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1935 Green Bay Packers

Training Camp



AUG 25 (Rhinelander) - Under a bright sun, the Green Bay Packers, 29 strong, opened their 1935 campaign here Saturday afternoon with a workout that left the men somewhat worse for wear at the finish. Arriving at noon, the Packers immediately pitched camp at Thompson Lake, just outside of town, and an hour later were in togs on the Rhinelander High school field for their first workout of the season. A bus has been chartered to take the men to and from the field to their headquarters. The session opened with calisthenics after which Coach Curly Lambeau divided the squad into groups of linemen and backs and sent each through separate drills. With Barrager at center, the group of backs went to one end of the field to punt, run back punts and pass. George Sauer, former Nebraska all-American, made a big hit with his punting. Despite a stiff crosswind, the big Cornhusker got off long high spirals that consistently sailed between 60 and 70 yards. Arnie Herber and Hank Bruder also sent away nice kicks. Herber, Bruder and Laws did most of the passing. A long session on simple plays, with a couple trips around the track, topped off the workout. Two drills a day will be held every day in camp. The men will remain here until Saturday when they'll pull stakes and go to Merrill for the first four practice games before the start of the season with the Chicago Cardinals September 15. In 


other preliminary games, they will play the Chippewa Falls Marines at Chippewa Falls September 2, Stevens Point at Stevens Point September 4; La Cross at Green Bay September 8.


AUG 26 (Rhinelander) - The Green Bay Packers dug in along the northern sector over the weekend and prepared to put their heavy artillery in condition for a heavy autumn offensive. Twenty-four members of the NFL team, quartered at Pinewood lodge on Lake Thompson, four miles from the city, participated in two brisk workouts Saturday and Sunday, in preparation for twice daily drills the rest of the week. The workouts may have been brisk, but they also were lengthy, with Coach E.L. Lambeau stressing offensive movements. This program was to be continued this morning, with the stress turning to defensive formations this afternoon. Performing before a large crowd yesterday, the team was split up for passing and punting practice, giving Rhinelander spectators their first glimpse of the concentrated shelling upon which the Packers plan to supplement their powerful ground attack...BOTHERED BY TEETH: The squad is in exceptional shape. Milt Gantenbein, end, and Bob Monnett, halfback, are having some trouble because of recently extracted wisdom teeth, and Ernie Smith, the U.S.C. tackle, is bothered by a cold, but these ailments were expected to clear up early in the week. The rest of the men, barring the usual assortment of aches from stretched muscles, appeared in the pink. A great demonstration of punting yesterday sent Packer safety men scurrying back after the boots of George Sauer, Arnold Herber, Swede Johnson and Hank Bruder. Sauer and Herber in particular got off impressive boots, many of them sailing better than 60 yards. The passing of the newly assembled squad also was impressive, Sauer being the only one of the new men to take a hand at flipping the ball. Herber, Bruder and Joe Laws, the latter getting off his usual southpaw tosses, also worked on the assignment. During the punting, Buckets Goldenberg, Laws, Bob Monnett and Herman Schneidman were back at the receiving posts. This Schneidman is a speed merchant. Strong and heavy, he is built for service and he won the sprints at the conclusion of yesterday's drill, finishing just ahead of George Sauer...LINEUP ON OFFENSE: As his first offfensive lineup yesterday afternoon, Lambeau used Al Rose and Dominic Vairo at ends, Claude Perry and Tar Schwammel at tackles, Bobby O'Connor and Tiny Engebretsen at guards, Frank Butler at center, Schneidman at blocking quarterback, Bruder and Laws at halfback and Johnston at full. He didn't leave the group intact long, however, shifting about his combinations in an attempt to size up the new talent. The men ran through signal drills and otherwise concentrated on offensive work. The two weekend workouts indicated that Bruder is going to perform at halfback this year instead of fullback, and that Clarke Hinkle will be back at full. Although much of the Rhinelander interest centers around the tried veterans of the professional game, the scattered Green Bay visitors were gratified to watch the performances of the new men. O'Connor, a Stanford guard, is a powerful looking blond who shows a lot of life while working out. Smith is a husky individual, very strong and except for his cold apparently in excellent shape...SVENDSEN IS RANGY: On early season dope, George Svendsen, the Minnesota center, is a good man to remember. He is very tall and rangy, and keeps working all the time. Sol Kramer is a stocky blocking quarterback from South Dakota State, while Walter Kiesling, the Chicago Bear guard, appears fit and is a steady worker at practice. Vairo, last year's Notre Dame captain, worked well, as did Schneidman and Johnston, the other additions to the squad. The entire group probably is in as good physical condition as any Packer squad three weeks before the launching of the league season.


AUG 26 (Green Bay) - Green Bay is indebted to Rhinelander for the hospitality which has been extended the Packer football squad, and for the interest which the northern Wisconsin city is displaying in preparations for the 1935 season. Sprawled across the entrance to Rhinelander is a noisy banner, proclaiming that the city is the training headquarters of the Packers, and the gateway to Pinewood lodge, the training quarters, bears the words - "Green Bay Packers - Welcome". The arrival of the football team was the chief topic of conversation on Rhinelander streets and in Rhinelander homes Saturday. Hundreds of people were on hand to witness the workouts on the high school field, their principal difficulty being identification of the players. "Which is Laws? Who is Bruder?" were typical of the numerous questions Green Bay visitors had to answer. Rhinelander displayed an increasing interest in the entire personnel, and the Packers gave them an excellent show. Pinewood lodge itself is ideal as training headquarters. The players are being fed all they can eat, which is plenty, and every accommodation is being made for them. Pleasure games of every kind are on hand, there are boats and fishing equipment, and all the room in the north wood.



AUG 26 (Rhinelander) - Bearing out the assertion that the establishment of a summer training camp is a definite step forward in Green Bay Packer training, the squad lost some five pounds on an average from its weekend workouts. Whatever the players lost as a result of drilling under the hot sun at Rhinelander high school field, they set about to recover, as tremendous quantities of food have been placed on the boards by the Pinewood lodge management. Al Rose, Texas end, was unofficially credited with something near a dozen ears of corn at the Elcho meal en route here Saturday, and Champ Seibold, the Wisconsin guard, has been setting new all-conference knife and fork records at the lodge table...SETUP IS IDEAL: The setup is ideal for training purposes, as there's nothing the Packers can do which isn't good for them. They are quartered in four cabins, each with a camp captain in charge, receiving orders from Coach E.L. Lambeau. There are six men in each cabin, their leaders being Milt Gantenbein, Hank Bruder, Lon Evans and Nate Barrager. Equipment for playing shuffleboard, horseshoes, croquet and other resort sports is available, there are boats and canoes, and several varieties of diving standards for those inclined toward aquatic activities. Several of the players lost no time in heading for the roads yesterday morning, fishing tackle in tow, but only Arnie Herber reported any luck. Tar Schwammel and Ernie Smith were revealed as past experts at shuffleboard, and have been spending most of their time pushing the discs back and forth. Bruder and Engebretsen looked like the class of the horseshoes addicts. Rose and Evans lost no time  climbing into their swimming trunks Sunday morning, taking an invigorating dip in cold Lake Thompson...DID NOT USE DEADLINE: The 11 o'clock deadline which Coach Lambeau has given the players wasn't worth much Saturday night. Tired and stiff from a three hour workout, the players sat around the lodge for awhile after supper, kibitzed on a card game, and then headed for their cabins. It was lights out at 9:30. The camp is affording the Packers an excellent chance to get acquainted with the new men, and to all appearances perfect harmony is prevailing. The men are well quartered and well fed, keeping them contented and willing to work for the strenuous season ahead. The team will remain at Pinewood lodge until Saturday morning, when they will head for Merrill by bus, arriving in time for an exhibition game Saturday night. After the game they will be established in a Wausau hotel, and Sunday morning will move on to Chippewa Falls. Coach Lambeau has set a practice for Sunday afternoon at Chippewa falls, and Labor day afternoon the team will meet the strong Chippewa Marines. Immediately after this game, the Green Bay bus will head for Stevens Point, where the Packers will play a night game on Wednesday. The game at Winona, Minn., scheduled for that night has been cancelled. The team will remain at Stevens Point after the Wednesday game, returning to Green Bay Thursday morning, Sept. 5, to prepare for the home opening Sept. 8 against the La Crosse Old Style Lagers.


AUG 27 (Stevens Point) - When the Green Bay Packers take the field here Wednesday night, Sept. 4, they will be opposed by the strongest aggregation of football stars at present available in central Wisconsin. Eddie Kotal, who has arranged to bring the Packers here for a night game, at Goerke park, is gathering together a group of present and former college players that will match any amateur or semi-pro team ever before seen in action in this section of the state...LINES UP 26 PLAYERS: Kotal said today he has 26 players available and he expects to have several more when practice begins later in the week. Ferdinand Hirzy, former Stevens Point Normal backfield star, and Tiny Bannach, one of the outstanding linemen produced at the local Teachers'


college, will have charge of the team. Bannach is also expected to play in the stars' line. Because of a conference rule governing athletic coaches, Kotal will not be allowed to coach or assist in coaching the all-star team. Kotal, however, will be in the all-stars' lineup...PACKERS AT RHINELANDER: The Packer have been working out at Rhinelander since last Saturday. Coach Curly Lambeau sends the squad through two practices daily and says the team will be in good shape when it arrives here next Monday night. The Packers will work out on local field Tuesday, giving fans an opportunity to get acquainted with new players, including Tenner, Hutson, Maddox, Svendson and Vairo, before the game Wednesday night. Seats for about 2,500 people will be available at Goerke park, with additional seats available if advance ticket sales warrant setting up such seats.


AUG 27 (Green Bay) - The Packers season ticket sale is approaching the 700 mark and the campaigners are hopeful of reaching the "thousand" before the whistle blows for the non-league game with the La Crosse Lagers here on Sunday, Sept. 8. Officers of the Football corporation were much more encouraged over the returns filed at Monday night's meeting at Joannes Bros. It was the prevailing opinion of the solicitors that there was a lot of business still to be tapped and that the next 10 days would be a harvest time for the ticket sales drive. Many of the purchasers this year are newcomers on the Packer list of season ticket holder, indicating that interest in Green Bay's pro eleven is broadening out. There are any number of season ticket purchasers from out of town...BANK BUILDING HEADQUARTERS: An intensive drive in the business district among the professional men is to be launched at once. Some of the solicitors, working in pairs, have a special list of doctors, lawyers and dentists. It is hoped to have them all called on by the end of the week. Due to the fact that Monday is Labor day, the next meeting of the football solicitors will be held Tuesday at Joannes Bros. This will be the "mop-up" gathering and every member of the sales drive is urged to be on hand. Business at the Packer headquarters in the old Brown County bank building is way above par, according to E.A. Spachmann, who is in charged of the sales. Aside from the season ticket sales, many orders are being received for the Chicago Bears' game on Sept. 22 and the other all-star home attractions...GIANTS PLAY HERE: The Chicago Cards play here Sept. 15 while on Sept. 29 the 1934 pennant winning New York Giants are booked at the City stadium. On Oct. 6, the Pittsburgh Pirates will face the Packers here while on Nov. 10 the curtain will drop on the home season with a game against Potsy Clark's Detroit Lions, who next to the Bears are the Packers' keenest rivals in a gridiron way. During the ticket sales meeting, it was announced that all bids for the concessions at City stadium during the Packer games must be filed with H.J. Bero at City Hall by Sept. 3.


AUG 27 (Rhinelander) - Coach E.L. Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers today geared his squad's machinery to a higher offensive pitch as the 24 Green Bay players continued their workouts at Rhinelander high school athletic field. Breaking into the regular drill schedule yesterday came the lateral pass, indication that increasing stress will be placed upon this form of attack during the approaching gridiron season. There was another significant factor - Lambeau had every member of his squad practice recovering fumbles, in anticipation of events growing out of the new NFL ruling permitting players to run with recovered fumbles, except when they occur or lateral passes, punts or kickoffs...BUTLER LOOKS GOOD: Add to the list of Packers who appear to have arrived the name of Frank Butler, former Michigan State center. Butler is hitting the scales at 232 pounds in his swimming trunks, and his work on both offense and defense today drew high praise from the Packer coach. More plays were added to the team's list this morning together with additional work on laterals, supplementing the work on offense which characterized much of yesterday's practice. The usual interested crowd of Rhinelander spectators was on hand for yesterday's practice, and Coach Lambeau turned the squad loose on some trick stuff to give the people a few thrills. He wound up the passing drill by giving instructions to Arnie Herber to toss a stratosphere flip, and Herber sailed one 60 yards down the field to Hank Bruder, who made a perfect contact and skipped over the goal line with the ball. This one gave the crowd something to talk about, and they made the most of it...JOHNSTON AT FULL: Lambeau divided the squad into two teams for signal drills and dummy scrimmage. On one team he used Rose and Monnett at ends, Bob filling in pending the arrival of Bob Tenner from Minneapolis. Tenner is tied up with a medical school examination until later in the week. Ernie Smith and Tar Schwammel were at tackles, Evans and Engebretsen at guards, Svendsen and Butler at center, Laws at quarter, Kremer and Bruder at halfbacks, and Johnston at full. On the other team Gantenbein and Vairo were at ends, Perry and Seibold at tackles, O'Connor and Kiesling at guards, Barrager at center, Schneidman at blocking quarterback, Herber and Sauer at halfbacks, and Hinkle or Goldenberg at fullback. The training camp routine of the team is running like clockwork. The players receive their first call at 7:12 a.m., and are finished with breakfast and ready for the practice field by 9 o'clock. They work out on the high school grounds until 11 o'clock and are back again about 3 o'clock in the afternoon...WEATHER IS COLDER: The evenings are more of a problem. The Packers are making the most of the Pinewood lodge games, shuffleboard and horseshoes proving very popular, and there always is the usual card game in the early part of the evening. So strenuous have been the workouts, however, that the team is taking little advantage of its 11 o'clock deadline. In fact, the lights usually wink out before the allotted time, and Coach Lambeau has not had to use his authority to get the boys tucked in. The weather is much colder here in the evenings than has been prevailing in Green Bay. Last night's shuffleboard game, with Walt Kiesling attempting to muscle in on the supremacy which has been enjoyed by Tar Schwammel and Ernie Smith, was witnessed by spectators muffled in sweaters and heavy shirts, and the suggestion of one waterbaby that the players enjoy an early evening dip in the chill waters of Lake Thompson brought nothing but a series of snorts from the rest of the squad...MORALE IS GOOD: Lambeau today did not attempt to hide his pleasure at the progress the team is making. More will be accomplished in one week at the present rate, he indicated, than would be done in the three weeks at home, without the present excellent schedule. The spirits of the players could not be better. They appear to like the quiet evening program, and are tired and ready for bed soon after supper. This program will not be interrupted until Saturday morning, when Trainer Bud Jorgensen will supervise the packing of luggage and equipment upon the large bus, in preparation for the jaunt to Merrill, where the Green Bay squad will be in action for the first time this season, Saturday night. Several members of the Merrill squad which will meet the Bays were in the stands yesterday afternoon, attempting to get a line on the team.


AUG 27 (Green Bay) - Although the Green Bay Packers are providing a variety of a new type of entertainment for the people of Rhinelander and northern Wisconsin, probably the outstanding event on their own recreational program will occur tonight, when the players will be guests of the management of a local motion picture house. The entire squad will leave Lake Thompson immediately after supper and will move into the city to walk the aisles in front of a packed house. Rhinelander has seen nothing of the Packers except at the actual practice sessions, when the team is brought to the high school field by bus, and is whisked away again as soon as the customary sprints are run. The writer has attempted to contact most of the squad members, to get an actual line on the team's morale, and without exaggeration or unnecessary ballyhoo, it may be reported that the spirit could not be improved. The older players are satisfied that Green Bay will be in a position to make a great stand against National league opposition this season, and the younger men have adopted a "What Chicago Bears?" attitude. A shortage of newspapers has handicapped the Packers somewhat, and all are eager for news from Green Bay. How are the fans taking the team this year? Are they interested in the progress the squad is making at training camp? (The mail delivery is nothing to write home about, and Saturday's paper had not been received at camp by Monday night.)


AUG 27 (Chippewa Falls) - Seventeen candidates for the Chippewa Falls Marines football team began practice sessions here Monday in preparation for opening their schedule Labor day against the Green Bay Packers. The players arrived Sunday and are now located in their camp at Glen Loch, where they will remain until after the game. A number of additional players will arrive during the week. A large crowd of fans was on hand when the squad trotted out on the fairgrounds field Monday morning and a larger gathering was present for the afternoon workout. Practice sessions will be held each morning and afternoon under the guidance of Coach Carleton Roels. Interest of the fans appeared to be centered on the work of Johnny Blood, a former star performer of the Green Bay Packers, who will be seen in a halfback position against his old teammates. Blood's passing, pass receiving and punting created a lot of enthusiasm among the crowd Monday morning. It was announced Monday by the Marines management that Jimmy Donaldson, former Eau Claire high star, and last year a member of Doc Spears' Wisconsin team, will join the Marine camp Friday. Donaldson visited the camp Sunday but had to go to Madison and will return Friday. The Packers will arrive in Chippewa Falls Sunday morning, hotel reservations having already been made for the men, and they will hold a practice session at the fairgrounds Sunday afternoon. The sale of box and reserved seats continues without interruption and the management of the Marines predicts the crowd witnessing the Marines-Packer game Monday will be the largest ever to see a gridiron contest in northern Wisconsin.


AUG 28 (Rhinelander) - With only three full practice days remaining before the opening 1935 exhibition game at Merrill Saturday night, the Green Bay Packers today continued to develop offensive alertness and defensive solidity on the Rhinelander high school athletic field. A cold, sweeping northwest win descended upon the field yesterday and today, bringing a touch of ideal football weather which sent Trainer Bud Jorgensen scurrying for sweat jackets, and causing the squad to abandon the thin jackets which have served as training uniforms. Coach E.L. Lambeau announced last night the suspension of August (Mike) Michalske, veteran guard, who was unable to come to terms for the 1935 season. Sore muscles and lame legs resulted from the chilly blasts, and there were several complaints from the giant California linemen, who found their limbs tightening up from the cold. Lambeau, however, continued to drive the squad through the drills on offense, and there were no injuries of consequence reported. Field goal and extra point kicking provided a feature of yesterday afternoon's drill, with Bobby Monnett and Tar Schwammel standing out as the stars of the day. Monnett split the posts with nearly every kick, and Schwammel had little trouble locating the uprights...HINKLE'S HIP SORE: Clarke Hinkle booted a few, but he has been bothered by a sore hip and hasn't been indulging any too strenuously in the workouts, pending improvement in the condition. Ernie Smith and Tiny Engebretsen also tried their luck at kicking. Lambeau called in Herman Schneidman, the Iowa blocking back who has looked increasingly good in practice, to relieve Arnold Herber and Joe Laws as holders for the placement booters. Offensive drill yesterday centered around forward passes, and forward laterals, with both clicking regularly. The passing show Tuesday morning wasn't so hot, but in the afternoon the entire corps, Sauer, Herber, Laws, Bruder and Hinkle, was hitting the target from all angles. Sauer flips a low, bullet-like pass which gives promises of turning into something deadly for the National league season. One thing certain, the Packers are going to have passing material which will rival the days of Red Dunn, Eddie Kotal and their mates. There are a half a dozen good backs now working out here who can pass with better than ordinary accuracy, and the squad is filled with capable receivers, some of the best being Gantenbein, Rose, Sauer, Vairo and Bruder. Goldenberg also was the bull's eye for several of the hot tosses yesterday and today...TOSS SHORT PASSES: Most of the passes were short, right over the line into the center flat zone, and some were followed by laterals, giving a food preview of the type of aerial offense to which Packer fans will be treated this year. A half hour skull drill preceded yesterday's chilly workout, which continued until a downpour of rain caused Coach Lambeau to decide the players had has enough. Before the practice the Packers sat around on benches in the Rhinelander high school gymnasium and heard the coach outline details of offensive formations and defensive positions. Last night the Packers attended a picture show in Rhinelander en masse. From the interest the team took in the outing - the first time the players have been out of camp in the evening - the spectator would have through each was attending a movie for the first time. When Coach Lambeau asked who wasn't planning to go into town, not a man stirred.


AUG 28 (Rhinelander) - You can point out many changes in the Packer squad over last year, and you can find several reasons why the team should enjoy a more successful season, but probably none is significant - or is a better justification for the summer training camp - when the vastly improved morale which appears to permeating the squad. The players are sincerely anxious for Green Bay interest and support, and their greatest hope apparently is to make a strong showing before the home crowds. They discuss the strong National league opposition frequently, and you hear a lot of talk about the Chicago Bears' chances of faltering in the league race, Detroit's new men, th4e Cardinals' outlook and other phases of the approaching season. "How do you think we'll go?" asked a giant lineman, new to the Packer colors, as he stood on the sidelines at Rhinelander athletic field and watched a brisk signal drill. "It's the year to go places," remarked a spectator. "Well, you'd better be pulling for us," he said, and he sounded as though he meant it. There is no bickering or beefing among the squad members. They continue to like their accommodations, although some of the longer boys have found their beds made a bit short. Furthermore, the players are anxious for a little real action, which they'll get in their first scrimmage at Merrill Saturday night.



AUG 29 (Merrill) - The Fromm Foxes of Merrill will break into big time football circles here Saturday evening, when they tackle the Green Bay Packers under the floodlights. The game will initiate Merrill's new $3,700 lighting plant, said to be one of the best in the state for night football. Two thousand additional bleacher seats have been constructed for the game, to add to the usual grandstand seating capacity. The Foxes are sponsored by Fromm Brothers, millionaire fox breeders west of the city. While the team has been organized for several years, this will their first dip into big-time football. Last year the Foxes tied for leadership in the North Central Wisconsin semi-professional organization, losing out in the playoff to the Tri-Cities team of Wisconsin Rapids...ALL-STAR CAST: The Foxes will attempt to assemble somewhat of an all-star cast Saturday night, in their debut against the Packers, drawing players from Tomahawk, Rhinelander and Wausau to bolster up their lineup. Foremost of the new material recruited is Bill Clark, last year's Navy fullback, now employed in Northern Wisconsin. Clark is a kick of no mean ability, and his boots are expected to do much to stem the Packers avalanche. Other backfield material includes Alden Teske, quarterback, who captained St. Mary's college, Winona, Minn., last year. John Horochena, Kenosha, the midget fullback, is back with the squad, and his uncanny defensive ability is expected to be badly needed. Horochena has the hardest hitting one-hundred and fifty pounds ever turned loose on a Merrill gridiron. Milton


Anderson, 190 pounds, who won three letters with the Stevens Point Teaches, is another back recruited for the game, with college experience behind them. Les Bloomquist, who played quarterback for the Foxes a year ago, is back with the squad, along with Sonny Williquette, former quarterback for the Tomahawk All Stars. Everson, halfback, is one of the best passers in semi-professional ranks in this section, his lack of weight being his chief handicap. Other backs include Reiche of Merrill and A.Gahan of Tomahawk...150-POUND BACKS: With the exception of Anderson, all of the backs are of the "pony" variety, being in the 150 pound class. Their speed will be their only redeeming factor when bumping up against the big, brawny Packer line. Line material includes Denny Maloney, Rhinelander, the best wingman developed in Northern Wisconsin in recent years. Maloney is a "natural", never having had the advantage of college football. Royal Olson, who played an end position on the championship Stevens Point Teachers team two years ago, is another end working out with the squad. Elmer Krueger, Norman Barker and Don Gille are regular ends who played with the Foxes a year ago. Krueger led the semi-professional league in scoring last fall, being adept at pass receiving. Tackle material is light, as big time tackles go. Fred Lopsenberg, and Toutsch, 180 pounds, are two all-conference tackles of several years ago developed in the Wisconsin Valley conference. Toutsch hails from Wausau. Hawks of Wausau and Schmalfus of Merrill each top the scales at better than 200 pounds, but lack a great deal of football experience. Rajek, Fox tackle of a year ago, and Conkright of Tomahawk are other tackles available. Rathke and Biard are guards in the 200-pound class, both having been all-conference linemen in their prep school days. Olson, a shifty guard, played one year with the Marquette freshmen, after graduating from Wausau high. Lapp, 230 pounds, is the veteran of the squad, with some dozen years of semi-pro experience at Merrill. He keeps in shape by hunting wolves in his spare time. Trantow, Loewecke and Duginski were reserve guards with the Foxes a year ago...FORTIFIED AT CENTER: The Foxes are better fortified at the center position than anywhere else in the line, with burly Unk Smith of Tomahawk and Rupprecht of Merrill to draw from. Smith, 205 pounds, has never been outplayed in eight years of independent football. As defensive linemen go, he is one of the best. After graduating from Tomahawk high, he joined the Army squad, but his temperament was not suited to Army life, and he returned home. Smith's big  game is to make former college centers look foolish. He plans on having the time of his life against the Packer pivot men. Rupprecht, a rival of Smith all these years, will be in the same corner Saturday night, and he's not at all sorry that he isn't facing the Tomahawk center. Rupprecht, with a half-dozen years of experience, was an all-conference center at Merrill, having won four letters in football. Schellenger of Rhinelander, who played three years at Carroll college, may also be on hand for the game...LEWELLEN TO OFFICIATE: Verne Lewellen, famous Packer halfback of a few years ago, has been engaged as referee, with Palmer Mickelson, Merrill High school coach, as umpire, and A. Gahan, former Tomahawk High coach, as head linesman. The game is called for 8 o'clock Saturday night. Reserve seats are on sale at all Merrill drug store. Out-of-town patrons may reserved seats by calling Hugo Hanig, chief of police, Merrill. Reserve seats are selling at $1.65, with general admission being $1.10. Advance sales indicate that a capacity crowd will be on hand.


AUG 29 (Rhinelander) - Members of the Green Bay Packers football team enjoyed a short recess from strenuous training sessions here Wednesday afternoon and spent part of the day in play at the resort, fishing, hiking and other recreational pursuits. It was cold for swimming, but a few of the huskies braved the water in spite of the low temperature. This morning the entire squad again resumed practice, opening with a general limbering-up exercise and working into offensive drills. The line spent part of the session in defensive tactics, but the backs were confined to passing, kicking and running. No announcement of a starting lineup against Merrill has been made by Coach E.L. Lambeau as yet.


AUG 29 (Rhinelander) - Notes from the training camp of the Green Bay Packers: Swimming has been crossed from the recreational schedule of the squad at Pinewood lodge, because Lake Thompson is several degrees colder than the Arctic circle just now. The Packers remain muffled in sweaters when they are not practicing, but the weather is just what Coach Lambeau ordered, being an advance specimen of the coming football season. The Packers call Al Rose "Junior", and they pronounce Bob Monnett's last name as though it were spelled "Mo-nay". Clarke Hinkle is called "Hink", and they refer to Buckets Goldenberg as "Buck". Arnold Herber is "Herbie" and Dominic Vairo is "Nick". Incidentally, this Vairo is a swell pass receiver. Everyone with whom you discuss the Packers here asks if you if the high school setup isn't perfect. It's close to it, at that. The school is perched atop a hill overlooking the athletic field, ala Manitowoc Lincoln, an elevated highway runs along one end of the field, and this always is crowded with cars when the Packers are practicing. Across the field from the high school stand the bleachers. A Rhinelander Boy Scout troop has obtained the concession at the practice field and sells soft drinks, candy and incidentals to fans watching the team work out.


AUG 30 (Rhinelander) - The Green Bay Packers will break camp at Pinewood lodge, Lake Thompson, tomorrow afternoon, and will proceed by bus to Merrill, where they will open their 1935 practice season against the Fromm Foxes in a night game. Disregarding a light drizzle and lowering skies, the squad ripped through two light practices yesterday, winding up a week of  training on the Rhinelander high school athletic field. Except for a few colds, there are no injuries or other ailments, and the men appeared eager for a taste of competition. There is no chance that Bill Bevan, star Minnesota guard, or Ray Fuqua, Southern Methodist end, will play with the Packers this season, Coach E.L. Lambeau learned. Bevan has accepted a coaching job at Iowa State Teachers college and Fuqua has received prohibitive offers from both Boston and Brooklyn...GET NEW UNIFORMS: The Packers received a preview today of the new uniforms in which they will appear before their Green Bay fans. The jerseys are old gold on arms and shoulders, with a body of Kelly green, and old gold numerals fore and aft. The trousers are of old gold silk. The uniforms probably will not be worn until the  home opener against La Crosse, Sept. 8. Don Hutson and George Maddox, who were with the College All-Stars in Chicago last night, will join the Packers at Wausau Saturday night. Bob Tenner, the Minnesota end who has been taking a medical examination in Minneapolis, will join the squad at Chippewa Falls, where the Packers will play Monday afternoon. This probably will complete the 1935 squad personnel, except for Cal Hubbard, who is umpiring in the International baseball league. The Packers practiced plays yesterday with an offensive backfield consisting of Kramer at blocking quarterback, Monnett and Herber at halfbacks, and Johnston at full. The defensive backfield included Schneidman at blocking quarter, Laws and Sauer at halves and Hinkle at full...LINEUP IS UNCERTAIN: Lambeau is undecided as to his starting lineup for tomorrow night, although he may have given an inkling of it in yesterday afternoon's drill. He divided the squad into two teams, with only one man, Svendsen, playing out of position. Pending the arrival of Hutson and Tenner, the Packers are short on wingmen, and almost anyone who has been filling in at the odd post. One backfield had Goldenberg at blocking quarter, Laws and Schneidman at halves and Bruder at full. The line for that group consisted of Rose and Gantenbein at ends, Perry and Schwammel at tackles, O'Connor and Engebretsen at guards, and Butler at center. The other backfield had Kramer at blocking quarter, Monnett and Herber at halves and Johnston at full. The line included Svendsen and Vairo at ends, Smith and Seibold at tackles, Evans and Kiesling at guards, and Barrager at center. The team remained at Pinewood lodge last night listening to the Bear-All Star game.


AUG 30 (Green Bay) - This chilly football weather, cold as a head lineman's heart, may be just what Coach Curly Lambeau ordered for his Green Bay Packers, but it is proving very tough on itinerants, CCC workers and sportswriters. The wind here is as nerve-racking as a Lake Michigan breeze in mid-summer, and any man, woman or child who ventures onto the streets without being securely bundled, and with an extra sweater in tow, is promptly locked up. This may sound like an exaggeration, but the writer yesterday knocked out two front teeth attempting to use a frozen tooth brush, and had to hurry in from Lake Thompson for repairs. The Packers are doing pretty well under the October blasts. There are a few sniffles, and a couple of rather impressive colds, but no one is missing practice and Curly is satisfied with the team's condition. It's a pleasure to watch this Packers backfield in action. The boys are heavy, and they pack power. Green Bay will have its biggest group of backs since the days when Charles De Langlade was good for five yards anytime through Braddock's line, and Jean Nicolet was an all-Fix River valley selection. Lambeau is working hard with Champ Seibold, the giant Oshkosh boy. Seibold had a private skull drill yesterday with the coach, Milt Gantenbein and Bob Monnett putting on the demonstration.


AUG 30 (Green Bay) - Bronko Nagurski, the line smashing fullback of the Chicago Bears, is very much alive and well despite reports to the contrary. The Press-Gazette office was deluged with telephone calls this morning after rumors circulated around town that the Bronk was killed in an automobile accident. The rumors were believed to have originated in a Green Bay tavern with tick radio equipment.



AUG 31 (Rhinelander) - Following an hour and a half workout this morning, the Green Bay Packers had their last meal at Pinewood lodge, Lake Thompson, as they prepared to board their bus for the short hop to Merrill, Wis., where tonight they will open their 1935 season with an exhibition game against the Fromm Foxes. The contest will be on the kickoff for a busy weekend. Immediately after tonight's game the squad will move into Wausau, spending the night at the Hotel Wausau, and Sunday morning it will be en route again, moving westward to Chippewa Falls...MEET STRONG MARINES: The Packers will practice at Chippewa Falls Sunday afternoon, probably before a large crowd, and Monday afternoon they will meet the strong Chippewa Falls Marines in a Labor Day engagement. After that game, they will head for Stevens Point, to remain there until they meet the city's semi-professional team Wednesday night. Coach E.L. Lambeau this morning has his squad concentrate on field goal kicking and goal line defense, two highly important essentials which may be needed tonight, provided the usual ragged first game style of football is played. The weather was clear and cold...HOLD STIFF DRILL: Another stiff workout was held yesterday afternoon, but no developments were announced. Three more Packers will be added to the squad before Monday night. At Wausau the Green Bay players will meet


Don Hutson and George Maddox, Alabama end and Kansas State tackle respectively, who played with the College All Stars against the Chicago Bears Thursday night. At Chippewa Falls the squad will be reinforced by Bob Tenner, the Minnesota end, so that the personnel will be raised to 27 by the time returns to Green Bay Thursday morning. Lambeau has not announced a definite starting lineup for tonight, but it is probable that all his men will receive attention.


AUG 31 (Chippewa Falls) - Twenty-five players are now at the training camp in Melville's cottage on Glen Loch where the Chippewa Marine squad is quartered this week in preparation for the coming contest with the Green Bay Packers at the fairground gridiron here next Monday, Labor Day, Sept. 2. The squad has been given strenuous workouts twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. The two latest arrivals Thursday were Laird and Martzke, the two outstanding ends of last year's team, who will be in the lineup for Monday's game. Coach Carleton Roeis of the Chippewa high, assisted by Johnny Blood, former Green Bay Packer player, are drilling the squad and many new plays are being worked out. Blood will be in the lineup Monday and his punting and passing has been outstanding in the workouts. Several more players will arrive Saturday...EXPECT 10,000: With the new gridiron completed in front of the large grandstand at the fairgrounds, which seats more than 8,000 people, and bleachers erected to seat 2,000 more persons it is expected that all available seats will be occupied. Large crowds of fans have been at the fairgrounds daily watching the workouts of the squad and never before in the history of this city have as many outstanding football players gathered here from widespread points in preparation for a football contest. Fans have been watching the men perform with keen interest. The kickoff will take place at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon and the game played rain or shine. and Kansas State tackle respectively, who played with the College All Stars against the Chicago Bears Thursday night. At Chippewa Falls the squad will be reinforced by Bob Tenner, the Minnesota end, so that the personnel will be raised to 27 by the time returns to Green Bay Thursday morning. Lambeau has not announced a definite starting lineup for tonight, but it is probable that all his men will receive attention.



AUG 31 (La Crosse) - Tom Skemp, coach of the La Crosse Lagers, returned here Friday from Chicago and reported that he had contacted several college players about playing with pro eleven this fall. Skemp, who is a former Marquette star, is pulling every possible string to get together a strong battle front for the game at Green Bay with the Packers Sunday, Sept. 8. The former Hilltop ace realizes that if his club makes a good show against Green Bay, he will have little trouble booking all star attractions for the remainder of the season. The Lagers are working out nightly under the lights and some two dozen candidates reported. One of the newcomers is Joe (Scoop) Posewitz, a 190 pound end from Sheboygan, who come here highly recommended. Articles of incorporation have been filed by the Heileman Football club which has sponsored the team for several seasons. At a recent meeting, L.C. (Steve) Holman was elected president; R.H. Pearse, vice president; and Coach Skemp, secretary-treasurer. The directors other than the officers are John C. Burns, F.H. Brugess, D.E. Field and Francis Grenisen. The officers have mapped out a season ticket sale to finance the home games, together with the initial subscriptions from the Heileman brewery and other industrial plants. The directors voted unanimously to insure every player on the team against injury. President Holman is making arrangements for the Green Bay invasion and it is likely that several hundred fans will make the trip for the Packer contest a week from Sunday.


AUG 31 (Green Bay) - La Vern R. Dilweg, one of the greatest ends in professional football, veteran of nearly a decade with the Green Bay Packers today announced ​his retirement from the game. Dilweg will devote all his time to the new law firm of Martin, Clifford, Dilweg and Delaney. He performed with the Packers from 1927 to 1934, inclusive, playing a leading part in the three national championship campaigns. Dilweg graduated from Marquette university in 1926, played with the Milwaukee Badgers, and then joined the Bays, where his end play immediately was a sensation. During his eight years here he scored enough points from his wing position to place fourth on the Packer all-time scoring list, being topped only by Verne Lewellen, Johnny Blood and Curly Lambeau. Dilweg has scored 86 points for Green Bay on 14 touchdowns and two extra points.


AUG 31 (Stevens Point) - Outstanding present and former college football players will be put through their paces under Coach F.A. Hirzy and Assistants Dave Krembs and Tiny Banach at 2 o'clock this afternoon in the first drill to be held in preparation for the College All Stars' game with the Green Bay Packers here next Wednesday night. Although nearly all of the 28 players who have accepted invitations to play on the college team have been working out individually and with other teams for a week or more, today's practice will be the first collective workout for the group that will oppose the Packers here...STARS HAVE STRONG LINE: With a heavy line made up of the biggest and best present and former Stevens Point Teachers collegiate athletes being augmented by several players from other schools, Hirzy isn't much worried about the defensive abilities of his team. His chief concern was to work out a formidable offensive combination. Speed and deception in the execution of offensive plays will be stressed by the all-star coaches. They figure that the lighter college stars might be able to outdistance the heavy Packer line but would have considerable difficulty penetrating the center of the line with Packer 

linemen averaging perhaps 210 pounds or better...TO SCOUT MERRILL GAME: Hirzy expects to pick up some information on the Packer at Merrill tonight in their game with the Fromm Foxes. He said Eddie Kotal, who arranged to bring the Packers here, will "look 'em over" at Chippewa Falls Labor day. Coach Curly Lambeau worked his pro team on aerial plays at their Rhinelander training camp the latter part of the week while changing backfield combinations in an effort to find the best working quartets. The Packers may also be expected to fill the air with lateral passes, as they have spend a number of days on this particular type of attack...STARS JOIN PACKERS TODAY: The Packer squad was increased to 26 today with the arrival at Merrill of Maddox, Kansas State, Tenner, Minnesota, Hutson, Alabama, and Vairo, Notre Dame, all of whom were members of the College All-Star squad which met the Chicago Bears Thursday night. Following their game at Merrill tonight, the Packers will go to Chippewa Falls for an afternoon game on Labor Day at Chippewa Falls and will arrive here Monday night. They will work out Tuesday afternoon on the college field here and Thursday night at Wisconsin Rapids, under the lights.

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