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Green Bay Packers (1-0-1) 56, Kaukauna American Legion 0

Sunday October 3rd 1920 (at Green Bay)


(Green Bay) - The Packers scoring machine swung into action on Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park, and as a result the American Legion footballers of Kaukauna went home on the short end of a 56 to 0 score. It looked like a real football game during the first two periods but in the final half the visitors went to pieces and the Packers practically scored at will. During the last two periods, the Packers piled up 42 points in the opening half they only counted a pair of touchdowns. Captain Lambeau's squad looked more like the Packers of old. The week's practice evidently did them a world of good. The line charged well, opened good holes for the backfielders and showed a lot of class on the defense. The interference was much improved and the men carrying the pigskin was given plenty of protection. Every man on the squad had a chance to play and the reserves, with the exception of a few minutes in the third quarter, gave a good account of themselves. McLean, Martell and Bero showed a lot of class.


Red Lindhauer, quarterback, and Regenfuss, full, were the luminaries for the visitors. Lindhauer was the big man on the defense while Regenfuss proved to be a good ground gainer. There was no scoring in the first quarter. The Packers has the upper hand in this period but Kaukauna would brace when in the shadow of the goal posts and hold for downs. This happened three times in this quarter. At the start of the second period, the ball was in the Packers' possession and it looked like a sure touchdown but Kaukauna held for downs on the yard line, however, their punts were poor and the Packers recovered the oval on the 20 yard marker. On the second play following, Lambeau scored a touchdown and kicked the goal. The next score came easier. Kaukauna kicked off and Medley started his forward pass game. Abrams and Dwyer making some nifty catches. During these mixups, Rosenow injured his knee and Medley got a bang in the neck. Both were taken out. The Packers continued their forward march, however, and with the oval on Kaukauna's 15 yard mark, Dalton threw a forward into Lambeau's arms for the second touchdown. Lambeau kicked the goal. That was all the scoring in the first half.


Touchdowns came more frequently in the closing quarters. The Packers kicked off. Kaukauna kicked after the third down. On the Packers' second line up, Lambeau heaved a long forward to Martell who scored. The next touchdown was quicker. Regenfuss received the Packers kickoff and when he was tackled by McLean fumbled the oval on Kaukauna's 10 yard line. It was the Packers' ball and Lambeau bucked tackle for the score. After this touchdown,


Kaukauna staged a comeback. On receiving the kickoff, the visitors started a steady rush down the field which never ended until the Packers' 25 yard line was reached. It looked bad for the Packers but a Kaukauna back fumbled on a line plunge and Gavin recovered for the Packers. This was the visitor's last gasp and for the rest of the game, the Packers rang rings around them, Dalton making three touchdowns and Medley one.



OCT 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Kaukauna Legion football team was allowed traveling expenses and 40 percent of the gate receipts for their game with the Packers. However, they made the trip in autos and pocketed the traveling expenses. More money for the mess fund.


OCT 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - One of the biggest games of the professional football season will be played on Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park. Stambaugh, holders of the Copper country gridiron championship, will face the Green Bay Packers. In 1919, the Packers played at Stambaugh and defeated the Miners, 17 to 0. It was the first time the Stambaugh team had ever lost a game on their home gridiron. Stambaugh hasn't forgotten this defeat. Early in August, they started practicing and they have been at it ever since so as to be right on edge for the clash with Green Bay. According to reports, every man of last year's team is back in the fold and they have some new material which is reported as being of college caliber. The Packers will be ready for Stambaugh. Coach Dalton plans a couple of extra workouts this week so as to have the team right on edge. Smith will again be seen at guard but no other additions to the lineup are probably stated Manager Neil Murphy.


OCT 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Members of the De Pere football team are warming up for their clash with the Packers of Green Bay, which will be staged at the Hagemeister gridiron, Green Bay, Sunday October 24. Sunday of this week they will grapple with the city team of Oconto at the Pine Grove gridiron. The team has been practicing faithfully for weeks and each days finds every man more confident of a complete victory over the Packers. From reports that have reached this city. Oconto has an excellent team this year. One rooter who visited De Pere yesterday said that the team has never been in finer condition and that every member works with complete cooperation with the rest of the team. Officials of the De Pere football association are now closing negotiations with pigskin squads of Appleton, Kaukauna, which was defeated by the Green Bay Packers last Sunday, Marinette and Menominee.


OCT 7 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers will be in shape for the Stambaugh game here on Sunday if practice makes perfect. The team will work out tonight at the plant gridiron, tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock there will be a blackboard talk in Don Murphy's office, 408 Bellin building. Saturday afternoon after the East-Marinette football game at Hagemeister park, the squad will engage in a stiff workout and Sunday morning, the team will run through a snappy signal drill. With the exception of Rosenow, halfback, every man on the squad is reported in the pink of condition. The lanky backfielder's knee got a bad twisting in last Sunday's game and it is doubtful if he will be able to resume his regular place in the lineup at the kickoff. Don Murphy is making a strong bid for a line position and may be seen holding down a regular job when the whistle blows on Sunday. Smith, the big lineman who played a whale of a game against Kaukauna won't be in the fray against Stambaugh. Carl Zoll, Al Petcka or Don Murphy will playing that guard.


OCT 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Indications point to a record size attendance at Hagemeister park on Sunday afternoon when the Green Bay Packers give battle to the Stambaugh Miners, champion of the Copper country. It has been a long time since a professional football game has kicked up so much interest in this part of the state. In 1919, the Packers journeyed to Stambaugh and defeated the Miners, 17-0. It was the first time that the Stambaugh squad had ever met a reversal on their home grid. Ever since that upset, Stambaugh has been looking forward to this year's game and the Miners are seeking revenge. They have spared neither time nor expense to get together the greatest aggregation of footballers that has ever played in the Copper country. There is no doubt but that the Packers will have their hands full. Captain Lambeau's team will be up against a stellar aggregation of footballers and the locals will have to be going mighty fast to nose out a victory against the invaders. Sunday's contest will start promptly at 3 o'clock. Joe Hoeffel will referee while a Stambaugh official will do the umpiring. The contract calls for regulation periods of 15 minutes duration.


OCT 8 (Appleton Post-Crescent) - The Kaukauna American Legion team will get into its second battle of the year Sunday afternoon when it stacks up against a Menasha eleven at Kaukauna. Kaukauna was badly defeated by the Green Bay Packers at Green Bay last Sunday but the men were not disheartened because they entered into the game with but little practice while the Baymen had been working out for several weeks. In addition the Green Bay team is much heavier and is made up of some of the best football men in the middle west.



OCT 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Interest over the Stambaugh-Packers football game which will be played at Hagemeister park Sunday afternoon is at the bubbling over point and unless all signs fail, the biggest crowd that ever attended a professional grid argument here will be along the sidelines tomorrow when referee Joe Hoeffel calls the teams into action at 3 o'clock. Stambaugh reached here this noon. It was the same old gang of footballers with a few new faces. The squad looks to average 170 pounds and they appears to have an overabundance of confidence. The trio of veteran stars, Fregetto, Youngren and Vanzo will be seen in the lineup. It was Youngren, who bear Marinette last Sunday. He ran 40 yards for a touchdown, booted the goal, and a few minutes later followed up with a place kick from the 43 yard line. The Packers are ready. Captain Lambeau's aggregation realize what they are up against and they can be counted on to display the best brand of football they have shown this year. It is possible that the lineup may be shifted around a bit. "Buck" Leaper has been out of practice and he may hold down one of the tackle positions. Joe Hoeffel will referee while "Rip" Wanzer of Stambaugh is slated to umpire. The other officials will be decided on at a conference of the managers this evening. Fifteen minute quarters will be played and the game is to start promptly at 3 o'clock.

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