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Green Bay Packers (8-4) 13, Philadelphia Eagles (2-9) 6

Sunday December 8th 1935 (at Philadelphia)



(PHILADELPHIA) - Every once in a while when Clarke Hinkle comes back into old collegiate territory, Pennsylvania, he plays the class of football that made him one of the greatest backs in the East just a few years ago. This was what Hinkle was against the Philadelphia Eagles here on Sunday and the Packers breezed through to a 13-6 victory over Lud Wray's keyed up gridiron team. Hinkle booted a 37-yard field goal in the second period and in the third stanza wormed his way some 45 odd yards through a broken field for a touchdown. It was a brilliant exhibition of open field running, although he did get some blocking from his teammates. As a rule during the game the Packers were not blocking and this slipup was the difference between a rout and a rather nip-and-tuck ball game. So far as finances are concerned the Eagles suffered another big setback - the paid gate didn't run over 3,000 and the average ticket price ran about 89 cents. Bert Bell, president of the Philadelphia team, and Lud Wray, the other co-owner, were singing the financial blues terribly after the final whistle blew. Judging from their conversation, it seems doubtful if they will attempt to carry on for another year. According to Bell, the Eagles have dropped some $44,000 in their three years and all the bills of the current season haven't been paid as yet. Getting back to the ball game, the Eagles at time showed a lot of fight and scrap, but their lack of manpower was costly. Coach Wray had but 19 men in uniform but at least a half a dozen of his footballers were much the worse for wear all during the second half. Two Badgers, Manske from Nekoosa and Kresky from Marinette, played their heads off for the Quakers.


Manske, who hails from Northwestern, is a flyweight end but he had all the fight in the world and he spent a lot of time in the Packer backfield. Kresky kept boring in continually and some of the Packers complained that he was using his elbows and knees a whole lot more than the football code allows. Coach Lambeau practically started his youngster team and they gave a good account of themselves although they lacked a consistent attack which should have spelled touchdowns. Starting the second quarter the Bay pilot practically changed the entire lineup and it seemed as if the Wisconsin eleven were going places immediately. The attack fogged when several passes went haywire, and the Bays had to be satisfied with Hinkle's first foal, which was the first score of the encounter. With a 3-point margin, the handful of Packer followers sat back and breathed a bit easier but they soon had plenty to worry about because the Eagles cut loose with a forward pass, double lateral that put the ball deep in the shadow of the Green Bay goal post. And it wasn't long before the pesky Mr. Manske was on the receiving end of a forward pass and snuggled the cowhide in the end zone. Bull Reese's attempt for the extra point was blocked by Bridegroom Barragar and the score was 6-3 with the Packers on the short end. That's the way the half ended up.


Going into the third period the teams see-sawed back and forth for several series of plays with little advantage on either side. Finally, Hinkle broke away on a dash and the lone Packer touchdown of the game resulted. Clarke made the extra point which made the score 10-6. Going into the fourth quarter the shadow of darkness crept over the field and it was difficult to distinguish one team from the other. The Bays started a varied offensive mixing a couple of passes and some line plunges. This brought them into scoring distance again and Tar Schwammel cut the uprights with a clean cut field goal from about 30 yards out. After this score the Phillies got hostile. Something seemed to pep them up and they came through with several first downs in a row. This had all the earmarks of a possible Quaker touchdown march. However, the Eagles' offensive stubbed its toe about the Bays' 35 and then the Packers went to work playing straight football and paraded down the field to the Phillies' 25-yard line when the gun popped and the curtain dropped on the Packers' 1935 football season. It wasn't a good football day. One of those nasty Philadelphia rains continued off and on from early in the morning until long after quitting time. The field stood up fairly well under the moisture but it was just soggy enough to slow up the Hutson-Herber combination and their plays. The Eagles kicked off to Ernie Smith who returned to his own 35-yard line. The Packers ran two plays but gained only two yards and Bruder punted to Thomason who returned to his own 34. The Eagle ground attack functioned in fine style right way and advanced the ball to the 46-yard line for a first down. Hansen finally punted to Grove who returned to the Packers' 29. Here the game turned into a punting duel, with both teams striving for the first break. The Eagles picked up another first down between exchanges of punts. A short time after Buckets Goldenberg crashed through the line for a 7-yard gain to chalk up the Packers' first down. On the next play Buckets was in motion and the Packers lost a "V" on the only penalty of the game.


The battle see-sawed as both teams attempted to get in position for a drive. The highlight from the Green Bay standpoint was a long pass play that almost succeeded in a touchdown but Buckets Goldenberg dropped the toss from Monnett in the clear. After the Packers had run back a punt to their own 39, with Monnett carrying the ball, they completed their best air raid of the first part of the game. With 3rd and 13 because of a bad pass from center, Bruder tossed to Rose for a first down on the Eagles' 49. Monnett plunged for five and then for 11 yards and another first on the Eagles' 33-yard line. Grove hit the line for two yards and the period ended with the ball on the Eagle 31. At the start of the second quarter Storm intercepted a Packer pass and returned to the Eagle 29. Carter after two plays punted to Sauer who made a pretty runback to the Eagle 48. It looked like the Packers were going places as Sauer ripped through the center of the line on a spinner for six yards. The Eagles held, however, and Sauer punted to Storm, who fumbled but recovered on his 12. After two plays Carter punted to Laws, who was downed on the Eagles' 38. Herber and Hutson entered the game and the fans shouted to watch them. On a fake pass play Hinkle socked the line for two yards. Herber tossed to Sauer for three more to put the ball on the Eagles' 32. On fourth down with a couple to go Hinkle dropped back to his 37 and booted the ball high and wide through the uprights for three points. It was a great kick with a wet, slipper ball and from an angle. Score: Green Bay 3, Philadelphia 0.


Hinkle kicked off and Matesic ran the ball back to this 27-yard line. Hansen ran through the line for 11 yards and a first down, a dazzling forward and double lateral pass play from Leonard to Manske to Carter to Manske took the ball to the Packers' 20. The play had the Packers baffled and the crowd roared for a touchdown. Immediately Manske tossed a long forward but Goldenberg intercepted. As he started to run back, however, the ball slipped from his grasp and after bouncing around between players of both sides, was recovered by Thomason on the Packer 9-yard line. Hansen hit the line for two yards, a pass was incomplete, but then Hansen plunged and ran to the one yard line. The stage was set for a touchdown. Matesic tossed a bullet like pass to Manske over the goal. Reese's attempted placement for the extra point was blocked. Score: Philadelphia 6, Green Bay 3. The Eagles kicked to Hinkle, who came back to the 18. The half ended a minute later. The Eagles kicked off to start the third quarter and Hutson returned to the Packers' 42. Sauer punted three plays later and the ball was downed on the Eagle 12. Hansen punted to midfield and Sauer dashed to the Eagle 41 before he was dumped. After Sauer had picked up a first down on the Eagle 25-yard line, Hinkle missed an attempted goal from placement, the Eagles taking possession on their own 20. Hansen punted to the Packer 43, where the ball went out of bounds. Line plays and a pass failed to make the ten and Sauer punted, the ball being downed on the Eagle 20.


Two plays lost five yards and Hansen punted to the Packer 40, where it was downed. Sauer picked up 2 and then Bruder ran to the Eagle 47 yard line for a first down. Hinkle failed to gain. On the next play the former Bucknell star started to his right, ran straight into an Eagle lineman, pivoted free, reversed his field, and with a large and determined crew of blockers angled his way to the side of the field and cut over the goal line just before running out of bounds. He added the extra point. Score: Green Bay 10, Philadelphia 6. The Packers kicked off. Monnett ran back Carter's punt to the Packers 39 two plays later. Monnett tossed to Gantenbein in midfield as the period ended. It was first down for the Packers, who dug up a long pass play for a 34-yard gain to start the fourth quarter. Sauer tossed to Bruder, who shoved a lateral at Barragar and Nate ran a few yards more before he slipped on the wet turf. It was first down on the Eagles' 15. Sauer was dumped for an eleven yard loss on the next play as he attempted to pass. Two forwards were incomplete. It had started raining but Tar Schwammel stepped back and booted a field goal from his 37 yard line. The Eagles protests violently that the ball had not gone over the uprights and players of both sides gathered in the dusk to argue.


The teams were fighting each other hard. On the return of the Packer kickoff Manske threw the ball at Evans as he was downed on his 23. Storm tossed a long one to Lackman, the play ending on the Eagle 47. A forward pass and another short forward, Leonard to Carter, put the ball on the Packer 42 with first down. One pass clicked for three, but the Eagles' other aerials were incomplete and the Packers took the ball on their own 42. An exchange of punts gave the Packers the ball on their own 39. Grove and Hinkle drove for a first down in Eagle territory. Lackman intercepted a Packer pass near his 40 and galloped to the Packer 41. The Eagles lost the ball on downs on the Packer 37. Hinkle was hurt and left the game. Sauer made a first down on his 47. Grove slipped but made four and Buckets Goldenberg rammed the line for a first on the Eagle 39. The Packers were marching. Sauer plunged for nine and Bruder rammed through for a first on the Eagle 25 as the game ended. Final score: Green Bay 13, Philadelphia 6.

GREEN BAY    -  0  3  7  3 - 13

PHILADELPHIA -  0  6  0  0 -  6


2ND - GB - Clarke Hinkle, 37-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 3-0

2ND - PHIL - Eggs Manske, 1-yard pass from Ed Matesic (Bull Reese kick blocked)  PHILADELPHIA 6-3

3RD - GB - Hinkle, 47-yard run (Hinkle kick)  GREEN BAY 10-6

4TH - PHIL - Schwammel, 37-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 13-6

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