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Green Bay Packers (4-2) 35, Cleveland Rams (1-6) 7

Sunday October 24th 1937 (at Green Bay)



(GREEN BAY) - The series of lessons on plain and fancy football which the Green Bay Packers have been administering to the Cleveland Rams was concluded at City stadium Sunday afternoon, as the national champions dropped another ton or so of offensive material upon the visitors from Ohio. The score was 35 to 7, it was an NFL game, and a crowd of 8,600 was in attendance. In practically duplicating their 35-10 triumph of the previous week, the Packers again had to overcome a stubbornly fighting Ram eleven, and they did it with a spectacular display of aerial and ground warfare, piling up the remarkable total of 442 yards while granting the Rams only 168. Green Bay made 13 first downs and restricted Cleveland to 9. With a few notable exceptions, Coach E.L. Lambeau permitted his younger performers to hold the stage against the Rams, and the Packer beginners, aided by several men who rate in the veteran class, did an excellent job. The Packers scored one touchdown on a long forward pass play, another around end, a third on a short forward pass, one on a forward-lateral and the final spurt on an intercepted pass followed by a goal line lateral. That is variety in the last degree, and it puzzled the Cleveland defense just as much as it entertained and pleased the crowd. The touchdowns were scored, in that order, by Clarke Hinkle, on a 40-yard pass gain from Bob Monnett; by Herman Schneidman, who scooped in a short toss from Monnett in the end zone; by Hank Bruder, on a 12-yard cruise around right end; by Joe Laws, on a lateral from Milt Gantenbein following Monnett's forward pass; and by Francis (Zud) Schammel, on another lateral from Gantenbein after the latter had intercepted a forward pass and returned it to the Cleveland 5-yard line.


Hinkle came through with five consecutive extra point kicks in addition to his other yeoman efforts. Cleveland's efforts to fight back against the terrific Packer offensive bore fruit only once, when the Ram attack was aided by a penalty on the Packers which set the ball one yard from the latter's goal. Johnny Drake then smacked over tackle for the touchdown, and Bob Snyder kicked the extra point. The first period was all Packers, with the Green Bay team smashing through for two touchdowns but after the teams changed sides the Rams showed to much better advantage. They scored their lone touchdown, cutting the score to 14-7, and held the Packers in check until the end of the half. Then Green Bay broke out again, running over for a touchdown four plays after the kickoff, and two more were added in the fourth period before the chilled spectators were sent homeward.


The Packer ground campaign, accounting for 266 yards, sent the Bays further along their trail to a National league offensive record, and it was given added impetus by the sterling attack from the skies, with stocky Bob Monnett again the chief wielder of the lightning. Monnett struck eight times, and completed five of the tosses for 105 yards, booting his standing as the second most effective passer in the league. Arnold Herber, throwing 19 aerials, completed eight to round out the fine Packer sky drive. The burden of moving the pigskin along the sod fell to Hinkle, who rolled up 84 yards during the afternoon; to Monnett, with 56; Paul Miller, with 54; and Joe Laws, with 34. The Packer blocking, except for occasional lapses, again was superlative.

CLEVELAND  -  0  7  0  0 -  7

GREEN BAY  - 14  0  7 14 - 35


1ST - GB - Clarke Hinkle, 40-yard pass from Bob Monnett (Clarke Hinkle kick) GREEN BAY 7-0

1ST - GB - Herman Schneidman, 12-yard pass from Monnett (Clarke Hinkle kick) GREEN BAY 14-0

2ND - CLE - Johnny Drake, 1-yard run (Bob Snyder kick) GREEN BAY 14-7

3RD - GB - Hank Bruder, 12-yard run (Hinkle kick) GREEN BAY 21-7

4TH - GB - Joe Laws, 5-yard lateral from Milt Gantenbein after a 17-yard pass from Monnett (Hinkle kick) GREEN BAY 28-7

4TH - GB - Zud Schammel, 5-yard lateral from Gantenbein after a 23-yard interception return (Hinkle kick) GREEN BAY 35-7



OCT 25 (Green Bay) - Today's is a hats-off column. The fedoras are being tipped out of respect to several persons. The occasion in Sunday's 35 to 7 rout of the Cleveland Rams by the Green Bay Packers at City stadium. In the order named, and for reasons self evident, those deserving of a bow and curtsy are Packer Coach Curly Lambeau, Ram Coach Hugo Bezdek, Packer players Clarke Hinkle, Milt Gantenbein, Paul Miller, Bob Monnett, Russ Letlow, Ernie Smith, Lon Evans (and quite a few others), Cleveland players Stanley Pincura, John Drake and Bob Snyder, and last but not least Swede Johnston of the Packers, who did not even play. Reversing the order to mention, Swede first, he will be not be wearing the Green and Gold anymore this season. Answering an emergency call by Bezdek, Coach Lambeau has loaned Chester to the Rams for the remainder of the season. He will report at the Cleveland team's regular practice Tuesday. Bezdek needs help. He needs more than Lambeau or any other single coach can give him, but he probably will not get it. After yesterday's game he and Mrs. Bezdek returned to the Hotel Northland and discussed the game with the following conclusions: The Packers and Bears are the best in the league this year, and any person who made a choice between the two is putting himself in a bad spot; Clarke Hinkle without question has surpassed Bronko Nagurski as the league's best fullback; The Packer line is not any stronger than the Bears, but it is faster, with Lon Evans, Ernie Smith, Lou Gordon, Champ Seibold, Russ Letlow, Bud Svendsen, Milt Gantenbein and Don Hutson deserving special mention; Green Bay's football situation is ideal for players and the coaches alike, and it is a real pleasure to come into the community. (The general impression before reaching here is that it is a hard-boiled backwoods village.);...STRONGER THAN COLLEGE: Professional football and the National league in particular is much stronger than college football, but professional coaches think only of themselves with little regard as to what might be good business policy for the future. It is the last observation that is particularly interesting. In scoring pro football but it, Bezdek paradoxically gave it a boost. Too often the criticism has arisen that the money lads think only in terms of lucre. The Cleveland coach finds that good business notwithstanding, the boys are out there playing ball for all they are worth. There is no letup. And that is what the fans are paying for. But Bezdek went farther than the game itself in rapping league policy. He pointed out the hopeless situation that a first year team finds itself in - especially one that comes into the league after the players' draft list has been made up. "For love or money we can't get players," he stated. "What have we? Three backs in Pincura, Drake and Snyder, a couple of men in the line, and no natural ends...Busich is the only excuse for an end on the aggregation."...COACHED PACKER GUARD: Bezdek comes into the pro league after almost two decades at Penn State, where he was coach when Mike Michalske was making a reputation for himself as one of the greatest guards in the east. He believes that for the good of the league, the weak sister ought to be helped in acquiring players, rather than finding a situation by which all doors are closed. He finds that trying to buy experienced players is out of the question, unless they are has-beens, and new men neede a season or two of league play before they can be considered first rate. As manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates of the National Baseball league from 1917 to 1919, Bezdek found that the same condition existed and was argued there. And being no illusionist, he frankly admits that "it probably never will be settled." Basis for his reasoning is sound. From George Halas of the Chicago Bears he received three players this season - Carl Brumbaugh, Ookie Miller and Ted Rosequist. Brumbaugh was fired, re-hired, and dropped again when he just did not produce, although when he signed his contract he was expected to assist in the coaching. Miller is a center converted into a guard. And Rosequist, the best bet of the lot, had his jaw broken in a game against the Cardinals a few weeks ago. He is coaching the Rams' line at present...NO GREEN PASTURES: In desperation, the Cleveland coach looked around for green pastures in which material would be sprouting. He found a veritable drought. The outstanding college players were all taken up, and no team would sell the type of player necessary to bring the Rams up to standard. "And so," Bezdek said with a smile as he concluded his discourse on the league which he considers the greatest thing in football today, "last week I dropped four more men who were not doing any good. How can a coach justify keeping a man in which he has no confidence?" He was referring to Brumbaugh, Harry (The Horse) Mattos, Bill Cooper and Ed Skoronski. Of Mattos he said, "He could throw the ball a mile, but he had no more idea of where it was going to land than I did...he was too slow to run the ball..he was a poor blocker...he couldn't tackle." 'Nuff said. Bezdek's only criticism of the Packers was in the department of punting. In the two game against the Green Bay team he found that below par. "But," he said, "if I had everything else the Packers have, I wouldn't worry about that." And it is not the cause of any worry. Hinkle, Herber, Bruder and Becker can kick with the best in the league. Other things came to light when the clouds were shifted aside: Eddie Jankowski again distinguished himself...and was one of the Packers cited by both Bezdek and Rosequist as an outstanding first year was Head Linesman L.J. Ritter whom he ran over at one period in the game...earlier he ran over just about everybody on the Rams' team...GREATEST IN LEAGUE: Composite opinion of Bezdek and Cleveland Rams Snyder, Gift, Bettridge, Keeble, Turner, Ralph Miller and Rosequist: Clarke Hinkle is the league's greatest back today...Gift, whose first game is Wayne, is the prize dancer of the Ram team...but that doesn't help much when the opposition is running up 35 points...there is nobody so uninterested in terpsichorean art as a Packer player in the heat of the battle...John Bettridge, halfback from Ohio State, has never smoked a cigarette nor imbibed of alcohol...he is an example of a swell lesson for a lot of does not keep him from having a good time. Rosequist renewed acquaintances with Charles and Fred McWey...who probably know more professional football players and coaches than anyone else in the city...with the exception of Packer players and officials, and Paul Goecke, manager of the Northland...The McWeys had been sending telegrams to Potsy Clark of Brooklyn every time he won a game..that hasn't been been very often lately. All the way from Chicago for the game came Mr. and Mrs. Guildea Hoffman and Mr. and Mrs. O.E. Borst, all former Green Bay residents...they reported an interesting experience at the Selwyn theater in Chicago last was just before the curtain went up for the first act of "Brother Rat", current stage success...the orchestra was playing a college medley...when it came to "On, Wisconsin" someone in the very sober and dignified audience shouted, "Hooray for Jankowski"...NOT MUCH CHANCE: Attitude of the Cleveland players before the game was pretty well expressed by Walter Uzdavinis, former Fordham end...leaving the Hotel Northland to board the players' bus he was confronted by a woman who asked: "Are you going to win?" "I hope so," he replied, "but I'm afraid not." At least it would have been his satisfaction, had he met the same lady later, to say, "I told you so"...Mrs. Letlow, pretty much confined to quarters caring for a sick infant, was able to enjoy the game with peace of mind yesterday...the baby has recovered from a cold...and is through fussing about two newly cut teeth. Many fans have wondered about the abbreviated sleeves on Bernard Scherer's jersey...they are not pulled up... there just isn't any the heat of the All Star game at Chicago, he cut them off at the elbow...and he is doomed to go through the rest of the season with his forearms exposed. Much good natured kidding about scoring followed the game..Seibold missed a great chance in the second quarter when Gantenbein lateraled to him...and the ball was lost on a fumble...but Zud Schammel, a great guard on a team of great guards, hung onto the ball for the last the hotel lobby someone asked Lon Evans why he didn't score...meeting humor with humor he replied: "I don't belong to the right fraternity...they won't throw me the ball." No longer news note: Dr. W.W. Kelly's predictions...all season he has correctly guessed the outcome of Packer games...yesterday before the game started he said, "I'll probably be way off today, but 35 to 7 is my guess."...but luckiest man in the crowd was Inspector H.J. Bero of the Green Bay Police department...he has two combinations in the $10 pool...when the score was 28 to 7, he was a sure winner...and when it became 35 to 7, his other combination came up. Outside of Clarke Hinkle, a few "Bests" of the day: Ralph Miller in the Cleveland line...probably better known as "Primo"...and Charles Cherundolo at center is a close season...Bob Monnett as the day's best passer...Don Hutson as the season's best receiver (an opinion substantiated by Bezdek and coaches who have been here previously)...and the dog who evaded at least two squads of boys before the game as the best open field runner.


OCT 25 (Chicago) - The New York Giants, who've been sailing smoothing through the Eastern division waters of the NFL, may run into quite a blow from the West next weekend. The Giants whipped Brooklyn's Dodgers impressively yesterday for a fourth straight victory and have lost only one game. But they'll look at storm signals next Sunday when the Chicago Bears, only undefeated club in the circuit, invade the Polo Grounds to give the New Yorkers their first season's taste of Western division opposition...CUFF SCORES TWICE: About 25,000 fans saw New York, using two teams, take a lead over the Dodgers within two minutes and dominate the game to the finish, winning 21 to 0. Ward Cuff, former Marquette star, scored twice, with Les Corzine scoring the third touchdown. The Bears won their fifth game in as many starts by downing Detroit, 28 to 20. The Chicago club scored once in the first, twice in the second, and again in the third period. Dutch Clark counted twice for the Lions but even his wizardry could not prevent a loss which dealt the title hopes of his club a body blow...CARDS WIN THIRD: Chicago's Cardinals won their third game, defeating Pittsburgh 13 to 7 before 8,963 chilled fans. The Cards took a lead in the third on Coffee's touchdown pass to Deskin. In the fourth, Jimmy Lawrence climaxed a 75-yard Card drive to score on a short plunge, after which the Pirates avoided a shutout on a long, scoring pass to Bill Davidson. Riley Smith's toe came through for Washington as the Redskins nosed out Philadelphia, 10 to 7. With the score knotted and 30 seconds of play remaining, Smith booted a 27-yard field goal to hand the Eagles their sixth defeat. A crowd of 13,167 saw the Redskins, trailing 7 to 0 at the half as the result of Joe Carter's touchdown on a pass, comeback to deadlock the tilt on a 59-yard aerial tossed by Sammy Baugh to Charlie Malone.


OCT 25 (Green Bay) - We're telling you....that for the second successive week, the Packers scored 35 points in National league competition, and again some distinct changes were made in the Green Bay all-time scoring list...Clarke Hinkle scored 11 points on a touchdown and five kicks after touchdown...the "touch" was his 20th as a Packers, and the kicks brought his extra points up to 14, giving him 158 points for a total..he still is in third place, 66 points behind Johnny Blood, whom he rapidly is overhauling...Hank Bruder's touchdown was his 15th as a Packer, and gave him 94 points...he is in sixth place, 15 points behind Curly Lambeau...Joe Laws scored his eighth Packer touchdown, boosting his total to 48 points; Herman Schneidman got his second, and has 12 points; and Zud Schammel, a guard, made his first, which gave him six points.


OCT 25 (Green Bay) - Packer casualties were slight as the team battled the Cleveland Rams at City stadium yesterday, Dr. W.W. Kelly, club physician, announced today. Averell Daniell, tackle, incurred a painful but not serious leg muscle injury, and Clarke Hinkle received a cut over his eye. Other injuries were restricted to the routine bumps and bruises.


OCT 25 (Green Bay) - Making his first trip to Green Bay in several years, Carl Storck, vice president and secretary of the NFL, was a spectator at yesterday's Packer-Ram game at City stadium. Storck, who once managed the Dayton Triangles and still is a resident of that city, was enthusiastic in his praise of the Packer team, and the stadium.



OCT 26 (Green Bay) - Coach E.L. Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers today announced the trade of Francis (Zud) Schammel, former University of Iowa guard, to the Brooklyn Dodgers of the NFL in exchange for Bill Lee, former all-America tackle at the University of Alabama. The surprise move was completed early this week, Lambeau said, and Lee already is on his way to Green Bay. He will break in immediately with the Packers as they prepare for their second clash of the 1937 season with the Detroit Lions. The game will be played at the University of Detroit stadium next Sunday afternoon, and the Packers probably will leave late Friday. The transfer of Schammel to Brooklyn leaves the Packers with five guards - Russ Letlow, Lon Evans, Paul Engbretsen, Mike Michalske and Buckets Goldenberg. It gives Green Bay another right tackle, who is rated among the best in the league. Lee was given practically unanimous all-America rating at Alabama three years ago, when he was a teammate of Don Hutson and Dixie Howell. He was particularly effective in the Rose Bowl game of that year, when the Alabama Crimson Tide triumphed over Stanford, and at the end of his collegiate career he almost came to terms with the Packers. Lee at that time expressed a desire to play with Green Bay, but the league draft has not yet been adopted, and when Brooklyn made him a better offer he moved East. He is said to be delighted with the trade which has shifted him to a championship club...STAGE HARD DRILL: The Packers today went through the hardest Tuesday practice session of the season, as Coach Lambeau began pointing for the key clash at Detroit. Whichever team loses the game will be just about eliminated from championship consideration, unless the Bears develop a reversal of form and start dropping games - a development which at present seems remote. Whichever team emerges from the Packer-Detroit game with the most points is likely to find itself in a most strategic position, as the Chicago Bears will be locked in a death grip with the New York Giants. These teams are leading their respective divisions, and each will pout every ounce of its football talents upon the other. If New York wins, and the Packers are successful in repeating their victory over Detroit, Green Bay will move into Chicago the following week with the chance of stepping into first place by defeating the Bears, and half of Wisconsin's football fandom will go with them...RECORD CROWD LIKELY: Given this setup, mild temperatures and a fair day, and the largest crowd ever to see a National league game in Chicago will jam Wrigley field Nov. 7. "If our machine works perfectly, as we hope it will," Coach Lambeau said, "we will defeat Detroit." The Packer offense has been clicking at a strenuous rate, and has rolled up enough yardage already to justify the opinion that Green Bay will set a new National league total before the season ends. The Packers are in a good spot to establish a new point record. They have rolled up 130 points in their last four games. Apparently the team will be little bothered by injuries for the Detroit contest. Averell Daniell is taking care of the bruised muscle he acquired against Cleveland, and is expected to be in playing shape before the weekend.


OCT 26 (Chicago) - The Bronko is bucking again, which may be bad news for the New York Giants next Sunday. After a mediocre season in 1936 because of injuries, Bronko Nagurski of the Chicago Bears again is in the stride which has won him recognition as the greatest line crusher in the NFL. On his broad shoulders, at the Polo Grounds in New York Sunday, will ride most of the Bears' hopes of downing the Eastern division leaders and of continuing undefeated toward the Western section and league titles. One of the greatest backfield stars ever developed at Minnesota, Nagurski is serving his eighth year in professional football. In leading the Bears to a 28 to 20 win over Detroit Sunday, a game in which he pulverized the vaunted Detroit line, Nagurski indicated he is in for one of his greatest years. "If we can stop the Giant passing game and can click as we did against Detroit, I think we'll win," Nagurski said today. "From what I hear, the Giants have their greatest club of many years. Ed Danowski, I think, is as great a passer as Arnie Herber (Green Bay Packer star) and they have a flock of fine receivers."


OCT 27 (Green Bay) - William Earl Lee, better known as "Bill", former all-American tackle of the University of Alabama and late of the Brooklyn Dodgers, arrived here last night prepared to do his part in helping the Green Bay Packers retain their NFL championship. Lee, weighing 225 pounds and apparently in the pink of condition, spent the evening meeting Packers, with whom he will perform for the duration of the season, and this morning was issued his uniform at the Packer fieldhouse by Property Manager Bud Jorgensen. Whether or not Lee will be able to see service against Detroit Sunday is an open question and depends upon his ability to absorb the Green Bay plays between now and game time. He is noted particularly for his ability as a defensive tackle, and with Averell Daniell on the injured list, this is where he may be needed the most...JUST ABOUT UNANIMOUS: Nearly every all-America team carried Lee's name in 1934, when he teamed with Don Hutson and Dixie Howell at Alabama. He captained the Crimson Tide squad which won the Rose Bowl game of 1935. Amazingly fast for a big man, he often is first down under punts, and while with Brooklyn he assisted Potsy Clark in coaching the line. Lee is only 25 years old and stands 6 feet 3 inches tall. He was born and still makes his home in Eutaw, Ala. A strenuous week of practice faces the Green Bay squad, as Coach E.L. Lambeau attempts to get his men ready for another league victory. A win over the powerful Lions at Detroit Sunday would place the Packers in a strategic position, ready to strike for first place in the Western division. Some fans are getting nervous about the disinclination of the Chicago Bears to lose any football games, but the toughest part of the Bears' schedule lies just ahead of them. Although the Bears have won five straight games, they have six left, facing in succession New York, Green Bay, Brooklyn, Detroit, Cleveland and the Cardinals...BANKING ON GIANTS: The best break the Packers could get, of course, would be for the Giants to trip up the Bears next Sunday, as this win, combined with a Green Bay victory over Detroit, would give the Packers a chance to take over undisputed first place by whipping the Bears at Wrigley field Nov. 7. In addition to Daniell, who still is limping from a muscle injury and was not in uniform yesterday, the Packers may not have the services of Darrell Lester, center, as Lester pulled a muscle at practice yesterday. Lambeau expects that both of these men will be on the bench against Detroit. Their positions will be well fortified, as Daniell's mates at right tackle include Lou Gordon, Lyle Sturgeon and Lee, while Lester's center spot also is handled by the redoubtable Svendsen brothers. A skull drill is planned for tonight, when the Packers will review Detroit's stuff and map out - mentally, at least - a method of stopping Ernie Caddel's reverse, Dutch Clark's end runs and Ace Gutowsky's line plunges.



OCT 27 (New York) - A new record for NFL forward passing efficiency is likely this season with a total all over the circuit at the halfway mark 2 percent better  than last year's record 36 percent, according to statistics released today. In addition to the an aggregate league record, Washington, Green Bay and the Chicago Cardinals are in a thrilling battle for team passing laurels, with either of them capable of establishing at the conclusion of their eleven game schedules. Washington is leading at present with 65 completions in 146 tosses for 44 percent, but Green Bay and the Cardinals are close behind with 43 and 42 percent respectively. These marks all are better than the record 41 percent established last season by the Packers...GAIN 1,902 YARDS: Green Bay, in addition to being only 1 percent away from the passing lead, continues to lead the ground gainers

and scorers. The Packers gained 1,902 yards in five games for 317 yards per game. New York is second with a 277 average in five games, and Washington third with a 250 average in six games. Green Bay has 139 points to lead Detroit's 107 points for scoring honors. New York has undisputed claim to defensive laurels, having held opponents to 653 yards and 27 points in five games. The Bears, which meets the Giants next Sunday, is second best on the defense.


OCT 27 (New York) - Professional football is growing up fast, the money is rolling in. They are expecting 40,000 fans out to the Polo Grounds next Sunday to watch the Chicago Bears, undefeated leaders of the western division of the National league, and the New York Giants, who head the eastern sector. There is a lot more interest here than the strictly collegiate grid fan would imagine. The Bears are coming with a powerful veteran team, headed by Bronko Nagurski. The Giants are a young team, full of vim and vinegar, with a new "left formation" that has rival coaches moaning nights...MAY SETTLE TITLE: Their tussle looks like it might settle the championship. In the meantime, the pro game itself is worth looking over. It's changed mightily in recent years. Ned Irish, who turns out publicity for the Giants, watched it happen. "We'll outdraw any of the New York college teams this year," said Ned. "We've averaged about 25,000 attendance for five games so far, and with a break in the weather we'll do better from here on." Players steadily are getting better salaries, said Irish. The average lineman now gets close to $2,000 a season and the backs around $2,500. Stars like Nagurski, Cliff Battle and Sam Baugh of Washington, Leemans of the Giants and Dutch Clark of Detroit receive between $5,000 and $6,000...NOT BAD SUGAR: "That's attractive dough for a kid just coming out of school," Irish observed. "More and more of them - the better type - are beginning to hope for pro contracts to give them financial headstarts. The result is that the playing personnel has changed almost completely. We're getting the 'amateur' type now instead of the 'professional' if you see what I mean." What he had in mind was that the Giants this year cleaned house, releasing the whole gang of tough, mature men who had been in there for years and signing up a field full of youngsters with campus grass still in their ears. "You'll see more of that," Irish predicted. "Professional careers are going to get shorter and shorter but better paid."


OCT 27 (Detroit) - Ways and means to stop football's greatest passing combination - Arnold Herber and Don Hutson - occupied most of the Lions' practice session Tuesday morning at Keisey Field. Herber and Hutson will be in the Green Bay Packer lineup Sunday at University of Detroit Stadium when the Bays and Lions clash in a NFL game. Still fresh in the minds of the Lion squad are the three passes thrown by Bernie Masterson to Bill Karr and Ed Manske, Chicago Bear ends, last Sunday. Two of these passes resulted in scores and more than anything else sent the Lions down to defeat. It is doubtful that Masterson rates with Herber as a passer. Likewise Karr and Manske are not ranked with Hutson as a pass receiver. The performance of the Masterson-Karr-Manske trio have troubled Earl Dutch Clark no end. The Lion leader pondered over what would happen to his club Sunday if the Hutson-Herber duo go to work in their specialty act. One thing in the Lion plans to stop Herber and Hutson will be the appearance in the backfield of Lloyd Cardwell. When the Lions and Packers met earlier in the month, Cardwell was out with an injured knee. The former Nebraska star is one of the best defense men in football. Vernon Huffman, who will have the difficult assignment of trailing and covering Hutson, came in for a lot of attention from Clark at the long session. Vern also was the principal participant in a long punting drill.



OCT 28 (Green Bay) - Hailing the news that Bob Monnett is the NFL's most effective forward passer and Clarke Hinkle its leading point scorer, the Packers redoubled their practice schedule today with an aim to improving the standings of both at the expense of the Detroit Lions. The Packers will meet the Lions at the University of Detroit stadium next Sunday afternoon, and they will leave here tomorrow late. Having miserable luck at the start, Monnett has filed down his passes to the point where he now has passed Sammy Baugh of Washington, his chief rival, and has attained an effectiveness rating of 51 percent. In the meantime Hinkle has banged over five touchdowns, booted seven extra points and kicked a field goal for 40 points, more than anyone else in the National league...LEE FITTING IN: Bill Lee, the new right tackle obtained from Brooklyn in a trade involving Zud Schammel, is having no difficulty fitting into the Packer picture. Zud still is in Green Bay. Coach E.L. Lambeau pointed out that Lee is more familiar with the Packer style of football, an evolution of the Notre Dame system, than he was with Brooklyn's, a single wingback with an unbalanced line. Lee is a veteran of the Alabama grid school, where he learned football under Frank Thomas, once of Notre Dame. The Packers worked on defense today, particular as that assignment pertained to the Detroit plays. Although the Green Bay offense has been loaded with dynamite in recent games, the Packer defenders occasionally have shown serious lapses, and this defect is occupying the time of the Packer coach and his assistants...SEE MOTION PICTURES: Last night the players gathered at the Hotel Northland and reviewed motion pictures of past games, in addition to participating in a skull drill, and tonight they''ll assemble again, when a quiz is scheduled. The Packers will leave on the Milwaukee Road Chippewa at 5:36 tomorrow afternoon, arriving in Chicago at 9:40 p.m. They will have a stopover of nearly two hours before boarding the Pennsylvania-Wabash sleeper at 11:30. This train leaves the Union station, so the men will not have to shift their baggage from one station to another. They will arrive at Detroit at 7:40 a.m. Saturday, and late that morning will work out at the stadium. The Packers will leave Detroit at 12:15 a.m. Monday, reaching Chicago at 7:25 a.m. Arrangements will be made to sidetrack their sleeper, so that they can rest until 9 o'clock. They will board the Milwaukee Road train at 1:15 p.m., and will reach Green Bay at 5:05. Official statistics reveal that Eddie Jankowski still is the most effective ball carrier on the Packer squad, having lugged the oval at a 6.1 average in his 35 attempts. The biggest total of yardage, however, has been gained by Hinkle, who ranks high in the league list in that respect. Monnett stands head and shoulders above his teammates in the forward passing department, in addition to leading the league. He has completed 23 of his 45 passes to date for 455 yards. Arnold Herber, who had a late start, has compiled the second highest total with 178 yards. Although Don Hutson has caught more passes than any other Packer with 15, Captain Milt Gantenbein still leads the team in total yardage from completed passes, Hinkle ranks as the third best receiver on the squad. Hinkle leads both the Packers and the National league in scoring, but the scoring diversity on the Green Bay squad is large, no less than 13 players having broken into the point list.


OCT 28 (New York) - Four new individual NFL records are in the making, according to statistics released today. Two marks in pass receiving, one in forward passing, and one in scoring are expected to go by the boards before the conclusion of the current season during which all individual offensive standards are above those of a year ago. Clarke Hinkle, Green Bay fullback from Bucknell, took the scoring leadership during the past week and now has 40 points. This is nine more than he tallied last year in finishing eighth and past the halfway mark of the record 79, established by Jack Manders, Bears, in 1934. Manders now is third with 31 points, close behind Dutch Clark, player-coach of the Detroit Lions, who has 32. These three men passed Gaynell Tinsley, Chicago Cardinals, and Johnny Blood, Pittsburgh, who were tied for the lead with 30 points last week and are in a tie for fourth, having failed to score last Sunday...NEW RECORDS AHEAD: Tinsley is well on his way to two new National league record for pass receiving. He has caught 23 passes, which is only 12 from the record 35 set by Don Hutson, Green Bay, last season. He has gained 456 yards on the receiving end of aerials and needs but 71 more yards to break the record 526 also made last year by Hutson. Charlie Malone, Washington, is close behind with 20 catches, and Hutson is third with 15. Bob Monnett, Green Bay, has edged past Sammy Baugh, Washington, for forward passing efficiency with 51 percent completions to 48 percent for Slingin' Sammy. Baugh, however, has thrown more than twice the number of Monnett, and his 53 completions in 109 tosses for 707 yards puts him close to the record 77 completions made by Arnie Herber, Green Bay, last year. Only 25 more completions will give Baugh a new record, and he has five games in which to do it...OVER CENTURY MARK: Cliff Battles, Washington halfback from West Virginia Wesleyan, has gained over 100 yards for the past three Sundays and now has 476 yards to lead the circuit in ground gaining. Although he missed playing in one game for Washington this season, he is well on his way to recapture the individual ground gaining championship he held five years ago. George


Grosvenor, Cardinals, is second with 366 yards, 110 less than the total of Battles, while John Karcis, Pittsburgh, is third with 319. Clarke Hinkle, Green Bay, is right behind in fourth place with 313 yards.


OCT 28 (New York) - Scratch the average millionaire, they say, and you find a guy who always yearned to be a fireman and wear red suspenders. Sammy Baugh, who tuned his passing ability into big business, is no different. He always wanted to carry the ball, but they wouldn't let him until now. Sammy made the shy admission at the coming-out party thrown for him here by Dan Topping, wealthy young president of the Brooklyn Football Dodgers. Baugh's modesty, incidentally, made an obvious impression on his audience, which is accustomed to hearing the personal pronoun bandied about...CAN SEE 'EM HIT: "I like runnin' with the ball better than passin' it," the former T.C.U. terror told them. "I guess it's because you can see 'em hittin' you. You don't get up wonderin' who it was knocked your head off that time." The man who is drawing a fancy salary from the Washington Redskins solely because of his ability to sling strikes with a football, acted real embarrassed when they kept asking him about how he learned to pass, and commenting on the fact he had completed 53 out of 109 so far. But he became expensive the moment somebody observed that he also had proved himself a very handy ball carrier. "There wasn't much said about my runnin' in college," he said. "But I handled the ball a lot just the same, especially on spinners" Sammy says he likes the pro game better than the college game because, as a rule, it's more offensive and the competition consistently tougher. They hit a man much harder, he claims. However, he wouldn't admit the pass receivers are any better than the young men who caught his aerials at Texas Christian. "I had some great ones with me down there, else I wouldn't be here now."...BATTLES HIS CHOICE: Cliff Battles, his teammate on the Redskins, is Baugh's choice for the greatest runner he's seen. He is borne out by the figures, which show Battles far and away the leading ground gainer of the National league. There were all sorts of eulogies for Baugh. Potsy Clark, coach of the Dodgers, said Sammy was "one of the very few players who had entirely lived up to their reputations - and then some." Bo Molenda, assistant coach of the New York Giants, placed him on a par with Benny Friedman and Arnie Herber. Sammy only sat and looked embarrassed.


OCT 29 (Detroit) - Dutch Clark's strategy for the Detroit Lions' second meeting with the Green Bay Packers at the U. of D. Stadium Sunday was almost complete Thursday. The Dutchman planned to add weight to the center of his starting lineup by starting big George Christensen and Bill Feldhaus, former tackles, at guard posts. Coach Clark further planned to stop the Packer Herber-to-Hutson passing combination by assigning young Vernon Huffman to stalk Hutson and having Ernie Caddel pay particular attention to Gantenbein. Gantenbein is the Packer end who usually cuts loose when rival teams concentrate to heavily on the Herber-Huston combination. The added guard weight in the center of the line particularly was designed to stop the thrusts of both Hinkle, the Packer plunger, and Herber, the tosser who sometimes smacks up against a rival line with unusual abandon. With the exception of one forward pass in the last contest against the Packers, young Huffman turned in a first class job of completely covering the cagey Hutson. At no time during the game did Hutson get away from Vernon except on one telling pass early in the game following a blocked punt that set the ball inside the Lion 10-yard line. But Huffman slipped in attempting to cover the flying Hutson, something that won't happen again in 400 games. And the Dutchman is convinced that Caddel has all it takes to keep the other Packers end Gantenbein, covered if too much attention is paid to Hutson. So being convinced that Huffman and Caddel can slow down the best of the Packer receivers, the Dutchman is confident that his line can harass Herber and Bob Monnett to such an extent that their passing efficiency will be reduced considerably. Lion ends Klewicki, Ebding and Morse have been drilled considerably on rushing. Clark said Thursday that Cardwell would be available Sunday but that he probably never again would reach his football peak until a surgical operation removed a bothersome piece of cartilage from his knee.


OCT 29 (Green Bay) - The football deal between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Green Bay Packers, involving the names of three former all-America players, was completed today, with the following result: 1. Right tackle Bill Lee, formerly of the Dodgers, remains the permanent property of Green Bay and will be eligible to play against the Detroit Lions Sunday. 2. Right tackle Averell Daniell, late of the University of Pittsburgh, left last night for Brooklyn as the property of that club. 3. Guard Francis (Zud) Schammel, one-time University of Iowa star, stays with the Packers. The kaleidoscopic shift in players is expected to work out in a highly satisfactory manner to the Packers. Although Daniell is an extremely promising professional prospect and has shown rapid development this season, Lee already stands as one of the best men at his position in the National league. Furthermore, Lee, too, is a young man, being only 25 years of age, and has several fine seasons ahead of him. Fans and players alike will be pleased that the trade discussion has left Schammel with the Packers, as the genial, popular guard has displayed talent which may carry him to the pro football heights. Only a light workout was on tap for the Packers today, as the men appeared tired from a strenuous week's practice. Coach E.L. Lambeau has skipped nothing in preparing the squad for a banner appearance at Detroit, as he expects a bitter reception from the Lions, always a tough for for the Packers...GIVEN REGULAR QUIZ: Daniell was the only Packer missing from today's drill, and the squad appeared to be in fine shape physically. Last night the men met the Hotel Northland for their regular written quiz, when all key assignments were reviewed. Players who make mistakes in important assignments are liable to a $5 fine, and so conscientious have they been so far - or so economical - that not a single fine has been necessary. Officials for the contest were announced today by Joe F. Carr, Columbus, O., National league president. Bobby Cahn, Chicago, will referee; Morris Meyer, Toledo, is umpire; R.J. Erdlitz, Oshkosh, headlinesman; and J.J. Ritter, Detroit, field judge. The Packers will arrive in Detroit early tomorrow morning, and will work out at the University of Detroit stadium, site of the contest. The advance sale has been terrific, and a capacity crowd is expected. Detroit has had tough luck this far, narrowly losing to the Chicago Bears last week, but the hometown fans, a great sports group, stand behind them, and in addition are anxious to get a glimpse of the Packers...RETURNS LATE MONDAY: The Green Bay team, which faces the Bears at Chicago a week from Sunday, will return to Green Bay late Monday, and will resume intensive drills immediately. Coach Lambeau feels that the crucial point of the schedule now has been reached, and that if the Bays get past the Lions and Bears safely, they will be headed in the right direction for their fifth National championship. Although the Packers will concentrate entirely upon the matter at hand in meeting Detroit, their first interest when the game is completed will be to inquire concerning the success of the New York Giants against the Bears. If the Chicago team loses, and the Packers beat Detroit, Green Bay can attain undisputed possession of first place by whipping the Bears the following week.


OCT 29 (Green Bay) - The long-awaited article on the Green Bay Packers by Quentin Reynolds, associate editor of the Crowell Publishing company, appears in the Collier's magazine for release today. Entitled "Football Town", it is headed by the following caption: "The town of Green Bay is in the football business. Not for profit but for fame. Every citizen considers himself part owner of the club. And every player feels responsible to the town. That's the formula that has produced championship teams." The Corner Drug Store announced today that it will give one copy of Collier's magazine, as long as they last, with each 50-cent purchase at the store.


OCT 29 (Green Bay) - Standings went unchanged in the NFL last Sunday as far as the division leaders are concerned. Chicago's Bears remained undefeated in the western section, and New York still tops the east...The Bears defeated Dutch Clark's Detroit Lions by 28 to 20 before 35,000 fans at Wrigley field in Chicago. It was Halas' team's fifth league win, and it pushed the Lions down into a tie for second place with Green Bay...Steve Owen employed his two-team method again to administer a 21 to 0 licking to the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Giant coach has been making his replacements on a wholesale scale with 11 new men coming into the game as one substitution...Riley Smith, former Alabama quarterback, booted a 27-yard field goal in the last 30 seconds to give the Washington Redskins a 10 to 7 victory over the Eagles at Philadelphia. Washington was trailing by 7 to 0 as the half ended...The Chicago Cardinals returned to the win column at the expense of Pittsburgh in the only intersectional game of last Sunday. The score was 13 to 7, and it handed Johnny Blood's team its fifth straight setback of the season...Carl Brumbaugh, veteran quarterback who long saw service with the Chicago Bears, was in a new uniform Sunday. He started at quarterback for Brooklyn against the Giants. Potsy Clark secured him from the Cleveland Rams last week...Cleveland had only 20 players on its roster last week following a cut in which Brumbaugh, Skoronski, Harry (The Horse) Mattos, and Cooper were dropped by Coach Hugo Bezdek. The Rams acquired Swede Johnston on a loan from Green Bay...Bronko Nagurski led the Bear attack on the Lions, but Dutch Clark of the losers was the day's leading scorer. The playing coach made two touchdowns and one of the extra points, but he missed one of his dropkick attempts which is news...Pat Coffee, playing his third game with the Chicago Cardinals, again bounded into the limelight when he passed to Verrill Deskin for the first touchdown against the Pirates. It came after an interception of a pass by Dougal Russell...League leaders will clash Sunday when the Chicago Bears travel to New York to meet the Giants at the Polo Grounds. The game probably will provide the acid test for Owen's "left formation", the system which he introduced this year...Sammy Baugh was slinging with success again last Sunday. He tossed a 59-yard forward pass to Charlie Malone for Washington's first score against the Eagles. A half game behind the Giants, the Redskins next oppose the Brooklyn Dodgers...The Chicago Cardinals will play their first home game Sunday with Cleveland providing the opposition. In a previous meeting, the Cardinals eked out a 6 to 0 win, scoring on a fumble after a bad pass from center by Skoronski...Ward Cuff, former Marquette university gridder, made two touchdowns for the Giants against Brooklyn. Corzine made the other. The game saw Tuffy Leemans, who has played both halfback and fullback, at the quarterback position.



OCT 30 (Green Bay) - Bill Lee, the big Alabaman who came to the Packers in a Brooklyn exchange involving Averell Daniell, is destined to be one of the most popular men on the Green Bay squad. One hours of conversation with the quiet spoken friendly Southerner, who starred in the Rose Bowl with Dixie Howell and Don Hutson, makes you his friend for life. For one thing you like his attitude toward the Packers. "I have been trying to get to Green Bay for two years," he said . "Only a promise I made to Brooklyn sent me east...I always wanted to play with Hutson and the Packers."...BAY SWELL TOWN: "Green Bay? I've never been in such a swell town. Within a radius of three blocks from the Northland hotel, I've been stopped by at least 20 people, who asked me if I were the new Packer, shook my hand and wished me luck. I never liked Brooklyn. Too big, too noisy, too fast a life. Green Bay is more like home." Bill is unmarried, a native of Alabama, and a husky young man of 225 pounds and much muscle. When he isn't playing football, he wrestles - in the parts of the country where that business pays best - around St. Louis, through Texas, on the west coast. Lee took the weekly written test from the Packers, 24 hours after he hurried from Brooklyn to Green Bay by plane and train. To the amazement of Coach Curly Lambeau, he made only two mistakes in 120 questions having absorbed the entire Packer system of football in 24 hours...KNEW NOTRE DAME SYSTEM: "It was easy," he said in explaining this remarkable feat, "because I played under the Notre Dame system at Alabama. As soon as I learned where a Packer play was going, I naturally remembered my assignment on that play. Brooklyn's unbalanced line and single wingback are tougher on a big tackle, because he has to move around faster." Bill's impressions of the Bays are tremendous. "They are the best organized football team I ever saw," he asserted. "I never saw a bunch of men so well trained. There's no need for the coach to keep an eye on them - no one has any intention of misbehaving."


OCT 30 (Detroit) - The two most crucial games of the 1937 schedule are facing the Green Bay Packers, and the most immediate of them is their clash with the Detroit Lions of Dutch Clark, scheduled for the University of Detroit stadium here tomorrow afternoon. With the Chicago Bears appearing at New York, and expecting to receive a terrific reception, the Packers can place themselves in an extremely strategic position by whipping the Lions Sunday afternoon. Coach E.L. Lambeau of Green Bay has no illusions that his men will pour another 26 to 6 shellacking upon the heads of the Lions. "I'll settle for 3 to 0," he said, and his players indicated that 3 to 2 would be all right to them. Fair weather is expected, the playing field is in good condition and both teams are physically in excellent shape for a stirring afternoon. The fans have responded magnificently, indicating that nothing less than a capacity crowd will be packed into the stadium for the ninth meeting of the Lions and Packers. Green Bay battled the old Portsmouth Spartans seven times while the franchise was at the Ohio city, and since it was moved to Detroit has met the Lions eight times. In these eight contests, the Packers have won five games and Detroit has taken the other three. The rivalry is one of the shortest, and yet one of the most bitter in the history of the NFL. An indication of its intensity was given at Green Bay this season, when for the first time since the Packers entered the league, another team than the Chicago Bears drew the largest crowd to City stadium. The new attendance record of 17,553 was set by the Lions last Oct. 3. Only the Chicago Bears and the New York Giants have better records than Green Bay in the current league race. There will be an additional incentive for the Packer scorers tomorrow, as Hank Bruder, one of the Green Bay backs, has made a special offer to his mates. The first Packer who scores a touchdown against Detroit, or failing that, against the Chicago Bears, will receive a set of air-cooled tires from the Bruder shop. In case Mr. Bruder himself scores the touchdown, the next scorer will benefit. Bill Lee, the recent addition from the Brooklyn Dodgers, is set and ready to go. He has absorbed the Packer signals rapidly, proving very smart in the process, and while he won't be in the starting lineup, he is likely to get an early call from Coach Lambeau. Lee has proved himself particularly adept on defense, and if the Caddel reserves alternate with the Gutowsky line smashes to create trouble, Lee will get a chance to prove his  mettle.


OCT 30 (Green Bay) - Sunday's Green Bay-Detroit football game will be broadcast by Russ Winnie over radio station WTAQ, Green Bay, and WTMJ, Milwaukee as a telegraphic account, sponsored by the Wadham Oil company. The game is scheduled at 1 p.m., Green Bay time.


OCT 30 (En route to Detroit with the Packers) - Sunday's football game with the Detroit Lions is going to be the toughest on the Packers' schedule to date, and everyone - players and coaches - is more afraid of it than the subsequent game with the Chicago Bears. The reason is that Detroit is exactly in the same position as were the Packers on the


occasion of the game at Green Bay Oct. 3. The Lions were beaten last Sunday by the Beas, and they think they were robbed. They are boiling mad. Furthermore, they have many an old score to settle with Green Bay. But the Packers are in a rollicking frame of mind tonight, as the train wheels click along the Detroit roadbed, and they are all thinking this: "If we play the football we can play, we'll win." The two happiest men on the train are Bill Lee and Zud Schammel, the former because he now belongs to Green Bay instead of Brooklyn, and the latter because he still is a Packers and isn't going to the Dodgers. Zud smiles contentedly as the train hums along. "My heart darned near stopped when I thought they were going to trade me," he recalls. "I'm just beginning to feel good again. Nobody knows how much I want to stay in Green Bay." Assistant coach Red Smith gives out the corrected papers from Thursday's exam, and discusses the answers with each player. For the third straight week Herb Banet gets a grade of 100 - no mistakes in 120 questions. There is much discussion concerning the set of tires Hank Bruder will give to whoever scores the first touchdown. Coach Curly Lambeau would like to get in on it, too. "Listen, Hank," he says, "if the ball is on the Detroit 20-yard line and I send in a new quarterback and we score a touchdown on the next play - do I get the tires?" "if you call my signal!" returns Hank, and goes laughing down the aisle...Card games are the most popular amusement when the Packers are traveling...Right now a quartet, consisting of Milt Gantenbein, George Svendsen, Tiny Engebretsen and Joe Laws is getting hot on "The Moon Got in My Eyes."...Bud Svendsen has a new nickname...The boys call him "Little Beeler"...At cards he is luckier than the Bears against the Cardinals...Lou Gordon never goes through Milwaukee without stopping at the station to buy an apple..He did it tonight, despite the fact that he had just put away a big surprise...Only women in the party is Mrs. Hank Bruder...Clarke Hinkle is the most nervous Packer...can't sit still a minute.


OCT 30 (New York) - The Chicago Bears, undefeated leaders of the Western division, invade the east Sunday to meet the New York Giants, Eastern division pace setters who have won their last four starts. This clash between the top two teams of the NFL is to be contested in the Polo Grounds, with more than 40,000 spectators expected to witness the clash of the grid goliaths. The Bears, with five wins and no defeats, are secure in their hold on first place in the Western race but the Giants must win to stay on top, for they have won four and lost one and are only half a game ahead of the Washington Redskins, defending Eastern titleholders, who have won four but lost two. The Redskins will face the Brooklyn Dodgers in Brooklyn and a victory there would give them back the lead, if the Giants fail to halt the Bears' title rush...TIED FOR SECOND: Out in Detroit the Lions and Green Bay Packers, tied for second place in the Western race, battle each other. The clash is all important and the victor will remain as the outstanding threat to the Bears. In Chicago the Cardinals face the Cleveland Rams, battling to stay in the race for the Western crown. The Cards, with only three setbacks, still are far from eliminated and look forward to having a lot to say about the outcome of the Western title scramble...PIRATES FACE EAGLES: The other league struggle pits the Pittsburgh Pirates against the Philadelphia Eagles in Pittsburgh. The game, originally scheduled for Philadelphia, was transferred to Forbes Field. The struggle in New York marks the first intersectional game for the Giants, who have been piling up an impressive defensive and offensive mark against their sectional rivals since dropping the opening game to the Redskins early in September. The Bears have run roughshod over all comers so far, and if they overpower the Giants as Bronko Nagurski and Jack Manders did a week ago, it will be hard to stop them from gaining the playoff berth.


OCT 30 (Green Bay) - E.A. Spachmann, in charge of the Packer ticket here, announced today that tickets for the Bear-Packer game in Chicago a week from tomorrow have arrived and now are on sale at the office in the Legion building. A special section is being roped off for Green Bay rooters in the $1.65 seat section at Wrigley field, he said. Tickets in this section are being sold here. The office will be open from 9 until 9 each day next week.


OCT 30 (Detroit) - The Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions, tied for second place in the western division of the national professional football league, square off in a deciding game at the University of Detroit stadium Sunday. The loser will virtually be out of the title picture. The Wisconsin team holds an edge over the Lions by virtue of an early season victory. The Packers have shown constant improvement since their losses to the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cardinals at the start of the league race. Both Detroit and Green Bay have lost to the Bears. The Packers' offense has rolled up 130 points in its last four games.


OCT 31 (Detroit) - Second place in the western division of the National Professional Football league will be decided here Sunday when the Green Bay Packers tackle the Lions. Both teams are tied for the runnerup position behind the league-leading Chicago Bears. After losing two straight games the Packers entered the victory column for the first time by defeating the Lions at Green Bay, 26-6. Green Bay has scored 130 points in its last four games. It is this drive, built around the passing of Bob Monnett and Arnold Herber, and the running of Monnett, Joe Laws and Clarke Hinkle, that Coach Curly Lambeau hopes to find the answer to his problems Sunday. The Lions will be at full strength for the game. Vernon Huffman, the former Indiana star, probably will carry a large part of the offensive burden along with Coach Dutch Clark, Ernie Caddel and Ace Gutowsky.


OCT 31 (Detroit) - In addition to battling to stay in the title race of the NFL's Western division, the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers have a little unfinished business to take up Sunday afternoon at the University of Detroit stadium. The Packers and Lions will be squaring away for the sixteenth time in a series started in 1929 when the Lions were known as Spartans and played in Portsmouth, O. Of the 15 games played to date, including the Packers' 26-6 victory at Green Bay earlier in the season, Green Bay has won 10, lost four and tied one. The Packers have scored 228 points to 117 by the Lions. The red ink on the Lion side of the ledger doesn't stand out quite so boldly, however, if the Lions thrown in the non-league game played in Los Angeles in January 1936, which they won, 10 to 3...PACKERS HOLD EDGE: But even by forgetting about the games played at Portsmouth, the Lions still are trailing the Packers. Since 1934 the rivals have met seven times, Detroit winning only two of the encounters. Most of the games over the nine-year span have been hard fought, but the two played in 1934 stand out in the series. Glen Presnell, Lions quarterback, booted a 54-yard field goal at Green Bay to win the game, 3 to 0. The performance was duplicated by Clarke Hinkle, Packer fullback, in the game at Detroit when he kicked one from the 43-yard line to give Green Bay a 3-0 victory. A defeat Sunday will mean elimination from the division title race as each of the clubs has lost two games while winning four. Both the Lions and Packers get another crack at the undefeated Chicago Bears, Green Bay playing in Chicago next Sunday and the Lions engaging the Bears in Detroit Thanksgiving Day...WILL START VETERANS: Against the Packers, Coach Dutch Clark will start his veteran lineup with the exception of George Christensen and Bill Feldhaus, both 230-pounders, who will start at the guards in place of Ox Emerson and Sid Wagner. Vernon Huffman will start at the blocking back position. The Packers have elected to lead with their trump cards and will start Arnie Herber, league leading forward passer, and the other half of pro football's best passing combination, Don Hutson. A capacity crowd of more than 21,000 persons is expected to see the game which starts at 2 p.m.


PICTURED TO THE LEFT: Former Packer Harry (The Horse) Mattos (far left) with the remaining Cleveland Rams players that crossed into the NFL with the team from the American Football League in 1937: Mike Sebastian, Bud Cooper and Stan Pincura

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