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Green Bay Packers (5-2) 13, Duluth Kelleys (4-1) 0

Sunday November 9th 1924 (at Green Bay)



(GREEN BAY) - The Green Bay Packers wound up their "at home" season in a blaze of glory on Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park by taking a fall out of the undefeated, league leading Duluth Kelleys to the tune of 13 to 0 in a game which was a whole lot more onesided than the score indicates. The Big Bay Blues had it over the visitors like a tent. Duluth was never within scoring distance. Only once during the game did they have the ball on the Packers' 40 yard line. That was in the third period and on the next play the visitors fumbled the oval.


Taking Duluth into camp, the Packers completed their schedule at home at 1000 percent clip. Ironwood was the first victim. Then came the Bears and Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Racine followed in rapid succession. There was seven straight victories at home. Sunday's crowd fell considerably short of expectations as the ticket count showed only slightly over 2,700 "Bayeets". However, the crowd got their money's worth as they saw as bitterly a contested game as had been staged at the park this season. The Duluthians are a rough and ready bunch and the fray hadn't gone five minutes before they began mixing it up at every opportunity.


The Packers soon discovered that it was no parlor affair and they lost little time returning the compliment. Elbows was a much used weapon and every now and then a mailed fist could be seen swinging under a scrimmage pile. It was give and take on both sides but one thing is sure - Duluth learned a few lessons about the ungentle art of pigskin chasing before the final whistle blew. Four officials were used in the game to keep peace in the family. Halsey Hall, the St. Paul sport writer, made his debut here as a referee and he didn't turn in a half bad job considering the rough sea milling. He was fairly successful in keeping on top of the ball all the time.


Duluth had a scrappy team and the Kelleys sure do battle when in the shadow of their goal posts. Three times during the closing quarter did they present a stonewall defense while standing on their own goal line and prevent what looked like sure Packer touchdowns. Some teams don't know when they are beaten and  inches and Duluth seemed to possess this happy faculty. The Packers took the upper hand right after the first kick. Woodin had booted to Duluth and, on the opening lineup, Gilbert tried to circle Dick O'Donnell's end and he was smeared for a 12 yard loss. Standing on the goal line, Gilbert kicked to Hendrian who was dumped about on Duluth's 40. The Packers lost a first down by inches and Duluth punted on its first down. Lambeau and and Hendrian got 8 yards. Then a penalty sent the Bays back five. Lambeau slashed through for 15. Duluth lost 5 on an offside. Buck soon punted out of bounds on Duluth's 20. Three rushes netted the invaders little and Gilbert punted well down the field to Mathys. The Bays soon kicked again and it was Duluth's ball about in midfield.


Captain Lambeau intercepted a pass. Here the Bays lunched an attack with their air drive working nicely and it wasn't long before Tillie Voss cut over behind the goal line and took a pass from Lambeau for a touchdown. Buck kicked the goal. The second quarter had hardly got underway before Earps covered a fumble on Duluth's 30. Two passes moved the Packers up a chalk mark and then Buck missed a placekick by inches. Duluth scrimmaged from the 20 yard mark. Gilbert kicked to Mathys. The ball was downed on the Packers' 25. After several exchanges of kicks and intercepted passes by both sides, the Bay machine got going well. A pass to Voss gained 80 yards and then Mathys got in one of the circus catches, nabbing a toss from Lambeau for the second touchdown. Duluth blocked the attempt for the extra point.


The third period started with the Packers kicking off again. At this stage of the game, Duluth showed signs of life. The visitors uncorked a series of forwards that netted some yardage. But every time the visitors got to midfield, the Packers would either intercept a pass or cover a fumble. Twice during the quarter it looked as if the Packers might swell their score but the Duluthians were pretty "catty" inside their 20 yard line and they knocked down a number of passes. When quarter time was called, the Packers had the ball on Duluth's 30 yard line. The visitors played purely a defensive game in the final quarter and all the play was deep in their danger zone. The Packers would march down the field only to bump into a stonewall about 5 yards from the goal. Duluth would punt and the procession would proceed once more.


Gilbert got away several pretty fair kicks and Duluth can thank its bootsmith for not having the revenge rubbed in deeper. Twice forward passes were grounded behind the Duluth goal line and once Basing grabbed a beauty pass for what looked like a touchdown but Head Linesman Coffee ruled that he was out of bounds when making the catch. The air was full of footballs in the last few minutes of play but the Packers were unable to connect for another score. For the first time this season the Packers made a number of changes in the battle front. All of the players getting action except Lewellen and the former Nebraska captain is sure to have plenty of it next Sunday. Duford went in for Basing late in the second quarter while Hearden took Duford's post at the start of the third period. Wally Neimann went in at

center and Jug Earps moved over to tackle, substituting for Rosatti.


Early in the game, Method, Duluth halfback, took to the sidelines and MacDonald replaced him. In the second half, Kelly, former Northwestern star, took MacDonald's position but he didn't cut much of a figure. Late in the game, Kiley called quits and Carlson stepped into action. This Kiley is a pretty rough boy but he got aplenty. Gilbert was the


outstanding star for the visitors. He chalked up considerable yardage on line bucks and his punting was worthy of comment. Williams, who always plays good football against the Packers, proved himself still to be a considerable lineman. The famous Underwood sort of flivered out at an end.


Tillie Voss continued his brilliant play at end for the Packers and Dick O'Donnell was a demon on the defense. Buck and Rosatti did mighty well at tackle and Jug Earp showed that he hadn't forgotten anything about his old position. Gardner and Woodin turned in a great game at the guards and Wally Neimann was pretty lively at center. Mathys took a terrible pounding but came through nicely. Hendrian was in there battling every minute while Basing, Duford and Hearden filled the bill without complaint. And once again Captain Lambeau turned in one of his super games. The Packer captain sure is playing a banner brand of football this season.




Woodin kicked to Gilbert who was downed on the 20 yard line. Gilbert lost 12 yards attempting to circle left end. Gilbert punted to Hendrian who was downed on Duluth's 38 yard line. Basing made four yards at left tackle. Lambeau picked up four more at the same place. Basing dove for a yard through the right side of the line. Lambeau failed to make it first down by inches. Gilbert kicked to Mathys who was downed on the Packers' 30 yard line. Lambeau smashed through right tackle for five yards. Hendrian hit center for three yards. The Packers were penalized five, but on the next play, Lambeau dodged through right tackle for fifteen yards. Hendrian lost a yard. Lambeau was downed for a ten yard loss, but the play was not allowed and Duluth was penalized five yards. A forward pass failed. Buck punted out of bounds on Duluth's 20 yard line. Gilbert hit center for two yards. B. Rooney gained five. Method connected for one. Gilbert punted to Mathys on the Packers' 25 yard line. Lambeau failed to gain. Basing made three yards. Buck attempted a pass which failed, and on the next play, punted to Gilbert who returned to midfield. Lambeau intercepted a pass in the center of the field. Hendrian made two yards; Basing added two, and Mathys made a short pass to Lambeau, who ran to Duluth's 30 yard line. Hendrian made two yards. Basing made two, and Lambeau made it first down. Hendrian made five yards at center, and then Lambeau passed 20 yards to Voss, who caught the ball behind the goal line. Buck kicked goal and the score was Packers 7, Duluth 0. Gilbert kicked off for Duluth, the ball sailing over the goal line.


Buck immediately punted, the ball being downed and put in play on Duluth's 30 yard line. On the first play, Earps recovered a Duluth fumble. Hendrian made one yard. On a lateral pass from Lambeau, Hendrian made 10 yards. Another pass failed, and Buck's attempted placekick was wide of the mark by inches. The ball was put in play on Duluth's 20 yard marker. Gilbert made five yards, and then punted to the Packers' 25 yard line. Buck attempted to forward pass and failing, punted to Duluth's 35 yard line. Gilbert made two yards. Gilbert kicked 40 yards to Mathys. Basing hit the line for four yards; Lambeau passed ten yards to Mathys, and then hit the line for nine yards more. Hendrian made it first down. Gilbert intercepted a Packer pass. On the next play, Gardner broke through downing Gilbert for a ten yard loss. Gilbert punted to Mathys who was downed on the Packers' 40 yard line. Basing fumbled but recovered. Buck was downed for a ten yard loss. Buck then kicked to Gilbert in midfield. A pass failed, and Voss intercepted the next Duluth pass. Basing made three yards. Hearden was substituted for Basing. Lambeau passed to Voss for a thirty yard gain. Another forward pass, Lambeau to Mathys, was good for 20 yards and a touchdown. Buck's kick was blocked, and the score was Packers 13; Duluth 0. Time was called shortly after the next kickoff.


Woodin kicked off, Duluth putting the ball in play on its 20 yard line. A forward pass was incomplete. A pass, Gilbert to B. Rooney, was good for ten yards. Another pass, Gilbert to C. Rooney, was good for ten yards. Voss intercepted the next pass on Duluth's 40 yard line. Lambeau failed to gain. A forward pass was incomplete. Buck punted to Gilbert, who was downed on Duluth's 20 yard line. C. Rooney passed to Gilbert for five yards. C. Rooney then crashed the line for four yards. Gilbert made it first down. Gilbert passed to B. Rooney for five yards. B. Rooney hit the line for a ten yard gain. A forward pass was incomplete. A pass, Gilbert to B. Rooney, gained only one yard. C. Rooney squeezed through for three yards. Woodin recovered a Duluth fumble, and it was the Packers' ball. Hendrian and Hearden failed to gain. Buck passed 15 yards to Mathys, who ran 35 yards. Hearden skirted Duluth's left wing for 6 yards. Lambeau added six on the opposite side. Hendrian made four yards, and Hearden was good for two. Duluth intercepted a forward pass on its 15 yard line. Gilbert immediately kicked to Mathys who was downed in midfield. Lambeau passed five yards to Mathys. Two passes were incomplete. Buck kicked to Duluth's ten yard line. Gilbert punted to midfield. Mathys receiving and taking the ball to Duluth's 45 yard line. Hearden made eight yards on Duluth's left end. A pass, Lambeau to Hendrian, was good for six yards.


Lambeau gained one yards on a wide end run. A pass, Lambeau to Mathys, was completed but advanced the ball only a foot. Gilbert intercepted a Packer pass. Gilbert passed to B. Rooney for a gain of 30 yards. Another pass failed, and then Voss picked a Duluth pass out of the air. Lambeau crashed Duluth's line for 13 yards. A forward pass failed. A second pass was incomplete, and Buck punted to Duluth's five yard line. Gilbert immediately returned the kick, the ball being downed on Duluth's 40 yard line. Hendrian took the ball out of bounds, and play was resumed in the center of the gridiron. Lambeau broke through for ten yards, but the play was recalled, and the Packers penalized for five yards. Hendrian failed to gain. A pass failed, and Buck punted over the goal line, the ball being put in play on Duluth's 20 yard line. Duluth attempted a pass, but it was incomplete. Gilbert ran for ten yards. A pass failed, and then C. Rooney advanced the ball six yards. Gilbert added six. Lambeau intercepted a pass. Harden failed to gain. Basing was substituted at left  half for Hearden. Basing failed to gain. Lambeau passed ten yards to Hendrian. Basing failed to gain. Lambeau punted out of bounds on Duluth's three yard line. Duluth attempted two passes, both being incomplete. Strand, Duluth center, made a high pass on the next play, and Gilbert had to leap for it. He had a hard job preventing a safety, but finally managed to squeeze his way over the goal line near the northeast end of the field. Gilbert then punted to midfield, Lambeau returning the ball to the 30 yard line. Hendrian passed 20 yards to Voss. Basing and Hendrian each made one yard. A forward pass was incomplete, the ball being grounded behind the goal line. Duluth took possession of the ball on its own 20 yard line. Two forward passes failed, and then Gilbert punted to Hendrian who returned the ball to Duluth's 35 yard line. A pass, Lambeau to Hendrian, was good for five yards. Lambeau passed 20 yards to Mathys, who was downed on Duluth's five yard line. Basing caught a pass behind the goal line, but it was out of bounds. Another pass was grounded behind the goal line, and it was Duluth's ball on its own 20 yard line. Two forward passes failed, and Gilbert punted to Hendrian who was downed in midfield. Lambeau passed ten yards to Mathys as the game ended.

DULUTH    -  0  0  0  0 -  0

GREEN BAY -  7  6  0  0 - 13


1st - GB - Tillie Voss pass from Curly Lambeau (Cub Buck kick) GREEN BAY 7-0

2nd - GB - Charley Mathys, 20-yard pass from Curly Lambeau (Buck kick blocked) GREEN BAY 13-0



NOV 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Bellevue park will no more see the Packers this season as the Big Bay Blues wound up their home season Sunday by taking the Duluth Kelleys into camp. This year the Bays swept clean on their home lot, piling up seven victories in a row. This establishes a record. In 1921, Rock Island beat the Packers at home. In 1922, Racine did the trick while last fall the Chicago Bears and Racine flopped the Bays...Halsey Hall, the referee, paid Green Bay quite a compliment. "It was my first experience here," said Hall, who is a sport writer in St. Paul, "and I must admit that I think your town is the best football community of its size in the country. To save my life, I can't see how it is possible to support such a team. The Packers have put Green Bay on the sport map in big letters. I have never seen a club more at home in the air attack."...Dick O'Donnell came out of the battle in pretty good shape. And it sure was a battle. The Duluthians were making things mighty interesting for O'Donnell all the way and he had a couple on top of him every time he went down. The Packer end formerly played with Duluth and the Kellys evidently cut his friendship the minute he migrated to Green Bay..."Cancel your passage east," remarked some wit in the stands after the Packers had scored their second touchdown. And this remark drew a sour smile from Manager Dewey Scanlon who was 

acting as timekeeper. There was more truth than poetry in the outburst as Duluth had a two game trip with Philadelphia and Providence hanging fire on the result of Sunday's game. It is needless to add that now they will probably stay at home...Tillie Voss sure has won a home in Green Bay. The lanky end seems to look better at every start. He gave a great exhibition of football against Duluth. Voss is a superb receiver of the forward pass and he plucks 'em out of the air with but little effort. And what's more, he is as just as good intercepting enemy tosses as he is grabbing his own...Jimmy Crowley was among the missing. The Notre Dame star could not make the trip back home as Coach Rockne wanted all the team to attend the K.C. banquet in Madison on Saturday night. The fans wanted to get a peep at Crowley and the "Where is Jimmy?" question was popped quite often. Maybe next year, they will see a whole lot of the former East Sider who has climbed to a national fame in the collegiate football world...At Milwaukee next Sunday. There will be a thousand seats saved for Green Bay rooters. Let's go.


NOV 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Despite the fact that the Green Bay Packers are sitting in sixth place in the National Pro league percentage table, they stand a fighting chance to carry off national pro honors. It is a tough road ahead for Captain Lambeau's team, but, at the pace that the Big Bay Blues are now traveling, it seems as if is an even break for the eleven to do the trick...MUST WIN ALL: The Packers will have to win all their remaining scheduled games. They face Milwaukee, Chicago Bears, Kansas City and Racine in the order named and all of these contests are played on the road. Cleveland is leading the league with five games won and one tie but Guy Chamberlain's crew bumps into some stiff opposition in the next few weeks. They play Philadelphia on Sunday and they must rub elbows with the Buffalo Bisons, Chicago Bears and Cardinals. Rock Island has an easy game Sunday with Kansas City but the Independents are booked for an eastern trip and it wouldn't be at all surprising if they got knocked off. Philadelphia is called on to face the best in the country and they have a couple of double weekend bills schedules. This is a tough strain on a team...DULUTH OUT OF RUNNING: Duluth is out of the championship as the league rules call for a team to play seven league games and Duluth has only mixed in four and has no more scheduled. The Bears are going to buck up against the cream of the postgraduate elevens and, if the Packers can beat Halas & Co. in Chicago on November 23, the Windy City Bruins will have to take a back seat in the championship row. If the Packers are successful in the remaining four scheduled games, they will have won nine and lost two, giving the Bays a percentage of .818 which will just about carry off national professional football honors.



NOV 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A thousand seats have been set aside for followers of the Green Bay Packers who journey to Milwaukee on Sunday to see the Badger state champs have it out with the Cream City pros at Athletic park, the backyard of Otto Borchert's Brewers. Tickets will be on sale in Milwaukee at the Wisconsin hotel. The gates at the park will be opened about one o'clock. The game is scheduled to start about 2 o'clock...EXPECT BIG CROWD: Reports from Milwaukee carry the news that Manager McGurk is counting on his biggest crowd of the season. The game is being advertised as the feature contest of the year at home and the Milwaukee management is pulling every string possible for a capacity house. A victory for Milwaukee over the Packers would just about save the season for Manager McGurk and he promises to have his team at top form to turn back the famous gridders from "up north". The Packers are not letting any grass grow under their feet these days and daily workouts are being staged on the practice grounds. The team came out of the battle with Duluth in pretty good shape and every players on the squad will be fit for the fray when the whistle blows in Milwaukee on Sunday.


NOV 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A play by play service on the Green Bay Packer-Milwaukee Badger game in Milwaukee on Sunday has been arranged for in Turner hall. A special wire direct from Athletic park in the Cream City is to be set up and the folks at home in Turner hall will get all the high and low spots of the argument hot off the gridiron. The Press-Gazette playograph will be used. A nominal admission is to be charged and the financial returns, as usual, will be given over to the Green Bay Football corporation.



​NOV 13 (Milwaukee) - Every once in awhile this staid old city gets a bit excited over a professional football game and the time is at hand. The Packers are coming and that's the reason. For years, the football fans have been following the fortunes of Green Bay's mighty football team and every time they play, Milwaukee lays aside its skat parties, etc. to journey out to Athletic park and see those "up staters" chases the pigskin...GO ON FOR EVER: Teams may come and teams may go but the Big Bay Blues seem to go on forever. Every year the Packers produce winners with due regularity and right now they are one of the best drawing cards in the NFL. Milwaukee gets a chance to see many of the postgraduate teams but they generally pass up the opportunity and wait until the Lambeau-Buck combination blows into town. Last year when the Packers played here nearly 7,000 paid their way into the game. It was the biggest crowd of the season and Manager McGurk, who has had pretty slim pickings this season, is hoping for another bumper throng...SAVE THOUSAND SEATS: The Milwaukee management has set aside a thousand seats for the Green Bay rooters. This isn't a press story. It is am honest-to-goodness fact. The Bay and Northeastern Wisconsin follows the Packers like Princeton does its Tigers. Green Bay will all be here Sunday, everybody from Mayor Wiesner down to the high school kids who will ride blind baggage just to show the kind of spirit that has been a cardinal factor in putting Green Bay on the pro football map with big letters. The Packers are coming. This stands for football what Barnum and Bailey does in the circus


game and, unless the dope goes astray, it will be one of the greatest games of professional football ever staged in Otto Borchert's backyard, Athletic park.


NOV 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Cleveland uncorked a rapid fire attack against Akron and pushed across a pair of touchdowns in the first four minutes of play. The Niedmen made their lone marker in the third period following a blocked punt...Buffalo came through with a 27 to 0 victory over the Kenosha Maroons. The Bisons showed flashes of their real form and the visitors from the Badger state failed to kick up much trouble during the argument...The mighty will meet Sunday in Cleveland when the Philadelphia Yellowjackets do their stuff against the Bulldogs. The clubs seem evenly matched. Earlier this season they played in a 3 to 3 ties in Quakertown...The Dayton Triangles slipped another notch down the ladder as the Chicago Cardinals chalked up a victory 23 to 0. De Stefano, former Northwestern gridder, made his first appearance with the Windy City Southsiders...Al Nesser continues to crack 'em hard for the Akron club and he sure is a hero in his old hometown. Al is the last of a famous family of footballers still in action and he isn't glimmering the name...Columbus made things interesting for the Bears but Little Joe Sternaman had another field day and the Ohioans were forced to accept defeat. Sternaman made one touchdown and twice booted goals from the field...Oscar Knop, Bears' fullback, pulled one for the book in the Columbus game. He grabbed a loose ball and started top speed for the Bruins' goal. Dave Healy caught him from behind on the five yard line...Armstrong, Rock Island backfielder, broke the limelight against Racine when he scampered 19 yards through an open field for a touchdown, turning defeat into victory by a score of 6 to 3...Akron will attempt to teach the Cardinals a football lesson in Chicago this weekend. Wins haven't been a plentiful article around the Akron football camp this fall although the team is playing pretty good ball...The Bisons start their traveling schedule with an engagement in Dayton with the Triangles. Buffalo is looking for revenge because in the first meeting of the season, the Daytonians romped off with a 7 to 0 success...The Chicago Bears and Racine Legion are going to try and settle the 10-10 knotted count several weeks back in the Windy City. Romney's eleven always give the Halas combination the stiffest kind of an argument...There should be quite a pigskin conflict in Rock Island when the Independents knuckle down with Kansas City. The Blues are the only team to beat the Islanders this fall and Rube Usella's game is looking for revenge...Rumors that the Kenosha club has hit the financial rocks are unfounded and Manager George Johnson claims his eleven will carry on until the curtain is pulled down. The Maroons haven't been doing very well at home...The Green Bay Packers start a four game road jaunt this weekend by giving battle to the Milwaukee Badgers. The Bays meet the Bears on the following. Play Kansas City on Thanksgiving Day and hop to Racine for November 30...Unless somebody pulls Cleveland down a peg in the next few weeks, Guy Chamberlain will have won three professional football championships in a row. Chamberlain put over two winners while bossing the Canton team...In Boynton and Kaw, Buffalo has a pair of the best halfbacks playing in postgraduate football. Their brilliant performances on the gridiron have cut a big figure to the success of the Bisons in the pro circuit...Schell turned in a good job at fullback for Columbus against the Bears. He crashed through for the only Tiger touchdown. Schell is a mighty useful backfielder as he can play any of the jobs in the rear line...The Green Bay Packers pulled Duluth off the top of the heap in the pro league in a hard fought game, 13 to 0. The Northerners were hopelessly outclassed as they never got inside of the Badger champs' 40 yard line...In the Armistice Day game at Kansas City, Milwaukee bit the dust, 6 to 3. Corgan picked up a fumbled punt and ran for a touchdown in the opening period. Later in the game, Red Dunn negotiated a lone field goal...The Minneapolis Marines shook their anti-score jinx by putting over a touchdown in Sunday's game against Milwaukee. It was the first time this season the Gophers have counted. The Badgers won the argument, 28 to 7.


NOV 14 (Milwaukee) - The Green Bay club at Marquette U, which is about 50 strong, plans to attend Sunday's professional football game at Athletic park between Green Bay and Milwaukee. There is much interest on the Marquette campus over the game and the Green Bay students are wagering everything that they can get a hold of that Captain Lambeau's team will ride to victory. Around the betting boards in Milwaukee the Packers are ruling 5 to 3 favorites.


NOV 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - From present indications, the Green Bay Packers will have nearly a thousand rooters in the stands at Athletic park, Milwaukee, on Sunday when they prance out on the gridiron to give battle to the Badgers. The game is schedule to start about 2 o'clock. The Packer headquarters in Milwaukee will be at the Wisconsin Hotel. Reservations have been made for 18 men and the players will have a good night's sleep before mixing with the Conzelman-McGurk clan...PLEASED WITH OFFICIALS: The selection of officials by President Joe Carr has been favorably received here as Bobby Cahn is, without doubt, one of the best referees on the postgraduate gridiron. Neither St. John or Otto Engel have ever worked Packer games before but these Chicagoans have seen several years of service in the pro wheel. Reports from Milwaukee have it that the football fans are tuning up to the game nicely. Every indication points to a capacity house. The Green Bay section is located on the west side of the field, the same as last year. The Packers draw better than any other team in the Cream City and if there isn't 6,500 in the park, McGurk, the Milwaukee manager, will be ready to pull stakes and locate elsewhere. The Packer squad will be in tip top shape for the game. The hospital list is practically cleaned up and all the invalids are back in playing form. Lewellen will probably be seen in action for the first time in over a month, while O'Donnell came out of the Duluth game with no further injuries to his leg.



NOV 15 (Milwaukee) - The biggest game of the professional football season in Milwaukee will be staged Sunday afternoon at Athletic park when the Green Bay Packers, champions of the Northwest, give battle to the Milwaukee Badgers. The kickoff is scheduled at 2 o'clock. The Big Bay Blues are coming into the Cream City backed up by nearly a thousand rooters while the Milwaukee clan is rallying its forces for a capacity turnout. The stage is also set for a brilliant fray which will probably be enlivened by the bitter rivalry between the teams...THREE NEUTRAL OFFICIALS: The crucial conflict will be handled by three neutral officials named by Joe F. Carr, president of the NFL. Cahn is to referee; St. John will umpire and Engel is the head linesman. They are all from Chicago. Milwaukee is determined to knock the Packers off their high perch in the percentage table and Manager McGurk has put his charges through an intensive course of sprouts and it is said that every member of the Badger squad is right on edge for the fray. In Conzelman, Dunn, Weller and Widerquist, Milwaukee boasts of some of the best pigskin chasers on the postgraduate gridiron...PACKERS LONG FAMOUS: The Packers have long been famous in the pro game and this year's team is the strongest that has ever represented the Big Bay Blues. The Green Bay eleven has just completed a home stretch during which they marked up seven straight victories. The Green Bay club has a forward line of giants, all weighing over 200 pounds; a pair of sterling ends and a backfield hat is composed of consistent ground gainers. Lambeau is a wonderful forward passer while in Cub Buck, the Bays have a bootsmith second to none. It is a pretty tough team to beat.


NOV 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Hundreds of


Packer followers from Green Bay and Northeastern Wisconsin will attend the game in Milwaukee on Sunday. The advance guard of Packer followers got away early this morning. Some planned to take in the game at Madison today or attend the Marquette-North Dakota tilt but they will all be in the stands at Athletic park when the whistle blows to bring together the Packers and Badgers. A thousand seats have been reserved for the Packer rooters in the grandstand on the west side of the field. The Packer headquarters during the Milwaukee stay will be at the Wisconsin hotel.


NOV 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Manning Vaughan, writing in an amusing vein, pays Cub Buck, the Packer football star, many compliments as to his ability on the gridiron. Evidently, the Milwaukee sport editor thinks Buck's 265 pounds count for a whole lot when it comes to chasing the pigskin. The "weighty" offering follows: "Cub Buck, whose aldermanic bay windown is an outstanding feature of the NFL, invades Athletic park Sunday with the Green Bay Packers. Buck is one of the mystery men of football. He looks like a bloated bond clipper, and he usually gets a laugh when he trots out on the field behind a paunch that would do credit to an old time lager tester. But once in action Cub is far from being either an object or subject of laughter. He tears up a line with the same old ferocity that made him such a hero at Wisconsin, opening gaps big enough to drive a flivver through. He has an uncanny knock of sensing the opposition's strategy, and guessing their signals, and he is usually in the right spot to stop a drive when the enemy has the ball. And running into Buck is something like running headon into a brick pile. That front porch is a thing of adamant and more than one athlete has sprained his neck by rushing his head against that inviting target. Buck was a great football player at Madison and he is just as great in professional football. A few Cub Bucks at Wisconsin this year would go a long ways solving Jack Ryan's problems."

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