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New York Giants (6-3) 17, Green Bay Packers (5-4) 3

Sunday November 11th 1934 (at New York)



(NEW YORK) - Harry Newman and some other 20 high priced hirelings of the House of Mara took the Packers into camp by the score of 17 to 3 at the Polo grounds Sunday afternoon before a crowd of some 20,000. The game was a whole lot closer contested than the score would indicate. The Packers broke the ice with a field goal by Hinkle in the first stanza only to have Ken Strong bob into the spotlight with his educated toe in the second frame and knot the count with a clear cut three pointer. When hostilities ended for the first half, the Packers held a considerable edge and it looked as if the Giants' 13-game winning streak at home was about to be broken. But things went haywire for the Packers soon after the third period got underway and it didn't take the New Yorkers long to put across a couple of touchdowns and sew up the ball game. However, the Bays never quit fighting, but something always seemed to go wrong with the attack once they ​moved into the scoring zone.


Pass after pass was completed in midfield but the overhead attack simply wouldn't click near the shadow of the Giants' goal post. After the final whistle blew, Tim Mara, owner of the New York club, mopped his brow and said to one of his associates: "Gee, I am glad that basketball game is over." The Giants played splendid football. The New Yorkers' forward wall was on its toes every minute and they kept boring plenty on every Bay thrust. Steve Owen made frequent changes in his forwards and they had the Packers ground attack pretty well stopped. Newman had one of the best days he ever experienced in post graduate football and the former Michigan quarter was the talk of the Gotham football colony as the Packer headed homeward on the 7:40 New York Central train. The Giants' quarterback didn't shine so much in the passing line, but he chalked up a lot of yards with his sharp piercing line cracks or skirts outside of tackle. During the third stanza offensive, Newman carried the ball about every other time and he chalked up a couple of touchdowns. One of his markers came on a slash through the left side of the Packer line and he finished standing up, although he had to wiggle out of the hands of several rushing Packers en route. It was on this play that Herber got cracked on the head and was carried from the combat groggy. The second Newman touchdown came only half a dozen plays after his first marker. The Giants had kicked off to Green Bay. Strong's boot sailed into the end zone and the Bays scrimmaged on their twenty. Two attempts gained but little and then Nate Barragar made a bad pass and a fumble resulted. Badgro hopped on it like a hot tomato on the Bays' 15 and another touchdown march was on. It resulted in Newman nosing over for a touchdown and "Manders" Strong converted his second point. The Packers then seemed to find themselves again and the Giants were never again really dangerous although a couple of fumbled punts by Joe Laws in the last few minutes of play gave the New Yorkers the advantage and they had the ball well in Packer territory when the final whistle tooted.


About midway in the third period Steve Owen, the Giant coach, pulled out Newman and sent in "Peewee" Smith, the half pint backfielder from Idaho. Young Smith didn't even get to first base and once Mike Michalsek cracked him down so hard near the home plate which was the Giants' eight-yard mark, that the New York coach called a halt and pulled his expensive bit of gridiron furniture out of the game. The Packers missed several golden opportunities to score and if Coach Lambeau's team had connected on these counters it would probably have made a difference in the game as New York would have been so far behind that even with their two scores they could not have caught up. Herber's passing was not timed right. Once the Packer back tossed to Dilweg who was in the end zone waiting for the ball. This was practically the same play on which the Bays made the touchdown against Boston last week. Lavvie was all clear and everything but he had to come in for the ball instead of following through and Ken Strong bobbed up on the horizon and smacked the ball down as Dilweg reached for it. Then again Hinkle was in the clear once and if Herber's pass had carried along. Clarke could have nabbed it on the fly and dented his cleats in the end zone. However, the toss was knocked down and another good touchdown dream faded out.


As the first half was drawing to a close the Packers marched down the field towards the Giants' uprights. Line plunges, spinners and some well executed forward passes figured in the offensive. Here the New Yorkers made a determined stand and held tight on three plays. Then Bob Monnett attempted a field goal from a slight angle. The ball struck the goal post and bounded outside, down into the end zone and the Giants placed the ball in play on their own twenty. After several futile line rushes time was up for the half. Earlier in this period Hinkle had attempted a


field goal from pretty well out but the ball skidded away from the goal posts and resulted only in a touchback. Mike Michalske played brilliantly in the line for the Packers. The veteran Green Bay guard sifted through frequently and when the Giants were stopped in their savage line thrusts, Mike was generally at the bottom of the heap. Bob Jones, the other center flanker, frequently came through with sensational line play. Milt Gantenbein starred at a wing and he snagged about a half dozen passes that drew rounds of applause from the spectators. Milt was staging this fancy receiving when the Packers were a couple of touchdowns behind and it was his fighting spirit that drew a word of commendation from Coach Lambeau. Clarke Hinkle punted well and once intercepted a Giant pass which got the Bays out of a hole as he dashed some 43 yards down the field before one of the New Yorkers ran him out of bounds well beyond the midfield stripe.


During the early stages of the game Joe Laws ran punts back splendidly and his dashes after receiving Ken Strong's sky scraping kicks put the Packers in the scoring sector several times. Before the game and between the halves, fitting Armistice Day ceremonies were staged by units from the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars and other veteran organizations. Three crack drum corps were on the field and their marching tunes had all the spectators keeping time. At a feature of the ceremony buglers from the various marching groups played Taps before the memorials erected at the Polo grounds for Christy Mathewson and Dennis Grant, two of New York's baseball heroes who met their death during the World War. It was an impressive setup and the big crowd stood with bared heads as the flags were dipped.

GREEN BAY -  3  0  0  0 -  3

NEW YORK  -  3  0 14  0 - 17


1ST - GB - Clarke Hinkle, 19-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 3-0

1ST - NY - Ken Strong, 18-yard field goal  TIED 3-3

3RD - NY - Harry Newman , 12-yard run (Strong kick)  NEW YORK 10-3

3RD - NY - Newman, 1-yard run (Strong kick)  NEW YORK 17-3



NOV 12 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers will return from their abbreviated eastern invasion tonight at 10:15 o'clock, over the Milwaukee road, and will start preparations tomorrow for their game against the Chicago Cardinals in Milwaukee next Sunday.


NOV 13 (New York) - The Chicago Bears, champions of all survey in the National Football league, today appear well on their way to a new point scoring and ground-gaining record for the season. To date the Chicago steamroller, victor in nine straight games, has scored 230 points, only 14 less than the record total amassed last year by the New York Giants and has amassed 2,993 yards offensively, only 36 shy of their own record set last year. Unless all the dope is wrong they should set new highs in both departments in their game against the New York Giants Sunday. Detroit continues to have the best


defense record with only 1,198 yards gained against it and 20 points scored. It is tied with Chicago for leadership and of the western division of the league, both undefeated. Green Bay continues to set the pace in forward passing with 54 completed in 127 attempts.


NOV 13 (Green Bay) - Expecting one of the toughest games of the season against Chicago's rapidly improving Cardinals at State Fair park, Milwaukee, next Sunday afternoon, the Green Bay Packers this afternoon busied out to the old Joannes park stamping grounds for a brisk practice session. Word of the Cardinals' present condition has been anything but cheering to the Bays, as the Cards are fulfilling pre-season dope that they would be the "toughest November team in the league". Most of the Packers were in the Brooklyn stands last week as the Cardinals rolled over the Dodgers, 21 to 0, and assistant coach F.L. (Jugger) Earpe was planted at Wrigley Field Sunday as the game team handed the Detroit Lions their greatest scare since the Lion-Packer battle here...HERBER'S NECK INJURED: Given a few breaks, the Cardinals might easily have upset Detroit, in Earpe's opinion, and he predicted that the Packers will have all 22 hands full when they trot onto the State Fair stadium field at West Allis next Sunday. With the exception of Arnold Herber, the squad is in good condition. There is something the matter with Herber's neck, and the star passer may not see action Sunday, unless he stages a fast comeback...LEAVE AT NOON: The Packers were glad to be home after breaking even on their annual eastern invasion, which was the shortest trip to the seaboard the squad has taken in years. Coach E.L. Lambeau and his players will leave for Milwaukee at noon Saturday, at which time they expect to be primed for a stiff battle against the Chicagoans. The game will be an official National league contest, and will mark an attempt by the Cardinals to overhaul the Packers in the Western division race for third position.


NOV 13 (Columbus, OH) - Earl (Dutch) Clark, Detroit Lions quarterback, is looking like a good bet to take high individual scoring honors in the NFL for the second time in three seasons. High man in 1932, Clark relinquished the honors last season to Glenn Presnell, his teammate on the Portsmouth outfit, but thus far this season Dutch has piled up 72 points to take a commanding lead over his nearest rival, Jack Manders of the Chicago Bears. Clark tops Manders by 15 points...SCORES EIGHT TOUCHDOWNS: The Detroit ace leads the league in touchdown scoring, with eight to his credit, his nearest rival being Beattie Feathers of the Bears, who has seven. Manders is well out in front in the matter of booting extra points, having chased 24 over the bars for the Chicago Bears. Clark comes next with 12. Manders has kicked five field goals to lead in that department. Players with four to their credit are Clark and Bob Monnett of Green Bay...KICK 38 GOALS: Thirty-nine field goals have been successful in the National league this season, pointing to the popularity of scoring by this method. With 12 names on the individual list, the Bears are leading the circuit in scoring diversity, the other teams being represented as follows: Philadelphia and Green Bay, nine each; Boston, eight; Detroit and Pittsburgh, seven each; Cardinals and New York, five each; Brooklyn, four; Cincinnati, three, and St. Louis, two.


NOV 13 (Milwaukee) - Plans to accommodate another large crowd when the Packers and Chicago Cardinals play here next Sunday were going forward rapidly today, and with any kind of break in the weather stands should be well filled before game time. The kickoff has been set for 2 o'clock. Tickets have been placed on sale at the offices of the Milwaukee Journal here and in a number of other cities in the state. Milwaukee fans who saw the Packers and Cardinals play in Green Bay on October 21 claim it was one of the greatest games of football they ever witnessed and they have been talking it up plenty here.



NOV 14 (Chicago) - Confident that at last they have hit their stride, Chicago's young Cardinals today ripped through a strenuous drill in preparation for next Sunday's game against the Packers at Milwaukee. Peter Sarboe, former Washington State quarterback, recently obtained from Boston, was given considerable play and handled the team well. Before the season opened, professional football critics stated that the Cards were too young and inexperienced to do much in the National league race, but that they would be one of the toughest teams in the league to beat in November. The squad has proved this statement in its recent games, riding over the tough Brooklyn Dodgers, 21 to 0, and throwing the scare of the season into Detroit's proud Tigers here last Sunday...FOURTH QUARTER RALLY: The Cardinals are shaking their heads over the Detroit game. They spotted the Lions to a 17 to 0 lead on touchdowns by Clark and Presnell, extra points by the same pair, and a field goal by Presnell, and went into the fourth quarter apparently hopelessly outclassed. Then the Chicagoans turned on the heat, nearly blasting the Lions from the field as they rushed over two touchdowns and kicked one extra point, coming within four points of tying the score. The Lions walked to the dressing rooms shaking their heads, and the Cardinals acquired new confidence to carry into battle against Green Bay...PACKERS ONE UP: The Cards still are smarting under the stinging 15 to 0 defeat they received at Green Bay earlier in the season, but nobody expects the score at Milwaukee to be that topheavy. Against the Packers last time, the Cardinals were unable to prevent touchdowns by Hinkle and Rose, in addition to which Monnett kicked an extra point and the Packers acquired a safety. The Cardinals will arrive in Milwaukee late Saturday afternoon and will make their headquarters at the Wisconsin hotel. 


NOV 14 (New York) - The colleges are turning to graduates of the NFL more and more every year for coaches and assistant coaches. Instead of in former years when the college seniors were taken up as assistants the trend nowadays is to pick up players with several years of pro experience. Among the head coaches who stepped right from the ranks of the NFL are Jack Hagerty of Georgetown and Benny Friedman of City College of New York. Hagerty quit the Giants while Friedman was with Brooklyn at the time he retired to coaching. Both men


are using an all-pro staff, too, for Maurice Dubofsky and George Murtagh are down at Georgetown, while Paul Riblett and Saul Meilzinger have been assisting Friedman...HUBBARD IN TEXAS: Cal Hubbard, former all-league tackle of Green Bay, is line coach at Texas A. and M. Rudy Comstock, another Green Bay veteran, went in the same capacity to Oklahoma A. & M. Lloyd Burdick of the Chicago Bears is handling Knox College. Johnny Kitzmiller went from the Giants to Oregon, Ed Kotal of Green Bay is tutoring the Stevens Point Teachers College team in Wisconsin...DUNN AT MARQUETTE: Marquette's backfield coach is Red Dunn, quarterback of the Green Bay team that won the title for three years; Red Sleight is an assistant at Missouri after several years with the Packers and Clyde Van Sickle, another Green Bay lineman, is at Arkansas. West Virginia drafted Mike Palm as backfield coach from Cincinnati where he played and coached last year after spending several seasons with New York. Andy Kerr's two chief assistants at Colgate, Bob Gillson, line coach, and Les Hart, backfield tutor, spent several seasons in the league, Gillson with Brooklyn and Hart with Stapleton and Brooklyn before returning to Colgate as coaches. And many of the older and nationally famous coaches played pro ball back in the days before it was highly organized.


NOV 14 (Chicago) - Chicago will be without professional football Sunday when the Cardinals meet the Green Bay Packers at Milwaukee and the Bears play the Giants in New York. The Cardinals and Packers were scheduled here, but it was decided to take the game to Milwaukee, since the teams are booked against each other at Wrigley Field Thanksgiving Day. The Cardinals will rest today, under the new practice routine adopted by Coach Paul Schissler, but will return to work at Wrigley Field tomorrow in preparation for the game in which they have been made the favorites following their victory over Brooklyn and surprising showing against Detroit last week. The Packers returned from the east Monday and worked out yesterday, correcting faults revealed in their 17 to 3 defeat at New York. The Cardinals came out of Sunday's game with Detroit in excellent shape and Schissler expects to have a better conditioned combination on the field against the Packers than he did last week when several men played with bad bruises. Two men, in particular, Griffith and Gordon, quarterback and tackle, respectively, are reported to be bordering on complete recovery from injuries received on the recent eastern trip.


NOV 15 (Green Bay) - Arnold Herber, upon whom has fallen the brunt of the Green Bay Packers' passing attack this season, will be unable to play against the Chicago Cardinals at Milwaukee Sunday, and Coach E.L. Lambeau has been drilling other members of the team in flinging the ball. Herber sustained a neck injury in the New York game last Sunday. While the Packers' vaunted aerial attack may lose some of its efficiency without Herber, Lambeau believes that Bob Monnett, Clark Hinkle, Roger Grove and Joe Laws can carry the assignment nicely. These men have been doing most of the tossing in the week's practice sessions...CARDS MUCH IMPROVED: The vastly improved Cardinal team is expected to provide plenty of opposition for the Bays, some of whom are still aching from the 15 to 0 struggle between the two squads here earlier in the season. There were six minor casualties, and any number of minor injuries, on that occasion, the game going down as one of the toughest of the season for both teams. President Joe F. Carr, Columbus, Ohio, has announced the following list of officials for Sunday's game: Referee, Bobby Cahn, Chicago; umpire, R.J. Erdlitz, Oshkosh; head linesman, G.A. Brown, Kankakee, Ill., and field judge, Wilfred Smith, Chicago. After the game Sunday, the entire Packer squad will be entertained at supper at the residence of Russ Winnie, veteran sports announcer of radio station WTMJ...GOOD TICKET DEMAND: E.A. Spachmann, director of ticket sales, will leave for Milwaukee Friday to take charge of the last minute drive in that city. Spachmann reports a vigorous demand for tickets, indicating that a large number of Green Bay people will drive or go by train to Milwaukee. While the Packers have a better season's record than the Cardinals, this isn't expected to count for much Sunday. After being shut out three times in succession by the Bears, Packers and Boston Redskins, the Cards executed an about face, whipped Brooklyn decisively, and tossed the scare of the century into the Detroit Lions.


NOV 15 (Milwaukee) - The NFL game here Sunday between the Chicago Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers at State Fair park is expected to draw a 10,000 crowd as it is the only major gridiron contest here over the weekend. It will be the Packers' third appearance this season and the followers of Coach E.L. Lambeau's aggregation are planning to turn out en masse and again give the Bays a royal welcome...PLENTY OF THRILLS: There should be plenty of thrills as the Chicago Cards are an "up and coming" machine. Coach Paul Schissler has a squad composed of youngsters, fresh from college, and his gridders are just beginning to get the hang of the postgraduate game. Some of the football experts here will keep a close tab on play in the center of the line where Mike Michalske, Green Bay's great guard, will tangle occasionally with Mike McNally, the Cards' center, who was a two-year all-American. These two stars know everything about line play and there should be some smart tactics uncorked.


NOV 16 (Chicago) - A disappointed but far from discouraged band of Chicago Cardinals resumed practice at Wrigley field yesterday for their NFL game against the Green Bay Packers at Milwaukee Sunday. Defeat by the Detroit Lions last week was particularly bitter in view of the team's sensational fourth quarter rally, but the players went back to work yesterday confident of their ability to compete with other league teams now. They began to drill with a determination that bespoke serious consequences for Green Bay...RAGGED PLAY DIDN'T HELP: Coach Paul Schissler was satisfied with the drive the team made late in the game against Detroit, but indicated pointedly to the men that a lack of concentrated effort in the first half, when blocking and tackling were far below par, was largely responsible for their whipping. Two periods of ragged football spoiled subsequent showings against the Lions, he said, and were particularly inexcusable in view of the club's superlative effort in the later periods. All players came out of the game in good shape and will be ready for the Green Bay game, which originally was scheduled for Wrigley field, but switched to Milwaukee. Schissler is experimenting with changes in the first string backfield, using Mikulak at halfback. It is possible that Russell, whose 77 yard run gave the Cardinals their first touchdown against Detroit, may be at one halfback against the Packers.


NOV 16 (Milwaukee) - Interest in the Chicago Cardinals-Green Bay Packers professional football game to be played at State Fair park here Sunday has increased as the result of the recent showing of the Chicagoans. The Cardinals, young and comparatively inexperienced, started the season slow but have lived up to the forecast that they would be one of the toughest teams in the league to beat in November. After overwhelming the Brooklyn Dodgers, 21 to 0, last week, the Cardinals staged a surprising fourth quarter rally in a game with the powerful Detroit Lions Sunday and came within four points of tying the score. The Lions were leading, 17 to 0, at the start of the final period. The Cardinals rushed over two touchdowns and kicked one extra point in the in the last quarter. The Packers defeated the Cards, 15 to 0, earlier in the season at Green Bay but will face a team that have hit its stride here Sunday.



NOV 17 (Green Bay) - Coach Curly Lambeau's 1934 Green Bay Packers will make their last appearance in Wisconsin Sunday when they meet the Chicago Cardinals at Milwaukee. The game will start at 2 p.m. at State Fair park. The Bays' highly vaunted forward passing attack received a severe setback when Arnold (Flash) Herber was injured at New York last week, and will not be able to play against the Cards. Sunday's aerial assignments will go to Clark Hinkle, Roger Grove, Bob Monnett and Joe Laws, all of whom have been getting some special drilling in this department all week. Constantly improving all season, the Cards added Peter Sarboe, former Washington State quarterback, to their list of stars making their lineup one of the strongest in the



NOV 16 (Chicago) - Coach Paul Schissler and his Chicago Cardinal squad will leave for Milwaukee late Saturday afternoon and every player is in the pink of condition for Sundays NFL game with the Green Bay Packers at State Fair park. The Cards have put in some extra practice sessions this week. It was the first time this season that Schissler's squad has ruled supreme at Wrigley field. The Bears, who also practice at the Cubs' stadium, are in the east, and this enabled the Cards to stage morning and afternoon drills without being spotted by their Windy City rivals...CARDS IN GOOD SHAPE: Coach Schissler expects to "take" the Packers Sunday as his club is in excellent physical shape for the first time this season. Reports from Green Bay have it that Herber, the Packers' great passer, is on the sidelines with a sore neck and this has boosted the Cards' optimism. "We have an up and coming team," said Coach Schissler, "and our first year collegiate stars are just beginning to click in the postgraduate brand of football. It takes about half a season to get a new teams 'climated' to the ins and outs of professional football but I am certain we have arrived at last. The team finally found itself when Brooklyn was defeated on Election night by a 21 to 0 score and we continued to improve last Sunday even though defeated by the Detroit Lions, 17 to 13. Our fourth period spurt against Potsy Clarks' team was a splendid exhibition of offensive football as every player carried out his assignment to the letter and the blocking was superb."...HUNGRY FOR VICTORY: "I am not underestimating the strength of the Packers in my victory forecast as I think Curly Lambeau has one of the best teams in the National league and another year will probably be a title contender. Just the same the Cards are hungry for a victory and again I venture to say that we are going to take home the bacon this weekend or break a few legs in the attempt." A big delegation of Chicago pro fans are expected to make the trip to Milwaukee on Sunday. The game with the Packers has created considerable talk in sporting circles around the loop and two "all expense" excursions will make the hop to the Wisconsin metropolis.


NOV 16 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers will leave at 12:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon for Milwaukee, where Sunday they will meet the Chicago Cardinals in an official National league football game. Sunday's kickoff has been set for 2 o'clock. The Packers have broken even on the injuries setup. Although Arnold Herber, the squad's best exponent of the forward pass, still suffers from an injured neck and will not be able to play Sunday. Buckets Goldenberg has recovered entirely from his recent knee ailment and will be hit for 60 minutes if needed...A GREAT FAVORITE: Goldenberg is a sure bet for the starting lineup, as the powerful back is a great favorite in Milwaukee, his hometown. The Milwaukee fans were greatly disappointed when the Packers played the Bears at State Fair park, but Coach E.L. Lambeau forestalled any criticism by announcing beforehand that Buckets would be unable to play. He is announcing now that Goldenberg again will be trotted out for the benefit of the townspeople, and the former Wisconsin star is expected to put on his usual good show. Lambeau, in this week's drill, has been placing emphasis upon the steady improvement of the Cardinals during recent weeks, in an attempt to erase the memory of the 15 to 0 licking the Bays handed the Chicago Cardinals here earlier in the season. The Cardinals on that occasion hit the Packers when the Bays were in a fighting mood, and although the Chicagoans matched the home team punch for punch, they were outsmarted by the Packers and buried under a pair of touchdowns...FEELINGS STILL RUFFLED: There was a considerable volume of hate released during that game, when several members of both squads were escorted, with care, to the sidelines, and nothing has happened since that date to smooth the ruffled feelings of the squad members. The Packers had a recent firsthand impression of the Cardinals as most of the Bays were in the Brooklyn stands last week as the Cards rolled the easterners, 21 to 0.

league. In its last two games the Windy City team defeated the Brooklyn Dodgers 21 to 0 and then lost to Detroit  by the barest margin, 17-13. It was the largest score made against Coach Potsy Clark's Lions all season. The success of these game has resulted in a revival of spirit in the Cardinals, and they are keyed to wipe out the 15 to 0 loss they suffered at the Bay earlier in the season. That first meeting between the teams was one of the most bitterly contested games in the National league this year, and Sunday's game is expected to be even harder fought. Both teams have new players who are trying to prove themselves in the league, and both need the win to boost their conference standings. It will be the third game that the Packers have played in Milwaukee this year, and from all indications the crowd will exceed the others. Fans in and around Green Bay will again follow the team in large numbers, and a large advance ticket sale has been reported in the local office. Railroads will offer special excursion rates. After the game the entire Packer squad will be entertained at dinner at the home of Russ Winnie, veteran sports radio announcer. Both teams will arrive in Milwaukee Saturday afternoon, the Packers making their headquarters at the Schroeder and the Cardinals stopping at the Wisconsin hotel.


NOV 17 (Milwaukee) - Followers of the Green Bay Packers football team of the National Professional league tomorrow afternoon will get an opportunity to check their judgment with that of Coach Curly Lambeau on Joe Laws, southpaw passer, as a candidate for the Packers' quarterback assignment. The playing of Laws, who last year at Iowa was voted more valuable to his team than any other Big Ten players, promised to add interest to the Packers-Chicago Cardinals contest in State Fair park. Lambeau has announced he will use Laws in the quarter post for much of the game, expected to be as exciting as was the previous 1934 meeting of the teams a few weeks ago at Green Bay.



NOV 17 (Green Bay) - Going down the home stretch confronted by a tough drive all the way, Green Bay's Packers will try to hurdle the obstacle of the Chicago Cardinals, when these two teams clash at the Milwaukee Fairgrounds field Sunday afternoon. If they can get over the Cardinals they have a good chance of winning in at least two of the three remaining games on the schedule, winding up the 1934 season with a good record that will insure them third place in the western division of the National league. After the Milwaukee game come contests at Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis to wind up the year. The Packers and the Cardinals clashed at Green Bay early in the year, Green Bay winning, 15 to 0, but indications are they will have a lot more trouble upsetting Coach Paul Schissler's men in the second meeting. The Cardinals have been improving rapidly since the first contest, giving Brooklyn a 21 to 0 trouncing and providing Detroit with plenty of trouble. They are sure to be a lot tougher in the game Sunday. The club is composed of many first year men who are just beginning to hit their stride in the professional circuit...IN GOOD SHAPE: With the exception of Arnie Herber, who is out with a strained vertebrae in his neck, the Packers will be in fine shape for the combat. Coach E.L. Lambeau has been grooming his other back all week in the forward passing role to take the place of the ace tosser of the circuit. Joe Laws, Bob Monnett, Clark Hinkle and Roger Grove have been doing the passing with success. Buckets Goldenberg, who has been out of action for several weeks with a wrenched knee, will be ready for service again. He will be used at the post of fullback, to give Hinkle a rest at least part of the game. Hinkle has played more than any other back throughout the season. The Cardinals are reported to be in the best shape of the year, and with the addition of Peter Sarboe, former Washington State star, are ready to offer a diversified attack that may give the Packers plenty of excitement. In addition to Sarboe, the Cards have Pardonner, former Purdue dropkicking ace, Cook Griffith, Russell, Hinchman, Iron Mike Mikulak and Ray Horstmann, as formidable a group of backs as a team could wish for...THIRD IN MILWAUKEE: In the Chicago line are such stalwarts as Creighton, Smith, Field, Isaacson, Volok, McNally, Tipton, Handler and Gordon, to mention only a few. They have been performing very predictably. The game will be the third for the Packers in Milwaukee this year and indications point to a crowd of 10,000 or more. It is schedule to get underway at 2 o'clock promptly.


NOV 17 (Green Bay) - A 13,000 crowd welcomed NFL football to St. Louis and saw the Gunners take the Pittsburgh Pirates by the score of 6 to 0. Field goals by Bill Senn and Gene Alford set the stage for the Pirates' defeat...President Joe F. Carr of the National league and Mayor Bernard F. Dickman of St. Louis carried out the vocal efforts which preceded the combat. It was a stellar opening and the Gunners' management made an auspicious debut...The Chicago Cardinals threw a scare into the Detroit Lions in last Sunday's game at the Windy City but the Michiganders' 17-point lead was a bit too bit for Schissler's men to overcome, yet they scored two touchdowns...The Lions clicked along quite merrily


until Dutch Clark was forced out of the argument with an injured leg. The stellar quarterback is the Lions' sparkplug as he is always pulling the unexpected when on the offensive...After dropping an Election night game to the Chicago Cards, 21 to 0, the Brooklyn Dodgers found themselves over the last weekend and proceeded to take the bacon home from the Philadelphia Eagles by the score of 10 to 7...This contest in the Quaker City brought about a great backfielders' duel between Kercheval of the Dodgers and Hanson of the Eagles. The former Kentucky star gained the nod as  he made a touchdown, point after and field goal...Unless Lone Star Dietz and his Boston Redskins get back on victory row before long, George Marshall, owner of the club, may stage a war dance himself. Boston took it on the chin last Sunday, 21 to 0, in the Chicago Bear game...The National league title holders breezed along to an easy victory as Battles, star Hubtown back, was the only Bostonese who gave the Windy City club any trouble. As usual, Feather and Nagurski flashed for Halas and Co...Wilfred Smith, Chicago sportswriter, made his debut as a referee in the National league when he handled the St. Louis-Pittsburgh tilt at the Mound City. In previous games, Smith has always been a head linesman or field judge...The Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions are still racing along with undefeated records and the western division championship won't be decided until the last of this month when these two clubs clash in a two-game gridiron classic...From the looks of things, the Giants will probably cop the honors in the eastern division and this means that the title game playoff will be staged at the Polo grounds on Dec. 9 with either the Bears or Detroit as opponents...Although the St. Louis Gunners purchased the Cincy franchise, not a single member of the Redleg squad saw service against Pittsburgh. The Gunners had a good squad of their own and decided to stand pat on their battle front...Business is picking up in the National league as the paid attendance reports from the various spokes in the wheel show that the games are drawing better than ever before. Over 26,000 saw the Bears cavort in Boston...Tommy Hughitt is kept so busy working major college games this fall that he has been unable to take his regular pro league assignments but whenever he gets a breaking spell, Hughitt wires President Carr and gets a Sunday job...The Brooklyn club has released Tom Nash, veteran end. The big Georgian was late in reporting and then pulled a leg muscle. Nash has been of little or no service to the Dodgers. In his day, Nash was one of the greatest of wingmen...St. Louis has a tough weekend ahead as the Gunners are booked in Detroit. However, Potsy Clark will probably keep the other Clark (Dutch) on the bench and this should lighten the load somewhat for St. Louis...Nagurski, Manders, Feathers and Co. are to exhibit their football ability at the Polo grounds in New York and Tim nara, owner of the Giants, thinks that the Chicago Bears attraction will being out over 30,000 gridiron fans...Ever since Lud Wray left the Boston club, he has been gunning for the Braves and the Philly mentor will have another chance this weekend to even up some alleged old sores. This battle will be held in Quakertown...The eastern division tailenders, Pittsburgh, will be at home this Sunday to the Brooklyn Dodgers. The House of Rooney is hungry for a win and it is understood the Pirates are pointing to this game with special energy.


NOV 17 (New York) - The return engagement of the Chicago Bears, undefeated world champions, and the New York Giants, eastern titleholders and current pacesetters in that division, tops the full bill of five NFL games Sunday. The Bears, winners of nine straight this season and unbeaten since they dropped a 3 to 0 decision in New York a year ago, run against a Giant streak of twelve successive wins on the home field. The Detroit Lions, tied with the Bears for the western lead, will be host to the St. Louis Gunners, newest entrants into the league race which celebrated its initial start last week with a victory over Pittsburgh. The Boston Redskins, nearest rivals of the Giants for the eastern lead, invade Philadelphia to oppose the Eagles while Brooklyn, only half a game behind the Redskins and still a factor in the title race, play at Pittsburgh in the first home game for the Pirates in more than a month. The schedule is concluded with the struggle in Milwaukee between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Cardinals, who in their last two starts have shown promise of developing into a real contender. The all-America talent of the Cards is beginning to function in the professional manner and the Packers will be in for a busy afternoon.


NOV 18 (Milwaukee) - Two great young clubs, the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Cardinals, meet at State Fair park this afternoon in a National Professional Football league game that is expected to draw between 12,000 and 13,000 fans. Green Bay is doped to win a close battle. The Packers, victors over the Cards some weeks ago at Green Bay, enter today's battle weakened by the loss of Arnie Herber, the league's leading passer and the one who was the main thorn in the side of the Cards in the previous fray. It was Herber's pass to Hinkle that brought one touchdown, another pass to Joe Laws that put the ball in scoring position for the second touchdown and still another pass, this one to Grove, that made the score. Aside from the passes, the Cards fought the Bays on even terms and Herber's loss today will thus be keenly felt by Coach Lambeau's club. The Green Bay game was easily the best of the year in the Packers' home port blocking and tackling being the most vicious veteran Packer followers have ever seen - so vicious that six players were carried from the field. Since then the Cards have come into their own, the young "all-Americans" having got their feet on the pro league ground and the "feel" of playing together. The Cards' lineup is studded with pro league newcomers who were outstanding college players a year ago. Mike Mikulak, Oregon State fullback, Pardonner and Horstmann of Purdue, Hinchman of Ohio State, Griffith, Cook and Russell are some of the A No. 1 backs Coach Paul Schissler, former Oregon State mentor, has on his Cardinal roster. In the line Captain Gordon, former Illinois ace, Creighton, Handler and McNally, a great center, are the veterans. Milwaukee followers of Buckets Goldenberg will have a chance to see the redoubtable former Wisconsin star in action most of the time today. Buckets, who starred in the New York Giants game here, did not play against the Chicago Bears in the exhibition game here owing to a severe knee injury that kept him on the shelf four weeks, but is ready to play again and will be started at the fullback post. His presence will do much to offset Herber's loss as Buckets is one of the best all-around backs in the league. Because of his blocking ability he has had little chance as a ball carrier but today's fullback assignment will give him a chance to cut loose before the home folk.


NOV 18 (Milwaukee) - The Green Bay Packers will give their farewell performance of the season Sunday at State Fair park with the Chicago Cardinals as the opposition. The game will start at 2 p.m. The Cards will arrive on the North Shore at 10:52 a.m. Although nothing will be at stake as far league standings are concerned, this game, because of the personnels of the teams, is very likely to be the best of the three Packer games scheduled here this season. The Cards, starting the season with practically a "freshman" lineup so far as pro experience was concerned, have lost five games, but in doing so have developed into an extremely powerful club. An idea of the Chicago team's strength may be gained from the score of its games with the great Detroit outfit. The Cards lost, 6-0, in the first and 17-13 in the second. Green Bay held the Lions to a 3-0 game in their only meeting so far. The Cardinals have a brilliant running attack built around Mikulak of Oregon State, Horstman of Purdue, Griffith of Southern California and Russell, Kansas State's great blocking back. The Packers also have a fine ground game, with Bruder, Monnett, Grove and Laws for running and Hinkle and Goldenberg to do the heavy work. The Green Bay aerial attack will be cramped by the absence of Arnie Herber, who has a neck injury which probably will prevent him from getting into the game. One of the greatest placekickers the college game has seen in years will be kicking the points after touchdowns for the Cards if they score any touchdowns. He is Paul Pardonner of Purdue.


NOV 18 (Chicago) - Chicago, the capital of professional football, will center its attention on two out-of-town gridirons today when for the first time in many years its National league representatives, the Cardinals and Bears, play late season road games simultaneously. The Cardinals, originally scheduled against Green Bay at Wrigley field, will play the Packers in Milwaukee and the Bears meet the Giants in New York. The Bear-Giant game will be the most important involving a Chicago team, but it promises to be no more exciting than the Milwaukee contest in which a revived Cardinal team seeks to even its' season's series with the Packers before the two meet again at Wrigley field on Thanksgiving Day...CARDS GET BETTER: The Cardinals, a group of professional league youngsters gradually reaching maturity in post-graduate football, face the Packers with excellent chances of avenging the 21 to 0 defeat suffered at Green Bay earlier in the year. Changes have been made in the Cardinal lineup since last week's sensational fourth quarter drive against Detroit. Doug Russell, fleet halfback, who ran 77 yards for one touchdown and otherwise proved the only consistent running threat to the Lions, will start at one halfback, replacing Dave Cook. Phil Sarboe, quarterback, who was signed two weeks ago after his release by Boston, will replace Greene.

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