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1933 Green Bay Packers




DEC 12 (Green Bay) - With the National league season over, Green Bay's Packers prepared today for a post-season game next Sunday against the St. Louis Gunners at St. Louis. Eighteen players, the full team since it has been cut by injuries, and Coach E.L. Lambeau will make the trip "on their own" as the Green Bay Football corporation did not sign the contract for  the game. The players will leave Friday or Saturday  morning, arriving in St. Louis the same evening. Cal Hubbard has gone on ahead to his home in Missouri for a few days but will rejoin the squad in St. Louis. Players who will take part in the game are backfield men Hank Bruder, Johnny Blood, Roger Grove, Clark Hinkle, Bob Monnett and Buckets Goldenberg, linemen Al Rose, Lavvie Dilweg, Milt Gantenbein, Clyde Van Sickle, Cal Hubbard, Claude Perry, Joe Kurth, Mike Michalske, Lon Evans, Rudy Comstock, Art Bultman and Al Sarafiny.


DEC 12 (Columbus, OH) - Glenn Presnell of the Portsmouth Spartans is scoring leader of the NFL for 1933, official statistics released today reveal. Presnell nosed out Ken Strong of the New York Giants by a margin of four points, Strong failing to score any of the Giants' 20 points against Philadelphia Sunday. Third place is held by Jim Musick of the Boston Redskins, with 44 points; fourth goes to Hal Richards of New York, and Shipwreck Kelly of Brooklyn, each having scored 43 points. Richards climaxed a brilliant touchdown outburst of recent weeks with two against Eagles on Sunday, and nosed out Buckets Goldenberg of Green Bay, who counted 42 points on seven touchdowns. Kelly, Richards and Goldenberg are tied for most touchdowns, with seven apiece, and Strong is tied with Jack Manders of the Chicago Bears for extra point boots, each having 14. Field goal supremacy is held by Manders, with six. The New York Giants won honors in scoring diversity, 11 members of that squad being included on the league list. Second honors go to the Chicago Bears, with 10, while the other clubs placed as follows: Green Bay, nine; Philadelphia and Brooklyn, eight each; Boston and Portsmouth, seven each; the Cardinals and Pittsburgh, six each, and Cincinnati, five.


DEC 12 (Chicago) - Every member of the  Chicago Cardinals team who participated in a contest with an independent team yesterday at St. Louis today was liable to suspension, according to Charles Bidwell, owner of the Chicago eleven. The Cardinals, playing under the pseudonym of Chicago All Stars, lost, 28 to 7, to the St. Louis Gunners. Participation in the game was forbidden by Bidwell, who said: "I have made no decision in the matter as yet, but every member of the team who took part in the game is liable to suspension under the league rules." Bidwell is reported to have wired Dick Nesbit, who led the All Stars, that any member of the Cardinals who stepped on the field would be indefinitely suspended. With a large crowd on hand for the game, however, the players refused to forego their plans. Bidwell said he had not determined the identity of the players who took part in the game.


DEC 12 (Milwaukee Journal) - Just one more all star team, in the deluge of all-star teams that have descended on the sport pages in the last few weeks, and they can pack football away in the mothballs for a year which, as a side thought, ought to be


extremely satisfying to my friend Billy Sixty and his bowlers. Just one more team, the all-star professional team. Theoretically, the all-star professional football team is the strongest football team in the world. It is the team that, with equal coaching, would crush any regular pro lineup in the country, and almost annihilate, of course, any college lineup. The Packers used to dominate this team. In their championship years they always had four or five men on it, regardless of who picked it, and they deserved that. This year they managed to squeeze in one. The Bears, Giants, Boston Redskins and Spartans have all taken the play away from them. The Bears and Giants, who will meet for the championship in the playoff at Chicago next Sunday, each have three men on the team, and Boston and Portsmouth each two. The Packers place Clark Hinkle. This is only an individual pick, of course, but I like to believe it would compare with any other team named.


DEC 12 (St. Louis) - Chester (Swede) Johnston, brilliant fullback of the St. Louis Gunners, may miss the game at the Public Schools Stadium Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, but he hopes not. The intrepid Swede, who injured an ankle in a game against Chicago last Sunday, has not participated in workouts since, and is being treated in hopes of playing against the Wisconsin pro eleven. Johnston is particularly desirous of meeting the Packers on the gridiron. He hails from Appleton, Wis., only a few miles from Green Bay, the home of the Packers' organization, and at one time was affiliated with the Wisconsin team. At any rate, he knows most of the Packer players and is particularly anxious to demonstrate how the Gunners are playing football in St. Louis this season. A signed contract with Curly Lambeau, coach, manager and general director of the Packers, stipulates the Green Bay squad roster here Sunday will be the same one that has been used all season. The Packers were beaten, 7 to 6, by the Chicago Bears Sunday.


DEC 13 (Green Bay) - Sometimes a team is greater in defeat than in victory. That appears like a statement that may fairly be said of the Packers' concluding league contest. It is when men have their backs to the wall that they show the real stuff of which they are made. Victory is always sweet but when we cannot always, it is well, as we lick our wounds, to reflect that our record was good and that no one who met us during the season but would testify to that fact with a hearty amen. "A pound of pluck," said President Garfield, "is worth a ton of luck," but the Packers know that when the pluck is pretty evenly divided an ounce, or even a gram, will turn the trick. In a three-column head a recent Sunday issue of the New York Times, under the caption "The Green Bay Trio" asked some questions: "How is the town of Green Bay bearing up under the loss of five football games by the once proud Packers? A successful season for the Packers was a plank in the political platform out there. Wasn't the team a municipal institution of some kind, an elementary institution, in fact?" Green Bay, we may answer, is bearing up remarkably well. It is in much better shape than that medieval warrior who wrote, "All is lost save honor", for its honor was never even in jeopardy and it has the nucleus of a brilliant team next fall. This season's result was to the Packers, just a little fire to that ancient bird called the Phoenix.


DEC 13 (St. Louis) - Two former Gunners, Dick Thornton, versatile back, and Bob Gonya, all-round lineman, who have been playing with the Philadelphia Eagles in the National League this season, will rejoin their old teammates today and will be used by Coach Gwinn Henry in the local pros' football contest with the Green Bay Packers Sunday afternoon at the Public School Stadium. Thornton, the Gunners' outstanding ground gainer last season, is just the kind of a back Henry likes, for, in addition to being a line plunger and broken field runner, Dick is a dependable blocker and a snappy thrower of forward passes. Following the close of the Gunners' 1932 season, several National League clubs tried to line up Thornton, and when this campaign got underway both the Boston Redskins and Eagles claimed his services. However, matters were straightened out and he played with the Phillies the entire season, with the exception of a short period when he was on the injured list...STARRED AT ROLLA: Having fully recovered from his leg injury, Thornton is expected to prove a valuable man to the Gunners. The Rolla ex-luminary, who was in the Miners' lineup when they battled St. Louis I. to the spectacular 33-33 tie three years ago, understands Henry's system, for his old college mentor, Coach Grant, is one of Henry's products from Missouri University. With Chester "Swede" Johnston still on the sidelines with a sprained ankle and Benny La Presta and Joe Spudich just getting over their injuries from last Sunday's game, Thornton, who was at his best against National League competition this past season, may be given an opportunity of playing more than was originally expected. Gonya, a regular Gunner end during the early season games, played tackle for the Eagles. Henry intends to use him at tackle owing to the fact that Charley Malone, Max Gladden, Chuck Delmege and George Rogge, present Gunner ends, would be hard to supplant. With Gonya listed, the Gunners now have five tackles, Sandy Sandburg, Babe Lyoin, Marion Broadstone and Joe Moore being the others. Henry sent his men through a long and brisk workout yesterday morning. He was elated over the fine physical condition of Dick Frahm, John Breidenstein and Blake Workman, the team's blockers. These players, though having roughed it up with the Chicago Cardinal All-Stars, were at their peak for their week's hardest drill. Don Moses, stellar quarterback, also was "right", his injured foot being a great deal stronger...TWO COMPLETE LINES: The Gunner coach now has two complete lines and he will put in the next two days selecting the strongest front wall combination for the Green Bay game. Curly Lambeau and his squad of 18 players will check in town Friday. The Packers will present the same array of stars against the Henrymen who held the Chicago Bears, Western Division champions of the National League, to a 7-6 score last Sunday.



DEC 14 (Green Bay) - Just one more column of football before we put the subject in mothballs for the year. Rather this will be the next-to-last column of football notes, as we still want to pass on our choice for the National league team of 22 men before we drop this conversation, but that can wait another day. Today's subject has to do with all-American professional teams, those of the 11-man variety. We aren't "sold" on 11-men All-American teams as we don't think they represent the perfect professional football team, but others like them, and, as this is an independent newspaper that gives everyone an equal chance, we'll pass on to you what others think. The first selection that we'll pass on is the all-American team chosen by Red Grange for Collyer's Eye, the snappy little sport sheet put out in Chicago every week. From which, one could get the impression that Grange likes four of his own team on

the all-American. We don't agree with him, but it is his story, so we'll let it pass. Here's another all-American, the choice of a fellow worker, Ollie Kuechle, Milwaukee sports writer, who again covered Green Bay games this year. Not bad, Ollie, but we wouldn't agree with you on Hein of New York at center with McNally and Ookie Miller in the league; or Gibson at guard, with Hickman, Carlson and a few others in the circuit, in fact there are others, but it is your selection and it is as good as any.


DEC 14 (St. Louis) - Gwinn Henry, coach of the St. Louis Gunners, has about decided on his starting lineup for the local pros' football contest with the Green Bay Packers Sunday afternoon, at the Public Schools Stadium. The veteran coach will start a different combination from that which began hostilities against the Chicago Cardinals last Sunday. With Chester "Swede" Johnston, plunging back, still receiving daily treatments for his dislocated ankle, Henry is grooming three other ball-luggers for the fullback assignment. However, there is a possibility that Swede's ankle will be strong enough for him to break into the game...THE FULLBACK JOB: It is almost a certainty that the starting fullback will be picked from Benny La Presta, Joe Spudich and Dick Thornton, who recently rejoined the Gunners after playing the season with the Philadelphia Eagles in the National League. Don Moses,  quarterback, whose long, accurate passes and tricky drives have made him popular, and Dick Frahm and John Breidenstein, great blockers, are the other starters. Frahm, by the way, will be starting his fifteenth straight game for the Gunners. Bob Gonya, the big lineman who left the Gunners to join the Philadelphia Eagles during mid-season, made such a clever showing in his first practice since he rejoined the team that he is bidding for tackle berth and is in line to begin the game with Sandy Sandburg, the "iron man" of the line. The 18 Green Bay players and their coach, Curly Lambeau, are due in town tomorrow. If they arrive in time they will work out in the afternoon on the Gunners' practice field on the David Ranken School grounds. After making the best showing of any eleven in the National League during the last half of the championship race, the Packers, who are bringing all their regulars here for the game, are expected to prove the Gunners' toughest opponent to date. Owing to the city-wide interest, the coming game has aroused, the Gunner management last night announced that 5,000 midfield reserve seats will be put on sale today. This is the first time this season the Gunners have reserved any portion of the stadium.


DEC 15 (Green Bay) - The Chicago Bears will be playing the New York Giants for the championship of the NFL at Chicago next Sunday, but the Packers might easily be playing the Giants at Green Bay - except for the little matter of eight minutes and six inches. Final standings of the leading western division clubs for the past season were as follows:

            W   L   T  .PCT

Bears      10   2   1  .833

Portsmouth  6   5   0  .545

Green Bay   5   7   1  .418

It would have been a much different story, had the Chicago rallies against the Packers had been stamped out, and had the Packers punched the ball over for a touchdown in the opening quarter of last Sunday's game at the Illinois city...GAIN EARLY LEAD: When the Bears played the Packers here early in the season, the Bays had the situation well in hand, leading 7 to 0, with a scant few minutes left to play. Then Johnsos, Hewitt and company swung into action. "Wild Bill" tossed a pass to Johnsos, and a moment later the score was tied. The Packers had hardly settled down before Hewitt blocked a punt and chased the oval over the goal line for the touchdown which spelled defeat for the Packers. Later in the season, at Chicago, the Packers were coasting comfortably with a 7 to 0 lead, when Hewitt and his pals again got busy. The trick touchdown pass, this time to Kerr, netted the tying touchdown, and Jack Manders' late field goal upset the Bays again...CAUGHT FROM BEHIND: Last Sunday at Chicago, Clark Hinkle took the opening kickoff and hauled it back 92 yards, only to be dragged down by the troublesome Karr a few yards from the Bear goal line. Four plays later, the line still was uncrossed, the margin being six inches. Scratching those spectacular rallies from the books, and eliminating last week's tight touchdown margin, the Packers would have won all three games with the Bears, and here' s the way the final standings would have appeared:

            W   L   T  .PCT

Green Bay   8   4   1  .667

Bears       7   5   1  .637

Portsmouth  6   5   0  .545

A little bit of trouble can go a long way.


DEC 15 (Green Bay) - "On their own" to pick up some spending money for Christmas, the Green Bay Packers will meet the St. Louis Gunners in an exhibition game at St. Louis Sunday afternoon. Coach Curly Lambeau and 18 players will make the trip. The party will include Hank Bruder, Johnny Blood, Roger Grove, Buckets Goldenberg, Clark Hinkle, Bob Monnett, Lavvie Dilweg, Al Rose, Milton Gantenbein, Claude Perry, Cal Hubbard, Joe Kurth, Clyde Van Sickle, Mike Michalske, Rudy Comstock, Lon Evans, Art Bultman and Al Sarafiny. Lambeau will leave for the west coast immediately after the game to lineup material for next year's eleven.


DEC 15 (Chicago) - Joe Carr, president of the National Professional Football league, Thursday called a special meeting of the club owners here Saturday to discuss business and proposals for an earlier closing date in the schedule and changes in the rules to open up the game. All club owners will be here to attend the post-championship game Sunday between the New York Giants and Chicago Bears. "It has been proposed that we open the 1934 season just as early as possible and close it the first Sunday in December to insure playable weather for the post-championship game," President Carr said. "This year we opened up on September 15 and closed last Sunday. We've had a good break in weather this year, but may not be so fortunate again. Also it is the tendency in our league to open the game up. Football fans want to see that football, they want to see spectacular plays, kicks and long runs for touchdowns. We are going to do our best to give 'em what they want." President Carr said the 1933 season was the most successful in the league's history, and that he expected all to retain their franchises for 1934.


DEC 15 (St. Louis) - Eighteen Green Bay Packers are scheduled to participate in a late afternoon workout today on the David Ranken Jr. Mechanical School field, Finney and Newstead, in preparation for the professional football contest with Coach Gwinn Henry's St. Louis Gunners, Sunday afternoon, at the Public Schools Stadium. The Packers are due in St. Louis sometime today. The Gunners will end a week of rigid training with sessions this morning and tomorrow morning. Coach Curly Lambeau sent words to the Gunner management yesterday that the same eleven players who started against the Chicago Bears, Western Division champions of the National League, will open hostilities against the local pros. The Packers lost to the Bears by a 7 to 6 count. Lavvie Dilweg and Milt Gantenbein, ends; Joseph Kurth, Cal Hubbard and Claude Perry, tackles; Mike Michalske, Lon Evans, Rudy Comstock and Clyde Van Sickle, guards, and Art Bultman and Al Sarafiny, centers, and Hank "Hard Luck" Bruder", Clark Hinkle, Roger Grove, Johnny Blood, Buckets Goldenberg and Robert Monnett, backs, are the players who will be in the invaders' party. Henry will alternate Benny La Presta, Dick Thornton and Joe Spudich at fullback. La Presta and Spudich are gradually formatting about their ailments and are due to engage in hard sessions for the next two days. Blake Workman, the versatile halfback, will be counted on heavily in the coming game, despite the fact that Dick Frahm and John Breidenstein are to start at the halfbacks. Don Moses, whose passes have pulled the Gunners out of several tight spots this season, and Charley Malone, elongated end who has done most of the receiving, have been drilling on their aerial attack all week and will continue to do so in the remaining workouts. It is Henry's plan to present a baffling attack, featuring passes, long and short one; line plunges, skirts around the end and some tricky formations, against the Packers and Chicago Bears who call a week from Sunday. Capt. Sampson, manager of the Gunners, reports that the 5,000 reserved seats which were placed on sale yesterday are going fast, and indications are that another record breaking crowd will be on hand.


DEC 16 (St. Louis) - The St. Louis Gunners' starting lineup for their professional football contest with the Green Bay Packers tomorrow afternoon at the Public Schools Stadium was announced last night by Coach Gwinn Henry. Benny La Presta, fullback; Don Moses, quarterback, and Dick Frahm and John Breidenstein, halfbacks, were selected as the opening backfield quartet. La Presta, former St. Louis University star and a member of the Boston Redskins in the National League this season, recently joined the Gunners. In his first game he was injured early but went well while he was in. Last week he topped off his afternoon's play by running back a kickoff 90 yards for a touchdown. In gaining the right to start against the Packers La Presta came through brilliantly all week. He will share the assignment with Dick Thornton, another versatile back, and Joe Spudich, the team's triple threat man. It is possible that Chester "Swede" Johnston, the Gunners' chief ground gainer, will break into the game at a later stage but his sprained ankle will keep him on the bench at the opening of hostilities. Although Bob Gonya, who recently rejoined the Gunners after playing with the Philadelphia Eagles, delivered in great style during the past week. George "Babe" Lyon, 245-pound lineman, will start at one of the tackles. He will pair with Sandy Sandburg, the eleven's "iron-man". Henry is well pleased with Gonya's work, but Lyon has played so well during recent weeks that the Gunner coach is not going to make any changes in his line. Homer Reynolds and Leonard McGirl, guards; Max Gladden and Charley Malone, ends, and Eddie Kawal, center, are the other starters. With Blake Workman and Cowboy Kyle, backs, and George Rogge and Chuck Delmege, ends; Marion Broadston, tackle; Ray Jennison, guard, and Cecil Muellerleile, center, in tip-top shape, Henry will be able to send additional strong players against the Packers. Curly Lambeau and his Green Bay gridders did not arrive in time for a workout yesterday but they are down for a training session today. The Packer coach sent word yesterday that his men would be late in arriving. In the same message he mentioned that all are in excellent physical condition and he will be able to send the same players against the Gunners who battled the Chicago Bears to a 7 to 6 score last week. With weather permitting, it now seems a certainty that another record-breaking crowd will witness the Gunner-Packer game. All the Gunners ticket offices have tripled their advance sale over the demands of previous games.


DEC 16 (St. Louis) - Green Bay's Packers were here today for a game with the St. Louis Gunners Sunday afternoon. With good weather the contest is expected to draw 5,000 or more fans. The Packers stepped through a brisk workout this morning before a crowd of St. Louis fans. All members of the team were on hand and appeared in good shape for the test. With Swede Johnson, former Appleton high school star, setting the pace, the Gunners have won several games recently. They defeated a team of Chicago All-Stars last Sunday. This squad was composed mostly of members of the Chicago All-Stars last Sunday. This squad was composed mostly of members of the Chicago Cardinal eleven. Johnson was injured in last Sunday's game and may not be able to play tomorrow. Coach Gwinn Henry, former Missouri university mentor, has the St. Louis team on edge for the game. His squad boasts victories over the Oklahoma Chiefs, Memphis and several other independent elevens in the south and southwest. Coach E.L. Lambeau planned to start his best men and "shoot the works" in the hopes of gaining an early lead and holding it.


DEC 17 (St. Louis) - The Green Bay Packers, who held the Chicago Bears, Western Division champions of the National League, to a 7 to 6 score last week, will face Coach Gwinn Henry's St. Louis Gunners in the local pros' fifteenth contest of the season this afternoon at the Public Schools Stadium. The kickoff is set for 2 o'clock. Curly Lambeau, who has coached the Packers for the past 15 years, sent his charges through a brisk workout yesterday afternoon on the David Ranken Jr. Mechanical Trades School field. The Packers won the National League gridiron championship in 1929, 1930 and 1931; finished second last year and were in the tick of the pennant fight this season. They were regarded as one of the strongest elevens in the National League during the final half of the 1933 championship race. They walloped Pittsburgh, 47 to 0, and Philadelphia, 35 to 9, in their two most overwhelming triumphs of this season...PACKERS A HUSKY TEAM: Lavvie Dilweg, of Marquette University, and Milton Gantenbein of Wisconsin, end, are the lightest players on the line. Each weighs 200 pounds, but their mates of the front wall of big, ponderous athletes. Cal Hubbard of Geneva College, whose weight is close to 280 pounds, is the biggest man in pro football. Hubbard, by the way, hails from Keytesville, Mo. The Packers' other tacklers, Claude Perry of Alabama University, and Joe Kurth, all-American from Notre Dame, also are huge in size. August Michalske of Penn State and Rudy Comstock of Georgetown, guards, are playing their eighth season in the National League. They, too, are husky warriors. The Packers' centers, Arthur Bultman, another Marquette U. product, and Al Sarafint, a hometown product, are the youngsters of the team, but they have proved to be "power houses" this season. Sarafiny weighs 235 pounds. Six fleet, but sturdy, backs will be used against the Gunners. Buckets Goldenberg, former Wisconsin fullback; Robert Monnett, Michigan State ace of a few years ago, and Clark Hinkle, Bucknell star, have been largely responsible for the Packers' recent success. Goldenberg has tremendous drive and Monnett and Hinkle rate with the best broken field runners in the big-time circuit. Monnett ran 92 yards through the entire Bear team last week for a touchdown. Other backs who will be seen in action against St. Louis are Hank "Hard Luck" Bruder, former Northwestern University plunger; Roger Grove, from Michigan State, and Johnny Blood, veteran of many years, quarterback...LA PRESTA TO START FOR GUNNERS: Henry is starting Benny La Presta, ex-St. Louis University flash, in the place of Chester "Swede" Johnston, who is on the shelf with an injured ankle. However, Swede's injury is healing rapidly and there is the possibility that he may break into the game during the late stages. Dick Thornton, Philadelphia Eagle this season, rejoined his old team during the past week and he and Joe Spudich, triple threat back, will assist La Presta in holding down Johnston's assignment. Don Moses, accurate throwing quarterback, and Dick Frahm and John Breidenstein, blocking halfback, as usual, will be at their places in the local battle front. Henry permitted Blake Workman, another versatile back, and Cowboy Kyle, the prancing ball lugger, to run through all the plays this week and they, too, are being counted on heavily in the Packer battle. With the line reinforces by the presence of Bob Gonya, who recently returned to his old team after a stay with the Philadelphia eleven. Henry looks forward to his front wall causing the invaders some trouble. Gonya came through beautifully at tackle during the past week, but George "Babe" Lyon and Sandy Sandburg, whose play has bordered on the spectacular, will get the starting assignments.


DECEMBER 17 (Milwaukee Journal) - It will be anything but a snap for the Packers when they face the St. Louis Gunners in an exhibition game at St. Louis, Mo., Sunday afternoon. In fact, unless the Packers are pretty much on their toes it may develop into quite a surprise. The Gunners, coached by Gwinn


St. Louis Public High Stadium. A public school facility which operated in the area for many years was the Public Schools Stadium on Kings highway north of St. Louis Avenue. It fulfilled a long felt need for a centralized location for high school athletics and was dedicated in 1928.


Henry, late of Missouri, are one of the strongest independent professional clubs in the country. To knock off a National league entry isn't anything new to them. In the course of a season in which they have won 11 games, lost one and tied two, they have defeated both the Brooklyn Dodgers, 21 to 2, and the Chicago Cardinals, 28 to 7. They lost their only game to the Cincinnati Reds early in the season, 7 to 0. The clubs they have beaten include the Des Moines All-Stars, 21-0; Memphis Tigers, 14-3; Oklahoma City Chiefs, 19-0; Chicago Shamrocks, 7-6 and 19-6; Detroit Indians, 41-0; Fort Atkinson Blackhawks, 20-0; Cleveland Skeletons, 61-0; Tulsa All-Stars, 33-7; Chicago Cardinals, 28-7, and Brooklyn Dodgers, 21-2. They were tied by the Memphis Tigers, 13-13, and the Oklahoma City Chiefs, 0-0, in return engagements. The Packers are the first of several other National league clubs that will play in St. Louis before the first of the year. The Gunners will also meet the Chicago Bears December 17 and the Cincinnati Reds in a return game December 24. It won't hurt their gate any at these games to show a victory over Green Bay, so you may guess they haven't planned any tea party for Sunday.


DECEMBER 18 (St. Louis) - The Green Bay Packers blanked the St. Louis Gunners, 21 to 0, Sunday before 16,000 fans, the largest crowd ever to witness a professional football game in St. Louis. The bulky Packer aggregation broke the Gunners' string of 10 successive victories and inflicted the second defeat of the season. Swede Johnson, a bulwark of the Gunners team, was on the sidelines with an ankle injury, but even his smashing line drives would probably have availed little against the attack of the Packers, who held the St. Louis team to 98 yards gained from scrimmage and three first downs. The Packers pushed over three touchdowns and a field goal after a scoreless first period. Hinkle passed to Blood from the 35-yard stripe across the goal for the first scoring in the second quarter. Hinkle booted a field goal and Bruder plugged over from the one-foot line in the third. Gantenbein raced 60 yards after intercepting a pass in the closing minutes of the game for a touchdown.



DEC 18 (St. Louis) - Coach Lambeau and his Packers football machine were on their way back to Green Bay today after pummeling the St. Louis Gunners, 21 to 0, here yesterday in a professional football contest. A record crowd of 16,000 persons saw the grid huskies that made Green Bay famous score an overwhelming victory in their last game of the season. Running over, around and through the Gunners, the Packers produced the most sensational football seen here this year. In riding the crest of the national game they have won in the past, Green Bay snapped the consecutive winning streak of the Gunners, who before the opening kickoff yesterday had scored ten straight victories. After a scoreless first period, the Packers opened up a spectacular offensive display that gave them a touchdown in each succeeding quarter. The first score resulted from a pass, Hinkle to Blood, for 35 yards in the second period...HINKLE KICKS GOAL: Continuing their line battering during the second half, the Packers drove down within 20 yards of the Gunners' goal, and, when the St. Louis defense stiffened, Hinkle dropped back and booted a field goal in the


third period. Later in this period a superior running attack behind a line that never faltered started the Packer eleven on a sustained march from midfield for its second touchdown. Hank Bruder, former Northwestern backfield ace, then plunged over from the one foot line. It remained for Milt Gantenbein to warm the hearts of the shivering fans in the fourth quarter. The 200 pound end snatched a pass that bounced from the hands of Blake Workman, and ran 60 yards for a touchdown. Snaring the free ball out of the air in front of the Packer bench. Gantenbein squirmed away from a swarm of tacklers, slashed his way down the field behind the peerless blocking of his mates, stiff-armed and then outran the last pursuing Gunners. The National league gridders allowed the Gunners only three first downs and a mere 98 yards from scrimmage. Arriving here Saturday and practicing only once for yesterday's game, the Packers were a bit slow in hitting their stride after the opening kickoff. During the scoreless first quarter, the St. Louisans made most of their yardage. Superiority of the Packers asserted itself through the rest of the game, however, when they uncorked dazzling passes, line smashing that ripped the Gunner forward wall to shreds and vicious tackling that kept the St. Louis pro eleven easily in tow...GOLDENBERG IS STAR: Standouts in the Green Bay squad were Buckets Goldenberg, a pile driving fullback, whose wild line puncturing tactics were untamed and Bruder and Hinkle, who led the Packers' aerial attack, cracked through the Gunners line at will and minimized the St. Louis gains in the secondary defense. Cal Hubbard, Green Bay beef trust at tackle; Red Bultman, center; Lavvie Dilweg, end, and Johnny Blood drew rousing cheers for their deadly effectiveness on both the attack and defense. The Gunners, playing without the services of Swede Johnson, brilliant fullback, started off well. In the first few minutes, a pass, Workman to Moses, good for 50 yards, placed the ball on the Packers' 16 yard line and this pair of backs succeeding in working down to the 7 yard line, at this point Moses was thrown for a loss and on the next play Workman's pass to Malone was intercepted on the goal line by Hank Bruder. Frahm, St. Louis halfback, almost got loose in the second period, running a kickoff back 60 yards. He was stopped by Grove, Packer safety, however. Mannerisms of the Packers and their coach gave St. Louis fans an idea how the Green Bay team has reached its heights in pro football. Lambeau, pacing up and down the Packer bench, kept his huskies in a spirit that didn't let up through the game. Among the spectators at yesterday's game was Guy Lombardo, noted orchestra leader who is filling an engagement here. It was his first game this season. Exchanging his violin for a football, he posed with football players for news photographers.


DEC 20 (Green Bay) - A friend asked the other day what professional football players do in the off season. The answer is - just about everything. Most of the Packer players engage in professions, trade or business. On the squad this year were a baseball umpire, several salesmen, a steel mill employee, an attorney, two insurance men, a truck drive and some who joined the ranks of the unemployed. Lavvie Dilweg returned to his law practice here, Milt Gantenbein came back to Green Bay for a short visit and will work either here or at Madison as a salesman. Al Rose departed for Texas for a short visit but plans to return here to work and play basketball after the holidays. Cal Hubbard is at Keetsville, Mo., for some hunting and rest before he starts work again next summer as a baseball umpire. Claude Perry is in Alabama now but expects to return here to work. Joe Kurth is at home in Madison, in the insurance business. Lon Evans is in Fort Worth, Texas, where he plans to work with his father who is in business. This is Lon's first year out of school. Mike Michalske makes his home here but left today for Ohio for the holidays. He will return here to work and play basketball after the holidays. Rudy Comstock is employed in the steel mill at Warren, Ohio. Van Sickle plans to work in an insurance office at Morris, Okla., his hometown. Red Bultman, whose home is in Green Bay, plans to work here. Al Sarafiny returned to Iron River, Wis., where he will spend the winter. Roger Grove returned to Green Bay and will remain here, working and playing basketball and, incidentally, he's as sweet a basketball player as there is in this vicinity. Hank Bruder is visiting friends and relatives at Peoria, Ill., now, but plans to be back after the holidays to play basketball and work here. Bob Monnett, just out of college, has no definite plans but hopes to find employment either here or at Bucyrus, Ohio. Buckets Goldenberg is a wrestler and does well at that trade in the off-season. Clark Hinkle works in his hometown, Toronto, Ohio, as a salesman. Johnny Blood drifts around the country doing a little of everything. He is now on his way to the Pacific coast. Arnold Herber is engaged in business with the De Pere Beverage company. Most of the players are able to save some of the money they make playing football and use it if work is dull in the off-season. The game has produced few "Athletic tramps" in recent years, as most of the men engaged in it are looking forward to careers in business after a few years of professional play. Practically all have college degrees and are well qualified for business life, but enjoy the game and like to play it a few years before settling down.


DEC 20 (Green Bay) - To show appreciation of Packer football broadcasts, a huge imitation postal card, measuring six feet seven inches by 49 inches, has been prepared by H.S. "Red" Walters and will be sent to Russ Winnie of WTMJ in the near future. All fans in the city who have enjoyed the broadcasts during the past season are asked to sign the card which will be mailed when it is full. It is at the Congress today and will be there through Thursday. Friday and Saturday it will be at Dashner's. Other sponsors with Walters are Martin Engels and W. Tom White.

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