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The 1925 Green Bay Packers - 8-5 (9TH)

Head Coach: Curly Lambeau



13 IRON MOUNTAIN ALL-STARS               W 48- 6    1- 0-0    4,000



20 HAMMOND PROS (0-0-0)                  W 14- 0    1- 0-0    3,000

27 CHICAGO BEARS (0-0-1)                 W 14-10    2- 0-0    5,389


4  at Rock Island Independents (0-0-2)   L  0- 3    2- 1-0    3,000

11 MILWAUKEE BADGERS (0-1-0)             W 31- 0    3- 1-0    2,300

18 ROCK ISLAND INDPENDENTS (2-0-2)       W 20- 0    4- 1-0    5,000

25 ROCHESTER JEFFERSONS (0-1-1)       W 33-13      5- 1-0   2,700


1  at Milwaukee Badgers (0-2-0)       W  6- 0      6- 1-0   2,300

8  at Chicago Cardinals (5-1-0)       L  6- 9      6- 2-0   3,000

15 DAYTON TRIANGLES (0-4-1)           W  7- 0      7- 2-0   3,000

22 at Chicago Bears (5-2-2)           L  0-21      7- 3-0   6,898

26 at Pottsville Maroons (7-2-0)      L  0-31      7- 4-0   3,500

28 at Frankford Yellowjackets (9-4-0) L  7-13      7- 5-0  10,000


6  at Providence Steam Roller (5-3-1) W 13-10      8- 5-0   7,000


After the Packers began play at Bellevue Park, the fans began to demand a stadium be built for the team that was already becoming the identity of the small Wisconsin town. So the town put up a new stadium on their old field in back of the high school called City Stadium. The paint was barely dry when the first game was played at the new stadium, which had wooden fences and wooden bleachers. In that first game on September 20, the Packers defeated the Hammond Pros 14-0. A week later the fans of Green Bay witnessed the Packers first-ever victory over the Chicago Bears 14-10. The Bears would get revenge in Chicago later in the season as the Packers finished the season with an 8-5 record.


Controversy surrounds who actually won the 1925 NFL Championship. Officially, the Cardinals are listed as the 1925 NFL champions because they finished with the best record; however, many Pottsville fans at the time claimed that the Maroons were the legitimate champions. The Maroons and Cardinals were the top contenders for the title, with Pottsville winning a late-season meeting between them, 21-7. But the Maroons scheduled a game against a team of Notre Dame All-Stars, which included the famed "Four Horsemen", in Philadelphia (winning 9-7). The game was scheduled to take place in Shibe Park instead of Pottsville's Minersville Park because of the expected high turnout and the fact that Minersville Park was a high school stadium. Professional football was still struggling to carve out a niche in a sport that was only previously played collegiately, lacking credibility with fans who viewed the level of play as inferior. This was a major victory on the path to legitimizing the NFL and gaining much needed exposure for the fledgling league. However, on the same day the Frankford Yellow Jackets were scheduled to play a game in the same city. Frankford protested, citing an NFL bylaw that the game's venue violated their protected territory rights, by playing the game in Philadelphia. Despite warnings from the NFL and the Yellow Jackets, Striegel went ahead and booked the game against the All-Stars. He did this partly because he didn't think the league's ruling would survive a legal challenge and partly because he had lost money on the team and couldn't resist the huge paycheck that came with the Notre Dame game. Although NFL president Joe Carr warned the Maroons in writing that they faced suspension if they played in Philadelphia, the Maroons claimed that Carr approved the game during a telephone call and played anyway. However at halftime of the Notre Dame game, Striegel was handed a telegram from Carr fining the Maroons $500 and suspending the team from the league, stripping them of the title they had just won. Spurred on by the news, the Maroons played on. Down a point with less than a minute to go, Charlie Berry kicked a 30-yard field goal to upset college’s best team 9-7. The Maroons' victory over the Irish ensured that the NFL now had the credibility to exist on an equal standing with college football. However for all this victory did for the league, the Maroons were repaid by having their NFL title team stripped. The Maroons were also thrown out of the league, but were reinstated for the 1926 season, before folding for good after the 1928 campaign. It should be noted, that the then Chicago Cardinals did not attempt to publicly take credit for the title until 1933, when it was acquired by the Charles Bidwill whose descendants still own the modern day franchise (since relocated to St. Louis and now Arizona). In 2003, the NFL briefly decided to address via a vote during an owners meeting on whether the league should re-examine the case regarding the 1925 championship. But in October, the NFL voted 30-2 not to reopen the case. Thus the Cardinals are still listed as the 1925 NFL champions. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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PLAYER          POS        COLLEGE  G YR HT    WT

George Abramson T-G     Minnesota      1 5- 9 210

Myrt Basing       B      Lawrence  13  3 6- 0 200

Cub Buck          T     Wisconsin  12  5 6- 3 250

Jim Crowley       B    Notre Dame   2  1 5- 9 165

Jug Earp          T      Monmouth  13  4 6- 1 235

Moose Gardner     G     Wisconsin  13  4 6- 2 224

PLAYER          POS        COLLEGE  G YR HT    WT

Jack Harris       B     Wisconsin  11  1 6- 0 190

Eddie Kotal       B      Lawrence   5  1 5-10 165

Curly Lambeau     B    Notre Dame  11  5 6- 0 190

Fred Larson       C    Notre Dame  13  1 6- 0 215

Walter LeJeune  G-T    Heidelberg   9  1 6- 0 240

Verne Lewellen    B      Nebraska  10  2 6- 2 181

PLAYER          POS       COLLEGE   G YR HT    WT

Charlie Mathys   QB       Indiana  12  4 5- 8 165

Marty Norton      B       Hamline      1 5- 8 165

Dick O'Donnell    E     Minnesota  12  2 5-10 196

George Vagara     E    Notre Dame  12  1 6- 1 190

Elmer Wilkens     E       Indiana   6  1 5-10 195

Whitey Woodin     G      Marquette 11  4 5-11 206



JAN 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay Football corporation has received official announcement from Secretary Carl F. Storck, Dayton, that the annual  meeting of the NFL will be held at the Hollenden hotel, Cleveland, on January 24 and 25. The "high spots" of the notification letter follows: "The meeting will be called to order promptly at 1 p.m. and all clubs having claims of any kinds should file them at once with the president unless such claims have already been filed. All players, also, who have claims against any club should file them with the president without delay in order that such claims may come before the executive committee at this meeting. Several matters of the utmost importance, including the ejection of officers, the admission of several new members, and sundry other matters of vital importance will come before the meeting, so you are urged to be present without fail." Green Bay will be represented at the meeting. Announcement of the Packer delegates is to be made early next week.


JAN 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The foundation for another successful professional football season here was laid last night at a meeting of the stockholders of the Green Bay Football corporation, held in the assembly room of the courthouse. The financial report for 1924, which will be found elsewhere on this page, was read and unanimously adopted. It showed that for the first time in the history of pro football in Green Bay, the corporation carried through and finished with a small balance on the right side of the ledger balance besides clearing up some obligations left over from 1923. The report of the nominating committee on the board of directors for this year was favorably acted upon. The directors' board will be composed of the following: A.B. Turnbull, Lee Joannes, John Kittell, Frank Cartier, Louie Oldenburg, Emmett Platten, Ed. Schweger, Marcel Lambeau, Joe Clusman, Ward Black, Wenzel Weisner, Ray Leicht and G.W. Calhoun...THANK FAIR ASSOCIATION: A resolution thanking the Northeastern Wisconsin Fair association for the use of a thousand portable seats was unanimously passed by the stockholders as was a resolution thanking the president and secretary-treasurer for their successful efforts during the past two seasons. Some routine discussion of football matters followed, after which the meeting of the stockholders was closed. It was decided to increase the membership of the executive board from five to seven members. This group for 1925 will be made up of: A.B. Turnbull, Lee Joannes, Dr. W.W. Kelly, John Kittell, Ray Evrard, Wenzel Weisner and Louie Oldenburg...OFFICERS ARE ELECTED: Election of the corporation officers was the next business on the program. A.B. Turnbull was named president; John Kittell, vice president; Lee Joannes, treasurer; G.W. Calhoun, secretary and Fred Van Deuren, assistant treasurer. Ray Evrard was named chairman of the finance committee, together with Frank Cartier, will attempt to secure signatures from 25 individuals in the city to underwrite a guarantee fund of $2,500. This amount will not be collected unless, due to some unexpected setbacks, there should be a shortage in the football finances at the end of the 1925 season...DELEGATES TO MEET: President A.B. Turnbull and Captain Lambeau of the Packers were named as Green Bay's delegates to the NFL meeting which will be held in Cleveland on Saturday and Sunday.


JAN 26 (Cleveland) - Awarding of the 1924 championship to the Cleveland Bulldogs and steps to increase the professional circuit from sixteen to twenty teams marked the closing session of the NFL yesterday. Applications were received from Detroit, Cincinnati, Providence and Pottsville, Pennsylvania. They will be acted upon by a committee in Columbus next month. Should these teams be admitted, the league will be divided into an eastern and western divisions, the two highest in each to play a series to decide the championship. Pottsville's entrance, it is understood, hinges upon settling its controversy with owners of the Cleveland eleven over three local players who jumped to Pottsville last year. The schedule meeting will be held in Chicago in July...The Cleveland Bulldogs and not the Chicago Bears won the NFL championship for 1924 it was officially decided at the concluding session of the NFL. Furthermore, provision was made to prevent the recurrence of the championship situation that came up at the end of the past season...CAUSE OF MIXUP: When the season officially closed on November 30, Cleveland was the leading team on a percentage basis. Cleveland the Chicago Bears then played in Chicago on December 6. Cleveland held that it was an exhibition game but the Bears announced it as a championship game. The Bears won and claimed the title, since, if that game were to be counted in the standings, the Bears would top the league. The league, in a resolution, awarded the pennant to Cleveland, forbade teams from playing postseason games for the championship, and extended the season to December 20, three weeks longer than past season...TEXT OF RESOLUTION: Here is the text of the resolution adopted: "The pennant of the NFL is awarded to Cleveland on the basis of games played before and concluding November 30, and that postseason games wherein agreements are made between teams to play for a championship are positively forbidden and to insure conformity to this resolution this season is extended December 20 for the season of 1925." The season is extended into late December to accommodate the more southern cities in the league like Kansas City. The opening date is September 20 to accommodate the northern cities like Duluth, Green Bay and Minneapolis. President Joe Carr declared that this was the best season the league has enjoyed. Most of the clubs made more money than in the past, he said. Applications for admission into the league were referred to the executive committee. It is reported that the Kenosha, Wis. franchise will be transferred to Grand Rapids, Mich...OFFICERS ARE RE-ELECTED: All officers were re-elected. They are: President, Joe Carr, Columbus; vice president, John Dunn, Minneapolis; secretary, Carl Storck, Dayton. The player limit was reduced from eighteen to 16 men per club. It was decided to empower the president to name all the officials instead of only the referees. Cities represented at the meeting were: Cleveland, Rochester, Philadelphia, Chicago (two teams), Columbus, Akron, Racine, Hammond, Kenosha, Buffalo, Louisville, Green Bay, Milwaukee, the Oorang Indians of Laru, Ohio, and three cities seeking membership, Pottsville, Pa., Detroit and Cincinnati.



JAN 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "The fame of the Packers is not alone confined to Green Bay and the middle west," said A.B. Turnbull, president of the Green Bay Football corporation on his return from the pro league meting in Cleveland, "as we can get games with any team in the country." The Green Bay football executive returned from Cleveland Monday. Captain Lambeau of the Packers accompanied him to the meet but on the homeward trip, he stopped off at South Bend on "business"...GOOD SEASON AHEAD: "Green Bay is in for a good season of football," said Mr. Turnbull, "and we are in hopes of booking contests with the best elevens in the league. There is a possibility that both Philadelphia and Cleveland will be seen here early in the season. These two games, of course, hang fire in financial guarantees but it would be possible to arrange them if the fans are willing to pay $1.50 and $2.00 to see these two contests. It will cost a lot of money to foot the traveling expenses of these clubs for games in Green Bay."...MAY TOUR EAST: "Although no definite dates have been decided, it is quite likely that the Packers will make a tour of the East late in the fall, playing at Philadelphia, Buffalo and Providence, R.I. These clubs are desirous of bringing in the Badger state champions. With the opening of the league schedule on September 20, it will give us an opportunity to secure some choice early season games. The Packers will probably play a non-league contest on September 13, which will be our opening game at home. Our schedule will probably carry home and home games with the Bears; a tilt with the Cards in Chicago at White Sox park and the usual series with Milwaukee and Racine. We also hope to bring Rock Island here for a contest."...AIR OF OPTIMISM: According to Mr. Turnbull, an air of optimism prevailed at the league meeting and it was the opinion of the club representatives that professional football would experience its most successful season this fall. Rapid strides were made last fall by the postgraduate gridders and the sport appears to be on a firmer foundation than ever. It is understood that Jimmy Conzelman, who starred at Milwaukee for the past two seasons, will manage the club in Detroit this fall. Conzelman is already laying plans to place a team on the gridiron. While in Cleveland, the Green Bay representatives met Tillie Voss, crack Packer end of last season. Voss was playing basketball with a Detroit team against the Cleveland professionals..."4 HORSEMEN" IN DEMAND: From the gossip heard in the league meeting, every club in the league has put in a bid for the "Four Horsemen" of Notre Dame. Dame Rumor has it that Chris O'Brien of the Chicago Cardinals made a proposal, just about tossing in his Normal park, if the Notre Dame stars would don Cardinal uniforms. But it is said O'Brien returned empty handed. The next meeting of the pro league will be held in Chicago July 25 and 26. At this conference the schedule will be ironed out. In the meantime, the managers will carry on negotiations to have a possible chart laid out when the parley gets underway.


APR 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Green Bay football fans who saw the Packers play the Chicago Bears in Cubs park last November probably got a kick out of the announcement that Frank "Duke" Hanny, captain of the Indiana university football team in 1922, had decided to make a bid for fame as a professional boxer. Hanny probably got his start on the fistic road in the Packer-Bear gridiron encounter. Hanny was holding down a wing position for the Bears and he began riding Tillie Voss, the Bays' great end, more ways than one. When Hanny discovered that the verbal barrage wasn't disturbing the smooth performance of the Packer star, he launched a few fistic tactics. Voss didn't take this at all and the pair went to it until both were chased out of the game. If Hanny doesn't go any better in the ring that he did against Voss, he won't climb very high up the pugilistic ladder. Tillie had it over him like a tent and then some. According to reports from Chicago, Hanny has joined the Jimmy Gardner stable of fighters. Gardner was, at one time, world's welterweight champ, and has had pretty good success developing batters. Hanny is scheduled to make his first start in about two months in the open air area at Aurora, Ill. This is his hometown.


JUN 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There is a possibility that the Green Bay Packers may take a three game trip east in the fall, playing the Philadelphia Yellowjackets, Pottsville, Pa., Miners and New York Giants. President A.B. Turnbull of the Green Bay Football corporation has received a letter from M.W. Ballentine, secretary of the Philadelphia Jackets, opening negotiations for the proposed trip...THREE BIG GAMES: The Philadelphia football official suggests that the Packers play in Pottsville, Pa., on Thanksgiving Day, then jump to Philadelphia for a game on Saturday November 28, and hop off to New York for a Sunday game with the Giants at the Polo Grounds. At the present time, Pottsville and New York are not members of the NFL but it is expected that favorable action will be taken on their application for franchises at the league meeting in Chicago July 25 and 26...WANT PHILADELPHIA HERE: The Packer management is attempting to get Philadelphia to play here early in the season and, if the trip east is arranged, it will probably be with the understanding that Philadelphia is to play here on one of the September dates. The NFL season opens on September 20 and the final date is December 20. This new arrangement, which was decided on at the January meeting in Cleveland, allows three solid months for professional pigskin chasing.


JUN 13 (South Bend, IN) - George Vergara, former Notre dame athlete and picked for a position at All-American end by many critics in 1923, has reported to the Louisville club in the American association for a tryout...IS PACKER PLAYER: Vergara is the Notre Dame football player who appeared in a Packer uniform last season in the final game of the season against Racine. His football contract is in the possession of the Green Bay Football corporation and, if he performs on the gridiron fall as a member of a pro league club, Vergara will wear the moleskins for Green Bay. Aside from being a corking good end, Vergara can play either tackle or guard. Captain Lambeau figures that he would be a valuable addition to the Big Bay Blues.


JUL 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Packer football players who live in Green Bay throughout the year will start their preliminary workouts on August 1 at Bay Beach. About a half dozen of the Bay Beach Blues will indulge in the limbering up process and it is expected that more candidates will be on hand during the latter part of the month.


JUL 14 (Menominee, MI) - Marion Sobay, 5, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sobay, Menominee, was killed almost instantly at 4 p.m. Monday when she was struck by an automobile driven by Richard (Jab) Murray, Marinette attorney, a member for the past three years on the Green Bay Packers football team, and a former football star at Marquette university, Milwaukee. The little girl and a number of companions were returning from a bathing beach walking along a railroad track. The attorney attempted to swerve his machine at the railroad crossing but the child was knocked to the pavement. An inquest is to be held today.


JUL 16 (Menominee, MI) - The accident which caused the death of Marion Sobey, 5, who was instantly killed Monday when she was struck by an automobile driven by Richard R. (Jab) Murray, Marinette attorney, was declared by a coroner's jury late Wednesday to have been unavoidable. Murray, a former Marquette football star and a member of the Green Bay Packer teams, was on his way to settle an automobile accident claim for a client when he struck the child. Testimony at the inquest indicated he was driving slowly at the time of the accident and that the child darted in front of his machine.


JUL 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The first new recruit to the Packer football machine of 1925 is Elmer Wilkins, a 180 pound end from Fort Wayne, Ind. Wilkins is a product of Indiana university. He was captain of the Hoosier freshmen team in 1920 and saw three years of service with the varsity at end. In 1924, he was finishing his course at the university but was unable to play on account of the three year eligibility rule...COACHED FROSH TEAM: Wilkins was not out of football however, as he was a member of the Indiana coaching staff, being in charge of the freshmen squad. He had great success with the yearlings and turned out a great frosh team. The new Packer was a member of the track team and is credited with being able to step the century in ten flat. While playing football with the Hoosier, he was credited with being one of the best forward pass receivers in the Western Conference...MATHYS BOOSTS HIM: Charlie Mathys, the Packer quarterback, knows Wilkins well and he claims the newcomer will be a valuable addition to the squad of the Big Bay Blues. "Ask any Indiana man about Wilkins," Charlie says, "and he will tell you that 'Wilkie' is one of the best ends that ever played on the Hoosier variety."


JUL 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Jack Harris, captain of the Wisconsin football team in 1924, signed with the Green Bay Packers Tuesday evening after a conference with A.B. Turnbull, president of the Green Bay Football corporation, and Captain Curley Lambeau. The contract was signed with the understanding that Harris would void the agreement if a position which has been negotiating for with a Chicago firm materialized within the next few days. In other words, if Harris plays professional football, it will be with the Big Bay Blues...PLAYED GOOD FOOTBALL: Harris gained considerable fame as a footballer in the Western Conference circles. He saw three years of varsity service with the Badgers. Last season, when the gridiron stock slumped badly at Madison, the brilliant play of the Wisconsin captain was an outstanding feature. Harris closed his collegiate football season in a blaze of glory as his game against Chicago attracted no end of favorable comment from the sport scribes. Green Bay football fans who witnessed the Wisconsin-Notre Dame exhibition last fall came back home singing the praises of Harris to the skies. He was about the only Badgers that battled Rockne & Co. like a "He-man"...IS PLUNGING TYPE: Jack Harris is of the plunging type of fullback which the Packers have needed badly for several years. He tips the beat at about 190 pounds and makes it a point to keep in condition the year round. Harris would rather play football than eat and those who know him closely claim harmony is his middle name.



JUL 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - When the Green Bay Packers step out on the gridiron for their opening game of the season, which will probably be played on Sunday September 13, Jack Harris, the fighting captain of the Badger varsity in 1924, will be in the lineup. Announcement of Harris signing a contract was made several days ago but the agreement was conditional on a business opening that Harris was negotiating for in Chicago. However, the husky fullback has so arranged his affairs that he remain at the Bay during the football season, anyway...HARRIS GIVEN PRAISE: With Harris in the battle front, the Packers will have a line plunger that should cut quite a figure in pro football circles. When the announcement was flashed out over the state that Harris had come to terms with the Big Bay Blues, a member of the sport writers went out of their way to sing the praises of last year's Wisconsin captain. The Packer football machinery is moving along nicely. Reserve notices have been sent out to members of last year's team and it is a certainty that the big majority of the 1924 favorites will be back in togs. Saturday and Sunday, the schedule meeting of the NFL will be held in Chicago.President A.B. Turnbull of the Green Bay Football corporation and Captain Lambeau will be the Packers' representatives at the gridiron pow wow.


JUL 31 (Chicago) - A number of the postgraduate gridiron moguls arrived here a day in advance of the NFL meeting which will be held Saturday and Sunday at the Sherman hotel. Among the early arrivals was Joe F. Carr, Columbus, president of the league. Mr. Carr predicted this coming fall would see the most successful season of professional football. He claimed that he had received encouraging reports from every team in the circuit and that the outlook was of the rosy hued variety. The league president dropped a hint that Detroit and New York would be granted franchises in the circuit. He also said that Canton would be back in the field after a year's absence. This meeting of the pro gridders is for the purpose of arranging the schedule and there promises to be a wide scramble for the choice dates. Each of the clubs are required to post a forfeit of $1,000 which served as a guarantee against any violation of the league rules...ON THEIR WAY: A.B. Turnbull, president of the Green Bay Football corporation, and Captain Curley Lambeau of the Packers left this afternoon for Chicago where they will attend the NFL meeting.


AUG 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Howard (Cub) Buck, one of the most popular players on the Packer team, will again be seen in the battle front of the Big Bay Blues this season. This will be the fifth successive season that the Wisconsin All-American tackle has played with the Badger state champions. According to the husky 

lineman, this is going to be one of his best years on the gridiron. Ever since last fall, he has been busily engaged in a weight reduction course and, according to penny weight machines, Cub has fallen away from about 230 pounds. Last fall, he tipped the beam at about 260...IS GREAT PUNTER: News that Buck will again play here will be welcomed by the fans as his pigskin chasing ability has contributed greatly to the Packers' success on the chalk-marked field. Buck is rated as one of the best punters on the pro football field and his educated tow has tucked away many victories for the Bays via the field goal route. This season the Packers will have two former Wisconsin captains in the lineup as both Buck and Jack Harris led the varsity during their collegiate days at Madison.


AUG 1 (Chicago) - The NFL probably will be expanded from eighteen to twenty teams at the annual schedule meeting today and Sunday. President Joe F. Carr of Columbus said that favorable action probably would be taken on the applications of Detroit and New York for membership. Billy Gibson, former manager of Benny Leonard, retired lightweight champion, is understood to be interested in the New York franchise. This year's schedule probably will open on Sunday September 20, with the closing date on December 20. Forfeits of $1,000 will be demanded from each team.



AUG 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay Packer football team will undertake the stiffest schedule this fall that was ever booked for the Badger state champs. A.B. Turnbull, president of the Green Bay Football corporation, and Captain Curley Lambeau of the Packers returned from the league meeting over the weekend in Chicago with an outline of games that was considered by the pro league moguls as one of the best arranged at the schedule conference. The Packers will open at home on September 13 with a non-league team. The first league game at home will be on September 20 with Hammond as the opposing eleven. On the following Sunday, the Chicago Bears will play here...PLAY AT ROCK ISLAND: Sunday October 4 the Packers travel to Rock Island. The Big Bay Blues return home on October 11 to play the Milwaukee Badgers. October 18, Rock Island comes here for a game and then Racine is booked here on October 25. On Nov. 1 the Packers play in Milwaukee and the following Sunday, November 8, the Bay eleven faces the Chicago Cardinals at White Sox park. The Packers invade Racine on November 15 and then jump to Chicago for a game with the Bears on November 22 at Cubs' park. The Packers play their first game of their eastern invasion on November 26, Thanksgiving Day, at Pottsville, Pa. Saturday November 28 will see Green Bay in action at Philadelphia against the Yellow Jackets and December 6 the Big Bay Blues battle in Providence, R.I....IS TOUGH OUTLINE: In discussing the Packers' schedule, President Turnbull of the Green Bay Football corporation said: "The outline we have arranged is the hardest one that was ever booked for a Green Bay eleven. It is a schedule that will call for the best team Green Bay has ever had. If we are to carry through successfully, winning at least seventy-five percent of our games, it will mean that Green Bay must have a team of championship caliber. It is needless to add that the Green Bay Football corporation will pull every string possible to give Green Bay a stronger team than in the past."...GOOD GAMES AT HOME: "With the Bears, Rock Island, Milwaukee, Racine, Hammond and one other game booked at home, we feel that the local fans are assured of banner football attractions. This year will make gridiron history for Green Bay because the Packers will make their first trip East. Games have been booked with Pottsville, Pa., Philadelphia and Providence. We were nosed out of a game in New York at the eleventh hour when pressure was brought on Billy Gibson of the New York club to give Dayton the November 30 date instead of Green Bay. Ex-Gov. Cox of Ohio sent the New York management a personal wire urging that the Dayton Triangles be given the date desired by Green Bay. Other managers who attended the meeting were unanimous in the opinion that Green Bay has the best schedule of any of the western clubs, with the possible exception of the Chicago Bears. Every western club was after the eastern trip around Thanksgiving Day but Green Bay won out, due to its brilliant record on the gridiron during the past six years."...FOUR NEW CLUBS: Four new clubs were added to the pro league at Saturday's session of the magnates. There are now twenty clubs in the circuit as Canton has returned to the fold after a year's absence. The Minneapolis Marines will not have a team this year. The new clubs and their leaders are: New York City, with Billy Gibson, manager of Benny Leonard and Gene Tunney, as manager; Detroit, with Jimmy Conzelman, former pilot of Milwaukee, as sponsor; Providence, R.I., headed by E.D. Coppin, and Pottsville, Pa., with Dr. J.G. Strigel in charge. The league now extends from New York to Kansas City. Every college star of professional league caliber who finished college last year will be signed if possible, President Joseph F. Carr, Columbus, said.


AUG 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - R.H. (Bing) Bahr, star backfielder at Purdue for the past three years, has signed his contract with the Green Bay Packers for the football season of 1925 and he will be on hand to practice when the squad starts its gridiron drill on September 6. Bahr comes here highly recommended. He has played consistent football for the Boilermakers and last fall was named on several all-conference second teams. He made his letters also in basketball and track at the Hoosier institution. Bahr tips the beams at about 175 pounds...HANDLES PASSES WELL: Bahr is rated as a splendid receiver of the forward pass. In stories of Purdue games last fall, his name was mentioned as often as Captain Claypool, the brilliant Purdue center, who was considered one of the best in the country. The Packer management succeeded in outbidding several of the pro league clubs for Bahr's services. While at the Chicago meeting, Green Bay's representatives heard Bahr spoken of highly. One of the Chicago managers claimed, that outside of Red Grange, he was as good a backfielder as there was in the conference...IS GOOD KICKER: Bahr is somewhat of a placekicker and during his collegiate career, he counted many points for the Boilermakers via the field goal route.


AUG 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Walter Jean, one of the best linemen on the Milwaukee Badgers in 1924, will do his gridiron cavorting in a Green Bay uniform this fall. A deal was recently completed by which the husky gridder was able to attach his name to a Packer uniform. Jean is an experienced pro gridder. He starred with the Akron club in 1922-23. Last year at the pro league meeting, McGurk, the Milwaukee manager, purchased him from Akron for a sidekick for Weller, who can hold his own with the best of 'em at tackle. Jean played guard against the Packers in both games last fall and Bay players claim that he was as good a forward as they faced all season...COACHED FOR YEAR: Jean roved a bit during his college career as he played football for the University of Missouri, West Virginia, Bethany and Heidelberg colleges. He coached for one year at the Bowling Green State College in Ohio. The newest addition on to the Big Bay Blues is employed by an insurance firm in Milwaukee. He will be switched to the Green Bay office and plans to be an all year round resident of this city...FOUR NEW PLAYERS: So far, the Packer management has signed four new players, Harris, Wilkins, Bahr and Jean for the coming season. It is probable that several other important announcements will be made within the next two weeks.


AUG 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The thud of the pigskin will be heard tonight at Bay beach when Captain Lambeau and other Packer players who live in Green Bay will start their preliminary drill for the coming football season. According to the present plans, the gridders will work out Tuesday and Thursday nights and Sunday morning. This drill will be kept up until the regular practice season starts on September 6, a week before the opening game with a non-league opponent. Aside from the Packer players, it is expected that many of the college gridiron knights will work out with the pro gridders. Of course, no scrimmage will be attempted but there will be plenty of forward passing and a lot of punting and field goal kicking.



AUG 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers' schedule for 1925 was completed on Monday when Iron Mountain, Mich. football officials accepted the terms of the Green Bay management for a game here on September 13. It will be the opening engagement of the Big Bay Blues season and the only non-league contest on the outline for this fall. Iron Mountain is going to have the strongest team in the Upper Peninsula this fall. Icky Erdlitz, former Oshkosh Normal star, who coaches the Iron Mountain high schoolers, is running the club this season. Erdlitz is a product of Menominee high and back in the olden days when the Mar-Menominee Twins mixed with the Packers, Erdlitz was always one of the aces for the Northerners...HAD FIRST CLASS TEAM: In 1924, Iron Mountain had a first class football machine. Ironwood only beat them, 7 to 0, while Iron Mountain stepped all over the Hibbing Miners besides winning a lot of other games. This year, the native of Iron Mountain have raised a pot of $3,000 to win the football championship of the Upper Peninsula and they have directed Manager Erdlitz to go out and get the best gridders on the market. It is understood that Dear, MacNeil and Flowers of the 1924 Ironwood eleven have signed with Iron Mountain.


AUG 11 (Iron Mountain, MI) - Football fans in this city are much pleased over the announcement by Manager Erdlitz that Iron Mountain would give the Green Bay Packers a taste of Upper Michigan football at the Bay at Sunday September 13. This city is football crazy this fall as every indication points to a winning team. Practice will start on September 1 and Manager Erdlitz expects to have several imported gridiron stars here by that time. Plans are now underway to run a special excursion to Green Bay for September 13 as it is figured that at least


500 loyal rooters will journey down to Packerville for the pigskin fest.


AUG 12 (Iron Mountain) - With the Green Bay Packers, champions of the Northwest, booked for the opening game on Iron Mountain's schedule, Manager Erdlitz isn't losing any time getting his team ready for the inaugural gridiron fray in Baytown, on Sunday September 13. A call has been issued for practice and, starting on Thursday, the candidates will workout three times a week at the ballpark. Beginning September 1, daily workouts will be the rule...SIGN HIBBING STAR: Already one outside players, Sullivan, of Hibbing, one of the greatest tackles in the northwest, is here and ready to play. He has obtained a steady position and will report for practice next Wednesday. Former stars, all local men, who are expected to see action this year include Simmers, Frank Mox, Carlson, Mahum and Brockington. Several others are also expected to turn out and try to make the squad which will play the fastest teams in the entire section. Hall and Jensen, who starred last fall, are ready to don the uniform and start and finish the season here. Hall was in the city yesterday and expects to return ready to play sometime next week. These two men are almost certain fixtures on the squad...TROTSKY WILL RETURN: Trotsky, Iron River's contribution to last year's successful eleven and former Kalamazoo Normal star, will probably play for Erdlitz. Although he has signed no contract, it is generally understood that he is anxious to show here, and fans who have seen him in action proclaim him a wizard in the backfield.


AUG 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - One month from today, September 13, the Green Bay Packers will open the 1925 football season by giving battle to the Iron Mountain team in a game in this city. As in past years, followers of the Big Bay Blues are showing a lot of interest in the coming gridiron campaign and sport circles is fairly buzzing with talk about the Packers. Within the next few days, the box seat and season ticket selling campaign will be launched by a committee from the Green Bay Football corporation. Charts of the seating arrangements are being prepared and they will soon be in the hands of the solicitors. In the meantime, the management is hot on the heels of several players who, if signed, will make the Big Bay Blues size up like a national championship outfit. The players are working out three times a week at the Beach and when the whistle blows against Iron Mountain, they will be ready to start another string of victories for the Big Bay Blues.



AUG 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Construction of what will ultimately promises to be one of the finest athletic stadiums in this part of the state has been underway at Joannes park for the past two weeks and the football field will be in readiness for the opening games of the season next month. The field is being built by the city of Green Bay's school board for the high schools and use of the stadium has been given to the Green Bay Football corporation for the Packer games on Sundays during the gridiron season. The building of the new sport park has been assisted considerably by several public spirited citizens who have made financial contributions to help shoulder the cost of constructions. Members of the railroad shops unions have volunteered their services to help set up the fence. It is the intention of the school board to make this athletic stadium one of the beauty spots of the city. For the time being, a wooden fence will surround the football field but it is the plan of the city officials and the school board to later substitute an attractive wire fence banked with shrubbery for the wooden barriers...WILL ENLARGE FIELD: According to the present plans, in the course of a year or two the Armory will be removed and the field enlarged along the Baird St. side. Park Commissioner Simmons is now working on a suitable landscape program which will greatly improve the surrounding adjacent to the field. The building program, when completed, will provide for a running track around the gridiron, suitable for field athletics and a baseball diamond for the high school nines. The football field, now under course of construction, lies directly northeast of the Armory. The gridiron itself has been plowed up and worked down to a firm foundation. This fall it will be a dirt bed but it is planned to seed the playing field with grass early next spring so that there will be a green covering when the fall of 1926 rolls around...SETTING UP STANDS: An army of carpenters are now busy setting up the wooden seats on each side of the field. It is estimated that the seating capacity of these structures will total close to 4,500. The stands are being built between the 30-yard lines and they will mount up 29 rows in the air. The Green Bay Football corporation has loaned its 1,200 portable seats to the city officials and they will be set up at each end of the stands for use as bleachers. The combined seating capacity of the wooden seats will total about 5,700 and there will be standing room at the ends of the field for about 1,300. In this way, it will be possible to handle 7,000 spectators at a football game. The football field will be plentifully supplied with entrances and exists so that there will be no traffic jams for the spectators, either getting in or leaving the park. It is estimated that there will be parking space in the immediate vicinity of the field for at least a thousand cars...MAYOR ISSUES STATEMENT: In speaking of the new athletic field, Mayor Wenzel Wiesner said: "We aim to give Green Bay a sport stadium that it will be proud of. Through the cooperation of the school board, public spirited citizens and the Green Bay Football corporation, I think we have made a splendid start. The football field will be ready for use this fall and we hope to have the cinder track in early in the spring in time for the outdoor activities of the high schools. Our plans contemplate making this stadium one of the beauty spots of Green Bay. The program calls for the enlargement of the field in the next year or two when the Armory is removed and every effort under the direction of Park Commissioner Simmons to add attractiveness to the layout. The construction of this field is just another step in the policy of the city administration for a bigger and better Green Bay. We feel confident that in the years to come the seating capacity of the football field won't be large enough to handle the crowds. However, we are prepared for this and we will have room enough to erect more stands."




AUG 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The finance committee of the Green Bay Football corporation, headed by District Attorney Ray E. Evrard, who is chairman, has started its solicitation in the sale of box seats and season tickets for the Packers' games at home. The city football field at Joannes park, which is being used by the Big Bay Blues, through the courtesy of the school board, is well supplied with box seats and they are all located close to the center of the field. In past years, the Football corporation disposed of approximately 225 box seats but this year the sales committee hopes to sell every one of the 288 being built at the park. Holders of box seats in past years and other prospective purchasers are being called upon and, according to the report of the committee men, they are meeting with fair success. Often some willing-to-be box seat owner is passed over in the sales drive. Those who want box seats and have not been called upon are asked to get in touch with the sport department of The Press-Gazette, and one of the committee men will pay a visit at once...DISCUSS BOX SEAT SALES: In speaking of the box seat and season ticket sale, Chairman Evrard said: "The Packer football team is a civic proposition. It is absolutely necessary that we carry some of the financial load through the sale of these seats. In this way, each purchaser of a box seat contributes something towards the support of the club, aside from the actual cost of the ticket. The board of directors is pulling every string possible to make this year's Packer team the greatest in the history of professional football at Green Bay. It has been decided to carry one more player than last year and this amounts to quite an extra burden when it is taken into consideration that the Packers will play fourteen games, thirteen of which are league affairs."...MIGHTY GOOD ADVERTISEMENT: "The Packers are a mighty good advertisement to the city. During the fall while they are active on the gridiron, there is hardly a day that the name of Green Bay doesn't break into print in the big city papers. It has been said that Green Bay is as proud of its Packers as Princeton is of its Tigers and the best way for the folks at home to show it is by the purchasing of box seats or season tickets. I am confident that we won't fall down in this football money drive, even though we have set our quota considerably higher than in past years."...SELL SEASON TICKETS: Season tickets, which met with such a splendid response last year, will also be placed on sale by the Football corporation. Applications for these tickets will be accepted by any member of the Green Bay Football corporation board of directors and they will be filled, as last year, about a week before the opening game. Purchasers of season tickets or box seats have their same reservation at every home game and they don't have to worry about sellouts at the eleventh hour when trying to get tickets. This is a feature that appeals to a goodly number of football fans in Green Bay and neighboring towns, who have learned by experience that choice reservations for Packer games are pretty hard to get the last day or two before a contest is scheduled...RUN EXCURSIONS HERE: The demand for tickets this fall promises to be greater than ever before. Arrangements have been practically completed with the railroad companies to run excursions into the Bay whenever the Packers play at home. Plans have been completed for an excursion from Iron Mountain for the opening game on September 13 and reports from the Upper Peninsula have it that a thousand fans are coming down here for the game.


AUG 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Jug Earp signed his contract Thursday afternoon to play with the Green Bay Packers during the football season of 1925. The husky lineman is one of the most popular members of the Big Bay Blues and the gridiron fans are sure to welcome the news that he will be back in the fold. This will be the fourth year of service for Earp with the Packers. He joined the team about midseason in 1922 and has been a prominent factor in the team's success ever since. Earp came to the Bay from the Rock Island Independents where he played tackled and center. During 1922 and '23, Earp played at tackle for the Packers. Last fall, Captain Lambeau shifted Jug over to the center of the line where he turned in a good job as a snapper back...MONMOUTH COLLEGE GRID: The veteran Packer is a graduate of Monmouth college where he starred in football with the college teams for three years. Earp found Green Bay so much to his liking that he took up his residence here last fall and is living here the year around. He is employed as a salesman for the Brown County Motors.


AUG 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - George Abramson of Minnesota, considered the greatest lineman in Western Conference football last year, has signed his contract to play with the Green Bay Packers. He will be on hand for the opening practice of the Big Bay Blues which is scheduled for Sunday September 6. The new Packers' fame as a gridder, however, was not alone confined to midwest circles as the late Walter Camp placed Abramson on his second All-American selection in 1924...ON ALL STAR TEAMS: Abramson was picked for a guard position on every all-Conference selection and there were but few all-Western teams picked that did not have him in the lineup. Walter Eckersall, football expert for the Chicago Tribune, put Abramson on both of his selections, saying that there wasn't a better guard in the midwest. Abramson had four years of college football at Minnesota. In 1920, fresh from Virginia, Minn. high school, he made the freshmen eleven at the Gopher institution and, for the next three years, held down a regular berth on the line, performing at both guard and tackle...DUMPED RED GRANGE: In the Illinois rout of 1924 in Minneapolis at the hands of Minnesota, Abramson played a leading role and a number of sportwriters gave Abramson credit for taking all the wind out of Red Grange's sails. The newest addition to the Packers is a pretty husky specimen. He tips the beam over 200 pounds and is fast on his feet for a big fellow. Abramson is also a good basketball player and saw service last winter with the Minnesota varsity five. Abramson and Lidberg were rated as two of the toughest defensive guards in Big Ten caging...HARRIS PRAISES HIM: Jack Harris, the 1924 Wisconsin captain, who has signed with the Packers for fullback, has bumped into Abramson a few times on the football field. Harris claims there is none better. "I played against Abramson three times," Harris said. "And you can take it from me that he is a whale of a gridder. There isn't a better lineman in the country. Last fall, I nearly cracked my neck trying to make a yard or two over his territory. Abramson charges fast and often is down the field as soon as the ends. The Packer management made no mistake when they signed up George. If he don't burn up the pro grid, then I miss my guess."...FIFTH NEW PLAYER: Abramson is the fifth new player signed by the Packers for the coming season. The others are Harris, fullback; Jean, guard and tackle; Wilkins, end, and Bahr, halfback. Within the next week, the management hopes to be in a position to announce the signing of two more new players which will boost the Packer football stock considerably.


AUG 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - According to reports, several advertising solicitors are selling space in a so-called football guide which, it is alleged, they claim is a benefit for the Green Bay Football corporation. This is not a fact as the publisher of the football guide has no connection with the Green Bay Football corporation. The only program advertising sanctioned by the Green Bay Football corporation is being sold by Emmet Platten, a director of the Green Bay Football corporation who is turning over the entire profits to help finance the Packers on the gridrion.


AUG 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Frederick (Ojay) Larson, considered one of the greatest centers ever developed by Knute Rockne at Notre Dame, has signed his contract to play football with the Green Bay Packers. Larson is no novice at professional football as has seen several seasons of service on the postgraduate gridiron. The former Notre Dame star played with the Chicago Bears in 1922 and was with the Milwaukee Badgers in 1923 and 1924...HAS GOOD REPUTATION: The new Packer has always been considered a great center. He was not pleased with his berth on the Milwaukee club and jumped at the chance to get a "change of pasture". Larson played with Notre Dame in 1918, 1919, 1920 and 1921. He was one of that famous trio from Calumet, Mich., who helped greatly to put Rockne's pigskin chasers on the football map. The two other stars were Hunk Anderson, now playing with the Chicago Bears, and the late George Gipp, one of the greatest backfielders in the history of football...IS GREAT FIGHTER: It is expected that Ojay will add a lot of fight to the Packer machine as he is the aggressive type of football who never knows when he is beaten. The Packer management considers itself fortunate in coming to terms with Larson, as the Chicago Bears, Chicago Cardinals and Rock Island Independents were dickering for his services. Larson is the sixth newcomer to the Packers of 1925. The management hopes to be in a position before the end of the week to announce another new player who will be a great addition to the battle front of the Big Bay Blues.


AUG 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - George Vegara, a 195-pounder, who earned his gridiron spurs at Notre Dame under Knute Rockne in 1922 and 1923, has signed his contract to play with the Packers during the coming football season. In the closing game of the schedule last fall, Vegara appeared in a Packer uniform but did not get into action as Captain Lambeau deemed it best not to use a player who was not acquainted with the Big Bay Blues' style of play. At that time, Vegara promised the Green Bay management that, if he played professional football this fall, he would like very much to come to Green Bay...COACHED AT NOTRE DAME: Vegara coached at Notre Dame during the school year of 1924-2 while he finished his law course. He handled the freshmen football, basketball and baseball teams as one of Rockne's assistants. When school closed in June, he joined the Louisville club of the American Association and was with the Colonels for a few weeks. Vegara asked the Louisville club for a leave of absence, which was granted, and he went to his home in New York City. He had planned on taking the N.Y. state bar examination this fall but he was induced by the Packer management to change his mind and he will be here for the opening practice on September 6. It is possible that Vegara may make a connection with a prominent law firm and live in Green Bay throughout the year...PLAYED REGULAR END: Vegara is a graduate of the Rose Poly high school in New York City. He spent a year at Fordham university before entering Notre Dame. In 1922, the first year he was eligible at Notre Dame, Vegara earned a regular job as end. In 1923, Rockne started him off at the same position but, just before the Army game, Vegara was switched to guard as Rockne wanted a "crasher" near the center line to stop Tiny Hewitt, the Soldiers' famous fullback. Stories of that West Point-Army game tell how Hewitt was stopped in his tracks and the name of Vegara broke into the headlines of the metropolitan dailies. He rolled Hewitt "for a goal" every time the famous backfielder tried to ease through...CROWLEY PRAISES VEGARA: Jimmy Crowley of Green Bay, a member of the famous "Four Horsemen" of Notre Dame in 1924, claims that Vegara will be the greatest end that has ever played with the Packers. Crowley knew Vegara well while at Notre Dame. "I think Vegara will play wonderful football for the Packers," Crowley said. "I have never seen a better end in action on the gridiron. He is always 'in the pink'. George never drinks or smokes and condition is his middle name."....FAST FOR BIG MAN: "Vegara is just the type that will make a name for himself on the pro gridiron. Although he weighs about 195, he can step off the hundred in less than eleven seconds. George is a wonder receiver of a forward pass. When he was playing end for Notre Dame, he was our ace receiver. I will be very much surprised if Vegara doesn't turn out to be the greatest end that has ever played with the Packers." Vegara is the sixth new player signed for the Packer team. The others are: Wilkins, end; Jean, tackle; Bahr, halfback; Harris, fullback, and Larson, center. This practically completes the list of new players with the possible exception of another backfielder. Within the next few days, the Packer management will close contracts with the members of last year's team who are to be with the Big Bay Blues again this fall.


AUG 28 (Iron Mountain, MI) - With the opening game of the football season against the Green Bay Packers at Green Bay on Sunday September 13 only two weeks off, the Iron Mountain gridiron candidates are getting down to hard work and, in the meantime, fans from all over the Upper Michigan peninsula are making reservations on the special train which will carry an army of football fans to the Bay for the pigskin battle. Manager Erdlitz is working his gridders three times a week and, starting next Monday, daily practice will be the rule. The Iron Mountain manager is going out and getting the best football players that "money can hire" and a number of former college stars will be in the Mountaineers' battle front when they give battle to the Big Bay Blues...BEST IN PENINSULA: Iron Mountain is getting all "het up" over football. This year's team will be the greatest in the Upper Michigan peninsula. Manager Erdlitz is gabbing off the best gridders from the Stambaugh, Ironwood, Ishpeming and Marquette elevens in addition to several players from the Hibbing Miners and Minneapolis Marines. The makeup of the Iron Mountain team is still being kept somewhat under cover but it is known that several former Packer players are going to perform here this fall. Dame Rumor has it that Jab Murray and Wally Niemann are certain to play with Iron Mountain. The Iron Mountain management as been promised a block of 500 seats for the game with the Packers. These tickets will be placed on sale in Iron Mountain a week before the game. From present indications, at least, 750 football fans from Upper Michigan contemplate making the Green Bay invasion on September 13.


AUG 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Charlie Mathys, one of the most popular players on the Packer team, has put his name on the dotted line and he will again perform with the Big Bay Blues this fall. Mathys is one of the "homers" on the Packer team. He is a graduate of Green Bay West high where he starred on the gridiron. Charlie went to Ripon college for a year and then entered Indiana where he played two years of conference football very successfully...JOINED PACKERS IN 1922: After graduating from college, Charlie was with Hammond for one year and in 1922 came back to his old hometown. He has been with the Packers ever since. The Bay quarterback is considered a splendid field general and he plays conservative football all the time. Mathys is an expert receiver of the forward pass and the Lambeau-Mathys combination has gained considerable territory for the Big Bay Blues.


AUG 31 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Whitey Woodin, veteran Packer guard, will again be very much in evidence when the Big Bay Blues do their stuff on the chalk marked field this fall as he has signed his contract for the season. This will be Woodin's fourth season with the Packers. He joined the team about midseason in 1922 and has been going good ever since. Woodin was a star gridder at Marquette for several years and was picked for an honor post on the Milwaukee Hilltop's All Star teams. After leaving college, Woodin got his first taste of pro football with the Racine Legion...IS WELL LIKED: Woodin is well liked by the football contingent in Green Bay. He has always given his best on the field and when the scrimmage is the thickest he is generally found in the height of the battle. Whitey is a pepper box on the field and his rallying cry often stirs up a lot of fight in his teammates. Woodin is an all year round resident of the Bay. He holds a responsible position in the sales force of the Fox River Motor Car Company.


SEPT 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Dick O'Donnell,a member of last season's Packer football squad, will again chase the pigskin for Green Bay this fall. The former Duluth star has signed a contract to play end for the Big Bay Blues. O'Donnell is rated high among the wingmen of the NFL and will again be a valuable addition to the Packer squad. O'Donnell, in addition to being a fair pass snagger, is rated as one of the best defensive ends in professional football. He is a fast tackler and dumps his man hard and cleanly. The Duluthian's experience as a basketball player has made him proficient in the art of pulling down aerial heaves...PLENTY OF EXPERIENCE: O'Donnell has plenty of experience as a gridiron warrior, both as a professional and amateur. He played four years at Duluth Central High school and also was on the freshmen football team at the University of Minnesota. He also saw service for three seasons with the Duluth Kellys previous to joining the Packers last fall. Like many of the other players who have come to Green Bay for the sole purpose of playing football, O'Donnell has settled here. He now resides in the city and is a member of the Fox River Motor Car company's sales force.


SEPT 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Verne Lewellen is another member of last year's Packer football squad who has turned in his signed contract to the management and will again carry the ball for the Green Bay eleven in the NFL. Lewellen is a backfield man of considerable repute. This will be his second season as a member of the Blues. Lewellen is a former Cornhusker having graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1923 where he established an enviable record as a pigskin chaser. He played freshman football and three years on the varsity, captaining the team in his senior year. While at Nebraska, Lew attracted considerable notice as a kicker, and was rated as one of the fastest players in collegiate football. Football is not his only sport accomplishment, however, as Lew is a good baseball player and has already built up a reputation as a mound artist in Fox River Valley baseball circles. Early this season Lewellen hurled for the Menasha State league outfit and, at the present time, does the bulk of the chucking for the Oshkosh K.P. nine. Lewellen is another Packers who casts his vote in Green Bay. He recently passed the state bar examination and is associated with the law firm of Kittell, Joseph and Young.


SEPT 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Marty Norton, famous backfield ace for the Minneapolis Marines, has signed his contract to play with the Green Bay Packers and he will be on hand for practice when the Big Bay Blues start their regular workouts on Sunday afternoon. Norton is considered one of the most sensational backfielders on the pro gridiron. He is known for his habit of pulling the unexpected and he always gets away big. Green Bay fans can recall one example of his feature play that stood the Packers on their heads...SCORED AGAINST PACKERS: It was in 1922 when the Marines were mixing with Green Bay at Joannes park. The score was 0 to 0 when Norton dashed through the line and down the field on a 50-yard gallop for a touchdown. However, the Packers came back in the final period and scored twice, winning the game. When the Marines decided not to have a team this fall, the Bay management immediately got in touch with Norton. John Dunn, manager of the Minneapolis eleven, released the backfielder to the Bay. It is said a half dozen other clubs were after him. Norton is a graduate of Minneapolis Central high and had has several years of college experience. He saw service with the Marines for three years...GOOD BASKETBALL PLAYER: Marty is a great basketball player and has toured through Wisconsin frequently with crack caging fives from the Gopher state. His basketball ability makes him right at home in handling the forward pass on the gridiron.


SEPT 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Moose Gardner, a member of the Green Bay Packers' stonewall forward 


line for the last three years, will be found at the last three years, will be found at his guard position when the Badger state champions step out on the gridiron a week from Sunday September 12 to mix with Iron Mountain at the new city stadium. Gardner's signed contract reached the Packer headquarters on Thursday. For a time, it was feared that Moose would not be able to play this fall as his auto business at Ashland, Wis., was demanding all of his time. However, the call of the gridiron proved too strong for Gardner to resist and he rushed through his contract in a hurry...STEADY RELIABLE PLAYER: Gardner has played a big part in the Packers' string of victories. He is a steady reliable player and is always giving his best. Last fall, Moose had one of the greatest seasons on the gridiron and his pigskin chasing was a feature of nearly every Packer game. Moose is a product of Ashland, Wis., where he used to play high school football. Then he went to Madison and was a varsity gridder for three years. After graduation from college, Gardner played one fall with Detroit and Buffalo. His gridiron career with Green Bay started in 1922.


SEPT 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - George Abramson, all western guard from Minnesota; Jack Harris, 1924 captain at Wisconsin, and Walter Jean, 240-pound lineman, who played with Milwaukee last year, have arrived in the city for the football season with the Green Bay Packers.


SEPT 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Red Dunn, Marquette's greatest contribution to the professional football world, has been sold to the Chicago Cardinals. Last fall, Dunn was with Milwaukee but Manage McGurk of the Cream City team aims to start off with an entire new team. Dunn was a basketball star with Fondy last winter... Marty Norton, who starred with the Minneapolis Marines on the pro football gridiron for three years as a halfback, has signed his contract with the Green Bay Packers. Norton is a deer running backfielder and he is quite adept when it  comes to snagging forward passes...Wallie Neimann of Menominee has accepted an offer to play with Iron Mountain this fall and will make his initial appearance with the club on September 13 in Green Bay against the Packers. For three years, the former Michigan star chased the pigskin for Green Bay's state champions.


SEPTEMBER 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packer squad will start their regular practice sessions Sunday afternoon at the new football field. It is probable that with but one or two exceptions all the candidates will be out in togs chasing the pigskin. Daily workouts will be the rule from now on during the season.


SEPT 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Myrt Basing, Packer backfielder for the past two years, signed his contract for the coming football season with the Big Bay Blues. There was some question, right up to the last minute, about Basing playing professional football this fall as he had an attractive coaching offer but the lure of active competition on the gridiron finally swinging him around and he put his name on the dotted line. Basing is a well known athlete in this part of the state. He was a three sport star during his days at Appleton high and followed this up by winning letters in football and basketball during his four years at Lawrence college. Basing is rated as one of the greatest backs ever turned out at the Appleton institution. He captained the varsity eleven in his senior years. The Appletonian has given the Packers good service in the past two years. It didn't take him long to make good in pro football and his slashing line smashes have gained many a first down for the Big Bay Blues against some of the greatest teams in the country. With Basing in the fold, the Packer lineup is practically complete for the coming season. 


SEPT 5 (Iron Mountain, MI) - The Iron Mountain Professionals are working out daily in preparation for their game with the Green Bay Packers at the Bay on Sunday September 13. Some 500 fans are going to make the trip on a special excursion to see the game. Iron Mountain's football stock climbed about 50 percent with the announcement by Manager Erdlitz that he had signed five new players, three of whom were former Packers. Rosatti, who is employed as an engineer at a town near here, will captain the team and play tackle. Wally Neimann is slated for the center job while Hearden will be in the backfield. Aside from these three gridders, Hall and Jensen, former Oshkosh Normal stars, who play tackle and guard respectively, will be in the lineup.



SEPT 7 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Tickets for the opening game of the football season between the Green Bay Packers and Iron Mountain Professionals, which will be played Sunday afternoon at the City stadium in Joannes park, are to be placed on sale tonight at the usual places about town. Football tickets can be purchased at Bosse's News Depot; Goodfellows; The Congress; Beaumont Hotel; Coffeen's Cigar Store; Broadway Hotel; Schweger Drug store; Ellegard Drug store; South Side Drug store and Newport Billiard room...EXPECT CAPACITY CROWD: Every indication points to a capacity crowd at the opening game as Green Bay and vicinity appears to be suffering from its usual attack of footballitis which is always quite prevalent at this time of the year. Hundreds of requests for seats are being received from out of towners and, in addition, Iron Mountain is coming here with an army of football fans, numbering about five hundred. The 


Inscription (Packers Heritage Trail)


City Stadium is one of the last remaining relics from the early days of the National Football League. Although its appearance has greatly changed from the time when the Packers played here, it stands as a monument to the team's humble, hardscrabble roots. In its heyday, City Stadium was made mostly of wood and held about 25,000 people. It was home to the Packers for 32 years. They played here for the first time on Sept. 13, 1925, in an exhibition game against the Iron Mountain All-Stars. They played here for the last time on Nov. 18, 1956, against the San Francisco 49ers in a game that featured nine future Pro Football Hall of Famers. Curly Lambeau starred in the first game; Bart Starr made his first career start in the last game. In all, there were more than 85 players, including 11 Packers, who played here in either a regular-season or exhibition game and are enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. While the Packers won six NFL titles from 1925 to 1956, the most important game ever played in City Stadium might have been an intra-squad tilt. In 1949, with the Packers facing $90,000 in losses, they scheduled the game for Thanksgiving Day hoping to raise enough money to finish the season. It drew 15,000 fans on a cold, blustery afternoon and was judged a huge success.


sales committee of the Football corporation is winding up its campaign. There are still some choice box seats available and also a number of the best reserved seats. Those desiring to make the purchases via the season ticket plan are urged to get in touch with members of the committee immediately. This is by far the best way to be sure of the same seat for every game of the season...CROWD WATCHES PRACTICE: About a thousand football followers saw the Packers go through their opening practice Sunday afternoon at the City stadium and it is needless to add that the players were given a thorough once over. Resplendent in their new jerseys, with numbers on the back visible for a mile, the Big Bay Blues made a natty appearance. The crowd recognized many of the veterans of other years while the newcomers were given a warm welcome. Captain Lambeau put the team through a stiff two hour drill of signal practice, chasing punts and plenty of work in the air drive. The players looked to be in pretty good condition and a week of stiff practice should put them in shape to give Iron Mountain a few lessons in the gentle art of chasing a pigskin. Nearly all the players were hand for the opening practice and, by Tuesday, every member of the squad will be here in moleskins.


SEPT 7 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Sunday's game with Iron Mountain will start at 2:15, as will all the other Packer games at home. H.A. Iverson, city director at Sheboygan, will referee; Christianson of Menominee, Mich. is the umpire and Jimmy Coffeen has the head linesman's job.



SEPT 8 (Iron Mountain, MI) - The strongest aggregation of gridiron warriors ever molded together in Upper Michigan will represent Iron Mountain on Sunday in the game at Green Bay against the Packers, champions of the Northwest. It would be quite a feather in the hat of Iron Mountain if its football team could knock off the Big Bay Blues and this is just what Manager Erdlitz is aiming to do. The management is spending a lot of money for its players and the candidates, who have been working out for two weeks, are rounded into midseason form. Four former Packers will be in Iron Mountain's lineup in Sunday's game. Rosatti and Jab Murray will play the tackle positions. Wallie Niemann is to pass the ball at center while Hearden is one of the backfielders. All these men have seen a lot of service with Green Bay and it is figured that they will break up the Bays' much-famed air drive...LA FLEUR TO PLAY: But the four ex-Packers are not the only stars in the local's outfit. Joe La Fleur, who was with the Bears for three years, is going to play fullback. He lives in Escanaba and Iron Mountain has signed him for the season. La Fleur, in his college days, was a star at St. Norbert's in De Pere and is well known to the Green Bay football citizens. Iron Mountain has four good guards in Davis from Stevens Point Normal; Brockington from Stambaugh; Mahn, another Stambaugh star, and Frank Mox, the well known heavyweight boxer...TWO FROM OSHKOSH: Two former Oshkosh Normal players are in the lineup. Hall is a tackle weighing 195 pounds while Jensen is a corking good end. Feeney, North Dakota, and Sanderline, Northern Michigan Normal, are the quarterbacks. There is plenty of good material in the backfield. Zimmer of the Minneapolis Marines; Truska of Stambaugh; Densmore of Lake Forest and Fregetto of Stambaugh are listed among the halfbacks while Carlson and Christenson are a pair of plunging fullbacks...BIG CROWD COMING: Iron Mountain will be represented by a big crowd at the Bay on Sunday. A special train is being run out of here to Green Bay for the game. It will arrive in plenty of time so that the fans will be able to see the city before going to the City stadium. The kickoff is at 2:15. The bus lines are offering excursion rates and at least a hundred automobile parties are planning to make the trip. Over 300 tickets were received here on Monday for the game and they were snapped up like hot cakes. Manager Erdlitz is now trying to get more tickets from the Green Bay management. "All aboard for Green Bay." That is the slogan around here these days and it seems as if everybody in this town is planning to visit the city that the Packers put on the football map in capital letters.


SEPT 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A meeting of the ushers and ticket takers who worked at the Packer games in past years will be held Wednesday night in the Assembly room of the courthouse at 7:45. Those wanting jobs this year must attend this meeting.


SEPT 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Iverson, the Sheboygan high athletic director, has been approved as a football officials by the NFL. The chairmaking coach will make his debut as an arbitrator on the professional gridiron next Sunday at the Bay when he handles the 


Packer-Iron Mountain encounter...Coach Catlin at Lawrence has a vacancy to fill on his coaching staff. He had hoped that Basing, former Lawrence star, would round out his coaching squad but Basing turned down an attractive offer in order to continue active participation on the gridiron with the Packers of Green Bay.



SEPT 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Driving his candidates at a stiff clip, Captain Lambeau is rounding out his Packer machine in good shape and when the whistle blows at 2:15 on Sunday when the Big Bay Blues should be ready to go - and then some. The team started the practice session on Sunday afternoon. There was another workout on Labor Day. Tuesday the squad drilled in the morning and had a blackboard talk in the Continuation school building at night. There was another drill this morning and daily workouts will be the rule all this week. It is probable that another skull session is to be on tap Friday night....GREEN BAY'S BEST TEAM: The Packers of 1925 will be the greatest team that ever represented Green Bay on the pro gridiron. That is the opinion of hundreds of fans who are on the job daily watching the Big Bay Blues go through their practice stunts. The players are working hard and appear to enjoy it. Harmony rules supreme in the squad and this is a big factor. Every man in the squad is working his head off to get in the "pink" and the fat is fairly rolling off a few of the players. It will be "rarin' to go" aggregation that the husky Mountaineers from Upper Michigan will bump into here on Sunday...GOOD PASS RECEIVERS: Naturally, the new players are coming in for a lot of attention but just the same, the veterans are not being overlooked. The Packers will have a forward passing machine that will be better than every as the new material is very much at home in the air drive. Norton, Harris, Vegara and Wilkins nab the pigskin as if it were a baseball. Dick O'Donnell is showing class on the receiving end while Basing, Mathys and Lewellen loom up faster than ever. As usual, Captain Lambeau is shooting the pigskin like a bullet. Larson has already won a home at the center's job. The other linemen, Buck, Earps, Gardner, Abramson, Woodin and Jean, are going at top speed in the daily practice. Trantow and Heagle are also likely looking prospects. The lumber for the fence at the City stadium, which was delayed in shipment, arrived Tuesday morning and the carpenters lost little time in swinging the hammers. The construction work is being speeded up on the new stadium and those in charge say the field will be all ready on Sunday. Ticket boxes are being built and the bleachers are to be set up later in the week. According to reports from the ticket selling places, there is a brisk demand for pasteboards and, if a good brand of weather is on tap Sunday, it is a certainty that the big field will house a bumper throng.


SEPT 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Reports have been circulated that the Green Bay Football corporation would place $10 season tickets on sale several days before the opening game. This is denied by the management. The only season tickets on sale are the box seats at $25 and the reserved seats at $15. At a meeting of the board of directors of the Green Bay Football corporation held Tuesday evening, it was unanimously decided to adhere to the $25 and $15 season tickets. Professional football in Green Bay cannot survive on the gate receipts alone and, if the football fans of Green Bay want to keep the Packers on the professional football map, it is absolutely necessary that they help carry the financial load aside from the actual price of admission at the gate. This is the main reason for the season tickets. Each purchaser of a box or reserved seat season ticket makes a donation to the club of part of the price he pays through which it is possible to make ends meet. He gets in return first choice of seats. According to several members of the Green Bay Football corporation's sales committee, a number of prospective purchasers of the $25 and $15 season tickets have been holding back waiting for the appearance of the $10 tickets, which it had been reported would be placed on sale at the "eleventh hour" before the opening game. There are a number of good seats still available at the field for season ticket purchasers and in order to take care of those who still desire to purchase tickets, representatives of the Green Bay Football corporation will be at The Press-Gazette on Thursday and Friday nights, between 8 and 10 o'clock.


SEPT 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - When the football fans of Green Bay and vicinity pass through the gates at the new City stadium for Sunday's football game between the Green Bay Packers and Iron Mountain Professionals, they will use for the first time one of the finest football fields in this part of the state. For the past eight weeks, construction work has been hurried along at top speed and the new field will be in readiness for the big crowd of football spectators when the gates open at 12:45. The kickoff is at 2:15. The ticket office at the park will be opened at 10:30 a.m., every Sunday morning. The stadium was designed for the comfort of the spectators. The seats are roomy and the aisles wide enough to eliminate any confusion. Every seat in the park, whether grandstand and bleachers, offers a splendid view of the gridiron..4 ENTRANCES; TEN EXITS: There are four entrances and ten exits. The entrance gates are located along the south and west sides of the field. The general admission gates will be at the southwest corner of the park. Holders of reserved seats in sections A, B, C, D and box seat sections C and D will make use of the entrance located at the west end of the field. This entrance will also be used by the players when they leave the Armory to come on the playing field. Those having reserved seats in Sections F and G are asked to use the entrances on the south side of the field located close to the East high school building. The Knot Hole gang will rule supreme at the east end of the field and the entrance for the boys is at the southeast corner. The exits, which will be thrown open in convenient places and they are so arranged that it will be possible to empty the park without any traffic jams...RESERVED SEAT SECTIONS: Reserved seat sections on the north side of the field are lettered in the following order, starting from the West end: A, B, C, D, Box seat sections B and C are the first four rows of the reserved sections B and C. Each of the box seats is equipped with a back rest. On the south side of the field, the order of sections, starting from the west end follows: Sections E, F, G and H. Box seat sections F and G are the first four rows of Sections F and G and are also equipped with back rests. The box seat section A and B are located on the north end of the field while the F and G box seat sections are on the south side of the field. The rows of box seats are lettered from A to D and each row has eighteen seats numbered from 1 to 18...RETAIN SEAT COUPONS: In order to prevent any confusion, holders of the reserved and box seat tickets are asked to retain their coupons. Only those having coupons will be admitted into the box and reserved seat sections. The bleacher seats will be set up at the ends of the grandstands on both sides of the gridiron. Only players, officials and the team attendants will be allowed inside of the playing field. Ample parking space is situated adjacent to the grounds and city motorcycle policemen will have charge of the parking. Plans are now being made to line the cars up in rows so that it will be possible to get away quickly when the game is ended.


SEPT 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The American Legion band has donated its services to the Green Bay Football corporation and this organization of musicians will furnish the music at the Packer games at home this fall. A special section of seats has been set aside for the Legion band. They will things up a bit downtown before every game and then march to the football field. Although the Legion band has received but little civic support, the members have rallied to the assistance of the Packer management and their splendid offer is deserving of citywide commendation.


SEPT 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Season and box seats for the Packer football games will be sold tonight and Friday evening at The Press-Gazette between 8 and 10 p.m. There are some choice reservations still available. Both the reserved and box seat season tickets are located close to the 50-yard line which is directly in the center of the field. Buyers of these season tickets donate part of the purchase price to the support of the Football corporation and that it is possible to keep Green Bay in big letters on the professional football map.



SEPT 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Why are we rooters? What complex is it in the human race that can compel thousands of shivering, half-dozen spectators to stand in a cold, autumn wind and watch twenty-two young men push a football back and forth across a chalk-marked gridiron? And when a fine play or a gain for the home team is made, what is the force that causes three thousands of humans to throw their hats in the air, grow black in the face, and generally act the part of a mob of half-starved maniacs? A professor from the University of Michigan calls it "a return to the primeval." He contends that the brutal, murderous instincts of the caveman still lie dormant in the most of us, and cause us to break loose in this mad and insane manner whenever we witness a game of skill between two rival factions. He calls it "undignified and unnecessary." Maybe so. Just the same, if this professor had witnessed the Wisconsin-Michigan annual fracas for any number of years, his attitude would have to be the pinnacle of stoicism to keep him plastered to the seat he paid his money for. Why? Because we're human, and all young at heart, and we like two things - to see our home team win and to help them celebrate when they do...OTHER RACES CALM: An Englishman, sedately smoking a cigarette at a most refined cricket match, isn't demonstrative. He watches the graceful batter hit the ball - with just the right form in doing it, of course - and remarks, "How extraordinary?" A Frenchman watches a superb play on the tennis courts of his native land, and, not wishing to make a fool of himself in public, remarks with just the right intonation, "Bien, n'est-ce pas?" The inhabitants on 


the other side of the Atlantic, friends, don't like to make themselves appear ridiculous in front of their own countrymen. But we'll like to make ourselves ridiculous. Show us a man who, when the home team is behind one run in the final innings, the tying run is on second, and but a short time left to play, who isn't sitting, squirming and nervous, on the edge of his seat. And when the local slugger waits for a good one, and then steps into it with a muscle-splitting crack of wood meeting leather - is there a sane man in the crowd? The baseball scores were coming in at a prominent Green Bay soft drink parlor, and the fans gathered about were interested in nothing that a cellar league team was doing a complete and thorough job of trouncing the top notchers in the same loop...FANS ARE CRAZY: "I'll bet those fans are crazy," he remarked. He probably was right, too; the fans pay their good money so that they'll get a chance to yell their heads off for the home team, and when Gabb Hartnett clouted the ball over the hills and far, far away, well, the yelling could easily have been heard in Milwaukee. No, the shrieking and howling at a football or baseball game can't be called vulgar or unnecessary, and it certainly can't be called unsportsmanlike. A crowd, howling their heads off at a gain made by a home favorite, suddenly stops when it sees that an opponent was injured in the play. They crane their necks to see the effect of the wound, and expressions of sympathy are heard from end to end of the stands. The man may be badly hurt, and if he insists upon returning, even though injured, to the game, the mob will split the skies venting their opinion of his gameness. And the indignant statement of the Michigan professor may be best answered by the remark of a true fan: "Maybe we are all off - but wot of it?"


SEPT 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A brisk ticket sale is reported for the Packer-Iron Mountain football game, which will open the professional gridiron season here on Sunday at the new City stadium in Joannes park. The kickoff is at 2:15. The wave of football enthusiasm sweeping over Green Bay this year is greater than ever before and it is the belief in sport circles that when Captain Lambeau and his gridders dash out on the field Sunday afternoon, the biggest crowd that ever attended an opening game here will be in the stands...STADIUM WILL BE READY: The new City stadium will be ready for the inaugural contest. Work on the fence and ticket offices was practically completed late on Thursday afternoon. A big ten ton steam roller did its stuff over the playing field yesterday and the surface is nearly as smooth as a billiard table. The bleacher seats, which will be erected at each end of the grandstands on both sides of the field, are to be set up before Saturday night. In order to handle the "early birds" at the park, the main ticket office will start doing business about 10:30 Sunday morning. The gates at the field are to be thrown open at 12:45. Tickets, which have been placed on sale at a number of places in the city, will be picked up the Packer management on Saturday night. Those having reservations are asked to pick up their tickets before this time...PACKERS WORKING HARD: The Packer squad is practicing daily so as to be in the pink of condition for the opening day. The Big Bay Blues are in pretty good condition and it is safe to say that every man will be right on his toes when the whistle blows for the gridiron struggle with Iron Mountain. Every morning many football enthusiasts wend their way to the stadium and watch the Packers go through their daily dozen. Machine-like play is being developed rapidly and there is no question but that the Green Bay team will be hitting on "all eleven" in the opening combat. Captain Lambeau has sixteen players in his squad and it will be possible for him to make changes in the lineup without weakening his team a bit as every one of the sixteen pigskin chasers is a regular.


SEPT 11 (Iron Mountain, MI) - Hundreds of football fans from Upper Michigan will hit the trail for Green Bay on Sunday. Three extra coaches have been added to the special excursion again as the railroad officials are making arrangements to handle 750 passengers. Tuesday Manager Erdlitz placed 350 tickets on sale for the game and the ducats were snapped up in 24 hours, Thursday afternoon another block of 300 seats was received from the Green Bay management and it is doubtful if any of these tickets will be left by Saturday morning. The Iron Mountain team is drilling daily. The "Flivvers" are confident of making the Badger state champions hustle for victory. Three new players, who recently landed jobs in the Ford plant here, have reported for practice. The Iron Mountain management is keeping the names of the newcomers under cover. Two of the players are backfielders with college experience while the other is a 200-pound lineman from Pennsylvania.


SEPT 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The NFL season gets underway on September 20 and is scheduled to close December 20. Games are booked up until December 6. The following two Sunday will be used for contests to decide the gridiron championship...Joe F. Carr of Columbus, O., is again serving as president of the postgraduate gridiron wheel and Carl Storck of Dayton, O., is the secretary-treasurer. These two officials have served the league for a number of years...Four new clubs will participate in the postgraduate football circuit this year. Detroit is coming back on the pro football map while Providence, R.I., Pottsville, Pa., and New York are the other newcomers in the organization...Billy Gibson, well known in fistic circles, is backing the club in Gotham. He has leased the Polo Grounds, home of the New York Giants, for Sunday afternoons during the season. Gibson plans on having a corking good eleven...The Minneapolis Marines, one of the pioneer clubs in professional football, won't be seen in action on the gridiron this year. Owner Jack Dunn believes that a year layoff will help the sport in the Twin Cities...Racine, Wis., is another city that has withdrawn from the ranks of the pro football league. The Racine Legion backed the gridiron outfit for several seasons but this year the World War vets did not care to carry the load...Walter Koppisch, all American fullback at Columbia in 1924, will handle the Buffalo All Americans. Koppisch will be playing for his own hometown as he is a graduate of Masten Park high school in the Bison city...Buck Evans, who tossed over a football captaincy at Marquette to enter Harvard, has signed a contract to perform with Chris O'Brien's Chicago Cardinals. Evans is a big husky and is right at home at either guard or tackle...Red McGinley, tackle on the late Walter Camp's 1924 All American team, will probably be seen in action with the New York eleven. McGinley is coaching in Philly but will spend his Sundays in Gotham chasing the pigskin...McGurk, the Milwaukee manager, is house cleaning his all stars of last year and plans to rebuild his club. For three seasons, McGurk had a high priced aggregation but his stars always pulled eleven different ways...Guy Chamberlain will manage the Philadelphia Yellowjackets this fall and hopes to bring home another championship eleven. He won the pro league flags while bossing the Canton Bulldogs and Cleveland football machines...Doc Andrews is going to make another attempt to put pro football on its feet in Kansas City. The Blues made their debut in 1924 and lost a lot of money. However, Andrews and his associates hope to get it back this fall...George Abramson, rated as the best lineman in the Western Conference last year, will appear with the Green Bay Packers. Abramson was a star with Minnesota and his brilliant play at guard earned him national recognition...The Canton club is being managed by Ben Jones, Comstock, Lyman and several other members of the 1924 Cleveland team have taken over the ownership of the team. Canton is considered one of the best pro cities in the loop...Dewey Scanlon is rounding together another first class outfit at Duluth. He will have nearly his whole team intact from other years. The Duluthians have always finished well up in the pro football circuit standing...Another banner year of football looms in Rock Island. The Independents will be represented by a husky organization. Manager Bowlby has sent contracts to many of the vets and he has strings on several college stars...New interests have taken over the Cleveland team and every effort is being made to produce another winner. Parrott, who is managing the eleven, is a veteran footballer while Owner Brandt is spending money for good players...Rochester will travel again this season as the football fans in the Kodak City do not flock out for the pro games. Rochester didn't win a game in 1924 but Manager Leo Lyons says it will be a different story this year...The Detroit Panthers will play all their home games at Navin field. Jimmy Conzelman, the manager, is as good a field general as there is in pro football and he turned out good teams at Rock Island and Milwaukee...Doc Young claims his Hammond team will be better than ever this fall. In 1924 Hammond upset the dope a couple of times by beating some strong clubs. Ink Williams and the other stars will be back in Hammond.



SEPT 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay Packers, champions of Wisconsin, will usher in the professional football season here on Sunday afternoon at the City stadium in Joannes park with a game against the crack Iron Mountain, Mich., eleven. The kickoff is at 2:15. This contest will mark the opening of Green Bay's new stadium which has been rushed to completion for tomorrow's gridiron battle. The football field is one of the best of its kind in the state. Sunday's game promises to be closely contested as the visitors from Upper Michigan have a strong eleven, which is composed of four ex-Packers, a member of the Chicago Bears, and a raft of former college stars. Iron Mountain is managed by Icky Erdlitz, who is well known as a smart footballer...SEVEN NEW FACES: Seven new faces will appear in the Packer squad and the followers of the Big Bay Blues are anxiously waiting the chance to see them in action. Wilkins, Vegara, Norton, Jean, Larson, Abramson and Harris are making their debut with the Big Bay Blues. Nine veterans of last year's great team are back in togs and it is the prevailing opinion that this year's Packer team is the best aggregation of footballers that has ever represented Green Bay on the gridiron...EXPECT BIG CROWD: With good weather prevailing, a huge crowd will be on hand to help lift the lid on the professional football season. The advance seat sale has been unusually good for an opening game. The football enthusiasts in Green Bay will be out en masse; latest reports from Iron Mountain have it that the Upper Peninsula will send a thousand fans for the game and there has been a healthy demand who reside in this vicinity. The stage is all set for the opening game. Ushers have been assigned to their posts and veteran ticket takers will be on the job so as to eliminate any confusion at the gates. A squad of city policemen will be on hand to patrol the grounds and a detail of fifteen war vets from Sullivan post, American Legion, are to assist in handling the crowd...BAND WILL PLAY: The American Legion band will cut loose with a ton of tuneful airs. The band will parade downtown before the game. The musicians will reach the park about 2 o'clock and are to occupy seats in the north grandstand at midfield. Holders of reserved and box seats in Section A, B, C and D on the north side of the field are asked to make use of the entrance on the west side of the park, directly in front of the players' exit from the Armory. Those having seats in sections E, F, G and H are asked to use the entrance on the south side of the field, located near the East high school building. The general admission gate is at the southwest corner of the park. The entrance for the Knot Hole gang is at the southeast corner. The gates at the stadium will be opened promptly at 12:45. The main ticket office at the park will be ready for business at 10:30 a.m. It will be possible to secure reservations here. All tickets on sale at the various places about town will be picked up Saturday night before 10 p.m.


SEPT 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The insurance of such a doubtful risk as a football team seems a rather dubious proceeding, yet the Midland Casualty company, with Joseph F. Kaatz as Wisconsin agent, claims that such a means of insurance is quite an important branch on their business. For two years they have insured the Green Bay Packers and have also issued policies to such well known teams as the Latham Athletics, Milwaukee; the American Legions, Racine; the Red Devils of Lake Geneva; and the Bradley Knitting team of Delavan. Most of these teams were insured last season and all highly recommended the coverage. Many Packers last year benefited through their injuries by the Midland football insurance proposition, which covers practically every injury that can be incurred upon the gridiron from the dislocation of a finger or toe to the loss of life itself. So satisfied, indeed, were many of the players that they continued their policies during the entire year. The indemnity received from injuries received on the field were used to cover doctor and hospital bills, as well as pay the player a nice sum for the time he lost...POLICY RECEIVED PRAISE: The extraordinary hazards of the game of football, as everyone knows, are sufficient to warrant any player insuring himself against financial loss through injuries received while playing. The Midland company at first issued these policies in cities or towns where it has local agents, and the policy received so much praise from former teams and players that there has been a great demand for it. Consequently, the company decided that before the coming season is on, every football team and player in the territory covered should have the opportunity to obtain protection against financial losses, which are sure to befall him if he is injured while engaged in this form of recreation.


SEPT 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The 1925 football season will be opened in Green Bay on Sunday afternoon at the new city stadium where the Packers will play Iron Mountain. The citizens of Green Bay are much enthused over the outlook for a successful season of football. With a new park and a splendid team, it is safe to say that this city will retain its prominence in the professional football world. It is a big undertaking to promote professional football successfully, but the Green Bay Football corporation has placed the sport on a firm foundation in this community. The Packers are famous in professional football. Although Green Bay is the smallest city in the NFL, which includes cities from Providence, R.I., to Kansas City, Mo., its team has always placed among the first six elevens in the percentage table. Green Bay's football team has held the championship of Wisconsin since 1918 and title honors in the Northwest for a period of four years. This season the Packer management hopes to retain these honors besides adding a few more. No expense has been spared to give Green Bay another winner. Seven new players have been added to the team and these men, coupled with the veterans of last year, present the strongest squad that has ever represented Green Bay on the postgraduate gridiron. Through the cooperation of the city officials and the school board, the Packers will play their games at the new city stadium which has been constructed in Joannes park. This stadium is one of the finest football parks in the state. It will be possible to accommodate about 7,000 spectators. Professional football is an expensive undertaking. The Packer management is deserving of undivided support from the citizens of Green Bay and Northeastern Wisconsin. We trust that the large stands at the city stadium will be filled to capacity at every game the Packers play at home.



DEC 8 (Washington) - This was a busy day for the Packer squad because immediately after their arrival from New York they hopped into a sightseeing bus and gave the national capital the once over. The players made a hurried visit to the capital and rubbed elbows with the solons. Cub Buck and several others stopped in at Senator Bob LaFollette's office and left their cards. With the opening of Congress, there was a hum of activity and everybody seemed to be too busy with national issues to bother with a bunch of pro footballers. After luncheon, the squad hiked out to the Griffith Stadium where they were the guests of the Bear management at the game between the Chicago Bruins and Washington All-Stars, a team picked up for the occasion composed mainly of pro league gridders from several different clubs and a few sandlotters from down Pennsylvania way...HANDLE GRANGE CAREFULLY: The Bears appear to be standing the gaff nicely. Manager Halas is smart enough to carry an army of players. There are twenty-four in the squad and the men are worked in shifts so that the daily grind isn't telling on them very much. Despite the fact that the Bears have played a half dozen games in the past two weeks, there isn't a cripple on the squad. Grange is being handled very carefully, both on and off the field. The Bear management isn't taking any chances on the "iceman" being injured and they keep him covered like a two-year old from morn to night and during the game as well. Pro football sure has taken a firm hold in the East and the newspapers are giving columns of space to the activities of the "money gridders". Many of the college coaches are beginning to see the handwriting on the wall and they are coming to bat with statements that the postgraduate game is no detriment to college football providing the game is properly handled...CROWLEY IN BOSTON: The Packers spent Monday seeing the sights in Gotham. The players took in a couple of good shows and also climbed to the top of the Woolworth building to get a birdseye view of old Broadway. Crowley and Vergara went to Boston, Jean and abramson left the squad in New York while Eddie Kotal pulled stakes here and headed for Florida. The Packers are making the Providence, New York, Washington and Chicago swing in a special car. According to schedule, the team is due home Thursday morning.


DEC 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The advance guard of the Packer football team arrived home this morning and it was the unanimous opinion of the players that the old hometown looked better to them than Philadelphia, Washington, New York and Providence combined. Within the next day or two the uniforms will be tucked away in mothballs and this will officially mark the closing of the 1925 football season...PLAY WITH ALL STARS: Jimmy Crowley, Ojay Larson and George Vergara are going to tour the South with an aggregation of Notre Dame All Stars. Crowley played against the Bears in Boston on Wednesday and gave a good account of himself. The old East Sider still has a lot of good football left in him. Captain Lambeau, Harris, Mathys, Woodin, Earpe, Lewellen and O'Donnell will, as usual, hang their hats in Green Bay during the winter months and it is probable that Jean will return here after a visit in West Virginia. Jimmy Crowley is expected home late in January...BACK TO ASHLAND: Wilkins stopped off at his home in Fort Wayne, Ind., for the snow season. Moose Gardner is going back to Ashland; Buck will continue to vote in Neenah and Basing can be found in Appleton. George Abramson expects to be associated with an oil firm in Chicago and Marty Norton is slated to coach the basketball team at Ripon. George Vergara plans to resume his position in New York and Larson will again sell lumber in Chicago. Eddie Kotal has hit the trail for Florida where he will try his luck in the "boom state".


DEC 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Buffalo club ended gridiron activities several weeks earlier than was expected. The Koppisch-men did not have a very successful season financially and it is understood this factor forced the calling off of several games....Lambeau, the Green Bay captain, has been jinxed all season by injuries. He first suffered a bad back; then a fractured thumb hindered him and he made the eastern trip with a leg which he could hardly step on...Rock Island picked up a good prospect in McCarthy, a youngster fresh from high school. He did bench duty nearly all season but in the closing was given a chance to show his stuff and he came through with bells on...Brute Trafton is doing everything that is asked of him at center for the Bears. Trafton passes superbly and follows the ball every minute. On the defense, he roves around and is a demon at breaking up interference...Pottsville is still carrying around a hospital list as a result of the Philadelphia game. Although the Jackets were walloped, they spilled hard and Latone and Millman, Maroon backs, were wrecked for the remaining games...Sauers, Dayton's 200 plus tackle, never gets tired of chasing the cowhide and he has the happy faculty of escaping unhurt. During the past two weeks he has seen service in both the Triangle and Pottsville lineups...It took more than a bad leg to keep Ken Huffine out of the game. The famous Purdue line crashed hard into an injury early in the season that slowed him up but he jumped into a tackle job and played fine hall...Although Rochester didn't win a pro league game all season, Manager Leo Lyons of the Jeffs is making plans for next season. It is likely that Smythe and Griggs, two backfield aces, will return to the Kodak City...Tierney, who earned his gridiron spurs at Minnesota, was one of the few members of the Milwaukee club that displayed class even in the face of continual defeats. There are few better than Tierney as a guard...Harry Robb was one of the mainstays of the Bulldogs. The veteran had some stiff opposition as 


opposing teams were watching for him but, just the same, he piled up more than his share of yardage on the offensive...Bristow, the Kansas City fullback, was one of the yearlings in pro football who deserves a favorable mention. He proved himself a good line crasher, was capable at receiving passes and backed up the line like a veteran...The Pottsville Maroons, who are among the topnotchers in the pro league, have accepted an invitation to play in Miami, Fla., on Christmas Day. Manager Streigel will take twenty men south on the grid journey..Guy Chamberlain of the Philadelphia Yellowjackets has been having his share of trouble with his Hornet tribe. Dissension broke out in the ranks and it was necessary to give pink slips to several of the stars...The signing of Britton by the Chicago Bears will prove a great help to Red Grange. Britton was a teammate of the Wheaton iceman and when it comes to blocking for Red, Brit is there with a capital B...Rapp has starred all season in the backfield for the Columbus Tigers. He is as fast as greased lightning when under and is a tough man to stop in the open field. Rapp played wonder ball in the game against the Bears...The Green Bay Packers didn't set the world afire on their eastern trip but considering the fact that the Badger state champs had six of their stars on the hospital list they played good ball under adverse conditions...Berry, athletic star, does as good as job of footballing as when cavorting on the diamond. Berry is one of the best bets on the Pottsville team and his educated toe has chalked up a lot of points for the Maroons..Brennan, the Cardinals' husky guard, is a member of the police force in Chicago. The fighting Irishman has been an ace all season for Chris O'Brien. Members of the Cardinal team sing Brennan's praises to the sky...McBride, the former Syracuse gridder, has put up a whale of a game for the New York Giants. He is Coach Folwell's best bet behind the line, particularly when a yard or two is needed to move up the sideline sticks...Munn, brother of Big Wayne, the heavyweight wrestler, has performed in nearly every game of the season for Kansas City. He plays either tackle or end and despite his 200 pounds gets around mighty lively. 


DEC 11 (Chicago) - Professional football, which since the advent of Red Grange to its ranks has been drawing heavy gates especially in Chicago, was played here today to a "free gate", the first in the history of the league. The Chicago Cardinals, anxious to regain first place in the league standing, engaged a makeshift team representing Milwaukee and won 59 to 0 thereby going into a tie with the Pottsville, Pa., team which defeated the Cardinals last Sunday. The management explained that owing to the lack of time to advertise the contest and anxious to win the title, the gates were thrown open to the public, and a few hundred took advantage.


DEC 14 (Chicago) - The squabble between the Chicago Cardinals and the Pottsville Maroons for the championship of the NFL may end with the outlawing of the Pottsville team, giving the Cardinals a clear title, president Joe Carr of the national league indicated today. With both teams claiming the title before yesterday's games, a new situation developed. The Cardinals beat Hammond, Ind.,  13 to 0, and Pottsville trimmed a team headed by the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame at Philadelphia, 9 to 7...MAY LOSE FRANCHISE: President Carr said the Pottsville team in playing the Four Horsemen violated the rules and may lose its franchise. The game in Philadelphia, he said, was played in the territory of the Yellow Jackets, which has the Philadelphia territory, and therefore the game has been ruled an outlaw contest. Also Harry Stuhldreher, one of the Four Horsemen, has been ruled a professional outlaw because at the beginning of the season he signed to play with the Providence Steam Rollers of the national league, but jumped the contract and played with an independent team at Hartford, Conn. In playing against him the Pottsville teams has laid itself liable to being outlawed en masse. As the league standing is, the Cardinals have won eleven games, lost two and played one tie. Pottsville has won ten games and lost two. Cardinal officials said they were claiming the title, but that the entire matter would have to be threshed out the league meeting in January.


DEC 16 (Chicago) - Four youthful gridiron stars of the Englewood High team here have been declared ineligible for further competition after admitting they played on a Milwaukee professional team against a Chicago pro team last week. They said they received no pay but were promised remuneration. E.C. Delaport, director of athletics of the Chicago public schools who started the investigation, said the officials of both pro teams knew 

players were prep stars and were instrumental in having them play. This, he said, was in violation of the professional bylaws stating that amateur players should not be asked to play pro football.


DEC 16 (Chicago) - A professional football scandal involving the charge that four high school boys of Chicago were induced to participate in a game between the Chicago Cardinals and the Milwaukee team of professional football players here last Thursday, stirred in Chicago today. E.C. Delaporte, supervisor of athletics in the public schools announced that James Snyder, William Thompson, Jack Daniels and Charles Richardson, prominent in high school athletics, had played with the Milwaukee team under assumed names...FOLZ IS BLAMED: Art Folz, former football star at the Englewood high school and now a member of the Cardinals, induced them to play with Milwaukee, the boys told Delaporte. The youths said they were told it was a practice game. Chris O'Brien, manager of the Cardinals, staged the game in order to gain an even footing with the Pottsville, Pa., team on the NFL, which was in the league for the championship. O'Brien did not charge admission to the game, which his team won with very little trouble. The Cardinals and Pottsville are now regarded as tied for the championship. O'Brien said he knew nothing about the makeup of the visiting team...IS SERIOUS OFFENSE: "We want to clean this up at all costs,' Delaporte said. "Can't tell what induced these boys to do such a thing. They say they did not get any money, but they are not dumb and they surely know they cannot play with professionals or even with players over 21 years old. Our school rules prohibit it. This may result in barring them from all further play here and in colleges."



DEC 17 (Chicago) - The athletic board of control of the public school system next week will take action in the professional football scandal involving the Chicago Cardinal and Milwaukee teams and four local high school football players. Manager Chris O'Brien of the Cardinals and Art Folz, one of the players, told E.C. Delaporte, director of athletics of the public schools, that they had full knowledge of the fact that James Snyder, William Thompson, Jack Daniels and Charles Richardson, played on the Milwaukee team in the game with the Cardinals last week. Folz said he suggested that the youths play with Milwaukee because the team did not have its full quota. The boys thought it would be a lark and acquiesced. There was no pay involved, Folz said...ANXIOUS TO PLAY: O'Brien told Delaporte that he was anxious to play the game as victory meant that his team would be in a tie for the national professional football championship with the Pottsville, Penn. team. The Cardinals won. "We didn't think ti would do any harm for the boys," he said. Next Wednesday, the athletic board will decide what action to take. It may protest to President Joe Carr of the pro league and demand punishment for O'Brien. The four high school athletes may be barred from further participation in amateur athletics.


​DEC 17 (Chicago) - Entire responsibility for the appearance of four Englewood high school football players with a Milwaukee professional team in a game here last week has been taken on by Art Folz, pro player of the Chicago team which opposed the Wisconsin eleven. He took the blame in an effort to clear the youths of charges of professionalism and threatened banishment from amateur athletic competition. Responsibility in part also was taken by Chris O'Brien, manager of the Chicago Cardinals pro team...FOLZ INVITED BOYS: Folz said he had induced the boys to play in the belief the game would be a practice contest without an admission charge. O'Brien said he did not know they were prep players until the game started, but he allowed them to continue. Ambrose McGurk, manager of the Milwaukee team, living here could not be located. O'Brien said he had told the story to Joe Carr, president of the NFL, in Columbus. Carr has said he would investigated charges of tampering with high school players and, if such was found to be the case, a fine of $1,000 would be assessed against O'Brien.


DEC 18 (Columbus) - President Joe F. Carr of the NFL is not being caught asleep at the switch in the pro football scandal which recently cropped out in Chicago when the Cards and Milwaukee staged a "joke" game in which some high school youths participated. Mr. Carr, who just recently left the hospital, following an operation for appendicitis, has launched a vigorous investigation of the affair and, those on the inside, think that there will be plenty of fireworks when the pro league moguls get together in Detroit late in January, for their annual pow-wow. If it is proven that Milwaukee used high school boys and that the Cardinals were aware of the fact, it is very likely that these clubs will each be fined their forfeit money of $1,000 and there is a good chance that they will lose their franchise rights...TROUBLE FOR POTTSVILLE: Breakers are ahead for the Pottsville club. The Maroons are charged with violation of territorial rights. The Philadelphia Yellowjackets charge that Pottsville broke all rules and regulations when they played the Four Horsemen combination in Quakertown. This same game also brought forth a protest from Providence. It seems that Harry Stuhldreher accepted terms of the Providence club and then jumped to Waterbury, Conn., when more money was offered him. This makes him an outlaw in the eyes of the pro league and any member of the circuit that plays against an outlaw player is liable to a heavy fine, plus forfeiture of the franchise.



DEC 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Pro football advanced with rapid strides during the past season and, consequently, the All-American pro teams were just that much more difficult to select. The class of play on the postgraduate gridirons has climbed to a high peak and there were a number of examples this fall where much heralded college stars fell short of pro class. There were twenty teams in the postgraduate loop and it is safe to say that each of these squads used at least two dozen players sometime or another during the fall. This means that close to 500 cowhide chasers were given the "once over" in making the All-American selections. Probably of this number all but a hundred are products of universities and colleges. Good backfield men were numerous. There was an abundance of capable ends and a lot of first class tackles. Stellar guards were a scarce article but there was a raft of sparkling snapperbacks...BERRY STAR END: Berry, Lafayette, an All-American in 1924, was probably the best wingman on the pro grid. He could to everything and was husky enough to stand a lot of pounding without wilting under the gaff. What's more Berry knew football and his generalship cut a big figure in Pottsville's success. Lynch, of Rochester, is selected 


as a running mate to Berry. Although he played on a team that didn't win a game the former Catholic university ace always gave a good account of himself. He was a great receiver of forward passes and a savage tackler. Maloney, of Providence, and Bomar, of New York, are placed on the second team. Both these players performed brilliantly. Maloney was blessed with an educated toe while Bomar was a demon pass receiver. Others deserving mention were Williams, of Hammond; Anderson, of Chicago Cards; Hanney, of Chicago Bears, and Mayl, of Dayton...HEALY BEST TACKLE: Healy, giant tackle of the Chicago Bears, didn't have to take his hat off to any lineman in the pro game. This is his second year on the all-star selection. He is a perfect blocker and is often down the field faster than the ends. Sonnenberg, captain of the Detroit Panthers, is given the other tackle berth. Aside from being near perfect in his position, he has a consistent habit of kicking field goals. Stahlman, of Akron, and Duke Slater, of Rock Island, were rated as the next best tackles. Slater continues to play wonderful ball while Stahlman has come to the front with a rush. Lyman, of Canton; Van Dyne, of ​Buffalo; Widerquist, of Rock Island; Buck, of Green Bay and ​Henry, of Buffalo, were among the other luminaries. Carney, who earned his gridiron spurs at the Naval Academy, and McMillen, an Illinois product, were the cream of the guards. Carney played with the New York Giants and McMillen was a member of the Chicago Bears. Both of these fellows are giants but fast on their feet and they were in the middle of the battle from first to last whistle. Osborne, of Pottsville, and Abramson, of Green Bay, were not far behind the above mentioned. Obsorne is the rough and ready type while Abramson, in his first year of pro ball, showed plenty of class. Barry, of Akron, and Swede Youngstrom, of Buffalo, more than held their own. It was a close decision at center but Claypool of the Cardinals, who was all-Conference snapperback last year, won by a nose. He played bang-up ball for Chris O'Brien's team. Claypool passed perfectly and he had the knack of nosing plays when roving on the defense. Eckstein, of Providence, is placed on the second team. He followed the ball closely and was a bear defensively. Among the other luminaries at this position were: E. Vick, of Detroit; Trafton, of the Bears; Alexander, of New York, and Conover, of Cleveland...JOE STERNAMAN STAR QUARTER: Joe Sternaman of the Bears got the best vote for quarterback. The former Illini starred all season. He ran with the ball well and was superb in handling punts and forward passes. For a little fellow Joe took a lot of rough handling with a smile. Robertson, Akron, seemed to have the edge over the other quarterbacks. He was a wonderful field general and got the best out of his backfielders. Others deserving extra mention are Red Dunn, of the Cardinals; Haws, of Philadelphia; Ernst, of Pottsville, and R. Vick, of Detroit. Paddy Driscoll has been in the pro game for a long year but an all-star team would not be complete without him on it. In the olden days, Paddy played quarter but he was shifted over to halfback and turned in a great job. Like Berry of Pottsville, Driscoll can do everything that has to be done on the gridiron and he is generally in the limelight at every game. Noble, of Cleveland, is placed at the other half. The former Cornhusker had another great year. He is built pretty well and fast as lightning. Noble is right at home crashing a line, skirting the end or grabbing down a pass...MANY GOOD HALFBACKS: There was plenty of other good halfbacks. The vote was close but Lewellen, of Green Bay, and Wentworth, of Providence, squeezed in ahead of the rest of the field. Both of these backs are speed merchants and Lewellen is considered one of the best punters on the pro gird. Others who bobbed into the limelight frequently were: Haines, of New York; Bryant, of Milwaukee; McDonald, of Duluth; Latone and Flanagan, of Pottsville; Tynes, of Columbus, and Conzelaman, of Detroit. McBride, of New York, polled the majority of votes for fullback. The former Syracuse star was a line crusher extraordinary yet speedy enough on his feet to make splendid interference for the other backs. McBride was there plenty when it came to backing up the line. Tex Hamer, of the Philadelphia Yellow Jackets, was the next best bet. The former Penn ace had a great year and his brilliant play won a number of games for Guy Chamberlain's outfit. White, who joined the Giants after playing with Kansas City, also looked pretty good as did Dinger Doane, of Detroit; Laird, of Providence; and Wentz, of Pottsville.


DEC 22 (New York) - Guy Chamberlain, coach of the Frankford Yellowjackets, a professional team in Pennsylvania, and former All-American end at Nebraska, believes that the exploitation of Red Grange has set


the cause of professional football back at least five years. "The day that the famous Illinois star stepped on the professional field is one that will be regretted a long time by followers of the commercial game," he said...GRANGE BROKE DOWN: "Grange broke down mentally and physically, because more was asked of him than any human being could perform. The pro players on other teams were affected by the Grange splurge and the public is disillusioned. Nonetheless, there is much to be said in justification of pro football. It should have a legitimate place in the sun. It does a lot of good in certain sections of the country. Take the case at Frankford. It is a spirited community. The citizens love football. They have enough local pride to have their own team. They have their pennants and the gridiron idols. The University of Pennsylvania is a remote place to the majority of Frankfordians. They are not, in the main, connected with any college, and they do not desire to leave town to see a game between elevens in which they are not particularly interested...COMMUNITY WANTS FOOTBALL: The Frankford community wants football and, although the players may not absorb the spirit of the community, the public is bubbling over with it. They back their team in admirable manner, and they deserve to have a real team every autumn. It makes their lives fuller, better. It gives them something to be thrilled about and to talk over at their clubs and homes. It is pro football, yes, but in this case it is a blending also of sport and sentiment. There are persons in communities throughout the country who read about great college teams, yet have no team to which they can attach their interest. In such places professional football thrives - and I think justifiably. Green Bay, Wis., is a very good example. That city has a population of only 35,000 and yet 6,000 attend the football games. Unfortunately, recent incidents have injured the game. Already certain colleges in the southern conference have banned pro football players as coaches...SOME SCHOOLS CLOSED: I had visions of tackling the job of college coaching after I had a few years experience with a pro team. Now certain colleges are closed to me. There are other men in similar positions. It seems to me that those connected with professional football are to blame for this. If the NFL lived up to the rules prohibiting college players from signing with a pro team before he has graduated, the game would now be in better favor. Professional football can be fostered in a way that would appeal to most thinking persons, but it can also be killed dead as a stone."


DEC 23 (Chicago) - Four high school football players went before the Chicago Board of Control today to try to remove that taint of professionalism and be reinstated. Art Folz, an alumnus of the school they attended and now a member of the Chicago Cardinals, whom the boys named as tricking them into playing pro football, may be invited before the board to tell whether it was true he told the boys they were to play in a "practice" game and would not injure their amateur standing. The four boys are James Snyder, William Thompson, Jack Daniels and Charles Richardson, of Englewood High school, who composed the backfield of the Milwaukee professional team, in a hastily arranged game with the Cardinals. The decision of the board will be final and the Western Conference will abide by it, Major John W. Griffiths, Big Ten athletic commissioner, has intimated. It was indicated that the youths, who maintained that they received no money for playing, might be suspended from athletic competition for some months as a penalty and eventually restored to amateur standing, enabling them to enter college competition.


DEC 23 (Columbus) - Joe Carr, president of the NFL, will have his ear to the ground today while the Chicago Board of Control is passing on the cases of the four scholastic athletes who were drafted into service by the Milwaukee Badgers for their game, a so-called pro league encounter with the Chicago Cardinals several weeks ago. The pro league president intended to sit in at the hearing himself, but, on the advice of doctors, he did not make the trip to Chicago. Mr. Carr is just recovering from an attack of appendicitis and his physician deemed it best for him to stay home...HAVE REPRESENTATIVE THERE: However, the league executive will have a representative at a hearing and he will receive a complete report. It is expected that the evidence taken at the Chicago Control board hearing will be placed before the pro league meeting in Detroit the latter part of next month. It is known that Mr. Carr feels the postgraduate gridiron game received a drastic setback as a result of the Cardinal-Milwaukee fiasco and those close to him feel confident that he will insist on drastic action against the guilty parties involved...FLOODED WITH LETTERS: Mr. Carr has been flooded with letters from friends of the pro game urging him to go the limit and clean house with a vengeance. A number of the club owners have promised the league president full support when he starts to swing the broom. According to gossip here, both the Cardinals and Pottsville may have their games thrown out. If this happens, the pro league championship will be awarded to the Detroit Panthers, who now stand third in the percentage table.



DEC 24 (Chicago) - Four Englewood high school boys - James Snyder, William Thompson, Jack Daniels and Charles Richardson - are barred forever as amateurs for their recent playing with the Milwaukee professional football team. They were barred by the Board of Control of Public Athletics at a meeting last night when 23 of the 24 members voted guilty. The other member did not.


DEC 24 (Chicago) - Four Englewood high boys, the backfield of its football team, have been barred permanently from competition as amateurs in high school because they played with a makeshift professional team representing Milwaukee three weeks ago. As a further outcome of the professional scandal in the Chicago schools, the Chicago Cardinals, a member of the NFL, is under official scrutiny and amateur athletics all over the country may be affected...MAY CHANGE RULES: The annual meeting of the Amateur Athletic federation in New York will discuss revisions of the rules governing the amateur status of boys being tagged professional for life because of a single petty violation. Meanwhile the Chicago Athletic authorities plan a sweeping inquiry into the relations of the schools, several of which are coached by men who plan on pro teams, with professionalism. Recommendations resulting from the investigations will be made next month. The move was taken as indicating a possible dispensing with teachers and coaches who go into pro ranks to make money. The game in which the youth participated was a frame-up, Manager Chris O'Brien of the Chicago Cardinals admitted. He planned to win from the make-shift Milwaukee eleven and from a Hammond, Ind., club, and by these victories claim the professional championship. A subsequent challenge by the Chicago Bears with Red Grange for a title game was anticipated....CALLED IT PRACTICE: Art Folz, Cardinal halfback, said he induced the boys to play by telling them it was a practice game without an admission charge. Chuck Palmer, former Northwestern University star, coach at Englewood, said he knew of the plan and advised them not to play, but only because they might get hurt. Though O'Brien said no player on the team was paid and the boys declared they received no money. E.C. Delaporte, secretary of the board of control, was skeptical.



DEC 30 (Columbus) - Drastic penalties were handed three clubs, members of the NFL, by President Joe F. Carr. The clubs, Milwaukee, Chicago Cardinals, and Pottsville, Pa., were found guilty of violating league rules during the closing weeks of this year's playing season. For a game played in Chicago on December 10, in which four high school boys were permitted to play as members of the Milwaukee club, the Cardinals and Milwaukee were handed limit penalties under league rules. The Pottsville club violated territory of another member of the league when they played at Philadelphia on December 11 "in violation of all league rules and ethics", and after they had been forbidden specifically to do so by the president, Mr. Carr declared...FOLZ BARRED FOREVER: The Milwaukee club was fined $1,000 and given ninety days from January 1 in which to dispose of all its club assets, at which time the management must retire from the league. The Cardinals were fined $1,000 and placed on probation for one year. The game in which the high school boys participated and which was won by the Cardinals was stricken from league records. Player Art Folz, a former league player, who induced the boys to play, is barred forever from playing in the NFL...FINE POTTSVILLE $500: Pottsville was fined $500 and the club suspended as a member of the league, which means forfeiture of the franchise. In making the announcement of the penalties, President Carr said that after a careful investigation of the Milwaukee-Cardinal game, and notwithstanding the fact that the boys did not receive any compensation, and no admission fee was charged, the Milwaukee club had violated league rules, which provided no player is eligible to enter NFL competition while he is eligible for school or intercollegiate competition...MCGURK MUST RETIRE: President Carr held that A.L. McGurk, president of the Milwaukee club, was responsible for the boys playing and fined him $500. In addition, he will be retired from the league and will not be permitted to operate a franchise in the league in the future. Chris O'Brien, manager of the Cardinals, President Carr said, would be permitted to operate a year on probation, due to his former good record in the league, having been one of its charter members. President Carr said there was some doubt that O'Brien knew the status of the players until after the game. Mr. Carr held Folz directly responsible directly for misleading the youths into playing...EXONERATE STUHLDREHER: In the case of Pottsville, President Carr declared, territorial right of each club are protected by rules of the league, and the Pottsville club, in defiance of those rules and specific orders given him prior to the game, had played in Philadelphia against a team advertised as the 1924 Notre Dame team. Mr. Carr also declared statements that Stuhldreher was on the blacklist of the league as being a contract jumper from Providence was without foundation. He said he found Stuhldreher had had some correspondence with Providence, but no contract had been signed and action against the Pottsville club was solely for having invaded territory of another club...PENALTIES ARE FINAL: "We are trying to build up the NFL," said Carr, "by trying to merit confidence of the public and press through observance of all rules, especially that pertaining to the use of players who still are eligible for college competition. My only regret is that in this instance league rules do not permit more drastic times and I propose to ask that stringent regulations and much heavier fines be placed in the league rules when the league convenes in its annual meeting next month." All the fines and penalties are final, Mr. Carr said, and there is no appeal and no possibility of escaping payment, as the money will be taken from the guarantee fund of each club which now is on deposit with the league treasurer.

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FRANCHISES FOLDING: Columbus Tigers, Kenosha Maroons, Minneapolis Marines FRANCHISES JOINING: The Canton Bulldogs returned to the NFL after being inactive during the 1924 season, Detroit Panthers, New York Giants,  Providence Steam Roller, Pottsville Maroons FRANCHISES CHANGING NAMES: The Kansas City Blues changed to the Cowboys


FRANKFORD 21, Rochester 0


ROCK ISLAND 0, Chicago Bears 0 (T)  GREEN BAY 14, Hammond 0

GREEN BAY      1  0 0 1.000  14   0 Dayton         0  0 0  .000   0   0

Buffalo        0  0 0  .000   0   0 Pottsville     0  0 0  .000   0   0

Akron          0  0 0  .000   0   0 Cleveland      0  0 0  .000   0   0

Rock Island    0  0 1  .000   0   0 Columbus       0  0 0  .000   0   0

Frankford      0  0 0  .000   0   0 Detroit        0  0 0  .000   0   0

Duluth         0  0 0  .000   0   0 Kansas City    0  0 0  .000   0   0

Milwaukee      0  0 0  .000   0   0 New York       0  0 0  .000   0   0

Providence     0  0 0  .000   0   0 Rochester      0  0 0  .000   0   0

Chi. Cards     0  0 0  .000   0   0 Chi. Bears     0  0 1  .000   0   0

Canton         0  0 0  .000   0   0 Hammond        0  1 0  .000   0  14


FRANKFORD 27, Buffalo 7


POTTSVILLE 28, Buffalo 0            GREEN BAY 14, Chicago Bears 10

AKRON 7, Cleveland 0                DETROIT 7, Columbus 0

ROCK ISLAND 0, Dayton 0 (T)         Hammond 10, CHICAGO CARDS 6

Kansas City 3, DULUTH 0             CANTON 14, Rochester 7

GREEN BAY      2  0 0 1.000  28  10 Providence     0  0 0  .000   0   0

Kansas City    1  0 0 1.000   3   0 Duluth         0  1 0  .000   0   3

Pottsville     1  0 0 1.000  28   0 Cleveland      0  1 0  .000   0   7

Detroit        1  0 0 1.000   7   0 Rochester      0  1 0  .000   0  28

Frankford      1  0 0 1.000  27   7 Columbus       0  1 0  .000   0   7

Akron          1  0 0 1.000   7   0 Chi. Cards     0  1 0  .000   6  10

Canton         1  0 0 1.000  14   7 Chi. Bears     0  1 1  .000  10  14

Hammond        1  1 0  .500  10  20 Rock Island    0  0 2  .000   0   0

Milwaukee      0  0 0  .000   0   0 Dayton         0  0 1  .000   0   0

New York       0  0 0  .000   0   0 Buffalo        0  2 0  .000   7  55


FRANKFORD 7, Providence 0


DETROIT 0, Chicago Bears 0 (T)      CLEVELAND 3, Columbus 0

CANTON 14, Dayton 0                 ROCK ISLAND 3, Green Bay 0

AKRON 14, Kansas City 7             CHICAGO CARDS 34, Milwaukee 0

Providence 6, POTTSVILLE 0          BUFFALO 0, Rochester 0 (T)

Frankford      2  0 0 1.000  34   7 Cleveland      1  1 0  .000   3   7

Akron          2  0 0 1.000  21   7 Chi. Cards     1  1 0  .000  40  10

Canton         2  0 0 1.000  28   7 New York       0  0 0  .000   0   0

Detroit        1  0 1 1.000   7   0 Duluth         0  1 0  .000   0   3

Rock Island    1  0 2 1.000   3   0 Milwaukee      0  1 0  .000   0  34

GREEN BAY      2  1 0  .667  28  13 Dayton         0  1 1  .000   0  14

Pottsville     1  1 0  .500  28   6 Rochester      0  1 1  .000   0  28

Kansas City    1  1 0  .500  10  14 Chi. Bears     0  1 2  .000  10  14

Hammond        1  1 0  .500  10  20 Columbus       0  2 0  .000   0  10

Providence     1  1 0  .500   6   7 Buffalo        0  2 1  .000   7  55


FRANKFORD 12, Canton 7


BUFFALO 0, Akron 0 (T)              POTTSVILLE 28, Canton 0

CHICAGO CARDS 19, Columbus 9        DETROIT 3, Frankford 0

CHICAGO BEARS 28, Hammond 7         CLEVELAND 16, Kansas City 13

GREEN BAY 31, Milwaukee 0           PROVIDENCE 14, New York 0

Rock Island 12, DULUTH 0

Detroit        2  0 1 1.000  10   0 Chi. Bears     1  1 2  .333  38  21

Akron          2  0 1 1.000  21   7 Kansas City    1  2 0  .333  23  30

Rock Island    2  0 2 1.000  15   0 Hammond        1  2 0  .333  17  48

GREEN BAY      3  1 0  .750  59  13 New York       0  1 0  .000   0  14

Frankford      3  1 0  .750  46  17 Dayton         0  1 1  .000   0  14

Cleveland      2  1 0  .667  19  20 Rochester      0  1 1  .000   0  28

Pottsville     2  1 0  .667  56   6 Duluth         0  2 0  .000   0  15

Chi. Cards     2  1 0  .667  59  19 Milwaukee      0  2 0  .000   0  65

Providence     2  1 0  .667  20   7 Buffalo        0  2 2  .000   7  55

Canton         2  2 0  .667  35  47 Columbus       0  3 0  .000   9  29


FRANKFORD 5, New York 3


Akron 20, CANTON 3

CHICAGO BEARS 7, Cleveland 0        BUFFALO 17, Columbus 6

DETROIT 6, Dayton 0                 Frankford 14, NEW YORK 0

CHICAGO CARDS 20, Kansas City 7     Pottsville 34, PROVIDENCE 0

GREEN BAY 20, Rock Island 0

Detroit        3  0 1 1.000  16   0 Canton         2  3 0  .400  38  67

Akron          3  0 1 1.000  41  10 Hammond        1  2 0  .333  17  48

Frankford      5  1 0  .833  65  20 Buffalo        1  2 2  .333  24  61

GREEN BAY      4  1 0  .800  79  13 Kansas City    1  3 0  .250  30  50

Pottsville     3  1 0  .750  90   6 Rochester      0  1 1  .000   0  28

Chi. Cards     3  1 0  .750  79  26 Duluth         0  2 0  .000   0  15

Rock Island    2  1 2  .667  15  20 Milwaukee      0  2 0  .000   0  65

Chi. Bears     2  1 2  .667  45  21 Dayton         0  2 1  .000   0  20

Cleveland      2  2 0  .500  19  27 New York       0  3 0  .000   3  33

Providence     2  2 0  .500  20  41 Columbus       0  4 0  .000  15  46


FRANKFORD 3, Dayton 0


DETROIT 0, Akron 0 (T)              ROCK ISLAND 3, Kansas City 3 (T)

GREEN BAY 33, Rochester 13          CHICAGO CARDS 9, Chicago Bears 0

Detroit        3  0 2 1.000  16   0 Canton         2  3 0  .400  38  67

Akron          3  0 2 1.000  41  10 Hammond        1  2 0  .333  17  48

Frankford      6  1 0  .857  68  20 Buffalo        1  2 2  .333  24  61

GREEN BAY      5  1 0  .833 112  26 Kansas City    1  3 1  .250  33  53

Chi. Cards     4  1 0  .800  88  26 Milwaukee      0  2 0  .000   0  65

Pottsville     3  1 0  .750  90   6 Duluth         0  2 0  .000   0  15

Rock Island    2  1 3  .667  18  23 Rochester      0  2 1  .000  13  61

Chi. Bears     2  2 2  .500  45  30 New York       0  3 0  .000   3  33

Cleveland      2  2 0  .500  19  27 Dayton         0  3 1  .000   0  23

Providence     2  2 0  .500  20  41 Columbus       0  4 0  .000  15  46


FRANKFORD 19, Columbus 0


NEW YORK 19, Cleveland 0            POTTSVILLE 20, Columbus 0

AKRON 17, Dayton 3                  CHICAGO CARDS 10, Duluth 6

Frankford 12, BUFFALO 3             CHICAGO BEARS 6, Rock Island 0

Green Bay 6, MILWAUKEE 0            PROVIDENCE 17, Rochester 0

DETROIT 26, Hammond 6

Detroit        4  0 2 1.000  42   6 Cleveland      2  3 0  .400  19  46

Akron          4  0 2 1.000  58  13 New York       1  3 0  .250  22  33

Frankford      8  1 0  .889  99  23 Hammond        1  3 0  .250  23  74

GREEN BAY      6  1 0  .857 118  26 Kansas City    1  3 1  .250  33  53

Chi. Cards     5  1 0  .833  98  32 Buffalo        1  3 2  .250  23  58

Pottsville     4  1 0  .800 110   6 Duluth         0  3 0  .000   6  25

Providence     3  2 0  .600  37  41 Milwaukee      0  3 0  .000   0  71

Chi. Bears     3  2 2  .600  51  30 Rochester      0  3 1  .000  13  78

Rock Island    2  2 3  .500  18  29 Dayton         0  4 1  .000   3  32

Canton         2  3 0  .400  38  67 Columbus       0  6 0  .000  15  84


NEW YORK 7, Buffalo 0


FRANKFORD 17, Akron 7


POTTSVILLE 21, Akron 0              PROVIDENCE 10, Buffalo 0

CANTON 6, Cleveland 0               CHICAGO CARDS 9, Green Bay 6

NEW YORK 19, Columbus 0             DETROIT 21, Milwaukee 0

CHICAGO BEARS 19, Frankford 0

Detroit        5  0 2 1.000  63   6 Rock Island    2  2 3  .500  18  29

Chi. Cards     6  1 0  .857 107  38 Cleveland      2  4 0  .333  19  52

Pottsville     5  1 0  .833 131   6 Hammond        1  3 0  .250  23  74

Frankford      9  2 0  .818 116  49 Kansas City    1  3 1  .250  33  53

GREEN BAY      6  2 0  .750 124  35 Buffalo        1  5 2  .167  23  75

Providence     4  2 0  .667  47  41 Duluth         0  3 0  .000   6  25

Chi. Bears     4  2 2  .667  70  30 Rochester      0  3 1  .000  13  78

Akron          4  2 2  .667  65  51 Milwaukee      0  4 0  .000   0  92

Canton         3  3 0  .500  44  67 Dayton         0  4 1  .000   3  32

New York       3  3 0  .500  48  33 Columbus       0  7 0  .000  15 103


DETROIT 22, Cleveland 13            NEW YORK 13, Rochester 0


FRANKFORD 20, Pottsville 0


CHICAGO CARDS 23, Buffalo 6         NEW YORK 13, Providence 12

GREEN BAY 7, Dayton 0               POTTSVILLE 14, Rochester 6

CHICAGO BEARS 14, Detroit 0         ROCK ISLAND 35, Kansas City 12

Chi. Cards     7  1 0  .875 130  44 Canton         3  3 0  .500  44  67

Detroit        6  1 2  .857  85  33 Cleveland      2  5 0  .286  32  74

Frankford     10  2 0  .833 136  49 Hammond        1  3 0  .250  23  74

GREEN BAY      7  2 0  .778 131  35 Kansas City    1  4 1  .200  45  88

Pottsville     6  2 0  .750 145  32 Buffalo        1  6 2  .143  33 113

Chi. Bears     5  2 2  .714  84  30 Duluth         0  3 0  .000   6  25

Akron          4  2 2  .667  65  51 Milwaukee      0  4 0  .000   0  92

New York       5  3 0  .625  74  45 Rochester      0  5 1  .000  19 105

Rock Island    3  2 3  .600  53  41 Dayton         0  5 1  .000   3  39

Providence     4  3 0  .571  59  54 Columbus       0  7 0  .000  15 103


Cleveland 14, FRANKFORD 0


POTTSVILLE 24, Cleveland 6          DETROIT 20, Rochester 0

CANTON 6, Columbus 0                CHICAGO CARDS 14, Dayton 0

PROVIDENCE 20, Frankford 7          CHICAGO BEARS 21, Green Bay 0

NEW YORK 9, Kansas City 3           ROCK ISLAND 40, Milwaukee 7

Chi. Cards     8  1 0  .889 144  44 Canton         4  3 0   .571 50  67

Detroit        7  1 2  .875 105  33 Cleveland      3  6 0  .333  52  98

Pottsville     7  2 0  .778 169  38 Hammond        1  3 0  .250  23  74

Chi. Bears     6  2 2  .750 105  30 Kansas City    1  5 1  .167  48  97

Frankford     10  4 0  .714 143  83 Buffalo        1  6 2  .143  33 113

GREEN BAY      7  3 0  .700 131  56 Duluth         0  3 0  .000   6  25

New York       6  3 0  .667  83  48 Milwaukee      0  5 0  .000   7 132

Akron          4  2 2  .667  65  51 Dayton         0  6 1  .000   3  53

Rock Island    4  2 3  .667  93  48 Rochester      0  6 1  .000  19 125

Providence     5  3 0  .625  79  61 Columbus       0  8 0  .000  15 109


POTTSVILLE 31, Green Bay 0          K. City 17, Cleveland 0 at Hartford

CHICAGO BEARS 0, Chi Cards 0 (T)    Rock Island 6, DETROIT 3 (NA)


FRANKFORD 13, Green Bay 7


PROVIDENCE 7, Cleveland 7 (T)       NEW YORK 23, Dayton 0

CHICAGO BEARS 14, Columbus 13       POTTSVILLE 49, Frankford 0

CHICAGO CARDS 7, Rock Island 0

Chi. Cards     9  1 1  .900 151  44 Canton         4  3 0  .571  50  67

Pottsville     9  2 0  .818 249  38 Cleveland      3  7 1  .300  59 122

Detroit        7  2 2  .778 108  39 Kansas City    2  5 1  .286  65  97

Chi. Bears     7  2 3  .778 119  43 Hammond        1  3 0  .250  23  74

New York       7  3 0  .700 106  48 Buffalo        1  6 2  .143  33 113

Frankford     11  5 0  .688 156 139 Duluth         0  3 0  .000   6  25

Akron          4  2 2  ,667  65  51 Milwaukee      0  5 0  .000   7 132


1925 Pottsville Maroons vs. Columbus Tigers Program

The Pottsville Maroons were the most ferocious and most respected players I have ever faced. "You know, I always believed the Maroons won the NFL championship in 1925...but were robbed of the honor. -Red Grange. Presented here is a rare program from the Maroons' '20-0 home game victory over the Columbus Tigers, which took place November 1, 1925. Source: Heritage Auctions


1925 New York Football Giants First Home Game Ticket Stub

Joining the National Football League in 1925, the New York Football Giants are one of the oldest NFL franchises and also one of the greatest in terms of its eight NFL championships. This 10/18/1925 ticket stub admitted one fan to watch the inaugural home game at the Polo Grounds, which also happened to be Jim Thorpe's first game as a Giant. Source: Heritage Auctions


1925 Chicago Bears with Red Grange vs. Frankford Yellow Jackets Program

Led by the Galloping Ghost Red Grange, the 1925 Chicago Bears defeated the Frankford Yellow Jackets by a score of 14-7 on December 5 at Shibe Park. Source: Heritage Auctions

Providence     5  3 1  .625  86  68 Rochester      0  6 1  .000  19 125

Rock Island    5  3 3  .625  99  58 Dayton         0  7 1  .000   3  84

GREEN BAY      7  5 0  .583 138 100 Columbus       0  9 0  .000  28 124


Chicago Bears 13, FRANKFORD 7


CLEVELAND 6, Canton 0

Green Bay 13, PROVIDENCE 10

Pottsville 21, CHICAGO CARDS 7

Chicago Bears 19, NEW YORK 7

Pottsville    10  2 0  .833 270  38 Canton         4  4 0  .500  50  73

Chi. Cards     9  2 1  .818 158  65 Cleveland      4  7 1  .364  65 122

Chi. Bears     9  2 3  .818 151  57 Kansas City    2  5 1  .286  65  97

Detroit        7  2 2  .778 108  39 Hammond        1  3 0  .250  23  74

Akron          4  2 2  .667  65  51 Buffalo        1  6 2  .143  33 113

Frankford     11  6 0  .647 163 152 Duluth         0  3 0  .000   6  25

New York       7  4 0  .636 113  67 Milwaukee      0  5 0  .000   7 132

Rock Island    5  3 3  .625  99  58 Rochester      0  6 1  .000  19 125

GREEN BAY      8  5 0  .615 151 110 Dayton         0  7 1  .000   3  84

Providence     5  4 1  .556  96  81 Columbus       0  9 0  .000  28 124


Providence 9, Chicago Bears 6 at Boston


CHICAGO CARDS 59, Milwaukee 0


Cleveland 3, FRANKFORD 0            DETROIT 21, Chicago Bears 0

CHICAGO CARDS 13, Hammond 0


Frankford 14, PROVIDENCE 6          New York 9, CHICAGO BEARS 0

Chi. Cards    11  2 1  .846 230  65 Canton         4  4 0  .500  50  73

Pottsville    10  2 0  .833 270  45 Cleveland      5  7 1  .417  68 122

Detroit        8  2 2  .800 129  39 Kansas City    2  5 1  .286  65  97

New York       8  4 0  .667 122  67 Hammond        1  4 0  .200  23  86

Akron          4  2 2  .667  65  51 Buffalo        1  6 2  .143  33 113

Chi. Bears     9  5 3  .643 157  96 Duluth         0  3 0  .000   6  25

Frankford     12  7 0  .632 177 161 Milwaukee      0  6 0  .000   7 191

Rock Island    5  3 3  .625  99  58 Rochester      0  6 1  .000  26 111

GREEN BAY      8  5 0  .615 151 110 Dayton         0  7 1  .000   3  84

Providence     6  5 1  .545 111 101 Columbus       0  9 0  .000  28 124


Frankford 13, CLEVELAND 7

Chi. Cards    11  2 1  .846 230  65 Canton         4  4 0  .500  50  73

Pottsville    10  2 0  .833 270  45 Cleveland      5  8 1  .315  75 135

Detroit        8  2 2  .800 129  39 Kansas City    2  5 1  .286  65  97

New York       8  4 0  .667 122  67 Hammond        1  4 0  .200  23  86

Akron          4  2 2  .667  65  51 Buffalo        1  6 2  .143  33 113

Frankford     13  7 0  .650 190 168 Duluth         0  3 0  .000   6  25

Chi. Bears     9  5 3  .643 158  96 Rochester      0  5 1  .000  19 112

Rock Island    5  3 3  .625  99  58 Milwaukee      0  6 0  .000   7 191

GREEN BAY      8  5 0  .615 151 110 Dayton         0  6 1  .000   3  62

Providence     6  5 1  .545 111 101 Columbus       0  9 0  .000  28 124

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