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Green Bay Packers (6-2-1) 10, Duluth Kelleys (4-3) 0

Sunday November 25th 1923 (at Green Bay)



(GREEN BAY) - The Packers kept on Victory Row in the pro league race by polishing off the Duluth Kellys by the score of 10 to 0 Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park in a corking good exhibition of pigskin chasing. Sunday's victory cinched the Northwest professional football title for the Packers. It marked the Bay eleven's sixth victory of the season in the league race, and was the fourth win in a row for Green Bay. Yesterday's success moved the Packers up a notch in the percentage table and Green Bay is now tied with Cleveland for fourth place. Glowering skies and a wisp of rain in the air tended to cut the crowd down considerably but those who witnessed the combat were given a run for their money - and then some more.


The game was replete with thrills. Both teams displayed stonewall lines and the contest developed into a forward pass attack with the Bays, as usual, having the upper hand. Towards the close of the second quarter, after the Packers had their scoring bee, Duluth let loose with a wild and wooly air attack. They chased the Packers way back into the Bays' backyard but a toss crossed the goal line uncompleted and the danger was over. Aside from this spasm, the Northerners never were within scoring distance, although in the opening period Sternaman tried for a field goal from the 40 yard line but it was blocked.


With machine line perfection, the Packers battered their way through the Minnesota champions. There was little wasted energy. The Big Bay Blues went to their business with a smashing crashing offense that paved the way for victory. Green Bay had plenty of opposition. Duluth was in there battling for every inch of ground but class tells in football, just as any place else and the Packers were a good points better than their fire eating opponents. "Little Joe" Sternaman didn't live up to advance notices. At least three of his teammates had it over the former Illinois star like a tent. O'Donnell played superb football at end; "Hot Dog" Kiley talked his way into every play at tackle while Harris turned in a mighty job at fullback. Buck's punting was a big factor in the Bays' success. He gained at least twenty yards on each exchange of kicks. Some of his spirals soared through the air for 50 to 60 yards.


After the opening kickoff, the play was pretty well even up in the first quarter. Towards the close of the period, Sternaman took a chance on a field goal but the attempt was blocked and Green Bay covered. This was the turning point in the fracas. The Packers were a bit slow getting started but finally a quick pass put the ball well down in Duluth's territory. Three line plays gained but little. Buck then stepped back to the 28 yard line and booted the pigskin between the uprights with plenty to spare.


Then came the touchdown in a hurry. The Packers kicked off to Duluth. Sternaman attempted a pass


which was intercepted by a Bayite. Then Mills celebrated his appearance in the game by grabbing a pass on the dead run from Lambeau and he traveled 15 yards for a touchdown. It all happened so quickly that the crowd hardly knew what had happened. Buck added to the joy by kicking the goal. For the remainder of the quarter, Duluth sort of held the upper hand. Sternaman called for pass after pass and more than half of his tosses were making the grade. The Packers were beating somewhat of a retreat but they kept on going harder all the time.


Down about the 25 yard line, a Duluth pass sailed across the Packer goal but it was grounded and the Bays put the ball in scrimmage on the 20 yard line. The last half was full of excitement but the Packer held the upper hand. Several times it seemed as if Lambeau's squad was going to add another score but the Northerners held tight right on the edge of their goal line. Buck missed a kick in the third quarter and in the last period just as the final whistle blew. Cub's attempt for placement just grazed the uprights.


As usual, the Packers played brilliant football. Jug Earps showed his wares at center for the first time this season and got away nicely. Woodin and Gardner did their stuff at guards faultlessly. Buck and Dewey Lyle were a smashing crashing pair at the tackles while Jabber Murray, Hayes and Wheeler covered themselves with glory at the ends of the lines. Mathys never turned in a better game at quarter. Basing played well until he hurt his side and then Mills burst into the limelight with his dash for a touchdown. Gavin was a consistent ground gainer at fullback while Captain Lambeau continued his super football exhibition at right half.




Gardner kicked off. Sternaman taking the ball and running it to the 30 yard line. McDonnell made three yards. Harris failed to gain. Harris punted 45 yards to Mathys, who was downed on Green Bay's 45 yard line. Lambeau went around left end for 6 yards. Gavin failed to gain. Lambeau went around left end for 3 yards. Buck kicked out of bounds on Duluth's 25 yard line. Harris failed to gain. Rooney got 4 yards through right tackle. Harris punted 50 yards to Green Bay's 15 yard line. Gavin failed to gain. Lambeau made three at right end. Buck kicked 45 yards to Sternaman. McDonnell was good for 5 yards. Sternaman failed to gain. Duluth was penalized 5 yards. Rooney made 3. McDonnell made 2. Sternaman's attempted dropkick was blocked on Green Bay's 35 yard line. Lambeau made 3 yards through left tackle. Gavin made 3 through center. A pass was incomplete. Buck kicked 40 yards to Sternaman. Harris failed to gain. Rooney was good for 3 yards. Harris punted to Mathys, who was downed on his own 40 yard line. Gavin plunged for 3 yards through center.


Buck punted 60 yards over the goal line. Harris punted back, the ball being downed on Green Bay's 40 yard line. Basing made 5 yards through right tackle. Lambeau passed to Mathys for first down. Basing lost a yard at right end. A pass failed. McDonnell intercepted a forward pass. Harris gained a yard at center. McDonnell made 1 at left tackle. Harris punted to Mathys, who was downed on Green Bay's 35 yard line. Basing was good for 2 yards. Lambeau failed. Buck punted to Duluth's 10 yard line. Harris kicked out of bound on Duluth's 30 yard line. Lambeau made a yard at tackle. Mathys passed 15 yards to Lambeau. Basing smashed right tackle for 5. Basing failed to gain at right end. Buck stepped back to the 25 yard line and booted a placekick between the posts. Gardner kicked off to Sternaman, who returned to Duluth's 30 yard line. Buck intercepted a forward pass on Duluth's 40 yard line. Lambeau passed 25 yards to Mills, who ran 15 more for a touchdown. Buck kicked goal. Gardner kicked to Sternaman who ran to Duluth's 30 yard line. A pass, Harris to Rooney, was good for 15 yards. Two forward passes were incomplete. Mills intercepted a pass in midfield. Madigan intercepted a pass for Duluth on his own 40 yard line. A pass failed. Another pass failed. A pass, Harris to J. Rooney, was good for 25 yards. Another pass to Rooney gained 15 yards. The next forward pass was over the goal line, and the ball went to Green Bay. Gavin was good for 3 yards. Gavin plunged for first down. Mathys ran 8 yards as the half ended.


Gardner kicked off to Sternaman, who returned the ball to Duluth's 30 yard line. A forward pass was incomplete. Gilbert made two yards. Harris passed to Sternaman for 10 yards. Gilbert added another yard. Harris passed 15 yards to Rooney. Another pass was incomplete. Earps recovered Gilbert's fumble on the 50 yard line. Lambeau passed 10 yards to Mathys. Gavin plunged 2 yards. Lambeau passed 30 yards to Mathys who was downed on Duluth's 9 yard line. Gavin made 3 through center. Gavin added four more. Gavin failed to gain. Harris kicked 35 yards to Lambeau. Mills fumbled on the next play but recovered. Lambeau failed at left end. Buck's attempted placekick failed. Method plunged for 3 yards. Woodin recovered Harris' fumble. Mills failed to gain. Lambeau failed to gain. A forward pass was intercepted by Sternaman. Method failed to gain. Gilbert made one yard. Harris kicked to his own 40 yard line.


Mathys failed at center. Green Bay was penalized 5 yards for offside. A pass was incomplete. Buck kicked to Duluth's one yard line. Harris punted to midfield. Gilbert intercepted a forward pass. Another Duluth pass failed. Harris punted 30 yards to Lambeau. Gavin plunged for three yards. Mills made one yard at right end. Buck punted 40 yards to Sternaman who returned it ten. A pass gained one yard. Another pass was incomplete. Mathys intercepted a forward pass on Green Bay's 40 yard line. Lambeau failed to gain. Green Bay was penalized 5 yards. Mills failed to gain. Buck plunged for 5 yards. Buck punted 50 yards to Sternaman on Duluth's 20 yard line. A pass failed. Another pass was incomplete. Buck intercepted a forward pass on Duluth's 25 yard line. Gavin plunged 6 yards through center. Lambeau made two yards around right end. Green Bay was penalized 5 yards. Cub Buck attempted a placekick but failed as the game ended.

DULUTH    -  0  0  0  0 -  0

GREEN BAY -  0 10  0  0 - 10


2nd - GB - Cub Buck, 25-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0

2nd - GB - Stan Mills, 40-yard pass from Curly Lambeau (Buck kick) GREEN BAY 10-0



NOV 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Fresh from their brilliant game against the Chicago Bears, the Hammond All Stars will invade Green Bay on Thanksgiving Day for a pro league football engagement with the Packers. Any team that can stand off the Chicago Cardinals, 6 to 0, and throw a scare into the Bears, 14 to 7, is entitled to recognition with the best gridiron elevens in the country...LIVE UP TO THEIR NAME: Doc Young calls his Hammond team the "All Stars" and they more than live up to their name. In Williams and Sol Butler, Hammond has a pair of the greatest colored players in the country. Robinson, the fullback, ran 65 yards for a touchdown against the Bears. It was the second time this season that the Chicago Bruins had their goal line crossed. Rydzewski, the former Notre Dame star, plays center. He is rated as a superb snapper back and the Bears tried to get him to replace the mighty Trafton. Duke Annan, who earned his gridiron spurs at Chicago, plays right half and captains the team...HAVE BIG TACKLES: Tallant, Indiana, and Oltz, Purdue, play the tackles. They are an aggressive pair of forwards and fight is their middle name. Barry, Nebraska, and Smith, Georgetown, are the guards, both of 'em go over 200 pounds. Hanke, one of the wingmen, is said to be a superb


receiver of forward passes. Bobbie Cahn, the football referee, when he heard the Packers had booked Hammond for Thanksgiving Day, said: "Don't underestimate this Hammond team. I think they have the best defensive squad in the country, and, in my judgment, Hammond will make things mighty interesting for the Packers."...TICKETS ON SALE TONIGHT: Tickets for the Hammond game will be on sale tonight. Football is just as much a part of Thanksgiving Day in Green Bay as Mr. Turkey, himself, and the management is counting on a big turnout. Thursday's game will probably be the last home appearance of the Packers this season.


NOV 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Determined to mark up their seventh victory in the pro league race, the Green Bay Packers resumed practice this morning for the Thanksgiving Day game with the Hammond All Stars at Bellevue park. Captain Lambeau and his gridders are not underestimating the strength of Doc Young's team. The Bay players think that the Hammond eleven will be one of the toughest nuts of the season to crack...PRETTY GOOD SHAPE: The Bay players came out of the Duluth game in pretty good shape. Basing's injured ribs are still causing him trouble while several of the other players are suffering from minor bruises. The Packers are planning to cut loose with a wide open attack against Hammond. The All Stars boast of an iron wall line and the Bay squad will rely almost entirely on their air attack. Several formations have been worked out and it is planned to spring these plays on Hammond...CHANCE TO CLIMB: A win for the Packers over Hammond will very likely put the Packers up in third place in the pro league percentage table. The two Chicago clubs, the Bears and the Cardinals, are tied for second place. A defeat for either of these elevens and a win for the Packers will move the Badger state champs up a notch. Tickets were placed on sale last night at the usual places about town and there is a healthy demand for the pasteboards. Many requests for reservations from out of town have been received. With a fair break from the weatherman, a capacity turnout should be in the stands when the whistle blows...KICKOFF AT 2 O'CLOCK: The game will start promptly at 2 o'clock. Jim Holoway, of Chicago, has been named by President Carr of the pro league to referee. Murph White is to umpire and Jimmy Coffeen will be the head linesman. Fifteen minute periods are to be played.


NOV 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers' game with the Chicago Bears for Sunday was called off by Manager Halas. There is a chance that this contest may be played here December 9. In the meantime, the management has wired Rock Island, Canton, Cleveland and Akron in hopes of booking a contest for the coming weekend. Every effort possible will be made to land a game.


NOV 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Unless we miss our guess, the Cleveland pro football magnates had their fill of "loading up". Experience is a great teacher. The Clevelanders imported an army of all stars to give Canton a licking but when the smoke blew over the Bulldogs were on the top of the heap by the lopsided score of 46 to 10. The Canton machine simply walked all over the gridiron celebrities lined up against them. And 18,000 witnessed the waterloo...We suppose these days Racine feels as if it is sitting on the pigskin throne, as a result of the Legion's 10 to 4 victory over the Chicago Cardinals. It sure was a good stroke of business for the Reutzmen and they deserve all the compliments coming their way. From the account of the game, Shorty Barr must have given Paddy


Driscoll a few lessons in forward passing. It sure was a rude bump for Chris O'Brien.


NOV 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Thursday, undoubtedly, will be the last time this season for the fans of Northeastern Wisconsin to see the Packers play at home. This year's Green Bay team has been the greatest Packer team in history and the squad is rated as one of the best in the country. A capacity crowd at the Thanksgiving Day exhibition will help wind  up the football season in a blaze of glory. And what's more Hammond will make things mighty interesting for the Packers. Let's go.


NOV 28 (Milwaukee) - Followers of the Milwaukee Badgers got the surprise of their lives when Manager McGurk announced that Conzelman and his players would perform at Cubs' park, Chicago, on Sunday against the Bears. Thursday Milwaukee plays at Racine in a state championship series game. However, this contest won't cut any figure for the Badger state title as the Green Bay Packers already have this honor sewed up. The Chicago Cardinals and Bears play in Chicago on Thanksgiving Day.


NOV 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers will make their final at home appearance of the season Thursday afternoon at Bellevue park, Green Bay, where they will give battle to the Hammond All Stars in a pro league game. The kickoff is scheduled promptly at 2 o'clock. Fifteen minute periods are scheduled. Jim Holloway of Chicago has been named by President Carr of the NFL to officiate. White of Ripon is to umpire while Coffeen of Beloit will act as head linesman...EXPECT LARGE CROWD: A capacity turnout is expected to witness the game. There has been a brisk advance sale and, if fair weather prevails, hundred of football followers from out of town will invade the Bay to attend the gridiron fray. Tickets will be on sale at the usual places about town until 9 o'clock Thursday morning and, after that time, a ticket office will be opened at The Press-Gazette to accommodate the latecomers. The gates will open promptly at 12:30 o'clock...VISITORS ARE FAST: Hammond has a splendid team. Doc Young's aggregation is credited with being one of the best defensive clubs in the league, while on the offense the All Stars have the mighty Robinson, Sol Butler and Wallie Hess, a trio of performers, who are right at home when it comes to carrying the pigskin. The Packers in pretty good shape for combat. All of the regulars, except Biff Basing, are fit for the fray. Hal Hanson, the former Ironwood fullback, will get his first opportunity in the Green Bay lineup. The Bay squad is determined to win as a victory over Hammond will boost them up into third place in the pro league percentage table...VARIED AERIAL ATTACK: Captain Lambeau has built up a varied aerial attack for the Hammond game. It is said that the Big Bay Blues will cut loose with more passes than in any other contest this season. Hammond's line is like a stonewall and the Packers are going to pull a lot of fancy stuff in hopes of marking up their seventh win of the pro league season.


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