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Green Bay Packers 22, Milwaukee Eagles 7

Exhibition: Sunday October 30th 1927 (at Milwaukee)



(MILWAUKEE) - A slim crow of some 2,700 spectators sat through a pro football combat at Athletic park, Milwaukee, on Sunday afternoon and saw the Green Bay Packers hand Johnny Bryan's Eagles a

gridiron lesson to the tune of 22 to 7. The game was just as one sided as the score would indicate, and perhaps more. The Milwaukee club didn't have an offense to speak of and to make matter worse "Sure Foot" Murphy, the Eagles' kicking ace, must have left his booting slipper in the clubhouse because his spirals were not sailing any distance at all. Heimsch tried his foot at kicking the cowhide and he wasn't any better.


Only twice did the Eagles do anything on the offensive. In in the second period Gerlach scooped up a Packer fumble and never stopped running until he scored a touchdown. If he hadn't seen the goal posts, he would probably be going yet. About midway in the fourth stanza, Curtin was on the receiving end of a forward pass from Heimsch, which was good for 20 yards. This was the only time all afternoon that Milwaukee made a first down. At that, Gerlach's touchdown dash put a bit of life in the game. It came at a time when the natives were beginning to wonder just how big a score the Northerners were going to run up. The Packers had already counted twice and seemed headed for another when a backfield fumble changed the complexion of things. The cowhide had hardly touched the dirt before Gerlach dashed in at express train speed, grabbed the "apple" as Jug Earpe likes to call it, and started toward the goal with the whole pack in pursuit. Several Packers attempted to stop the runaway but Gerlach was making the best of his bid for glory and he shook them off. Several of the Eagles flew in around Gerlach and he was well protected in the touchdown area. It is hard to say who was most surprised over this sudden turn of affairs, the spectators, the Packers or the Eagles themselves.


Packer followers, and there were about 700 of them present, hardly recognized the Big Bay Blues as they lined up for the opening kickoff. The battle front was all changed. Red Smith was filling in for Rex Enright at fullback, Basing and Hearden were playing the halves with Purdy calling the signals. The wings of the line were unchanged but Mayer was moved out from guard to pair up with Perry at the tackle berths. Woodin and Jones were at the guards while Boob Darling was assigned to center. Following a couple of exchanges of kicks, the Bays took possession of the cowhide when Heimsch punted out of bounds on Milwaukee's 40 yard stripe. Purdy picked up a couple yards. Then Basing hurled through for a first down. Red Smith squirmed around right end for 17 yards. He straight armed three of Byran's hirelings on his way. Basing put the ball about a foot from the goal line and Tom Harden was good for the remaining distance. Purdy blew the goal kick. Purdy fumbled the kickoff after running it back to the 40-yard mark but Dilweg covered for the Bays. Basing made a circus catch of a pass from Purdy and he jaunted to Milwaukee's 24-yard line before he was stopped. After three plays hadn't netted much yardage, Purdy chased the cowhide through the uprights for a field goal. It was quite some boot and the crowd warmed up enough to give Pid a hand.


The second quarter was only a few plays old when Gerlach hung up Milwaukee's 7 points. This didn't set too well on the Bays and they stepped on the gas a bit with the result that the Milwaukee spurt didn't amount to anything more than a lone touchdown. About midway in the period, Capt. Lambeau sent Lewellen, Kotal and Dunn into the fray. Two well executed passes put the oval deep into Milwaukee territory. The Bays then fussed around with two line plays. On the next thrust, Lewellen cut through the line, stepped around two Eagles and grabbed a pass from Dunn for another touchdown. Not a single Milwaukee player laid a hand on him during his scoring romp. Dunn's attempt for the extra point was blocked. The Packers kept on tossing the ball around a lot. Just before halftime was called, a Bay pass fell dead in the Milwaukee end zone, the ball just grazing Dilweg's fingers. Early in the third quarter, a Milwaukee punt was blocked and, when the pill was untangled, Dilweg was clinging to the ball as if it were a Marquette homecoming bouquet. Dick O'Donnell grabbed a pass for a good gain. Eddie Kotal got a first down in a couple rushes and Red Dunn cut back over tackle for a touchdown.


Then followed the feature play of the game (Mr. Gerlach excepted). The teams lined up for the goal after touchdown play with Dunn back ready to kick and Kotal kneeling to spot the oval after getting it on a pass from Darling at center. The Eagles charged pretty fast and they were just about on Kotal when he got the ball. Eddie used his head. Instead of slapping it down and letting Dunn make a fruitless attempt to boot the ball, he grabbed the cowhide and looked around for somebody to pass to. He sighted Dilweg over the goal line and shot it to him on a "bee line" just as three of the Eagles put their claws on him. It was a pretty play and the spectators showed their approval. This ended the scoring for the day. The Bays sort of let up speed and seemed content to drift along. In the meantime, the Badgers were trying to do something but aside of  Curtin's stab of one pass, the Eagles didn't even get to first base.


In the final minutes of play, the crowd started roaring for several of the Bay headliners and Capt. Lambeau, Lewellen and Earpe went into the game. A couple of fine dashes by Lewellen and a well directed pass, Lambeau to Dunn netting 17 yards, put the Bays up there mighty close again but an air thrust failed as the whistle blew for the end of the game. The Bays came through the combat without a sign of an injury. Possibly a bit of the Packers' usual fight and dash was missing but this was sort of looked for as the club hadn't keyed a single bit for the skirmish with the Eagles. It wasn't necessary and the club breezed along to a soft victory. With as tough a schedule as the Packers are playing, a let-up like the Milwaukee


game is absolutely necessary in order to have the team at "razor edge" for the more important conflicts, one of which will be played in Chicago on Sunday against the Cardinals.

GREEN BAY -  9  6  7  0 - 22

MILWAUKEE -  0  7  0  0 -  7


1ST - GB - Tom Hearden, 1-yard run (Pid Purdy kick failed) GREEN BAY 6-0

1ST - GB - Purdy, 30-yard field goal GREEN BAY 9-0

2ND - MIL - Lester Gerlach, 55-yard fumble return (Goggins kick) GREEN BAY 9-6

2ND - GB - Verne Lewellen, 20-yard pass from Red Dunn (Dunn kick blocked) GREEN BAY 15-6

3RD - GB - Dunn, 3-yard run (Eddie Kotal to Lewellen pass) GREEN BAY 22-6



NOV 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Big Bay Blues started their drill this morning in preparation for the Cardinal game, which will be played at Normal park in Chicago on Sunday. Capt. Lambeau counted noses and found that all of his gridders came out of the gridiron burlesque in Milwaukee without any injuries. It is expected that Cahoon, Enright and Rosatti, the trio of Packer players who were not in uniform for the tilt with the Eagles, will be in shape to do their stuff against the O'Brien-Chamberlin outfit. Tiny was suffering from a twisted knee. Rosie had a sprained ankle while Enright's wrist was a bit out of whack...SMITH DID WELL: The game in Milwaukee showed the Red Smith can do a good job at fullback while Boob Darling's play at center attracted favorable comment. Tommy Hearden got along nicely and Myrt Basing was very much alive all the time. One thing is certain, the Packers are pretty well supplied with reserve material. However, the Bays will have to be hitting on all eleven Sunday if they expect to bring home the bacon. The Cards put up a much improved game against the New York Yanks. According to newspaper accounts, they were ahead in everything but the final score. It would appear that Coach Chamberlin has got his team running smoothly and, if this is the case, there is a real battle royal ahead of the Bays...LINEUP IS STRENGTHENED: Chris O'Brien has bettered his lineup since he played here. The Cardinal has cut loose from Ike Mahoney and several of the other veterans who were trying to get by on their reputations of other years. The Cards have added Kells, a former Rock Island center, who was here with the N.Y. Yankees. They purchased Gil Moran, a kicking specialist from the Frankford Yellowjackets. Aside from his booting ability, young Mr. Moran is also said to be quite a pass thrower. Marty Bross, who was a member of the Packer squad during the early part of the season, is now drawing his salary from the Cardinal management. Rhoddy Lamb and Swede Erickson, two of the Cards' star backs, who were ailing when Chicago played here, are back in the lineup again and they will face the Packers Sunday. These two carriers rate among the best in the pro game...LEAVE SATURDAY MORNING: It is probable that the Packers will leave here early Saturday morning for Chicago. This will enable the players to reach the Windy City in time to hustle out to Stagg field and see the Western Conference game between Chicago and Michigan. It is the first time that these two Big Ten teams have met on the gridiron in years. While in Chicago, the Big Bay Blues will headquarter at the Cooper-Carleton hotel, which is located at Hyde Park-blvd. and 53rd-st. A direct wire will connect the C.C.C. auditorium with the playing field in Chicago and as fast as anything happens in the Packer-Card game Ed Johnson will shoot it hot over the wire to the floks at home.


NOV 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Dayton Triangles will play the Packers in Green Bay on Sunday, Nov. 13, at the City stadium. It will be a league game. Dayton had booked the New York Giants but an attractive offer from the Packer management caused the Ohioans to switch around and accept the bid to come to Green Bay. Confirmation of the schedule change was received by wire from President Joe F. Carr of the National league this morning.


NOV 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Jim Durfee of Columbus, O., has been appointed by President Joe F. Carr of the NFL to referee the Packer-Cardinal game in Chicago on Sunday. Horse Edwards, of South Bend, will be the umpire while E. Olson, of Gary, Ind., is to be the head linesman. Both Edwards and Olson handled the same jobs last season in the game at Normal park when the Bays put the skids under Chris O'Brien's hirelings, 3 to 0. Durfee is the ace of President Carr's officiating staff. He is generally assigned to the important games. Last year, the Columbus officials worked the Packer-Detroit tilt in the Motor City and the Green Bay players were very well satisfied in the way he handled the contest...HEEDED PACKER REQUEST: President Carr in naming these officials the request of the Packer management that no Chicagoans handle any of the Packer games in the Windy City. It is expected that capable outsiders will also officiate the Packer-Bear bout on Nov. 20 at Cubs park. This is a tough week of drills for the Bays. Capt. Lambeau is working the team at top speed in order to have the players in the pink for the tussle with the Cardinals. The injured list is clearing up a bit and it is quite likely that all of the hospital patients will be ready to take their places in the battle front when the whistle blows...NOT OVERCONFIDENT: The Bays are not suffering from an attack of overconfidence. The team knows that the Cards are pretty tough to beat in their own backyard and what's more the players realize that Chamberlin and his gridders will all be tuned up to high "C" in hopes of getting even for the licking they received here a few weeks back. From the talk around town, the Packers won't be without friends in the south side ball park on Sunday. Many of the fans are going to make the trip to the Windy City. Some of the football followers are starting early Saturday so as to take in the Chicago-Michigan game as an"eye opener" to the pro football combat. There should be a large crowd at the Columbus club for the gridgraph presentation of the game. This will be the first time this season that the dots and dashes have flashed across the board and many of the fans get a real kick out of the "inside" game. A direct wire will link Normal park, Chicago, with the C.C.C. and the happenings will be recorded at home only a few seconds after they are pulled off in Chicago.


NOV 2 (Chicago) - Guy Chamberlin, coach of the Chicago Cardinals, has laid down the law to his ball club. If they don't whip the Packers on Sunday at Normal park, Chamberlin has threatened to launch a housecleaning that will lop off about a dozen heads. The Cardinal coach isn't used to getting beat. So far this season, the team has dropped more games than it has won and there is a bit of grumbling among the followers of the South Siders. However, a win over the Packers would set all this to rest and this is the main reason why Chamberlin is trying sledgehammer tactics on his club. Chris O'Brien thinks Normal park will house the largest crowd of the season. The Packers have quite a following in Chicago as they always give the spectators a run for their money. Football critics figure that the Packer-Cardinal game so far as a football attraction goes, will have a considerable edge on the other game at Cubs' park between the Chicago Bears and Providence Steamrollers.


NOV 3 (Chicago) - The Green Bay Packers, who long have ranked as one of the greatest teams in the country, are here Sunday to mix with the Chicago Cardinals in a NFL game at Normal Park. Back in the days when Cub Buck was a youngster, Green Bay began to win a place on the pro football map. The Packers first invaded Chicago in 1921 and they have been coming ever since. Somehow, the Chicagoans who take their pro football as a regular Sunday and holiday diet have always liked the Packer because those Green Bayians are the nearest approach to a college team that the postgraduate gridiron has ever seen...IS COMMUNITY PROPOSITION: Green Bay follows its Packers like Michigan does its Wolverines. Football in the hustling Badger city is a community proposition. Everybody is proud of the Packers and they have good reason to because those Big Bay Blues are always found among the topnotchers. During the fall, football is the main business of Green Bay. The natives eat, sleep and talk the gridiron game. Sundays all roads lead to Packertown when the team is at home. The Bay draws the gridiron fans from all over upper MIchigan and northeastern Wisconsin. Every football game is like a circus day in the Wisconsin city. And how they do flock to the games. Two weeks ago all attendance records were smashed when Red Grange's New York Yankees played the Packers. Nearly 11,000 paid admissions paraded through the gates and saw the Bays take the all-star New Yorkers into camp, 13 to 0. When the team is away, the home folks get their football in college style. A gridgraph board flashes the Packers in action no matter whether the club is playing in Chicago, Philadelphia or Providence. Curly Lambeau, the Packer captain and coach, has been at the head of things in a football way at Green Bay since 1919. Aside from Chris O'Brien of the Chicago Cardinals and George Halas of the Bears, none have seen any longer service than the big Packer fullback...NOTRE DAME PRODUCT: Lambeau is a product of the Rockne football school at Notre Dame and he has several other South Benders with him this season. Tom Hearden, the 1926 captain, and Maher and Smith, star linemen of the same season, are with the Bays along with Rex Enright, all-western fullback in 1925. Marquette of Milwaukee contributes three players to the Packer lineup. Dilweg is a wonder and one of the best in the pro game; Red Dunn is a sterling quarterback while Whitey Woodin, guard, has been with the Bays for many a season. In Lewellen, former Nebraska captain, the Packers lay claim to the best punter in professional football. He was on the all-American pro team in 1925. Jones and Perry, two Alabama linemen, are doing well in their first season on the postgraduate gridiron. Earpe of Monmouth,


the 255 pound man mountain, is a tower of strength on the line. He has about a half dozen years of pro football...HARD HITTING END: Cahoon of Gonzaga is a great tackle while Dick O'Donnell, Minnesota, is a hard hitting end. Rosatti, one of the tackles, learned his football under Yost at Michigan. Purdy of Beloit, who is an outfielder with the Cincy Reds; Darling, another Fairyland gridder, and Basing and Kotal of Lawrence are the Wisconsin college men with the Packers. So far this season the Packers have played eight games and seven of 'em were tucked away in the victory box. Following the game with the Cards on Sunday, the Big Bay Blues play at home on Nov. 13 and then take a road trip which will carry them through Chicago (Bears), Philadelphia, Staten Island and Providence.


NOV 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - When the Northwestern train pulls out for Chicago Saturday morning, it will carry the Green Bay Packer squad who are booked on Sunday to have it out with the Chicago Cardinals at Normal park. Every one of the nineteen players will make the trip and all of them will be in uniform, Sunday, when the whistle blows for the start of hostilities with Chris O'Brien's hirelings...IN FAIR SHAPE: The injured list has cleaned up fairly well although it can be truthfully said that Cahoon, Enright and Rosatti are still a bit under the weather. However, any one of these players are in good enough shape to be shot into the battle front whenever the occasion demands it. The other members of the club are in the pink and "rarin' to go", it is said. The Bays got in a good week of practice and a couple of new plays were added to the offensive movement for special usage against the Cardinals. There was a blackboard talk at the Columbus club Thursday night and the club went through a snappy workout this morning. The squad showed a lot of life and if pep counts for anything, the Cards are in for a lacing right in their own backyard...SEE BIG TEN GAME: The players are taking the early C. & N.W. train so that they will reach Chicago in time to hurry out to Stagg field and see the Chicago Maroons tackle the Michigan Wolverines in a Western conference game. While in Chicago, the Packers will be put up at the Cooper-Carlton hotel, which is located at Hyde Park boulevard and 53rd-st. This hotel is well on the south side and not so many miles from Normal park, which is located near the 6200 block on South Racine-ave.


NOV 4 (Chicago) - Gil Moran, who recently joined the Cardinals via the purchase route from the Philadelphia Yellowjackets, has got a tough job assigned to him in Sunday's game against the Green Bay Packers. He is going to do the punting and Coach Chamberlin has hopes that Moran will pretty near hold his own with the mighty Lewellen, who is rated as one of the best kick-smiths in the National league. Poor punting cut a figure in the Cards' defeat at Green Bay and after the game Chamberlin told Chris O'Brien he simply had to step out and get hold of a gridiron artist with an educated toe. O'Brien dickered with several clubs and finally put across the deal with Frankford for Moran. The new backfielder got off some long drives against the Yanks last Sunday but Chamberlin has been working him all week trying to get Moran to place his boots better. The Packers have a pair of slick quarterbacks in Red Dunn and Purdy, who are right at home running back punts. Chamberlin figures that if Moran can get the habit of booting 'em out of bounds, the Packers won't gain an inch on returns. The Cardinals have also been drilling on a pass defense. Chamberlin thinks he has hit on a way to stop the Green Bay air drive which coupled with Lewellen's great kicking just about wrecked the Cards in their first meeting this year. No matter who wins, the fans on the south side are looking forward to a great ball game and, if a good brand of weather is on tap, Normal park should have its biggest crowd of the season.


NOV 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - For the first time this season Green Bay football fans will have an an opportunity to view a play by play exhibition of professional football from the comfortable seats of the Columbus club auditorium on Sunday afternoon when the Green Bay Packers take the field



After the Milwaukee Badgers folded following the 1926 season (largely due to being left broke because of a $500 fine by the NFL for using four high-school players in a 1925 game against the Chicago Cardinals, a game arranged after the Badgers had disbanded for the season), many of its members played for the independent semi-pro Milwaukee Eagles. A few of the players from this team went on to play for the NFL's Pittsburgh Pirates in 1933. This has led some to mistakenly believe that either the Badgers or Eagles became the Steelers.

(SOURCE: Wikipedia)



NOV 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Going into the final period a touchdown behind, the Chicago bears righted themselves in time to nose out a 14-6 victory over the Dayton Triangle. White and Paddy Driscoll hung up the markers for the Windy City outfit...Dayton is a great club to convert opponents' fumbles into touchdowns. Graham pulled this stuff on Frankford a few weeks back and in the Bear game, Belanich scooped a loose ball and paraded down the field for a counter...Providence put across two victories over the weekend at the expense of the Frankford Yellowjackets. Saturday the Roller came through with a 20 to 7 victory while Sunday's fray saw the Hornets trailing, 14 to 0...These double doses over Sunday have been costly to the Jackets as they have dropped four games in a row. Moran's club is composed mainly of youngsters fresh from college and they don't seem able to travel doubleheaders...After dropping two straight games, the New York Yankees got back on Victory row by nosing out the Chicago Cardinals, 7-6. Fry intercepted a Chicago pass and sprinted 60 yards for the first touchdown of the encounter...The Cards came back with a show of offensive strength and Moran soon pushed his way over for a score. Bub Weller blew the chance for a tie game when his try for the extra point skidded outside of the uprights...Red Grange was still idle. According to Charlie Pyle's official announcer, the former Wheaton iceman has now developed a case of water on the knee as an aftermath of his other injury. Red is still a very hospital patient...The Providence management is running a most valuable player contest. Purchasers of tickets to the games to the game are entitled to vote. Gus Sonnenberg, tackle, is leading the procession with quarterback Curley Ogden second up...Carl Davis, former West Virginia luminary, is one of the best bets among the newcomers on the Frankford payroll. He gets around fast for a big fellow and Coach Moran has been experimenting on the tackle at a wing position...Jimmy Conzelman, coach of the Providence club, had a close shave when stricken with ptomaine poison. His life was despaired of for several days but he made a quick recovery and now is back in moleskins once more...The Yanks are going to be mighty busy this coming week. Sunday they play in Cleveland. Tuesday, Grange's crew tackles the Bears in New York, while on Friday, the Yanks perform in Pottsville at an Armistice Day celebration...The Pottsville Maroons got in again on the front cheek from the New York Giants. This time out the score was 16 to 0. The New Yorkers seem to have a jinx over the Miners who never look good against Tim Mara's gang...As usual, the Giants' big three, McBride, Wilson and Haggerty, carried the load over and around the Maroons. Hubbard and Milstead were the forward wall stars for the Giants. Shearer, a Rockne product, was Pottsville's leader...Cleveland and Duluth staged a thriller for the fans of the Forest City. It was nip and tuck all the way, both teams scoring three touchdowns. A blocked punt, which was converted into a safety, won for the

against the Chicago Cardinals at Normal park in Chicago. The kickoff is scheduled for 2:15, and the seats are on the first come, first served basis as always. This is a return game with the Cardinal team, and while the Packers defeated the Chicago team on the occasion of their visit to Green Bay at the opening of the season's activities of the Cardinal team when playing on their home field is a thing not easily predicted and it is bound to be a bang up football game regardless of who wins. The Gridgraph portrayal of the out-of-town Packer games has always been a popular feature of the football season with both men and women fans for several reasons. First of all the auditorium is warm and comfortable. Second, the plays are easily followed and one always knows who has the ball and who got the tackle. (Folks on the sidelines are not always so well informed.) Third, the substitutions are more easily followed on the Gridgraph than from the stands. Fourth, the thrills while on a slightly different complexion, are quite as thrilling in their own way. Fifth, the fan, least expert in football technology, has the benefit of seeing the game through the eyes of an expert, and therefore can follow it better than he could if he were right on the sidelines in Chicago. The more or less expert fan may not see any benefit in this but at most there is very little lost. The capacity of the Columbus club auditorium has never been one size too large to accommodate the fans who turn out for these games, and with the number of Green Bay fans growing each year (as witness the enlargements to the City stadium), it is probable that there will be a scarcity of seats for the late comers. The thing to do it to go early, pick out a good seat and get all of the advance dope on the conflict. It's not a bad afternoon for anyone who likes football.

Bulldogs, 21 to 20...Ernie Nevers was about the whole show for the Eskimos as he was responsible for every one of the club's points. Thomas, the Cleveland back, made a pair of touchdowns after taking short passes from the famous Friedman...The Green Bay Packers filled in their vacant date caused by the exit of Buffalo from the league by invading Milwaukee and handling the Eagles a 22 to 7 trimming. Johnny Bryan's outfit was outclassed all the way...Providence is making a jump to Chicago on Sunday to tangle with the Bears. The Roller has a collection of all stars, headed by Wildcat Wilson, and they should have enough class to force the Bruins step along fast...The N.Y. Giants management expects a capacity crowd at the Polo Grounds on Sunday to see Nevers and his Eskimos perform. The "Big Blonde" is a great drawing card with the gridiron enthusiasts in the vicinity of Broadway...The Pottsville Maroons are still making changes in their battle front. Whippet Carr was picked up from the defunct Buffalo club while the veteran Pete Henry joined the Miners after pulling stakes from the Giants...The two Chicago Bear moguls are getting into the game again. Dutch Sternaman is taking a turn every now and then in the Bruins' backfield while George Halas is just as frisky as ever around his end of the line...Red Smith is quite a handy man for the Green Bay Packers. The former Notre Dame star joined the Bays as a guard but he has seen service at an end and last Sunday against Milwaukee he looked good playing fullback...Moran, who started the season with the Frankford Yellowjackets, now is drawing his pay envelope from the Chicago Cards. Chamberlin grabbed Moran in a hurry as his Chicago club was sorely in need of a kicker.


NOV 5 (Chicago) - Normal park will be the scene of quite some football game Sunday afternoon when the famous Green Bay Packers line up against the Chicago Cardinals in a NFL encounter. Jim Durfee, one of Joe Carr's ace officials, who always draws tough assignments, will referee. The kickoff is scheduled for 2:15. The Wisconsin eleven is one of the greatest in the country. For years they have been in the front rank of the professional squadron and this season they have hung up a most imposing record. To date, the Packers have played eight games and seven of them were victories, one of which was a 13 to 0 win over the Cards...CARDS SEEKING REVENGE: Guy Chamberlin's team is seeking revenge in Sunday's game and the Card coach has worked his club to the limit this week in order to have them fit. Chamberlin has even threatened to get out his hatchet and lop off a few heads if the bacon isn't kept at home. The Card-Packers game seems to be getting the play here from the football fans as they figure it will much more of a battle than the tilt on the North side at Cubs' park between the Bears and Providence. The eastern team is somewhat of an unknown quantity while the Green Bay club has been coming here for years and they always give the crowd a run for their money with their great air drive...DUNN HAS MANY FRIENDS: Red Dunn, the Packer quarter, has a flock of friends on the South side. He played with the Cards for two years and was well liked by the followers of Chris O'Brien's team. Dunn played his head off to beat the Cardinals at Green Bay and he can be counted on to go again at top speed. It looks as if Normal park will hold its biggest crowd of the season. About three hundred fans are expected to follow the Packer team here for the game, while the Cardinal rooters will turn out en masse. Green Bay is so interested in the game that a special telephone wire from the sidelines will carry the story back home play by play to the Columbus club auditorium, where a crowd of two thousand is expected to gather.


NOV 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay squad, nineteen strong, hit the trail for Chicago in two sections. Some of the players took the sleeper down last night so they could hop over to South Bend and see Notre Dame and Minnesota clash while the other took the 7 a.m. train today, which got them into Chicago in time to hustle out to Stagg field for the Michigan-Chicago contest. When Capt. Lambeau counted noses before departing, the players checked up in fairly good shape. Of course, Enright, Cahoon and Rosatti aren't quite what they should be for a tough game like the Cardinals but any one of the trio will be able to step in the game if the occasion demands. The Big Bay Blues are not overconfident about Sunday's game but just the same they are "chesty" enough to know that the other clubs have whipped the Cardinals twice in the season and that is exactly what they are hoping to do. It is safe to say that at least 500 Packer followers will be in the stands at Normal park Sunday afternoon when the whistle blows. Quite a few are driving down while others will take the night trains.

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