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Green Bay Packers (2-2) 34, Chicago Cardinals (3-2-1) 13

Sunday October 10th 1937 (at Milwaukee)



(MILWAUKEE) - It was cold-blooded murder. Featuring every kind of a scoring play, the Green Bay Packers brought their NFL rating to an even .500 mark at State Fair park here yesterday, walloping the Chicago Cardinals, 34 to 13, before 17,187 fans. In rolling up the greatest total of points against the Cardinals since they started playing that team in 1921, the Packers displayed the same magnificent football they used against the Detroit Lions the previous week, only more of it. They scored two touchdowns on rushing, and two more on forward passes; that kicked two field goals and four extra points. They yielded two touchdowns to the Cardinals, long forward passes with Gaynell Tinsley on the receiving end bring instrumental in both scores, neither of which caused any great excitement. The game was in the sack from start to finish. A 24-yard field goal by Clarke Hinkle on the seventh play after the opening kickoff started the Packers off right, and on the first play of the second play they scored again, this time from the 12-yard line on a forward pass from Arnold Herber to Captain Milt Gantenbein. Ernie Smith placekicked the extra point. The Cardinals punched right back, and with two long passes paving the way, shook Tinsley loose for a touchdown sprint after taking a toss from George Grosvenor. Bill May kicked the extra point, slashing the Packer lead to 10-7. The Green Bay team immediately drove back for another touchdown, Hinkle lugging the ball over from the 1-yard line, and Ernie Smith adding the extra point. Then, before the half ended, Bobby Monnett took charge and led the way to the goal line, finally passing to Bernard Scherer in the end zone for the touchdown. Smith kicked his third extra point of the afternoon. Scoring became more refined in the second half, although the game's greatest thrill occurred soon after play was resumed, when Eddie Jankowski, Milwaukee boy playing before his enthusiastic home crowd, broke through the line and traveled 46 yards through everyone on the Cardinal squad for a touchdown. Tiny Engebretsen kicked the extra point for that one, and a few minutes later Engebretsen booted a field goal from the 27-yard line, completing Green Bay scoring for the day.


Trailing 34 to 7, the Cardinals acquired a final touchdown in the fourth period, Pat Coffee carrying it over after a long pass had dented the Packer defense. It was only upon pass defense that the Packers had their weak moments, and even then they never were in danger of losing their lead. Once again every position on the team was handled in superb style, with Monnett featuring a deadly passing arm and the rugged Packer ball carriers almost blasting the Cardinal defense from the park. The biggest totals were piled up by Jankowski, Hinkle and Paul Miller, with able assistance from Monnett, Joe Laws and Herb Banet. Once again the Green Bay blocking bordered on homicide, and the team's fighting spirit was like a twelfth man on the field. Several times Green Bay's advances were checked by penalties or other mishaps, but almost every time the Packers disregarded the handicaps, driving right back for first downs and sizable yardage. Witnessing the game, one could scarcely believe that this same Cardinal team had defeated the Packers at Green Bay earlier in the season. Although the Packer aerial campaign clicked with eminent success, and the end sweeps piled up satisfactory yardage, it was between the tackles, and outside them, that the Bays concentrated their terrific rushing attack. The great Green Bay line fought the Cardinal forwards back on their heels, and then pushed them over as blockers swept through to clear the lanes for the ball toters. This powerful cooperative combination rolled up 242 yards from scrimmage while holding the Cards to a scant 89. On 10 of the Cardinal running plays they were held for no yardage or thrown for losses. The crowd was with the Packers all the way, and Cardinal support was hard to find. Gantenbein and Jankowski in particular drew impressive ovations, but the fans, including many from Northeastern Wisconsin who had traveled southward for the game, enthusiastically cheered every Packer who left the field, and tendered a special round of applause for Arnold Herber upon his first appearance of the day. The Packer air attack, good for seven completions, functioned with particular smoothness when the team was passing for touchdowns. Both Gantenbein and Scherer speared the ball in the end zone, running fast with their would-be coverers right on their necks. They simply outran the defense men to spear the pigskin, and the two tosses, one by Herber and the other by Monnett, were right in the bucket. Perhaps the feature of the game to a Packer rooter was the determined attitude of the team on offense. Ball carriers never were stopped until two or three Cardinals were hanging onto them. Knocked down, they leaped to their feet to gain additional yardage, and when brought down they fell kicking and squirming, seeking to break loose for just another yard or two. This made the Cardinal tackling assignment a hazardous occupation, especially when Milwaukee's Mr. Jankowski was carrying the ball, for Eddie was determined to make a showing in his old hometown, and he accomplished his mission with plenty to spare.

CHI CARDINALS -  0  7  0  6 - 13

GREEN BAY     -  3 21 10  0 - 34


1ST - GB - Clarke Hinkle, 24-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0

2ND - GB - Milt Gantenbein, 12-yard pass from Arnie Herber (Ernie Smith kick) GREEN BAY 10-0

2ND - CHI - Gaynell Tinsley, 33-yard pass from George Grosvenor (Bill May kick) GREEN BAY 10-7

2ND - GB - Hinkle, 1-yard run (E.Smith kick) GREEN BAY 17-7

2ND - GB - Bernard Scherer, 18-yard pass from Bob Monnett (E.Smith kick) GREEN BAY 24-7

3RD - GB - Eddie Jankowski, 46-yard run (Tiny Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 31-7

3RD - GB - Engebretsen, 19-yard field goal GREEN BAY 34-7

4TH - CHI - Pat Coffee, 3-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 34-13



OCT 11 (Milwaukee) - Once upon a time there was an argument about fullbacks in the league. Still getting more than his share of the plaudits is Bronko Nagurski of the Bears. At Detroit Ace Gutowsky is considered tops and Leemans is liked in the east. Sunday afternoon at State Fair park the Packers' Clarke Hinkle did much to quiet the chatter. When in the first quarter he stood back and added his name to the list of Packer passers, he stamped himself as the greatest fullback the NFL enjoys on its roster. Hinkle runs hard. He punts well. He blocks and tackles with every ounce that he packs into that 208-pound frame. And when he started passing, too, all arguments stopped. If there is one who is better, he hasn't shown it yet this year. Milan Creighton, Chicago Cardinal coach, did a neat job of reversing temperament in the duration of the game. Before it started, he was just about as sure of the probable outcome as he was at Green Bay Sept. 12. At noon in the Hotel Schroeder his words were: "Remember what I said at Green Bay; that goes double now."...COACH IS CRUSHED: When the 34 to 13 rout was over he was crushed. On the 16th floor of the same Milwaukee hotel with Mrs. Creighton and Phil Handler, his assistant, he had only this to say: "They were hot, and we were off. Our line didn't charge....the Packers was like playing a different ball club than we did in Green Bay...and my team was like a different ball club against them..." What he said adds up to just about the same result as Dutch Clark's conversation last week after his Detroit Lions lost here. Like Clark, Creighton did not belittle the Packers, but blamed defeat largely on his own team's tendency to loaf. Creighton believes that the Cardinals will beat the Bears next week...and that would be doing the Packers just about the best favor that they could. As for the Packers, the "peak" that so often is spoken of in football seasons, has not been reached yet. Coach Curly Lambeau neither cites nor withholds statements on his team, but on the train coming back last night he said that it was all up to the boys...CAN WIN THE REST: "We can win them all form here on in," he said, "but we'll have to keep on playing this kind of ball. If the boys come through we'll go...anything else the boys themselves will have to say." After last week's game with Detroit there was a boom movement on foot of the type that is usual after a losing team beats the winning outfit. Fans climbed back on the Packer bandwagon, but many of them bought only one-way tickets and were prepared to drop off at any convenient station along the way. Now, even the diehards are convinced. It is not a period of inflation as far as Packer wins are concerned. The team is going to win some more. Hinkle had his share of bouquets from Creighton after the tilt, but in defeat Milan was not so blind that he missed merits of some of the other Packers. Russ Letlow, who Milan once had on a contract, received both personal and playing felicitations from the Cardinals' coach, and Lon Evans again comes to the front as one of the best guards in the circuit. And speaking of guards, Mike Michalske played one of the outstanding individual games that either team's personnel had to offer. Bree Cuppoletti, the Card guard, was one of the most surprised persons about the turn of events in Packer fortunes. He ventured the opinion that playing Sunday was like playing an altogether different team than the Chicago outfit opposed at Green Bay. Buddy Parker, former Lions halfback who now performs for Mr. Creighton, felt likewise...EVERY DAY TEAM: But they as well as their coach and a few others on the team are inclined to chalk it up to a Packer "hot day". Maybe so, but Bob Monnett, Bud Svendsen, Zud Schammel and the rest are not going to forget their assignments in future games. They play to win. When a team wins one because it is "hot", the inference is that it played over its head. From all appearances, and opposing coaches' opinions notwithstanding, the Packers are not just a Sunday ball club. They have it every day in the week. Other things bobbed up in the conversation that followed the game: Pro freshmen who came in for the greatest backslaps were Herb Banet, Bud Svendsen and Eddie Jankowski of the Packers, and Pat Coffee and Gaynell Tinsley of the Cards...Curly Lambeau joined in the Tinsley cheering section...and the players claim that the former Louisiana State end is one of the most elusive open field runners around National league parks...Jankowski received the biggest hand from Milwaukee's is his and Buckets Goldenberg's hometown...but also very popular in Milwaukee is Wayland Becker...and to him go the honors for the longest punt of the day...or possibly the season...Back near his own 40-yard line, Wayland kicked one that went at least 80 yards in the was way out of the playing field, but it all went for naught...the play was called back...the "ah's" that followed the punt are still ringing through State Fair park. Lou Gordon continues to produce with all the enthusiasm of a lad out in his first season...and as an indication of Packer (and Gordon) following everywhere, he received a telegram afterwards saying, "Congratulations on your nice game..." it was signed "officers and crew Steamer Green" was sent from the ship's radio via Manitowoc to Milwaukee....GREAT TACKLE PAIR: Lou and Ernie Smith again teamed up in what probably is the best tackle combination of them all...and with the Letlow-Evans setup at guards, and Bud Svendsen at center, it made for an awfully strong line. Zud Schammel, of whom much has been said and much more will go down, has a complaint about the carelessness with which his name is handled...people insist on calling him Schwammel...and while he has all the respect in the world for the former Packer tackle, he would like to have the fans realize that he is not that man. Richard Smith...whose compatriots address by the cognomen "Red"....and was very proud of his line...and also plugged the backs...but the line is Red's worry...when it produces like it did Sunday, Red will never have occasion to sweep silver threads out of the gold. Bud Jorgensen sang the best tenor on the way home...and also kept an eye on those Packer properties...players come and players go, but Bud remains...this, he thinks, is an even better Packer team than last year's championship unit. Pleasant contrast in attitudes before the game: Creighton's assurance and Lambeau's uneasiness about the outcome...Creighton was very sure of a victory...and Lambeau treated it as a serious ball game, one in which he was not handing out any palms before it was over...Still the best guesser or forecaster on the Packers this season: Dr. W.W. Kelly...WIVES GO ALONG: Many Packers' wives made the trip...among those present were Mrs. Hinkle, Mrs. Hutson, Mrs. George Svendsen, Mrs. Becker and Mrs. Johnston...notable absentees were Mmes. Letlow, Schammel. Herber, Evans and Bud Svendsen. Mrs. Letlow had a sick baby to keep her occupied. Superlatives come too easy after two games like the Packers have had in the last couple of weeks...the word "great" is kicked around with too much abandon...but when a team plays like that one has, there is no other word that properly modifies the manner of their play. And while the "greats" are going around, one should be dropped at the doorstep of Bob Monnett...and also one for Joe Laws...and the redoubtable Milt Gantenbein...George Grosvenor of the Cardinals still stands out as one of the best...but Eddie Jankowski ran right over him to make his touchdown in the third period. Ed Cochrane, who did another swell job of officiating Sunday, stopped the game at one point to protest the use of profanity on the field...professional football is beginning to put on Sunday togs...PENALTY FOR SLUGGING: Lon Evans received a slugging penalty in the third quarter...and on the play Lon was going down under a punt...nowhere near his alleged victim...Hinkle was the first Packer through the gate when it was all over...and Schammel raced off with the ball...but he gave it away. The little fellow in the Cardinal uniform that serves as mascot and helps with properties is Owner Charles Bidwell's son...fifth quarter conversation has awakened to Herman Schneidman...a blocking back really has to work to get people to awaken to the fact that is he is there...and they have awakened to Herman. It was Stoney McGlynn of the Milwaukee Sentinel who remarked that "even the drunks are having a field day today" was just about the time the police hustled off the fourth...and somebody who didn't like it said, "For variety, throw the cop out this time."


OCT 11 (Chicago) - The Chicago Bears once again are prowling down the professional football championship trail. The Bears, who took their last title in 1933 and since have seen the New York Giants, Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers wearing the NFL crown, won their third straight victory of the season yesterday, defeating the young Cleveland Rams, 20 to 2. In three wins in as many starts, the Bears have scored 41 points on Green Bay's champion Packers, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Rams, and have had only four points scored on them...LIONS BEAT PIRATES: Detroit's Lions won their third game in four starts by turning back the strong Pittsburgh Pirates, 7 to 3. The Lions marched 78 yards to come from behind and win as Ernie Caddel went the last two yards around end in the third period. Pittsburgh tallied in the second period on Armand Niccolai's 11-yard placement. Philadelphia, after four defeats and one tie, broke into the win column with a 14 to 0 shutout of Washington's Redskins, who lacked scoring punch on several occasions.


OCT 11 (Green Bay) - It's a long, long trail from the bottom of the heap to the top, and the Green Bay Packers, with two successive victories under their belts, today found themselves still in fourth place - but with a different outlook! Two weeks ago, beaten consecutively by the Cardinals and Bears, their passing attack useless, their ground attack failing to produce touchdowns, the Packers were on the ragged edge of being declared the washout team of the National Pro league's season. Everyone said, just wait awhile, they'll start clicking, they'll get started - but more than one fan was a little bit afraid they couldn't - that their morale would sap under the crushing force of unexpected defeats. Here they are today - still in fourth place, but ripping ahead, their eyes on the lead. Two weeks ago you felt sorry for them - now you respect them as the most dangerous and most feared team in the league. Their passing attack is well-nigh perfect; their ground attack the most devastating in their history. They appear to have everything, even though the road from now on will be as rocky and hazardous as the path which lies behind. Now we'll wait another two weeks, and probably the changes in that period will be just as great. When the two weeks have passed, the Packers will have played the stubborn Cleveland team twice, and there will be some juggling among the top squads, too. For instance - the Cardinals will have played the Bears and Pittsburgh. The Bears will have played the Cards and Detroit. And the Lions will have met Brooklyn and the Bears. Great possibilities, there, for people who say there'll be some changes made. Change of subject - how would the average college coach like a pair of fullbacks like Clarke Hinkle and Eddie Jankowski? At Milwaukee yesterday you needed a fire ax and a machine gun to bring them down...For the second successive week, important changes were made in the Packers' all-time scoring list. Clarke Hinkle scored his 18th touchdown and his 8th field goal for Green Bay, giving him nine points and boosting his third place total to 141 points, 83 less than Johnny Blood, who holds second place...Ernie Smith kicked three extra points, which boosted his total on the big list to 50, and enabled him to pass Myrt Basing and take 17th place...he now has 35 Packer extra points to his credit...Milt Gantenbein's touchdown was his 6th, and lifted him to 21st place, tied with Marty Norton and Joe Laws...Tiny Engebretsen got four points on his 5th extra point kick and his 6th field goal, giving him a grand total of 23...Bernie Scherer's touchdown was his second as a Packer, and Eddie Jankowski scored his first, on a 46-yard run from scrimmage.



OCT 12 (Green Bay) - As the Green Bay Packers resumed their drill scheduled this morning in preparation for next Sunday's NFL game at Cleveland, Herb Banet, right halfback, was called home to Fort Wayne, Ind., by the serious illness of his mother. It was the second such happening on the Packer squad this season, Paul Miller having been affected by the previous one. The absence of Banet leaves the Packers with two right halfbacks, both of whom have been on the injured list - Joe Laws and Arnold Herber. Coach E.L. Lambeau, in surveying his squad this morning, found no injuries which probably will not clear up by the weekend. The Packers were sent through a drill which included lots of running, loosening up and a game of touch football as a climax. Tomorrow the men will be back at serious work. Although they poured offensive football all over the Chicago Cardinals at Milwaukee last Sunday in winning 34 to 14, the coach is not satisfied that the Packers are playing Grade A ball. "We made plenty of mistakes against the Cardinals," he said. "We want the kind of football that will defeat the topnotchers - the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears." The Packers meet the Lions and Bears once each before the season ends, traveling to Detroit Oct. 31 and to Chicago one week later, Nov. 7. Before those two key games they have a couple of tough assignments with the Cleveland Rams, the first at Cleveland next Sunday, and the second at City stadium a week later...RAMS ARE TOUGH: Lambeau today warned his players against taking the Rams too lightly. The Cleveland team, although resting in the cellar of the Western division, is only one notch below the fourth place Packers, and a victory would be a big thing for Ram followers. Furthermore, the Rams carry Harry (The Horse) Mattos, released by the Packers last season, and now ready to give everything he has for a gridiron upset. Mattos, a second year man in the National league, is a great forward passer, and he will match his aerials with those of Herber and Bob Monnett. Herber threw one touchdown pass against the Cardinals last Sunday, hitting Captain Milt Gantenbein in the Cardinal end zone, while Monnett gave one of the greatest passing exhibitions of his career, throwing strikes five times in seven attempts...PICKING UP STEAM: In their first three games this season the Packers scored one touchdown, one extra point and one safety for nine measly points, enough to turn any coach's hair grey. In the last two games they have rolled up 60 points in defeating the Detroit Lions, 26 to 6, and the Cardinals, 34 to 13. The Packers will leave for Cleveland on the Milwaukee Road at 5:36 Friday evening, Lambeau said today. They plan on reaching their destination Saturday, in time for an informal workout on the playing field.


OCT 12 (Milwaukee) - Civil Judge Edmund Gausewitz took under advisement yesterday a $2,500 suit filed against Charles (Buckets) Goldenberg, Green Bay


Packer football player and professional wrestler, by Francis X. McCormack, son of James L. McCormack, clerk of the circuit court. The suit grew out of an argument between the two men after they collided on a sidewalk in the Milwaukee shopping district, June 24, 1936. McCormack told the court Goldenberg struck him in the face and chest so forcefully he has been troubled ever since with headaches and stomach upsets. Goldenberg said he told McCormack to be on his way after giving him a slight push.


OCT 13 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers, working out in preparation for their invasion of Cleveland next weekend, today without the services of Wayland Becker, right end, who pulled a muscle and may be lost to the squad for more than a week. He was the second player in two days to be listed among the missing, as Herb Banet, right halfback, yesterday was called to Fort Wayne, Ind. by the serious illness of his mother. The only other right end on the Packer squad is Captain Milt Gantenbein, who is about the best in the league, but to bolster the position Coach E.L. Lambeau moved Chester (Swede) Johnston from the backfield to right end in today's workout. Lambeau believes Johnston can carry the burden until Becker returns. The stocky, husky Swede is capable of stripping the opposing interference, leaving the ball carrier free for Packer backs to tackle, and Johnston has few equals on the squad as a blocker. He isn't built like the usual conception of an end, being short and chunky, but he is one of the toughest men on the team and has a great competitive spirit. The Packers will relax in their chairs at the Hotel Northland tonight and watch their performance against the Chicago Cardinals at Milwaukee, as films of last Sunday's game are displayed. Despite the topheavy score, there were a few slipups, particularly during the periods when the Cardinals were getting their two touchdowns, and these will be re-run and discussed at length...DRILL AGAIN THURSDAY: Tomorrow morning there will be the usual drill at the practice field adjoining City stadium. The squad will leave Green Bay on the Milwaukee Road at 5:36 Friday evening, arriving at Chicago at 9:40. They will leave that city at 11:20 p.m. on the Nickle Plate road, reaching Cleveland at 7:59 Saturday morning. This will give the Packers a chance to practice later in the morning and to listen to college football games on the radio that afternoon. After Sunday's game they will leave Cleveland on the Nickle Plate at 12:10 Monday morning, arriving at Chicago at 7:35 a.m. They leave Chicago at 1:15 p.m. Monday and will reach home on the 5:04 Milwaukee Road train...STATISTICS ARE BETTER: Green Bay Packer statistics have taken an upward leap in the team's last two games, against the Detroit Lions and Chicago Cardinals, both of which the Packers won by lopsided scores. Regaining their position as the most lethal offensive team in the National league, the Packer blockers sent the averages of the carriers skyrocketing to impressive figures. Coach Lambeau is depending upon the same sharp blocking, heady ball carrying and effective passing to produce a victory over the Cleveland Rams Sunday. Fullback Clarke Hinkle has piled up the most yardage from scrimmage, with 165. Coming next is Eddie Jankowski with 150. Jankowski has the best lugging average on the squad, having gained an average of 6.5 yards in 23 attempts at the line. His percentage was helped considerably by a 46-yard touchdown run against the Cardinals last Sunday. In all, 11 Packers have taken turns advancing the pigskin thus far, and all the averages are in the plus column. Bob Monnett, who fired five complete forward passes out of seven attempts against the Cardinals, still ranks as the team's best aerialist of the 1937 season. He has thrown 28 passes and completed 13 for 275 yards, nearly six times the total of his nearest rival, Ray Peterson, who has left the squad. Arnold Herber, the National league's most effective passer in 1936, broke into the flinging column for the first time Sunday, completing a scoring pass for a 12-yard gain, but Monnett, playing the football of his life, is going to be hard to overtake. Milt Gantenbein and Don Hutson share honors among the pass receivers. Hutson has caught the most, with seven, but Gantenbein's six have produced the most yardage, 164 to 87 for Hutson. Gantenbein's total is helped considerably by the 77-yard gain he achieved in the Detroit game, after taking a pass from Monnett. Hinkle also has been having success as a receiver. He has speared only two, but both were for big gains and totaled 44 yards. Hinkle has produced the most points on the Packer team to date, having gone over for three touchdowns, kicked an extra point and booted a field goal for 22 points. Gantenbein is second, with two touchdowns and 12 points.


OCT 13 (New York) - The Green Bay Packers, after a slow start, came back strong during the past week to take the lead for team offensive honors in the National league, according to statistics released yesterday. The Packers, 1936 league champions, now lead the circuit in scoring with 69 points in four games, and have the best ground gaining record with 1,096 yards for an average of 274 a game. Passing honors were retained by the Washington Redskins. This team now has completed 47 of 103 aerials for 45 percent efficiency. The New York Giants and Chicago Bears, leaders in the Eastern and Western divisions respectively, have the best defensive records. The Giants' opponents have registered only 401 yards in three games for a 133 yard average, and only two safeties have been scored against the Bears in three games.



OCT 14 (Green Bay) - Getting up a full head of steam for their engagement at Cleveland Sunday afternoon, the Packers will hold their final practice of the week tomorrow morning, and at 5:36 that afternoon will board a Milwaukee Road train for Chicago. Last night the squad gathered at the Hotel Northland and looked over Otto Stiller's motion pictures of the Packer-Card game at Milwaukee. Whenever a mistake was discovered, the film was run again and following the pictures the players engaged in an extensive discussion of their flaws, aiming to eradicate them before the contest at Cleveland. The Rams are rated a team capable of breaking out in a red hot touchdown spree against any opponent. They include a number of hustling young players, physically as strong as any in the league and a pair of beautiful backs in Minnesota's Julie Alphonse and Purdue's John Drake. Added to these is Harry (The Horse) Mattos, who was released by the Packers last season and would like nothing better than to engineer an upset over the national champions...STAGED WEIRD UPSET: Coach E.L. Lambeau of the Packers is fearful that Philadelphia's surprising upset over the Washington Redskins may give the Rams idea. The Packers face Cleveland on two consecutive Sundays, at Cleveland this week and at City stadium the following Sunday. The Packers coach has received no further word from Herb Banet, right halfback, who was called to Fort Wayne, Ind., by the serious illness of his mother. Mrs. Banet is too weak to permit an operation, and Herb is standing by to await developments. Lambeau will contact him by long distance telephone tomorrow to find out if he will be able to join the Packers in Cleveland. While in the Ohio city the Green Bay squad will make its headquarters at the Hotel Cleveland. The game will be played at League park, the home of the Cleveland Indians, starting at 2 o'clock Eastern standard time, or 1 o'clock Green Bay time...OFFICIALS ARE NAMED: Officials will be Tommy Hughitt, Buffalo, referee; Harry Robb, Pittsburgh, umpire; C.L. Rebele, Pittsburgh, headlinesman; and Carl Brubaker, Cleveland, field judge. The Packers are still a bit dented from their encounter with the Cardinals, when the Green Bay men played ball with such enthusiasm and vigor that they acquired more than their usual share of bumps and bruises. The right halfback situation is the most precarious, with Banet a question mark, and both Joe Laws and Arnie Herber in the convalescent stage. The Packers are nearing the mid-point of their schedule. After the two Cleveland games are completed, they'll travel to Detroit Oct. 31 for a return game with the Lions and Nov. 7 will be at Wrigley field, Chicago, against the Bears. Then they'll move into Milwaukee Nov. 14, facing the Philadelphia Eagles and will finish their National league season with with two games on the road, at New York Nov. 21 and at Washington, Nov.




OCT 14 (New York) - Cliff Battles, Washington Redskins halfback, leads the National league in ground gaining, official statistics showed today. Battles, former West Virginia flash, who led the league in 1933, made 132 yards on Sunday, bringing his total for three games to 238 yards. Hank Soar, New York Giant, was second with 217 yards in three games. George Grovesnor, Chicago Cardinals, made 283 yards, but he played in six games. Eddie Jankowski, Green Bay recruit from Wisconsin, had the best average. He gained 154 yards in 25 attempts for an average of 6.1. Gaynell Tinsley, 1936 All-American end, now with the Cardinals, led the scorers with 30 points. He also topped pass receivers with 15 catches for 358 yards. He was only 168 yards behind the record of 526 yards set last year by Don Hutson of the Green Bay Packers. Sammy Baugh of Washington, formerly of T.C.U., led the passing division. He completed 39 of 74 passes for 501 yards.


OCT 14 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers, working out in preparation for their invasion of Cleveland next weekend, today were without the services of Wayland Becker, right end, who pulled a muscle and may be lost to squad for more than a week. He was the second player in two days to be listed among the missing, as Herb Banet, right halfback, yesterday was called to Fort Wayne, Ind., by the serious illness of his mother. The only other right end on the Packer squad is Captain Milt Gantenbein, who is about the best in the league, but to bolster the position Coach E.L. Lambeau moved Chester (Swede) Johnston from the backfield to right end in today's workout. Lambeau believes Johnston can carry the burden until Becker returns. The stocky, husky Swede is capable of stripping the opposing interference, leaving the ball carrier free for Packer backs to tackle, and Johnston has few equals on the squad as a blocker. He isn't built like the usual conception of an end, being short and chunky, but he is one of the toughest men on the team and has a great competitive spirit. The Packers relaxed in their chairs at the Hotel Northland last night and watched their performance against the Chicago Cardinals at Milwaukee, as films of last Sunday's game were displayed. Despite the topheavy score, there were a few slipups, particularly during the periods when the Cardinals were getting their two touchdowns, and these will be re-run and discussed at length. This morning there was the usual drill at the practice field adjoining City Stadium. The squad will leave Green Bay on the Milwaukee Road at 5:36 Friday evening, arriving at Chicago at 9:40. They will leave that city at 11:20 p.m. on the Nickle Plate road, reaching Cleveland at 7:59 Saturday morning. This will give the Packers a chance to practice later in the morning and listen to college football games on the radio that afternoon. After Sunday's game they will leave Cleveland on the Nickle Plate at 12:10 Monday morning, arriving in Chicago at 7:35 a.m. They leave Chicago at 1:15 p.m. Monday and will reach home on the 5:04 Milwaukee road train



OCT 15 (Green Bay) - Spurred by the words from Cleveland that the Rams, newest entry in the NFL, will fight fire with fire against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, Coach E.L. Lambeau's squad today placed emphasis upon pass defense as it held its final workout prior to entraining for Cleveland. In meeting the Rams, Green Bay will face a backfield quartet consisting of Drake, Keeble, Alfonse and Snyder that includes three capable passers, instructed by their coach to use that weapon at every available opportunity. Another move of interest to Green Bay fans this week was the shift of guards Bob Emerick and Ookie Miller from the starting combination at Cleveland, and the substitution of Forest Bumeister and Dick Zoll. Zoll is a former Green Bay West high and Indiana university star lineman. The Packers will get aboard the Milwaukee Road train at 5:36 this evening, proceeding to Chicago where they will transfer to a Nickle Plate train for a sleeper ride into Cleveland. Their arrival will be timed out so as to permit a brisk workout Saturday morning, the afternoon will be spent listening to college football broadcasts, and the evening in a final skull drill. The game will be played at League park, home of the Indians, starting at 1 o'clock Green Bay time, and when not at the field the players will headquarter at the Cleveland hotel. The return of Snyder is expected to aid Cleveland considerably in all offensive departments. The former Ohio U. triple threat ace probably will draw the job of calling signals, and will direct the team from his left halfback post. Alfonse, who

has been filling in at left half in place of the injured Snyder, will return to right half, his original position, while Johnny Drake will remain at full. Keeble, a left-handed thrower and best blocking back on the squad, will fill the quarterback slot...MEETS DRAKE AGAIN: The meeting of Arnold Herber and John Drake will be of added interest, as Drake is the man who injured Herber in the College All Star game in Chicago, putting the Packer kicker and passing ace on the shelf for several games. Another angle of interest to Cleveland fans will be the appearance of August (Mike) Michalske, the assistant Packer coach , who once starred at Cleveland West high school and later became one of Penn State's greatest guards. The Rams will enter the game with a weight advantage of one pound per man in the line, averaging 211 pounds from end to end, and carrying a 191-pound average backfield. Johnny Bettridge, former Ohio State star and more recently with the Chicago Bears, joined the Rams last week, and is expected to see plenty of action against the champions. Cleveland's probably starting lineup will include Bucklew and Busich at ends, R. Miller and Livingston at tackle, Burmeister and Zoll at guards, Cherundolo at center, Keeble at quarterback, Snyder and Alfonse at halfbacks, and Drake at full. Coach Lambeau has indicated no starting lineup, but a good guess would place Gantenbein and Hutson at ends, Ernie Smith and Gordon at tackles, Letlow and Michalske at guards, George Svendsen at center, Bruder at quarterback, Monnett and Laws at halfbacks and Hinkle at full.


OCT 16 (Cleveland) - On the battle scene and in good shape for the fray, the Green Bay Packers are ready to seek their third consecutive NFL victory at the expense of the Cleveland Rams here tomorrow afternoon. The Packers will face a team whose lineup includes two former Green Bay squad members - Primo Miller and Harry Mattos - and a native of Green Bay - Richard Zoll. These three men, probably more than any of their mates, would like to stuff a licking down the Packers' throats, and Cleveland professional fans are looking to them to achieve this goal. The Rams, fighting hard this year, have had some disappointing breaks, but they'll forget about them if they upset the Packers, steaming hot in recent games. Hugo Bezdek, Cleveland's colorful coach, who is one of the few men to have managed both major league baseball and football clubs, is starting Zoll and Miller against the Packers, believing that these men may generate a first period spark for a score...CLEVELAND'S KEY PROBLEM: The Green Bay team, which has been traveling at an appalling rate of speed since dropping its first two league games, stands right now as the all-important problem on the Cleveland schedule. The Rams not only have to battle the Packers tomorrow, but must travel to Wisconsin a week from Sunday for their second consecutive tilt with the league champions. Upon the all-around ball carrying of Purdue's John Drake, and the expert passing of Minnesota's Julie Alphonse and St. Mary's Harry (The Horse) Mattos, will depend the success of the Rams attack. Coach Bezdek's scouts have reported to him that the Packers have appeared vulnerable against aerial drives upon several occasions, and if the Rams cannot dent the powerful Green Bay line, Mattos and Alphonse will get the green light. The attraction of the world champion Packers playing in Cleveland is the setting for what Ram officials hope will be the largest crowd ever to witness a professional football game here. The advance sale has been highly satisfactory, although thousands of fans are holding back, awaiting the turn of the weather Sunday morning...MICHALSKE WILL START: As a compliment to the Cleveland native who serves as Green Bay assistant coach, Head Coach E.L. Lambeau announced that he will start August (Mike) Michalske, former Cleveland West high school star guard, at that position against the Rams. As the Rams starting lineup will include both Miller at tackle and Zoll at guard, the opposing lineups will be sprinkled with a definite Green Bay-Cleveland interchange. In fact, fans will be treated to the unusual spectacle of a Cleveland man playing guard for Green Bay and a Green Bay man playing guard for Cleveland. Zoll was playing in the line at Green Bay West when Michalske joined the Packers eight years ago. The Packers' social program has been extremely restricted since they arrived, being confined to a radio party in the Hotel Cleveland, with the men gathering around the hotel radio to hear the college games. This morning, after their arrival, they worked out at League park, appearing fit and in condition for the struggle.


OCT 16 (New York) - Supporters of the Western and Eastern division leaders in the NFL title scramble will have their first look today at the 1937 editions of the championship contenders when the Chicago Bears and New York Giants each open their home stands. The Bears and Cardinals, bitter intra-city rivals, open the season in Wrigley field, with the


Bears seeking to chalk up their fourth straight win and hold the lead, while the Cards seek to halt the rush of its local rivals to the crown. The New York Giants, victors in two out of three games on the road, are to defend leadership in the Eastern sector against the rampant Philadelphia Eagles in the opening game of the season at the Polo Grounds. The Eagles put the Giants into the van last Sunday by handing the defending championship Redskin outfit a 14 to 0 setback and now seek to knock the New Yorkers out of the lead. Three other games are listed for decision. Potsy Clark, former tutor of the Lions, brings his Brooklyn Dodger eleven to Detroit. A capacity crowd is expected to witness this encounter between the Dodger mentor and his former ace player, Dutch Clark. Green Bay seeks its third straight win when it invades Cleveland, while the Pittsburgh Pirates travel to Washington to face the Redskins for a battle which may eliminate one of these squads from title competition...TINSLEY BUSY AGAIN: The Chicago rivalry finds Gaynell Tinsley, Cardinal rookie end from L.S.U., out to boost his lead in the league scoring race. The Bears also are watching with interest the National league debut of Ray Buivid, former Marquette star who joined the Halas eleven during the past week. In the east individual attention will center about the efforts of Sammy Baugh to keep pace with his record-making passing achievements. At the same time Cliff Battles, veteran running mate of the Redskin heaver, is out to increase his lead in the race for ground gaining honors. Battles hold a slight edge over Hank Soar, New York rookie, who swings back into action today. Tuffy Leemans, league leading ground gainer of last fall, also gets back into action after a two-week layoff due to injuries.


OCT 16 (Green Bay) - En route to Cleveland with the Green Bay Packers - a confident bunch of football players, here, as the train rides the rails on its way to Cleveland and an other National professional engagement. Overconfidence? Probably not, but no one on the Packer team seems to be worrying about the state of his mind Sunday night. "Herb Banet will be with us at Cleveland," announces Coach Curly Lambeau. Banet has been at the bedside of his mother in Fort Wayne, Ind. Here's a bridge game, steeped in a spade bid, with Bernie Scherer and Bud Svendsen opposite Averell Daniell and Zud Schammel. Across the aisle is a rummy session for nickles, featuring Swede Johnston, Lon Evans, George Svendsen and Lyle Sturgeon. You wander into the diner, and there you see Lou Gordon, defending his unquestioned title as the heaviest eater on the squad. Tiny Engebretsen is giving him a scrap, but he's giving away too much weight. You talk with Don Larsen, probably the Packers' No. 1 traveling fan, who is on his way to - of all places - Cleveland. Don never misses a Packer game, out of town or at home. Last year he drove all night to get from New York to Detroit, and made it in time to see the Packers play - and defeat - the Lions. Here you are, back in the swaying car again, watching the men amuse themselves. The card games have changed personnels; Hank Bruder has started on a crossword puzzle. Trainer Dave Woodward and Property Manager Bud Jorgensen are crashing a rummy game. Woodward and Jorgensen are the only Packer injuries. Both have been getting rubdowns from the players all week, following sprains received in the line of duty. Lou Gordon, sitting with Eddie Jankowski, is growling about the coming game. "Feel like taking them, Lou?" you ask. Lou snorts. "Taking them!" he repeats, slapping Jankowski's knee. "Boy, you can't beat a smart Jew and a tough Polack."


OCT 16 (Green Bay) - Postgraduate football will make its 1937 debut in Chicago this Sunday when the undefeated Bears have it out with the Cardinals. When these teams meet, there is no love lost as the gridiron feud has been on for years...The Bears chalked up their third victory of the season when they clipped the wings of the Cleveland Rams by a 20 to 2 score. The Chicagoans has things pretty much their own except when it came to the aerial drive...The biggest upset of the season was chalked up by the Philadelphia Eagles when they defeated Washington 14 to 0. Bert Bell's hirelings cashed in on their two scoring opportunities while the Redskins fozzled a dozen...Sammy Baugh's passing wasn't so hot and this seems to greatly tone down the offensive tactics of Washington. The Redskins also gave Dixie Howell a chance to toss the ball but he didn't have as much success as Baugh...Bill Hewitt and Harper, a center, counted for the Eagles. Hewitt snagged a pass from Smukler for the first six points while Harper intercepted a Washington pass and scampered some 20 yards for the other Philly score...It was a tough week for the Blood-Rooney combination in Pittsburgh. A week ago Monday the Bears nosed out the Pirates 7 to 3 and last Sunday in Detroit, the Smoketown gridders bowed to the Lions, 7 to 3...The Pirates held a 3 to 0 lead over the Lions at halftime, thanks to Armand Niccolai's field goal but in the third frame. Detroit marched 76 yards down the field. Ernie Caddel scored and Clark added the extra point...This weekend is the first "full house" schedule in the National league this fall as five games are scheduled with all teams in action. Results of the games will probably result in a wholesale percentage table shakeup...The N.Y. Giants will open their season at home against the revived Philadelphia Eagles; Washington will entertain Pittsburgh; Brooklyn goes to Detroit; Green Bay plays at Cleveland and the civil feud is on at Chicago...Doctors attending Joe F. Carr, president of the NFL who has been on the hospital list the past several weeks, report there has been a rapid change for the better in his condition...Ed Manske is playing great ball for the Chicago Bears at a wing position. He joined the Windy City Bruins in a deal which sent Bill Hewitt to Philadelphia and Manager George Halas is beginning to think he got the best of it...Although Hugo Bezdek, the Cleveland coach, has several of the Big Ten 1936 all star halfbacks on his ball club, the Rams have not been able to develop a consistent attack once they get in the shadow of their opponents' uprights...Hal Pangle continues to show a lot of class behind the line for the Chicago Cardinals. The veteran gridder is a handy man to have around as he is right at home in several positions. Pangle is a hustling type of footballer...The New York Giants kept in stride over the last week in traveling to Wilmington, Del., where they defeated the Clippers, 19 to 7. This Wilmington eleven is one of the strongest "free lance" pro oufits in the country...Dutch Clark's worries have lightened up a bit with the return of Frank Christensen and Cardwell, the Nebraska star, to his backfield. Both these stellar ball carriers broke into the limelight during the game against Pittsburgh...Gildea still kicks 'em high, wide and handsome for Blood and company in Pittsburgh. The super punter has been placing his kicks more effectively than ever this fall and he has several coffin corner boots to his credit...Fans at the Washington-Philadelphia game had a good laugh when Turk Edwards, giant Redskin tackle, ambled 60 yards down the field on a hidden ball trick. The Eagles ran around in circles trying to find who had the pigskin...Hank Reese, who has played a lot of ball in the National league, is having one of his best years with Philadelphia. Reese is a roving center and seems to be always on top of the ball. In addition, he is a start field goal artist...Wilfred Smith, the Chicago football writer, bobs up frequently as an official in the Western division of the National loop. Back in the olden days, Smith was a pretty tough lineman for Hammond and the Chicago Cardinals.


OCT 16 (Cleveland) - Two teams attempting to boost their lowly status will meet in a National Professional Football league game here Sunday afternoon. They are the Green Bay Packers and the Cleveland Rams, holders of fourth and fifth positions in the Western division respectively. Through an unusual quirk in the schedule, the same teams will oppose each other at Green Bay a week from Sunday. The Packers are decided favorites because of their overwhelming victories over the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Cardinals on consecutive Sundays after dropping the first two games of the season. The Rams, however, have shown potential strength in several close games thus far and may furnish local fans with an upset. Two men who tried out with the Green Bay team will oppose their former squadmates Sundau. The former Packers, now Rams, are Harry (The Horse) Mattos, halfback, and Ralph (Primo) Miller, tackle. At guard for Cleveland is Dick Zoll, former Green Bay high school athlete who starred at in the Indiana university forward wall for three years. The Packers arrived here Friday evening in full strength for the game. Wayland Becker, end, was injured in practice during the week, but probably will see action Sunday. Chester Johnston, erstwhile back, has been tried at end in his place. None of the Green Bay players were injured in the 34 to 13 victory over the Cardinals last Sunday. Cleveland will attempt to match the Packers' Clarke Hinkle and Eddie Jankowski, ace fullbacks, with John Drake, former Purdue back, who is one of the hardest chargers on the Rams' squad. Carl Brumbaugh, former Chicago Bear, was back at quarterback for Coach Hugo Bezdek's team last week and probably will get the call against the Packers.


OCT 17 (Milwaukee Journal) - With revived hopes as a result of decisive victories over the Detroit Lions and Chicago Cardinals, Green Bay's Packers ruled topheavy favorites to defeat Cleveland's lowly Rams at Cleveland Sunday and cut further into the lead of the league leading and undefeated Chicago Bears. The game, one of five league contests, will be played at the American league baseball park. While pronounced favorites, the Packers have refused to take the game lightly. They know all too well that so-called "weak sisters" provide football's big upsets, and that another defeat, in their case, will just about mean elimination from the championship race. They have prepared accordingly. Lambeau will be able to send his full strength on the field. The team emerged from the victory over the Cardinals last Sunday in excellent shape and came through spirited workouts this week without injury. Unless he is absolutely needed, however, Arnie Herber, passing ace, will probably see little action. He had fully recovered from injuries that kept him on the shelf since the all-star game September 1, and could play. Cleveland, while victorious in only one out of five games, has a lineup that includes some of the best 


known college stars of the last few years. Livingston of Indiana was one of the Big Ten's better tackles last year, Burmeister of Purdue, one of the better guards, and Drake of Purdue, one of the greatest all-around backs in the country. Johnny Bettridge of Ohio, who helped the Bears beat the Packers at Green Bay a month ago, has since been bought by the Rams and will make his debut with them Sunday. In other games, Philadelphia, which scored a surprise victory over Washington last week, will meet New York at New York. Pittsburgh will face Washington at Washington, the Cardinals will play the Bears at Wrigley Field, and Detroit will meet Brooklyn at Brooklyn. Cleveland will meet the Packers in a return game at Green Bay a week hence.

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