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Duluth Kelleys (1-0) 6, Green Bay Packers (0-1) 3

Sunday September 28th 1924 (at Duluth)



(DULUTH) - Playing "butter-fingered" football, the Green Bay Packers presented Duluth with a professional league game Sunday afternoon in the Northern city by the count of 6 to 3 before slightly more than 2,200 paid admissions. The Packers weren't even a shadow of their real selves and they looked about 100 percent inferior to the superb form they showed here a week ago when they triumphed 5 to 0 over the Chicago Bears.



Duluth must have carried horseshoes as extra equipment as every break of the game went against Captain Lambeau's aggregation. Fumbles do more than anything else to demoralize a gridiron machine and the Packers had plenty of 'em in the Duluth encounter. Five costly slips stood out prominently. Two of them cut off possible chances of Packer touchdowns. One of the others put Duluth in a position for its score while the other two came towards the close of the game just when the Big Bay Blues needed possession of the ball worse than anything else. The Kellys outsmarted the Packers on the touchdown play. It was fourth down,  about a yard and a half to go. The Kellys faked a line plunge and quarterback Rooney pulled back and then lobbed the ball to Underwood who ambled about ten yards for a touchdown. As if to add insult to injury, this same Underwood, before the season started, sought a job with the Packer machine.


Dick O'Donnell, former Duluth boy, who is playing with the Packers, performed brilliantly at end against his old teammates. He gave as good an exhibition of defensive football as ever been seen with a Packer team. O'Donnell was not in a bed of roses. The Duluthians didn't handle him with gloved hands yet, just the same, he was in there every minute battling like a tiger and he frequently dumped the Duluth backs for loss after loss. As usual, Cub Buck's kicking was an outstanding feature for the Packer machine. His long boots gained considerable yardage for the Bays and they generally were so well placed at Duluth had a dickens of a time trying to run them back. The Packers can thank Buck's educated toe for their lonesome three points. The Green Bay bootsmith sailed the pill between the uprights, clean as a whip from about the 35 yard line. After this score, it was figured that the Packers had the game as good as won but the breaks were the other way. After the field goal kick, it seemed as if everything went at cross purposes for the Packers. Several costly fumbles threw a wrench in the machine and, then early in the machine, and, then early in the fourth quarter, Underwood scampered for the touchdown.


Following the next kickoff, the Packers couldn't hold the pigskin and for nearly all the remaining eleven minutes, the ball was within Packer territory. Method missing a couple of field goals, both of which were blocked but in the scrimmages for the ball, Duluth always recovered. Kiley, the Duluth lineman, had a nose for the pigskin and he flopped on it often. Driven to desperation, Captain Lambeau cut loose with everything he had but the passes went astray and, in one instance, Method intercepted well in the halfway mark. Duluth did everything in the book and out to kill time. They drew a penalty for stalling and also lost half the distance to the goal line for slugging.


It wasn't a parlor affair by any means as the Duluthians were using their hands considerably. Once Cub Buck caught a Duluth player taking a

swipe at Whitey Woodin and he called the referee on it. Hall admitted seeing it but refused to issue the penalty. Several times in the first half, the Packers launched marches down the field that looked like touchdowns but the ever frequent fumbles spilled the beans just when a few yards were needed for a marker. Duluth deserves a lot of credit for their victory. The Kellys were far outweighed but every man on the squad was playing football as he never played before. The Duluth line charged hard continually and they frequently rushed Captain Lambeau to such an extent that he had to get his passes off in a hurry. Williams and Kiley were bearcats on the line while Method and quarterback Rooney (there were three of 'em in the game) covered themselves with glory.



Buck kicks to the twenty yard line and Duluth returned it two. Duluth's ball on 22 yard line. Duluth gained three yards through right tackle. Duluth gained four off center. Rooney, fullback, taking the ball. Duluth kicks to 35 yard line and Mathys returns it five yards. Mathys gained two yards. Hendrian failed at right end. Buck kicked out of bounds on Duluth's 18 yard line. Duluth gained one yard around left end. Method gained one yard around right end. Kelly gained three yards at right end. Method kicked to Green Bay's 35 yard line. Lewellen gained five through left tackle. Lewellen failed to gain. Lewellen passed to Mathys for first down. Green Bay's ball on Duluth's 32 yard line. Green Bay fumbled and Duluth recovered on their own 32 yard line. Kelly gained three through right tackle. Method gains two through left side of line. Incomplete pass. Duluth punted to 33 yard line to Mathys was downed in his tracks. On the next play Green Bay ran the ball out of bounds. Buck passed to Mathys who jumped into the air in an unsuccessful attempt, the ball grazing his fingertips. Buck punted to Duluth's 20 yard line. Duluth loses four on a fumble. Duluth makes four through right tackle. Mathys returns a punt to the 35 yard line. Hendrian gained five through the left side of the line. Lewellen back on the next play, Lewellen ran the ball on a wide end run and gained but one yard. Lewellen passed to Mathys for a five yard gain. Green Bay's ball, five yards to go. Buck punted out of bounds. Duluth's ball on their own 10 yard line. Duluth failed to gain at right end. Rosatti replacing Buland at tackle. Method gained five yards through the right side of the line. Fourth down five to go. End of first quarter.


Duluth kicked out of bounds on their 43 yard line. Green Bay's ball on Duluth's 43 yard line. Lambeau gained six at left end. Hendrian made it first down through center. Lambeau gained two at the right tackle. Lewellen gained three yards through right tackle. Lewellen made it first down through the right side of the line. Ball on 21 yard line. Lambeau makes five through the right side of the line. Lewellen fumbled and Duluth recovered on their 12 yard line. Rooney recovered for Duluth. Duluth went through for five yards on the left side of the line. Method gained two more. Method gained two more. Method gained two and the linesmen were called in with the line. About one yard to go, fourth down. Rooney made it first down. Method gained four through right tackle. Duluth hits right side of the line for five and half yards. Earps replaced Niemann at center. Duluth ball third down one foot to go on their 30 yard line. Duluth made first down. Quarterback Rooney carrying the ball. Kelly gained three through right tackle. Method gained two at right end. Third down five to go. Method failed at right end. Kelly punts to Green Bay who fumbled. Duluth recovering on Packer 40 yard line. Duluth failed on a forward pass. Duluth completed a forward pass. Duluth's ball on Packer 30 yard line. Kelly went over left side of the line for 3 yards. Fourth down seven to go. A drop kick failed. Green Bay's ball on their 20 yard line. Lewellen back in punt formation. Lewellen's attempted left end run failed. Hendrian failed to gain. Buck back. Buck completed a forward pass, Mathys running the pass thirty yards to the center of the field. Bratt replaces Rooney at right end. Green Bay ran the ball out of bounds. An attempted pass was grounded. Another pass grounded. Fourth down ten to go. Buck kicked to Duluth's 25 yard line. Duluth ball on their 25 yard line. Method gained 3 yards through the right side of the line, Duluth failed gain through the Packers' left side of the line. Half ended, ball on Duluth's 28 yard line.


Duluth kicked off to Green Bay. Basing replaced Lewellen. Basing received the ball on the 15 yard line. Basing made two. Lambeau carries the ball for no gain. Buck punts for 45 yards. Duluth's ball on its 45 yard line. Two plays netted 2 yards. Duluth tried a pass which was incomplete. Last down eight to go. Method kicks to Packers' 20 yard line. Lambeau makes a yard over Buck. Duluth intercepts a pass on the Packers' 45 yard line. Method gained a yard over tackle. Duluth tried a forward pass which was incomplete. Another pass incomplete. Fourth down eight to go. Duluth failed to make their first down. Lewellen makes two over right tackle. Hendrian makes two over Buck. Lambeau failed to gain over the right side. Buck kicks to Duluth on their 38 yard line. Method failed at right tackle. Kelly made five at right tackle. Third down five to go. A poor kick by Duluth placed the ball on the 33 yard line. Basing makes three over Buck. Basing makes first down around end. Packers' ball on Duluth's 20 yard line. Lambeau gains three over Rosatti. Hendrian failed to gain at the same place. Third down five. A fake placekick failed. Buck place kicks for three points from the 35 yard line. Green Bay kicked to Duluth. Rooney brings it back ten to his 30 yard line. Duluth makes one over center. Duluth penalized five for offside. Second down fourteen to go. Duluth gained one over left tackle. Three over right end. Fourth down eleven. End third quarter.


Duluth ball on their 25 yard line, fourth down eleven to go. Method kicks out of bounds on Packers' 25 yard line. Lambeau loses a yard around left end. Basing fumbled and Duluth recovered. Duluth ball on Packer 30 yard line. Method makes three over Buck. Duluth went through tackle for five yards. Method failed at left guard. Duluth scored on a forward pass, Rooney to Underwood. Duluth failed on the extra point. Duluth kicked to the Packers. Mathys fumbled the kick and Duluth recovered on Packers' 25 yard line. Duluth loses three yards on a fumble. Time out for Duluth. Rooney to Rooney for nine yards. Third down one yard on Packers; 15 yard line. Method failed to gain over Buck. Method failed at left end. Third down ten on Packers' 12 yard line. A forward pass incomplete. Fourth down ten. An attempted kick by Method was blocked by the Packers but Duluth recovered. He made a yard over right tackle. A pass incomplete. Third down ten on Packers' 13 yard line. Packers recover a Duluth fumble but the referee rules it an incomplete pass. Method back for a kick. He failed in attempt. Packers' ball on their 20 yard line. Buck kicked. Duluth's ball on Packers' 40 yard line. Duluth gained four yards over Packers' left side. Method made two over center. O'Donnell gets Rooney behind the line for a five yard loss. Method punts over the goal line. Packers' ball on their 20 yard line. Lambeau attempted a pass which was incomplete. Hendrian carried it for eight yards. Lambeau's pass incomplete. Lambeau's attempted pass failed. Duluth's ball on Packers' 28 yard line. Method failed to kick from placement. Hendrian blocks and recovers ball on Packers' 8 yard line. Lambeau ran the ball out of bounds. Lambeau passed ten to Mathys. First down Packers' 20 yard line. Lambeau makes four over Buck. Duluth intercepts a pass. Duluth ball on Packers' 25 yard line. Method lost a yard at right end. Stein was thrown out for slugging and Duluth was penalized half the distance of the field. Duluth penalized five yards for stalling. Duluth gained ten yards over left end. Time up.

GREEN BAY -  0  0  3  0 -  3

DULUTH    -  0  0  0  6 -  6


3rd - GB - Cub Buck, 35-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0

4th - DUL - Jack Underwood, 22-yard pass from Cobb Rooney (Kick failed) DULUTH 6-3

Sunday the best the Bruins could do was to get an even break, 0 to 0, with the Rock Island Independents. Halas will have to a lot of sprucing this week as his eleven mixes with Cleveland on Sunday.


OCT 1 (Chicago) - If Manager Chris O'Brien of the Chicago Cardinals gets a weather break on Sunday, the football dopesters are predicting that his Normal park won't be big enough to hold the crowd for the Packer game. It is a pro league affair. The Packers, who have held the championship of the Northwest for the past several years, are considered one of the greatest football aggregations on the postgraduate grid. The high spot of their season this fall was the 5 to 0 defeat administered to the Bears...CAHN PRAISES PACKERS: Bobby Cahn, the Chicago official who worked the Packer-Bear game, sang the praises of the Green Bay team in the highest terms: "I think the Packers will finish one, two or three in the pro league race this fall," Cahn said. "In Cub Buck they have one of the greatest kickers in the postgraduate game while the Lambeau-Mathys forward passing combination is pretty hard to beat. One thing is certain the fans who journey to Normal park on Sunday will see a game that will be filled to the brim with thrills." Sunday's game will be the third meeting of the Packers and Cardinals. In 1921 the Wisconsin state champions tied O'Brien's crew. The Cards were lucky to get an even break as Paddy Driscoll kicked a field goal in the last two minutes of play, knotting the count. In 1922 the Cardinals turned back the Packers, 16 to 3. This game was much more evenly played than the score would indicate. The teams did not clash in 1923...ARE PRETTY CHESTY: The Cardinals are pretty chesty as a result of their 17 to 7 win over the Milwaukee Badgers last Sunday but Manager O'Brien is not letting them rest on their laurels. Daily practice is the rule, it is probable that the Horween brothers, better known as the McMahons, will be back in togs with the South Siders on Sunday. Expecting a big crowd of Green Bay followers, the Cardinal officials have set aside a block of 200 seats for the Packer rooters. These reservations will be close to the gridiron, on about the 40 yard line.


OCT 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Reports from Chicago have it that Manager Chris O'Brien is looking for a capacity crowd on Sunday at Normal park when his Cardinals have it out with the Packers. It will be Green Bay's first appearance in the Windy City since 1922 and the Big Bay Blues should be a great drawing card as the natives along State st. are anxious to get a look at the eleven that dipped the Bears into whitewash, 5 to 0.


OCT 1 (Chicago Tribune) - One of the biggest lines in the NFL will go into action at Normal Park next Sunday afternoon when the Green Bay Packers, recent 5 to 0 victors over the Chicago Bears, tackle Paddy Driscoll's Chicago Cardinals in the second championship battle of the season. From end to end the Packers are veritable giants, headed by Cub Buck, former star tackle and kicker at Wisconsin, whose trick toes is feared by all his opponents. In Mathys, Basing, Lambeau and Hendrian, the Green Bay eleven is fortified with a fast charging backfield, one that has been drilled to the highest degree of efficiency in the aerial attack. 


OCT 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A new face may be seen in the Packer lineup on Sunday when they battle the Cardinals at Normal park, Chicago, as Eddie Usher, former Michigan halfback, is again wearing a Green Bay uniform. Usher was on the job for Wednesday's practice and he snapped through the plays as if he had been out all season. Eddie was a favorite when he played here two years ago and his return to the fold will be welcomed to the array of Packer followers. Captain Lambeau's team is practicing mighty hard for Sunday's game. So far as can be seen, Old Man Overconfidence has dropped from sight and this means that the Bays will be in there fighting against the Cards in the same brilliant style as they fought the Bears. 


OCT 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A play by play account of the Packer-Cardinal game will hold forth at Turner hall Sunday afternoon and another big crowd is expected to be on hand to get the "wire account" of the game. As for other games, a special wire will be set up from Normal park, Chicago, to Turner hall. An extra attraction is on tap Sunday as the inning by inning results of the World Series will be announced between the rumblings off the gridiron.


OCT 2 (Chicago) - The Cardinals' football stock climbed up a notch or two on the gridiron market as the "McMahon" brothers have returned to the lineup. These two pigskin chasers, who have starred with the Cards for the last several years, have been induced to play another season with the South Siders. McInery, the husky center, is also back in togs. He has been hanging his hat in Madison, Wis., all summer, where he held down an outfield job for the Madison Blues, one of the strongest independent ball clubs in Wisconsin. Tickets for Sunday's game with the Green Bay Packers are moving fast and a capacity crowd is forecast by Manager Chris O'Brien.


OCT 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Eddie Usher has returned to the Packer lineup and he will probably be seen in action Sunday against the Cardinals in Chicago. Two years ago, the former Michigan backfielder played stellar ball for Green Bay. He joined the club in midseason, coming here from the Rock Island Independents. Usher is a splendid defensive halfback and he is "death" on forward passes. Eddie should prove a valuable addition to the eleven.


OCT 2 (Chicago Tribune) - Flankers of the first rank will man the guns for Paddy Driscoll's Chicago Cardinals next Sunday when the speedy south side entry in the NFL meets the Green Bay Packers in the second championship battle of the season at Normal park, Sixty-first street and South Racine avenue. At one wing will be posted Eddie Anderson, former star of Notre Dame, while Hanke, a headliner at the University of Minnesota, will perform at the other end, having succeeded Roger Kiley. Both these wingmen played brilliantly last Sunday against the Milwaukee Badgers.



SEPT 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Old Man Overconfidence sure dealt the Packers a nasty blow as the Bay followers felt the game was just as good as won. It looked this way before the game started. The Packers went through their signals with a snap while the Duluthians looked like a bunch of high schoolers. But you can't tell a watch by its cover and the Kellys sure did spring a surprise with a capital S. The Packers are counting the days until November 9...The crowd was something of a disappointment as the attendance ran under 2,300. At that there were about a hundred present from Hibbing while West Duluth was out in force to root for Dick O'Donnell and they were given plenty of opportunity to cheer. Bill Ryan, former West high coach, came down from the "range" and renewed friendships with the Green Bay delegation...Referee Hall wasn't much of a success. He followed the play pretty close but wasn't very keen about calling decisions against the home club. Cub Buck very seldom gets mad on the gridiron but he was boiling over when Hall refused to call a penalty on Duluth for slugging. Von, a Duluth man, worked pretty well as umpire, while Jimmy Coffeen did everything that could be asked of him as head linesman...The Duluth fans kept pretty mum during the first half but they were noisy enough towards the close of the game. The Kelly rooters were in a sarcastic mood and they lost little time about paying respects to the Packers' "beef trust" forward line...There goes Rooney. That was a frequent remark heard during the game. To the spectator without a program, Rooney was a sure enough star but the fact of the case were that three Rooneys were performing in the pastime and each basking in the limelight with due regularity...The Packers were a pretty disgusted aggregation on the homeward trip. To be beaten by a team of the Duluth class was a severe blow and about the only sunshine on the horizon was the Milwaukee upset at the hands of the Milwaukee Cardinals...Next Sunday, it is the Cards in Chicago and it is a certainty that it will be a fighting, snarling gang of Packers that step out on the field. The Bays got out on the field. The Bays got out of the Duluth game with but minor injuries....Who wrote the song, "The Big Bay Blues"?


SEPT 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Beat the Cards". That was the battle cry of the Green Bay Packers as they journeyed forth to practice this morning. The members of Captain Lambeau's squad came out of the Duluth game in good physical condition and they are all ready to put in a good week of drill in preparation for Sunday's game with the Chicago Cardinals at Normal park. Chris O'Brien's team sort of upset the dope by taking the Milwaukee Badgers into camp last Sunday, 17 to 7. The Bay players realize that they have got a job on their hands and there is no doubt but that the team will be as fit as a fiddle when the whistle blows...ARE RATED HIGH: The Cardinals are rated as one of the best clubs in the pro league. In Kiley and Anderson, they have a pair of wingmen second to none on the postgraduate grid. Both of these ends are products of Knute Rockne's football school at Notre Dame. Paddy Driscoll, captain of the Cardinals, has long been famous as a pigskin chaser. He is a kicker extraordinary and last Sunday against Milwaukee, Driscoll booted a field goal from the 50 yard line. Arrangements for the Chicago trip have just about been completed. The Packers, during the stay in the Windy City, will headquarter at the Planter hotel. Normal park, the scene of the game, is situated on the south side and is about a half hour's ride from the "loop".


SEPT 30 (Chicago) - Manager Chris O'Brien is expecting an overflow crowd on Sunday at Normal park when his Cardinals meet the Green Bay Packers in a pro league game. The Bears are out of town, playing at Cleveland, and it is figured that all of the football fans will flock to the South Side park. Green Bay is coming here with quite a football machine as they recently defeated the Chicago Bears, 5 to 0. The Badger town is noted for the way it supports the Packers and a block of 200 seats, located close to the sidelines, has been set aside for the Green Bay rooters.


SEPT 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Well, the Duluth game is out of the way and in the wrong column. Next Sunday we are hoping it will be a different story. True enough, the Chicago Cardinals looked pretty good when they spanked the Badgers but the Packers have a way of rallying to supreme heights when they meet the big fellows and we have no doubt that Lambeau & Co. will be in there fighting like demons to bring home the bacon...The Chicago Bears are not finding the going any too easy in the pro football chase this season. The Packers knocked them off in their first game and last

nearly a whole team in himself. Age doesn't seem to tell on the Indian...The Philadelphia Yellowjackets got off to a flying start in the pro league race by taking Rochester into camp, 21 to 0. The Quakers took things easy after the first two touchdowns using an army of substitutes...A heavy rain swept the Buckeye state on Sunday and drowned out a pair of postgraduate arguments. The Dayton affair at Akron was washed away and the same thing happened to the Canton encounter with Columbus...Hammond went down to defeat, 10 to 0, at the hands of Racine. Doc Young's aggregation put up a keen fight but lack of practice kept them at a disadvantage. The Racine ​machine is looming dangerous this season...Benny Boynton, rated as one of the best backfielders that ever stepped on a gridiron, has signed a contract to play with the Buffalo All Americans. Boynton should just about make the Bison City gridiron aggregation...The Green Bay Packers were treated to a rude surprise by the Duluth Kellys and wended their way homeward on the short end of a 6 to 3 score. The Badger champs were favored to win by at least two touchdowns...The Chicago Cardinals cut loose unexpected strength and administered a 17 to 7 lacing to the Milwaukee Badgers. Erickson, the Milwaukee half, ran fifty yards on a pass for his team's only touchdown...O'Brien's crew played smart football against Milwaukee and they took advantage of all the breaks. Hanke covered a touched ball for one score and a fumble by Red Dunn on his 3-yard line gave the Cardinals another...Hoge Workman, former Ohio State pigskin luminary, has cast his lot with the Cleveland Indians. Muirhead, who earned his gridiron spurs at Michigan, is another new addition to Sammy Deutch's team of footballers...Winderquist, who captained W. and J. in 1923, is holding down a tackle berth for Milwaukee. The big fellow is of the rough and ready type and he should go good in professional football...Pilot George Johnson will take his Kenosha Maroons to Philadelphia on Saturday for a clash with the Yellowjackets. Walter Cassidy and Jim Simpson, Detroit U graduates, have singed with the Kenosha club...One of the big games Sunday will be the tilt between the Chicago Bears and Cleveland. The Windy City combination will have to step on the gas as Guy Chamberlain's lineup looks mighty powerful...The old rivals, Duluth and Minneapolis, are to rub noses in the first contest of the two game series. Manager John Dunn of the Marines is in hopes of putting the skins under the Kelly's string of victories...Columbus will journey to Buffalo for a gridiron fray with the Buffalonians. This should be some fray as both teams rank as topnotchers. Paul Goebel, ex-Michigan ace, is again back in togs with the Columbus team...Manager Nied expects his Akron outfit to take a fall out of Rochester in Sunday's game at the Kodak City. The Akron club sizes up good on paper and the line is husky enough to halt the most savage offensive...The Kansas City eleven will make its pro league debut at Milwaukee. Little is known about the Kaws but Manager Doc Andrews claims his bunch of former collegians will make things interesting for Conzelman & Co...Green Bay is booked to invade Chicago for a fracas with the Cardinals. Quite a kicking duel should be on tap when these clubs clash as Paddy Driscoll and Cub Buck are past masters at booting the pigskin...A battle royal will be on tap Sunday at Rock Island when the Independents rub elbows with the Racine Legion. The Islanders have a stonewall defense while Racine possesses a quick working aerial attack.


OCT 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Special efforts are being made by the Green Bay Football corporation to have Sunday's play by play service at Turner hall on the Packer-Cardinal game the best ever offered the football fans who stay at home. Aside from the special wire which will be directly connected between Normal park, Chicago, and Turner hall, the management has provided for an extension which will enable the sender to follow the teams up and down the gridiron along the sidelines. Jimmy Coffeen is going to be at the wire end in Chicago and he will endeavor to cover the game like a tent...STARTS AT 2:30: Sunday's tilt in Chicago will start at 2:30 Sunday afternoon. The wire will start talking about 2 p.m. and facts and figures about the crowd and breezy briefs on the preliminaries will be flashed back here. The doors at Turner hall swing open at 1:15. Aside from the play-by-play football story, returns of the World Series baseball game between the Washington Senators and New York Giants will be given to the crowd at the end of every inning. It is expected that the "Bargain Day" attraction will attract a bumper throng. Arrangements have been made to handle a big crowd...LEAVE SATURDAY AFTERNOON: The Packer squad will pull out of here Saturday afternoon on a Northwestern train for the Windy City. During the stay in Chicago, the Green Bay headquarters will be at the Planters' hotel, which is located near the center of the "loop" on Clark near Madison. Captain Lambeau reports his club fit for the fray. There isn't a player on the hospital list and every member of the squad is determined to take a fall out of Paddy Driscoll and the other high priced stars who are on Chris O'Brien's payroll this season.


OCT 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Chicago Bears haven't got their attack working smoothly as yet. In two games the Halas-Sternaman crew haven't marked up a single point. The lack of a good punter is a big handicap to the Windy City Bruins...The Rock Island Independents put up a good battle against the Bears and the tie game was pretty evenly played. Rube Ursella has molded together a bunch of veterans who appear to be hitting on "all eleven"...The veteran Jim Thorpe has donned the moleskins again and he is holding a backfield job for the Islanders. Last Sunday against the Bears he was



OCT 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Headed by Captain Lambeau, the Packer squad left here this afternoon at 3:10 over the Northwestern for Chicago where on Sunday they will face the Chicago Cardinals in a pro league game. Every member of the Big Bay Blues is fit as a fiddle and the players are confident of taking a fall out of Paddy Driscoll & Co. During the stay in Chicago, the Green Bay headquarters will be at the Planters hotel. About 200 fans will wend their way to Chicago for the game. Seats in the Green Bay section are to be sold at Normal park only. A block of  200 reservations have been laid aside for the Packer followers.


OCT 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Sunday October 5 is a "Cardinal" date on the Packers' schedule for more reasons than one. Just when the gridiron world looked rosy, Captain Lambeau's team stubbed its toe at Duluth and the fans are clamoring for a win over the Chicagoans to ease their injured feelings after the Duluthian upset. It is going to be a fighting aggregation sporting the blue and gold of Green Bay in tomorrow's fracas at Normal park and it is our wish that the champs of the Northwest will give a good account of themselves in Chicago...Football fans around these parts will eagerly await the result of the Cleveland-Bear conflict. This is the first big intersectional affair of the pro league season. Cleveland is credited with having one of the strongest aggregations in the country but the Chicago Bruins are not to be laughed at and the Halas tribe may spring a surprise on Sammy Deutch's high priced aggregation, who in past years played under the colors of the Canton Bulldogs.


OCT 5 (Chicago Tribune) - The Chicago Cardinals, piloted by Paddy Driscoll, former Northwestern university star, will clash with the Green Bay Packers this afternoon at Normal park in the second game of the season of the American Professional Football league. Both teams are evenly matched, and with Driscoll's educated toe and his excellent passing ability, the Badger state aggregation will have to be in their best form to put over a win on the local team. Winning from the Milwaukee Badgers last week, 17 to 7, the Cardinals made their first win of the season.


OCT 4 (Chicago) - With fair weather conditions prevailing, a huge crowd is expected to wend its way to Normal park on Sunday afternoon to see Chris O'Brien's Chicago Cardinals tussle with the Green Bay Packers, champions of the Northwest. The game will start about 2:30. The Badger aggregation is coming here with a football machine, which it is said, ranks with the best on the postgraduate gridiron. Green Bay has a line from tackle to tackle, averaging about 215 pounds. In Tillie Voss and O'Donnell, they have two of the best ends in the country while the backfield is studded with stars. The Lambeau-Mathys forward pass combination is hard to beat while Cub Buck, 260 pound tackle, is a kicker extraordinary. The Cardinals have a machine built around Paddy Driscoll, Eddie Anderson and Bob Koehler. Last Sunday the Cards took Milwaukee into camp by a comfortable margin and they expect to hand the Packers the same medicine.


OCT 4 (Columbus) - Considering the Chicago Cardinal-Green Bay Packer game on Sunday one of the most crucial in the pro league, President Joe F. Carr has named three officials. As a rule, the league president only names the referee while the managers each nominate a man. Carr's selections follow: Referee, Cahn; umpire, Whitlock; headlinesman, Holloway.

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