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Green Bay Packers (3-1) 31, Milwaukee Badgers (0-2) 0

Sunday October 11th 1925 (at Green Bay)



(MILWAUKEE) - Coming back into their own with a vengeance, the Green Bay Packers smothered the Milwaukee Badgers by the score of 31 to 0 in a pro league football game Sunday afternoon at the City stadium. Incidentally, a new star bobbed upon Green Bay's football horizon. It was Marty Norton. Starting his first game as a backfielder for the Packers, the former Minneapolis Marines ace cut loose with a few capers that would put Red Grange to shame.


Norton gave as good an exhibition of open field running as has every been seen on a Green Bay gridiron. He made three touchdowns besides piling up a mountain of yardage in his sensational rushes. Norton was as slippery as an eel and he simply "wormed" his way around, through, over and under the husky Milwaukeeans. Although Norton was the "ace" of the game, every other member of the Packer squad covered himself with glory. Captain Lambeau turned in a splendid exhibition. His passing was right to the top and his educated toe is becoming more polished in each counter. Aside from chasing a dropkick through the uprights from the 35-yard line, Lambeau added the point on each of the tries after touchdown.


George Abramson and Walter Jean each played their first full game for the Packers and did their job up brown. Abramson showed that he has not lost any of his ability that made him an All Conference guard while at Minnesota last year. Wilkins finally got his chance to display his gridiron wares when he replaced George Vergara and the crowd put the stamp of approval on the newcomer. Vergara wasn't feeling well and it was deemed best to give him a well-earned rest. Buck continued his brilliant play at tackle and Earpe did everything that was asked of him and a little bit more. Moose Gardner went in at tackle for Earpe and played bangup football. Dick O'Donnell was a bulwark at end while Ojay Larson turned in a finished job at center.


Mathys got away nicely at quarterback. He passed fine and ran back a couple of punts in oldtime style. Basing hit 'em hard at fullback until he got a bang in the head and then Jack Harris took up the task and breezed along in varsity style. Old Hank Gillo, he of goal kicking fame, didn't get close enough to do any sharp shooting for the uprights. The famous goal kicker was inserted in the fray by Milwaukee at the start of the third quarter. He celebrated his entrance by tearing off one 30 yard run. It was on just the same kind of play that Gavin got away with in the Rock Island game. Gillo looked pretty good and Bryan, last year with the Bears, also played in good. Shorty Barr was covered like a tent and his famous forward passing was conspicuous by its absence.


Although the game was a bit onesided, it furnished  plenty of excitement for the spectators. There was a lot of open football and long runs by the Packer backs were frequent. Milwaukee did not have any offense to speak of. The visitors made only two first downs during the entire game and not once were they within the 30 yard line. The game was cleanly played and the only penalties inflicted were for offside. The Packers suffered a number of setbacks for offside and several were inflicted after the Bays had made lengthy gains.


There was a lot of snap and pep to the Packers' attack. A number of formations were tried out and they worked nicely. The Bay forwards blocked well and they were giving a lot of help to the man carrying the ball. The cutting down of prospective tacklers paved the way considerably for Norton to come clean on several of his sensational runs. Shorty Barr didn't have any too pleasant a time receiving kicks. With Lewellen on the bench with his injured ankle, Buck returned to the punter's role and his high kicks enabled the Packers to get down under the ball. Nearly every time Barr made a catch, there were a half dozen Bayites on top of him. The crowd was way below expectations. The total paid attendance was less than 2,300. Although the victory was sweet enough, it was rather costly to the management because the expenses of the game ran about $1,000 over the cash receipts.


Hostilities opened by Milwaukee kicking off to the Packers. Earpe took the ball and was downed on the 40 1/2 yard line. After two rushes the Packers lost a "V" for offside. Buck kicked far down the field. Milwaukee began action on its 17-yard mark. The Brewers couldn't gain. Blood's punt was partly blocked and Norton covered for the Bays on Milwaukee's 35 yard line. On the second lineup, 


Vergara grabbed in a long pass and was dumped on Milwaukee's 10 yard line. A touchdown loomed but the invaders braced and held for downs, inches from the goal line. Blood punted out to Milwaukee's thirty. And the Packers got going again. After three rushes which netted little gain, Lambeau stepped back to the 35-yard line and booted a field goal.


Then came one of the laughs of the game. Barr, kicking off for Milwaukee, booted to Buck. Cub tucked the ball under his arm and started goalward. He ran to midfield before being dumped and then fumbled the ball which was covered by the noisy Mr. Nadolny to his glee. There wasn't much doing for the remainder of the quarter. Then time was called, the Packers had the ball on Milwaukee's 28 yard line. On the second play of Period No. 2, Lambeau passed to Norton and the midget back sidestepped his way for a touchdown. Lambeau kicked the goal. Milwaukee kicked off again. Norton ran the ball back to the 25-yard line. After several cracks, the Bays lost 5 yards for offside and Buck punted to Milwaukee's 45. The visitors tried two plays and then kicked. It was covered close to the Packer goal.


Buck punted out to the Packers' 40. Milwaukee gained little yardage and Barr kicked. Mathys came back fast and reached the 45 yard line before he was dropped. After several plays, a pass, Lambeau to Norton, put the pigskin on Milwaukee's 30. Another pass, Lambeau to Mathys, netted a chalk mark. Then Mathys tossed one to Harris, who was downed 5 yards from the Milwaukee goal line. Three plays brought the ball closer to a score and, finally, Norton on a cut back, slid over for a touchdown. Lambeau kicked the goal. Milwaukee kicked off once more. After several exchanges, time was called with the ball in the visitors' possession on their own 40 yard line. Starting the third quarter, Abramson kicked off for the Packers. On the first scrimmage, Gillo pierced the Bays' forward wall for 32 yards. He carried the pigskin to the Packers' 38 yard line. A forward pass, Barr to Blood, advanced five yards. Here the Milwaukee drive stopped. Buck intercepted Barr's pass and dashed about ten yards before he was stopped. A pass to Mathys gained a chalk mark. The visitors held for three downs and Buck booted to Barr. Shorty didn't like the Blue army around him and signaled for a free catch. Barr fumbled but recovered. Mathys grabbed off a Milwaukee pass on the Bays' 40. Shortly after Buck kicked over the Milwaukee goal line and the visitors scrimmaged on their twenty.


Bryan got eight yards but the next two plays fizzled and Gillo kicked out of bounds on the Packers' 40 yard mark. Buck kicked to Barr who was dumped by Wilkins on Milwaukee's 8-yard line. Lambeau returned Gillo's punt to Milwaukee's 40 yard chalker. Norton got 22 yards outside of tackle and shortly after he took a pass from Mathys for his third touchdown of the game. Lambeau kicked the goal. Time was called for the third quarter. Gillo kicked off to Harris who ran it back to the Bays' 35-yard line. Lambeau got away for five and Harris added two. Lambeau sailed a pass to Wilkins who made a dandy catch being dumped close to Milwaukee's goal but the Packers were offside and the ball was brought back. Buck passed to Lambeau for a good gain and Norton got another first down.


A pass, Lambeau to Mathys, netted good yardage. Lambeau slashed through center for a chalkmark. Lambeau came through with another first down and it was goal to go. After two plays, Harris crashed over for a score and Lambeau added the extra point. Gillo kicked off again. The Bays opened fast. Lambeau hurled a long pass to O'Donnell who made a pretty catch but fumbled when tackled. Barr picked it up and ran to Milwaukee's 25. Gillo punted and Buck immediately returned the favor. Abramson intercepted a pass on Milwaukee's thirty and after the next play time was called.



Blood, Milwaukee halfback, kicked off to Earpe on the 30-yard line who returned the ball to the 40 yard line. Basing was sent over center for a 3 yard game. Lambeau, on a left end run, added 4 yards more but Green Bay was penalized for offside and the ball was taken back to the 37 yard line. Lambeau lost one yard trying to penetrate left tackle. Buck, standing on his own 27 yard line, punted to Barr who was downed on Milwaukee's 17 yard line. Bryan gained a yard at left end on a fake punt. Pass from Barr to Blood was incomplete. Blood's punt was partially blocked but was recovered by Norton on Milwaukee's 35 yard line. Basing crashed over center for 3 yards. Norton gained one yard over right tackle. A pass, Lambeau to Vergara, placed the ball on Milwaukee's ten yard line. Norton smashed over right guard for 2 yards more. Basing took the ball to Milwaukee's 4 yard line. Basing failed to gain at right tackle. On the fourth down, Basing was sent through the left side of the line but was stopped after making one yard. The ball was placed on Milwaukee's 2-yard line and the Badgers took up the attack. Blood punted to the 30 yard line where Norton was downed in his tracks. Norton made 3 yards off right tackle. Lambeau's forward pass was knocked down. Basing, on a center smash, gained 2 yards. Curly stamped the earth on the 35 yard line and his dropkick sailed squarely between the bars for the first 3 points of the game. Score: Packers 3, Milwaukee 0. Shorty Barr kicked to Buck on the 30 yard line who returned the oval to the 50 yard line but fumbled when he was thrown to the ground. Nadolney recovered the ball. Barr, on a center play, failed. Bryan gained one yard around left end. Barr's pass was incomplete. Mathys received Blood's punt on the 8 yard line and returned to the 12. Time was taken out at this juncture for Milwaukee. Norton, attempting to skirt right end, was stopped at the line of scrimmage. Buck punted to Barr on the 37 yard line who returned the ball to the 40 yard line. Blood was stopped at left tackle and Bryan, on a similar play, failed to gain. Larson, Green Bay center, intercepted Barr's forward pass on the on the 40 yard line and was thrown as he caught the ball. Lambeau smashed through left tackle for a 5 yard gain. Basing went through left guard for seven yard more and first down. Time out for Milwaukee. Lambeau was stopped at center. The timekeepers called the quarter and the teams exchanged goals. Score - Green Bay 3, Badgers 0.


Basing was thrown at the line. Lambeau passed to Norton who received the ball on the 30 yard line and raced for a touchdown. Lambeau added the next point by a dropkick and the score stood at 10-0, Packers' favor. Barr chose to kick and Norton received the ball on the 10 yard line, returning to the 22 line. Lambeau toiled over center for one yard. Green Bay lost 5 yards for offside. Green Bay's ball on their own 17 yard line. Basing ran offside on the 17 yard mark. Buck's punt sailed from the 12 yard line to the Milwaukee 45 mark but no one covered the ball and it remained inactive. Blood, the first play, smashed over right tackle for a 4 yard gain. Bryan made one yard at right guard. Barr's pass was knocked down. Barr punted from the middle of the field to the one yard line and the ball was covered by a Milwaukee end to prevent it from being run out. Buck's punt sailed to the 40 yard line and Barr snatched the ball and stepped offside. Blood was held at right guard. Barr lost 5 yards when he tried to get around O'Donnell at right end. Mason gained one yard over the center of the line. Barr punted from his own 45 yard line to Mathys on the Packers' ten yard line, but Charley returned the ball to the Packers' 45 mark. Basing took the ball outside on a four yard gain. The ball was on the 49 yard line and was taken out into the field for play. Basing hit left tackle for one yard and Captain Lambeau brought in Wilkins for Vergara. Time out for Green Bay. A pass, Lambeau to Norton, placed the ball on Milwaukee's 30 yard line. Norton added 5 more at right tackle by a penalty for offside placed the ball again on the 30 yard mark. Lambeau passed to Mathys and the Bay netted 11 yards, placing the pigskin on the 19 yard line. Lambeau gained one yard at left tackle. Basing went over right guard for one yard. Basing was hurt about the head and Harris was substituted. Mathys passed to Harris who was downed on the Milwaukee 5 yard line. Lambeau gained one yard at guard. Harris got one more through center. Norton, on a plunge through right guard, added six more points to the score and Lambeau's drop made the count Packers 17, Milwaukee 0. Barr kicked off to Harris on the 10 yard line and the Wisconsin ex-captain returned the ball 30 yards. Norton 


Abramson kicked off to Traynor on the 30 yard line and Gillo, on the next play, smashed through the Green Bay line for 32 yards. The ball was on Green Bay's 38 yard line. Barr's forward pass to Blood made 5 yards. Buck intercepted Barr's pass and returned the ball to Green Bay's 38 yard line. Norton went around right end for 7 yards. On the next play Green Bay was penalized five yards for offside. Lambeau hurled a pass to Mathys and the ball was placed on Milwaukee's 43 yard line. Mathys carried the ball out of bounds. Lambeau's forward pass was incomplete. Curly lost 5 yards on an attempt to pass. He was thrown on the 48 yard line. Buck punted to Milwaukee's 20 yard line and Barr signaled a fair catch. He dropped the ball but recovered it on the 20 yard line. Barr failed at center. Mathys intercepted Barr's pass on the Green Bay 40 yard line. Charley returned the ball to midfield. Lambeau gained one yard at left tackle. Lambeau's pass to O'Donnell failed. Another incomplete pass was thrown by Lambeau. Buck punted from his 40 yard line over the goal. The ball was taken out to the 20 yard line. Barr passed but it was incomplete. Bryan made 8 yards on a pass from Barr. Gillo made one yard at center. Gillo punted to Green Bay's 43 yard line but the ball went out of bounds. Norton was held at left tackle. Lambeau got 5 yards at left end. Harris failed at right end. Buck's punt to Barr on Milwaukee's 8 yard line was not returned an inch. Gillo got one yard at center. Barr ran out of bounds on the 8 yard mark. Gillo punted from behind the goal line, to Lambeau on Milwaukee's 45 yard line. The Packer captain returned the ball to Milwaukee's 42 yard line. Norton got 22 yards through right tackle. Lambeau made two yards at left tackle. Norton was thrown for a 2 yard loss. Milwaukee called timeout. A forward pass, Mathys to Norton, settled nicely and the runner flashed over the goal for his third touchdown of the game. Lambeau dropkicked the goal. Score - Packers 24, Milwaukee 0.


Gillo kicked to Harris on the 20 yard line and Harris returned fifteen yards to the 35 yard mark. Lambeau placed the ball on the 40 yard line through right tackle. Harris smashed through center for two yards. Lambeau's pass sailed for thirty yards and was caught by Wilkens but the runner stepped off the gridiron on the 8 yard line. The referee called the ball back to the line of scrimmage again and penalized Green Bay five yards for offside. The ball was on the 29 yard line. Buck passed to Lambeau who carried the ball to the midfield chalkmark. Norton smashed through right tackle and gained ten yards. Harris gained one yard at right tackle. Norton got 2 yards at right end. Lambeau's forward pass to Mathys brought the ball to the 38 yard line after the runner had stepped out of bounds. Lambeau got 12 yards on a fast play through center. Harris went over left guard for a yard. Lambeau got ten yards and a first down over tackle. Harris took the ball to the one yard line. The next play failed. On a smashing play through center with half the Milwaukee team clinging to him, Harris struggled over the line for the final score of the game. Lambeau's dropkick sailed nicely through the uprights. Score, Packers 31, Badgers 0. Gillo kicked off and Harris returned the ball from the 3 yard line to the 35 yard line. Norton smashed out one yard at guard. Norton, receiving a pass from Curly, ran the ball to Milwaukee's 35 yard line. Lambeau passed 45 yards to O'Donnell who grabbed the ball out of the hands of three Milwaukee men. When he was thrown he fumbled and Barr returned the ball to Milwaukee's 25 yard line. Barr stepped out of bounds. Barr's pass to Roessler netted five yards. Gillo gained a yard through center. Barr punted to Mathys who returned the ball to the 35 yard line. Buck punted to Barr who carried the oval out of bounds on Milwaukee's 30 yard line. Abramson intercepted a pass and the ball was placed again on the 30 yard line. Lambeau lost 10 yards when trying to find an uncovered man to pass to and another pass failed as the whistle stopped the struggle.

MILWAUKEE -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY -  3 14  7  7 - 31


1ST - GB - Curly Lambeau, 25-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0

2ND - GB - Marty Norton, 28-yard pass from Curly Lambeau (Lambeau kick) GREEN BAY 10-0

2ND - GB - Norton, 3-yard run (Lambeau kick) GREEN BAY 17-0

3RD - GB - Norton, 20-yard pass from Lambeau (Lambeau kick) GREEN BAY 24-0

4TH - GB - Jack Harris, 1-yard run (Lambeau kick) GREEN BAY 31-0



NOV 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Norton sure won a home here with his brilliant performance. Friday night, Marty was in an auto wreck and got badly banged up but he insisted on starting off the game. Norton had a two inch cut on his chin but bruises and all he came through ala Red Grange and Moon Baker combined...The Bays came out of the game in good condition. There were but few minor bruises and every one of them should be in shape to put up the battle of their lives next Sunday's game against Rock Island. The Bays are dead set on winning and the Islanders are going to have their hands full...A football uniform is a pretty good cure for an injured ankle. All week, Lewellen has been on the shelf but when the fellows began dressing, Lew simply had to put on a suit. As the Packers came on the field, Lewellen ran out with them and the crowd gave him a wonderful hand...Buck sure did give the crowd a thrill when he started his prance down the field after receiving the kickoff. For a time it looked as if the man-mountain might get through but Peaches Nadolny and Barr hit him at the same time and Cub fumbled the ball as he hit the dirt...Gillo went into the game at the start of the second half and he made his presence felt. The former Racine Legion gridder is still a pretty sweet footballer even if some of his speed is missing. Hank can still kick 'em as he did in the days when he gave the Packers a lot of trouble...The crowd cut loose with a few razz-berries at the frequent penalties for offside handed out to the Packers but those who were following the game closely saw that they were deserved. Offsides prove costly at any stage of the game and yesterday they cost the Packers one touchdown...It was the firs time that referee Lawrie ever saw the Packers in action and he paid a compliment to the team. According to Lawrie, the Packers were the best drilled team he has gazed upon this year. The Chicago official was loud in praise of Buck, Norton and Captain Lambeau...The spectators kept a close eye on Abramson, Jean and Wilkins. These players all measured up to standard. Abramson came through with some great blocking while Jean was opening up some big holes in the line. The performance of Wilkins at end more than lived up to advance notices...Seats for the Rock Island game will be on sale tonight. Better get them early because early indications point to a bigger crowd than at the Bear game several weeks ago.


NOV 13 (Rock Island, IL) - Back from Duluth with one more victory tucked under its belt, the Rock Island Independents resumed strenuous training for its conflict with the Green Bay Packers at the Wisconsin city on Sunday. Manager George Johnson had his aggregation on the field at an early hour this morning, putting them through a stiff session of signal drill, trick formations and forward passing. Manager Johnson also stressed the necessity for an airtight forward pass defense, as it is well known that the Wisconsin champions are exponents of this method in advancing the ball...BUILT AROUND LAMB: Much of the Islanders' offensive is bring built around Roddy Lamb, the flashy quarterback, who is expected to cause the Packers a great deal of worry. Lamb is known throughout the country as the "Red Grange of professional football." Although he is a comparatively small man, tipping the scales at 160, he is capable of getting through for good yardage on almost every attempt. It is expected that Manager Johnson will alternate Lamb and Armstrong at the quarterback position, each quarter, thus providing a varied form of offense that should keep the Packers guessing throughout the afternoon...TOUGHEST OF SEASON: Although the Rock Islanders have a heavy schedule that will bring them into action with the best teams in the country, Manager Johnson looks upon Sunday's game as the toughest one of the season. "A national championship is in order if we can whip Green Bay, and we will send a team on the field that will leave no football strategy untried in our effort to do so," Johsnon stated, when asked what the outlook was.


NOV 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - With the report from Rock Island that the famous Independents of that city are pointing for the Green Bay Packers next Sunday, Captain Curley Lambeau is driving his team at a furious clip and likewise is looking forward to the coming encounter as the most important on the remainder of the Packer schedule. Suffering from the sting of the 3-0 defeat handed the Packers by the Rock Island team on October 4, the Big Bay Blues will take the field determined to even the score. All tricks on the Packer list will be resorted to if this is necessary and the hundreds who crowd into the City Athletic Stadium on Sunday will be rewarded with a classy exhibition between two of the greatest teams in the middle west, if not in the entire professional circuit. This assertion can be based upon comparative scores of teams which have played the Green Bay and Rock Island clubs. Philadelphia, conceded to be the pick of the East, met defeat at the hands of Detroit, a team that played the Bears to a tie. As the Packers left the Bears off with the short end of a 14-10 score, it is reasonable to say that the Packers and Rock Island have no peers in the professional game. In the backfield, Rock Island will show Gavin, Novak, Ursella, Armstrong and Roddy Lamb, the first three of whom are familiar to the Green Bay fans...GAVIN GOING GOOD: The work of Gavin at fullback will be watched with keen interest by Packer fans, as he at one time held that position with the local team. Gavin is showing a great deal of class this year and was responsible for the upset given the Packers at their last meeting. By taking the ball for a run of 23 yards, through a broken field, Gavin placed the ball in position for Ursella's dropkick. Ursella, formerly captain of the Minneapolis Marines, is another personage who bears watching. As a halfback, Ursella has few equals. He has all the qualities of an ideal football players, brains, speed, and is a fighter to the last whistle. Eddie Novak, who was a member of the Rock Island team in 1922, is back in the lineup during which time he seems to have lost none of the old zip. His exhibition of broken field running on the day of the memorable Independent-Packer game in 1922 is still sort of a nightmare with the Green Bay folks. He plays the left half position...TWO STAR QUARTERBACKS: Armstrong and Lamb alternate at quarter. They are also headliners in the Rock Island cast, and are equally dangerous. Armstrong plays safety, and in returning punts it is usually a hard job to stop him. Lamb, the alternate quarterback, plays a game similar to that of Marty Norton, the speedy half of the Packers. He is of the same size, is fast, and a very elusive runner. In the line the Independents have Little Twig, famous cohort of Jim Thorpe's at left end; Kolls at center, and Weiderquist and Duke Slater, giant negro, both All-Americans, at guard and tackle, respectively...TOOK THINGS EARLY: According to the sport writer of the Superior Telegram, Rock Island did just about as it pleased in the game against Duluth and his story hints that the Independents could have piled up a much larger score if they had cared to. The story as published in the Superior paper is as follows: "The Duluth professional team yesterday bowed their heads in a crushing defeat administered by the strong team from Rock Island, Ill. The score was only 12 to 0, but Rock Island could have scored several more times if they had really been fighting. During the entire game the Rock Island team appeared to be laying down on the job, and playing with the Duluth team. They would allow the Duluth team to make a gain and then would held them for downs. Little Twig, Rock Island end, was in wonderful form and broke up several plays that would have been good if he has not messed them up. Rock Island completed six out of eight passes during the first half, but did not attempt a pass in the second half. Duluth failed to complete all but one pass. McDonald, Duluth quarterback, was the only man on the Duluth team who displayed real football playing. Slater, huge negro tackle for Rock Island, played good ball."


NOV 14 (Columbus, OH) - President Joe F. Carr of the NFL has appointed Halsey Hall, of St. Paul, as referee of the Packer-Rock Island game at Green Bay on Sunday. The pro wheel chief also appointed K.N. Harts of Duluth as umpire and Chester Wiley of Indiana, head linesman.


NOV 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Through the courtesy of the Stiller company, Cherry St., spectators on Sunday's football game between Green Bay and Rock Island will be presented with a group picture of the Packer team. The job is nearly done up in postal card size and there it includes a photo of every member of this year's great gridiron machine. It is a handsome souvenir.



OCT 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The biggest crowd that ever witnessed a pro football game in Green Bay on Sunday afternoon when the Packers give battle to the Rock Island Independents. At least, that is the handwriting on the wall right now. The game with the Chicago Bears drew close to 6,000 but the Packer management is in hopes of topping this mark this weekend, providing the Weatherman does his part...BIG DEMAND FOR TICKETS: There is a healthy dema d for tickets. Unofficial reports indicate that the advance sale at this early stage is a bit heavier than it was the Thursday before the game with the Windy City Bruins. This is a sure barometer of a bumper throng. However, there should be seats for all. The big grandstand at the city stadium can seat about 4,200 while there is room for about 1,800 in the bleachers, not to mention standing space for another thousand. The policy of the Packer management is a seat for every one at the football games. Many of the places about town have received their second blocks of tickets and the pasteboards are continuing to move fast. Hundreds of requests for reservations have been received for reservations have been received from out of towners. Escanaba, Marinette, Clintonville, Appleton, Marinette, Sturgeon Bay and Neenah-Menasha all will have delegations of football fans present. Seats are being sold in Appleton and Neenah. Quite a few of the Upper Michigan football enthusiasts who are going to the Michigan-Wisconsin game at Madison will stop off here on their way back and give the Packers the once over...MANY SEATS UNSOLD: At the present time, there is approximately 1,500 reserved seats still unsold and the management is confident that this will meet the eleventh hour demand. Those having made reservations at the places about town are asked to pick up their tickets before 8 o'clock Saturday night. To accommodate the latecomers, tickets will be on sale Saturday night at The Press-Gazette from 8 until 10 p.m. and again Sunday morning from 10 a.m. until noon. One of the ticket windows at the park will have reserved seats on sale at 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning. The gates at the 


park will be opened at 12:45. No general admission tickets are sold in advance and the "early birds" in the line at the box office get the pick of the bleacher seats.


OCT 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Rochester Jeffs, known for the past 27 years as the Big Red Team of Rochester, N.Y., will clash with the Big Bay Blues at the City Stadium, October 25, under the terms of a contract received by the management of the Packers yesterday. This big Eastern aggregation of pro gridders was secured to fill the date left open by the withdrawal of Racine from the league only by a happy circumstance which left the date open for both Green Bay and Rochester...HAVE GOOD RECORD: The Jeffs lost to Canton this season by one touchdown, the score being 14 to 7, and tied to Buffalo, 0 to 0, in league contests. In addition they defeated Albany, Atlantic City and Syracuse, numbered among the strongest non-league teams in the East. The Rochester Reds boast one of the finest collections of football stars ever assembled in the history of football in the Kodak City, and they are practicing two hours every day in preparation for the meeting with the Packers, who are not without reputation in the East...GREAT FORWARD PASSER: Lou Smith who plays halfback with the Camera City 


team hails from the University of Texas and has the reputation of throwing a football with the same ease and accuracy that the average man displays in handling a baseball. He was formerly with the Canton Bulldogs and many of the victories of that aggregation can be traced to the accuracy of his passing. Cese Grigg, also of Texas U., and who also played with the Canton Bulldogs is coaching the Rochester team. Shag Sheard, another halfback, is a great broken field runner, resembling Paddy Driscoll and Little Joe Sternaman in this department of the game. Eddy Lynch, Catholic university, Washington, and Gene Bedfore, Texas U., are the Jeff ends. Lynch is a big league ball player, being a member of the Cleveland American League club...WILL PLEASE FANS: The advent of the Rochester Jeffs in Green Bay will generally be received with satisfaction by the fans, it is believed. The distance to Rochester means the greatest expense ever faced by the Packers in bringing a team to Green Bay. There is every reason to believe that the game will prove one of the most interesting ever staged in Green Bay and the Packer management is confident that a capacity crowd will be on hand to see the New Yorkers perform. This coming Sunday, Rochester plays Harry Stuhldreher's Waterbury, Conn., Blues. This is the same club that Jimmy Crowley starred for last weekend.



OCT 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Well aware that the Rock Island contest here Sunday will be one of the most significant on their schedule this year the Packers under Captain Lambeau have been pursuing a strenuous training schedule during the past week. The light exercise afforded by the Milwaukee contest of a week ago permitted almost complete recovery of all of the Packers on the hospital list following the clash with the Rock Island team two weeks ago. The fans are on edge for the contest with the heavy Illinois team and while it is generally conceded that the contest will be a better game to watch than the Bear game, there are other attractions that will bring the fans to the field in thousands for Sunday. Duke Slater and Little Twig could command the attention of football fans if they were cast in bronze and laid away in a museum...WANT TO SEE LAMB: Then the Green Bay spectators want to see Roddy Lamb, the Lombard flash, in action. These three stars coming here Sunday with the visitors have driven the sale of tickets to a high point for this day of the week, and there is every indication that the attendance will approximate that of the Bear game which was the record for football in Green Bay. Gavin who did the plunging for the Packers a year ago took on a new interest for Green Bay fans by his performance against his former teammates two weeks ago, and it will be interesting to many to watch him back on the home grounds Sunday...PACKERS ARE READY: The Packers are in excellent condition. The new players tested out against Milwaukee last week proved themselves perfectly competent. The demand for additional players to take the places of the injured that was prevalent on the street a fortnight past has died down and apparently every one is satisfied with the team that will go against the Islanders Sunday. Not only the fans, but also the Packer management is satisfied that the team is back in its old form and that there is certainly going to be a thrilling football game on the city gridiron next Sunday.


OCT 16 (Rock Island) - Manager George Johnson of the Rock Island Independents has announced that his clan of gridiron performers are in the best of


shape for the pro league game against Green Bay on Sunday and that he is confident that the Islanders will keep their record clean by handing the Packers another defeat. Rock Island has put in a good week of practice. The team has built up a defense against forward passes besides drilling hard on an air drive. The Rock Islanders contingent on the Green Bay trip will be composed of: Little Twig, Cotton, Thompson, Kells, Weiderquist, Slater, Rooney, Armstrong, Novak, Ursella, Gavin, Lamb, Burton, DeClerk, Herman, Anderson, McCarthy, Manager George Johnson, President Walter Bowlby and several newspapermen from the Tri Cities.


OCT 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - New York's aggregation of football all stars got bumped off in their first pro league start at the hands of Providence, 14 to 0. The Broadwayites lacked team play when carrying the ball but their defense was pretty good...Philadelphia dropped its first game of the season to Detroit by the score of 3 to 0. The Yellowjackets played Canton on Saturday and then traveled all night to Detroit. This was a bit too much for Chamberlain & Co...The Chicago Bears finally broke into the win column at the expense of Doc Young's Hammond club, 28 to 7. Led by the Sternaman brothers, the Bruins uncorked a savage attack which crumbled the hard working Hammond line...There is a lot of joy in Pottsville these days as the Maroons sparked Canton, 21 to 0. It was the second game in two days for the Bulldogs and they couldn't stand the strain. Pottsville played first class football...Columbus got its third straight licking of the season in Chicago last Sunday against the Cards. The Tigers were unfortunate to bump up against Paddy Driscoll on one of his good days and the Card leader was the whole show...Kansas City lost to Cleveland, 16 to 13, but the Cowboys looked pretty good in defeat. During the last quarter, Kansas City marched 90 yards down the gridiron for a touchdown, which was made by Hill on a line plunge...For the second week in succession Buffalo played a tie game. The Bisons and Akron struggled through to a 0 to 0 score on a mud-soaked gridiron. Akron outrushed Buffalo but the Koppisch-men kept their goal line clean...Rock Island invaded Duluth and chalked up a 12 to 0 victory. The Islanders played a hard smashing game and held a decided edge over the Northerners. Rooney, ex-Duluthian, held down an end position for the Independents...The Milwaukee Badgers were given a football lesson at Green Bay by the Packers to the tune of 31 to 0. McGurk's hirelings only made two first downs during the entire game and they were never within the Bays' 40-yard line...The two outstanding features of last week's games was Paddy Driscoll's 50 yard dropkick for the Cards against Columbus and the run of the Kansas City halfback, White, for 80 yards and a touchdown in the Cleveland game...There are only three teams in the league that have escaped defeat. Akron, Detroit and Rock Island remained unbeaten although each of the clubs have been held to tie games. The percentage table should be shaken up this week...Pro football fans will watch the New York-Philadelphia two game series with a lot of interest. Saturday, the Giants invade the Quaker City while on Sunday the two clubs will do their stuff at the Polo Grounds in Gotham...Pottsville invades Providence and it should be a battle royal as the Maroons are determined to get even for the reversal suffered at the hands of the Steam Rollers several weeks ago. The clubs look evenly matched...After barnstorming for a month, the Chicago Bears will make a long stay at home in the Cubs park. Cleveland is the attraction this weekend and Parrot's crew is strong enough to give the Bruins plenty of opposition...Each of the three "clean slate" clubs face tough pickings on Sunday. Dayton is billed for an appearance in Detroit; Akron has a grid fray scheduled in Akron while the Rock Island Independents perform in Green Bay...Managers of some of the clubs in the western half of the loop met in Chicago on Monday and ironed some schedule differences which cropped out following the withdrawal of Racine from the postgraduate football circuit...Al Nesser, one of that famous family of pro footballers, has shaken the dust off his moleskins and joined the Canton club. Nesser is still a corking good gridder and he should strengthen the Bulldog machine a lot...Jim Thorpe is looking pretty good for the New York Giants. The veteran Indian is said to be in good shape this fall and Coach Folwell is using him regularly in the backfield. The redskin is a great gate attraction...The injury to Wooky Roberts is a tremendous blow to the Cleveland club. Roberts was playing quarterback for the tribe from Speakerville when he fractured his ankle. He will be out of the game for the rest of the season...Business in the pro football line appears to be pretty good at Frankfort. The Yellowjackets are playing before large crowds at every one of their home games. The encounter with Pottsville drew 12,000, it is said...Gus Sonnenberg, who starred with Detroit U and later played with the Columbus Tigers, is putting up a good brand of football for the Detroit Panthers. Sonnenburg is doing the punting for Jimmy Conzelman's tribe...Robertson, former Carnegie Tech quarterback, is doing everything that is asked of him with the Akron club. This is Robbie's second yard on the pro gridiron and he can easily be ranked with the best field generals...Plaster Ward, Boston college fullback, has been added to the battle front of the Providence Steam Rollers. Ward is noted in eastern collegiate circles for his ability as a line crashing backfielder.



OCT 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Rock Island Independents, one of the strongest teams in the NFL, and the Green Bay Packers will lock horns here on Sunday at the City stadium before a crowd that promises to be a record breaker. The kickoff is at 2:15 and Halsey Hall of St. Paul, Minn., will referee. Regulation periods of 15 minutes are to be played. The husky Islanders haven't been defeated this season and they are sitting at the top of the pro league percentage table along with Detroit and Akron, two other clean slate elevens. Rock Island opened the season by playing a tie game with the Bears. Then they battled to a no decision argument with the Dayton Triangles. Following this contest, they broke the Packers' string of wins by a 3 to 0 victory and last Sunday played around with Duluth, taking the Northerners into camp, 12 to 0, without much trouble...TWO ALL AMERICANS: Rock Island has a pair of All Americans in the lineup. Duke Slater, former Iowa tackle, and Jib Widerquist, an ex W. and J. guard, are the members of the gridiron honor roll. However, these two stars are not the only aces of the Rock Island machine. Roddy Lamb, a product of Lombard college, is just about the fastest pigskin chaser every seen on a postgraduate gridiron while Little Twig, formerly of Carlisle, has a reputation of being a rough and tumble end, second to none.


Armstrong, the Independents quarterback, is a speed merchant and brilliant passer. In Buck Gavin, who played with the Packers in 1923, Rube Ursella and Eddie Novak, the Islanders have a trio of veteran backs who know all the "ins and outs" of the pro game. Kolls, the center, is a tough boy on the gridiron; Rooney is a clever end and Cotton, Notre Dame, a corking good tackle. It is a rugged outfit and the club that beats it is going to have a whole lot to say about the national football championship. The Rock Island squad arrives here about 9 o'clock tonight and they will headquarter at the Beaumont hotel. The Packers haven't forgot the surprise licking they received down in Rock Island two weeks ago and it will be a fighting gang of Bayites that the Independents will have to face. With the exception of Lewellen, the Big Bay Blues are in good shape for the fray and, if it comes to a pinch, the lanky backfielder could go in and grab off a pass or two in his own sensational style...PACKERS ARE READY: Captain Lambeau has drilled his team all week harder than they have worked before this season and everything possible has been done to bring home the bacon. A win for the Packers on Sunday will put Green Bay pretty close to first place in the pro league percentage table. The advance sale of tickets forecasts a record breaking turnout. Football fans for miles around are coming here to see the game which promises to be a battle royal from the first whistle. Although hundreds of ducats have been disposed of, there are still many choice reserved seats available and the latecomers cane be assured of good tickets. The seating capacity at the City stadium is over 6,000 and there is standing room for another thousand...GATES OPEN AT 12:45: Seats will be sold at the usual places around town up until 8 p.m. Saturday night. A ticket window at the park selling reservations only is to be opened at 10:30 Sunday morning. The gates to the field will be swung back at 12:45 for the early arrivals who get their pick of the bleacher seats. As at past games, the American Legion band will be on the job. The musicians will be seated behind the Packers' bench as at the Bear game. There will be a band concert before the game and between halves.


OCT 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There are plenty of good seats still available for Sunday's pro league football game here between Rock Island and Green Bay. Reserved tickets can be secured at The Press-Gazette Saturday night, 8 until 10 p.m., and Sunday morning from 10 a.m. until noon. A ticket window at the City stadium will be opened at 10:30 Sunday morning to accommodate purchasers of reserved tickets.


OCT 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Rock Island fans who are unable to journey to Green Bay tomorrow to be present when the hostilities between the Packers and Independents will be kept in touch with the progress of the game by a special wire direct from the field to an auditorium in that city. As soon as the play is completed here, the operator will flash it to Rock Island, and in turn it will be shown on a playograph, as is done here when the Packers are playing on foreign fields. This system of keeping the fans at home posted on the ups and downs of the game was inaugurated by the Packer management, when the Green Bay team first broke into "big time". Since then several of the clubs have been providing this service to the stay at home patrons. The Rock Island club is bringing with it to Green Bay an expert football reporter, who will read the plays, downs, sidelights, etc., to the operator for transmission.

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