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Green Bay Packers (4-0-1) 2, Chicago Bears (0-1-3) 0

Sunday October 16th 1932 (at Chicago)


(CHICAGO) - You can credit Green Bay's line with a victory today - as brilliant a win as you ever will want to see. Those powerful Packer forward wall men brought about a Green Bay victory over the Chicago Bears here Sunday afternoon before 18,000 by a score of 2 to 0. They got the slim margin of advantage and then had to protect it as only the Packers can protect a small lead. It was a blocked punt late in the second quarter that gave the Packers the deciding two points that kept them on top in their race for a fourth straight National league pennant. Four Packer linemen swarmed in on Dick Nesbitt, the power behind the Bears' punch, with Tom Nash smashing the ball back beyond the end zone for a safety and two points.


The game turned into a typical Bear-Packer tilt, a combination of sensational and dogged, bruising play with great defensive football being turned in by both teams. Neither team had many scoring opportunities. On the few occasions when opportunities to count were present, they could not budge the opposing defenders. The tackling was hard and vicious, blocking was the best seen in many years' competition between these traditional rivals but when one or two men were blocked out to clear a path, someone else usually came up to plug holes. The Bears had plenty of punch at times, but when they got deep into Packer territory, they could not advance, only once going beyond the Green Bay's 20-yard line, that late in the final period.


With Green Bay it was much the same thing. They likewise were able to get beyond the Bear 20-yard line only once. Then they were held to downs on four plays from the four yard line. Chicago's powerful line and their backfield stalwarts, Nagurski and Nesbitt, refused to let them cross the mark. The Bears punched through the Packer line in the first period and it looked like the Chicagoans were going to score for the first time this year, but Herber and Hinkle broke up pass plays and the Bay line held. After that it was nip and tuck with neither team having a decided advantage. There were many standouts in this battle, the two greatest on each team being Clark Hinkle and Roger Grove for the Bays and Bronko Nagurski and Dick Nesbitt for the Bears. On the Packer line, every man who saw action took the hardest kind of punishment, facing without a whimper, smashing attacks that never let up.


There was Mike Michalske in nearly every play, Nate Barragar, the big powerful Cal Hubbard and Joe Zeller, to mention only a few, who turned in great exhibitions. On the ends, Lavvie Dilweg and Tom Nash, who played most of the game, performances of the best. For the Bears, Hewitt, at an end, Kppcha and Miller were brilliant players who broke through the Packer line to mail the ball carrier. Bear fans' hopes for a score soared high on a few occasions, but always something would happen to prevent a counter. Once it was a spectacular tackle by Arnold Herber, young Green Bay halfback, that saved the day when Nagurski had a clear field after a great run. On another occasions it was misjudgment of Johnny Sisk, former Marquette star, that prevented a score. Sisk took a pass from Brumbaugh, but did not notice how close he was to the sidelines and ran out of bounds on the 38-yard line when he had what appeared to be a clear field for a touchdown. Both Packer and Bear safety men turned in several sensational plays in returning punts. The Chicagoans often had two or three men back to protect their receiver and bowled over charging Packer linemen who tried to get him. On at least two occasions Green Bay men were taken out by clipping as they sought to get either Molesworth or Brumbaugh but the officials did not call penalties for the foul.



off runs of 15 yards or more on several occasions. He pivoted, dodged and tore down the field when returning punts, once almost getting free for a romp to the goal before Dick Stahlman caught him in midfield. Grove was a demon for Green Bay, seldom stopping until he was hit by two or three men. Early in the third period he apparently was stopped four times before he finally was downed in midfield after a return of 30 yards. He straight armed two men in the dash, pivoted away from another and ran over a fourth before he was hauled down. The young quarterback also turned in some great bits of blocking, paving the way for two of the best gains of the day from scrimmage. The breaks went against the Packers at the outset, two fumbles putting them in a hole but they soon made up for the misplays and got out of danger. Herber fumbled on the second play of the game and Molesworth recovered for the Bears on the 30 yard line. Nesbitt and Nagurski were held, however, and two Bear passes were broken up to stop the threat. Hinkle then punted deep into Bear territory.


Then the Bears began to pound. Nesbitt gained four yards. Molesworth went over tackle for 14 yards and a first down. Then it was the Big Nag's turn. He found a hole between right tackle and end on a clever cutback and raced down the field. He traveled 43 yards before Herber, speeding from the other side of the field, overtook him and with a flying tackle spilled the big fullback on the Packer 22 yard line when he had a clear field in front. Molesworth lost two yards on the next play, however, when Peterson nailed him. Nagurski picked up three at center. Then Zeller broke through to stop Nesbitt behind the line. A fourth play, a pass from Molesworth was intercepted by Hinkle who returned to the 35-yard line with a great run of 20 yards. The Packers then punted out and the Bears didn't get deep into Packer territory again until late in the battle.


In the second period the Packers got the ball on the Bear 37-yard line when Zeller recovered Nesbitt's fumble. Bruder failed to gain and on the next play dropped back and tossed a long pass to Herber who took the ball on the eight-yard line and ran to the four-yard mark before he was stopped. Then came four plays with the Bear line holding like a stone wall. The Bear center trio stopped Bruder after a yard gain. Bruder gained a yard at guard. Herber was thrown for a two yard loss. On the fourth play, Bruder tossed a lateral pass to Hinkle but the latter was covered and downed on the one yard line by Kopcha and the Bears took the ball, punting out of danger. After smashing down by line plays for a first down, the Packers passed over the goal line and the Bears took the ball on their own twenty. Nesbitt went back to punt but before he could get rid of the ball Packer linemen were in on him. Zeller and Nash smashed into Nesbitt, Nash punching the ball far backwards. It rolled into the end zone with Stahlman in pursuit but before the Packer tackle could get the ball it had rolled beyond the end zone, for a safety. Later in the period Brumbaugh passed to Sisk who apparently was clear for a touchdown but he ran out of bounds on the Packer 38-yard line. The Packers drew a five yard penalty and Brumbaugh picked up four yards. Tackwell went into the game to try a placekick from the 35-yard mark but the ball was low of the crossbar and the Packers took it.


Neither side threatened in the third period and the outstanding play was Hinkle's 34-yard run to the 48-yard line around right end. Michalske and Grove led the way with perfect interference. In the final period the Packers went into Bear territory when Hinkle punted out of bounds on the four yard line. Nesbitt's punt went to the 31-yard mark. The Packers drew a 15-yard penalty, however, and then lost another 15 on an attempted pass and Hinkle punted. After an exchange of punts the Bears started from their own 20-yard line. A pass to Johnsos was good and a second was ruled complete on interference, putting the ball in midfield. Nesbitt then punted over the goal and the Bears claimed Grove touched it before Hewitt fell on the ball in the end zone. The umpire ruled it a touchback and the Packers took the ball on the 20-yard line. The Bays were penalized and then punted, Molesworth returning to the Packer 22-yard line. Nesbitt gained a few yards and then Tackwell dropped back to try a placekick. His boot was low and wide, however, and the Packer held their lead the remaining few minutes.

GREEN BAY -  0  2  0  0 - 15

CHI BEARS -  0  0  0  0 -  0


2ND - GB - Safety, Tom Nash blocked punt through end zone GREEN BAY 2-0


OCT 17 (Chicago) - "Another great Green Bay team", was the comment of Joseph F. Carr, president of the NFL, who was an interested spectator at the Bear-Packer game in Chicago Sunday. "To me, it is remarkable," continued the pro league executive, "how Curly Lambeau continues, year in and year out, to consistently produce a winner. Around the league, the other managers are rating him as a 'gridiron magician'." Carr was a guest at the Knickerbocker hotel, where the Packers were headquartering. Sunday morning, he talked "shop" with the Packer executives, including Pres. Leland H. Joannes, Coach E.L. Lambeau, Vice-pres. Gerald F. Clifford and Dr. W.W. Kelly, who is a member of the National league's executive board.


OCT 17 (Green Bay) - There were several thousand Wisconsin fans in the stands, many driving down while others poured in on special trains and buses. Several Green Bay fans were on the North Shore electric train which jumped the rails near North Chicago Sunday afternoon. No one was hurt, however...Several players who formerly played with the Packers were on the bench, visiting old friends. The group included William Kern, tackle, Paul Minick, guard, Milt Wilson and Arthur Schmael. Roundy Coughlin, Madison columnist, was also on the bench...One fan who watched play with interest was Coach Clarence W. Spears of the University of Wisconsin. He stopped off with a few of his boys on the way back from Lafayette, where the Badgers lost to Purdue Saturday...The Packers presented a makeshift lineup in the closing minutes when Hubbard was injured and had to retire. Bultman was shifted to tackle and Barragar went back in at center. Hubbard was not seriously injured and will be able to play again next Sunday...Clark Hinkle sustained a badly cut eye in the third quarter but continued to play after receiving medical attention. It was after a long dash that he caught a clear in the forehead...Announcer Rocky Wolfe, who details play by play over the loudspeakers, caused an uproar late in the game when he called the play a touchdown that was ruled a touchback by the officials. He believed Grove had touched the ball before it sailed into the end zone, but Grove had not done so...The attitude of the fans towards the Packers was excellent. They got rousing cheers as they left the field or performed good plays. The day was perfect for football and about 18,000 turned out...Sunday marked the fourth successive week that the Bears have gone scoreless. The Bears had plenty of power but not enough in the pinches. Next Sunday is Ladies' Day at the park when the Bears play Staten Island and Coach Jones announced that unless they show some scoring power, there will be changes in the squad...The Packer made six first downs to eight for the Bears. In the overhead game, the Packers completed one of five passes, the Bears five of 13 for a total gain of 62 yards, three were intercepted...Big Bronko Nagurski gained more than half of the Bears total yardage from scrimmage. His gains totaled 86 yards and the Bears total was 162 to 134 for the Packers in running plays.


OCT 17 (Waukegan, IL) - August Michalske, left guard of the Green Bay Packers, and Miss Soris Luke were married in Waukegan by Justice of the Peace Harry Hoyt at 12:45 o'clock this morning. At 12:30 o'clock this morning they aroused Mrs. Harold Pillifant of Waukegan, a Lake County deputy clerk, and obtained a marriage license. He gave his age as 23 and that of his bride as 20.


OCT 18 (Green Bay) - Headlined by two stars of the first magnitude - Benny Friedman and Jack Grossman - the Brooklyn Dodgers will invade Green Bay next weekend in an attempt to make good their threat for the NFL titular honors. Friedman is rated one of the all-time great quarterbacks of the game, and leads their Dodgers back to the scene of his first professional football appearance. When Benny stepped for the first time upon a pro gridrion, after his sensational successes at Michigan University, it was in 1927 at Green Bay, when his Cleveland Bulldogs were beaten by a hard fighting Packer eleven, 12 to 7. Grossman at present is the scoring leader of the National league. He has headed the circuit in scoring ever since the start of the season, and as he is now hard pressed by several other backfield threats of the league, he will be out to add a touchdown or two to his total on Sunday...BOWDOIN AND JONES: It will be Grossman's first appearance in the midwest as a football player. His eastern gridiron record has been exceptional. He starred at Rutgers for three years, and has fitted in nicely as halfback upon Friedman's strong 1932 squad. The game will service as a homecoming for two former Packer players, Jim Bowdoin and Bruce Jones, both guards. Both formerly were teammates at Alabama, and saw hard service with the Packers. Friedman recently said in a newspaper article that he considered the acquisition of Bowdoin by the Dodgers as a master move of strategy. The Dodgers also possess the still-potent services of Syracuse Jack McBride, the perpetual fullback, who has secured a new lease on life this season and has been pounding hard for Brooklyn...FOUR GOOD ENDS: Among the other members of the Brooklyn squad are numbered Stamiello, Colgate product, who appeared with the Dodgers last fall; Croning, of Rutgers; Stein, formerly with the New York Giants and prominent Gotham wrestler and McNeil, St. Mary's, all of whom hold down the flanking posts. At tackles, Friedman has available Milo Lubratovich, one of the greatest linemen every developed at Wisconsin and former teammate of Milton Gantenbein, who captained the Badger squad in Lubratovich's last season in college; Greenshields, of Fordham, and Williams, of Colgate, who are making their first appearance in the pro game this gall, and Lyons, who performed in a Portsmouth uniform last year. Two competent centers are holding down the pivot assignment for the Brooklyn aggregation. Ambrose, of California, and Mietzinger, who formerly filled the same position for the New York Giants are ready to step into the lineup against the Bays Sunday...FRIEDMAN HAS GOOD UNDERSTUDY: The redoubtable Benny has a very promising protege ready to fill his shoes at the quarterback job when the occasion arises, as Novotny, former West Virginia luminary is cutting capers with the Dodgers. Besides Jack Grossman, Wiberg, of Nebraska; Toscani, of St. Mary's, one of the leading backs on the Pacific coast last fall, and rated as one of the high scorers of the nation, and shifty Thomason, who was running mate to Father Lumpkin at Georgia Tech a few years back and who is considered and ever-dangerous performer are available at the halfback jobs. The fullback post is very fortified with Kareis, former Pittsburgh battering ram, and the veteran Jack McBride. Bill Kern, a former Packer tackle, who is now serving as line coach at Pitt, claims that Karcis was the best fullback on eastern gridirons aside from Clark Hinkle, the Packers' star back from Bucknell.


OCT 18 (Green Bay) - Al Culver, three year varsity tackle at Notre Dame, has accepted terms with the Green Bay Packers, according to an announcement by Coach E.L. Lambeau, who reached an agreement with the former Irish luminary Monday in Chicago. Culver signed a Bear contract at the start of the season but gained his release from the Halas-men last week and started negotiating with the Packers and New York Giants...GIANT IN SIZE: The new Packers is a giant in size. He is six feet, two inches tall and tips the beam in his football togs at about 245 pounds. During his three seasons at Notre Dame, he played brilliant football and his aggressive tactics on the line gained him nationwide recognition as one of the best forwards on the collegiate gridiron during 1931. "I think Culver will round out our club nicely," stated Coach Lambeau. "We have needed another tackle all season as it was necessary to work Hubbard, Stahlman and Perry too long in all games. With Culver on hand, it will now be possible to 'jockey' out tackles and have fresh men at these important positions all the time. I queried Hunk Anderson, the Notre Dame coach, about Culver and he gave a very favorable report. According to Anderson, who played professional football with the Chicago Bears, Culver is just the type for the postgraduate game."...FITZGIBBONS IS RELEASED: Coach Lambeau, on his return home from Chicago late Monday night, announced the release of Paul Fitzgibbons, one of his three quarterbacks. Fitzgibbons played with with the Chicago Cardinals and Philadelphia Yellowjackets before joining the Packers. He has been here three years. Fitzgibbons, who is a physician, probably will return to the Pacific coast and resume his connections with a hospital in Los Angeles.


OCT 18 (Green Bay) - What's wrong with the Bears that they haven't scored in four straight games? The question was asked by hundreds after Sunday's game between the Packers and Chicago. There doesn't seem to be a logical answer. The Chicago team has the manpower. It has good plays, good execution, capable blockers and an excellent defense. There aren't two better ball carriers in the business than Nagurski and Nesbitt. The passing game is not perfect but it is average. We watched the game closely Sunday to see if we could find some outstanding fault in the Bears' play when they got deep into the Packer territory. The only thing we could see was the Bears didn't seem to have any plays that could get men into the open. They had plenty of power plays that opened line holes but invariably they had no one to take out the secondary effectively and the Packer backs pulled down the ball carrier. Perhaps the Bears have been victims of the breaks in previous games and they'll break out on a touchdown parade next week that won't be stopped. If they ever get underway, its going to be mighty hard for any team in the world to stop them...Sunday's game was as bruising as the Packer ever have engaged in. Six men were added to the Packer casualty list although none were seriously injured. McCrary hobbled out with a bruised hip. Barragar's nose was hurt again. Cal Hubbard twisted a knee and Zeller and Lewellen an ankle. All are expected to be in shape again for next Sunday's game here, however. There were at least four instances in Sunday's game that proved the professional clubs' contention that new rules (not adopted by the pros) take much of the spectacular out of the game. If the teams had been playing according to the new college code, Herber's flying tackle that prevented a touchdown would have been illegal; two of Grove's runs with punts would have been stopped long before they ended; at least three of Molesworth's returns would have been declared stopped short of the final termination and a few of Nagurski's smashes would have met the same fate.



OCT 19 (Green Bay) - Unless Packer team physicians can pull a miracle during the next few days, it is quite probably that Green Bay will present a weakened battle front in Sunday's game against the Brooklyn Dodgers at the City Stadium. The Bear game was quite rough, and a half dozen of Coach Lambeau's men are on the injured list. McCrary is hobbling around with a wrenched hip; Perry has a badly bruised ankle; Hubbard's knee is swollen while Nate Barragar's nose is hurt and Zeller and Lewellen have bruised ankles...WILL BE SHORT OF RESERVES: Practice sessions have been resumed but none of the injured players are taking any strenuous exercises. Coach Lambeau is making the best of the

situation and it is certain that the Bay pilot will have an aggregation on the field which will make things interesting for the Dodgers, although there will be a shortage of reserve material. Al Culver, former Notre Dame tackle, has reported. With the top heavy injured list, the newcomer will have a good opportunity to display his wares in Sunday's game. The big tackle is studying the Packer formations and signals and should feel at home by the time the whistle blows for the tilt with Brooklyn...BEST SCORING TEAM: Sunday's game will bring together the two highest scoring elevens in the loop. The Packers have scored 45 points in five games, while Brooklyn has chalked up 39 in four contests.


OCT 19 (Brooklyn) - Benny Friedman has been putting his Brooklyn Dodgers through some long practice sessions this week in preparation for their first invasion of the west, scheduled to get underway Thursday night when the squad entrains for Wisconsin and Sunday's battle in Green Bay with the league leading Packers. The Brooklyn players have been considerably impressed this year by the early showing of the Packers, who are believed to have been underrated in season predictions, and Coach Friedman is anxious to remove all traces of nervousness from his men before the opening kickoff Sunday. Although the Dodgers have had plenty of gridiron experience, the impressive record of the Bay team which is reported to be tougher than ever, has been something to study. Brooklyn is expecting to win Sunday by consistent use of the forward pass. Word received from Wisconsin indicates that most of the teams the Packers have encountered have been depending upon line smashes to pick up yardage, and they haven't been picking up too much. Friedman is too canny a field general to put all his eggs in one basket, and he plans to take to the air early and often in an effort to tumble the champions for the first time this season...LOTS OF PACKER TALK: The Brooklyn players have been getting plenty of Packer talk from two former members of that aggregation, Bruce Jones and Jim Bowdoin, guards who once played at Green Bay. Thus the Packer style of play is well known to Friedman, who plans to "shoot the works" for a victory. The Brooklyn quarterback has a prediction to fulfill, for a week ago he stated that the Packers were certain to be bumped this season, and suggested that the Dodgers were the outfit to turn the trick. Benny is certain of a good opening hand, as he can draw to a pair of "jacks" from Rutgers - Jack Gronin, stellar end, and Jack Grossman, who now leads the National league in scoring with four touchdowns. His starting fullback remains in some doubt, but the post will be filled either by Bill Karcis of Pittsburgh or Jack McBride, Syracuse. Grossman is a halfback.


OCT 20 (Green Bay) - Benny Friedman is still a great attraction in professional football and his appearance here with the Brooklyn Dodgers is expected to draw one of the largest crowds that has witnessed a Packer game in Green Bay this season. Business is picking up at a lively clip at the Packer ticket office in the Columbus Community club building. There is a good local demand and the mail order department is working overtime to fill the request from out of town football followers...LAWRIE TO REFEREE: George Lawrie, Chicago, has been assigned by President Joe F. Carr of the National league to referee the game. Working with the Windy City officials will be Loyd Scott of Milwaukee as umpire and George Johnson, Chicago, as the head linesman. This will be Johnson's first appearance here this fall. He managed the Rock Island Independents and for the past three baseball season has been umpiring in the American Association. This will be Friedman's first appearance here with Brooklyn. Since the close of the 1931 pro season, the former Michigan star purchased his release from the New York Giants, and, together with Martin Shenker of New York, bought a half interest in the Brooklyn franchise from Michael Dwyer, who also doubles as the hockey magnate in Gotham...CAPTAIN, COACH, QUARTERBACK: Friedman is the captain, coach and quarterback of the Dodgers, Benny spends most of the time in the combat. The Brooklyn club has played four league games to date, and Ray Novotny, Friedman's understudy has seen less than 20 minutes of action. When Friedman took over the Dodgers, his first stroke of business was to issue a wholesale lot of releases. There are only about five holdovers from the old machine. Friedman spent several months during the spring making the rounds of the colleges and talking professional football with some of the players...PICKS UP STAR COLLEGIANS: The Brooklyn pilot has proven himself a good judge of the material as several of his recruits are burning up the National league. Jack Grossman, one of Rutgers' greatest gridders who stepped into the postgraduate game this year, is leading the scoring column with four touchdowns to his credit. All of his markers were made via the forward pass route with Friedman doing the tossing. Bud Toscani, St. Mary's, and Paul Riblett, Pennsylvania, are two other recruits who have been coming through in sensational style. Friedman has also loosened his purse strings and purchased several veterans from other clubs. Mielziner was secured from the Giants, Jim Bowdoin secured from Green bay and Wiborg came from Stapleton, although he did not play last season.


OCT 20 (Sault Ste. Marie, MI) - Football enthusiasts from here are taking quite a football excursion this week and seeing two games in the bargain. On Saturday, the Soo high school, claimants of the upper peninsula championship, will play in Escanaba and after this game some 50 rooters are going to Green Bay for Sunday's engagement between the Packers and Benny Friedman's Brooklyn Dodgers. So far as football is concerned, Friedman is an idol hereabouts and every year that he has played in Green Bay the Soo has been well represented. This year the delegation will be larger than ever on account of the high school game in Escanaba.



OCT 21 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers have not been defeated on their home lot since Oct. 7, 1928, and since that date they have run up a total of 28 victories. The last defeat for the champs on their home lot came when the New York Giants on that fall day in 1928 walked off with a 6-0 victory. To finish up the home season in that year the Packers defeated the Chicago Cardinals, 20-0, took Dayton into camp, 17-0, and then walloped Pottsville, 26-0. Cash and Carry's New York Yankees held the Bays to a no score tie in the final game of the season with Red Smith, former pride of the Combined Locks, playing a bang up game for the Broadwayites. Another no score tie was played with the Chicago Bears on Sept. 25 this season. In 1929 the Packers scored six successive wins at home and in 1930 followed with seven in a row. Eight teams were bumped in a row by the Bays in 1931 and so far four clubs have been measured up by the champs this year.


OCT 21 (Green Bay) - Bo Molenda, who will be remembered by Packer fans for his numerous exploits with the locals in their quest for three consecutive national championships, had a tough debut in his first game with the New York Giants, playing against the Boston Braves. With the tussle barely underway, the Michigan product incurred a couple of cracked ribs.


OCT 21 (Green Bay) - "I've seen a lot of good ones come and a lot of good ones go," Verne Lewellen, Packer back, declared yesterday while recounting some of the happenings during his eight full years he has played with the national champs. Lew is starting his ninth season this fall and from his work so far, looks as good as he ever had. "Some of the boys have come here with great college reputations," he continued. "When practice started they found, many of them, that they were not cut out for the professional brand of ball, and naturally fell by the wayside. Others have come to the Packers from small colleges and with little acclaim for their prowess but they've made many of the highly press agented stars take a back seat."...IT'S DIFFERENT NOW: "When I first started to play with the Packers we held our games at the old field at the far end of Main-st., where the field was rough and the grandstands were limited to small numbers of spectators. Today we have the city stadium and we play to thousands of spectators each week. In that respect the game has certainly changed a great deal. Another change that has been going on since my first days here is the number of players on the team. When I first started we had only about 14 or 15 men on a squad while today most of the teams in the league have a roster of 22 players, the league limit. There are more college stars in the pro game today than there were nine years ago and as a result the game is tougher than it used to be with competition plenty keen all along the line for positions. The league itself has changed from a weak 20 or 22 club organization to a balanced unit of eight clubs. Some of the teams in the old days were always setups and there were only four or five good games on the schedule each year. Today that has all changed and with the high caliber of ball exhibited by all teams, there is not a game on the schedule that can be considered a set up."


OCT 21 (Columbus, OH) - Although he failed to count any touchdowns last Sunday, Jack Grossman, the NFL's leading scorer, continued to show the way with his record of four touchdowns good for 24 points. Clark of Portsmouth went into second place in the scoring with 18 points, the result of two touchdowns, three points after touchdown, and one field goal. Cagle of New York scored two touchdowns against Brooklyn Sunday to jump into a three way tie with Bruder of Green Bay and Ledbetter of Staten Island, for third place.


OCT 21 (Green Bay) - Bobby Cahn, diminutive but fiery National pro league official who for many years was as regular in his appearances here as the most rabid Packer rooster, is now the popular choice of the Portsmouth Spartans. The Spartan officials strive incessantly to get Bobby assigned to their games whenever possible.


OCT 21 (Green Bay) - George P. Marshall, owner of the Boston club, is ruling his acquisition with an iron hand, according to all reports received here. After a recent game in Beantown, he ambled into the club house and fired four of his gridders without glancing at Coach Lud Wray.


OCT 21 (Green Bay) - Red Smith, former Packer fullback who was noted throughout the National circuit for his ready wit, is guiding the grid destinies of Seton Hall college this fall, and is doubling in the pro ranks as a member of the Newark eleven.


OCT 21 (Green Bay) - "The greatest thing that ever happened in Green Bay." That's what R.E. Sager, merchant and ardent fan, thinks of the championship Packers who do battle with Benny Friedman's Brooklyn eleven here Sunday. "Why," Mister Sager said when approached regarding a statement on the worth of the Packer aggregation to the city, "the city couldn't begin to buy the advertising the Packers bring to it every year. Yet is isn't costing Green Bay as a city one cent."...LOTS OF FAME: "There isn't a manufacturing firm in town that could bring so much fame to Green Bay, no matter how much it spent on national advertising. The kind of space that the Packers get in every metropolitan daily can't be bought but it's the best kind of advertising available. All over the United State, and particularly in every one of the cities where professional league teams are maintained, thousands of fans watch every paper on Monday to find out where the Packers stand and to learn of their latest conquests."...CAN'T ESTIMATE VALUE: "I think, and I say it in all sincerity, that the organization of the Packer team and its subsequent rise to the top of the national professional football league has been the biggest thing that has happened

in Green Bay in years. Its worth cannot be estimated in dollars and cents.


OCT 21 (Green Bay) - There's more than one way in which the championship Packers are a real asset to Green Bay, according to A.C. Witteborg, manager of the Beaumont hotel. While the fact that they bring nationwide recognition to the city, through publicity in all metropolitan dailies, is an important factor in determining their value, the drawing power of Packer home games, bringing thousands of visitors to Green Bay from all part of the state, is not to be minimized, he said. "True," he said, "it seems on the surface that the hotels and restaurants benefit mostly from the crowds that are brought here by the Packers, but there are many other interests that benefit indirectly to approximately as great an extent."...GAIN NEW CUSTOMERS: "Several shop owners in the city have told me that they have secured a number of new customers because visitors stroll the streets before the game and are attracted to merchandise displayed in store windows. And even though direct benefit were confined to hotels and restaurants, these establishments employ local labor, purchase their foodstuffs locally and contribute generally to the economic structure of the community." Mr. Witteborg, who seldom misses a Packer game, and is one of the most enthusiastic of Green Bay's fans, is one of several prominent business men who have expressed the view that the success of the Packers has been one of the city's greatest assets during the past decade.

that made Bellau Wood, Chateau Thierry and Argonne Forest crimson but heroic bits in the archives of Yankee valor.


OCT 21 (Green Bay) - The newest feature in the National league is the new Stapleton gridiron, erected by the officials of that club this year. The stadium accommodates about 10,000 spectators, and according to all reports, business is definitely on the upturn in the vicinity of that park.


OCT 21 (Columbus, OH) - "It was one of the greatest football game that I have ever witnessed," said Joe F. Carr, president of the NFL upon his return home after attending the Packer-Bear contest in Chicago last Sunday. "Never in my experience have I seen harder play. Both clubs seemed to be out to win at any cost and the players went at it hammer and tongs from the first to last whistle. The crowd of some 17,000 was treated to one thrill after another and the spectators were on their feet shouting wildly about every other minute. Curly Lambeau's Packers blocked a punt in the second period for a safety and the sturdy Green Bay club held on to this advantage for the remainder of the game although it looked in the last few minutes as if the Bears might pull the game out of the fire. There was no end of brilliant individual play. Molesworth, the Chicago quarterback, was a flash in the open field while Clark Hinkle, Green Bay fullback, ran the ball splendidly and gave a great exhibition of punting. Unless I miss my guess, this Hinkle is going to be one of the outstanding players in professional football even though this is his first season on the postgraduate gridiron."



OCT 21 (Green Bay) - Headed by the redoubtable Benny Friedman, considered one of the greatest exponents of the forward pass ever to play the game of football, the Brooklyn Dodgers will attempt Sunday to set back the Packers a full notch in their race for NFL titular honors. The Dodgers, with several Bay linemen still somewhat the worse for wear after their pounding at Chicago last week, will have their best opportunity in two years to trim the champions. It has been conceded that only by overwhelming the Bay forward wall may another National league team edge out the Packers, and Friedman is set to hurl his best linemen against Stahlman, Hubbard, Barragar, Zeller and the rest of the crew...WILL TAKE TO AIR OFTEN: Friedman does not plan to unleash any powerful ground attack to capture the decision, however, as he can take to the air often. Bennie can toss passes to any corner of the field when he so desires, and the 1932 Dodgers have plenty of men who can get under these tosses. Jack Grossman, former Rutgers star who now leads the National league in scoring, holds that position largely because of his ability to get under the leader's forward passes. Wiberg of Nebraska, Toscani, St. Mary's, Thomason of Georgia Tech and others all are capable pass receivers who may keep the Packer secondary defense in a turmoil Sunday. Then at ends there are Stramiello, Colgate; Cronin, Rutgers; Stein, N.Y. Giants; and McNeil, St. Mary's, all men who can be used in the Brooklyn aerial drive...HAVE NEVER BEAT BAYS: The Dodgers hold no victories over the Packers, having been defeated twice last year, in the first games between the two teams. However, the second game, played in the east, was a terrific struggle which only was decided because of some great kicking by Lewellen and some heroic work in the Packer line. The score was 7 to 0. Packer fans will be interested in the performance of Bowdoin, huge guard who played for several years with the Bays. Bowdoin has been turning in some great work for the Dodgers, and there is no doubt at all but that Freidman will insert him in lineup, probably at the start of the game. Another oldtimer who has been playing football as long as most of them is Syracuse Jack McBride, the perennial fullback. McBride all but wrecked the Packers title hopes at Brooklyn last year with his great plunging, and this year he has taken a new lease on life, filling the eastern newspapers with tales of his gridiron feats. He'll probably start against the Packers. A victory for Brooklyn will pull that club up to within a full game of the Packers. The Dodgers have won two and lost an equal number, whereas the Bays have four victories and a lone tie. The Dodgers figure that a defeat for the Bays Sunday will put the Packers in a position to be knocked off by some other National league team before the next Brooklyn-Green Bay encounter. The Dodgers are not planning to lose any games in the meantime.


OCT 21 (Green Bay) - With only two points to be counted against the Bears Sunday, the Green Bay Packers lost ground in their lead of the National league scoring race, but still are ahead of the field with a total of 45 points. Brooklyn in four games has scored 39 points and it will be a battle between the league leading offensive elevens when the two teams clash this week in Green Bay. The Chicago Bears in four games have failed to score a single

point and are at the bottom of the list offensively. The Bears possess the best defensive record in the league by having only two points chalked up against them in four games. The Packers now rank second in defensive work as in their five games only 17 points have been scored on them. Having been scored on in every game, the New York Giants rank eighth in defense with 46 points against them.


OCT 21 (Green Bay) - An extra notch in the National league's youngest rivalry will be taken Sunday at City stadium when the Green Bay Packers and Brooklyn Dodgers resume an argument started only last season. Before 7,000 customers Sept. 20, 1931, the Green Bay-Brooklyn rivalry was begun, with the Packers climbing all over the Dodgers, 32 to 6. The invaders were powerless throughout the game. although they held the Packers scoreless in the first quarter. Lewellen and Dilweg scored touchdowns for the Packers in the second quarter but no goals were kicked. In the third frame Woodin and Gantenbein produced markers for the Bays and Herber added another six points towards the close of the year. The Dodgers' lone count was made by halfback Vance who dashed 60 yards down the field and then bucked over for a touchdown. Lewellen was the shining star of the return game, played at Brooklyn Nov. 29. There was only one touchdown, and the Packers got that one. Hubbard played a sensational line game, but Lewellen was punting all over the field. Late in the first period a pass from Dunn to Englemann put the ball on the Brooklyn 13-yard line, and soon after Lewellen went around left end, cut back and over the line to gain 4 1/2 yards and the touchdown. Lew fumbled as he ran over the goal line, but the touchdown was allowed, and Dunn added the extra point.


OCT 21 (Green Bay) - The Packers, now leading all other teams in the professional league standings by a healthy margin, aren't just the Green Bay team - they're the Wisconsin team, and they draw their support from all parts of this and adjoining states. And there is no better example of their appeal to all who appreciate good football than the history of Russ Winnie, Milwaukee radio announcer whose play-by-play accounts of Packer games have been going over the ether waves to radio listeners on Sunday afternoons for the last four years. There isn't a more ardent Packer fan, not even in Green Bay, where everybody is pro-Packer, than Winnie. While his broadcasts are not colored, and while they always give credit where credit is due, the enthusiasm that is evident when the Bayites put over a spectacular play belies the attempt at impartiality. The announcer, who has come to be a friend and favorite of listeners in this city as in other cities throughout the state, knows every Packers player, his capabilities and his weaknesses.


OCT 21 (Green Bay) - With the Big Bay Blues set to stage a glorious homecoming tilt against Stapleton a week from Sunday, forty Packers of yesterday have written, telegraphed or phoned their intention to be present at the festivities in the City stadium.



OCT 21 (Green Bay) - Rogge is playing bang up ball for the Chicago Cards at end. He can make the grade at either wing and this enables Coach Chevigny to switch his ends frequently without weakening the lineup. Rogge is a nifty pass snatcher...The first "Ladies Day" of the season is scheduled for Wrigley field in Chicago on Sunday when the Bears lock horns with Stapleton. Last season these "days" went over big and Bear management expects a capacity house...President Joe F. Carr was an interested spectator at the Packer-Bear game last Sunday. He was more than gratified with the big turn out of fans. According to Mr. Carr, pro football is enjoying its best year...Green Bay is the only undefeated club in the National league. The triple champions are setting the pace with four victories and one tie game. Coach Lambeau's aggregation appears to be headed for another pennant raising...The Chicago Cardinals launched their eastern invasion successfully by putting the skids under the Boston Braves, 9 to 0. The Chicagoans got away fast and chalked up a touchdown and safety in their first few minutes of play...Never before in National league history have the teams been so evenly matched. There isn't a "weak sister" in the circuit and every spoke in the wheel is coming through with an exceptional brand of football...Experts can't figure out what is wrong with the Bears' attack. The Bruins have plenty of manpower and Nagurski is probably the hardest hitting back in the loop while Molesworth is a fancy passer when out in the open field...Siano, who earned a great "rep" as center at Fordham college, is doing well in the postgraduate variety at Boston. Siano, possibly isn't quite as husky as some of the other snapper backs but he is a lively gridder on the front wall.


OCT 21 (Green Bay) - Bill Kern, scrappy tackle who formerly held down a line berth with the Packers, and is now line coach at Pitt, is getting the itch of pro ball again, and wants to join the Bays on their eastern swing around the circuit.


OCT 21 (Green Bay) - Orin Pape, ex-Iowa flash, who came to the Packers from the Minneapolis Marines a few years back when that club went under, escaped the cut with the Boston Braves outfit, and is seeing a lot of action at a halfback post.


OCT 21 (Green Bay) - Among the awards listed in a correct-score guessing contest of college tilts, sponsored by the Milwaukee Wisconsin news, are tickets to the home games of the Packers.


OCT 21 (Milwaukee) - The Packers' greatest game? That's like asking me which one of my two boys, both future Packers by the way, I like best. They're both young champions - and so many Packer games have lingered on in my memory through the years that it is ​hard to make a decision. For instance, the Packer-Providence game last year when the Packers, on sheer football intuition, instinctively thought up and executed perfectly three of the greatest impromptu plays ever staged on any gridiron. You remember when Johnny Blood, apparently boxed after catching a pass, passed the ball back to Dilweg, blocked the tackler who was about to down him and cleared the way for Lavvie to run unmolested over the goal line? When Dilweg intercepted a pass on the line of scrimmage, was tackled, pivoted around and passed back to Mule Wilson's defensive left half spot where Mule took the ball and raced about 40 yards? When Blood scooped up a wild pass from center back of the Packer goal, raced across the end zone and passed 45 yards to Wilson? Thrills, trills, thrills! But that comeback against Portsmouth this year? That, neighbors, was football. It proved why the Packers have won three straight national titles and are going to win the fourth in this year of 1932 A.D. (After Dunn). It proved they have football guts as well as football brains and ability. Only a champion could come from behind in the last quarter after seeing a safe lead overcome. And then last Sunday's Bear-Packer game. The Packers have displayed better offensive wares than in that game, but never, in all of their successes, did they answer the defensive call any better than they did in that epic of football epics. Yes, there have been many great Packer games, but I toss the palm to the comeback against Portsmouth for it proved the Packers could take as it proved the Packers could take as well as receive; that they have that extra something that made Dempsey crawl back into the ring against Firpo and carry on to a knockout triumph; that extra something that made the dying Joe Gans cut and slash the durable Dane, Bat Nelson, to ribbons before the ravages of disease took their toll; and that something

money. The jumps are made in easy stages with stops along the route for practice...Young Mr. Frame and his gifted foot is cutting quite a figure in the brilliant season of the Stapleton club. Frame has come clean with every kick after touchdown and a couple of those extra points spelled victory...Red Cagle, former West Pointer, had a field day behind the line for New York in the argument with Brooklyn. Cagle chalked up a pair of touchdowns while Hap Moran came through with the other after a dash of 65 yards...As usual Dutch Clark, the Portsmouth quarterback, headlined the attack for Potsy Clark's hirelings. The former Colorado ace snapped a long forward pass from Cavosie for a touchdown and then kicked for the extra point.


OCT 22 (Green Bay) - From the far-off New York metropolis came Benny Friedman and his Brooklyn Dodgers to Green Bay Sunday afternoon, determined to break the Wisconsin team's record of not having lost a game in 30 straight starts on their own home field. The former Michigan quarterback, regarded as the greatest passer of the present time, and one of the outstanding quarterbacks of all time, has a host of stars to shoot against the National league champions. Fleet backfield men and powerful linemen will be available, all with one purpose - to beat the Packers. The game will be the third between the teams. Brooklyn, admitted into the circuit last year, tasted defeat twice at the hands of Green Bay. In a game here the team lost by a 32 to 6 score and in the east they lost by a 7 to 0 count...LINEMEN ARE AILING: With several Packer linemen ailing after the bruising game with the Bears last Sunday, the Dodgers will have their best chance to trim the champions. It is believed that Friedman will shoot everything he has at the Packers early in the game in the hopes of gaining an early lead and then holding it by defensive football the rest of the game. The easterners are not expected to try many power plays against Green Bay's line as they know how hard it is to gain through the Wisconsin team's wall. Passes, laterals and wide runs and fast splits probably will be the principal mode of attack by Friedman and his mates. Friedman has several fleet backs and ends to work on the receiving side of his passes. He is certain to give them all plenty to do. Jack Grossman, former Rutgers star who leads the league in scoring, Wiberg of Nebraska, Toscani and Thomason are but a few of the many men available for work with the former Michigan star. At ends Stramiello, a Colgate flash, Riblett, of Penn and McNeil of Washington-Jefferson are sure to see action. All are capable pass receivers...BOWDOIN TO PLAY: The Dodgers will use several players who well known to Wisconsin fans. At guards Bruce Jones and Jim Bowdoin, who formerly played with Green Bay, will be seen in action. Milo Lubratovich, former Wisconsin tackle, is another player well known in the state who will perform for the invaders. McBride, fullback, and Wiberg also have been seen here before. Coach E.L. Lambeau may have to do without the services of a few of his regulars in the fight to stop the eastern invaders. Cal Hubbard, giant tackle, is suffering with a bruised knee and is not expected to see service. Milt Gantenbein, Wisconsin end, who has been out for three weeks with a bad leg, also may be missing again Sunday as the coach wants him to have another week rest before getting into action. Joe Zeller, guard, who suffered a leg injury in the Bear game, Hurdis McCrary, Verne Lewellen and Lavvie Dilweg also are ailing after the Chicago battle may be in shape to play although they are not in perfect shape. Al Culver, giant tackle, who was secured from the Bears early this week, will get his first test with the Packers. The coach plans to use him at Cal Hubbard's place on the right side of the line.


OCT 22 (Green Bay) - Making one of their last stands on their home grounds the Packers will attempt to repel a strong invader Sunday, when the Brooklyn Dodgers face the national professional football champions at City Stadium. The kickoff is set for 2 o'clock. Coach Benny Friedman, one of the league's most colorful players, heads the Brooklyn delegation which will face the Packers. The Dodgers lineup also included Jack Grossman, high scorer of the National league, whose four touchdowns in early season games has placed him ahead of all offensive competition. Two former Packers, Bruce Jones, who played here in 1927 and 1928, and Jim Bowdoin, whose service extended from 1929 to 1931, are regulars with Brooklyn. Both are guards, Bowdoin having been purchased by the Dodgers at the end of last season's play. A Brooklyn victory will shave the lead of the Packers to one full games, as the Bays now top the National league field by two contests. Packer fans will be in action for the first time Al Culver, 245-pound Notre Dame tackle, who has been rushed to Green Bay to bolster the positions once held by Stahlman, Hubbard and Perry. Three tackles are not deemed sufficient for a national championship team. The complete Packer backfield is ready for action, having recovered from the bumps and bruises picked up at Chicago last week. O'Boyle and Grove will call the signals, Bruder, Lewellen, Herber, Englemann and Blood will play at the halfback posts with Hinkle and McCrary at fullback.


OCT 23 (Green Bay) - Always an attraction wherever he plays, Benny Friedman, famous Michigan all-American quarterback, will lead his Brooklyn Dodgers against the undefeated Green Bay Packers in a National Professional league game here Sunday afternoon. Friedman is part owner of the team and quarterback. The Brooklyn club has split even in four games so far. The Dodgers have defeated Stapleton, 7 to 0, and Boston, 14 to 0, and have lost a return game to Stapleton, 7 to 6, and to New York, Friedman's old team from which he bought his release, 20 to 12. Green Bay, in first place in the National league race by two full games, has won four games and tied one. The Packers have defeated the Chicago Cards, 15 to 7, New York, 13 to 0, Portsmouth 15 to 10, and the Chicago Bears, 2 to 0. They have also played a scoreless tie with the Bears. Used up somewhat severely in scoring the 2 to 0 victory over the Bears in Cubs Park last week the Packers will not be at full strength in Sunday's engagement. McCrary, fullback, has a wrenched hip; Perry, tackle, a bad ankle; Cal Hubbard, tackle, a bad knee; Nate Barrager, center, a badly cut nose; Zeller, a guard, a bad ankle and Verne Lewellen, halfback, a bad ankle. To replace one of his injured tackles Coach Curly Lambeau sent out a hurried S.O.S. last Monday and obtained Al Culver, former Notre Dame star. Culver had a trial with the Chicago Bears early in the season. He will make his debut Sunday. Brooklyn's lineup will include an old Green Bay favorite, Jim Bowdoin, guard. In addition to Friedman and Bowdoin, the invading lineup will have Bill Karel of Pittsburgh, Jack Grossman of Rutger, who leads the National league in scoring, the veteran Jack McBride of Syracuse, Bruce Jones, who formerly played with the Packers, Bud Toscani of St. Mary's, Paul Riblett of Pennsylvania, Wiberg, late of Stapleton, and Meitzinger, who formerly played with the Giants. George Lawrie, Chicago, will be the referee; Loyd Scott, Milwaukee, umpire, and George Johnson, Chicago, head linesman.


OCTOBER 21 (Green Bay) - The Brooklyn Dodgers, 22 strong, accompanied by Martin Shenker and several other club executives, will arrive in Green Bay Saturday morning at 8:15 over the Northwestern road. Friedman's aggregation left Cleveland at noon today. It is possible that the Brooklyn club will stay in Green Bay until the middle of the week as the next game for the Easterners is in Chicago against the Cardinals on Oct. 30. Interest in the game is warming up rapidly and every indication points to a big crowd at the City stadium Sunday afternoon. Hundreds of fans are coming down from Upper Michigan while brisk ticket sales have been reported at the Packer agencies in Milwaukee, Madison and other Wisconsin cities...HOSPITAL LIST CLEARING UP: The Packer hospital list is clearing up a bit with but one or two exceptions all the regulars should be able to do a trick against the much vaunted eastern invaders. Coach E.L. Lambeau intends to start Al Culver, former Notre Dame star, at a tackle post. The new Packer has been looking pretty good in the practice drills this week and he should be ready for the Brooklyn tilt. Culver is said to be right at home rushing a passer and he will have plenty of opportunities against the Dodgers as Benny Friedman takes to the air about every other play.


OCT 21 (Cleveland) - Benny Friedman and his Brooklyn Dodgers left here this noon for Chicago en route to Green Bay, Wis., where on Sunday they will face the famous Packers in a NFL game. The Dodgers' pilot was not all satisfied with the exhibition his team put up against the Chicago Bears Wednesday and he "read the riot act" to several backfielders who failed to protect on lateral passes. Twice the Bears intercepted these tosses and raced for the only touchdown of the game...DIDN'T SET WELL: The defeat at the hands of the Bears here didn't set very well with Friedman as Cleveland is his hometown and hundreds of his friends helped swell the attendance at the charity game by handling the ticket sale, which had been underway for nearly a month. The non-league game was sponsored by three Cleveland newspapers. Brooklyn came out of the Bear game without injuries and according to Benny he will have his full strength on the field against the Packers on Sunday.


OCT 21 (Brooklyn) - As a rookie making good with a crash in his first year of National professional football league experience, Jack Grossman, formerly of Rutgers university and now with the Brooklyn Dodgers, is one of the year's sensations. Although the season is still young, he already bids fare to take the scoring honors of the league for 1932. Grossman, one of the East's leading collegiate score for three years, will be seen with the Dodgers against the Packers in Green Bay on Sunday. It was his misfortune in college to be playing on a team that seldom came prominently into the public eye, but he was named three years in a row on the honorable mention side of Grantland Rice's All-America, and many others selected him without any reservation. Grossman, aside from being an exceptional kicker, passer and runner, is an able receiver and an ideal catcher for his boss, Friedman, the greatest forward passer of all time. The Friedman to Grossman combination, in fact, accounted for both of the Dodger touchdowns when they defeated the Braves in the ceremonious league opening at Boston. Grossman is an able passer as well, especially when a long pass is valuable. Even though he ran several times the length of the field in college games, his most celebrated play was a 60-yard pass that defeated Lafayette in 1930. It was fourth down at midfield with ten yards to go. Grossman dropped back in kick formation. The other team had expected a punt, but Grossman got off a throw from his 40-yard line into the enemy end zone, where it was caught by Don Coursen, Rutgers end...IS BROOKLYN BOY: Grossman is a Brooklyn boy, 6 feet tall and weighing 195 pounds. He is something of a local hero, having been an All-City high school player before going to college. That same distinction was won two years ago by his younger brother, Nat, now a star at New York university...LIKES TO BLOCK PUNTS: There is one particular way in which an end can prove spectacular and valuable to his team and the formula is an important part of the repertoire developed by Paul Riblett, the University of Pennsylvania captain last year, now a regular on the Brooklyn Dodgers. Riblett simply dotes on blocking kicks. When a game goes by without Riblett blocking a ball as it comes off the toes of an enemy punter, he feels that the day was a perfect flop. It is more likely that Green Bay football fans will see Riblett performing his specialty Sunday when he plays with the Dodgers against the Packers. The former Penn leader has broken up many football games at college by either fully blocking or partly deflecting a punted ball. The most notable of all his blocks was the one that upset California in 1929.


OCT 22 (Green Bay) - The Kewaunee high school band will attend the Packer-Brooklyn game on Sunday afternoon as guests of the Green Bay football club. Director Thoreson has received a communication from the Green Bay office that the entire time between halves will be turned over to the band for their program. They are being drilled this week on marching and formation work and the director is preparing a special program to be played at the stadium.


OCT 22 (Green Bay) - The Chicago Bears are still in the scoreless class as Green Bay nosed out a 2 to 0 win over the Halas-men in the Windy City last Sunday. The Bruins have played four games this season without handing up a single marker...Portsmouth and Stapleton battled to a 7 all no decision contest. The Islanders made the first touchdown and converted the extra point but the Spartans spurted in the final stanza and knotted the Stapes' total...After taking it on the chin three games in a row, the New York Giants found themselves in their opener at the Polo grounds and proceeded to put a big dent in the dope bucket by smearing the Brooklyn Dodgers, 20 to 12...Tom Nash, veteran Packers wingman, paved the way for Green Bay to defeat the Bears, 2 to 0, when he smeared one of Dick Nesbitt's punts and the ball rolled out of the end zone. Nash had a great day against the Chicagoans...Cal Hubbard has played a lot of football in his day but seldom had to leave the game. Last Sunday in the Packer fracas, Hubbard got a crack on the leg that laid him low and he took a couple of Packers to carry him out...Boston will play a return game in New York this weekend. The Braves bumped the Giants in their first meeting of the season but it may be a different story this time out as Steve Owens' club has started to click...Benny Friedman will return to the scene of his pro football debut when he plays with his Dodgers against Green Bay on Sunday. Friedman is a great drawing card in the Badger state and some 10,000 will see him perform...Jack Chevigny and his Chicago Cards camped in the New England sector all week as they will tangle with the Steamrollers at Providence on Sunday. The Rhode Islanders are not playing in the National loop this year...The Portsmouth Spartans are traveling via bus this fall and, according to Vice-president Harry S. Snyder, the club is saving a lot of 

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