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Green Bay Packers (3-1) 27, Pittsburgh Pirates (1-3) 0

Sunday October 6th 1935 (at Green Bay)



(GREEN BAY) - Breaking out with a three-touchdown spurt in the second period, and adding another in the fourth, a Green Bay Packer football team consisting mostly of newcomers soundly whipped the Pittsburgh Pirates at City stadium yesterday, 27 to 0, before approximately 4,000. With star performers such as Frank Butler, Cal Hubbard, Clarke Hinkle, Mike Michalske and Hank Bruder spending the entire game on the bench, and Milt Gantenbein, Buckets Goldenberg and Al Rose seeing limited action, the first year men, aided by a sprinkling of veterans, rolled up top-heavy yardage and scored four touchdowns on a series of spectacular plays, in which the Bay air attack was instrumental. Walt Kiesling, giant guard, who is ill in the hospital, was the only Packer newcomer who did not get in the game. The game was the usual engagement between a strong and weak team. Pittsburgh displayed little in the shape of an effective offense, except at the end of the game, when two sensational returns by Cy Casper, ex-Packer, brought the ball into scoring territory. Each time the Packers braced and threw back the Pirates advance. Outstanding on offense and effective on defense was the speedy Don Hutson, who grabbed four passes for a total of 109 yards, and scored two touchdowns. George Sauer got another on a smash through tackle, and Joe Laws sprinted around end for the other. Extra point placements were kicked successfully by Ernie Smith, Tar Schwammel and Tiny Engebretsen. Bob O'Connor at guard and Swede Johnston at fullback played the entire 60 minutes and Hutson and Bob Tenner remained in most of the game at ends, all four man handling their assignments perfectly. George Svendsen got the most tackles for Green Bay while working at his center position.


The first period was little more than an exchange of pass interceptions. On the third play of the game Turley hooked off one of Herber's tosses in Pirate territory, and a few minutes later Herber returned the courtesy by grabbing a pass by Turley in 32-yard line.


The advance was checked abruptly when Hoel intercepted a pass by Bob Monnett which traveled only a few yards. The next time the Packers had the ball a Blood to Hutson forward pass gained 21 yards and Green Bay seemed in a fair way to score, but an interception of Monnett's forward pass by Mulleneaux prevented the drive from pentrating farther. After line plays and passes by Pittsbugh failed, the Pirates lost the ball on Johnston's interception of Weisenbaugh's forward pass. At this point, starting on the Green Bay 41-yard line, the Packers started a march which ended in a touchdown. Bob Monnett tried a spinner at center and climbed through for 11 yards and a first down in Pitt territory. Johnston was stopped cold at the line, but then speared a forward pass by Blood on the Pitt 42-yard line and continued to the 29-yard stripe for a first down to complete a 19-yard gain as the first period ended.


At this point Coach E.L. Lambeau inserted Joe Laws and George Sauer into the Packer lineup, and on the first play of the period Sauer smashed through center on a spinner for nine yards. Johnston picked up enough yardage at left tackle for a first down on the Pitt 18-yard line, and Sauer got another yard at right end. Laws banged through center for six yards, and Sauer's 3-yard gain at left tackle, when he carried two Pirates along on his back, made it first down on the 8-yard line. It took Sauer two thrusts at the line to put it over. On one he ​poked into center for three yards and on the second he sprinted into right tackle, cut back sharply as he passed the line of scrimmage and went over the goal line without losing his stride. O'Connor prepared to kick the extra point, but Lambeau sent Schwammel into the game, and Tar's kick split the post to give Green Bay a 7 to 0 lead. A 28-yard gain on a forward lateral, Campbell to Vidoni to Gildea, featured the next Pittsburgh advance, bringing the ball to the midfield, but on the next play Hutson and Ernie Smith cracked through the line to chase Gildea back for a loss of 17 yards.


A flock of Packers, including Smith, Hutson, Johnston, Sauer and Tenner, rushed Gildea on the next two pass plays, and the hurried tosses were incomplete, forcing Gildea to punt. Joe Laws brought the ball back 26 yards on a sensational return, setting the oval on the Pitt 49-yard line, and the Packers were ready for their second touchdown march. Most of the distance was covered by air mail. After Johnston picked up six yards through the line, Pittsburgh and Green Bay exchanged penalties of five yards each. Then Sauer jogged back past midfield and let loose a long forward pass to the goal line. The flip was intended for Huston, who was just inside the playing territory, but the fleet end was covered by Campbell and Casper of the Pirates. The ball bounded off one of the Pittsburgh backs and was grabbed by Joe Laws, who spun toward the goal line and was dumped on the 2-yard line by Ciccone and Rado. The gain on the play was 41 yards. Two plays by Sauer and Laws gained a yard and a half, and Laws went around left  end, broke away from Casper, evaded Wetzel and dove across the goal line for a touchdown. Laws held the ball for Schwammel, but the attempt for extra point was low, and the Packers were out in front by 13 to 0.


Pittsburgh experienced some success through the air after the next kickoff, and reached midfield, only to have Swede Johnston intercept Gildea's forward pass on the Pitt 38-yard line. Herber immediately was substituted for Sauer. Green Bay drew a 5-yard penalty for taking too much time. With 20 seconds left to play in the half, the Packers elected to pass. Herber dropped back to the 50-yard line and shot a long toss over the left side of the field to Hutson, who was parked behind the goal line, some five yards from Weisenbaugh, who was a perfect eyewitness to the event. The spectacular play gained 43 yards. Herber held the ball as Ernie Smith was called from the line to make a perfect placement. Two plays later and the half ended with Green Bay leading, 20 to 0. The third period was indecisive. Pittsburgh reached midfield early in the period, but was forced to punt, and Green Bay kicked back. Pitt punted three times more and Green Bay booted twice before Monnett got off a 7-yard return to the Packer 44-yard line. Johnston took the ball from center and flipped a lateral to Blood, who smoked around left end for seven yards. Monnett banged into center for five more yards and a first down on the Pitt 44-yard stripe, and then threw an incomplete forward pass as the third period ended. Green Bay lost the ball on downs, but got it right back when Goldenberg hooked off Heller's forward pass and got loose for an 18-yard return to the Pitt 43-yard line, aided by Barrager's spectacular blocking.


Here the Herber to Huston combination popped up again. Herber dropping back to the Green Bay 45-yard line and blasting a pass to Hutson, who made a perfect catch on the 6-yard line and twisted through to the one-yard line, completing a gain of 42 yards. Herber recovered a fumble on one play and then faded behind the line and passed to Huston on the left. Hutson left Oleniczak flat footed as he speeded over the goal line for a touchdown. Herber held the ball as Tiny Engebretsen kicked the extra point. For the rest of the game Pittsburgh looked more impressive, Cy Casper starting it by sprinting through the Green Bay team 61 yards to return Ernie Smith's kickoff, the ball going to the Packer 34-yard stripe, the closest advance Pitt made up to that time. Goldenberg and Barrager promptly broke through to spill Wetzel for a loss of seven and half yards on a play around end. Gildea was rushed smartly on two pass plays and Campbell's next pass was incomplete. Green Bay took the ball on downs. Forward passes by Herber to Blood and Johnston, and by Blood to Johnston, brought the ball into Pittsburgh territory, but the advance was halted when Wetzel intercepted Herber's pass on the Pitt 34-yard line. Pitt punted and Green Bay kicked back, Casper taking the latter boot back 29 yards to the Packer 36-yard line. A trick lateral, which Campbell shot back over his head at the line of scrimmage, enabled Wetzel to gain 21 yards around left end. This set the ball on the Green Bay 15-yard line, the closest Pittsburgh advance of the afternoon. The Pirates didn't stay there long. After Rose partially blocked Gildea's forward pass, Seibold and Tenner rode through to toss Gildea for a 28-yard loss on an attempted forward pass. Two plays later, Green Bay took the ball, picked up four yards in two plays, and punted down into Pitt country as the game ended.

PITTSBURGH - 0  0  0  0 -  0

GREEN BAY -  0 20  0  7 - 27


2ND - GB - George Sauer, 5-yard run (Ade Schwammel kick)  GREEN BAY 7-0

2ND - GB - Joe Laws, 1-yard run (Schwammel kick failed)  GREEN BAY 13-0

2ND - GB - Don Hutson, 43-yard pass from Arnie Herber (Ernie Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 20-0

4TH - GB - Hutson, 1-yard pass from Herber (Tiny Engebretsen kick)  GREEN BAY 27-0



OCT 7 (Green Bay) - George Sauer, former Nebraska fullback who starred at halfback for the Green Bay Packers against Pittsburgh yesterday, fractured the third finger of his left hand during the game, Dr. W.W. Kelly, medical advisor, revealed today. Sauer's injury probably will not keep him from playing against the Chicago Cardinals at Milwaukee Sunday. Joe Laws was kicked in the head yesterday, but came around all right, and Nate Barrager's injured shoulder is not expected to keep him on the sidelines. Other injuries were confined to minor strains and bruises. Clarke Hinkle, who was on the bench yesterday, will be ready to play next Sunday and Walt Kiesling, who has been ill of the flu, will be out for practice in a few days.


OCT 7 (Green Bay) - We're telling you that George Svendsen led the tacklers for Green Bay in yesterday's Packer-Pirate game but the yeoman work was done by George (Bullet) Rado, former Duquesne university lineman, who was credited with 11 tackles, not counting assists. Mulleneaux, his teammate, got eight for the Pirates. Joe Kresky of Marinette got five. The Packer tackles were distributed among 18 men. Svendsen was tops with seven. Swede Johnston, Bob O'Connor and Bob Tenner each got five. Four apiece went to Don Hutson, George Maddox, Herman Schneidman and Nate Barrager. This counts only the tackles, not the assists...Several new names broke into the Packer all-time scoring list yesterday. George Sauer got his first touchdown. Hutson's two gave him a total of three for the season. The extra point kicks made by Ernie Smith and Tiny Engebretsen were their first points as Packers. Schwammel's boot was his first extra point, but he got a field goal last season, giving him a total of four points. Joe Laws' touchdown was his third as a Packer and his first this season.


OCT 7 (Green Bay) - Don Hutson captured the hearts of the crowd at yesterday's football game with the Pirates. He was all over the field, catching sensational passes, running down would-be passers of the opposition, running interference and even pulling back into the Packer backfield to cover receivers. He played the whole game until he was replaced by Rose in the last period...George Sauer was the other outstanding star for the local boys, although the whole team played good ball at all times. George just couldn't be stopped when he got through the line, and on one play carried three men on his back to the 4-yard line. Then he went through for a score. His powerful legs are driving into the ground all the time he is on his feet...Lon Evans is fast becoming the sparkplug of the Packers that old Jugger Earpe used to be. He was talking it all through the line on defense and in the huddle could be heard putting the old pepper into the team...Headlinesman James Keefe got a little irked with Center Malkovich in the first quarter and ran over to him once shouting: "One more word out of you and I'll throw you right out of the game."...In the first half Pittsburgh huddled about 20 yards behind the ball and it took them several extra seconds to run up to the line of the scrimmage...Cy Casper, who tried out with the Packers last year, played a good  game of ball at quarter for the Pirates. He ran one kickoff back deep into Packer territory and was in most of the game...Swede Johnston has the habit, very disturbing to the opposition players, of knifing along the ground for about five yards after being spilled. He caught a pass in the first quarter and slid along on his stomach for quite a few yards, right under two would-be tacklers...Vidoni almost got into a fight with some of the Packer players. The local boys claim he was slugging during most of the second quarter, and one time Gantenbein took him aside and quietly warned him to "lay off"...Tackle Oleniczak had the Packer pass plays all doped out. Said he to End Niccolai in the last quarter: "That's the way to play it, you rush in and I'll cover the flat zone." It wasn't more than a minute later that Hutson ran out into the flat zone to catch Herber's toss for the last touchdown. Oleniczak was standing about five yards away from Hutson, watching, and then made a desperate attempt to tackle him, lying disgustedly on his face in the turf for several seconds after the score.


OCT 7 (Green Bay) - Green Bay's Packers, apparently on the upgrade again in NFL affairs, will have a chance to square up for their only defeat of the season Sunday in meeting the surprising Chicago Cardinals. Green Bay, only team to win three consecutive National league titles, having topped the field in 1929-30-31, took a 7 to 6 beating from the Cards in their opening game, but since then they have won three straight to move up to second place behind the Cards in the Western division. While the Packers and Cards are battling for first place in their section, the Chicago Bears will meet the Philadelphia Eagles, Brooklyn tackles the New York Giants at New York and Detroit tackles Boston at Boston. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh will tangle in the only midweek game Wednesday night at Pittsburgh. Forward passes, in spite of the ball made slippery by rain, gave the Giants their victory over Boston. Kink Richards punched over for the first score after Tony Sarausky had passed to Tod Goodwin to put the ball in position. Ed Danowski tossed to Dale Burnett for the other two touchdowns, both in the second period. Boston scored once on an 85-yard run by Cliff Battles, who had taken a lateral from Bill Shepherd, and again on an onside kick which caught the Giants asleep. Pug Rentner kicked off in the third


period, the ball stopping in the end zone. Rentner galloped down and fell on the ball for a touchdown while the Giants looked on. Ralph Kercheval's toe helped Brooklyn to a surprise 12 to 10 victory over Detroit at Brooklyn. Kercheval kicked two field goals to go with a touchdown by Franklin, which just about offset the efforts of Glen Presnell, Lion star who booted a field goal, scored the touchdown and added the point thereafter.


OCT 7 (Madison) - Conference athletic relations with Stevens Point Teachers' college were severed today for the remainder of the season. The State Teachers' college conference voted to discontinue conference relations with the Stevens Point school because of a violation of its pre-season training rule. An investigation by the conference athletic county last week inquired into charges that several Stevens Point players had violated the rule in recent games with the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. The findings of the council were submitted to the full conference during the weekend. It voted to suspend athletic relations with the school. E.G. Doudna, secretary of the board of normal school regents, in announcing severance of athletic relations, stated today: "The athletic council of the state teachers college conducted an investigation of alleged violations by Stevens Point State Teachers college of the conference rule prohibiting pre-season training. The executive committee met at Oshkosh on Thursday and reported to full conference on Friday. It was voted that the playing of several students now on the squad of the Stevens Point Teachers college with their coach. In two pre-season games against the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears constituted a violation of the preseason training rule and that conference relations with Stevens Point be discontinued from Monday October 7 to the end of the football season.


OCT 8 (Green Bay) - Having provided a perfect buildup for a crucial game against the Chicago Cardinals at Milwaukee next Sunday by defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Green Bay Packers were back in training today, preparing a red hot reception for the club which defeated them in the opening National league game. The Packers, in fine condition and with several of the regulars having received a lost rest, now must face three bruising opponents - the Chicago Cardinals, Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears - on consecutive weekends. The Bay team will appear for the next two Sundays at State Fair park, West Allis. A good early demand for reserved seat tickets both in Green Bay and Milwaukee has indicated that a large crowd will be on hand for the Packer-Cardinal tussle, giving the contest the reception it deserves. Other ticket sales headquarters in the Fox river valley region - Stangel's Hardware at Manitowoc, Pettibone's at Appleton, H.C. Prange at Sheboygan and T.E. Ahearn at Fond du Lac - also have reported a growing interest in Sunday's game...DEADLINE ON SATURDAY: The ticket sales office at Adams and East Walnut streets here will handle reservations for the game until 11 o'clock Saturday morning, which is the positive deadline, according to E.A. Spachmann, ticket ​sales director. No tickets will be held over. While he probably will not see a great deal of action, there is small doubt but that Clarke Hinkle, injured fullback, will be ready for some service against the Cardinals. The Bays will take the offensive at the earliest opportunity, attempting to blast the Chicago team off the field with the same treatment dealt out to the Bears, New York and Pittsburgh. George Sauer is carrying his broken finger in splints, but was out for practice today, along with the rest of the squad. New deception added to that which has been displayed in recent games is being worked out in the secret practice sessions, indicating that the Packer board of strategy hopes to outsmart the Chicagoans as well as outplay them...MAKE A BETTER SHOWING: The Packers realize that they must make a much better showing against the Cards than they did on the occasion of that first league game. when the Chicago team returned on the bigger end of a 7 to 6 decision. The running of Russell and Peterson must be stopped and in addition Nick Nichelini and Gil Berry, who were injured when the Cardinals played here, will be back in the lineup. The Cardinals have a fighting young team similar in composition to the Packers, and the approaching contest is rated close to a tossup.


OCT 8 (New York) - Ground gaining honors in the western and eastern division of the National Professional Football league are held by the Chicago Bears and the New York Giants, the teams that fought it out for the championship last year with the latter winning. Although idle last week the Bears retained the lead in the western section with an advance of 745 yards in two games. The Green Bay Packers have picked up more yardage, 880, but they have played four games. In the eastern division the Giants have gained a total of 607 yards in two contests to lead the Pittsburgh Pirates who have netted 664 yards in four games. The Giants are leading the circuit in points scored with a total of 69 and have completed 17 out of 39 passes for a 43 percent average. Detroit still has the best defensive record, having held the opposition to 379 yards in three for an average of 126 yards.


OCT 9 (Green Bay) - George Maddox, all-America tackle of Kansas State, today was released by the Green Bay Packers as the team continued practice for Sunday's game at Milwaukee against the Chicago Cardinals, leaders of the NFL. Maddox, rated one of the greatest players in the nation last season with the champions of the Big Six conference, has had little chance to display his ability this season. He first received an injured knee while training with the College All Stars in Chicago, and later damaged an arm while with the Packers, all of which kept him on the bench most of the time. Maddox's release leaves Green Bay with five tackles - Cal Hubbard of Geneva, Tar Schwammel of Oregon State, Ernie Smith of Southern California, Champ Seibold of Wisconsin and Claude Perry of Alabama. For the first time this season, the entire Packer squad was in uniform today as Coach E.L. Lambeau conducted practice in secret at City stadium. Clarke Hinkle again was running signals with the team, being paired with George Sauer and Hank Bruder in one impressive looking backfield combination...HOLD SKULL DRILL: Last night the squad gathered for a 2-hour skull session at the Beaumont hotel, one of four being held this week. The plays which the Packers will use against the Cardinals were outlined, and their probable effectiveness discussed. The Packers realize, perhaps better than their fans, that a victory over the Cardinals Sunday will return Green Bay to its formerly traditional place as leader of the National league, and the men have expressed the sentiment that once the position is attained, it never will be relinquished, despite the terrific schedule of games which remains ahead of the Packers.


OCT 9 (Chicago) - The Bears move into Wrigley field today to complete their drill for a three game eastern invasion, while the Cardinals round out two weeks of practice at Mills stadium for their National league game against Green Bay at Milwaukee Sunday. The Bears leave tomorrow for Orange, N.J., where they meet an all-star team Friday. On Sunday they engage the Eagles at Philadelphia in a league game, then hop to Baltimore to appear in a charity game Tuesday before returning to the city to open Chicago's pro season against Brooklyn a week from Sunday...RECOVERY IS SLOW: Recovery from the letdown, inevitable after such an encounter as the All Star game, has seen a slow process for the Bears but their work the last few days has indicated that they are once again at their peak. Players have shaken off a lethargy which characterized their play after the intensive mid-summer training and the All-Star game. Inspired by the fact that they are leading the league, the Cardinals are in spirited practice for their second game with the revived Packers Sunday...DEVISE NEW DEFENSE: Although holding a 7 to 6 victory over the Packers when they met at Green Bay, Sept. 15, the Cardinals respect the strong Wisconsin team and are working up new defensive strategy for Sunday's game. The Packers recently turned in one of their characteristic passing barrages to beat the Chicago Bears, 7 to 0, and last Sunday they again used a dazzling aerial attack to rout the Pittsburgh Pirates, 27 to 0. Consequently Coach Milan Creighton, Cardinal coach, will demand an alert defense and fashion a more varied attack in an effort to retain the league lead. Bert Pearson, who alternated at center and guard for six years with the Bears, has been signed by the Cardinals to provide new strength for the line. Creighton will use him at center as well as guard.


OCT 9 (Chicago) - The Chicago Cardinals' board of strategy, Coach Milan Creighton, Tackle Lou Gordon and Guard Phil Handler have been shooting the works in practice this week for the crucial game with the Green Bay Packers in Milwaukee at the State Fair park this Sunday. The Cards know they have a job on their hands. In the first game of the season, Coach Creighton's club nosed out the Packers, 7 to 6, at Green Bay but the Packers had an eight-man hospital list at that time and the absence of several of the Bays' stellar backs proved a blessing to the Cards...ONE OTHER GAME: To date the Cards have played only one other league game aside from the Packer contest. Detroit was battled to a 10-10 no-decision game. Coach Creighton still has a flock of cards to shuffle in and out of the game, as league rules provide that the 24-player limit is not effective until after the third game. According to present plans, the Cardinal squad will leave for Milwaukee late Saturday afternoon and during its stay will headquarter at the Wisconsin hotel. Reservations have been made for 35 players, coaches, trainers and officials...EXPECT CHICAGO FANS: With baseball out of the sport picture and the Bears playing in Philadelphia, it is expected that quite a delegation of Chicago professional football fans will make the trip to Milwaukee this Sunday. In the signal practice, Coach Creighton has been working the following lineup considerably and it looks like the starting team against the Packers: ends, Smith and Newman; tackles, Field and Captain Gordon; guards, Tipton and Cuppoletti; center, Hughes; backs, Pardonner, Peterson, Nichelini and Mikulak.


OCT 9 (New York) - Dale Burnett of the New York Giants is the leading scorer of the NFL. He took undisputed leadership last Sunday in a game against the Boston Redskins, when he caught two touchdown passes and boosted his point total to 30 for the first quarter of the season. Ernie Caddell of the Detroit Lions and Don Hutson, Green Bay Packers and 1934 Alabama Rose Bowl star, are tied for second place with 18 points each. Caddell, however, has the distinction of being the league's leading ground gainer. He has carried the ball 23 times for an aggregate gain of 205 yards for an average of slightly less than nine yards a time. Dutch Clark, also of Detroit, is second with an average of 4.3 yards. Ed Danowski of the New York Giants is the best forward passer, with a 47 percent average of 16 completed passes in 34 throws for 201 yards. Luke Johnsos of the Chicago Bears lead the pass receivers with seven catches. Ralph Kercheval of the Brooklyn Dodgers has kicked three field goals to lead the circuit in this specialty.


OCT 9 (Milwaukee) - Green Bay's Packers not only will have the chance to square accounts for their only licking of the season so far when they meet the tough Chicago Cardinals at State Fair park Sunday afternoon, but they'll have the chance of taking undisputed possession of first place in the pepper hot National league race. At the moment, the men of Lambeau, with three victories in four starts, stand second to the Cardinals in both the western division of the league and the league as a whole, but by winning Sunday, and reversing the licking handed them by the Cards in the opener at Green Bay a month ago, they can vault right to the top. The Cardinals, only undefeated team in the league so far and sole occupant of first place, have won one game, the game with Green Bay, 7-6, and tied another, the game with Detroit, 10 to 10. Their battle with the Bears, originally scheduled last Sunday, was postponed because of the World Series. The Packers, with victories over the Bears, the Giants and the Pirates under their belts, have itched for this second crack at the Cards ever since they had their noses rubbed in the dirt by them in the opener at Green Bay. They not only lost a tough one when they dropped the one-point victory, but they lost it at a time when they didn't have at least five of their biggest guns. George Sauer, the Nebraska howitzer; Clark Hinkle, Arnie Herber, Roger Grove, George Maddox and Hank Bruder, all were on the ailing list a month ago and saw little or no action. But one by one they've come back, and Sunday they'll be ready to go. With such men as Nichellini and Blazine, two of the outstanding stars in the all-star game at Soldier Field in August, and such veterans as Russell, Fields and Gordon, the Cardinals have a lineup that is doped to be in the thick of the fight all the way. They were tough last year when they beat the Packers twice, but they're tougher now. It'll be a big step toward the title if the Packers beat them here. Sunday's game will be one of two league contests the Packers have booked in Milwaukee. A week hence the Bays will meet Detroit at State Fair park. Sunday's game will start at 2 o'clock. The Packers will arrive here Saturday noon and will pitch camp at Hotel Schroeder. The Cardinals will arrive Saturday night.


OCT 10 (Green Bay) - Secret practice continued at the City stadium today as the Green Bay Packers prepared to wind up their week's work in preparation for a tussle with the Chicago Cardinals at Milwaukee Sunday afternoon. Information which leaked our after the strenuous drill indicated that the Bays are working on an offensive aimed at keeping the Cardinals chased well back into their own country. When the Cards invaded Green Bay for the first National league game, the Packers spent most of their time on defense, but Coach E.L. Lambeau expects to turn the table on his powerful foes next Sunday...BACKS ARE READY: Clarke Hinkle, George Sauer, Arnold Herber, Hank Bruder - powerful backs who were on the bench when the Cardinals played here before, all are ready for action, and of the quartet only Hinkle's service will be restricted. The Packers will leave here at 7 o'clock Saturday morning and will work out at State Fair park, West Allis, that afternoon. A horde of newspapermen will be on hand to witness the practice, which will be an open affair, with photographers invited. Headquarters will be at the Schroeder hotel, where the team will remain, except for the game, until it leaves for Green Bay at 7 o'clock Sunday night. Coach Lambeau expects that the Cardinals will be just as tough this time as on the last occasion. Since that time the Chicago team has added to its roster Bert Pearson, veteran center and guard of the Chicago Bears, who probably will see service against the Packers. Although Milwaukee's interest in the game is reported at a fine hear, it is exceeded by the attitude of Green Bay fans, who will travel to Milwaukee in large numbers. There will be one unique arrangement - the "Carrigan Special" - which will leave the tracks in back of the Carrigan hotel at 10:30 Sunday morning, with a club car, diner and regular coaches. The cars will stop at the fairgrounds, so that they will be close at hand for convenience of those taking advantage of the arrangements and will leave for Green Bay immediately after the game.


OCT 10 (Green Bay) - Dale Burnett, of the New York Giants and formerly of Emporia Teachers, took undisputed leadership of the NFL point scorers by catching two touchdown passes Sunday and leaving Ernie Caddell of the Detroit Lions and Stanford, in a tie for second with Don Hutson, Green Bay Packer and 1934 Alabama Rose Bowl star. Burnett now has 30 points, while Caddell and Hutson each have 18. Ball carrying honors still rest with Caddell, who boosted his total to 205 yards in 23 attempts for an average of 8.9 yards per clip. Earl (Dutch) Clark, also of Detroit, has a shade better average for second place than Cliff Battles, Boston Redskins...BEST FORWARD PASSER: Ed Danowski, of the Giants and Fordham, is the league's best forward passer with a 47 percent average of 16 completed in 34 throws for 201 yards. Arnold (Flash) Herber, Green Bay, and John Gildea, Pittsburgh Pirates, are second and third. Luke Johnsos, Chicago Bears' end, leads the pass receivers with seven successful catches. Tod Goodwin, Giants, has caught six. Ralph Kercheval, Brooklyn Dodgers, has booted three field goals to lead the circuit in his specialty, but Armond Niccolai, Pirates, still has the longest three-pointer to his credit, a 47-yard placement.


OCT 10 (Milwaukee) - The largest crowd that ever witnessed a professional football game here is expected to be on hand Sunday at State fair park when the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Cardinals battle for first place in the Western division. Milwaukee is more football conscious this year than ever before. Marquette's lopsided victory over Wisconsin last Saturday put a lot of fire under the interest bucket and with the Packers coming here this weekend, the Badger metropolis is doing its thinking in first downs and field goals...NEVER TASTED DEFEAT: The Packers have been coming to Milwaukee since 1922. In those days, the Cream City had a club in the National league but Green Bay never once tasted defeat at the hands of a Milwaukee pro team. Postgraduate football so far as an official Milwaukee entry was concerned ended in 1927 and the fans here soon got the Green Bay habit. In 1933, the Packers played the N.Y. Giants at Borchert field and the game drew a capacity house. Last season the Bays shifted their Milwaukee engagements here to State fair park and contests were staged against the Giants, Chicago Bears and Chicago Cardinals...HUTSON AND SAUER: Milwaukee fans are anxious to view the Packers and get a glimpse of the new stars who have been burning up the gridiron at Green Bay. George Sauer, fullback, and Don Hutson, end, who led the Chicago Tribune all-star game players poll in 1934 and 1935, have built up quite a following here. Buckets Goldenberg will get a hand when he steps into the Packers' backfield. Goldenberg is a Milwaukee product. He played high school football here before his sojourn at the state university. Everybody in Milwaukee seems to know Buckets and hundreds of his friends and relatives will be at State fair park this Sunday hoping to see the plunging backfielder make the Cardinals see red. Tickets are selling like hot cakes here but the seating arrangement at State fair park is so extensive that more than 20,000 spectators can be accommodated without any confusion. The kickoff is scheduled at 2 p.m.



OCT 11 (Milwaukee) - In their best physical shape of the season and with the firm conviction after a particularly impressive week of practice that they can't be beaten, Green Bay's Packers Friday itched for the kickoff that will send them against the undefeated Chicago Cardinals in a return engagement at State Fair park Sunday. The Cardinals won the first game at Green Bay a month ago, 7-6. Not in years, according to reports from Green Bay, has a Bay team had its heart so set on winning a game as this one has on winning Sunday's. It is everything to them. It'll square accounts with the only team that has beaten them this year. It will knock off one of their toughest rivals in the western division race. It'll lift them into undisputed first place. And, above all, it'll give them the inside track for the championship and all which this means is the way of extra money through the east-west playoff in December, exhibitions on the west coast in January, and probably the all-star game at Soldiers Field in August 1936. It was a crippled Packer team that faced the Cardinals and lost the opener. George Sauer, the Nebraska Howitzer, was out. Hinkle was out. Herber, Grove and Bruder were out. But not so this week's team. The squad finished its hard work Thursday in the best physical shape of the fall. Lambeau can toss his full strength in the field. Along with the Packers, the football public here has caught the fever of the game and indications Friday were the largest crowd ever to see a professional game in Milwaukee would be in the stands Sunday afternoon. Green Bay alone will send close to 2,000 fans, several hundred of whom will come down on a special train. Advance sales in Milwaukee Friday were far ahead of what they've ever been for a pro game here before. The Bays will complete their preparations with a light drill Friday afternoon and will leave the Bay for Milwaukee Saturday morning. They will make their headquarters at the at the Schroeder hotel. The Cards will arrive here Saturday night.


OCT 11 (Chicago) - Al Nichelini, ex-St. Mary's player, will start at right halfback instead of Dave Cook for the Chicago Cardinals in the NFL battle with the Green Bay Packers at Milwaukee Sunday. This was announced yesterday by Coach Milan Creighton. Nichelini has played good ball for the league leading Cardinals this fall. His defensive work at Detroit two weeks ago was an outstanding factor in the furious tie battle.


OCT 11 (Green Bay) - Aiming at the goal posts by the placement from all angles of the field, the Green Bay Packers today gave evidence of trying a little three-point scoring against the Chicago Cardinals at Milwaukee on Sunday. Tar Schwammel in particular showed ability to split the posts from well out in the field, and Ernie Smith and Bob Monnett also looked good, Monnett being particularly effective at the shorter distances...HINKLE IS OUT: The Bay running attack probably will function without the services of Clarke Hinkle, veteran fullback upon whom Coach E.L. Lambeau was depending for some yardage on Sunday. Hinkle wasn't out at practice yesterday, and while he showed up today, he may not be in shape for much action. The team is primed for a great drive against the Cardinals, for a victory would give the Packers a nice edge in the Western division standings. Green Bay will be seen on the offensive much oftener than during the opening National league game here,  when the crippled Packers were too busy defending their own goal line to pay much attention to scoring...HOLD SKULL DRILL: The squad will meet at the Beaumont hotel at 7:30 tonight for a skull session, and will leave via the Milwaukee road at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning for Milwaukee. There will be a practice at State Fair park stadium Saturday afternoon, and another indoor chalk drill at the Schroeder hotel Saturday evening.


OCT 11 (Milwaukee) - Eyes of the professional football world will center on Milwaukee, Wis., Sunday where the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Cardinals are to lock horns in the first crucial combat of the season. In view of the importance of the contest, President Joe F. Carr of the NFL has picked his officials with greatest of care. He twice changed his officiating selections before satisfying the Chicago and Green Bay managements. Bobbie Cahn of Chicago is to be referee. He is considered one of the best whistle-blowers in the circuit. Gunner Elliott of Fort Wayne, Ind., has drawn the umpiring assignment. Judge Maurice Meyer of Cleveland will be the headlinesman while Dan Tehan of Cincinnati is slated for field judge. This quartet of officials is among the best in the Western division and President Carr is confident in a way which will be satisfactory to players and spectators alike. In other league engagements on Sunday, the postgraduate feud will be resumed in New York between the Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers at the Polo grounds. Detroit is billed for a fracas at Boston while the Chicago Bears will be in Philadelphia. Lud Wray's team showed considerable improvement Wednesday night by bumping off the Pittsburgh Pirates, 17 to 6.


OCT 11 (Milwaukee) - It looks like a 15,000 plus crowd for the Green Bay-Chicago Cardinals football game at State Fair park this Sunday, as the ticket sale continues at a near record clip. E.A. Spachmann, Packer ticket sales director, arrived here Thursday and he expressed himself as well pleased with the brisk business at the Milwaukee Journal service bureau and other places about the city where the


ducats are being sold. It is the prevailing opinion in Milwaukee football circles that if the Packers can put the skids under the Cardinals, the Green Bay eleven will be well on its way to another national championship and it seems as if every follower of the great Packer squad is planning to attend the game and root for Coach E.L. Lambeau's team.


OCT 12 (Milwaukee) - With an attendance above the 12,000 mark assured, Milwaukee football fans today considered the chances of the Green Bay Packers springing a reversal on the Chicago Cardinals at State Fair park, West Allis, tomorrow afternoon. The Packers were here today, working out during the afternoon at the stadium. A large group of fans was on hand to witness the drill, which was confined to routine passing, kicking and signal work...PUNTING IS GOOD: Clarke Hinkle, although in uniform, appeared to be a doubtful starter against the Cardinals, but the rest of the Packer team was in good shape and apparently anxious for the conflict. Long, towering punts by Arnold Herber and George Sauer gave indication that the Packer kicking game will be above part, and several of the Bays also split the posts with practice goals from the field. The rival teams are stationed at separate hotels, with the Packers making their headquarters at the Schroeder. A chalk talk is in line for the Green Bay squad tonight, when Coach E.L. Lambeau will put the finishing touches on his strategy for tomorrow's game...PACKERS ARE FAVORED: Milwaukee fans favor the Packers in their betting, despite the 6 to 7 reversal the Bays suffered when they last met the Cardinals. The belief here seems to be that the Green Bay team is on the upgrade and moving fast, all of which foretells a tough afternoon for the Cardinals. If the weather is fair, the largest crowd in Milwaukee professional football history is likely to witness the National league engagement. The advance seat sale has been very large, hundreds of fans are expected to down from Green Bay, and interest among the "last minute" spectators is running high. There is a possibility that the Packers may play before as many as 15,000 or 16,000 people...Green Bay football fans today were oiling their cars or purchasing railroad tickets in preparation for the first of two invasions of the Milwaukee section, where tomorrow the Green Bay Packers will meet the Chicago Cardinals. Some 200 or 300 of the Bay fans will make the trip on the "Carrigan Special", which will leave from the side of the Carrigan Hotel at 10:30 Sunday morning, and return at 8 o'clock that evening. The train will go directly to the State fairgrounds, and will leave as soon as the game is over.



OCT 12 (Green Bay) - People have been blaming the fourth quarter enthusiasm of the Green Bay Packers onto youth and excitability, but there might be one factor we're overlooking. You get the idea if you read the college roster of the young players who are starring with the team this fall. George Sauer represents that great Nebraska eleven of 1933. Bob Tenner and George Svendsen came from the unbeaten, untied, un-everything else team that pounded out of the University of Minnesota last fall. Ernie Smith played great football with the mighty Southern California machine which ended Notre Dame's long string of victories. Don Hutson's undergraduate prominence resulted from his play with undefeated Alabama, Rose Bowl champion. Bob O'Connor represents the powerful Standford team of 1934, terror of the Pacific coast. These boys just aren't used to getting trimmed. Maybe that's why they go crazy in the fourth period when the game is pretty close. Maybe they're just what the veterans have been needing. If so, they're a potent tonic, because the old times of the Packer machine never played better ball. That's the kind of ball they'll need tomorrow. Make it 14 to 0, Green Bay.


OCT 12 (Milwaukee) - The Green Bay Packers arrived in Milwaukee today and took last minute workouts in preparation for their all-important battle with the Chicago Cardinals in State Fair park here tomorrow afternoon. Advance ticket sales indicate a capacity crowd of nearly 17,000 fans, the largest throng ever to witness a professional grid game in Milwaukee, will see the two teams battle for leadership in the National Pro Football league. The Packers will be out to avenge their 7 to 6 defeat the Cardinals handed them in the first league contest of the season. It is the only defeat chalked up against the Bays thus far. The return to the lineup of Johnny Blood, star ball carrier, has boasted Packer hopes. Blood's return will compensate the probable loss of Clark Hinkle, plunging fullback, because of a groin injury. A leg injury may keep Roger Grove out of the Cardinal game also. The Red Birds, who have also been drilling intensively at Chicago, will bring a powerful eleven to Milwaukee. In the backfield the Cardinals have such fine backs as Gil Berry, Ken Peterson, Dave Cook and Doug Russell. The Cardinal squad will arrive here tonight.


OCT 12 (Milwaukee) - With first place in the National league at stake, the leading Chicago Cardinals and the second place Green Bay Packers itched for the kickoff Saturday night that will send then into one of the most important games of the campaign at State Fair park at 2 p.m. today. It isn't unlikely that the winner of Sunday's game will smash through to the western division championship and the league playoff in December for, as the race in this sector has taken shape, the Packers and Cardinals apparently hold an edge. The Cardinals have defeated the Packers and tied Detroit and the Packers, after their one defeat, have whipped the Bears, New York and Pittsburgh. The Packers for the first time this season will take the field at full strength. A month ago, when they lost to the Cardinals at Green Bay, 7 to 6, Sauer, Grove, Hinkle, Herber and Bruder all nursed injuries of one kind or another. The team was really shot. But one by one they've come back and Sunday all will be ready. Chicago will go into the game with two weeks of rest. It tied the Lions at Detroit September 29, and because of the World Series in Chicago had no game last week. They, took, will be at their fullest strength. With a hard, fast charging line and an array of fine backs heads by Russell, Peterson and Nichellini, the Cardinals held an unquestionable edge over the Bays in their opening game. They rolled up 12 first downs to Green Bay's six. But with Herber in shape to pass again and with the smashing Sauer to run, the Packers now see at least an even chance to turn the tables. The Packers arrived here Saturday noon and took a light drill at State Fair park Saturday afternoon. The Cardinals will arrive Sunday morning. A record crowd of 12,000 to 13,000 is expected.


OCT 13 (Chicago) - Chicago waits another week for its first professional football game as the city's two representatives, the Bears and the Cardinals, engage league rivals on foreign gridirons today. The Bears play the Eagles at Philadelphia, and the Cardinals defend the league lead against the Packers at Milwaukee. The Cardinal-Packer game is the outstanding encounter on today's National league schedule. The Cardinals, enjoying the distinction of pacesetters for the first time since the days of Ernie Nevers, must win to remain in first place, a position which will fall to the Packers if they, even the season series at a game apiece with the Chicagoans. Their 10 to 10 tie against Detroit in their only other start since the Green Bay game and weeks of intensive practice have made the Cardinals a better team than the one which beat the Packers, 7 to 6, in the season opener. Green Bay, however, has rallied after a disappointing show in that game, and has whipped the Bears, New York Giants and Pittsburgh on successive Sunday...CARDINALS WON'T KNOW THEM: Three games while the Cardinals were playing one, in addition to the return of eight men who were on the injured list on the occasion of their last meeting, have whipped the Packers into a formidable outfit. In fact, the Cardinals in all probability will not recognize their foes today unless they study the program. Passes have been the Packers' forte in their four games thus far, and passes have been the Cardinals' chief worry. The Packers achieved their only touchdown against the Cardinals on a short, flat pass, Blood to Johnston, and defeated the Bears, 7 to 0, on a long one, 83 yards, Herber to Hutson. New York found its vaunted defense powerless against the Packers' aerial attack, and against Pittsburgh the Packers completed pass after pass without apparent effort. While the Packers have been riding along on a barrage of passes, the Cardinals have displayed a tendency to be fooled by aerials. Detroit completed two long ones and enough short ones to gain a tie. No one yet has had sufficient courage to compare Detroit's pass attack with that which the Packers used to pile up three consecutive victories. Scouts have told Coach Curly Lambeau of the Packers that the Cardinals left themselves wide open for short tosses in the Detroit game when Cuppoletti and Mikulak, who back up the line, plunged in with the snap of the ball to plug gaps in the line...CARDS PROBABLY FAVORITES: The Cardinals, because of their position in the league and their three straight victories over the Packers in the last two seasons, undoubtedly will enter the  game at the Wisconsin State fairgrounds today the favorite. The favorite, however, if there is one in this contest, should be Green Bay, which has the advantage of four good games in which to reach its peak in timing and condition.

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