 3-30, Adrian Peterson 2-41, Bernard Berrian 1-30, Jim Kleinsasser 1-10, Toby Gerhart 1-6
(NEW YORK) - Mason Crosby connected on three field goals to lift Green Bay over the Jets. Aaron Rodgers finished 15-of-34 for 170 yards for the Packers, who have won two in a row. Greg Jennings posted six receptions for 81 yards and Brandon Jackson added 55 yards on 15 carries for Green Bay. It was Green Bay's first shutout since a 26-0 win over Detroit on October 18, 2009 and first road shutout since a 27-0 win at Tampa Bay on October 27, 1991. It was the lowest-scoring game featuring the Packers since a 6-3 Green Bay win over Philadelphia on September 17, 2000. For the Jets, it was the lowest-scoring contest since a 6-0 win over Pittsburgh on December 14, 2003. Mark Sanchez threw for 256 yards but was intercepted twice on 16-of-38 passes for the Jets, who suffered their first defeat since their opening-week loss against Baltimore. LaDainian Tomlinson was held to 54 yards rushing on 16 carries and Jerricho Cotchery had four catches for 89 yards in New York's first home shutout loss since a 10-0 setback to Chicago in 2006. 
GREEN BAY -  3  0  0  6 -  9
NY JETS   -  0  0  0  0  - 0
                       GREEN BAY       NY JETS
First downs                   13            15
Rush-yards-TDs           26-81-0      29-119-0
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 15-34-170-0-0 16-38-256-0-2
Sacked-yards                2-14          2-15
Net pass yards               156           241
Total yards                  237           360
Fumbles-lost                 0-0           3-1
Turnovers                      0             3
Penalties-yards             3-15          7-55
1st - GB - Mason Crosby, 20-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
4th - GB - Crosby, 41-yard field goal GREEN BAY 6-0
4th - GB - Crosby, 40-yard field goal GREEN BAY 9-0
GREEN BAY - Brandon Jackson 15-55, John Kuhn 8-21, Aaron Rodgers 3-5
NY JETS - LaDainian Tomlinson 16-54, Shonn Greene 6-22, Mark Sanchez 2-22, Steve Weatherford 1-17, Brad Smith 3-12, Jerricho Cotchery 1-(-8)
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 34-15-170
NY JETS - Mark Sanchez 38-16-256 2 INT
GREEN BAY - Greg Jennings 6-81, Jordy Nelson 5-55, Brandon Jackson 2-17, Brett Swain 1-12, Donald Lee 1-5
NY JETS - LaDainian Tomlinson 5-37, Jerricho Cotchery 4-89, Santonio Holmes 3-43, Dustin Keller 2-45, Braylon Edwards 1-32, Shonn Greene 1-10
LaDainian Tomlinson (21) reacts after not completing a pass covered by Desmond Bishop (55) in the fourth quarter of the Jets loss to the Packers on October 31st (PHOTO: Jennifer Brown - The Newark Star-Ledger)
Clay Matthews (52) returns an interception for a touchdown against the Cowboys (PHOTO: Corey Wilson - Green Bay Press-Gazette)
(GREEN BAY) - Aaron Rodgers threw three touchdowns while Brandon Jackson scored once on the ground and once through the air, as the Green Bay Packers routed the struggling Dallas Cowboys, 45-7. Rodgers was 27-of-34 passing for 289 yards while James Jones finished with eight catches for 123 yards and a score for the Packers (6-3), who have won three straight to move into first place in the NFC North heading into their bye week. Greg Jennings caught seven passes for 80 yards and a score for Green Bay, which got a touchdown from Nick Collins on a fumble return and an interception return for a score from Clay Matthews. Jon Kitna, making his second straight start in place of an injured Tony Romo, was 19-for-30 with 183 yards, one score and two interceptions for the Cowboys (1-7), who have dropped five in a row -- including the last two by double-digits. Dez Bryant caught the lone touchdown, the sixth of his rookie campaign, which leads all freshmen in the NFL. This was the most lopsided loss for the Cowboys since the last week of the 2008 season, when they were handed a 44-6 defeat by the Philadelphia Eagles.
DALLAS    -  0  7  0  0 -  7
GREEN BAY -  0 28  7 10 - 45
                          DALLAS     GREEN BAY
First downs                   12            26
Rush-yards-TDs           14-39-0      35-138-1
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 19-30-183-1-2 27-35-289-3-0
Sacked-yards                4-17          1-12
Net pass yards               166           277
Total yards                  205           415
Fumbles-lost                 4-2           2-0
Turnovers                      4             0
Penalties-yards             5-40          2-20
2nd - GB - B. Jackson, 9-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - B. Jackson, 2-yard run (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
2nd - GB - Jennings, 8-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 21-0
2nd - GB - Collins, 26-yard fumble return (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 28-0
2nd - DAL - Dez Bryant, 2-yard pass from Jon Kitna (David Buehler kick) GREEN BAY 28-7
3rd - GB - J. Jones, 10-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 35-7
4th - GB - Crosby, 26-yard field goal GREEN BAY 38-7
4th - GB - Matthews, 62-yard interception return (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 45-7
GREEN BAY - John Kuhn 13-50, Brandon Jackson 13-42 1 TD, Aaron Rodgers 5-41, Dimitri Nance 4-5
DALLAS - Felix Jones 5-16, Marion Barber 6-14, Tashard Choice 3-9
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 34-27-289 3 TD, Matt Flynn 1-0-0
DALLAS - Jon Kitna 30-19-183 1 TD 2 INT
GREEN BAY - James Jones 8-123 1 TD, Greg Jennings 7-80 1 TD, Jordy Nelson 4-42, Brandon Jackson 4-26 1 TD, John Kuhn 2-12, Tom Crabtree 1-4, Brett Swain 1-2
DALLAS - Dez Bryant 9-86 1 TD, Jason Witten 3-44, Martellus Bennett 3-20, Miles Austin 2-16, Sam Hurd 1-11, Roy Williams 1-6
Wade Phillips (seen walking off the field following the loss to Green Bay) was fired as coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Jason Garrett, the offensive coordinator and occasional heir apparent, was named the interim coach. Phillips, 63, was 34-22 in his fourth season as the team's coach; more significantly, he was 1-2 in the playoffs. Momentum for his firing had been picking up speed and comes on the heels of the Cowboy's 45-7 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night.
Aaron Rodgers speaks with Brett Favre after the Packers defeated the Vikings 31-3. It was the last time Favre would face his former team. (PHOTO: Hannah Foslien - Associated Press)
(MINNESOTA) - Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings connected for three touchdowns, and Green Bay moved into a first-place tie in the NFC North. Rodgers threw for 301 yards and four touchdowns on 22-of-31 passing, hooking up with Jennings seven times for 152 yards as the Packers captured their fourth straight win to join Chicago atop the division. Jennings scored touchdowns in each of the last three quarters, part of a 31-0 run to end the game for Green Bay. James Jones also had a touchdown catch in the win. Rodgers spread the ball out to seven receivers, showing up predecessor Brett Favre for the second time this season. Favre played it fast and loose as usual, completing just 17 of his 38 passes for 208 yards and an interception that the Packers converted into a touchdown. The Vikings had Sidney Rice in the lineup for the first time this season after activating their Pro Bowl receiver from the physically unable to perform list Saturday. But Rice, who was out with a hip injury, made little difference with three catches for 56 yards.
GREEN BAY -  0 17  7  7 - 31
MINNESOTA -  3  0  0  0  - 3
                       GREEN BAY     MINNESOTA
First downs                   20            15
Rush-yards-TDs           30-91-0       18-93-0
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 23-32-306-4-0 17-38-208-0-1
Sacked-yards                3-23           1-1
Net pass yards               283           207
Total yards                  374           300
Fumbles-lost                 0-0           2-1
Turnovers                      0             2
Penalties-yards              1-5          6-50
1st - MIN - Ryan Longwell, 24-yard field goal MINNESOTA 3-0
2nd - GB - Crosby, 42-yard field goal TIED 3-3
2nd - GB - Jennings, 11-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 10-3
2nd - GB - J. Jones, 3-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 17-3
3rd - GB - Jennings, 46-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 24-3
4th - GB - Jennings, 22-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 31-3
GREEN BAY - Dmitri Nance 12-37, Brandon Jackson 12-28, Aaron Rodgers 3-21, Matt Flynn 1-5
MINNESOTA - Adrian Peterson 14-72, Percy Harvin 2-18, Toby Gerhart 1-3, Brett Favre 1-0
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 31-22-301 4 TD, Matt Flynn 1-1-5
MINNESOTA - Brett Favre 38-17-208 1 INT
GREEN BAY - Greg Jennings 7-152 3 TD, Brandon Jackson 4-38, Donald Driver 4-31, James Jones 3-51 1 TD, Jordy Nelson 3-20, Andrew Quarless 1-14, Donald Lee 1-0
MINNESOTA - Sidney Rice 3-56, Toby Gerhart 3-41, Greg Camarillo 3-27, Greg Lewis 2-40, Percy Harvin 2-12, Visanthe Shiancoe 2-6, Adrian Peterson 1-16, Naufahu Tahi 1-10
Vikings fire Brad Childress, name Leslie Frazier as interim coach
Hastily hired five seasons ago to bring order to a disheveled franchise, Brad Childress vowed to lead the Minnesota Vikings the only way he knew how - in case this was his only crack at being a head coach. After an eventful and often tumultuous run marred recently by player unrest, livid fans and a boss angry about abrupt personnel decisions and a 3-7 start this year, Childress was fired, becoming the second coach in as many weeks to be fired after losing to the Packers.
(ATLANTA) - Matt Bryant connected on a 47-yard field goal with nine seconds left to give the Atlanta Falcons a 20-17 win in a hard- fought battle with the Green Bay Packers at the Georgia Dome. Matt Ryan was 24-for-28 with 198 yards and a score and Michael Turner added 110 yards and a touchdown on 23 carries for the Falcons (9-2), who have won their past five games. Tony Gonzalez had six catches for 51 yards and a touchdown in the victory. The win allowed Atlanta to stay a game ahead of New Orleans, which defeated Dallas on Thanksgiving, for the top spot in the NFC South. Tampa Bay, which hosts Atlanta next week, plays Baltimore later on Sunday with a chance to move into a tie with New Orleans. Aaron Rodgers finished the contest with 344 yards and a score on 26-of-35 passing and added 51 yards on 12 carries with a touchdown for the Packers (7-4), who came into the contest with a four-game winning streak. Jordy Nelson caught a touchdown pass that had tied the game in the final minute.
GREEN BAY -  3  0  7  7 - 17
ATLANTA   -  3  7  0 10 - 20
                       GREEN BAY       ATLANTA
First downs                   22            19
Rush-yards-TDs           23-77-1      27-117-1
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 26-35-344-1-0 24-28-197-1-0
Sacked-yards                 1-3          2-20
Net pass yards               341           177
Total yards                  418           294
Fumbles-lost                 4-1           1-0
Turnovers                      1             0
Penalties-yards             8-66          4-50
1st - ATL - Matt Bryant, 38-yard field goal ATLANTA 3-0
1st - GB - Crosby, 22-yard field goal TIED 3-3
2nd - ATL - Tony Gonzalez, 4-yard pass from Matt Ryan (Bryant kick) ATLANTA 10-3
3rd - GB - Rodgers, 1-yard run (Crosby kick) TIED 10-10
4th - ATL - Michael Turner, 1-yard run (Bryant kick) ATLANTA 17-10
4th - GB - Nelson, 10-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) TIED 17-17
4th - ATL - Bryant, 47-yard field goal ATLANTA 20-17
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 12-51 1 TD, Brandon Jackson 10-26, Dmitri Nance 1-0
ATLANTA - Michael Turner 23-110 1 TD, Jason Snelling 4-7
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 35-26-344 1 TD
ATLANTA - Matt Ryan 28-24-197 1 TD
GREEN BAY - Greg Jennings 5-119, Jordy Nelson 5-61 1 TD, James Jones 5-44, Andrew Quarless 3-35, Brandon Jackson 3-10, Brett Swain 2-40, Donald Driver 2-26, John Kuhn 1-9
ATLANTA - Tony Gonzalez 6-51 1 TD, Roddy White 5-49, Jason Snelling 4-32, Michael Jenkins 3-24, Harry Douglas 2-7, Ovie Mughelli 1-16, Justin Peele 1-14, Michael Turner 1-4, Gartrell Johnson 1-0
Jordy Nelson walks off the field after a 20-17 loss to the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome. His touchdown catch late tied the game. (PHOTO: Corey Wilson- Green Bay Press-Gazette)
Atlanta LB Mike Peterson, center, grabs a fumble by Aaron Rodgers near the goal line during the second quarter of the Packers' 20-17 loss in Atlanta. It was a turning point in the game. Packers linemen Scott Wells, bottom left, Josh Sitton and Daryn Colledge also go for the ball. (PHOTO: Corey Wilson- Green Bay Press-Gazette)
James Starks, 24, a rookie sixth-round draft pick from Buffalo, had 18 carries for 73 yards against the 49ers. It was a surprising workload, considering he hadn't played since Jan. 3, 2009, in what turned out to be his final collegiate game. He missed his senior season after undergoing shoulder surgery and started his professional career on Green Bay's physically unable to perform list with a hamstring injury. He was activated from the PUP list Nov. 9 but was inactive the last two games. Asked if he thought he'd get 18 carries in his NFL debut, Starks said, "I had no clue. Hey, if they give me carries, I'll accept them with open arms." According to Elias, Starks' 73 rushing yards were the most by a Packers rookie running back in his first game since Ralph Earhart had 78 at Boston on Sept. 17, 1948. (SOURCE: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)
(GREEN BAY) - Aaron Rodgers threw for 298 yards and three touchdowns, leading the Green Bay Packers to a 34-16 victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Rodgers used three completions of 48 yards or more to help the Packers remain one game behind the Bears in the NFC North. Chicago beat Detroit on Sunday. Greg Jennings caught a 57-yard touchdown pass among six receptions for 122 yards and two scores, while Donald Driver had four catches for 73 yards and a score, including an incredible 61-yard TD that featured several missed tackles. Troy Smith completed only 10-of-25 passes for 194 yards with a touchdown and an interception for the 49ers, who fell 1 1/2 games behind St. Louis and Seattle in the NFC West. Vernon Davis caught a 66-yard touchdown pass and finished with 126 yards on four catches in defeat.
SAN FRANCISCO -  3 10  3  0 - 16
GREEN BAY     -  0 14 14  6 - 34
                   SAN FRANCISCO     GREEN BAY
First downs                   11            21
Rush-yards-TDs           22-97-0      34-136-1
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 10-25-194-1-1 21-30-298-3-0
Sacked-yards                4-22          4-24
Net pass yards               172           274
Total yards                  269           410
Fumbles-lost                 0-0           0-0
Turnovers                      1             0
Penalties-yards             6-32          5-40
1st - SF - Jeff Reed, 44-yard field goal SAN FRANCISCO 3-0
2nd - SF - Reed, 26-yard field goal SAN FRANCISCO 6-0
2nd - GB - Jennings, 57-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 7-6
2nd - GB - Kuhn, 1-yard run (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 14-6
2nd - SF - Vernon Davis, 66-yard pass from Troy Smith (Reed kick) GREEN BAY 14-13
3rd - GB - Driver, 61-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 21-13
3rd - SF - Reed, 23-yard field goal GREEN BAY 21-16
3rd - GB - Jennings, 1-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 28-16
4th - GB - Crosby, 43-yard field goal GREEN BAY 31-16
4th - GB - Crosby, 24-yard field goal GREEN BAY 34-16
GREEN BAY - James Starks 18-73, Aaron Rodgers 4-39, John Kuhn 6-13 1 TD, Brandon Jackson 4-13, Matt Flynn 2-(-2)
SAN FRANCISCO - Anthony Dixon 9-33, Brian Westbrook 9-31, Troy Smith 3-28, Delanie Walker 1-5
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 30-21-298 3 TD
SAN FRANCISCO - Troy Smith 25-10-194 1 TD 1 INT
GREEN BAY - Greg Jennings 6-122 2 TD, Donald Driver 4-73 1 TD, Brandon Jackson 4-63, Jordy Nelson 2-15, James Jones 2-8, Korey Hall 1-9, Andrew Quarless 1-4, John Kuhn 1-4
SAN FRANCISCO - Vernon Davis 4-126 1 TD, Michael Crabtree 3-45, Delanie Walker 2-19, Anthony Dixon 1-4
(DETROIT) - Drew Stanton threw for the game's lone touchdown late in the fourth quarter for what proved to be the winning score as Detroit downed Green Bay in a defensive struggle at Ford Field. Stanton ended the game with 117 yards on 10-of-22 passing with two interceptions for the Lions (3-10), who broke a five-game losing streak. Maurice Morris had 51 yards on 11 carries while Calvin Johnson had one catch for 44 yards in the win. Meanwhile, the Packers lost their All-Pro signal caller Aaron Rodgers, who suffered a concussion during the contest. Rodgers has shined in the series, coming into the game with a 5-0 record, throwing 14 touchdowns and a 105.3 passer rating. Instead, he found himself on the sideline for the entire second half after the injury. Rodgers scrambled up the middle and was hit from behind by Landon Johnson with 2:43 left in the first half. Matt Flynn replaced Rodgers and completed 15-of-26 passes for 177 yards while getting picked off once for Green Bay, which has lost two of its last three.
GREEN BAY -  0  0  3  0 - 3
DETROIT   -  0  0  0  7 - 7
                       GREEN BAY       DETROIT
First downs                   13            15
Rush-yards-TDs           20-66-0      41-190-0
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 22-37-223-0-2 10-22-117-1-2
Sacked-yards                4-31          2-21
Net pass yards               192            96
Total yards                  258           286
Fumbles-lost                 1-1           0-0
Turnovers                      3             2
Penalties-yards             3-20          6-35
3rd - GB - Mason Crosby, 42-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
4th - DET - Will Heller, 13-yard pass from Drew Stanton (Dave Rayner kick) DETROIT 7-3
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 2-25, Brandon Jackson 7-19, Matt Flynn 3-10, James Starks 6-8, Dimitri Nance 2-4
DETROIT - Maurice Morris 11-51, Drew Stanton 4-44, Jahvid Best 13-38, Stefan Logan 5-30, Jerome Felton 6-15, Calvin Johnson 1-13, Nate Burleson 1-(-1)
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 11-7-46 1 INT, Matt Flynn 26-15-177 1 INT
DETROIT - Drew Stanton 22-10-117 1 TD 2 INT
GREEN BAY - Andrew Quarless 5-62, Greg Jennings 4-52, James Jones 3-30, Brandon Jackson 3-9, Jordy Nelson 2-26, Donald Driver 2-12, Dimitri Nance 1-14, Brett Swain 1-12, John Kuhn 1-6
DETROIT - Bryant Johnson 2-21, Brandon Pettigrew 2-14, Calvin Johnson 1-44, Will Heller 1-13 1 TD, Nate Burleson 1-12, Maurice Morris 1-6, Jahvid Best 1-4, Tony Scheffler 1-3
Aaron Rogers walks off the field after the end of the second quarter during the game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on December 12th. Rodgers left the game with a concussion and the Lions won 7-3. (PHOTO: Leon Halip - Getty Images)
Packers quarterback Matt Flynn gets off a pass with excellent protection. Despite their best efforts, the Packers lost 31-27. (PHOTO: Gary D’Amato of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)
(NEW ENGLAND) - In the end, inexperience cost him. Green Bay quarterback Matt Flynn threw for 251 yards and three touchdowns in his first career start, but indecision in the final minute allowed New England to come away with a 31-27 victory over the Packers. Flynn was playing in place of Aaron Rodgers, who sat because of a concussion suffered last week, and looked like a veteran quarterback at times. He completed 24-of-37 throws and had the Packers deep in Patriots territory with a little more than a minute to play. But a failure to quickly call a play with time winding down left Flynn scrambling, and Tully Banta-Cain sacked him from behind to force a fumble and end the game. Tom Brady passed for 163 yards and two touchdowns, including the go-ahead score to Aaron Hernandez in the fourth quarter, to help the Patriots (12-2) earn a sixth consecutive victory.
GREEN BAY   -  0 17  7  3 - 27
NEW ENGLAND -  7  7  7 10 - 31
                       GREEN BAY   NEW ENGLAND
First downs                   26            14
Rush-yards-TDs          38-143-0      16-113-1
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 24-37-251-3-1 15-24-163-2-0
Sacked-yards                5-25          3-27
Net pass yards               226           136
Total yards                  369           249
Fumbles-lost                 1-1           2-0
Turnovers                      2             0
Penalties-yards             2-15          7-52
1st - NE - BenJarvus Green-Ellis, 33-yard run (Shayne Graham kick) NEW ENGLAND 7-3
2nd - GB - J. Jones, 66-yard pass from Flynn (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 10-7
2nd - GB - Jennings, 1-yard pass from Flynn (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 17-7
2nd - NE - Aaron Hernandez, 2-yard pass from Tom Brady (Graham kick) GREEN BAY 17-14
3rd - NE - Kyle Arrington, 36-yard interception return (Graham kick) NEW ENGLAND 21-17
3rd - GB - Kuhn, 6-yard pass from Flynn (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 24-21
4th - GB - Crosby, 19-yard field goal GREEN BAY 27-21
4th - NE - Graham, 38-yard field goal GREEN BAY 27-24
4th - NE - Aaron Hernandez, 10-yard pass from Brady (Graham kick) NEW ENGLAND 31-27
GREEN BAY - Brandon Jackson 22-99, John Kuhn 6-21, Matt Flynn 3-13, Dimitri Nance 6-11, Donald Driver 1-(-1)
NEW ENGLAND - Danny Woodhead 9-59, BenJarvus Green-Ellis 6-38 1 TD, Aaron Hernandez 1-16
GREEN BAY - Matt Flynn 37-24-251 3 TD 1 INT
NEW ENGLAND - Tom Brady 24-15-163 2 TD
GREEN BAY - James Jones 5-95 1 TD, Greg Jennings 4-30 1 TD, Donald Driver 3-31, John Kuhn 3-27 1 TD, Dimitri Nance 2-16, Quinn Johnson 2-15, Andrew Quarless 2-12, Jordy Nelson 1-16, Brett Swain 1-6, Brandon Jackson 1-3
NEW ENGLAND - Aaron Hernandez 4-31 2 TD, Wes Welker 3-42, Deion Branch 2-33, BenJarvus Green-Ellis 2-12, Rob Gronkowski 1-25, Danny Woodhead 1-12, Brandon Tate 1-5, Alge Crumpler 1-3
(GREEN BAY) - Green Bay kept its playoff hopes alive by picking a fresh wound, sending the New York Giants to another embarrassing loss. Only this one lasted most of the game, not just the final eight minutes. Aaron Rodgers returned from a concussion to throw for a career-high 404 yards and four touchdowns, and the Packers intercepted Eli Manning four times. Green Bay can clinch a wild card berth with a win at home next Sunday over NFC North-rival Chicago, which captured the division title last week. Meanwhile, New York's postseason chances were dealt a serious blow. The Giants would have made the playoffs with a victory in Green Bay. Instead, they turned the ball over six times and handed snowed-out Philadelphia the NFC East title. The division lost, New York will need a win next week in Washington and a Packers loss -- or a victory plus two losses by the New Orleans Saints -- just to earn a wild card berth. Making matters worse, the Giants were grounded in Green Bay because of the same East Coast snow storm that postponed the Eagles-Vikings game until Tuesday night. Rodgers missed last week's loss to New England, but returned to tie a career high with his four touchdown passes, picking apart the Giants defense while completing 25 of his 37 throws for a 139.9 passer rating. He threw an 80-yard touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson in the first quarter to give the Packers a 7-0 lead. They would never trail after that, although the Giants would tie the game before halftime. Fullback John Kuhn scored three touchdowns -- two rushing, one receiving -- including a pair in the fourth quarter that sealed the win. Greg Jennings led all players with seven receptions and 142 yards, though he didn't catch any of Rodgers' TD passes. After giving up four touchdowns in the final eight minutes in their loss to the Eagles -- including DeSean Jackson's buzzer-beating punt return -- the Giants turned the ball over six times against Green Bay. Manning passed for 301 yards and two touchdowns, but was picked off four times. Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw both fumbled and the New York running backs combined for just 78 yards on 20 carries. Green Bay gained 515 yards and picked up 27 first downs. New York had 386 yards of offense.
NY GIANTS -  0 14  3  0 - 17
GREEN BAY - 14  7 10 14 - 45
                       NY GIANTS     GREEN BAY
First downs                   16            27
Rush-yards-TDs           21-90-0      35-119-2
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 17-33-301-2-4 25-37-404-4-0
Sacked-yards                 1-5           2-8
Net pass yards               296           396
Total yards                  386           515
Fumbles-lost                 2-2           2-1
Turnovers                      6             1
Penalties-yards             5-45          3-31
1st - GB - Nelson, 80-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - GB - J. Jones, 3-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
2nd - NYG - Hakeem Nicks, 36-yard pass from Eli Manning (Lawrence Tynes kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
2nd - NYG - Mario Manningham, 85-yard pass from Manning (Tynes kick) TIED 14-14
2nd - GB - Kuhn, 8-yard run (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 21-14
3rd - GB - Crosby, 31-yard field goal GREEN BAY 24-14
3rd - NYG - Tynes, 38-yard field goal GREEN BAY 24-17
3rd - GB - D. Lee, 1-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 31-17
4th - GB - Kuhn, 5-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 38-17
4th - GB - Kuhn, 1-yard run (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 45-17
GREEN BAY - Brandon Jackson 18-39, Dimitri Nance 9-32, Aaron Rodgers 2-26, John Kuhn 6-22 2 TD
NY GIANTS - Brandon Jacobs 8-47, Ahmad Bradshaw 12-31, Eli Manning 1-12
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 37-25-404 4 TD
NY GIANTS - Eli Manning 33-17-301 2 TD 4 INT
GREEN BAY - Greg Jennings 7-142, Jordy Nelson 4-124 1 TD, James Jones 4-36 1 TD, Donald Driver 3-44, John Kuhn 2-7 1 TD, Donald Lee 2-4 1 TD, Tom Crabtree 1-21, Andrew Quarless 1-16, Brandon Jackson 1-10
NY GIANTS - Ahmad Bradshaw 5-41, Mario Manningham 4-132 1 TD, Hakeem Nicks 4-93 1 TD, DJ Ware 2-24, Derek Hagan 2-11
(GREEN BAY) - The Packers needed one defensive stop to get into the playoffs. Nick Collins made sure it happened. Collins' interception deep in Green Bay territory helped the Packers defeat the Chicago Bears to close out the regular season in celebratory fashion. Aaron Rodgers' one-yard touchdown pass to Donald Lee in the fourth quarter was the difference, and the Packers will head to Philadelphia as the sixth seed to take on the NFC East champion Eagles. Rodgers finished with 229 yards passing, and Greg Jennings caught four passes for 97 yards to help the Packers earn back-to-back playoff appearances for the first time since four straight trips from 2001-04. The Bears, with absolutely nothing to gain by playing their starters, tried to deal their arch-rival a knockout blow, but will still go into the playoffs with the No. 2 seeding and a first-round bye. Jay Cutler finished with 168 yards on 21-of-39 passing and was picked off twice, and Matt Forte ran 15 times for 91 yards in defeat. Cutler nearly directed a potential game-tying drive in the final minutes, but came up just short. Beginning from the Chicago two-yard line with just under five minutes to play, Cutler converted a 3rd-and-1 with a seven-yard pass to Greg Olsen, then scrambled for seven yards on a 3rd-and-4 to gain the 31-yard line. The two-minute warning came shortly thereafter, and the Bears moved into Green Bay territory on an 11-yard reception by Forte as the clock ticked below 1 1/2 minutes. On 3rd-and-10 from the 48, Cutler hit an open Devin Hester for a 16-yard gain, and his next pass fell incomplete near the five in an attempt to reach Devin Aromashodu. Hester was open again on the following snap, but Cutler's pass sailed high and right into the hands of Collins, sealing the outcome.
CHICAGO   -  0  3  0  0 -  3
GREEN BAY -  0  0  3  7 - 10
                         CHICAGO     GREEN BAY
First downs                   13            14
Rush-yards-TDs          20-110-0       23-60-0
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 21-39-168-0-2 19-28-229-1-1
Sacked-yards                6-51           2-5
Net pass yards               117           224
Total yards                  227           284
Fumbles-lost                 0-0           2-1
Turnovers                      2             2
Penalties-yards             6-46          4-30
The Packers’ Tramon Williams after intercepting an Eli Manning pass in the first half. Manning threw four interceptions and the Giants committed six turnovers in losing their second straight in Week Sixteen. (PHOTO: Jim Prisching -  Associated Press)
Packers cornerback Sam Shields hits Bears wide receiver Johnny Knox (13) as Green Bay Packers safety Charlie Peprah (26) keeps his toes in bounds and intercepts Jay Cutler in the end zone in the third quarter as the Bears fell 10-3 to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. (PHOTO: Brian Cassella)
2nd - CHI - Robbie Gould, 30-yard field goal CHICAGO 3-0
3rd - GB - Crosby, 23-yard field goal TIED 3-3
4th - GB - D. Lee, 1-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 10-3
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 7-21, James Starks 5-20, Brandon Jackson 7-19, John Kuhn 4-0
CHICAGO - Matt Forte 15-91, Chester Taylor 3-11, Jay Cutler 2-8
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 28-19-229 1 TD 1 INT
CHICAGO - Jay Cutler 39-21-168 2 INT
GREEN BAY - Donald Driver 5-41, Greg Jennings 4-97, Jordy Nelson 2-39, Brandon Jackson 2-16, James Starks 2-15, James Jones 1-8, John Kuhn 1-7, Andrew Quarless 1-5, Donald Lee 1-1 1 TD
CHICAGO - Matt Forte 8-60, Rashied Davis 7-63, Greg Olsen 5-29, Devin Hester 1-16
(PHILADELPHIA) - Aaron Rodgers threw for 180 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Green Bay Packers to a 21-16 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in an NFC Wild Card game. Rodgers got his first playoff victory after completing 18-of-27 passes with no interceptions. The Packers got a big boost from running back James Starks, who rushed 23 times for 123 yards -- more than the rookie had in three games during the regular season. Green Bay won its first playoff game since the 2007 season and first road playoff victory since the 1997 NFC Championship Game. On Sunday, Rodgers didn't have quite the offensive output he did in his first playoff start, but was effective and walked off the field a winner. Green Bay benefited from two missed field goals by Philadelphia's David Akers, and also kept Michael Vick in check. While Vick threw for 292 yards and a touchdown and ran for another score, he didn't make the sort of game- breaking plays he often did during the regular season. Vick also threw an interception in the end zone in the final minute with the Eagles threatening to score, securing the Packers victory. Philadelphia's season ended with a first-round playoff loss for the second consecutive year. The interception and the loss ends a massive comeback season for Vick. More than three years since pleading guilty to felony dog fighting charges and about a year and a half since he was released from prison, Vick again became a star player in the NFL. He began the season as Kevin Kolb's backup, but got a shot to be the team's starter when Kolb sustained a concussion in the Eagles' season-opening loss to Green Bay. Vick passed for a career-high 3,018 yards while accounting for 30 touchdowns in 12 games, and turned in a number of memorable performances, including a 38-31 comeback victory over the Giants in Week 15. The Eagles trailed by a 31-10 score in the fourth quarter of that contest before Vick led the comeback. Philadelphia faced a 21-10 deficit entering the fourth quarter on Sunday, and after Akers missed a 34-yard try with 13 minutes left, to punt, the Eagles got the ball back at their own 25 with a little less than nine minutes to go. Vick threw eight passes during the 75-yard drive, including a 16-yard strike to Brent Celek that brought the ball to the Green Bay three. Philadelphia failed on three attempts to get into the end zone, but on fourth down Vick got the necessary yard on a dive up the middle. The Eagles failed on their first two-point try because Celek stepped out of bounds before catching the ball in the corner of the end zone. The penalty allowed Philadelphia to take a second try, only backed up five yards, but the Packers pressured Vick and broke up the play, keeping it a 21-16 game with 4:02 to go. Vick suffered an apparent ankle injury on the play, but was back under center after the Eagles forced a punt. They nearly took the lead on the first play, when Vick found DeSean Jackson over the middle, but Desmond Bishop prevented the touchdown, bringing Jackson down after a 28-yard gain. Then, Vick completed an 11-yard pass to Riley Cooper to convert a third down and get the ball to the Green Bay 27 with under a minute to play. The Eagles ran another play immediately and Vick went for the win, but the pass to Cooper was a little low and short, allowing cornerback Tramon Williams to grab it.
GREEN BAY    -  7  7  7  0 - 21
PHILADELPHIA -  0  3  7  6 - 16
                       GREEN BAY  PHILADELPHIA
First downs                   20            18
Rush-yards-TDs          32-138-0       21-81-1
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 18-27-180-3-0 20-36-292-1-1
Sacked-yards                 2-9          3-21
Net pass yards               171           271
Total yards                  309           352
Fumbles-lost                 4-2           1-0
Turnovers                      2             1
Penalties-yards             2-15          7-50
1st - GB - Crabtree, 7-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - J.Jones, 9-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
2nd - PHIL - David Akers, 29-yard field goal GREEN BAY 14-3
3rd - PHIL - Jason Avant, 24-yard pass from Michael Vick (Akers kick) GREEN BAY 14-10
3rd - GB - Jackson, 16-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 21-10
4th - PHIL - Vick, 1-yard run (Two-point conversion failed) GREEN BAY 21-16
GREEN BAY - James Starks 23-123, Brandon Jackson 3-10, Aaron Rodgers 3-4, John Kuhn 3-1
PHILADELPHIA - LeSean McCoy 12-46, Michael Vick 8-32 1 TD, Jerome Harrison 1-3
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 27-18-180 3 TD
PHILADELPHIA - Michael Vick 36-20-292 1 TD 1 INT
GREEN BAY - Donald Driver 5-56, John Kuhn 3-33, Brandon Jackson 2-27 1 TD, Andrew Quarless 2-27, James Starks 2-9, James Jones 1-9 1 TD, Greg Jennings 1-8, Tom Crabtree 1-7 1 TD, Quinn Johnson 1-4
PHILADELPHIA - Jason Avant 7-93 1 TD, LeSean McCoy 4-36, Jeremy Maclin 3-73, DeSean Jackson 2-47, Brent Celek 2-25, Riley Cooper 2-18
LEFT - Tramon Williams of the Green Bay Packers intercepts a potential game-winning pass intended for Riley Cooper of the Philadelphia Eagles late in the fourth quarter of Sunday's NFC wild-card game in Philadelphia to preserve the Packers' 21-16 victory.

BELOW - The Packers’ Quinn Johnson trying to elude Ernie Sims.
(ATLANTA) - Aaron Rodgers threw for three touchdowns and ran for another score, as Green Bay pounded Atlanta, 48-21, to advance to the NFC Championship Game. Tramon Williams picked off Matt Ryan twice late in the second quarter, returning one interception 70 yards for a score on the first half's final play, helping the Packers gain a trip to the conference title contest for the second time in four years. Rodgers was able to escape pressure and completed 31-of-36 passes for 366 yards as Green Bay set a franchise playoff scoring record. Greg Jennings caught eight passes for 101 yards for the sixth-seeded Packers. Atlanta came into Saturday's game as the top seed in the conference after surging to a 13-3 regular season mark. The Falcons were ahead 14-7 after Eric Weems ran a kickoff back a team-record 102 yards for a score in the second quarter, but the Packers responded with five straight TDs to take control. Williams is quickly becoming a hero of sorts for the Packers. Last week, he picked off Michael Vick in the end zone in the final minute in Green Bay's 21-16 victory in Philadelphia in the opening round of the playoffs. This time around, his 70-yard return gave the Packers a 28-14 cushion. Rodgers is also making a name for himself since taking over for future Hall of Famer Brett Favre. He has thrown 10 TD passes over his first three playoff starts, surpassing Hall of Famer Dan Marino, Jeff George and Daryle Lamonica for the most scoring tosses in the first three postseason starts of any quarterback in NFL history. Ryan connected on 20-of-29 passes and one TD, but the Falcons turned the ball over four times after having just 17 giveaways the entire season. Michael Turner gained only 39 yards on the ground and had a TD run, but the downfall for the Falcons was their defense as the Packers converted 8-of-12 third down opportunities and held a 442-194 total yardage advantage. Green Bay, which lost to the Giants in its most recent trip to the NFC Championship Game, hasn't been to the Super Bowl since the 1997 season when the Packers lost the Denver. The Packers are just one step away from a trip to Arlington. Ryan, who threw only nine interceptions during the regular season, was victimized by two pick offs, both from Williams in the final 2:20 of the half. Facing a 3rd-and-21 from the 26, Ryan's pass fluttered to the end zone. Michael Jenkins was the intended target, but he slipped to the ground, allowing Williams to come up with the ball. Rodgers then engineered an 80-yard drive for the go-ahead score, finishing it with a 20-yard toss to James Jones, who made a leaping grab all while fending off cornerback Brent Grimes. That gave the Packers a 21-14 edge with 42 seconds remaining. Two pass interference penalties by Green Bay then allowed the Falcons to advance the ball to the Green Bay 26, but Ryan was sacked and then the third- year pro made a crucial error. Ryan rolled to his left and threw to the sideline for Roddy White, but Williams read the pattern and made the interception before rumbling to the end zone to close the half and shock the Georgia Dome crowd. Rodgers led the Packers on a 12-play, 80-yard drive to start the third quarter, ending the march with a seven-yard scramble up the middle and dive into the end zone. It only got worse for the Falcons, as Michael Koenen punted 21 yards to set up Green Bay at midfield. Rodgers finished that drive with a seven-yard TD strike to John Kuhn with 2:41 left in the quarter. White caught a six-yard scoring pass from Ryan in the opening minute of the fourth, but the Atlanta QB fumbled the ball away with 11:39 left. Mason Crosby, who hit the left upright on a missed 50-yard field goal try early in the fourth, made kicks of 43 and 32 yards later in the final quarter. The Packers turned the ball over on just their third offensive play of the night. Rodgers, faced with a 3rd-and-13 from the eight, found Jennings over the middle for a 30-yard gain, but linebacker Stephen Nicholas stripped the ball away from behind and it caromed to Grimes. That gave the Falcons the ball at the Green Bay 48, and the hosts converted the turnover into seven points with Turner shedding tacklers on his 12-yard burst up the middle into the end zone. The Packers came right back with a 13-play, 81-yard scoring march that ate up nearly eight minutes. Rodgers completed all seven of his passes for 48 yards, the last coming on a six-yard pass to Jordy Nelson with 12:04 left in the second quarter. He caught the ball on the left side of the field, and while being forced out of bounds reached the football to make contact with the pylon for the TD. The tie score lasted all of 14 seconds as Weems rumbled a Falcons playoff- record 102 yards with the ensuing kickoff return, hitting a wedge up the middle and eluding Crosby near midfield before taking the ball into open field. Green Bay was forced to start from its own eight after James Starks muffed the kickoff return, but Rodgers used big passes to Donald Driver and Jones to get the ball deep in Atlanta territory. The Falcons then sacked Rodgers on third down at the nine, but CB Christopher Owens was penalized for illegal contact. Two plays after a pass interference call in the end zone, Kuhn powered off right guard for the tying score with 6:06 left in the half.  
GREEN BAY -  0 28 14  6 - 48
ATLANTA   -  7  7  0  7 - 21
                       GREEN BAY       ATLANTA
First downs                   28            15
Rush-yards-TDs           31-96-2       14-45-1
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 31-36-366-3-0 20-29-186-1-2
Sacked-yards                2-20          5-37
Net pass yards               346           149
Total yards                  442           194
Fumbles-lost                 1-1           2-2
Turnovers                      1             4
Penalties-yards             6-65          7-32
1st - ATL - Michael Turner, 12-yard run (Matt Bryant kick) ATLANTA 7-0
2nd - GB - Nelson, 6-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) TIED 7-7
2nd - ATL - Eric Weems, 102-yard kickoff return (Bryant kick) ATLANTA 14-7
2nd - GB - Kuhn, 1-yard run (Crosby kick) TIED 14-14
2nd - GB - J. Jones, 20-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 21-14
2nd - GB - T. Williams, 70-yard interception return (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 28-14
3rd - GB - Rodgers, 7-yard run (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 35-14
3rd - GB - Kuhn, 7-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 42-14
4th - ATL - Roddy White, 6-yard pass from Ryan (Bryant kick) GREEN BAY 42-21
4th - GB - Crosby, 43-yard field goal GREEN BAY 45-21
4th - GB - Crosby, 32-yard field goal GREEN BAY 48-21
ABOVE - B.J. Raji wraps up Falcons QB Matt Ryan for a sack
BELOW - Packers cornerback Tramon Williams (38) is congratulated by teammates Erik Walden (left) and Nick Collins after picking off a pass in the end zone against the Falcons. (PHOTO: Mark Hoffman - Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)
GREEN BAY - James Starks 25-66, Aaron Rodgers 2-13 1 TD, Brandon Jackson 1-13, John Kuhn 2-5, Matt Flynn 1-(-1)
ATLANTA - Michael Turner 10-39 1 TD, Gartrell Johnson 1-4, Jason Snelling 1-1, Ovie Mughelli 1-1, Matt Ryan 1-0
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 36-31-366 3 TD
ATLANTA - Matt Ryan 39-20-186 1 TD 2 INT
GREEN BAY - Greg Jennings 8-101, Jordy Nelson 8-79 1 TD, Donald Driver 6-76, James Jones 4-75 1 TD, John Kuhn 2-14 1 TD, Andrew Quarless 2-14, Brandon Jackson 1-7
ATLANTA - Michael Jenkins 6-67, Roddy White 6-57 1 TD, Brian Finneran 4-47, Jason Snelling 2-6, Tony Gonzalez 1-7, Harry Douglas 1-2
(CHICAGO) - Aaron Rodgers was perfect on two first-half scoring drives, nose tackle B.J. Raji scored on an interception return in the fourth quarter and the Green Bay Packers held on to beat the Chicago Bears to win the NFC Championship. Rodgers, who finished with 244 yards passing, rushed for a one-yard touchdown on the game's opening drive to give the Packers a lead they would never relinquish -- even as the game grew tight in the second half. Down to third-string quarterback Caleb Hanie, Chicago rallied for two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. Hanie also had the Bears in Green Bay territory inside the final minute, but was intercepted on a fourth down pass by Packers cornerback Sam Shields, ending the game. The first playoff meeting between the longtime rivals in more than 69 years came to a more dramatic end than could have been expected after starting Bears quarterback Jay Cutler left the game at the start of the third quarter. Green Bay moved on to its first Super Bowl in 13 years. The Packers were only the second team ever to win three road games to make the Super Bowl. They also joined the 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers as the only sixth seeds to advance to the Super Bowl Rodgers was 17-of-30 with two interceptions, doing most of his damage in the first half. James Starks rushed 22 times for 74 yards and a touchdown in the second quarter that gave the Packers a 14-0 halftime lead, and Greg Jennings caught eight passes for 130 yards in the win. Cutler threw one pass in the second half, knocked out of the game by a knee injury that Chicago head coach Lovie Smith said he suffered at the end of the first half. Backup Todd Collins failed to complete any of his four passes before giving way to Hanie. Once the third-stringer was in, Cutler was no longer able to return. Hanie, surprised as anyone that the Bears needed his services in such a big spot, was 13-of-20 for 153 yards and led both Chicago scoring drives. Hanie threw a 32-yard pass to Johnny Knox on his first series, setting up Chester Taylor's one-yard touchdown run to get the Bears within 14-7 early in the fourth quarter. But he didn't see the 330-pound Raji on a short pass intended for Matt Forte, and the Packers lineman stepped in front of the pass and returned it 18 yards for a touchdown and 21-7 Packers lead. Hanie and Earl Bennett connected on a 35-yard touchdown pass four plays into the next drive, getting the Bears within seven points with 4:43 remaining in the game. But, looking deep for Knox, Hanie was intercepted on a fourth-down pass in the final minute by Shields, who scampered back near midfield. Rodgers kneeled to end the game. Urlacher intercepted Rodgers at the Chicago six-yard line in the third quarter, keeping potential points off the board. And he could have returned it for a touchdown -- except Rodgers hustled to trip him up near midfield. Indeed, in the biggest game of the NFL's oldest rivalry, the Packers seemed to have the best player on the field. Rodgers proved that much during Green Bay's 84-yard scoring drive to open the game. He completed all four of his passes for 76 yards, hitting Jennings for 22 yards and 26 yards on the first two plays. He also found Starks for a six- yarder and hit Jordy Nelson for 22 yards. The Packers scored on the seventh play, with Rodgers scrambling around the left side of his line and reaching inside the pylon to make it 7-0. Rodgers was 10-of-15 for 156 yards in the first half. Along with Starks, he led Green Bay's other first-half scoring drive early in the second quarter. He threw two passes on the drive -- 16 yards to Brandon Jackson and 15 yards to Nelson -- and Starks capped the brief 44-yard jaunt by stretching the ball over the goal line on a four-yard run to make it 14-0. With less than eight minutes to play in the half, the Bears passed on a 48- yard field goal attempt for a punt that netted them only 11 yards in field position. Indeed, nothing much went Chicago's way in the first half. Forte stood out. He carried the ball eight times for just 28 yards, but also caught four passes for 44 yards. His biggest contribution, though, may have been recovering a fumble at the Bears' 23 after Cutler was stripped by Shields. Rodgers was intercepted on the ensuing Packers possession -- his low pass bounced off Donald Driver's foot and Lance Briggs was there to grab it. But Cutler threw an interception two plays later, with Shields diving for a pass intended for Knox. 
GREEN BAY -  7  7  0  7 - 21
CHICAGO   -  0  0  0 14 - 14
                       GREEN BAY       CHICAGO
First downs                   23            17
Rush-yards-TDs          32-120-2       24-83-1
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 17-30-244-0-2 19-38-233-1-3
Sacked-yards                 1-8          2-15
Net pass yards               236           218
Total yards                  356           301
Fumbles-lost                 2-0           1-0
Turnovers                      2             3
Penalties-yards             6-40          9-89
1st - GB - Rodgers, 1-yard run (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Starks, 4-yard run (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
4th - CHI - Chester Taylor, 1-yard run (Robbie Gould kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
4th - GB - Raji, 18-yard interception return (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 21-7
4th - CHI - Earl Bennett, 35-yard pass from Caleb Hanie (Gould kick) GREEN BAY 21-14
GREEN BAY - James Starks 22-74 1 TD, Aaron Rodgers 7-39 1 TD, Brandon Jackson 2-5, John Kuhn 1-2
CHICAGO - Matt Forte 17-70, Jay Cutler 2-10, Caleb Hanie 1-3, Chester Taylor 3-2 1 TD, Earl Bennett 1-(-2)
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 30-17-244 2 INT
CHICAGO - Jay Cutler 14-6-80 1 INT, Todd Collins 4-0-0, Caleb Hanie 20-13-153 1 TD 2 INT
GREEN BAY - Greg Jennings 8-130, Jordy Nelson 4-67, Brandon Jackson 1-16, James Jones 1-10, Donald Driver 1-9, John Kuhn 1-6, James Starks 1-6
CHICAGO - Matt Forte 10-90, Earl Bennett 3-45 1 TD, Greg Olsen 3-30, Johnny Knox 2-56, Chester Taylor 1-12
ABOVE - Nick Collins (36), Clay Matthews (52) and the Packers defense shut out Greg Olsen and the Bears for the first three quarters of Sunday's NFC Championship and hold on for a 21-14 victory.
BELOW - B.R. Raji rumbles into the end zone to put Green Bay up 21-7.
(DALLAS) - The Packers bent, but never broke. An MVP performance by Aaron Rodgers and a swarming Green Bay defense made sure of that. Rodgers guided the Packers to their fourth Super Bowl title, throwing for 304 yards and three touchdowns in a 31-25 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Momentum changed hands several times between two of the NFL's most storied franchises, but the less-experienced Packers were able to hold on despite nearly blowing an 18-point first half lead. In the end, the quarterback with no Super Bowl rings bested the one who already had two. Trailing by six with just under two minutes remaining, and starting at his own 13-yard line, Ben Roethlisberger couldn't lead the Steelers on a final scoring drive. His final pass of the season hit Mike Wallace in the hands in tight coverage and fell harmlessly to the ground, allowing the Packers to kneel out the clock for their first Super Bowl title in 14 years. Rodgers climbed out of Brett Favre's shadow for good, completing 24 of his 39 passes without an interception while hitting Greg Jennings for two touchdowns and Jordy Nelson for one. He clutched the Most Valuable Player award for Super Bowl XLV, but a piece of it belonged to Green Bay's defense, which stood tall despite losing star cornerback Charles Woodson to a broken collarbone in the first half. The Packers scored 21 of their points after three Pittsburgh turnovers -- including Nick Collins' 37-yard interception return for a touchdown in the first quarter. Roethlisberger threw two interceptions in the first half, but recovered to complete 25-of-40 passes for 263 yards and two touchdowns for the AFC champions. But it wasn't enough. Trying to win another Super Bowl title for a city that has an NFL-best six already, Roethlisberger felt like he let all of Pittsburgh down. Roethlisberger's second interception led to Rodgers' 21-yard touchdown pass to Jennings with 2:24 remaining in the second quarter, giving the Packers their 18-point lead at 21-3. The Steelers were reeling, but righted the ship with back-to-back scoring drives to span the first and second half. Roethlisberger engineered a 77-yard march that gave them life heading into halftime, finding Hines Ward for an eight-yard touchdown pass in the back of the end zone with 39 seconds left to get Pittsburgh within 21-10. The Steelers then scored the only points of the third quarter on Rashard Mendenhall's eight-yard touchdown run, pulling within 21-17. Green Bay punted on all four of its possessions in the third, but regained the momentum when Mendenhall fumbled on the first play of the fourth, leading to a touchdown. The ball was jarred loose by Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews, and the Packers took a 28-17 lead when Rodgers found Jennings in the right side of the end zone for an eight-yard touchdown. Steelers safety Troy Polamalu bit on Jennings' fake toward the middle of the end zone, leaving him wide open. The Defensive Player of the Year was also victimized on Jennings' touchdown catch in the second quarter. Roethlisberger connected with Wallace for a 25-yard touchdown pass with 7:34 remaining in the game, finding his receiver behind Sam Shields down the left sideline. He then pitched left to Antwaan Randle El for a successful two-point conversion, getting the Steelers within 28-25. But Rodgers led the Packers to a field goal on the next series, completing five passes for 64 yards -- including a 31-yarder to Jennings on third down. Mason Crosby booted a 23-yarder with 2:07 remaining, and the Packers got one last stop. Seeded No. 6 in the NFC, the Packers knocked off the Eagles, Falcons and Bears to reach the big game at Cowboys Stadium. After a slow start, they took early control. Rodgers found Nelson with 3:44 remaining in the first quarter, hitting him with a perfect pass in the right side of the end zone despite tight coverage from Pittsburgh corner William Gay. The score capped a nine-play, 80-yard drive for Green Bay and was the first time either team crossed midfield. The Steelers were barely out of their own end zone after an illegal block on the ensuing kickoff pushed them back to the seven-yard line. Roethlisberger was hit on first down by Packers lineman Howard Green near the end zone and didn't get anything on a long pass intended for Wallace down the left side. Collins jumped in front of the pass, taking it to the goal line and leaping into the end zone to make it 14-0. On Pittsburgh's next series, Roethlisberger bent over to clutch his leg after slipping on a pass attempt. But he was able to scramble 18 yards for a first down just before the end of the quarter. The drive stalled and Shaun Suisham kicked a 33-yard field goal at 11:08 of the second quarter, getting Pittsburgh within 14-3. Jarrett Bush picked off Roethlisberger late in the second quarter -- again on a pass intended for Wallace, who was covered closely by Shields near midfield. Rodgers then found Jennings just over the goal line after the receiver slipped behind the defense. Jennings held on to the ball despite a hit delivered by Polamalu. But Roethlisberger completed a 37-yard pass to Randle El on first down, sparking the scoring drive that led to Ward's touchdown grab before halftime. 
GREEN BAY  - 14  7  0 10 - 31
PITTSBURGH -  0 10  7  8 - 25
                      PITTSBURGH     GREEN BAY
First downs                   19            15
Rush-yards-TDs          23-126-1       13-50-0
Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 25-40-263-2-2 24-39-304-3-0
Sacked-yards                 1-2          3-16
Net pass yards               261           288
Total yards                  387           338
Fumbles-lost                 1-1           1-0
Turnovers                      3             0
Penalties-yards             6-55          7-67
1st - GB - Nelson, 29-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - GB - Collins, 37-yard interception return (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
2nd - PITT - Shaun Suisham, 33-yard field goal GREEN BAY 14-3
2nd - GB - Jennings, 21-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 21-3
2nd - PITT - Hines Ward, 8-yard pass from Ben Roethlisberger (Suisham kick) GREEN BAY 21-10
3rd - PITT - Rashard Mendenhall, 8-yard run (Suisham kick) GREEN BAY 21-17
4th - GB - Jennings, 8-yard pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick) GREEN BAY 28-17
4th - PITT - Mike Wallace, 25-yard pass from Roethlisberger (Antwaan Randle El run) GREEN BAY 28-25
4th - GB - Crosby, 23-yard field goal GREEN BAY 31-25
GREEN BAY - James Starks 11-52, Aaron Rodgers 2-(-2)
PITTSBURGH - Rashard Mendenhall 14-63 1 TD, Ben Roethlisberger 4-31, Isaac Redman 2-19, Mewelde Moore 3-13
GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers 39-24-304 3 TD
PITTSBURGH - Ben Roethlisberger 40-25-263 2 TD 2 INT
GREEN BAY - Jordy Nelson 9-140 1 TD, James Jones 5-50, Greg Jennings 4-64 1 TD, Donald Driver 2-28, Brandon Jackson 1-14, Andrew Quarless 1-5, Korey Hall 1-2, Tom Crabtree 1-1
PITTSBURGH - Mike Wallace 9-89 1 TD, Hines Ward 7-78 1 TD, Antwaan Randle El 2-50, Emmanuel Sanders 2-17, Heath Miller 2-12, Matt Spaeth 1-9, Rashard Mendenhall 1-7, Antonio Brown 1-1