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San Francisco 49ers (3-9) 30, Green Bay Packers (3-9) 14

Sunday December 10th 1950 (at San Francisco)



(SAN FRANCISCO) - Taking advantage of fumbles, interceptions and an impotent running attack, the San Francisco Forty Niners defeated the Green Bay Packers, 30 to 14, in the final 1950 NFL game for both teams here Sunday afternoon. Though the field was muddy from a week of rain, the game was played under a bright sun before 20,797 fans. The defeat put the Packers into a tie with the 49ers for next to last place in the league's National conference with three victories and nine losses each. Southpaw quarterback Frank Albert led the 49ers as they avenged last month's 25-21 loss on a snowswept field in Green Bay. The Californians scored a touchdown and a field goal in the first period to take the league, pushed over two more tallies in the second and scored once more in the final period. Tony Canadeo came out of the game as the Packers' all-time ground gaining champion, making 35 yards - all that the Packers gained on the ground - to give him a total of 3,875. He snapped Clarke Hinkle's mark of 3,860. The 35-yard blast, more than 20 coming on the last two plays of the game, ranked Canadeo as the league's No. 2 all-time ground gainer. The Packers made only 43 yards on the ground but lost eight, reducing the figure to 35. The Packers took a short-lived advantage early on a brilliant touchdown pass from quarterback Tobin Rote to halfback Billy Grimes, who ran 96 yards. The Packers also counted in the third period on a pass from Rote to Steve Pritko in the end zone...The first touchdown was the most thrilling of the game. The Packers were backed up against their own goal and Rote's toss was out in the right flat as the team has spread out to give Grimes several blockers. All executed their assignment perfectly and Grimes, cutting back through the middle, darted down the field to outspeed all would-be tacklers. San Francisco came right back with Albert mixing up his plays to work the ball 63 yards. Halfback John Styzkalski ran the last seven yards. A little later, Gordon Soltau booted a 21-yard field goal to give the 49ers a 10-7 margin. The winners counted in the following period by recovering a Packer fumble. Pritko caught Rote's pass but bobbled it, and Sam Cathcart recovered the ball in midair. From the 10, Albert threw to fullback Joe Perry. Bob Summerhays of the Packers tried to bat the ball, but deflected it into Perry's hands on the goal line.


The 49ers counted again just before the half when Perry smashed through the line and ran 77 yards to give the 49ers a 24-7 margin. Green Bay scored in the third quarter after Summerhays recovered a fumble on the Frisco 49-yard line. Rote completed three passes and wound up by tossing the payoff to Pritko. The 49ers wound up the scoring in the final period after putting the ball into play on the Packers' 22 through an interception pass. Albert tossed to halfback Fred Gehrke in the end zone...Although outclassed both statistically and on the scoreboard, the Packers were in the game until the final gun. Intercepted passes and fumbles recovered by the opposition were costly. Green Bay's quarterbacks, Rote and Paul Christman, were rushed hard and often had to get off passes in to big a hurry. Penalties also hit the Packers in crucial moments. They halted drives just when Green Bay's offense was clicking. Fullback Canadeo's 20-yard gain, which would have been a first down to continue a drive, was nullified by a holding penalty. The visitors looked great when they sprung Grimes loose early in the opening period on the 96-yard touchdown run. The spread formation caught the 49ers napping. Green Bay threatened midway in the second period after Joe Spencer had recovered a 49er fumble on his own 45. The Packers got down to San Francisco's 17, through the aid of a 15-yard penalty and an 11-yard pass from Christman to Al Baldwin but Christman lose 11 on another pass attempt. Ted Fritsch tried a field goal from the 36-yard line but the ball went wide...The Packers made two scoring rallies in the third period, and capitalized on the second one. Bob Summerhays recovered a fumble by 49er end Alex Loyd to set the stage for the tallies. It gave the visitors the ball on San Francisco's 49. Rote threw a tremendous pass to Bob Mann, and the fleet end got behind the defenders to make a nifty catch. It put the ball nine yards from scoring turf. Rote then hit Pritko for five yards and Grimes made one yard to the 3. On the next play, three receivers were waiting at different spots in the end zone. Rote picked out Pritko and the Packers were still in contention with the count 24-14 against them. Previously, Green Bay had taken the ball from its own 31, after a 20-yard kickoff return by Canadeo, to the San Francisco 25. Passes accounted for all but one yard of the advance. Rote first tossed one yard to Baldwin, then 11 to Pritko and 20 more to Baldwin. Rote made one yard through the line, then connected with Baldwin for 11 yards to the 25. The rally failed when Rote's next pass was intercepted by Bob Livingston in the end zone and returned to the 49er 14. San Francisco held game control almost throughout the last period. The Packers staved off one 49er threat when Rebel Steiner intercepted a pass on his own 9. Late in the contest, Chuck Drulis charged in to partly block Albert's punt, giving the Packers the ball on their own 46. They lost the ball on downs on their own 31 to where they had been set back by a 15-yard penalty...With less than a minute, the Packers were still trying. They had time to run off two plays. Canadeo made 10 yards to his own 38, then smashed through for 14 more into San Francisco territory as the game ended. The only man who bothered Albert on his pass patterns was Dan Orlich, defensive end, who bowled in repeatedly. He threw the elusive 49er for a couple of losses. The Packers were the victims of a big break which went to the advantage of the locals starting the second period. The 49ers had intercepted a pass which Pritko fumbled on his own 37. After getting down to the 10-yard marker, Albert threw a touchdown pass to Joe Perry. But it was deflected slightly by Summerhays and popped into Perry's hands for the score. That made the count 17-7 in favor of San Francisco. If the pass had failed, the Packers would have still been in the running.

GREEN BAY     -  7  0  7  0 - 14

SAN FRANCISCO - 10 14  0  6 - 30

                       GREEN BAY  SAN FRANCISCO

First Downs                   14             19

Rushing-Yards-TD         15-31-0       35-223-2

Att-Comp-Yd-TD-Int 38-20-291-2-2  33-17-197-2-1

Sacked-Yards                 0-0            0-0

Net Passing Yards            291            197

Total Yards                  322            420

Fumbles-lost                 6-4            5-2

Yards penalized             5-35          10-90


1ST - GB - Billy Grimes, 96-yard pass from Tobin Rote (Paul Christman kick) GREEN BAY 7-0

1ST - SF - Strzykalski, 7-yard run (Gordie Soltau kick) TIED 7-7

1ST - SF - Soltau, 21-yard field goal SAN FRANCISCO 10-7

2ND - SF - Joe Perry, 10-yard pass from Frankie Albert (Soltau kick) SAN FRANCISCO 17-7

2ND - SF - Perry, 78-yard run (Jack Nix pass from Albert) SAN FRANCISCO 24-7

3RD - GB - Steve Pritko, 3-yard pass from Rote (Ted Fritsch kick) SAN FRAN 24-14

4TH - SF - Fred Gehrke, 4-yard pass from Albert (Kick failed) SAN FRANCISCO 30-14


GREEN BAY - Tony Canadeo 8-30, Billy Grimes 3-1, Tobin Rote 3-0, Larry Coutre 1-0

SAN FRANCISCO - Joe Perry 9-135 1 TD, Johnny Strzykalski 11-50 1 TD, Emil Sitko 2-17, Frankie Albert 4-13, Jim Cason 4-6, Norm Standlee 4-3, Verl Lillywhite 1-(-1)


GREEN BAY - Tobin Rote 23-15-256 2 TD 2 INT, Paul Christman 14-4-21, Bob Forte 1-1-14

SAN FRANCISCO - Frankie Albert 33-17-197 2 TD 1 INT


GREEN BAY - Steve Pritko 6-39 1 TD, Bob Mann 4-73, Al Baldwin 4-43, Billy Grimes 2-98 1 TD, Larry Coutre 1-16, Willie Manley 1-14, Jack Cloud 1-6, Breezy Reid 1-2

SAN FRANCISCO - Jim Cason 4-56, Alyn Beals 4-35, Joe Perry 3-20 1 TD, Alex Loyd 2-34, Fred Gehrke 2-17 1 TD, Gordie Soltau 1-28, Johnny Strzykalski 1-7


#74 Joe Perry gains yardage against Packers #74 Rebel Steiner and #35 Clayton Tonnemaker

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