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Green Bay Packers (2-1) 16, New York Giants (1-2) 7

Sunday September 29th 1935 (at Green Bay)



(GREEN BAY) - Rallying in the fourth period with an offensive blast that drove New York's world professional football champions to cover, the Green Bay Packers won their second consecutive National league game before 10,000 fans at City stadium yesterday. Against the Chicago Bears the previous week, the Packers proved their capability of protecting an early lead against the attack of a strong opponent. Yesterday they went further demonstrating their ability to come from behind as they belted the Giants to the ropes under impetus of a withering display of gridiron fireworks. It was Veterans' day at City stadium yesterday, although the tested men of the Packer squad received flawless support from the Bay freshmen. It was Hank Bruder who started the scoring parade in the third period by galloping 65 yards to a touchdown. It was Bob Monnett who, five minutes after the start of the fourth period, wiped out the New York lead with a perfectly directed field goal from the 17-yard line. It was Cal Hubbard, taking very seriously his new duties as assistant coach, who cuffed Ed Danowski's goal line forward pass into the air and scored the last Packer touchdown. And finally, it took the bruising play of Mike Michalske, Walt Kiesling and other real veterans of professional football to show the youngsters just how a man plays the game. You can't slight the other Packers in naming these few. Frank Butler's bitter line play, Joe Laws' speedy punt returns, the deadly passing of Arnold Herber and Johnny Blood, the savage blocking and ball carrying of George Sauer, the alert end play of Milton Gantenbein and Al Rose - these were added to the steady work of the other men sent into the battle by Coach Lambeau - and for the second consecutive game, every Packer carried out his assignment faithfully. The first period seemed to be foretell a possible scoreless tie, as the teams engaged in a punting duel, a slight edge in which went to Strong and Danowski of New York. Neither team penetrated the other's territory until near the end of the period, when Kink Richards, a gentleman


who was very much smothered all afternoon, accepted a fair catch on Blood's punt on the Packer 48-yard line.


After one pass fell incomplete, Ed Danowski spotted another directly over the center of the line to Badgro for a 13-yard gain. Here Ernie Smith personally turned back the New York advance. He spilled Richards for a loss on a line play, and then rushed Danowski so hard on a forward pass that the toss was intercepted by Gantenbein, who carried the ball across midfield. A moment later a possible touchdown faded when Bob Monnett's long forward pass to the right side of the field bounced off Hank Bruder's fingers as Bruder was in the clear. Danowski's punts early in the second period kept the Packers back until a pair of brilliant kicks, one by Bruder and the other by Blood, turned the tide. Just before the half ended, however, New York launched the march which ended in its touchdown. After one of Danowski's punts chased the Packers back early in the second period, the Bay line broke wide open on an attempted pass play, and Herber was smeared for a 24-yard loss, setting him back to the Green Bay 10-yard line. His punt failed to carry out of Packer territory, but the Bays forced Danowski to punt, and then made a first down on running plays from the 20-yard line. At this point, Bruder got in his kick, sending off a quick boot from the Packer 22-yard line that bounced and rolled over the goal line at the other end of the field. Danowski kicked back. There was a flurry when Gantenbein reached up from the Green Bay 43-yard line and hooked off Herber's forward pass to complete a 16-yard gain. but the Giants held and Blood got off a tremendous punt, which sailed more than 70 yards in the air, going completely over the end zone and into the fence.


Then the Giants drove back for their touchdowns. A driving ground attack by Krause and Danowski, and a pass from Danowski to Krause made it first down for New York on its own 47-yard line. Gantenbein broke through to rush Danowski on the ensuing pass play, but the New York back got off the toss, a bullet-like affair to Frankian, who was standing on the Green Bay 40-yard line. Frankian speared the ball, and as he was tackled he lateraled to Dale Burnett, who twisted free from Herber and stepped down the south side of the field to the goal line. Ken Strong kicked the goal with Molenda holding, and the half ended soon after with New York leading 7 to 0. From start to finish, the thrilling second half was all Packers. The Bays started the third period mildly enough, being set back to their 40-yard line when Goodwin picked up Rose's fumble after Al caught Laws' pass. Clancy was halted on a line play, and Strong faded back for a pass down the alley. Bruder saw it coming, and started grinding on the Green Bay 30-yard line. He speared it as he sped across the 35-yard stripe, and a hastily-formed wall of interference was formed ahead of him as he headed diagonally across the field, a step ahead of George Sauer's protection, to outrun Clancy for a touchdown. Here came a heart breaker. Red Badgro cracked through to block Monnett's attempt at the extra point, and the Packers still were trailing, this time by 7 to 6. The rest of the third period was an indecisive punting duel between Strong and Danowski of the Giants, and Bruder and Johnston of Green Bay.


Geore Henry Sauer took things in hand as the fourth period opened. With the Packers working on their own 30-yard line, Sauer started on a lope around his right end. He cut in very fast, broke away from two tackles, and pounded down the north sidelines for 35 yards, bringing the ball to the Giants' 35-yard stripe. A forward pass from Blood to Tenner picked up nine yards, and Sauer made it first don on the 25-yard line. Blood drove hard through his left tackle for six yards, and then passed to Johnston over the left side of the Packer line. Swede grabbed the ball and dove low through the Giants to the New York 9-yard line, for a first down. Here the Packer offense got cluttered up . Sauer and Johnston failed to gain any appreciable yardage, and the Packers decided to try for three points. Blood held the ball for Monnett on the 17-yard line, and Bobby, taking all the time he needed, split the posts with a perfect placekick, giving Green Bay a 9 to 7 lead. The Packer line braced so well on the play that not a single Giant crossed the scrimmage line until the ball was over the bar. The Packers weren't finished. Some red hot ball carrying by Monnett paved the way for the next touchdown, which was scored in reverse English.


Two plays after the kickoff which followed Monnett's field goal, Sauer intercepted Danowski's forward pass near midfield and hauled it back to the New York 47-yard line. In two wallops at the Giants' line, Monnett picked up 33 yards and set the ball 14 yards from the goal. Goldenberg and Monnett couldn't move it closer, and when Blood's forward pass was imcomplete, the Giants took the ball. They didn't keep it long. Krause nudged into the line for one yard, and Danowski faded back for a desperate pass attempt. Cal Hubbard broke past Bo Molenda and stabbed at the ball, knocking it high in the air. With no one closer than five yards, the big Green Bay tackle calmly caught the ball and hustled over the goal line before the infuriated Danowski could stop him. Monnett spanked over the extra point with Laws holding the ball, and there was your final score: 16 to 7. Late in the game Sauer intercepted another one of Danowski's passes, and the Packers moved into New York country, only to have the advance checked by the final gun.

NEW YORK  -  0  7  0  0 -  7

GREEN BAY -  0  0  6 10 - 16


2ND - NY - Dale Burnett, 47-yard lateral from Ike Franklin after pass from Ed Dankowski (Ken Strong kick) NEW YORK 7-0

3RD - GB - Hank Bruder, 65-yard interception return (Bob Monnett kick blocked) NEW YORK 7-6

4TH - GB - Monnett, 17-yard field goal GREEN BAY 9-7

4TH - GB - Cal Hubbard, 8-yard interception return (Monnett kick) GREEN BAY 16-7



SEPT 30 (Green Bay) - The crowd of 10,000 was the largest ever to watch a Packer-Giant game here, proving that the fans will continue to flock out to watch a winner. And yesterday's winner beat a champion and gave the crowd a spectacular show in doing it...The boys have the old fight again this season, one of the necessary properties of any team with championship aspirations. Spirit has provided that fine shade of difference which lifted the champions of other seasons just about teams of about the same material caliber. And the Packers have displayed that spirit on two consecutive Sundays...Cal Hubbard's touchdown was one of the high points of the contest. The big tackle broke through to block Danowski's pass and then was just as surprised as any of the 21 other players on the field when it dropped back over the goal line.  Most of his teammates, especially Al Rose, who was standing right next to him as the play was made, were laughing so hard that they offered little or no assistance. Cal didn't need it, anyway...The Giants became surly as the game was entering its closing minutes and the possibility of another score for them became more remote. There were a few exchanges that were more than verbal, with Laws and Goodwin exchanging unpleasantries to the extent that it looked for a minute as if fur were going to fly...Bo Molenda was greeted by the sideline crowd with cries of "How do you like it, Bo?" as the final  Packer touchdown was made. An official dropped the remark that on that play, Hubbard should have been blocked out by Bo. That block would have made seven points difference in the score...Dr. W.W. Kelly, in his sideline seat, was directly in line for one of the Giant passes, and almost wound up with the intended receiver in his lap. The little wooden fence that runs around the field proved to be an effective barrier and the doctor escaped without damage. Burnett, Giant back, finally ran into him, however...Bobby Cahn again incurred the animosity of the fans. Every time there is any doubt about a decision, the crowd jumps right on the little referee. And it is still worth a laugh every time Hubbard confers with him, the difference in size showing up in an amusing contrast...Arthur Bystrom, former Press-Gazette sports editor, who is now with the Associated Press, was one of the spectators at the game. Art came down from Milwaukee for his first view of Packers this year. And, like everyone else, he liked them plenty...The airplane dropping hats had a lot of fan interest between halves, but none fell onto the field. Both the hats and the plane were forgotten, however, as the second half got underway with the inspired Green Bay attack...Jess Quatse, one-time Pittsburgh All-America tackle who since that time spent a season with each Green Bay and Pittsburgh pro teams, helped with the sticks on the sidelines. A shoulder injury is keeping him out of uniform. The Giants may have found him handy...The new Packer mascot got off to a popular start. It probably will call for another job for someone as custodian of the dog. The mascot is the only thing the Packers didn't have to date...The first play of yesterday's game was a reputation of the Bear game, with Blood substituted for Hutson on the receiving end of a long pass from Herber, but this week it didn't work. Blood easily


outdistanced both Strong and Burnett and was beyond the whole Giant team, but Herber's pass was a little too far and off direction. The Packers threw a lot of forwards the first few minutes in an effort to gain an early advantage, but none of them clicked for a score...During the third quarter the crowd on the north side was giving Badgro quite a razzing. They claimed he was constantly offside and kept Bobby Cahn busy with remarks about the big Giant end. Then one spectator yelled: "Who is that out there, Bill Hewitt?"...Then there was the story about the man in the crowd who has just purchased a new, expensive hat. Following the airplane stunt, a little boy came up to him and inquired: "Hey, mister, is that one of the hats they threw out of the plane?"


SEPT 30 (Green Bay) - For the second consecutive Sunday, the Green Bay Packers came out of a bruising National league game without receiving any major injuries, Dr. W.W. Kelly reported today. The Packers picked up a variety of cuts and bruises, but the major mishap of the day was a severely sprained thumb, incurred by Walt Kiesling. The injury will not keep Kiesling, who played a brilliant game Sunday, out of action. Buckets Goldenberg was taken from the game in the first period with a painfully bruised left hip, but he was back in the lineup later in the contest.


SEPT 30 (Green Bay) - Whether or not the "Packer pup" was in a measure responsible for the rosy hue of the scoreboard at the end of the Green Bay-New York Giant game yesterday, quite likely will remain a matter of conjecture. Few observers will deny, however, that most of the large crowd that filled the stadium was ready and willing to hang the blame on the dog for the Packers' uncomfortable situation at the end of the first half. It was even thought that a police guard might be necessary to give him protection when cries of "Get the mascot" were heard from some of the more rabid fans. The pup presented a sporty appearance when he was introduced to the crowd. He was fitted out with a classy green turtle-neck sweater with the word "Packers" in gold letters on the sides. The fans gave the mascot a good hand when he took his bow and after the game hundreds of admirers crowded around him, some of them apparently seeking autographs. The dog, a four-month old Yankee terrier, accepted the many compliments very graciously, but frowned just a trifle when one woman remarked, "Looks like just another dog to me." The "Packer pup" has not yet been christened, but many names have been suggested. Among them are Champ, Zip, Packy, Toughy, Yank and Luck.


SEPT 30 (Green Bay) - It is remarkable what an efficient mascot can do for a team. It's remarkable, too, what consistent blocking and, hard tackling that clicks can do  This isn't meant as a knock to the Packer pup, who took his first workout as mascot yesterday snoozing under the Green Bay bench, but it's mean to point out again to the delighted Packer fans who witnessed the rout of New York, that Green Bay is represented by a real football team. It is going to take a great squad to be this rising Green Bay outfit. Held scoreless in the first half, although they outgained the Giants, the Packers seemed to be saving their real punch for their closing minutes, and when they turned it loose, the Giants faded and broke just as did the Bears under the same pressure. Every Packer fan remembers the last few minutes of games in recent years, when Green Bay rooters sat in cold fear that the team would break under the strain of the closing period. Many a Packer fan yesterday thrilled to the realization that this team, which finishes its football games with a pounding drive against whichever enemy is on the field, is going to take the place of the Chicago Bears as the squad with a last period complex. It's a great sensation to watch the home team chasing a beaten enemy in full flight as the final gun cracks over the stadium...We're telling you that some idea of the defensive strength of the Packers can be realized when you are told that 19 different men figured in the tackling, and all of these were prominent in blocking on offense...Cal Hubbard got the most tackles, with 11, which doesn't include "assists". Gantenbein was second with five, and three Packers got four each, Goldenberg, Michalske and Bruder. Of course, these men helped pile up the ball carriers in many cases without getting credit for the final tackle. There were very few tackles made by the Packers in the fourth period because Green Bay had the ball most of the time. Not a single Packer forward pass was intercepted. That's accuracy. Five times were Giant passes picked off by the Packers. That's alertness. Both of the Packer touchdowns were made on intercepted tosses...Hank Bruder's touch was the 14th he had made for the Packers, and it boosted him to fourth position on the Packer all-time scoring list, with 88 points. Monnett's four points raised him to a tie with Clarke Hinkle for seventh place, with 69 points. Hubbard's touchdown was the second he has made as a Packer; the other was in 1930.


OCT 1 (Green Bay) - With an encouraging shortage of injured men on the sidelines, the Green Bay Packers were back in harness today, drilling hard for their NFL contest with the Pittsburgh Pirates next Sunday. Coach E.L. Lambeau announced the release of Dominic Vairo, 1934 Notre Dame football captain. Vairo is an end. The Pittsburgh game will be the last chance the Packer fans will have to see the team in action at City stadium until Nov. 10, when the Detroit Lions play here. The Pirates come to Green Bay with a couple of league defeats and one victory behind them. but sports experts agree that the team has not yet hit its stride. Death of the wide of Joe Bach, Pittsburgh coach, kept the leader away from practice and seriously handicapped the Pirates in their early games. The backfield, however, is loaded with good men and the line appears to be strong and capable. George Maddox, Kansas State tackle who as yet has had little chance to show himself in a Packer uniform, will start Sunday's game and will probably play most of the contest, Lambeau said. He was bothered with an injury during the early weeks of the season, and the Packer coach hesitated to make substitutions during the Green Bay-New York game, with the result that Maddox has been out of action...SMITH PLAYED WELL: The big tackle nevertheless will be given plenty of chance to show his wares. Another player who sparkled for a short period Sunday was Ernie Smith, who played his best ball of the season, although he didn't remain in the game long. Smith may get a lengthier workout, along with Maddox, on Sunday. Invitations have been issued to coaches and players of high school football teams throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, with the result that hundreds of these squad members are expected to be in the stands on Sunday. The young gridiron enthusiasts will be given a special courtesy rate of 50 cents per head, and many of them are expected to take advantage of the offer for grandstand seats. Pittsburgh, which held the Chicago Bears even for three periods, is no setup for the Packers, or for anyone else.Two of the Pirates are ex-Packers, Charley (Cy) Casper, 180-pound back from Texas Christian, and Ben Smith, 210-pound end of Alabama. Casper is a shifty quarterback who tried out with Green Bay at the start of last season, and Smith performed here during the 1933 season. Ben captains the Pittsburgh team. Another player of considerable interest is Joe Kresky, former Marinette high school and University of Wisconsin lineman, who is a brother of Attorney Mike Kresky, Green Bay, and plays at guard with the Pirates. He weighs 230 pounds, and a number of Marinette people are expected to be attracted by his presence in the lineup. Silvio Zaninelli, Duquesne back who weighs 193 pounds, is one of the men to watch in the Pittsburgh backfield. The other backs who will be available for service, their weights and colleges, are the following:


OCT 1 (Green Bay) - Pickups from the Packer-Giant football game, which still has the town gasping: News services and metropolitan newspapers credited Milton Gantenebein with the sensational block which carried out the only two possible tacklers on Hank Bruder's 65 yard touchdown gallop. The blocker, however, was Tar Schwammel, and the man who is telling everyone Tar did it is Gantenbein...Ken Strong's extra point kick at the end of the first half was nearly blocked by Bob O' Connor. Bob came in through center without being touched, but Strong's kick got off fast..The new Packers were amazed at the east with which they were able to play against the Giants' line. The New York team was back on its heels in the fourth period, looking just like a bunch of old men against the young and driving Bays. One Green Bay player just out of the collegiate ranks reported that the Giants were no tougher than a strong college team, but that they were doing plenty of holding. Everyone noticed the new deception in the Packer backfield. Bruder's fake punt from the Packer goal line, which ended with Blood steaming around left end, was perfect, and the boys used their heads. Once a Giant punt bounced high in the air 


above a New Yorker who was trying to down it. Monnett leaped up and tapped the ball volleyball style to Laws, who got off a neat return...18 of the Packers were entertained at dinner Saturday noon at the Wisconsin State reformatory, where they made a great hit with the inmates, and no cracks. Johnny Blood served as master of ceremonies.


OCT 2 (Green Bay) - Fearing that his team will meet a Pittsburgh club which is red hot, Coach E.L. Lambeau drilled the Green Bay Packers on defense for Pirate plays today, in preparation for Sunday's game at City stadium. Sunday's contest will mark the last home appearance of the Packers this season before the Green Bay-Detroit game Nov. 10. For two Sundays after the Pittsburgh game, the Packers will play in Milwaukee, meeting first the Chicago Cardinals and then the Detroit Lions. Oct. 27 Green Bay will be at Wrigley field facing the Chicago Bears, and Nov. 3 the Packers will draw an open date, resting up for what probably will be a crucial engagement with the Lions the following week. Coach Steve Owen of New York, who scouted the Pittsburgh-Philadelphia game, regarded the Pirates as a serious threat to his own club, but the Pittsburgh team, demoralized by the temporary loss of its coach, played spiritless ball against the Giants. One week later, however, they were back to harass the Chicago Bears for three periods of their league game, and Coach Lambeau now fears that the Pirates are on the upgrade, and prepared to upset the Packers. In a special effort to attract high school students of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan to City stadium Sunday, the Packer management has offered a reduced rate of 50 cents for each student and will set aside a special section for these young fans. Not only athletes, but all high school and junior high students are invited to take advantage of this opportunity to see the Packer team in action, and they may receive admission merely by asking for student tickets at the stadium ticket windows...FOUR CAPABLE ENDS: Dominic Vairo, Notre Dame end who was released yesterday, was the only wingman missing today as the Packers resumed their intensive drills. Lambeau now has four capable ends in Milton Gantenbein, Al Rose, Bob tenner and Hutson. Tenner and Hutson are newcomers, both having starred in the early games with the Packers, while Gantenbein and Rose, both excellent pass receivers, are experienced heads at the professional game. Buckets Goldenberg was parked in a hospital bed today, receiving special treatment for the hip he injured against New York Sunday. Goldenberg collided with Johnny Blood while both were attempting to intercept a forward pass by Ed Danowski in the first period, and the dependable Buckets incurred a painful injury. Clarke Hinkle was not in uniform today, but he is expected to work out in a day or two. He'll ride the bench Sunday, but will be in top shape for the Chicago Cardinals at Milwaukee Oct. 13. The Green Bay High school band will parade between halves of the Pittsburgh-Green Bay game. High school assemblies will receive announcements of the special privileges to be accorded the young fans next Sunday, and the Green Bay management expects a large number to attend.


OCT 2 (Green Bay) - Superior Teachers' college today lodged a protest against Central State Teachers' football players who participated in games against the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears recently. A conference rule which forbids practice until the day of fall registration was cited by Superior...NO CONFERENCE RULE: President Frank S. Hyer of Central States Teachers said the college would not take responsibility for the acts of individual players as it had no control over students before they enrolled. He pointed out there is no conference rule against competition with professionals. The local players were members of an all-star college team which played the Bears and Packers. The team was coached by Ferdinand Herzy, Stevens Point...SET UNIFORM DATE: At Milwaukee, William Atwood, Milwaukee Teachers' college faculty representative, said he would introduce a resolution setting a uniform date for the  start of football practice at conference schools. It was announced a conference vote may be taken to determine whether Central State should be reprimanded. The protest will be considered at a meeting of the faculty athletic directors' executive committee this week. The committee includes H.H. Whitney, Oshkosh; A.F. Whealdon, Superior; and W.C. Fischer, Whitewater.


OCT 2 (Pittsburgh) - Two more new men joined the Pittsburgh Pirate grid squad yesterday as Coach Joe Bach continued his strenuous efforts to bolster the lineup for the game at Green Bay next Sunday. One of the newcomers is no stranger to local fans. He is Jim Levey of East Liberty, former major league baseball player, who performed in the Pacific Coast League last summer. Levey arrived home yesterday, watched the Bucs practice and will be in uniform seeking a backfield job today at Greenlee Field. He played several games at the fag end of last year and thrilled the fans with some long runs. The other new man is Alfred Arndt, a 205-pound guard from South Dakota U. who was obtained from Boston's Redskins. He arrived here yesterday morning and practiced with his new mates, along with center Carl Mulleneaux, guard Joe Kresky and end Glen Campbell, other recent additions. In order to take advantage of the ball carrying ability of Cy Casper, Coach Bach yesterday shifted the Texan to left halfback with Johnny Gildea moving to the blocking quarterback berth. Heinie Wiesenbaugh and Sil Zaninelli rounded out the first string backfield and this rearranged quartet will likely start against the Packers on Sunday.


OCT 3 (Pittsburgh) - Realizing that better work against the aerial attack of the Chicago Bears would have resulted in a much closer battle last Sunday at Forbes Field, Coach Joe Bach of the Pittsburgh Pirate Pros spent much of the daily practice period yesterday in an effort to bolster the local defense for overhead plays. All backfield players were given individual instruction in just how to meet the skyline raids. The Pirates will entrain Saturday morning for Green Bay, Wis., where they will meet the Green Bay Packers on Sunday afternoon. Coach Bach has hopes of pulling a big upset by giving the proteges of Coach Lambeau their initial lacing of the season. With the exception of Jim Levey, East Liberty lad who returned this week from the Pacific Coast, all the new members of the squad will be available for play against the Packers. Levey will make his debut in the Philadelphia Eagle game here Wednesday night at Forbes Field.


OCT 3 (Green Bay) - Lon Evans, veteran lineman of the Green Bay Packers, was shifted to the right guard today as the team worked out in preparation for the Pittsburgh Pirates, its next NFL opponent, on Sunday. Evans has been playing left guard, but Coach E.L. Lambeau regards Lon and Mike Michalske as too valuable a pair of play the same position regularly. Evans worked into his new assignment today with plenty of class and will be used at that spot henceforth...HAVE FIVE GUARDS: The shift leaves the Packers with two crack left guards in Michalske and Bob O'Connor, and three right guards of National league caliber in Evans, Tiny Engebretsen and Walt Kiesling. The play of the Packer line has been vastly improved since the team's board of strategy has been functioning, as the shift has given Coach Lambeau a greater opportunity to survey his entire squad. Assistant coaches Michalske and Cal Hubbard are seeking to develop a forward wall which will be the peer of any in professional football, and their work will be tested severely by the powerful offenses of the Packers' opponents just ahead...PIRATES ARE CLICKING: One of these tough opponents is Pittsburgh. With Joe Bach, former Notre Dame star and and Duquesne university coach back on the job after a death in his family, the Pirates have been clicking in practice and aim to provide the National league with a big upset. Sunday's game will be a clash between Notre Dame systems, employed by both teams. Both Bach and Lambeau did their undergraduate football playing under Knute Rockne at South Bend. The Packers worked today on offense, seeking to get the ground and aerial attacks clicking for Pittsburgh.


OCT 3 (Pittsburgh) - A Pittsburgh Pirate football squad, numbering about 30 and headed by President Arthur Rooney and Coach Joe Bach of Notre Dame fame, will leave here Saturday morning for Green Bay, Wis., where on Sunday a National league game is scheduled with the Packers, victors over the Chicago Bears and New York Giants. Coach Bach and his men know they have a job on their hands but a half dozen changes in the squad this week have bolstered the battle front considerably and Pittsburgh will present its strongest team of the season when it steps on the field against the Packers...ARNDT JOINS TEAM: Among the replacement are Al Ardnt, star tackle from South Dakota State, who was purchased from the Boston Redskins Tuesday. Arndt weighs 210 pounds and has speed to burn for a big fellow. Glenn Campbell, veteran of the National league, has been signed for an end job. He was secured in a trade from Philadelphia, who during the offseason purchased him from New York. Campbell is a product of Emporia Kansas Teachers' college. He is another 200-pounder. Coach Bach secured three players from the Chicago Bears, Bull Doehring, John Turley and Damon Wetzel, via the waiver route. Doehring, who hails from Milwaukee, is a well known left-handed passer. This is Turley's first year in the pro circuit. He played three years in the backfield at Ohio Wesleyan, where he gained considerable gridiron prominence as a triple threat artist...OHIO STATE BACK: Wetzel earned his football spurs at Ohio State as a plunging fullback. He participated with the All Stars against the Bears. Wetzel is a great blocking back, and his 220 pounds gets him places. Joe Kresky, a Wisconsin product, was secured in a deal with Philadelphia. He has played a lot of postgraduate football and Coach Bach figures the veteran's presence will steady the line. Sam Levey has returned for backfield duty. The former St. Louis U. star as late in reporting, as his baseballing in the Southern league kept him busy until last week. Levey joined the Pirates about mid-season last year and performed splendidly as a ball carrier.


OCT 3 (Superior) - President J.D. Hill of Superior Teachers' college today denied his school was an instigator of protests against Central State Teachers' college of Stevens Point for alleged infraction of a conference regulation on early season football practice. "Although I had heard of charges against Stevens Point," Hill said, "Superior did not make any accusations."


OCT 4 (Green Bay) - With the Green Bay Packers-Pittsburgh Pirates NFL game some 48 hours away, Coach E.L. Lambeau of the Packers today decided to put on the field a starting lineup consisting entirely of players who were not with Green Bay last season. While not underestimating the strength of the Pirates, who are ready to spring an upset, Lambeau hit upon the rookie starting lineup as the best way to get a final and complete line on the new men. The starters will not be without pro football experience, for at right halfback will be Johnny Blood, playing against his Pittsburgh mates of last year, and at right guard will be Walt Kiesling, veteran of 10 seasons on the professional gridiron. Two other starters, Champ Seibold, right tackle, and Swede Johnston, fullback, served part time with the Packers last season, but wound up respectively with Memphis and St. Louis, where they played outstanding football. The other members of the starting lineup all are new to pro football and the Packers, but everyone has displayed outstanding ability and Lambeau believes the youthful team will more than hold its own with Pittsburgh. At left end will be Don Hutson, the Alabama pass receiver, and at right end Lambeau will start Bob Tenner, veteran of Minnesota's great gridiron machines. The tackle opposite to Seibold will be George Maddox, Kansas State giant who as yet has had little chance to display his worth...O'CONNOR TO START: Bob O'Connor, 220-pounder who has crashed the professional game in great style, will start at left guard, opposite Kiesling, and at center will be George Svendsen, the Minnesota giant. Herman Schneidman, Iowa, will start at blocking quarterback, with Blood at right half and George Sauer, the Nebraska all-America fullback, at left half. Johnston is slated to start the game at full. The lineup may not remain intact for long, as Arnold Herber's forward passing probably will be needed to match that of Warren Heller, the skillful Pittsbugh tosser, who probably will handle the Pirates' forward pass attack from start to finish. Ben Smith, former Packers, has been on the receiving end of most of Heller's pitches this year...BUCKETS LAID UP: Clarke Hinkle and perhaps Buckets Goldenberg will not be available for use on Sunday. Goldenberg has been receiving hospital treatment for an injured hip. Officials for the game were announced today by Joe F. Carr, Columbus, Ohio, league president. They are Bobby Cahn, Chicago, referee; Gunnar Elliott, Fort Wayne, Ind., umpire; Jim Keefe, Milwaukee, head linesman; and Wilfred Smith, Chicago, field judge. The Pittsburgh team will arrive here via the Milwaukee Road at 10:15 Saturday night, and will headquarter at the Beaumont hotel. The squad will leave at 7 o'clock Monday morning.


OCT 4 (Green Bay) - Sunday will be "high school day" at City stadium, when hundreds of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan high school and junior high students will take advantage of a special Packer ticket offer of 50 cents each to witness the Green Bay-Pittsburgh football game. Because of the presence of the students probably will cause a jam at the stadium ticket window, E.A. Spachmann, director of ticket sales, urges all adult fans to get their tickets at the downtown sales office, corner of Adams and E. Walnut streets, today. "By purchasing their tickets today," Spachmann said, "the spectators will avoid the rush which is certain to prevail at the gate Sunday afternoon." A special grandstand section will be set aside for the students, who are expected to be present in considerable numbers. The student tickets also may be obtained at the downtown office.


OCT 4 (Pittsburgh) - The Pittsburgh football Pirates got down to the 24 player limit required by league rules yesterday when they released Joseph (Tiny) Wiehl, reserve tackle. Coach Joe Bach continued work on his team's defensive strength yesterday in preparation for Sunday's game with the Green Bay Packers. Bach believes that the new additions to his roster will serve to bolster the Bucs.


OCT 4 (Green Bay) - Notes on the Pittsburgh Pirates - the second invaders from the East to battle the Green Bay Packers this season: Armand Niccolai, former Duquesne tackle, has an educated toe..kicks with uncanny accuracy...booted a 40-yard placement in the annual North-South football classic at Brooklyn, Dec. 24, 1933, enabling the North to win...last year his field goal for Pittsburgh defeated Philadelphia, 9 to 7...former member of the Duquesne team which won 11 games while losing but one. Big Ben Smith, former all-Southern end at Alabama, is one of two Pirates who have played with the Packers...has become the idol of Pittsburgh sports fans...biggest thrill came in the Rose Bowl game of 1931, when he caught a 40-yard pass to score a touchdown against Washington State. Charlie Casper is the other they call him "Cy"...valued member of Texas Christian Horned Frogs in 1933...played quarter, half or full equally well...Scotch-Irish descent..spends the offseason working as radio announcer and continuity writer for station KTSA, San Antonio, Texas, and the Southwest Broadcasting company...has seen some service with the St. Louis Gunners.


OCT 5 (Green Bay) - Making their last home appearance until Nov. 10, the Green Bay Packers tomorrow return to the gridiron wars with the Pittsburgh Pirates as opposition. Game time is 2 o'clock. "High school day" will be observed at City stadium, and hundreds of Wisconsin high school students are expected to take advantage of the Packer ticket offer to obtain grandstand seats for the contest. A special section of the stands has been set aide for the younger element, which will be represented in considerable numbers. The prospect of perfect football weather, clear and cold, has led spectators to believe that another thrilling gridiron contest will be staged tomorrow, with the fleet running backs of the Pirates providing most of the opposition...STARTS NEW PLAYERS: Coach E.L. Lambeau will start a team composed entirely of players who were not with the Bays last year. Johnny Blood, who performed with Pittsburgh during the 1934 season, will be in at the halfback post, and the other will be taken by George Sauer. Swede Johnston will start at fullback, and at quarter will be Herman Schneidman. The Green Bay newcomers in the line with be Don Hutson and Bob Tenner at ends, George Maddox and Champ Seibold at tackles, Walt Kiesling and Bob O'Connor at guards and George Svendsen at center. With a few exceptions, this lineup is composed of hustling youngsters who have yet to pick up much professional football experience, but who have looked very promising in games this season. Special features are being arranged to attract the customers. Regular inning by inning announcements will be made on the World Series, and between halves the baseball classic will be broadcast over the public address system. The Green Bay high school band, directed by J. Paul Schenk, will parade between halves in observance of "High school day"...SQUAD IN GOOD SHAPE: The Packer squad, harassed by injuries during the early part of the season, now is in its best shape of the year. Clark Hinkle, Roger Grove and perhaps Buckets Goldenberg will not see action, but every one of the other Packers is slated for a turn against the Pirates. The game will provide Lambeau with a great opportunity to test the forward pass defense of his new players, as the Pirates are scheduled to go into the air early and often. Arnold Herber, Bob Monnett, Johnny Blood and George Sauer will be ready to retaliate with another barrage of aerial bombs.


OCT 5 (Green Bay) - The Brooklyn Dodgers and Detroit Lions are booked in the Motor City this Sunday. Potsey Clark's Lions haven't tasted defeat this season and the Dodgers are apt to find the going pretty tough if the Detroit eleven is on...New York will continue its tour around the circuit this weekend by contesting the Boston Braves at the Hub City. These clubs look like the class of the eastern division and the winning eleven will have a decided title edge...A lot of Notre Dame football should be on tap at Green Bay this Sunday as Joe Bach, coach of the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Curly Lambeau, veteran pilot of the Packers, are both products of the late Knute Rockne's gridiron school...Wilfred Smith, Chicago pro league official, had to jump lively to keep his engagement over the weekend. Last Saturday, he covered the Chicago-Nebraska game in Lincoln and had to jump a plane to reach Green Bay for Sunday...The first postgraduate tie game since the 1933 season was played in Detroit where the Lions and Chicago Cardinals battled to a 10-10 no decision count. Clark's squad evened the count on Presnell's kick in the fourth frame...One of the outstanding stars of the Detroit-Card combat was Bill Voluk, husky Chicago guard from Tulsa U. Voluk spent a lot of time in the Lion backfield and he covered one fumble that set the stage for a Cardinal score...Despite the fact that both Bronko Nagurski and Beattie Feathers were on the sidelines, the Chicago Bears had little trouble putting the skids under the Pittsburgh Pirates, 23 to 7. The Bears made all their scores in the second round...The Pirates escaped the whitewash bucket in the third quarter when Cy Casper on the receiving end of a forward and lateral pass made the "touch". It was a 41-yard thrust. Niccolai added the extra point on a placement...Tommy Hughitt, one of Joe Carr's ace officials, handled the Detroit-Cardinal encounter. As usual, Hughitt was right on top of the ball and he hurried up the game. In the olden day, Hughitt was a great gridder at Michigan...Over 20,000 fans saw the Boston Braves triumph over the Brooklyn Dodgers in an exciting exhibition by a 7 to 3 count. Eddie Casey's hirelings had to come from behind until the closing minutes when Tosi nabbed a touchdown pass...Stan Kercheval, ex-Kentucky ace, made the Dodgers' three-pointer just before half time on a placement 35 yard out after John Karcis intercepted a Boston overhead and ran the ball deep into the Braves' territory...Trailing New York until the fourth quarter, the Green Bay Packers staged a rally to pull victory out of defeat by a score of 16 to 7. It was a hair raising encounter and the 8,000 spectators got plenty for their money...Hank Bruder of hard luck fame at Northwestern put the Packers back in the ball game early in the third stanza when he intercepted a Giant pass and scampered some 70-odd yards for a touchdown in a brilliant, open field run...It has been a long while since Cal Hubbard, man-mountain Green Bay tackle, broke into the scoring table but against the Giants, he intercepted a New York pass and walked the remaining five yards to the goal line in nothing flat...Ned Irish, National league director of publicity, has been making a tour of the circuit and he claims the pro grid wheel will experiences its best year. Irish paid his first visit to Green Bay last Sunday and seemed to enjoy himself...Ace Gutowsky continues to do a lot of fullbacking for Detroit. The hard-hitting fullback is one of Potsy Clarks' "sure shot" when a few yards are needed. Gutowsky is one of the holdovers from the Portsmouth Spartans...Johnny Gildea, three-year varsity halfback at St. Bonaventure, has recently joined the Pittsburgh Pirates. Gildea comes from Coaldale, Pa., one of the hot sports of football in the Quaker State. He tips the beam at 195 pounds...Luke Johnsos, who is helping George Halas coach the Chicago Bears besides filling in at end occasionally, was on the receiving end of two touchdown forward passes against Pittsburgh. The former Wildcat win always could grab 'em...Bill Shepherd, Western Maryland all-American, made a successful debut on the postgraduate gridiron with Boston. Shepherd was the outstanding back on the field in the Brooklyn fracas as he started a flock of successful aerials...Ken Strong, who made football history at New York U, continues to kick superbly for the Giants. Strong can punt with the best in the circuit and none of the educated toe specialists excel him in converting after touchdowns.


OCT 5 (Green Bay) - You can pick a score of 21 to 0, in favor of Green Bay, for tomorrow's football game, as we are doing. You can also pick a score of 35 to 0, or of 7 to 6, or even a score in favor of Pittsburgh - that's just how uncertain the outcome of this Packer-Pirate battle is. Psychologically, many factors favor the Pirates. Pittsburgh is on the rebound, engulfed in a new wave of morale after two disappointing defeats, caused in part by unpreventable lack of leadership, and the Pirates have everything to win, nothing to lose but the ball game. The score may depend upon what combination Coach Lambeau chooses to place on the field. There is little question but that the most effective Packers lineup, playing as it did against the Bears and Giants, would swamp Pittsburgh, or any other club of equal caliber. The question is: can the Packers again generate that wave of energy which sent the two teams of the 1934 playoff series badly whipped, scurrying for the showers? If Green Bay defeats Pittsburgh, it will move into Milwaukee and Chicago with a perfect setup from the fans' standpoint. Great crowds will flock to see the Packers perform against the Cardinals, the Lions and Bears, teams Green Bay must battle on successive Sundays. A Pittsburgh loss would be tragic. The Packers know this. They'll win.


OCT 5 (Pittsburgh) - The Pittsburgh Pirate football squad will entrain at 8:45 this morning at the Pennsylvania station, bound for Chicago and eventually for Green Bay, Wis., where it will play its fourth game of the NFL schedule against the Packers tomorrow afternoon. The locals are due in the Windy City at 5:30 and will reach the battle site at 10:15 p.m. Definite improvement was noticed in the work of the Buccos last week over their form of the preceding rout at the hands of the New York Giants. However, they will be facing a strong and undefeated entry in the Packers, a team which many experts are picking to capture the western division title.


OCT 5 (Pittsburgh) - Determined to push back on the victory trail, the Pirates depart at 8:45 o'clock this morning for Green Bay, Wis., where they will meet the Green Bay Packers in a NFL game tomorrow afternoon. Coach Joe Bach announced one change in the backfield. Turley will open at quarterback, giving Cy Casper a rest at the start of the game and saving him for pinch-hitting duty. Gildea, Wiesenbaugh and Zaninelli are also to start in the backfield. Despite the addition of a half-dozen new players, Bach will count on his seasoned performers at the outset, using his new men for replacements. Jim Levey, fast-running halfback, is not expected to make his seasoned debut until the Pirates clash with the Philadelphia Eagles next Wednesday night at Forbes Field. Bach has worked throughout the week trying to perfect his team's line play. The Bucs will expect plenty of passing for the Packers are best noted for their aerial attack. Flash Herber, a sensational thrower, now has another capable receiver in Don Hutson, end, who starred for Alabama in the Rose Bowl game last New Years' day. The Pirates are due in Green Bay at 10:30 o'clock tonight. They will return to Pittsburgh immediately after tomorrow's game.


OCTOBER 6 (Green Bay) - The Packers, in the thick of the championship fight as a result of victories over the Chicago Bears and New York Giants, meet the Pittsburgh Pirates here Sunday in their fourth National Professional league game at home. Coach Joe Bach of Pittsburgh has been shifting his lineup in an effort to strike a winning combination and made a good move last week when purchased Al Arndt, former South Dakota State tackle, from the Boston Redskins. He also has obtained Glenn Campbell, end, from Philadelphia and Bull Doehring, John Burley and Damon Wetzel from the Chicago Bears on waivers. Other trades have brought the Pirates Joe Kresky, former Wisconsin star, from Philadelphia, and Sam Lovey, halfback, from St. Louis U. The Packers, too, expect to present a strengthened lineup for Sunday's game. All of the regulars except Hinkle and Grove are in condition to play. George Maddox, husky tackle from Kansas State, will make his debut and Hank Bruder and George Sauer will be in better condition for backfield duty. Coach Curly Lambeau has shifted Lon Evans from left to right guard and expects to start him as Mike Michalske's running mate.


OCT 6 (Pittsburgh) - Despite the addition of a half-dozen new players, the Pirates are planning to start a team of veterans against the Green Bay Packers in their NFL game at Green Bay today. Coach Joe Bach doubtless will insert many of the newcomers into the fray before it is over, however. One change in the backfield by Bach has placed Turley at quarterback, leaving Cy Casper, the running star of the team in its game thus far, on the bench for pinch duty. Gildea, Wiesenbaugh and Zaninelli will complete the backfield...GUARDS AGAINST PASSES: Throughout the past week the Bucs brushed up their pass defense for their pass defense for they expect to see plenty of aerials fly through the air. "Flash" Herber, the best passer in the league, will be in the Green Bay backfield with Don Hutson, former Alabama star who was one of the Tide's heroes in the Rose Bowl last New Years' Day, at one of the ends. It was the Herber-Hutson combination that gave Green Bay its unexpected victory over the Chicago Bears two weeks ago. The Packers are studded with stars, but the Pirates, believing their line is vastly improved, expect to give them a stubborn battle. The Pirate squad arrived in Green Bay last night.

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