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EXHIBITION: Green Bay Packers 42, Salinas Icebergs 7

Sunday January 10th 1937 (at San Francisco)


(SAN FRANCISCO) - Professional football's greatest team, the Green Bay Packers, opened its 1937 Far Western campaign at Kezar stadium here Sunday in convincing fashion by trouncing the Pacific Coast's champions, the Salinas Iceberg Packers, 42 to 7. The Packers moved into action as the logical favorite but even its most enthusiastic supporters were not prepared for the overwhelming triumph chalked up by the many stars coached by Earl Lambeau. Cold, rainy weather cut attendance to some 2,500 fans but those who braved the elements witnessed just about the finest display of football ever experienced in this section. After a somewhat slow start, the National champions started rolling with tremendous power, accurate passes and brilliant ball handling. Two touchdowns were scored in each of the first three periods. The Salinas squad, which whipped the best on the coach in winning six games, was so completely outplayed the affair hardly rated the distinction of being called a contest. Herber's lateral to Miller and the latter's ten yard run scored the first touchdown. A few plays later Hinkle intercepted a pass thrown by the Salinas player-coach, fullback Ed Storm, and raced 55 yards to score standing up. On the last play of the opening quarter, Salinas made its only showing of the game. Quarterback George Tharp, former University of Nevada player, took the kickoff, returned it 45 yards, then lateraled to center Loren Grannis, one time Williamette university star, who went on 40 yards for his team's lone touchdown. The 85-yard total gain turned out to the most thrilling play of the game.


Opening the second quarter, Engebretsen tried a field goal from the 41-yard line. The kick was straight but a foot short. Green Bay switched to the aerial lanes for its next two scores. From the 12-yard line Monnett passed to Gantenbein, who snagged the oval over the line. The scoring play was on the tail end of a drive totaling 58 yards. Salinas held the ball for one play, then lost it on a pass interception by Paulekas. The Packers then immediately turned the break into another touchdown. From the Salinas 25-yard line, Monnett gained one  yard, a pass fell incomplete but Monnett connected on the next throw, with Becker snagging the ball just over the goal line. The third period saw the Green Bays snatch at two opportunities to score twice more. Svendsen, aside from playing a brilliant game at center, managed to break into the scoring column when he intercepted a pass tossed by fullback Al Thorell, former University of California ace. With the aid of great blocking, he rambled 25 yards for the touchdown.


Just before the end of the quarter, Scherer chalked up the last touchdown by falling on a fumbled ball which rolled over the Salinas goal. Tom Bushby, right halfback, formerly of Kansas State, fumbled the ball after his team had taken it over on the 20-yard line. Tharp tried to snare it by only succeeded in knocking it over the line, where Scherer charged in to fall on it. In the final quarter, Green Bay used practically every player on the bench. Only the fact the National rulers were so tired from pounding up and down the field prevented any additional scores. Johnston was the leading ground gainer for Green Bay, chalking up 49 yards in eight attempts.

GREEN BAY - 14 14 14  0 - 42

SALINAS   -  7  0  0  0 -  7


1st - GB - Paul Miller, 10-yard pass from Arnie Herber (Kick good) GREEN BAY 7-0


1st - GB - Clarke Hinkle, 55-yard interception return (Kick good) GREEN BAY 14-0

1st - SAL - Loren Grannis, 40-yard run after a lateral from George Tharp following a 45-yard kickoff return (Ed Storm kick) GREEN BAY 14-7

2nd - GB - Milt Gantenbein, 12-yard pass from Bob Monnett (Kick good) GREEN BAY 21-7

2nd - GB - Wayland Becker, 24-yard pass from Monnett (Kick good) GREEN BAY 28-7

3rd - GB - George Svendsen, 25-yard interception return (Kick good) GREEN BAY 35-7

3rd - GB - Bernard Scherer recovered Tom Bushby's fumble in the end zone (Kick good) GREEN BAY 42-7



JAN 11 (San Francisco) - The barnstorming tour of the Green Bay Packers, which yesterday afternoon carried them to victory over the Salinas Iceberg Packers at Kezar stadium, is of invaluable aid to the Packer training program, Coach E.L. Lambeau explained today. Lambeau also announced the signing by Green Bay of Ray Peterson, University of San Francisco back, rated one of the outstanding men at his position on the Pacific coast. "The Packers tried new defensive formations in Sunday's game, and they were successful," said Lambeau. "We cannot afford to make experiments in league competition, but we expect to try out new offensive ideas as well as defensive during the winter. Hank Bruder was used to call plays during the last period and looked good. Buckets Goldenberg was used at fullback for a time, which made him happy."...LOTS OF FIRE: Salinas tried hard and had lots of fire and pep, but was outsmarted by the Packers, all through the game. Green Bay came out of the contest with no injuries, Kiesling and Ernie Smith not being used. Champ Seibold played 60 minutes at tackle and made a fine showing. Game experience is proving valuable to him, as well as to Bernie Scherer and Herman Schneidman. All the visitors played good football, with Lou Gordon and Scherer outstanding in the line, and Cal Clemens in the backfield. Don Hutson got a laugh from the crowd when Salinas put in a giant tackle who wore a different colored jersey from those of his mates. Salinas had new uniforms and evidently could not fit the big boy. When he ran out on the field, Hutson yelled from the bench: "He's a pro! Check up on him, referee, he's a pro!" Comments by newspaper men here were very favorable, and some don't see how any team could possibly defeat the Packers...BIG, TOUGH BACK: Lambeau announced his satisfaction at the signing of Peterson, as the West team coaches recommended him as the best player on the squad, with the possible exception of Sam Francis. Peterson is six feet tall, weighs 197 pounds and is 23 years old. He lives in Fort Bragg, Calif., is a very good punter and the best passer on either East or West squads. Babe Hollenberg recommended Peterson to Lambeau Christmas Day, saying he could not understand why the big back was not included in the National league draft. He is a great all-around player, likes the game and is tough.


JAN 12 (Los Angeles) - Winners of the NFL title, the world champion Green Bay Packers will arrive in Los Angeles today to continue their training for the grid game with the Los Angeles Bulldogs at Gilmore Stadium Sunday afternoon. Curly Lambeau's Packers defeated the strong Salinas Packers by the score of 42 to 7, at San Francisco Sunday, giving an idea of the strength of national league champions...POWERFUL ATTACK: Green Bay has a powerful running attack and Lambeau will be out to score more points against the Bulldogs than the Bears did last Sunday. The Chicago Bears defeated the Los Angeles squad, 7 to 0, following a blocked kick. It was the only time the Bulldogs have failed to score in a game. With great ends like Milton Gantenbein and Don Hutson and an accurate passer like Arnold Herber, the Green Bay squad is rated one of the greatest passing machines in the country. The running attack with Clarke Hinkle, the great Bucknell fullback, who was named on the All-Pro squad, and George Sauer in the backfield shows plenty of power...WORK AT GILMORE: Arrangements have been made for the Packers to work out at the Gilmore each afternoon. Coach Elmer Henderson of the Bulldogs gave his men a day of rest yesterday but ordered them to report for practice today against the Green Bay style of football. Ray Richards, line coach and guard for the Los Angeles squad who was injured early in Sunday's contest, will be ready to get into the Packer contest. Ed (Crazy Legs) Stark, who has his ankle twisted Sunday, is under treatment and hopes to get into Sunday's game.


JAN 13 (Los Angeles) - Thunder and lightning in two forms came to town yesterday - a celestial disturbance that rent the heavens asunder and a pack of human thunderbolts named the Green Bay Packers. Cal Tech meteorological masterminds were still checking their notes at a late hour last night to determine whether the Packers caused the storm or vice versa. At any rate, the atmospheric upheaval subsided but the carload of Packers will remain with us for the fortnight, as we used to say in Worcestshire-on-Beefsteak. Led by Chief Thunderbolt Curly Lambeau, the world's champion salaried footballers - twenty-six strong - blew in from the frozen north (San Francisco to be exact) and pitched camp at the Hollywood Plaza. They are here for two very good reasons: (1) to play the Los Angeles Bulldogs at Gilmore Stadium Sunday, and (2) to play the Chicago Bears at the same place a week from Sunday. The beefiest brigade in football, the Packers taxed the steel-ribbed walls of the Plaza to the utmost when they gathered in the lobby. The management, fearing a cave-in, lodged the Packers in the basement. They're just that big! Lambeau's lusty crew will hold its first workout at Gilmore this afternoon at 2 o'clock. The Packers came out of their game with the Salinas Iceberg Packers Sunday in fine shape, as what team wouldn't that won by a 42-7 count?...ALL-STAR ROSTER: Lambeau is loaded down with luminaries, including the great passing combination of Arnold Herber and Don Hutson. Then there is Clarke Hinkle, the ex-Bucknell battering ram who dislodged Bronko Nagurski as all-National League fullback last season, not to mention George Sauer, one of Nebraska's greatest stars. Two former Trojans, Ernie Smith and Cal Clemens, are with the Green Bay gang and both will start Sunday, Lambeau announced. Curly rates Smith as the greatest tackle in the league. Clemens, a blocking halfback under Howard Jones, is now listed as a quarterback but still does the same chores as Lambeau's quarterbacks don't call signals or handle the ball.


JAN 13 (Hollywood, CA) - The Green Bay Packers started daily workouts at Gilmore stadium yesterday in preparation for their game Sunday at Los Angeles with the Los Angeles Bulldogs, one of the top-notch pro elevens of the Pacific coast. Coached by Gus Henderson, the Bulldogs were beaten by the Chicago Bears last Sunday, 7 to 0, and, according to Red Grange, who is coaching the Bruins on their western barnstorming trip, it was too close for comfort...HAVE SARBOE, SMITH: Phil Sarboe and Bill Smith of the Brooklyn Dodgers and Chicago Cardinals, respectively, are playing with the Los Angeles squad; and with another week of practice the team expects to give the Packers plenty of trouble. Future plans of the Packers are still incomplete. After the Bear game on Sunday, Jan. 24, there is an open date for Jan. 31, and a number of flattering offers have been received. These include another game at San Francisco and games at San Diego and Memphis, Tenn. Tentative plans for the Packers to make a movie short while in Hollywood also have been made...PLAY IN NEW ORLEANS: The team expects to wind up its barnstorming trip with a game in New Orleans on Feb. 7. The Packer have turned down all propositions for games after Feb. 7. Due to the marine strike a trip to Honolulu is out of the question. The team has received a very flattering proposition from the island, but positively will not make the trip. The squad now is practicing mornings to enable the players to enjoy themselves in the afternoon. Most of the boys go to the race track, where they are finding it rather expensive, as none seem able to pick winners. The publicity department is working at top speed and has the squad busy attending daily luncheons. Radio broadcasts and other methods are producing maximum publicity for the games. This morning half of the squad attended a breakfast club with stars from the Chicago Bear and Los Angeles Bulldog teams.


JAN 14 (Madison) - The University of Wisconsin didn't have a very successful football season last fall, and the state senate apparently was aware of it. The senate adopted resolutions today commending Marquette university's Golden Avalanche and the Green Bay Packers on their football prowess but made no mention of the Badgers, who lost every team except South Dakota and Cincinnati.


JAN 14 (Hollywood, CA) - The Green Bay Packers discarded their wool hoods today as they continued practice for next Sunday's football game with the Los Angeles Bulldogs at Gilmore stadium. It was a treat for the boys to get in a mild climate again, and many of them stripped to the waist for the drill. The change put new life into the southern men on the Packer team, who have been disappointed with the cold weather that has greeted the squad's appearances thus far. Don Hutson and Lon Evans in particular found the temperature more to their liking...ATTEND WRESTLING BOUTS: The entire squad attended wrestling bouts here last night, after they held a meeting and skull drill. This morning's practice was devoted to performances for photographers, who were present in numbers. As one cameraman was taking photos of a dummy scrimmage, he called upon Clarke Hinkle to carry the ball through the line. Hinkle obligingly ran through the play, but the photog objected. "That's too big a hole for the ball carrier," he complained. "Can't you make the hole a bit smaller?" "That's how big we make all the holes for our back," returned guard Walter Kiesling. "And Sunday they'll be bigger."...WANTS JEWISH CUT: Another photographer took a picture of Buckets Goldenberg, Lou Gordon and Herman Schneidman together. Gordon yelled: "I get a cut of all tickets sold in the Jewish district!" Just about that time a cameraman from a rival newspaper took a shot of Ade Schwammel, Tiny Engbretsen and Milt Gantenbein. Man Mountain Dean is staying at the Hollywood Plaza hotel, where the Packers have their headquarters. Goldenberg said the professional wrestler is too far, and that he, Buckets, would grapple him any day. "I must get dough to buy baby shoes," Goldenberg, who is a new papa, explained.


JAN 14 (Los Angeles) - "When I left Alabama, I never expected to run into another Dixie Howell, but I guess even Dixie could learn something about passing from Arnold Herber." In his soft-spoken, engaging Arkansas drawl, Don Hutson, great Green Bay wingman, praised his sidekick and "partner in crime", beetle-browed Arnold Herber, Packer halfback, who will show the folks a thing or two Sunday afternoon at Gilmore Stadium when the world champion pros play Gus Henderson's local Bulldog eleven. Hutson, whose unbelievable catches of Howell's heaves in the Rose Bowl several years ago played a large part in Alabama's crushing defeat of Stanford, really can't see much difference between Howell and Herber. "Dixie could hit a dime with his short passes," said the handsome Hutson, "but for long distance work Herber hasn't an equal." And Dapper Don should know, too, because the famed Herber-to-Hutson aerial act last season gained 1,239 yards for a  new National League record. In all, the former Alabama star took thirty-four passes from Herber and scored seven touchdowns during the league campaign. Their longest pass of the season came in the Boston game when the ball traveled 65 yards in the air but the longest pass and run they ever negotiated occurred in Hutson's pro debut - against the Chicago Bears in the opening game of the 1935 season. The Bears kicked off and on the first play Hutston rifled the rutabaga to Hutson and Don outstripped the secondary for a touchdown. The pass and run were good for 89 yards. "But that Herber can throw 'em to anybody," continued Hutson. "I caught 34 pitches but Arnold actually completed 77 passes during the season. The sports writers said his average was better than 44 percent." The rugged Mr. Herber, rapidly turning red in the vicinity of the ears as Hutson dished out the superlatives, told Don to sit down and keep his mouth shut while he told me something about Hutson...STANDOUT AT END: "I've pitches to a lot of ends during my seven years with the Packers," said Arnold, "but Hutson's got something that makes him a standout. He's the best receiver I've ever worked with and for 'suckering' the defense there's none better. Don can zig-zag down the field and yet I just pick my sport and he's there to take the toss. Timing, of course, has a lot to do with it, but if Hutson can get his hands on the ball he won't drop it."...GAMBLING DUET: "Short passes are easier to complete, but Don and I like to gamble on the long ones - anything from forty to sixty yards. If the other guy intercepts one of those deep ones it's just as good as a punt. The only passes we had intercepted last season were taken by the safety man." There is a method to their madness. They didn't pile up their miraculous record merely with the aid of luck and a good deal of natural ability. Most of Herber's passes are directed to a certain spot, depending upon the position of the ball and the down. Hutson knows the spot and gets there as fast as he can. If Don's bumped or has to change his course, Hutson directed his darts accordingly. But Hutson's blinding speed and shiftiness usually takes him to his prearranged destination...LIONS EASY TO FOOL: Oddly enough, Don and Arnold consider the Detroit club as their easiest mark. "You wouldn't think that we would do so well against men like Clark and Caddel, but we do," Herber said. "But it's pretty tough to fool the Bears. Feathers and Molesworth rarely gets left at the church," chimed in Hutson. To which Mr. Herber added a solemn "Amen".


JAN 15 (Los Angeles) - The Green Bay Packers, national pro grid champs, expect to make a motion picture short while they're in Los Angeles. They meet the Los Angeles Bulldogs Sunday and the Chicago Bears the following week before taking on any flicker assignments...Coach Curly Lambeau believes a French-Belgian combination makes the best football players. He points with pride to Arnold Herber, the prize passer. Lambeau, coach of the Packers for eighteen years, also comes from the same stock...When Buckets Goldenberg, Herman Scheidman and Lou Gordon are on the Packers' line at the same time, they talk Yiddish to one another. "You get that big goniff and I'll the little one," is what Buckets tells his Kosher mates. Goldenberg became the proud papa of a baby boy last week.


JAN 15 (Los Angeles) - The Los Angeles Bulldogs, all dressed up with three victories and a tie in five games with National league professional football teams, have no place to go if they lose to the Green Bay Packers. The husky coast eleven, built by Elmer (Gloomy Gus) Henderson from a makeshift neighborhood squad into a team that defeated the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Pirates on successive Sundays, will rest its bid for the tenth franchise in the national circuit on their showing against the league champions Sunday. Two other cities are seeking the open position in the league, Buffalo and Cleveland. The Bulldogs are admittedly the strongest team under consideration, but are handicapped by bucking the cost and time of coast to coast transportation. A majority of owners of other league clubs will sit in judgment with League President Joe Carr at Gilmore stadium. Defeat may not crush the Bulldogs' hopes of a franchise, but Manager Harry Myers admits that a victory probably would determine the selection in favor of his eleven. If the Bulldogs get the franchise they will travel east to play the first round and return home to entertain eastern outfits on the second half of the schedule. The team this season has been centered around strong guards and fullbacks. Henderson, the bald wizard who brought the University of California to national prominence a dozen years ago, uses a series of spread formations. Ed (Crazylegs) Staks and Gordon Gore have led the offense, ramming through holes opened by Ike Frankian, one-time St. Mary's college All-American guard; Pete Mehringer, another All-American from Kansas, and Alvie Coughlin, who sat on the bench for three seasons at Southern California, and now is ranked as one of the best in the professional game. In addition to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, victims of the Bulldogs include the Rock Island (Ill.) Packers, the Chicago Cardinals and smaller elevens. The Brooklyn Dodgers were tied, 13-13. The Chicago Bears beat them, 7-0. The Los Angeles team has scored 205 points to 72 during the season, and gained 2,274 yards to 1,383 for opponents, an average play of 4.08, against 2.04.


JAN 16 (Los Angeles) - I guess weather man never can do anything right - the horsey folk from Santa Anita have been cussing our local prognosticator for bringing rain and now it looks as though the L.A. Bulldog football team would cuss him for the bright sunshine...PACKERS ARE SKITTISH: In any event our hometown pro gridders would have cussed the weather man if they'd see the Green Bay Packer football team working out at Gilmore yesterday. Busting with pep - they were. Running signals, tossing passes and otherwise working out, these visiting gorillas of the gridiron were kidding around and having a wild time. "It's the weather," confidentially whispered Ernie Smith, loyal Chamber of Commerce member who plays left tackle for Green Bay, "they're so glad to get out of the cold and rain they fell like a lot of colts."...TAKE IT SERIOUSLY: I rather wondered how Curly Lambeau's boys would be taking this game and I think that it's a tribute to the strength of Gus Henderson's Bulldogs that the Packers are taking this contest like one for the championship. They've heard about up. Yesterday they were working on defensive formations against Henderson's baffling spread plays and they were very much interested as Coach Lambeau and Assistant Red Smith outlined the manner in which they were going to meet the onslaught of the Bulldogs....BELLIGERENT BUNCH: The Packers are, I think, without question the most fearsome looking lot of individuals to wander down this direction. They are tremendously big and astonishingly fast and they have a world of spirit. Sixteen members of the squad weigh over 200 pounds and when you see the tackle to tackle combination of Ernie Smith (S.C.) 221 pounds, Buckets Goldenberg (Wis.) 212 pounds, George Svendsen (Minn.) 224 pounds, Paul Engebretsen (N.W.) 238 pounds and Tar Schwammel (O.S.C.) 282 pounds, staring you in the face you can well imagine that it might be better to try to run around 'em or throw the ball past 'em than to try to go through 'em...CLEMENS BACK HOME: Cal Clemens, another ex-Trojan who has been doing a lot of heavy blocking in the Packer backfield, caught a terrific 60-yard pass yesterday right out of the hands of Clark Hinkle amidst much laughter at Hinkle's expense, and halfback Arnold Herber also tossed some sensational heaves to Milt Gantenbein and Don Hutson in practice. Smith and Schwammel entertained the boys with a little snappy field goal kicking from all over the park and Champ Seibold, the 230-pound ex-Wisconsin left tackle who had his foot stepped on in practice the other day, took a lot of kidding from his teammates when he didn't put on a suit...THEY'RE BIG AND FAST: They wound up the proceedings with a sprint down the field and Buckets Goldenberg scampered across the line first followed by Ernie Smith among the linemen while Don Hutson, in a special added attraction, gave Coach Red Smith 10 yards handicap and passed him in 50 yards going like the Santa Fe Chief making up time. "I want you guys," shouted Coach Lambeau, "to run the full 100 yards because you may intercept a pass Sunday and I want you to be able to run all the way for a touchdown without having to thumb a ride."


JAN 15 (Los Angeles) - Ernie (Suit Case) Smith was considered a pretty fair tackle when he was leaving the opposition crippled and wounded in his wake during his sting under Howard Jones, but since departing from the University of Southern California the big Trojan has blossomed out as just about the most devastating one-man wrecking crew in football. Jones took the awkward, rawboned giant and taught him to balance himself on his oversized feet. He showed the willing Smith how to block and sock and finally Ernie attained All-American honors...DISMAL DEBUT: Local fans were mighty proud of the slightly bald Trojan when he turned to professional football and we all expected big things of him. But Ernie was slow to "savvy" the more advanced style of pro line play and at first was more or less of a disappointment to his admirers. That was three years ago. Today the former Trojan is rated as the greatest tackle in the National League. He is a polished, faultless workman, tireless on the attack, ferocious as a hungry tiger in his charge...TOUCH AS TACKS: He is still awkward and he is still raw-boned and the fur on his dome is virtually invisible to the nude optic, but enormous Ernie is twice the tackle that he was at Troy. It took Smith the better part of three furious campaigns to "savvy" the science of line play, but now his coach, Curly Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers, wouldn't trade him for a whole carload of halfbacks...MEET BULLDOGS: "You'll see the most improved player in the game when Smith starts against the Bulldogs Sunday," said Lambeau, ever the businessman, as he tossed in a plug for the Packer-Bulldog fracas at Gilmore Stadium on the Sabbath. "Ernie's specialty is blocking punts," added the Packer coach. "Blocked ten or eleven of them this year - I forget which. He's a money player, too. In the game with Detroit that decided the western division race Smith got in front of two punts, Don Hutson recovering one of them for a touchdown and falling on the other one on the eight-yard line. Then we met Boston for the league championship and Ernie blocked a couple more, one for a touchdown."...THEY BOTH SWUNG: Trojan fans remember Smith as a fierce, abysmal-brutish type of tackle, but one that was never antagonistic. This year, however, Ernie earned himself some headlines by swapping swats with the exceedingly belligerent Mike Mikulak of the Chicago Cardinals. Never heard the blow-by-blow account of the debate out here, but Ernie got a draw, they say. And you've got to have plenty of the old get-up-and-go to get a draw with Mr. Mikulak, who achieved undying fame by shortening Bronko Nagurski's size 19 neck two inches in a head-on collision!



JAN 16 (Los Angeles) - The Green Bay Packers, the mighty rulers of professional football, promise to draw a capacity crowd of 18,500 tomorrow when they take the field at Gilmore stadium against the Los Angeles Bulldogs, California's leading contribution to the national pro ranks. The Bulldogs, probationary members of the National league and seeking a permanent berth in the circuit, are keenly anxious to knock over the vaunted Packers, whose roster reads like an all-time Who's Who in the pigskin pastime. Local fans and Coach Elmer (Gloomy Gus) Henderson's charges are well aware of the Bay strength and individual personalities. Ernie Smith, former Southern California star, is a big favorite here and interest is keyed to see how he compares in pro raiment with the old cardinal and gold of Troy. Similarly, Don Hutson is well remembered for his achievements in the Rose Bowl in 1935, as pass receiver for Dixie Howell, when Alabama trounced Stanford. Fans find it harder to believe that the Herber-to-Hutson combination may even be greater...BETTER THAN DIXIE: "When I left Alabama I never expected to run into another Howell," drawled Hutson yesterday, "but I guess even Dixie could learn something from Arnold Herber." Coach E.L. Lambeau is drilling his team on defense against (Gloomy Gus) Henderson's baffling spread formations, and the squad is in excellent shape. The players' spirit in particular is attracting attention here. "They're so glad to get out of the cold, snow and sleet that they feel like a bunch of young colts," Lambeau observed. The Packers are favored to win, but many expect a tough battle from the Los Angeles aggregation. The Bulldogs have lost but two games, one to the Salinas Packers in a decided upset and the other a 7 to 0 struggle last Sunday with the Chicago Bears. Boasting a number of former college stars, the Bulldogs walloped the Pittsburgh Pirates, 27 to 7, beat the Philadelphia Eagles, 10 to 7, trimmed the Rock Island Independents, 49 to 0, tied the Brooklyn Dodgers 13-all and vanquished two California pro foes, Hollywood All-Stars, 36 to 0, and the Antioch Legionnaires, state champions two years straight, 40 to 7...STARK IS ACE: "Crazy Legs" Stark, slim left halfback who was an unheralded scoring ace at little


Oklahoma Baptist university, is the chief ball carrier of the Bulldogs, but he may be handicapped by a leg injury, and if so midget Willis Berry may get most of the assignments. The Bulldogs' answer to Herber and Hutson lies in the passing ability of Phil Sarboe, former Washington State university back until recently with the Brooklyn Dodgers, and the receiving ability of Bill Smith, all-America end at the University of Washington, late of the Chicago Cardinals. It is no secret that the Bulldogs bolstered their squad by the acquisition of Sarboe and Smith in preparation for the coming of the mighty Packers. It is common gossip along the coast that officiating has been pro-Bulldog, and for four days the teams were unable to agree on officials. Lambeau gave in to the Los Angeles requests late Friday, saying that he believed the situation "had aroused" the Packers...GET IDEAS ON BENCH: Although no contract has been signed, it appears that the Packers will make a movie short while in Los Angeles. The team has accepted terms verbally, and a studio representative will sit on the bench tomorrow, gathering ideas for the short. If the team looks impressive, the terms of the contract will be pleasing to all members of the squad. "The Packers will try many new plays Sunday," Lambeau announced, "and probably some of the new men will be at their best, Cal Clemens has been looking very good, along with Bernard Scherer and Herman Schneidman. These boys are working hard and it is a pleasure to have them on the squad." All the Packers were to go through the Fox studio this afternoon, being invited for lunch, and later they were to be divided into groups to witness the shooting of scenes in different pictures. "The wives refused to let their husbands go unless they can do along," Lambeau commented, "and I am for it."


JAN 16 (Los Angeles) - When and if the Bulldogs find themselves in the scoring zone tomorrow they are going to depend upon their deceptive running attack to embarrass the Packers rather than wildly wafting the watermelon all over the landscape in a desperate effort to penetrate the Packer defense. Coach Gus Henderson, mashout of the moleskinned mastodons, gave his Bulldogs a well running attack to play with in last week's game with the Chicago Bears and the famed Henderson spread had the Bears badly befuddled. But when the Bulldogs moved inside the 30-yard line the quarterback forgot about how nicely the running attack was clicking and took to the air with negative results...SKIMPY SPEEDSTERS: Sooo, skimpy, elusive citizens like Ed (Pathological Legs) Stark and Roy (Skeet) Barry will ge given every opportunity to ramble inside and outside of the Packer tackles when the pro pigskinners collide tomorrow at Gilmore Stadium. Stark, the eccentric galloper who is ideally equipped for the Henderson spread, has been banged up somewhat during the past few weeks and will not start against Curly Lambeau's league champions, but Bulldog backers need never fear, for Berry is sharp as a tack and if he can equal his sterling performance against the Bears Stark's absence will be little felt...AERIAL THREAT: But Henderson is not placing all his cackleberries in one basket. While his running game will predominate, the added threat of such passers as Phil Sarboe and Fearless Frankie Greene should serve to give the Hendersonians a royal chance of tilting the dope bucket. Sarboe was admittedly sour against the Bears, forgetting to let fly on more than one occasion, but Phil couldn't be that bad again if he tried. Look for the ex-Cougar to hae a good day tomorrow..."THREE H'S" START: Lambeau is going to fire all his Big Berthas at the Bulldogs tomorrow, judging from the starting lineup he announced last night. The three H's - Hutson, Herber and Hinkle - will be in there at the kickoff, as will such sturdy Boy Scouts as Ernie Smith, Cal Clemens, George Sauer and Tar Schwammel. Only change in the Bulldog setup will be Berry for Stark. Line Coach Ray Richards has poured a pot of glue on his bum ankle, dismembered in the Bear contest, and will be at this guard post again. Loss of the burly Richards early in the game didn't help the Bulldog cause very


much. Harry Myers, secretary of the Bulldog club, made himself Public Enemy No. 487 by announcing that there will be no broadcast of the game tomorrow.


JAN 16 (Los Angeles) - Richard (Red) Smith, assistant coach of the Green Bay Packers, played at Notre Dame and was assistant coach at Wisconsin before joining the pros. Smith also manages a farm club for the Milwaukee American Association team...Don Hutson, Green Bay's great pass-snagging end, weighs less now than he did when he played for Alabama. Hutson tipped the beam at 190 when in college, but he'll weight but 185 when the Packers meet the L.A. Bulldogs tomorrow at Gilmore Stadium. Don said he lost the weight playing baseball last summer and hasn't been able to get back up to 190.


JAN 17 (Los Angeles) - Unless they write one last dizzy chapter to this craziest of football seasons, the Los Angeles Bulldogs will be in the dog house for fair tonight following their date with the Green Bay Packers at Gilmore Stadium. Curly Lambeau's world champion Packers are prohibited favorites to muzzle the Bulldogs this afternoon and a Bulldog victory this afternoon and a Bulldog victory would be tantamount to Karloff dislodging Gable as the flapper's delight. Lambeau's charges finished the league season with eleven victories, one defeat and one tie, and scored 269 points to the enemy's scanty 125. The Bears were the only team to take them, a favor which they later returned in kind...STRONG TEAM: Notwithstanding and nevertheless, Gus Henderson's team is a sound, resourceful combine, one that is capable of giving the champions a stiff time of it was they refuse to count themselves out before the final whistle. Green Bay, with its justly celebrated Don Hutson-Arnold Herber passing combination, its all-league fullback, Clarke Hinkle, and two all-league linemen in Ernie Smith and Lon Evans, apparently packs too much punch for the Bulldogs...GRID WIZARDS: The toughest teams in the National League have found it impossible to bottle up Herber and Hutson, who set several forward passing records during the league campaign just closed. Hutson, as you all know, was on the receiving end of eight or nine of Dixie Howell's passes when Alabama staged the wildest offensive charge ever witnessed in the Rose Bowl. Herber is the versatile grid genius from tiny Regis College who astounded local grid bugs when the Packers appeared here in 1933 by tossing tremendous passes and getting off successive punts of 65, 70, 85 and 75 yards. Herber is flanked by wizards of the gridiron. Hinkle has been here before. We almost saw the great ex-Nebraska halfback, George Sauer, here last year but he was hurt in the first play of the game with the Detroit Lions and was carted off the field. He'll start today. Then there is Bob Monnett, who was the nation's leading scorer while playing for Michigan State. And Hank Bruder of Northwestern and Joe Laws of Iowa and Cal Clemens of Southern California. Ernie Smith, Troy's greatest tackle, Hutson and Tar Schwammel of Oregon State are Green Bay's most famous linemen, with Milt Gantenbein of Wisconsin and George Svendsen of Minnesota only a step behind...TEAM OF UNKNOWNS: Gus Henderson's club is composed for the most part of geezers you never heard of before they came here, but most of them know a lot of football, as their record against league teams indicates. Victories over the Chicago Cards, Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Pirates, a 13-13 tie with the Brooklyn Dodgers and a 7-0 loss to the Chicago Bears offer no reason for them to be ashamed of themselves nor held in disrespect by the Packers. With Ed (Crazy Legs) Stark, a very brittle piece of bric-a-brac right now, Bulldog stock is low. Injured in the Bear contest last week, Stark can hardly be expected to be up to snuff today. However, "Skeet" Berry had a pretty good day against the Bears and may be able to fill the bill. Frank Greene will be at quarter, with Hal Wickersham and Gordon Gore filling the rest of the backfield spots.


JAN 17 (Los Angeles) - Green Bay's Packers, otherwise known as "The Passing Show", will attempt to show local grid fans in general and the Los Angeles Bulldogs in particular just how they won the NFL championship today at Gilmore Stadium. The Packers, at the present writing, are the "ne plus ultra" of the football firmament. They have in Arnold Herber and Don Hutson the greatest offensive combination operating on the gridiron. Herber heaves 'em and Hutson snags 'em. These two set a new pro grid loop record for completing passes during the recently completed season, and were more than a little responsible for the Packers' feat of losing but one game and tying only one contest during their heavy schedule. But the Packers also have a good running attack and a powerful defense. They're a good, big football team which can take care of itself in any kind of company. And the Packers are never beaten as long as Herber can throw a football and Hutson can catch one. In a recent exhibition game at Denver, the Green Bay behemoths scored three touchdowns in the final quarter to defeat Brooklyn. One of the Packers' standouts is that former Trojan trombone tooter, Ernie Smith, who was placed on the 1936 all-professional eleven. Smith plays a mean tackle, as well as a trombone. And his size 14 brogans form a potent part of the Green Bay outfit's attack. Ernie is a proficient field goal kicker, and also attends to the duty of booting the points after touchdowns. While Coach Gloomy Gus Henderson's Bulldogs don't figure to win today, stranger things have happened, and they're bound to make it interesting. They held the powerful Chicago Bears to a 7-0 score last week. The Bulldogs play wide-open football, as do the Packers, so it ought to be a large afternoon.

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