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The 1937 Green Bay Packers - 7-4 (T-2ND)

Head Coach: Curly Lambeau

1937 WEST COAST TOUR (4-0-1)


1  Brooklyn Dodgers at Denver            W 21-13               6,000

10 Salinas Icebergs at San Francisco     W 42- 7               2,500

17 at Los Angeles Bulldogs               W 49- 0              12,000

24 Chicago Bears at Los Angeles          T 20-20              10,000

31 Chicago Bears at Los Angeles          W 17-14              12,000



1  College All-Stars (at Chicago)        L  0- 6    0- 1-0    84,560



12 G-CHICAGO CARDINALS (0-0-0)           L  7-14    0- 1-0    10,000

19 G-CHICAGO BEARS (0-0-0)               L  2-14    0- 2-0    16,658


3  G-DETROIT LIONS (2-0-0)               W 26- 6    1- 2-0    17,553

10 M-CHICAGO CARDINALS (3-1-1)           W 34-13    2- 2-0    16,181

17 at Cleveland Rams (1-4-0)             W 35-10    3- 2-0    12,100

24 G-CLEVELAND RAMS (1-5-0)              W 35- 7    4- 2-0     8,600

31 at Detroit Lions (4-2-0)              W 14-13    5- 2-0    21,311


7  at Chicago Bears (5-0-1)              W 24-14    6- 2-0    44,977

14 M-PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (2-7-1)         W 37- 7    7- 2-0    13,340

21 at New York Giants (5-2-1)            L  0-10    7- 3-0    38,965

28 at Washington Redskins (6-3-0)        L  6-14    7- 4-0    30,000

G - Green Bay M - Milwaukee


Green Bay's quest for a second straight Championship never quite got off the ground as the Packers lost their first two games at home to their two rivals from Chicago - the Cardinals and Bears. The Packers would win their next seven games, but, with another division title out of reach, Green Bay dropped their final two to finish with a 7-4 record.


There have been many unsung heroes in Packer history. Bob Monnett, a speedy runner signed out of Michigan State in 1933, may have been the epitome of just such a player in the 1930s. A model of endurance, Monnett caught passes, ran and passed with the football, as well as kicked extra points and field goals. In his rookie year, he scored 34 points, on three rushing plays, returned a punt for another, and kicked ten extra points, and tossed 3 touchdown passes. In 1936, he completed 20-of-52 passes, including 4 TD. Ironically, his 2.9 yards per carry is the worst for any NFL player who has carried the ball more than 500 times, but he was an effective weapon throwing the ball, hitting for 28 touchdown passes, while only throwing 26 interceptions. In 1938, Monnett appeared ready to take over the quarterbacking duties for Green Bay. In a game in October versus Cleveland, he tossed three touchdown passes, and the press reports indicated he was solidifying his hold on the position. The next week, it all came to an end. Monnett tore up his knee against the Bears after throwing two more touchdown passes. He would never play again, and Cecil Isbell took over as the quarterback of the Packers.


Herb Banet       21   B 6- 2 200     Manchester  1  1  23   

Wayland Becker   32   E 6- 0 205      Marquette  2  4  26 10 FA-Brooklyn (1935)

Hank Bruder      18   B 6- 0 200   Northwestern  7  7  29 10

Averell Daniell  23   T 6- 3 210     Pittsburgh  1  1  22  6 1937 Draft-2nd (19)

Tiny Engebretsen 34   G 6- 1 240   Northwestern  4  6  27 10 FA-Brooklyn (1934)

Lon Evans        39   G 6- 2 230            TCU  5  5  25 11

Milt Gantenbein  22   E 6- 0 200      Wisconsin  7  7  27 11

B. Goldenberg    44 G-B 5-10 220      Wisconsin  5  5  25  8

Lou Gordon       47   T 6- 5 230       Illinois  2  8  31 10 FA-Chi Cards (1935)

Arnie Herber  19/38   B 5-11 195          Regis  8  8  27  9

Clarke Hinkle    30  FB 5-11 205       Bucknell  6  6  28 11

Don Hutson       14   E 6- 1 180        Alabama  3  3  24 11

Ed Jankowski     25   B 5-10 205      Wisconsin  1  1  24 11 1937 Draft-1st (9)

Swede Johnston   15   B 5-10 195      Marquette  5  6  27  2 FA-St. Louis (1934)

Joe Laws         24   B 5- 9 185           Iowa  4  4  26 11

Bill Lee         40   T 6- 3 225        Alabama  1  3  25  4 FA-Brooklyn (1937)

Darrell Lester   29   C 6- 3 220            TCU  1  1  23  8 1936 Draft-5th (43)

Russ Letlow      46   G 6- 0 210  San Francisco  2  2  23 11 1936 Draft-1st (7)

Mike Michalske   36   G 6- 0 210     Penn State  8 10  34  6 FA-NY Yanks (1929)

Paul Miller       3   B 5-10 180   S. Dakota St  2  2  24 10

Bob Monnett       5   B 5- 9 180    Michigan St  7  7  27 10

Ray Peterson     33   B 6- 0 190  San Francisco  1  1  24  2

George Sauer     17   B 6- 2 208       Nebraska  3  3  26  3


Zud Schammel     37 G-T 6- 2 235           Iowa  1  1  27 11

Bernie Scherer   11   E 6- 1 190       Nebraska  2  2  24 11 1936 Draft-3rd (25)

Herm Schneidman   4   B 5-10 200           Iowa  3  3  23 11

Champ Seibold    41   T 6- 4 235      Wisconsin  4  4  24 10

Ed Smith         28   B 6- 2 205       New York  1  2  24    FA-Boston (1937)

Ernie Smith      45   T 6- 2 222            USC  3  3  27 11

Lyle Sturgeon    26   T 6- 3 250   N. Dakota St  1  1  22  8

Earl Svendsen     7   C 6- 1 195      Minnesota  1  1  22 11 1937 Draft-4th (39)

George Svendsen  43   C 6- 4 230      Minnesota  3  3  24 11

NO - Jersey Number POS - Position HGT - Height WGT - Weight YR - Years with Packers PR - Years of Professional Football AGE - Age at Start of Season G - Games  Played



1     9 Ed Jankowski         B Wisconsin

2    19 Averill Daniell      T Pittsburgh

3    29 Bud Wilkinson        B Minnesota

4    39 Earl Svendsen        C Minnesota

5    49 Gibson DeWitt        T Northwestern

6    59 Merle Wendt          E Ohio State

7    69 Marv Baldwin         G Texas Christian  

8    79 Les Champman         T Tulsa

9    89 Gordon Dahlgren      G Michigan State 

10   99 Dave Gavin           T Holy Cross

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FEB 3 (Pittsburgh) - Johnny Blood, star of the Green Bay Packers, professional football team, will get first chance to coach the Pirate pros, succeeding Joe Bach, President Art Rooney indicated today. Bach has accepted a three-year contract as the head coach at Niagara University, Niagara Falls, N.Y. The only hitch in signing Blood to replace Bach is that Johnny already has an application on file with the NFL to place a team in Minneapolis. If this franchise is granted, Blood will coach there. Two years ago when Blood was a member of the Pirates, he was told by Rooney that if Bach did not align himself with the Pirates, Blood would get the post. When Bach signed here, Blood went to Green Bay.


FEB 5 (Madison) - Copies of Senator John E. Cashman's senate resolution which was congratulating the successful performance during the last season, duly signed and certified, have been mailed to officers of the corporation and members of the team, according to Lawrence Larsen, senate chief clerk. The documents were mailed to Leland H. Joannes of the Packer corporation, which has sent a representative to Madison to express its appreciation to Senator Cashman for his action. Cashman introduced and obtained passage of the congratulatory resolution in the senate after the assembly had turned down a similar proposal as "too trivial".


FEB 8 (Syracuse) - Syracuse university athletic officials announced Saturday that Charles (Bud) Wilkinson, a quarterback on last fall's Minnesota football team, had been named to the staff of Ossie Solem, newly appointed Syracuse football coach. Wilkinson, one of the best quarterbacks of the 1936 collegiate football season, had been drawn in the NFL draft by the Green Bay Packers.


FEB 11 (Chicago) - The NFL will open its annual meeting in Chicago tomorrow, with admission of a tenth team and the building of the 1937 schedule as the main items of business. Boston, from which George Marshall removed his Redskins to Washington, is expected to make a strong bid to get


back into the league. The operators of the Boston franchise in the American pro league are after the spot, but are expected to encounter determined opposition from the Cleveland Rams, also a member of the wobbly American circuit last fall. Bids from Buffalo, N.Y. and Los Angeles will also be heard...LEAVE FOR CHICAGO: Dr. W.W. Kelly and Attorney Gerald F. Clifford leave tonight for Chicago to attend the NFL meeting. Due to the absence of L.H. Joannes, president of the Green Bay Packers, Inc., who is en route to Florida for a vacation, Dr. Kelly will represent the Packer organization at the business sessions of the football loop, and Clifford, who also is a member of the Green Bay directorate, will participate in the discussions. Several matters important to Green Bay are on the calendar of the executive committee, which is scheduled to meet shortly after the opening session at noon, Friday. Coach E.L. Lambeau of the Packers is flying from Hollywood, Calif., and will arrive in Chicago tonight. The Packer pilot will center his attention mainly on the schedule and has every hope of arranging an attractive outline of games for this fall. Lambeau also has a couple of player deals pending which may come to a head at the Chicago meeting.


FEB 12 (Chicago) - Nine club owners of the NFL put their heads together today to vote a membership for one other city - probably Cleveland. Applications of Buffalo, Boston and Minneapolis also were at hand but Cleveland was said to be "in" for several reasons. Chief among them was "enough financial backing to carry the Rams over the hump if trouble starts." "We will have definite word today on the proposed tenth club in the league," said George Halas, coach and owner of the Chicago Bears. "Just which one will be picked is a long way from being settled. All four applications will be considered from every angle." Cleveland, however, appeared to be the logical choice. Buffalo has not had pro football for years. Boston failed to support its own Redskins, champions of the Eastern division last season and forced their removal to Washington, while Minneapolis lagged near the bottom in a minor league in the northwest. The National league needs one more Western division club. Green Bay, Detroit, the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Cardinals made up the Western division and New York, Washington, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Brooklyn make it an unbalanced league in the Eastern division. The Cleveland Rams were members of the American Pro league last season. Despite the poor showing of Minneapolis and St. Paul teams in their semi-pro league last fall, Halas and other early arrivals appeared highly interested in a bid from the Twin cities. Drawing power of Minnesota football has increased every year since 1933, when the university team first showed championship tendencies by holding a supposedly invincible Michigan team to a scoreless tie. Virtually all Gopher games were sold out this year. No rule changes were expected, Halas said, although several player transfers may be announced. Art Rooney, owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates, showed up early - on the prowl for a new coach to replace Joe Bach, resigned. Rooney was said to be after Johnny Blood, veteran of the Green Bay Packers, or Carl Brumbaugh of the Bears.


FEB 13 (Chicago) - The NFL, enlarged to 10 teams with the addition of Cleveland, is going to keep right on playing the rules which have helped it win a place in the nation's sports sun. Owners and coaches of the circuit, which next season will have Cleveland as a tenth club, swung into the final, minor details of their annual meeting today, agreed that the 1936 campaign was one of the finest ever enjoyed. President Joe F. Carr, reelected yesterday, said the league's financial condition "is better than ever before". The owners and coaches, accordingly, decided against any rule changes, the consensus being that customers should be given a chance to accustom themselves with the pro game's wide-open style of play...EXPECT STRONG CLUB: Cleveland, which operated in the American league last season, is expected to put a strong club on the field. The team will play in the Western division and is expected to sign several college stars. Cleveland's bid for the franchise was presented by Homer Marshman, president of the club which President Carr said is backed by Cleveland's "financial bluebook". An anticipated bid from Los Angeles failed to materialize and petitions from Boston, Minneapolis and Buffalo were tabled. An 11-game schedule will be played instead of one of 12. This action was taken to close the season a week earlier with the hope of better weather for the playoff tilt between sectional titleholders. Each team in each section will play each other team in its section, with every team playing three intersectional battles...OPEN AGAINST CARDS: The schedule of the Green Bay Packers, in contrast to those of recent seasons, contains no three-game series with any club. Green Bay opens Sunday, Sept. 12, against the Chicago Cardinals at City stadium and follows this contest with home appearances against the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions Sept. 19 and Oct. 3, respectively. The first out of town game will be played at Milwaukee Oct. 10 with the Cardinals as opposition, and Oct. 17 the Packers will travel to Cleveland to meet the Rams, newest member of the league. A return game with Cleveland will be played at City stadium Oct. 24, the last home contest. The Packers will play at Detroit Oct. 31 and will meet the Bears at Wrigley field, Nov. 7. The following Sunday, Nov. 14, Green Bay will play the Philadelphia Eagles at Milwaukee. The Packers will finish their season by meeting the New York Giants at New York Nov. 21 and the new Washington club at Washington Nov. 28...PLAYOFF DEC. 5: The playoff game for the championship will be staged Dec. 5. The Packers were presented the Ed Thorp Memorial trophy for winning the league championship. All officers were reelected. They are Carr, president and secretary; Carl Storck, Dayton, O., vice president and treasurer, and the following members of the league's finance committee: Carr, chairman; George S. Halas, Chicago; Bert Bell, Philadelphia; L.H. Joannes, Green Bay, and John V. Mara, New York. Cleveland is no newcomer to National league warfare. The city was first admitted to the league in 1923 and in 1924 won the championship with a record of seven victories, one defeat and one tie. Cleveland remained in the league through the 1925 campaign, but dropped out the next year. It returned in 1927 for one season, but again faded out of the picture. Another start was made in 1931, but after winning two games and losing eight, the franchise was again relinquished.


FEB 20 (Hollywood) - With their football picture completed, the Green Bay Packers left here at noon today for their homes. The Packers have been on the coast since Jan. 4. They played four games, two of which were against the Chicago Bears, and after completing their season, started making a "short" for MGM studios. This film is said to be a splendid one, with an especial appeal for fans who like the technical side of football. The picture required two weeks to make and every Packer player that made the coast trip is in it. Some of the players will do direct to their homes, while Coach E.L. Lambeau, his wife and a number of "hometowners" will come direct to Green Bay, arriving here next week.



FEB 21 (Pittsburgh) - John Blood McNally, known in the football world as Johnny Blood, is the new coach of the Pirate NFL team, President Art Rooney announced yesterday. Blood's acceptance of the offer to succeed Joe Bach came in a terse wire from Detroit yesterday afternoon. "Your offer accepted. Will write you tonight" is the message which clinched the job. Rooney was enthusiastic over Blood's acceptance as he favored the former Green Bay star, who played here in 1934, over all other candidates. Blood will be the fourth Pirate coach since their entry into the league in 1933. Jap Douds, first followed by Luby Di Molio in 1934. Bach held the reins in 1935-36. Blood is on the top side of 30 and has played 11 seasons of professional football. In addition to the year he spent with the Pirates he played two years with Duluth in the old American Football League, one with Pottsville and seven with Green Bay in the National circuit. He was an All-League halfback for the Packers in 1931, teamed up with Red Grange of the Chicago Bears. Blood is famed as a wanderer. He began his travels as a student at Notre Dame, where he was known under his real name of John McNally, a promising football player from Minnesota. When the late Knute Rockne asked him to make the shift from halfback to a tackle post the youth balked. That was in 1924. Suspended with another student, for too hilarious observance of a certain March day dear to the Irish, McNally and the youth joined up with a semi-pro baseball team. Both had ideas then about retaining their amateur status so they assumed new names to cloud their real identities. Recalling the title of a popular movie picture of that era, they became Blood and Sand...USES IRISH SYSTEM: The summer before he reported to the Pirates, Blood boarded a freight ship in New York and worked his way to the Philippine Islands. On the way back to the States he dropped off in Honolulu long enough to arrange a football game for barnstorming all-star players. Blood will continue coaching the Pirates in the Notre Dame system, a system in which Bach initiated them two years ago. The Notre Dame system is thoroughly familiar to him, as he gained his early knowledge in it at South Bend and absorbed it in greater detail in seven years with Green Bay, coached by Curly Lambeau, Notre Dame disciple. He was Lambeau's assistant the past two seasons.



FEB 22 (Green Bay) - Johnny Blood, the colorful vagabond halfback of the Packers, will coach the Pittsburgh Pirates in the NFL next season. President Art Rooney of the Pirates announced Blood had accepted terms and would succeed Joe Bach, who resigned recently to become head coach at Niagara university...GREAT PASS RECEIVER: Blood, a veteran performer with the Packer football club, was one of the greatest pass receivers in the professional circuit. He joined the Green Bay team in 1929 and, except for one season, when he was loaned to Pittsburgh, played with the Packers since that time. He went to Green Bay from New York. Blood called signals from a halfback position for the Packers last season and figured prominently in the team's march to a fourth National league title...Johnny Blood, one of the most popular as well as one of the greatest players on the Packer all-time roster, has starred during four Green Bay pro grid championships. He joined the Packers in 1929, the first year of the championship era, and played with the team when it repeated its National league title in 1930 and 1931. He was back with the Packers the past season, when they won their fourth national crown. In 1934 Johnny went to the Pittsburgh club which he now is to coach as a player. He played under his own name, McNally, but was injured early in the season and did not see much service that year. He came back to Green Bay in 1935 and again in 1926...COULDN'T BE REACHED: Johnny couldn't be reached for a statement today. He left on a trip in northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan last Friday, it was said, and has not yet returned to this city, his headquarters during the off-season when he travels for a milling company. Johnny ranks second on the Packer all-time scoring list, having made 224 points during his career with the old Big Bay Blues. These include 37 touchdowns and two points after touchdown. Johnny trailed only Verne Lewellen, who posted 301 points during his Packer career.


MAR 1 (Salt Lake City) - Carl Mulleneaux, 210-pound end of the Utah Aggies, a varsity veteran of three years, today signed a contract with the Green Bay Packers, Coach E.L. Lambeau announced. Lambeau stopped here en route to Green Bay to contact Mulleneaux. The newest Packers, first man to sign for the 1937 season, is a brother of Lee Mulleneaux of Pittsburgh and is a native of Phoenix, Ariz. His nickname is "Moose"...IDEAL PRO TYPE: The Utah wingman stands six feet three inches high and was a star in the East-West game at San Francisco Jan. 1. Lambeau regards him as an ideal type for professional football. Mulleneaux is an extremely aggressive type, is fast despite his bulk and is an excellent pass receiver. He is regarded as one of the greatest defensive ends west of the Mississippi River.


MAR 4 (Green Bay) - Back from the football wars in California is Earl L. (Curly) Lambeau, coach of the Green Bay Packers, to express enthusiasm with the post-season program in which his team engaged. The California trip, preceded by a New Year's day game at Denver, was an important sideline on the NFL season of 1936, which brought Green Bay its fourth national championship. Lambeau used it as a training ground for the 1937 campaign, and he believes the maneuver was successful. "It served as our spring practice," he said. "We tried out our men, tested new players and found out where we'll need replacements for next season." And where will you need replacements? Curly isn't saying, yet. There'll be the usual quota of candidates when the team assembled Aug. 15 to practice for the Chicago College All Star game. Some of them will be permanent additions to the squad - some of the older players may be dropped. It all depends. "We must improve," continued the Packer leader. "We must get better, despite our championship. The Detroit Lions were a better club in 1936 then they were in 1935, but they didn't repeat for the title. There's a tougher job ahead for the Packers - tougher even than the one we faced last fall. A few of the players made mistakes during the California trip, but that's the time to make them - not during the league season. We learned how to iron out our errors." The Packers were determined to beat the Salinas Packers and Los Angeles Bulldogs, Lambeau added, because they knew that a defeat would give the western team a chance to claim an unofficial world title. The Packer coach praised the California playing of Clarke Hinkle - "he was marvelous, every minute" - of Bernard Scherer, Lou Gordon, Bob Monnett. Herman Schneidman will be shifted to his former position as blocking back. "This Carl Mulleneaux of Utah Aggies, our new end, looks like a natural," Curly continued. "Big and strong, like a cat on his feet. He said we had a great boy in this Peterson, the San Francisco blocking back we signed last fall. Mulleneaux said he regarded him a better football player than Sam Francis of Nebraska, who'll go to the Bears."...The movie short of the Packers, completed last month, will not be released until August, in preparation for the 1937 football season. There is a possibility that a feature motion picture based on the origin and development of the Packers may be filmed, partly in Hollywood and partly in Green Bay. This hasn't passed the rumor stage, though. Most of the Packers who are permanent residents of Green Bay now have returned to their homes. George Sauer is visiting with Don Hutson in Alabama; Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Hinkle are at Toronto, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. George Svendsen at Rock Rapids, Iowa; Milt Gantenbein at La Crosse; Paul Miller is in South Dakota. All these Packers will be in Green Bay before the end of the month. The Packers aren't allowed to assemble as a team before Aug. 15, the date the All Stars start practice in Chicago.


APR 1 (Green Bay) - A 22-year-old football tackle weighing 265 pounds, with three years of varsity experience on a strong college squad, today was added to the roster of the Green Bay Packers, Coach E.L. Lambeau announced. He is Lyle Sturgeon of North Dakota State, a star with the West team in the San Francisco Shrine game, who Lambeau regards as an outstanding professional football prospect. In addition to packing 265 pounds of beef, Sturgeon still is growing, as he is only 22 years old. The new Packer tackle, who plays either side of the line, stands 6 feet 3 inches in height and lives at Moorhead, Minn. He is married...ONE OF BEST: "Sturgeon was one of the outstanding linemen on the western squad at San Francisco New Years' day," Lambeau said in commenting upon his latest recruit. "He probably will be the largest man in football. He isn't fat; just big, and a gratifying point is that he not only has size, but has excellent body coordination to go with it." Three years at a varsity tackle berth lie behind Sturgeon, and during his last two seasons North Dakota State has had the best teams in its gridiron history. Sturgeon played for two seasons against Paul Miller, speedy Packer halfback who attended South Dakota State...TRY FIELD GOALS: During a practice session before the East-West game, Coaches Hollingberry and Loecy had Sam Francis, Ray Peterson and Ed Codard trying field goals from the 35-yard line. These men seemed to be having trouble putting the ball between the uprights. Sturgeon walked up and asked if he could try one. Permission granted, he booted the first kick squarely between the posts with 25 yards extra punch behind it. The rest of the players gave up and Sturgeon was selected by the coaches to do the placekicking for the game. Sturgeon is the third Packer to sign his 1937 contract. The others are Ray Peterson, San Francisco back, and Carl (Moose) Mulleneuax, Utah Aggies end.


APR 8 (Madison) - Resolutions expressing appreciation of Marquette university's 1936 football record and the fact that the Green Bay Packers won the professional league championship were adopted by the assembly last night. The senate approved the congratulatory messages early in the session. They were sponsored by Senator James L. Callan (D), Milwaukee.


APR 14 (South Bend, IN) - Robert Jones, former Indiana university star and now coach at Central high school, has turned down an offer to play professional football with the Green Bay Packers next fall, he said today. Jones played with the Packers in 1934.



APR 23 (Green Bay) - Fred McKenzie, powerful University of Utah tackle, who signed with the Green Bay Packers last season and was prevented from reporting by an injury, will make his first attempt at professional football next season, Coach E.L. Lambeau announced today. McKenzie, rated one of the best linemen ever produced by the Rocky Mountain conference, was hailed as an outstanding Packer prospect last spring, when he signed with Green Bay. While working in his father's foundry at Salt Lake City, toughening himself for the approaching season, he received painful burns accidentally, and was sent to a hospital to recuperate...POSTPONED FOR YEAR: It was announced at the time that his pro football debut necessarily would have to be postponed for a year. Now he is back, in the prime of health and strength, and is very anxious to win a regular berth with the national champions. Coach Lambeau believes he can do it. McKenzie weighs 210 pounds, is five feet 11 inches high, with a stocky, powerful build. He is very fast, and the Packer coach may switch him to the guard position, in an experiment which worked successfully with Tiny Engebretsen. McKenzie's reputation in the Rocky Mountain conference was that he was "on the bottom of every play". The Utah star is the fourth Packers to sign his 1937 contract.



MAY 6 (Green Bay) - Both the Green Bay Packers and the College All Stars, who will meet in summer's biggest sports event at Soldier field, Chicago, will start practice Saturday, Aug. 14, Coach E.L. Lambeau reported today, following a conference at Chicago with Arch Ward, Tribune sports editor. Ward enthusiastically looks to the coming battle as the highest point of the All Star-professional series, Lambeau said. The game will be played on Wednesday, Sept. 1, if the weather is favorable; otherwise it will be set back one day. Although the poll for selection of the All Star team won't start immediately several of the better known all-Americans are planning to work out in the woods and on farms this summer, Ward reported, in anticipation of the probable selection for the big game. The All Stars will report with five complete teams, while the Packers will have three. The Collegians will do all their practicing in and around Chicago, but the Green Bay squad will work out here prior to the game. The Green Bay and Wisconsin delegation is assured of good seats, up to a 10,000 total, said Lambeau, but he warned Packer fans to waste no time in getting their reservations, under penalty of finding themselves somewhere out in Lake Michigan, in possession of unfavorable seats. The 10,000 reserved for Green Bay are between the goal posts, but late comers may find themselves much less favorably situated...RULES NOT SET: Definite rules for the contest will not be drawn up until the meeting of the coaches, and this won't be held until the college mentors are selected by ballot. Ward expects, however, that the same rules favoring the college standard will be in use, as they were last season. This will force the Packers, as it did the Detroit Lions, to discard about 25 percent of their offense. The goal posts, however, will be on the goal line, affording the Packer sharpshooters chances to connect on occasional three pointers, provided the offense penetrates deep enough into All Star territory.


MAY 11 (Green Bay) - Hank Bruder, veteran blocking back of the Green Bay Packers, is in St. Mary's hospital, recovering from an appendectomy. His condition is reported as favorable.


MAY 11 (Green Bay) - Darrell Lester, 228-pound all-America center of Texas Christian university - one of the most sought after prospects in collegiate football - has been signed by the Green Bay Packers, Coach E.L. Lambeau announced today. Lester's professional football future was a matter of much speculation last season, after he concluded a brilliant career at  T.C.U. as he was drawn on the Green Bay draft list. He was unable to come to terms with winter Coach Lambeau again renewed negotiations with the giant pivot man and Lester's contract is the result. He is one of the nation's few outstanding grid stars who received all-America mention in both his junior and senior years. He was the terror of the Southwest conference during his collegiate career and made practically every all-opponent team during his entire playing period...BACKS UP LINE: Lester stands six feet tall, and is particularly powerful in backing up the line. He was selected for the College All Star game at Chicago last summer, but hurt himself in practice and saw little service. His home is at Fort Worth, Tex. Lester is the fifth Packers to sign his 1937 contract.


MAY 18 (Green Bay) - The most publicized lineman in 1936 collegiate football today signed his contract with the Green Bay Packers. He is Averell Daniell, all-American tackle of Pittsburgh university, who weighs 215 pounds and stands 6 feet 3 1/2 inches in height. Daniell was one of the best linemen in the history of Pitt's brilliant teams, and he is an almost certain choice to appear against the Packers this summer in the College All Star game at Chicago. Although performing beside such line aces as Matusi and Glassford of the Panthers, Daniell outshone the rest of the team with his brainy, fast style of play...SIXTH UNDER CONTRACT: He is the sixth recruit to sign his 1937 Green Bay contract. Although Daniell performed well against all of Pittsburgh's opponents, he was 


particularly effective last season versus Ohio State, Notre Dame, Fordham and Nebraska. The percentage of tackles he made in those games gave him the reputation of the busiest tackle in the country and at the end of the season he was selected for practically every all-America team, including those of Collier's magazine, the New York Sun and the Associated Press...PLAYS EITHER SIDE: Daniell plays either the right or left side of the line, and Coach E.L. Lambeau has not decided upon which side he will perform here. The Packer left and right tackles play radically different types of games. Daniell's great football intelligence perhaps is the most remarkable part of his game. He is an expert diagnostician of plays, rarely is fooled and was one of the greatest stars in the 1937 Rose Bowl game, when Pitt avenged several previous disappointing appearances on the West coast with a smashing victory. At Pitt Daniell was coached by Bill Kern, Panther line mentor, who was rated as one of the smartest linemen ever to play with the Packers. Kern now has transferred his talents to Carnegie Tech.



JUNE 15 (Green Bay) - With the professional football season still two and one-half months away, activity is already reaching a high point in the Packer headquarters here. Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau announced today that contracts have now been mailed out  to all the old players on the Packer roster. Players signing up for the coming season will be announced as soon as the signed contracts are received here...TWO MORE SIGNED: Coach Lambeau also stated that he has completed negotiations with two outstanding players whom the Packers have been seeking to include in their fold for some time. One is a backfield star, the other a line great. However, conditions at this time made the publishing of the names impossible, but they will be announced just as soon as practicable. Six new men have already been signed by the NFL champions. The Packer ticket office has been flooded with applications from all over the state for tickets to the All-Star game in Chicago Sept. 1. These applications are being filed in the order of their receipt, and will be filled as soon as the tickets arrive here. Some applications have been received for season tickets for the coming league season, indicating one of the busiest seasons in history at the Packer box office...RUSH PRACTICE FIELD: The new practice field being constructed east of East high school is being rushed at the present time so that it will be in readiness for the team when it opens practice here about the middle of August. Work is also proceeding rapidly on the new seats in Packer stadium, which will take care of about 5,000 more people at each of the home games. Overflow crowds at man of last year's contests made necessary the addition of new facilities.


JUNE 16 (Green Bay) - Milton Gantenbein, universally regarded as one of the greatest ends in professional football, will be parked out on the Packer right flank again for the 1937 season. The popular playing captain of the 1936 national champions signed his contract in the presence of Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau last night. Gantenbein thus becomes the first regular Packer player to return his signed contract to Packer headquarters here. Contracts for the coming season were mailed out to all old Packers several days ago. Gantenbein is another of the professionals who has made his home in Green Bay since coming here from Madison fresh from the University of Wisconsin. He is in the insurance business. This will be his seventh season with the Green Bay squad...CAPTAIN AT WISCONSIN: The flanker played three full years at Wisconsin, captaining that team in his senior year. He soon made a hit in Green Bay, and has steadily improved in his playing ability each season with the Packers until now he is regarded as one of the most dependable men on the squad. Defensively no one recognizes a peer to Gantenbein in the pro game. And offensively he has improved so much in the last several seasons that last year he was given high mention on several all-American pro teams, landing at end on the second league team. He is particularly well fitted for his position as team captain. Cool-headed, a quick thinker, popular with the rest of his teammates, Gantenbein is a natural leaders, and Coach Lambeau relies on him to a great extent to have the team on the field carry out his plans of attack and defense. Gantenbein stands just about six feet tall and weighs several pounds over the 200-mark. He is stocky and as touch as they come, being able to stave off the attacks of opposing blockers with a stiffness that always leaves him in there to stop anything thrown at him around his end...SCORED FOUR TOUCHDOWNS: Gantenbein ranks 31st on the Packer all-time scoring list. He has put over four touchdowns for a total of 24 points during his Packer career. The former Wisconsin star broke into big time pro ball in the Bear game of 1931 here, giving the first indication of the great things that could be expected in the future. The score stood at 0-0 late in the game when Iron Mike Michalske intercepted a Bear pass and started down the field. Mike broke through the whole Bear team, all except one, the safety man, Brumbaugh, who alone blocked his way to a score. All of a sudden Gantenbein appeared out of nowhere, charging down on Brumbaugh. As might be expected, Brumbaugh was nowhere around when Michalske went past, and the Packers won another ball game, 6 to 2, the Bears scoring a safety in the last minutes. Gantenbein makes the seventh Packer now on the 1937 roster.


JUNE 17 (Green Bay) - Paul Miller, as speedy and shifty a back as ever wore the famous Green Bay Packer uniform, will be back on the halfback roster of the national pro champions again this fall, it was announced today by Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau. Miller, a native of Platte, S.D., who has now changed his residence to Green Bay, signed his contract here yesterday. Last year was Paul's first year with the Packers, and he showed early promise of becoming one of the biggest thorns in the sides of opposing pro teams. Particularly on the West coast last fall he performed so brilliantly that he made Coach Lambeau expect great things of him this fall...GREAT PASS CATCHER: Miller is especially adept at running the ends, where his jackrabbit speed, once he is in the open, is a constant threat. On the receiving ends of some of Arnold Herber's long tosses he is also one of the Packers' best offensive weapons, for when Miller and his speedmate, Don Hutson, go streaking down the field it poses quite a problem for any defensive back. Miller showed particular ability at playing the safety position in the West coast excursion. He brings back punts with the added yardage that counts. Paul is about five feet, 10 inches tall, and last year his weight averaged around 175 pounds. He has added about eight more pounds this year, however, without sacrificing any of his speed, and the additional poundage should give him added driving ability and endurance, though Paul won a reputation for being a very "tough" little boy here last year. One expression coined about him said that he had "more football ability and fight per square inch than any man in the league." Miller graduated from South Dakota State university in June of 1935, where he played three years of varsity football. He received most of his publicity through a touchdown he scored on the opening kickoff against Wisconsin in his senior year, a score by the way which defeated the Badgers...SCORES THREE TIMES: Miller received journalistic training in school. He is single and had been working on several advertising projects here this spring. He scored three touchdowns for the Packers in his first year of pro ball, giving him 38th position on the Packer all-time scoring list. Miller makes the eighth Packer signed for the coming year.


JUNE 18 (Green Bay) - A football ace who will become a star quarterback with the Green Bay Packers in the next few years, if Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau's hunch is correct, has placed his name on a contract for the 1937 pro football season. He is Herbert C. Banet, veteran from Manchester college at North Manchester, Ind., unheralded and unsung in his college career, but a boy that football big-wigs consider one of the "finds" of the current crop of professional freshmen...JUST RIGHT TYPE: Banet is just the type of ball player that had made the Packer name famous the world over. He was the mainstay of a small college team who didn't have the benefit of big-time publicity in his university days. But he showed himself to be a great footballer, one evidence of which was his record as being the highest scorer in the state of Indiana, a state which had two great ball teams like Purdue and Indiana, during the past season. Banet is a husky man for the backfield, weighing 211 pounds and standing six feet, two inches in height. He is 23 years old. He was an honor student in college, a great field general on the team, and co-captain his senior year. In announcing Banet's signing, Coach Lambeau said today: "From all the reports we have received on Banet he should prove a natural for the Packer backfield. We have never had a prospect with better recommendations." Earl Wilkins, a former Packer star, first put the local management on Banet's trail, writing Coach Lambeau to say that he was the best backfield man he saw in action for the past several seasons. Further checks were made, and every report that came in was excellent...COACH WRITES LETTER: Banet's coach, Carl W. Burt, wrote as follows: "Banet is a big, husky boy weighing 211 and pretty fast for his weight. He played quarter for us and was the highest scorer in the state last year. He can't punt, but is a good placekicker at the shorter distances. He is an exceptionally good long passer. We completed a number of 50 to 55-yard passes last fall. He is conversant with the Notre Dame offense as we used this style of play with the addition of a man in motion on all plays. Banet is an honor student in school, eager to learn and very cooperative." Banet's hometown is Fort Wayne, Ind. In college he played all three years on the first team, playing every position in the backfield and directing the team's play. Banet makes nine men on the 1937 Packer roster, seven recruits and two veterans.


JUNE 19 (Green Bay) - One more of the veterans who did a good-sized part in bringing the Green Bay Packers the NFL championship last year put his name on a contract today. He is Paul (Tiny) Engebretsen. Engebretsen has been one of the unsung heroes on the Packer squad since coming here two and one half seasons ago. He was put more or less on the spot last season when he had to fill the gap in the line left by the retirement of August (Mike) Michalske, but Tiny came through in grand style and played lots of guard in every game on the schedule...GREAT PLACEKICKER: In addition to being a great offensive and defensive lineman, Engebretsen is one of the most reliable placekickers in the pro business, and has proved his worth on numerous occasions, pulling ball games out of the fire with cool-headed, well-placed boots. No one who was there will ever forget the Detroit Lions game here last season. After that glorious first half and the disastrous third quarter, Johnny Blood's spear of that long Herber pass, the score was tied with only a few minutes to play. The Packers forged the ball deep into Lion territory, and while everyone in the stands stopped breathing for several minutes. Tiny went back to placekick. He was the only man among about 15,000 in that stadium that that wasn't shivering, and he booted the ball square between the posts for the winning marker, turned and walked away as if it were just another assignment of the game. Tiny kicked another field goal against Detroit at Detroit later in the season that had a lot to do with the Packer victory there. And he booted another on the West coast that enabled the Packers to beat the Bears, that one coming with only seconds to go...RESIDES IN GREEN BAY: Engebretsen's hometown originally was Chariton, Iowa, but he now resides in Green Bay. He graduated from Northwestern with high honors, and played two and a half years of pro ball before finding his way home to the Packers. He was with the Bears first, and played against the Packers on a snow-covered field in 1932, kicking a three-pointer which helped down the Bays 9 to 0 and eliminate them from any chance of a fourth national title in a row. Then he was with the Cards a year, and played half a season with Philadelphia before coming here. Tiny, of course, gets his nickname from his size. He is a mere six feet tall and weighs about 240 pounds. He is 27 years old and single, and spends a lot of time prospecting for gold out west. This will be Tiny's sixth year in pro ball, his fourth with the Bays. As well as being big, Engebretsen is just as tough and hardy. He is seldom on the injured list, always ready to go 60 minutes if necessary. He is a splendid team worker, and gets along great with his fellow players. There are now 10 players on the 1937 roster of the national champions.


JUNE 22 (Green Bay) - Tickets for the Green Bay Packer-All Star game at Soldier's field, Chicago, the night of Wednesday, Sept. 1, will go on sale in the Packer ticket office in the Legion building July 1, it was announced today. The ticket office will be open each day, but tickets can be procured only up to Aug. 15. President L.H. Joannes of the Packer corporation has agreed with Arch Ward, sports editor of the Chicago Tribune, sponsors of the game with a chain of other newspapers, that all unsold tickets here here on Aug. 15 will be returned to Chicago...OVER 3,000 APPLICATIONS: Over 3,000 mail order applications have already been received for the All-Star game, it was announced. These applications are being filed in order of their receipt, and will be filled as soon as the tickets arrive. Future mail order applications will be treated in the same manner. While the Packer corporation has been assured of getting as many seats as are necessary to accommodate Green Bay fans, the earlier applicants will naturally get the best seats, it was point out. All of the tickets being sent here are considered first rate, however, as all will be on the Packer side of the field and as near the Packer bench as possible. The Packer official re-emphasized that no tickets not bought and paid for will be held at the office here after Aug. 15...SEASON TICKET SALE: The annual season ticket sale will be opened sometime in August, but people applying for All-Star game tickets can order their season tickets at the same time, it was said. The Packers are planning an extensive ticket campaign later in the summer, for there are four headline NFL games scheduled for Green Bay this fall. The season opens here Sept. 12 with the Chicago Cardinals. The Chicago Bears are in Green Bay on Sept. 19, and the Detroit Lions play here Oct. 3. Cleveland, new entry in the league, is here Oct. 17. There are also two games in Milwaukee, the Cards on Oct. 10 and Philadelphia on Nov. 14.


JUNE 23 (Green Bay) - Indications have been strong the last few weeks that the professional football season, the "raison d'etre" of Green Bay sports fans, is just around the corner. What with the signing of many new and old players, announcement of ticket sales for the All-Star game and for the regular season, and work proceeding on the new practice field east of East high, business is booming around Packer headquarters. The football corporation was in receipt of a letter today from President Joe F. Carr, head of the NFL, asking for information to be included in the 1937 edition of the pro league handbook. He said that it is hoped to have this edition on sale before the All-Star game in Chicago Sept. 1...WILL GET PUBLICITY: With the Green Bay Packers the pro champions, naturally they will receive a lot of attention in this year's book. The Packer corporation was asked to send a story on last year's activities, when the great Green Bay team won the world title, pictures of the team and of leading officials and a complete roster of all officials. Applications are coming in daily to the corporation for seats at the Packer-All Star game at Soldiers' field. They have already surpassed the 3,000 mark. These applications are being filed in order of receipt and will be filled when the tickets arrive here from Chicago on July 1. Tickets will go on public sale on that date, with the Packer ticket office in the Legion building open every day. However, all tickets must be purchased and picked up here before Aug. 15, for then they will be returned to Chicago, according to an agreement made with the Chicago Tribune, sponsor of the game.



JUNE 24 (Green Bay) - Eddie Jankowski, standout backfield ace on three weak Wisconsin university football teams, signed a Packer contract today, it was announced  by Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau on his return from Milwaukee where he came to terms with Jankowski. He is regarded as one of the best pro prospects to come out of the Big Ten this season, for he was a great all-around player at Wisconsin and won many honorable mentions on honor teams despite the fact that he was always playing on a losing team...KNOWS NOTRE DAME STYLE: Coach Harry Stuhldreher gave Jankowski a great recommendation to Coach Lambeau. Eddie played two years under Doctor Clarence Spears at Wisconsin and his last year under Stuhldreher. He is familiar with the Notre Dame system of play. Jankowski was particularly effective as a defensive back at Wisconsin, although he made some great progress as an open field runner under Stuhldreher last season. On offense he is a great blocker, always a necessity for pro football. The Milwaukee star is built for business. He stands five feet nine inches in height and weighs 205 pounds. Jankowski was selected as one of the Big Ten backs on the East team for the annual East-West game on the coast last winter, and started for the East team, which won the contest 3 to 0...WILL REPORT SEPT. 4: Coach Lambeau expects that Jankowski will be given a great boost for the All-Star team which will play against the Bays in Chicago Sept. 1, and thus has ordered him to report here Sept. 4 instead of in August. Jankowski makes 11 men on the 1937 Packer roster.


JUNE 24 (Green Bay) - Green Bay Packer fans who


wish to purchase $3.30 seats for the All-Star game at Soldier's field, Chicago, Sept. 1, have been advised by the football corporation to procure those seats on July 1 or shortly thereafter, because of a telegram received here today from Arch Ward, Chicago Tribune sports editor, telling of the great demand for tickets in those sections. The Green Bay block of seats for the game will arrive here July 1, and the Packer ticket office in the Legion building will be open every day from then on, with E.A. Spachmann in charge of sales. But Ward said in his telegram that the strong demand for $3.30 seats in Chicago may necessitate the recalling of all unsold seats in this section within several days after they are placed on sale here...HAVE TO BUY EARLY: This would mean that if the Packer fans want $3.30 seats they will have to get them on July 1 or in the next few days after that date. The original agreement with the Tribune provided that all unsold seats here would be sent back to Chicago on Aug. 15, and this will probably be the case with the $2.20 seats, but the higher priced locations may be sold out soon after July 1, it is thought. A great number of ticket reservations have already been mailed in to the Packer ticket office, and these have been filed in order of receipt and will be filled as soon as the tickets arrive here. Others wishing $3.30 seats may apply any time up to July 1, it was said, but the old saying that "the early bird gets the worm" was emphatically sized by Packer officials...QUOTE WARD'S TELEGRAM: Ward's telegram read as follows: "Mr. L.H. Joannes, Green Bay Packers, Inc., Green Bay, Wis. - The requests for $3.30 tickets for the All-Star game are getting out of hand. Don't be surprised if we start calling back any unsold tickets in your possession two or three days after the sale is announced. I am already in great distress. Try to push the $2.20 seats as strong as you can. We always need a lot of help in that section. Arch Ward."


JUNE 28 (Green Bay) - Doors of the Green Bay Packer ticket office were opened this morning for the two-fold purpose of taking reservations for the Packer-All Star football game at Soldier field, Chicago, Sept. 1, and for the Green Bay professional team's home season. The office is located in the Legion building, at E. Walnut and Jefferson streets. Without a question, more than 100,000 fans will be in attendance when the pro-college gridiron struggle is renewed on the first evening of September, and if Green Bay's loyal band is to be in the crowd, its members must lose no time in making the necessary reservations, warned E.A. Spachmann, director of ticket sales...PLAN BIG PUSH: Although the big push of the Packer season ticket campaign is planned for later in the summer, reservations may be placed now, and wise football fans again are reminded that prompt action will save them much anxiety before the first kickoff. Backers of the Green Bay championship team desiring to place their reservations may use the ticket office telephone service - the number is Adams 6180 - or may call personally at the Legion building. About 4,000 applications already have been received, and these will be filled as soon as tickets arrive from the Chicago Tribune headquarters...GEARS UP MACHINE: Coach E.L. Lambeau of the Packers is one of the busiest men in town these days, as he completes final arrangement for signing up his 1937 squad. The powerful Green Bay team is being reassembled, plus some promising new parts, for its first national championship defense since 1932. Eleven men have been signed to date, and many more contracts are out. Lambeau also is angling for a couple more "name" players, and expects to announce their names soon. More of the veterans also are expected to send in their contracts within a few days, and the squad will begin to take shape during the July days, Coach Lambeau believes.


JULY 3 (Green Bay) - Tickets for the Green Bay Packer-College All Star football game at Soldier field, Chicago, Sept. 1, will be ready for local fans about Thursday of next week, Director E.A. Spachmann announced today. More than 5,700 tickets already have been reserved, Spachmann said, and as soon as the pasteboards arrive from Chicago they will be placed in envelopes and prepared for the purchasers. Fans then may pick up the tickets at the Legion building headquarters. Notices will be sent to out-of-town persons that their tickets have arrived, so that money or checks may be sent. The long distance delivery to date will be to Otto Christoph, New York, who sent in his check with a request for five tickets.


JULY 3 (Oshkosh Northwestern) - Football may be the sport attracting the least attention now in the minds of fans, what with the hot race in both major baseball leagues occupying so much interest, but the grid game will soon sneak back into the limelight. And one of the first events on the football calendar will be the annual game at Soldier field, Chicago, between the Green Bay Packers, champions last year of the Professional Football league, and the collegiate all-stars selected in a poll in which fans throughout the country will be invited to participate. The Oshkosh Northwestern will cooperate with the Chicago Tribune and a number of other newspapers throughout the country in selecting the players who will compose the All-American squad and also the coaches who will direct the team in action and put it through its paces in two weeks of training before the big game. The fourth annual poll will start on July 11 and end August 8. The first two weeks will be confined to voting for the players and the last two weeks will be for the election of coaches. Each voter should name 11 players and three coaches in the order of his preference. First place will count for three points; second place two points; third place, one point. Last year, 3,419,164 voted for the All-American eleven and the coaches' poll totaled 3,348,797. The game last year drew 76,361 spectators. This year's contest is to be played the night of September 1 and in the event of rain prior to the kickoff, the game will be postponed one night. The 11 players chosen as All-Americans in the voting must start the game against the Green Bay Packers, as one of the rules of the poll is that the fans will select the starting lineup. Later, of course, the coaches may substitute and change the lineup as they see fit. All colleges and university football players, provided they were seniors during the 1936 season and completed their eligibility, are candidates for membership on the All-American squad. Eleven will win starting positions, but there will be at least three for each position. Last year the squad numbered more than 50. All traveling expenses and training expenses will be paid for the boys elected to the All-American squad.


JULY 8 (Green Bay) - William Clarke Hinkle, all-America fullback of the NFL in 1936, and one of the greatest players ever to wear a Packer uniform, today signed his Green Bay contract for 1937, Coach E.L. Lambeau announced. Hinkle, who turned in the best of his five Packer seasons last year, which was culminated by his selection as the all-pro fullback, will start his sixth year here when practice is called officially Aug. 1. He is expected to share a considerable part of the burden in the Packer-All Star game at Soldier field, Chicago, Sept. 1. Clarke won all-Eastern and all-America recognition when he was lugging the freight for Bucknell university six years ago, and he was one of the most prominent collegiate players ever signed by the Packers. His pro career has been a constant battle to wrest all-America honors from the Chicago Bears' Bronko Nagurski and this campaign resulted in success last season, when Nagurski landed on the second team, below Hinkle's first string ranking. Hinkle stands an inch short of six feet, and weighs about 200 pounds. He plays a terrific game. Regarded as one of the National league's hardest and most effective  blockers, he is at the same time a great ball carrier at either half or full. He runs hard, hits with jolting force, and is one of the most feared players in the game...GREAT ON DEFENSE: Clarke is a better-than-average passer, is flawless on pass defense on the squad, and a deadly tackler. In short, he is the most versatile player in American football today, and he is believed headed for an even greater season than he had last year, when after winning all-league honors he traveled to California with the Packers and terrorized the coast section. Hinkle is married, and is a year-around resident of Green Bay, being engaged in the bond business. He is 26 years old, and is one of the most popular men on the squad...SCORES 119 POINTS: So well have his Packer mates cooperated with the powerful fullback that he now stands third on the all-time Green Bay scoring list, being outranked only by Verne Lewellen, 1924-32, and Johnny Blood, 1929-36. Lewellen has 301 points, Blood has 224 and Hinkle has 199 on 15 touchdown, eight extra points and seven field goals. Hinkle's placement kicking, a department at which he displays deadly accuracy, is another testimonial to his versatility. His signing brings the growing Packer roster to 14.


JULY 8 (Green Bay) - Charged with driving while drunk, John McNally, better known to sports fans as Johnny Blood, former Green Bay Packer player, was fined $100 and costs here Wednesday. Blood is coach of the Pittsburgh pro eleven.


JULY 8 (Columbus, OH) - The 1937 schedule of the NFL as announced today by President Joe F. Carr calls for the earliest start in the history of the professional gridiron circuit. The season will open officially Sunday, Sept. 5, when Philadelphia plays at Pittsburgh. The National league will operate as a 10-team circuit during 1937, with each team playing 11 games. The addition of Cleveland to the Western division makes an evenly balanced circuit, with the Chicago Bears, Chicago Cardinals, Cleveland, Detroit and Green Bay comprising the Western division. The five eastern teams are Brooklyn, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Washington. Following the opening engagement on Sept. 5, several other teams will swing into action with night games Friday, Sept. 10, when Brooklyn plays at Philadelphia and Detroit opens at Cleveland. Washington and Pittsburgh also plan several night games during the season. Green Bay, league champion, opens its league season with the Chicago Cardinals Sunday, Sept. 12, and Washington, Eastern champions, opens with New York Friday, Sept. 17. The regular schedule will conclude Sunday, Dec. 5, and on the following Sunday the championship clubs of the Eastern and Western divisions will meet the world championship. The game for the Ed Thorp Memorial Trophy, emblematic of the title, will be played on the ground of the club which wins in the Western Division.


JULY 8 (Green Bay) - Some office holder, back in the dim, dead days when there still existed graft and corruption in American politics, once rose above his surroundings and came up with the following choice bit: "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party." In addition to being an excellent testing phrase for new typewriters and such, the sentence may well afford followers of professional football their battle cry as the fourth annual poll to select the College All Stars begins. Begins, in fact, next week. Who do the All Stars play this year? The All Stars, my son, meet the Green Bay Packers, professional champions of the world, on Chicago's Soldier field Wednesday evening, September 1, before some 100,000 people, including 20,000 or more from the good old state of Wisconsin. Next Monday the Press-Gazette sports department will carry an official ballot, in which pro football fans may express their desires toward the selection of a representative All-America crew - one capable of giving the Packers the best possible battle. Followers of the Packers may want to top a few votes in the direction of the men who will carry he Green Bay banner into the pro league wars this year - such aces as Averell Daniell of Pitt, Carl Mulleneaux of Utah's Aggies, Herb Banet of Manchester or Eddie Jankowski of Wisconsin. This ballot will run for two weeks when the officials poll will close. Every 48 hours the Green Bay totals will be wired in to the Chicago Tribune, there to be tabulated with the rest of a mighty poll that will cover the nation. When the fireworks cease, there will be selected a team composed of the cream of America's crop, all primed to topple the Packers from their lofty perch on the night of Sept. 1. Now, we don't think they can do it - do we? - but we owe it to the crowd to see that the All-Americans are the biggest and toughest squad since the all-star idea was originated. Let's get on the bandwagon and vote. Or, as someone said, now is the time for all good men, etc.



JULY 12 (Green Bay) - Followers of professional football in general and the national championship Green Bay Packers in particular today will start balloting for the All-America squad which will meet the Packers at Soldier field, Chicago, Wednesday night, Sept. 1, in the fourth annual All-Star football game. On tonight's Press-Gazette sports page there appears, and will appear for two weeks, an official ballot for the use of Northeastern Wisconsin fans. The player poll will end July 25, so voters haven't much time to cast ballots for their favorite lineups. All they need do is fill out the blank with the names of the 11 men they want to see face the Green Bay Packers, and mail in the ballot to the Press-Gazette's sports department immediately...SENT TO CHICAGO: Once every 48 hours the Northeastern Wisconsin ballots will be mailed in to the Chicago Tribune, there to be compiled with votes from all corners of the land. The 11 All-Americans receiving the highest total of votes for their positions will comprise the starting lineup of the 1937 big game. Voting for the coaches will begin July 25 and end Aug. 8. The squad will report at Northwestern university for training Aug. 14, while the Packers will launch their training schedule at Green Bay the following day...GAMES ARE CLOSE: The previous three games of the All-Stars series resulted in two tie scores and one victory for the professionals. In 1934 the Chicago Bears were held to a scoreless tie before 80,000 spectators. The following year the Bears, again representing the National league, defeated the Collegians, 5 to 0, and last year the Detroit Lions came from behind in the last quarter to tie the All-Stars, 7 to 7. The attendance


at last year's contest, reduced somewhat by rain which forced a day's postponement, was 76,361. Several players who will appear with the Green Bay pro team this fall are eligible for duty in the All-Star game and these are expected to receive heavy support from Packer fans throughout the state. They are Averell Daniell, Pitt tackle; Lyle Sturgeon, North Dakota State tackle; Herb Banet, Manchester quarterback; Ed Jankowski, Wisconsin fullback; Ray Peterson, San Francisco halfback; and Carl (Moose) Mulleneaux, Utah Aggies end.


JULY 13 (Green Bay) - Two dependable members of the 1936 national championship Green Bay Packer football machine have signed their contracts for the coming season. Coach E.L. Lambeau announced today, as grid fans began to send in ballots for the 1937 All-Star game at Soldier field, Chicago, Sept. 1. The latest additions to the Green Bay squad are Chester (Swede) Johnston, fullback, and Bernard Scherer, end. Scherer is a product of Dana X. Bible's great teams at Nebraska, while Johnston saw service at several schools, including Miami college and Marquette. Northeastern Wisconsin fans are voting for their selections on the College All-America team which will face the Packers September 1. They are clipping the official ballot which appears nightly in the Press-Gazette and are sending their choices in to the sports department which in turn relays them to the Chicago Tribune. Johnston is a native of Appleton, where he starred in three sports as a high school athlete. His record of 22 feet 1 inch in the broad jump still stands in the Fox River Valley conference books; he was an all-conference football back and aided in laying the foundation of the Terror basketball dynasty, the strongest in the conference. At present he lives in St. Louis, Mo., being employed as a golf course greenskeeper. He weighs 200 pounds, is of stocky build and and is a terrific line plunger. He has powerful shoulders and no neck at all. Packer fans well remember his work against the Bears at Chicago last season, when with the Packers trailing 10 to 0, he was the chief instrument in a devastating ground lashing which placed the ball in position for a Herber to Hutson touchdown toss. The Packers later won the game, 21 to 10. Scherer is a pro grid sophomore. He worked quickly into the Packer machine last year, improved with every appearance and made a whirlwind showing on the California trip, playing at right end. He is a good receiver, of rangy construction and a hard fighter on defense. The contracts of Johnston and Scherer brings the growing Bay squad to 16.


JULY 14 (Green Bay) - Tickets for the Packer-All Star game at Soldier field, Chicago, Sept. 1, may be picked up late this week at the Packer ticket headquarters, Legion building, E.A. Spachmann, director of sales, announced today. The tickets have arrived from Chicago, and the local staff now is sorting the reservations and placing the pasteboards in envelopes ready for distribution. This work will not be completed for several days, Spachman said, but by Friday or Saturday those who have made reservations may call at the Legion building and get their tickets. Out-of-town fans who have requested reservations will be notified by letter or postcard that the tickets have arrived, and may send checks or money orders for the same, Spachmann added. The prices of the tickets received here are $2.20 and $3.30. More than 6,000 reservations already have been made at the local office.


JULY 14 (Chicago) - Stars of last year's Northwestern and Minnesota teams led today in first returns from voting to "elect" college squad to meet the Green Bay Packers in the fourth annual All-Star football game at Soldier field, Sept. 1. Steve Reid, guard and captain of the Wildcat Big Ten champions, led his division and set the pace for all of the positions with 5,821 votes. Dan Geyer, another Wildcat, headed the fullbacks with 3,804...SVENDSEN ON TOP: Ed Widseth, Minnesota's All-America tackle, and Bud Svendsen, Gopher center, topped their positions, the  former with 5,682 votes, a total surpassed only Reid's collection. Svendsen led John Wiatrak of Washington, 2,931 to 2,734.


JUL 15 (Green Bay) - Northeastern Wisconsin's pro football fans are beginning to get behind their prospective Packers in balloting for the All-America team, which will meet the Green Bay championship team at  Soldier field Sept. 1 - but several Packer rookies are in need of much more help. A rush of

ballots to the Press-Gazette sports department today, 36 already have been cast - brought support for Eddie Jankowski, University of Wisconsin fullback, and Bud Svendsen, Minnesota center and brother of Packer George Svendsen. Jankowski began to show signs of overhauling Sam Francis as northeastern Wisconsin's fullback choice, while Svendsen is leaving Mike Basrak, Duquesne All-American, in the lurch. Scattered votes began to arrive for other lesser known Packer recruits - Ray Peterson, San Francisco halfback; Herb Banet, Machester quarterback; and Lyle Sturgeon, North Dakota State tackle. Packer fans also began to boost the total of Carl Mulleneaux, Utah Aggies end, although "Moose" still is running third among the wing candidates. The Press-Gazette total was wired in today to the Chicago Tribune, sponsor of the poll, and another Northeastern Wisconsin tabulation will be sent in Saturday. Before that time fans of the Green Bay Packers are urged to demonstrate their support for the team.


JULY 15 (Green Bay) - Here are a few paragraphs pertaining - of all subjects - to professional football: A scrimmage exhibition game between Johnny Blood's Pittsburgh Pirates and the Packers here Aug. 22 has fallen through. The Packer management tentatively broached the subject to President Joe F. Carr of the NFL, only to be told that league rules expressly forbid such a stunt - so Green Bay fans won't see Johnny's team in action this year unless they go a long way from home...Tommy Hughitt, Buffalo, one of the best football officials in the East, has applied for a chance to work in the All Star game at Soldier field, Sept. 1. At present Hughitt is vacationing near Escanaba...Think the Chicago Bears will be weak this year? Well, don't bet too much on it. Word from Chicago is that George Halas is loaded for big game and crazy to get started. You may be interested in knowing that Halas will close a deal with a veteran pro league end soon. He is anxious to correct the Bears' wing situation, which was pathetic last season...Packer fans who travel to Milwaukee for the Packer-Philadelphia game Sunday Nov. 1, will see four well-known faces in the Eagles' lineup. Once they wore the livery of the Bears, and they are big, bad Bill Hewitt, end; Ted Rosequist, tackle; Carl Brumbaugh, quarterback; and Ookie Miller, center...Phil Sarboe, who acquired the reputation of being something of a troublemaker with the Chicago Cardinals last season, and finally was traded to Brooklyn, recently was suspended by the Dodgers. Incidentally, although Steve Reid of Northwestern was drawn by Brooklyn in the draft, you can write it down that he'll appear in a Cardinal uniform when practice starts. Reid is certain also to play in the All Star game.


JULY 16 (Chicago) - Averell Daniell, Pittsburgh tackle and a future member of the Green Bay Packer squad, is leading all candidates from the All-Star team which will meet the Packers here at Soldier field Sept. 1, figures released today revealed. Daniell has piled up a total of 17,236 votes. Golemgeske of Wisconsin is pulling a large number of votes, ranking third in the pole to date, while his teammate, Ed Jankowski, another rookie for the Packers this year, is giving Sam Francis and Larry Danhom a run for the fullback post, with indications that his midwestern support may yet put him into the lead.


JULY 17 (Chicago) - Four new leaders moved to the front today in the balloting to select an All-Star college football team to meet the world professional champion Green Bay Packers at Soldier field the night of Sept. 1. Center John Wiatrik and halfback Byron Haines of Washington, Charley Hamrick, Ohio State tackle, and Sammy Baugh, Texas Christian's forward passing quarterback, all supplanted old leaders at their respective positions.


JULY 17 (Green Bay) - Northeastern Wisconsin football fans whooped it up for Bid Svendsen, Eddie Jankowski and Moose Mulleneaux, three prospective Packers, as they continued to send in ballots for the All Star game poll to the Press-Gazette sports department. Eighty-five votes have been received thus far, and the poll is certain to pass the 100 mark comfortably over the weekend. Concentrated balloting will be urged next week, as Packer fans cast votes for those men who will wear Green Bay uniforms once the All Star game is completed. The chance to play in the game as an All Star will be the big moments in their lives, and it is anticipated that next week's balloting will be the heaviest for an All Star game in this section...MULLENEAUX MOVES UP: Overnight balloting shoved Mulleneaux, Utah Aggie end,  into the battle for a wing position. He is in third place, not far behind Gaynell Tinsley of Louisiana State. Northeastern Wisconsin fans turned in a burst of votes for Jankowski, the Wisconsin fullback, and he now leads Sam Francis of Nebraska in the N.E.W.


fans have cast 120 ballots, but hundreds more are expected to vote this week, the majority of them for the new Packer candidates: Carl Mulleneaux, Utah Aggies, and Merle Wendt, Ohio State, ends; Averell Daniell, Pitt, and Lyle Sturgeon, North Dakota State, tackles; Bud Svendsen, Minnesota, center; Herb Banet, Manchester quarterback; Ray Peterson, San Francisco, halfback; and Eddie Jankowski, Wisconsin, fullback...ONLY NINE BEHIND: Larry Kelley of Yale is still the favorite end in the N.E.W. vote, but Mulleneaux is closing in on him and now is but nine votes behind - a gap which may be closed in tonight's balloting. Wendt is in third place, five votes behind the rapidly gaining Mulleneaux. Daniell is getting plenty of support from N.E.W. fans, leading the tackle candidates by a wide margin, but Sturgeon, little known until he signed his Packer contract, is having trouble. He is far behind the second place Ed Widseth of Minnesota, being 39 votes in arrears at noon today. Sturgeon is one of the prospective Packers who needs the most support. There are no new Packers among the guard candidates, and thus far the N.E.W. fans have shown a preference for Steve Reid, Northwestern, and Starcevich of Washington...SVENDSEN FAR AHEAD: Bud Svendsen has sewed up the center assignment for this section, running far ahead of Mike Basrak, Duquesne, the early N.E.W. leader. Banet is having all kinds of trouble trying to overtake Sammy Baugh in the Northeastern Wisconsin quarterback poll. This noon Banet was 44 votes behind, and unless he gets a lot of help quickly he is likely to be swamped. Peterson has received many votes for halfback over the weekend, and now has a good chance to overtake Ace Parker of Duke, who is running second to Marquette's Ray Buivid. Peterson was only seven votes behind Parker at noon today, and may pass him before the night's balloting is finished. The Press-Gazette hopes that the total of ballots will hit the 200 mark by tomorrow. Jankowski definitely is Northeastern Wisconsin's choice for fullback, as the Wisconsin star is leaving Sam Francis behind with every ballot...VOTE FOR ZOLL: Today's balloting brought in the first vote for Dick Zoll, Indiana tackle, now the property of Cleveland. Zoll is a Green Bay West product.


JULY 19 (Austin, TX) - Fay (Mule) Wilson, Texas A. & M. college's great backfield star of more than a decade ago, died unexpectedly here yesterday after a heart attack. He graduated from the Aggie school in 1926. He later played professionally with the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers...Wilson played with the Packers in 1931 and for part of the 1932 season. He scored two touchdowns while a member of the Green Bay championship the former year.


JULY 20 (Green Bay) - George Sauer, star backfield player for the Green Bay Packers, has definitely accepted the appointment as head football coach at the University of New Hampshire, he announced in a telegram to E.L. Lambeau, Packer coach, this afternoon. Coach Lambeau said that Sauer will play with the Packers in the All-Star game in Chicago Sept. 1, however.


JULY 20 (Green Bay) - The All Star football team which professional grid fans of Northeastern Wisconsin will be asked to plug for the rest of the week in the Chicago Tribune's All-America poll is announced today. Drawn up by the Press-Gazette sports department, with the advice of Earl L. (Curly) Lambeau, Packer coach, the team contains 10 men who either have signed with the Packers for the coming season or who were drawn in the Green Bay draft, and are prospective members of the championship team...SEND IN BALLOTS: Fans of this section who are interested in placing a vote of confidence for these probable Packers are urged to clip the official ballot and mail it immediately to the Press-Gazette, where it will be tabulated and sent on 


to Chicago. Although it originally was decided to place Herb Banet, new Packer quarterback, at that post, Wilkinson of Minnesota was given the call with Banet shifted to halfback. It was pointed out that Banet's vote toward an All Star berth will count just as much at halfback as at quarter, for if a man receives votes for more than one position, the lesser total is added to the greater in the final tabulation. Now all that remains is to await the reaction of Northeastern Wisconsin voters to the suggestion. As a vote of confidence from the people in the Packers' backyard, it is hoped that every position in the final N.E.W. poll will contain the name of a prospective Green Bay player.



JULY 20 (Green Bay) - Zud Schammel, former all-America football star at the University of Iowa, regarded by many gridiron guard in history, has signed his contract with the Green Bay Packers, Coach E.L. Lambeau announced today. Schammel decided against playing pro football when he graduated from Iowa in 1934, and for the past three seasons he has served as assistant coach at the Hawkeye university. During this period, however, he has kept in condition by constant scrimmage sessions, and Coach Lambeau believes that he is slated for an impressive debut in professional football. For one thing, he is extremely conscientious. He is one of the first to report for practice, and one of the last to leave. He refuses to pass over a play until he believes that he has his assignment absolutely correct, and he is noted for possessing an extremely high competitive morale...WEIGHTS IS 235: Schammel weighs 235 pounds and stands 6 feet 2 inches from the ground. He was named to the official All-America team of 1933 - the eleven which contained the names of two other present Packers in Ade Schwammel and George Henry Sauer. The similarity between the names of Schammel, who played guard for Iowa, and Schwammel, tackle at Oregon State, caused much confusion. The two constantly received each other's mail, but they did not meet until the East-West game of 1934, when Lambeau introduced them in the lobby of the Palace hotel at San Francisco...PLAYED AGAINST BEARS:


Schammel played in the first College All Star game at Soldier field in 1933, when the All Stars and Chicago Bears battled to a scoreless tie. His contract brings the Packer squad total to 17. 


JULY 20 (Green Bay) - An Associated Press release from Durham, N.C., today announced the signing of George Henry Sauer, former all-America halfback with the University of Nebraska and present veteran of the Green Bay Packers, as head football coach at the University of New Hampshire. Coach E.L. Lambeau of the Packers, contacted this morning, said: "I am positive that Sauer has not yet signed with New Hampshire, although I expect him to do so. Sauer promised me positively that he would notify me by wire the minute he made up his mind." The Press-Gazette late yesterday wired Sauer at Lincoln, Neb., where the big Packer halfback is vacationing, and this morning received the following wire: "Job still uncertain. Will notify you the minute anything happens. Should know in a couple of days." Sauer had completed two seasons with the Packers and is one of the most highly publicized players in the NFL. He has scored seven touchdowns in two seasons to add 42 points to the Packers' all-time scoring total; is rated one of the best punters and blockers on the squad; was depended upon by Lambeau to have his best season this fall.


JULY 21 (Green Bay) - One Packer veteran, and one professional football sophomore, have signed their 1937 contract with the Green Bay Packers, Coach E.L. Lambeau announced today. They are Frank Butler, former Michigan State center, and Russ Letlow, San Francisco guard. Butler, a gigantic lineman weighing 245 pounds and standing three inches above six feet, will be starting his fourth season in professional football, all of which has been spent with the Packers. Last year he paired with Minnesota's George Svendsen to comprise a formidable center combination, and this year he will face added competition, for in addition to George there will be Darrell Lester, Texas Christian all-American, and probably Earl (Bud) Sevendsen, George's younger brother. Butler, 28 years old, is a civil engineer by profession and lives in Chicago. He played under Jimmy Crowley at Michigan State, and is married. Letlow broke into the professional picture last year, fresh from San Francisco university, and was used as a reserve guard. His work, particularly on the western trip during the winter, warranted his signing another Packer contract. Letlow also is married, makes his home at Taft, Calif., and is an oil worker during the off season. He weighs about 203 pounds and is 23 years old. His chief asset is his speed, and adeptness at pulling out to run interference...NINETEEN IN FOLD: 19 Packers now have signed their 1937 contracts.


JULY 21 (Green Bay) - Led by 125 ballots from Kewaunee, which arrived in one bunch with a promise of more to come, stock of the prospective Packers boomed today in the Northeastern Wisconsin All Star football poll. Three hundred and sixty-two ballots were cast up to noon today in this section, and the results immediately were wired to the Chicago Tribune, for tabulation in the national poll. It is hoped that N.E.W. Packer fans will shoot the local total above the 500 mark by tomorrow. The Kewaunee outburst included votes for all of the "official" Northeastern Wisconsin team except Herb Banet, halfback, as the fans in that section have a strong leaning toward Monk Meyer of the Army. They had their ballots printed up separately, with all names included, so that each fan merely had to sign his name to make the vote official. The men who are most in need of help right now from Packer fans are Banet, who is far out of the lead among the halfbacks, due to the support he has been receiving for quarterback; and Dahlgren, who despite 125 votes from Kewaunee is in third place among the guard candidates. Wendt and Mulleneaux are far in front among the ends; Daniell and Sturgeon are leading the N.E.W. list at tackles; Bud Svendsen is a shoo-in at center, being nearly 300 votes ahead of Mike Basrak; Wilkinson had leaned to the front among quarterbacks; Peterson has taken over first place as halfback, passing even Ray Buivid, thanks to the Kewaunee votes; and Jankowski is a mile in front of Sam Francis for fullback.


JULY 21 (Green Bay) - Sam Francis, University of Nebraska fullback, apparently is leaving Danbom of Notre Dame and Jankowski of Wisconsin far behind in the Tribune's national poll to select a team to oppose the Green Bay Packers at Soldier field, Sept. 1. Francis has 254,194 votes today to 192,586 for the current runnerup, Danbom. Jankowski trailed in third place.


JULY 22 (Green Bay) - In the great rush of ballots since the All Star poll opened locally 10 days ago, professional football fans have flooded the Press-Gazette sports department during the past 24 hours with their choices of the team to face the Green Bay Packers at Soldier field, Sept. 1. They have cast 802 ballots, with the 1,000 mark certain to be passed before nightfall, and they have sent prospective members of the Packer squad into the lead in every position. The new Packers are running one-two in every post possessing more than one candidate except one - Herb Banet, who has received most of the votes for quarterback thus far, is only fifth among the halfbacks in the Northeastern Wisconsin voting. Bud Svendsen, University of Minnesota center, now has compiled the most votes in this section. He has taken the lead from tackle Averell Daniell of Pitt, having picked up 751 votes to 747 for Daniell, who has led in N.E.W. since the voting started...ENDS ON SUNDAY: Balloting for the All Star team will end Sunday, and only votes which are in the mail Saturday night will be considered. Those which do not arrive at the Press-Gazette office by Sunday morning will be thrown out. Kewaunee continues to support the official N.E.W. team heavily. That community, which sent in 125 votes yesterday, submitted 246 more this morning as apparently everyone in the city decided to vote for the new Packers. Kewaunee is backing the official team, with one exception - Monk Meyer, Army halfback, is on the list. Brussels, a Packer hotbed, sent in 19 ballots, all supporting the Packers, and another burst of 22 came in one petition. Clintonville sent in nine ballots at once, but gave scant support to the new Packers except for Svendsen where the vote was unanimous, and Jankowski, who go eight. The Corner Drug store of Green Bay submitted the first 100 ballots of its poll yesterday afternoon, and promised another big bunch today. Names of the new Packers were well represented on the list from that drug store, where balloting continued today.


JULY 22 (Green Bay) - Interesting notes and side-glances which have been pinned to ballot submitted in the Press-Gazette's All Star game poll have cast significant interest upon the vote for the All-America coaches, which will start next Monday. The squad selected, the fan's problem will then will be to choose the mentors they believe most capable of piloting the All Star opponents of the Green Bay Packers. The expression of fans to date indicates that there will be two schools of though through the Northeastern Wisconsin sector. The first will favor the selection of Harry Stuhldreher of Wisconsin, on the ground that he is a brainy leader, a man who knows football, and as a Wisconsin coach is a logical person to lead a Wisconsin professional football team. The second favors the choice of Jim Crowley, Fordham university's great coach, on the basis that Crowley too is a great gridiron leader, is thoroughly versed in the game, and in addition is a native of Green Bay, the championship city, which provides the opposition for the Collegians. Either, obviously, would be an excellent head coach for the College All Stars, and it is going to be more than interesting to see how the ballots fall through this section. Starting Monday on the first sports page of the Press-Gazette, there will be carried an official coaches' ballot. As in the case of the current players' poll, all votes will be wired in regularly to the Chicago Tribune. It is very probable that the balloting for the coaches will far exceed the total votes cast for the players. From this corner, Crowley appears to be the logical choice for the Green Bay fans. It would be a spectacular gesture to a sensational sporting event if a Green Bay man could lead a great All Star team against his hometown professionals. I'll venture the prediction that the Green Bay ballots will give Jimmy a comfortable, if not topheavy, lead. Whether Crowley will hold up better than Stuhldreher in the Northeastern Wisconsin section outside Green Bay is another matter. The Wisconsin coach, extremely popular, is well known through this locality, and he is certain to carve heavily into the totals. Like all elections, the results will best be known when the balloting ceases.


JULY 23 (Green Bay) - The only $3.30 All Star game tickets now on sale anywhere may be obtained at the Packer Legion building ticket headquarters - but prospective purchasers are advised to move quickly. The $3.30 seats are sold out in Chicago, but there still remains a good supply of them in Green Bay and they are located well. If Packer fans desire to obtain these tickets before the remaining ones are recalled by the Chicago Tribune, they are warned to do it at once. The deadline for reserved seats is Aug. 1, and all reservations not picked up by that time will be sent back or otherwise disposed of. The ticket headquarters now is open each day from 9 to 12 and 1 to 5, and Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 7 to 9.


JULY 23 (Green Bay) - With the deadline for the casting of votes approaching, Northeastern Wisconsin fans have broken the 1,000-mark in their poll to help select a College All America team to meet the Green Bay Packers at Soldier field Sept. 1. All ballots, to be recorded officially in the big vote, must be in the mail by Saturday night. Sunday morning the final tabulation will be made, wired to the Chicago Tribune - and then the selection of an All Star coach will begin. The Press-Gazette Monday night, and for two weeks thereafter, will print an official coaches' ballot, which fans of this section may use in helping select the guiding mentor to oppose the Packers. The poll for the coaches annually runs much higher than that for the players...STILL COMING IN: Just how high above the 1,000 mark the current vote will run locally is uncertain, but at noon today 1,005 ballots had been turned into the Press-Gazette office. This included another collection of nearly 1,000 from the Corner Drug store ballot box, and several petitions signed by all the way from 15 to 30 persons each. Prospective Packers now are sitting in top positions in all places of the N.E.W. poll except Herb Banet, who was switched from quarterback to halfback in the middle of the voting period, when it appeared that Bud Wilkinson of Minnesota might sign his Packer contract. Banet now is getting votes at both positions. He is running second to Wilkinson among the quarterbacks, and has climbed past Ace Parker among the halfbacks, but still is far out of the runner-up post for the latter position.



JULY 24 (Green Bay) - With 1,305 ballots cast thus far, and many more expected before the All Star players' poll closes at noon tomorrow, Northeastern Wisconsin fans are expressing vigorously their willingness to help some of the new Packers land places on the Collegiate team, which faces the world pro champions at Soldier field Sept. 1. The vote for coaches for the All Star squad starts tomorrow, and Monday an official ballot will be carried in the Press-

Gazette. Ballots today poured into the Press-Gazette sports department. One hundred sixteen were sent in from Seymour, the Green Bay Corner Drug store submitted 87 more, and there were several petitions, all filled out with names of the "official" N.E.W. team - Mulleneaux and Daniell at tackles, Lautar and Dahlgren at guards, Bud Svendsen at center, Wilkinson at quarterback, Banet and Peterson at halfbacks and Jankowski at full. All ballots must be in the mail tonight to be counted in the players' poll and it is hoped that the 2,000 figure will be approached. The final wiring of additional votes to the Chicago Tribune will take place tomorrow noon.


JULY 24 (Green Bay) - Many stories are told about Johnny Blood. Like the books read in boyhood, they run in series. There are his Notre Dame stories; his college-other-than-Notre Dame stories; his early professional football stories; his Green Bay Packers stories. Preparing to leave Green Bay for Pittsburgh where he will take over the reins of Art Rooney's Pirates in the NFL, John sat in the lobby of the Astor hotel Friday night and smiled as he said, "They are lies...all lies." He left by automobile this morning. Closer to the truth in every respect is that Johnny has been the most spectacular back who ever wore a Packer uniform. Second only to Verne Lewellen on the team's all-time scoring list, he personally has accounted for 37 touchdowns and two points after


touchdown for 224 points. Johnny has only one regret concerning Green Bay. That is missing the testimonial banquet at the Columbus club after the title was won last fall. "Art Rooney saw me in New York after the title game," he explains, "and asked me to stop off in Pittsburgh to talk over this job. Plane connections that I had made were shot by fog...and I missed the banquet."...NO MORE BLOOD: John withholds definite comment on the Packer setup this year because new men are always questionable, and the loss of old men, especially of George Sauer's caliber, is a big consideration. Walter Kiesling will be missing from the line (he is Pittsburgh bound as John's assistant), and John himself will not be stretching for anymore of Arnold Herber's passes as a Packer. The man the newspapers dubbed "the vagabond halfback" came to Green Bay in the fall of 1929, and has been pretty firmly rooted here since. In 1934  he was with the Pirates. He played with all four championship teams, but looks to the team of 1935 as the greatest Packer aggregation of all time. Of that outfit he says, "We had the toughest schedule and were handicapped by injuries...I still think that we won the championship." That title was lost by the margin of an official's eyelash when he ruled Ade Schwammel's field goal attempt wide in the last game against the Cardinals. Before coming here John played a year each with Pottsville, Minneapolis and Milwaukee, and two years with Duluth. His association with Kiesling dates back to those early pro days. He played with the big guard at both Pottsville and Duluth. John attended fewer colleges than are attributed to him. A short time was spent at Notre Dame, and he had a varsity career at St. John's college, Collegeville, Minn...LAST YEAR'S TEAM: This fall at Pittsburgh he will have last year's lineup, strong contender in the eastern division, almost intact. Most promising of the new players are Basrak, Duquesne's all-America center who is high in the Tribune all-star poll, and Haines, Washington halfback who also is well up on the all-star list. Blood probably will climb into the moleskins occasionally this fall. It will be Matestic who will be throwing the ball, but whoever it is, he will be dangerous with John on the receiving end. He also intends to use Kiesling from time to time. Since Cal Hubbard selected an all-time team in an interview with Henry McLemore, United Press correspondent, early this year, John has been set for a hypothetical game in which he would lead a team against Cal's outfit. Cal had selected a team which he would call together, he said, if $100,000 was at stake - winner take all. It included Dilweg and Hewitt at ends, Lyman and Hubbard at tackles, Michalske and Steve Owen at guards, Mel Hein at center, Molesworth at quarterback, Nevers and Dutch Clark at halfbacks, and Nagurski at fullback...GANTENBEIN ON TEAM: John's team would run like this: Milt Gantenbein would be at right end, and Brick Muller would be on the other side. Muller is a passer as well as a pass receiver. He ran a pro team in Los Angeles in 1926, and before that was one of the highest paid lineman ever to play the game. At tackles would be Pete (Fats) Henry, present Washington and Jefferson athletic director who is revered by the old timers, and Bull Behman, one-time Yellowjacket lineman. "If I had to play him every week, I'd quit." John admitted that Cal had picked the cream of the crop as far as guards were concerned, but has an idea he could hold his own with Joe Kopcha, Detroit star who had several seasons with the Bears, and Kiesling. At the center of the line would be Jug Earpe, who did yeoman service for the Packers in the early title years. The backfield would include Benny Friedman at quarter, Cliff Battles, the high stepping Boston-Washington lad at left half, and Clarke Hinkle, who needs no qualifying phrases at full. And John says, "With that $100,000 at stake, I would try that other halfback position myself."...RECALLS MANY THRILLS: John recalled thrills as he dipped into the past. The two biggest, he says, are catching the long pass that turned the tide against Detroit last season, and having his salary raised. John's team will start practice in a public park about seven miles outside of Pittsburgh Aug. 8. His first league opponent will be the revamped Philadelphia eleven Sept. 5. Washington and Brooklyn, the latter with Potsy Clark at the helm, he considers his greatest opposition in the east. Besides playing each Eastern division team twice, the Pirates will meet the Cardinals, Bears and Detroit once. Joe Bach, who coached the Pirates last season and shifted over to Niagara university for 1937, ran the team in the Notre Dame manner. John will use a variation of that system this fall. It probably will be more conservative than many fans anticipate. When Coach Blood becomes a resident of Pittsburgh at the Fort Pitt hotel sometime this weekend, he will have no illusions about picking a championship plumb without a battle. He has had too much experience for that. But the team that does win the Eastern division title is going to find John's team crowding the highway and heading the same way. "My ambition," says John, "is to play the Packers for the championship and win it in an overtime."


JULY 26 (Green Bay) - George Henry Sauer, Packer halfback who recently signed as head coach of the University of New Hampshire, wired Coach E.L. Lambeau of the Packers today that he is "ready and anxious" to play with the Packers in the All Star game at Soldier field, Chicago, Sept. 1. Lambeau indicated that the Packers will make full use of the popular halfback during the All-American contest. Sauer has been visiting at his home in Lincoln, Neb., and will not report to New Hampshire until after the All Star game.


signed late yesterday afternoon, in Coach Lambeau's office. Their action boosted the expanding Packer squad to 25. Hutson has blazed a two-year trail through the National pro league which is without precedent in the circuit. Built more like a baseball outfielder than the accepted design for a grid end, many critics predicted that he would not stay long in pro ranks, but he has traveled at top speed through two seasons without the sign of an injury, and with no ailment more serious than a mild attack of appendicitis two years ago. He is the fastest man on the Packer squad, and probably the fastest man in football. Opponents have found him practically impossible to cover on forward pass plays, particularly when Arnie Herber was on the pitching end, and together they blazed the Herber to Hutson combination across many a headline during the past two years. Hutson, of super value as a pass receiver, is not used for the tougher end assignments, but usually serves as a decoy when he is not actually delegated to receive an aerial. He set a new National league record for pass reception last season, and in only two years with Green Bay he has scored more touchdowns than any other Packers of all time, except four - Verne Lewellen, Johnny Blood, Clarke Hinkle and Curly Lambeau...FIFTH IN SCORING: Hutson stands fifth on the scoring list, with 17 touchdowns and one extra point for a total of 103, six less than Lambeau. He is married, lives at Pine Bluff, Ark., and has a southern accent which can be sliced with a bread knife. Don also carries a droll sense of humor which adds much fun to the Packer trips. He weighs close to 180 pounds, is an inch above six feet, and plays baseball in the south during the summer. He already has starred in one All Star game, and is expected to be very active in the 1937 tilt. Hutson has been a particular nemesis to the Chicago Bears, who dread the sight of him. Two years ago, at City stadium, he snared a pass from Herber on the first play after the kickoff and traveled for a touchdown to complete an 83-yard gain and give the Packers an ultimate 7 to 0 victory...GETS TWO PASSES: Later that season he grabbed two Herber passes in the last three minutes of play as the Packers staged a sensational rally to whip the Bears at Wrigley field, 17 to 14. Last year, with the Packers trailing 10 to 0 at Wrigley field, he grabbed off a pass from Herber to score the first Green Bay touchdown of the game, which the Packers eventually won. Football critics have agreed generally that a definite percentage of Hutson's effectiveness would be lost without the strike throwing of Arnold Herber, the black headed, cool throwing, tough right halfback who makes up the pitching half of the combine. Hutson himself always has generously accorded Herber a great share of the credit for their joint accomplishments. The former Alabama end  refers to Herber as "Li'l Arnie."...STARRED AT WEST: Herber starred for Green Bay West High school in the middle twenties and was one of the greatest athletes in the history of that school. He led the Purple to two consecutive victories over East, in 1926 and 1927, besides playing regularly on the basketball team and performing brilliantly in track and baseball. Arnie entered the University of Wisconsin, attracting much attention with the Badger frosh, and transferred to Regis college at Denver. He has had six seasons with the Packers, and the most recent one was his best. He stands six feet one inch in height, weighs close to 200 pounds, is married and lives in De Pere. In addition to his passing ability, Herber is one of the best punters on the squad, and handles a considerable share of the Packers' kicking. 


JULY 30 (Green Bay) - Henry Bruder, one of the most valuable players ever to wear a Green Bay Packer uniform, signed his 1937 contract late yesterday and will appear at his blocking quarterback position against the All Americans Sept. 1, Coach E.L. Lambeau announced today. "Hard Luck Hank" no longer, after playing several seasons without a serious injury, Bruder is one of the real veterans of the  Packer gridiron machine, and is one of the few remaining Packers who played during the first championship era. Bruder was a member of the Green Bay squad in 1931, when it swept to its third consecutive national title. He was one of the key men in the 1936 campaign, and was highly instrumental in the National league championship. Playing at an obscure position, rarely carrying the ball and not attracting the attention of many fans, his pile drive blocking and sledgehammer tackling were invaluable in smashing up opposing attacks, and in opening the lanes for Green Bay balltoters. Players of other teams will admit without hesitation that Bruder hits them as hard as ever they have been smacked. Although he has six full season of National league play behind him, including many a 60-minute game at his arduous position, his 1936 performance perhaps was his greatest and it is difficult to see how the team would have performed as well without him. Bruder is adept at quick kicking, and utterly lacks the capacity to hit an opponent easily. He knows football from the chalk lines up, and is flawless on defense. In addition, he is a great pass receiver, and has snagged many a short toss over the line while distracted enemy backs were chasing Don Hutson and Johnny Blood through the farther pastures...STARRED WITH WILDCATS: Hank starred as an undergraduate at Northwestern university, where he won frequent all-America mention. His hometown is Pekin, Ill., but for six years he has made his home in Green Bay, operating a tire shop. He stands an even six feet in height and usually weighs about 200. With Bruder in the fold, the Packer squad to date totals 25.


JULY 26 (Green Bay) - Professional football fans of Northeastern Wisconsin today were asked to help select a squad of coaches to guide the Collegiate All-Americans in their campaign against the Green Bay Packers, National pro champions, at Soldier field, Chicago, on the evening of Sept. 1. The player poll, designed to select the starting lineup which will face the Packers, ended yesterday, with the Press-Gazette's final N.E.W. tabulations being sent into the Chicago Tribune, sponsor of the balloting. An unofficial check of the voting locally indicated that 2,076 ballots were cast, the total going about the 2,000-mark Saturday night, as fans sent in their last selections. A prospective member of the Packer squad - either a man already under contract or one who is expected to sign - led every position. Three squad members were given more than 1,900 votes by N.E.W. backers. They are Bud Svendsen, center from University of Minnesota, who drew the highest individual total with 1,981 votes; Averell Daniell, Pittsburgh tackle, with 1,962; and Merle Wendt, Ohio State end, who drew 1,919.


JULY 26 (Green Bay) - Robert Monnett, 4-year veteran of the Green Bay Packers, will start his fifth team here this fall, Coach E.L. Lambeau announced today in saying that Monnett has agreed to terms with the team. Monnett is a tricky, shifty runner with a deceptive change of pace, and is known as one of the NFL's most effective men in a broken field. He is regarded as extremely fast but actually is one of the slowest backs on the squad, his dodging mannerisms making him appear to run faster than he does. Behind good blocking, Monnett is a constant threat, as attested by his 86 points he has acquired in four years with the squad. He has made eight touchdowns, kicked 21 extra points and scored five field goals, to rank in a tie for seventh place with Lavvie Dilweg on the all-time scoring list. Bobby is one of the most popular men on the Packer squad. His mates joke with him constantly, and call him "Mo-nay" after his French origin. His home is in Detroit, and he is married...STARRED FOR CROWLEY: Monnett, who formerly starred ​under Jim Crowley at Michigan State, weighs about 180 pounds but stands only 5 feet 8 3/4 inches in height. He is the 20th Packer to sign his 1937 contract.


JULY 27 (Green Bay) - Lon Evans, former line bulwark of Texas Christian university, will return for his fifth season with the Green Bay Packers when the first practice is called Aug. 15. Evans, a guard, has agreed to teams for 1937, Coach Lambeau announced today. The powerful veteran, teamed with Tiny Engebretsen last season, made up on one of the most potent guard combinations in the NFL. At the start of the schedule, the Packers' strength at that position was open to some doubt, but the spectacular play of Evans and Engebretsen, who saw the most service at guards, was a distinct factor in the team's championship. Evans weighs 225 pounds and stands two inches over six feet. He played three years of football with T.C.U., and then joined the Packers, teaming up almost immediately with Mike Michalske in another great guard hookup. Lon has an extremely aggressive disposition, plus a willingness to talk it up constantly during the heat of a game. He is a very intelligent player, adept at pulling out to run interference, is a sharp blocker and an experienced diagnostician of plays.


JULY 28 (Chicago) - More than 5,000,000 gridiron fans, around 75,000 of whom who will be here as witnesses, have picked the array of 1936 college aces they expect to whip the professional champion Green Bay Packers in the fourth annual All Star game at Soldier field Sept. 1. Since the big spectacle was introduced by the Chicago Tribune in 1934, no team of collegians has been able to conquer the professional standard bearers, the Chicago Bears the first two years and Detroit's Lions a year ago, but the fans - 5,036,466 of them - have called on 65 stars, five of them members of the All-America, to prove fandom can't be wrong four times in a row. The All-America stars who will be in the starting lineup under the floodlights are big Sam Francis, Nebraska fullback and the leading vote getter with 1,104,372; Gaynell Tinsley, Louisiana State end; tackles Ed Widseth of Minnesota, and Averell Daniell of Pittsburgh and Max Starcevich, Washington guard. Three others of the All-America, Larry Kelly, Yale's brilliant end; center Mike Basrak of Duquesne, and Ray Buivid, halfback from Marquette, will be on the squad. The other starting end will be Merle Wendt of Ohio State. Steve Reid, captain of Northwestern's Big Ten champions, will start at the other guard, Bud Svendsen of Minnesota, was selected to start at center, completing the line. The quarterback at kickoff time will be Vernon Huffman of Indiana, with Bobby LaRue of Pittsburgh and Purdue's John Drake at the halfback positions...HAVE TWO TIES: The collegians have two ties in the account book. The 1934 aggregation held the Bears to a scoreless standoff, and last year's boys gained a 7 to 7 tie with the Lions. The Bears gave the pros the edge in 1935, however, by winning 5 to 0.


JULY 28 (Green Bay) - Two veterans of the 1936 Green Bay Packer championship machine - Champ Seibold, tackle, and Charles (Buckets) Goldenberg, guard - have signed for the coming season, Coach E.L. Lambeau announced today. They are the 22nd and 23rd Packers to sign up for 1937, and they will report with the rest of the squad when practice opens officially Sun., Aug. 15. Both are thoroughly versed in the Packer style of play. Seibold, one of the most perfectly built men in pro football, is a 230-pound giant who understudied left tackle Ernie Smith last season, and was ready for rigorous service whenever he was called upon. Smith, along with Richard (Red) Smith, Packer line coach, worked with Seibold constantly and his work showed great improvement. He stands 6 feet 4 inches in height, is unmarried and makes his home in Oshkosh. While attending Oshkosh high school Seibold ranked as one of the greatest athletes in the history of that institution. His Fox River Valley conference record in the discus - 129 feet 3/4 inches - still stands as the conference mark, and he starred in all other sports. Seibold saw some service with the University of Wisconsin varsity, and played pro ball with Memphis in 1934. Since then he has been with the Bays. Seldom injured and extremely aggressive, Lambeau looks for him to have his best year in 1937. Goldenberg will be starting his fifth season as a Packers, and probably will be used at guard, although he started here in the backfield. He is of stocky, powerful build, measuring 5 feet 10 inches and weighing about 215 pounds. Buckets is another Wisconsin veterans. He is lots of drive, and keep in condition by wrestling during the off-season. Milwaukee is his home, and he's married.


JULY 28 (Milwaukee Journal) - The coaches are next. With balloting on players out of the way, voting opened Tuesday in the Journal poll to select the staff that will direct the all-star college talent in that football spectacle with the Green Bay Packers in Chicago on September 1. Fans in Milwaukee and Wisconsin are invited to select three coaches in order of their preference. Any coach now in the employ of a university or college, anywhere in the land, is eligible to serve except Noble Kiser of Purdue, Frank Thomas of Alabama and Bernie Bierman of Minnesota. Kizer, Thomas and Bierman all are previous winners. Three points in the standings will be awarded for each first place vote, two for second place and one for third place. While the fans will be voting for only three coaches, announcements already have been made that the all-star coaching staff this year will be stepped up to include five members. It is assumed this increase in the number of coaches will be needed to look after the many players who have been invited to play in the game against the Packers. Sixty-five performers whose college activity ended last fall, among them several from the state of Wisconsin, have received invitations to report for training at Northwestern university in Evanston on August 14. Marquette followers already have started a campaign to put Paddy Driscoll over in the coaches' poll. And University of Wisconsin alumni and students may be depended upon to make an organized vote-getting effort in behalf of Harry Stuhldreher.


JULY 29 (Green Bay) - The greatest forward passing combination - Arnold Herber to Donald Huston - will function again for the Green Bay Packers this season, Coach E.L. Lambeau said today in announcing the signing of the veteran halfback and high-scoring end. Hutson's contract arrived by mail today, while Herber



JULY 31 (Green Bay) - George Svendsen, bruising veteran center of the Green Bay Packers, and his kid brother, Earl (Bud) Svendsen, late of the University of Minnesota, today signed their 1937 contracts with the Packers, Coach E.L. Lambeau announced. Both play the pivot position. Both are products of Coach Bernie Bierman's great Minnesota gridiron dynasty. Both will appear in the All Star game at Soldier field, Chicago, Sept. 1 - George as regular center of the Packers, and Bud in the starting lineup of the College All-Americans. Both are married. There's still another Svendsen. Eddie, youngest of the three, will be a sophomore center at Minnesota this fall. The return of George Svendsen to the Packers lineup set at rest rumors that the big center - he weighs around 230 - might follow George Henry Sauer to New Hampshire as assistant coach. George recently went into business in Green Bay, operating a gasoline station, and this angle, coupled with his desire to appear again with the national champions, led to his signing. George Svendsen is regarded as one of the most promising of the National league's younger stars. He has completed two seasons with Green Bay and last year was a tower of strength as the Packers rolled to their world title. Exceptionally alert on pass defense - he averaged almost one interception per game - a deadly tackler and a steam roller on interference, a brilliant pro football future has been forecast for him. The Svendsens' home is in Minneapolis, although George now is a year-around resident here. George is one of the tallest men on the Packer squad, measuring 6 feet 4 inches, and he is gaining weight by the month. He broke into the Oregon State frosh lineup with Ade Schwammel, but transferred after that year to Minnesota, where he starred for two varsity seasons. Bud Svendsen was regarded as one of the best center, if not the best in collegiate football last season. Coach Dick Haney said he was the best he had seen. He plays an extremely aggressive game, is strong as an ox and covers a world of territory on defense...ROOM TO GROW: Bud weighs about 192 pounds and has lots of fame for expansion. He made a spectacular showing in the recent All Star players' poll, and the Svendsen versus Svendsen combination already is attracting much publicity. He is added to a super-strong Packer center corps which also includes, besides George, All America Darrell Lester of Texas Christian and Frank Butler, former Michigan State. Twenty-seven Packers now are signed, and the roster for 1937 is now complete. The first official practice will be held at 10 o'clock in the morning two weeks from today.


JULY 31 (Chicago) - Charles (Gus) Dorais, University of Detroit football coach, continued to pace the field today in the poll to select a staff of mentors for the All Star squad of collegians who will play the Green Bay Packers at Soldier field the night of Sept. 1. Dorais had polled 91,648 first place votes, 1,593 second place choices and 1,172 thirds. Other point leaders: Lynn Waldorf, Northwestern, 31,899; Pete Vaughan, Wabash, 30,312; Bo McMillin, Indiana, 16,746; Jock Sutherland, Pittsburgh, 14,618; Elmer Layden, Notre Dame, 14,551; Francis Schmidt, Ohio State, 11,618.



AUG 2 (Green Bay) - Ade Schwammel and Tony Paulekas, tackle and guard respectively on the 1936 Green Bay Packer championship team, will appear with the Packers against the College All-Americans at Soldier field Sept. 1, but will not remain with the squad for the NFL season, Coach E.L. Lambeau indicated today. "The Packers have been unable to come to terms with either Schwammel or Paulekas," Lambeau said. "Ade wants more money than we fell we can afford to give him, and Tony says he has a coaching opportunity, in addition to not being satisfied with our best figure. These men will join the squad when practice starts, but will leave for their homes after the All Star game."...LOSS TO BE FELT: The loss of Schwammel, by far the better known of the pair, probably will be felt more keenly than that of Paulekas, although the tough, husky Washington and Jefferson ex-captain made a satisfactory debut with the Packers last season. Schwammel, who won national recognition and all-America honors at Oregon State in 1933, has completed three seasons with Green Bay. He has been regarded as the regular right tackle, alternating with Lou Gordon during the 1936 season. One other member of the championship team, George Henry Sauer, also will appear only in the All Star game. He has accepted a


position as athletic director at the University of New Hampshire. The announcement concerning Schwammel and Paulekas clarifies the contract situation to a considerable extent. The only members of last year's team who remain unsigned are Ernie Smith, tackle; Wayland Becker, end; Cal Clemens, blocking quarterback; and Gordon. Lambeau is dickering with these men and hopes to come to terms with most of them during the next week or 10 days...REPORT AT STADIUM: In the meantime, the Packer coach has issued orders to each prospective squad member to report at City stadium Saturday morning, Aug. 14, at 10 o'clock, in good physical condition. "It's going to be mighty tough on the boys who don't report in good shape," he commented. All members of the Packer team except the three who will play with the All Americans - Eddie Jankowski, fullback; Averell Daniell, tackle; and Bud Svendsen, center - are expected to report. These three exceptions will join the Packers immediately after the big game. Svendsen, Jankowski and Daniell are already signed.


AUG 3 (Green Bay) - Directors , executive board members and officers of Green Bay Packers, Inc., were reelected as stockholders of the corporation held their annual meeting last night at the Brown County courthouse. Leland H. Joannes again will serve as president; Fred C. Leicht was named vice-president; Frank J. Jonet, treasurer; and George W. Calhoun, secretary. These comprise the executive board with A.B. Turnbull, Gerald F. Clifford, Emil R. Fischer and H.J. Bero. In addition to reelecting the officials, stockholders heard Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau's comments on the approaching season, with a discussion of prospective material; accepted Treasurer Jonet's financial report for the last year; and talked over the current stadium and ticket situation. There will be advance in the price of seats for 1937, and the same stadium setup will prevail except that the box seat section on the south side of the stadium has been extended back through sections E and F, all the way to the broadcasting booths. This means that box sears will be confined to these two sections. Treasurer Jonet's report revealed a favorable balance as the 1937 season nears. Coach Lambeau's comments on his 1937 squad were received with interest. "We expect to have about everyone back from the championship team except Johnny Blood and Walt Kiesling," Lambeau said. "Once the All Star is completed we shall lose two linemen - Ade Schwammel and Tony Paulekas - with whom we have been unable to come to terms."...REPLACEMENTS LOOK GOOD: "We have lot of young replacements. Around the center of the line, at center and guard, we have Bud Svendsen of Minnesota, who will start for the All-Americans; Darrell Lester, Texas Christian's great 225-pound center; and Zud Schammel of Iowa, rated by many coaches the greatest guard who ever played the game. Lyle Sturgeon, 267-pounder from North Dakota State, or Averell Daniell, all-American from Pittsburgh, may be the answer to our tackle situation. If both Merle Wendt of Ohio State and Carl Mulleneaux of Utah Aggies report at ends, we should be well fixed in that department. The pick of our new backs apparently are Ray Peterson, a tough boy from San Francisco, and Eddie Jankowski, University of Wisconsin fullback who is a member of the All Star squad. So taking last year's team as a nucleus, and adding this fine new material, and possessing the proper team spirit plus the breaks, we may stand a good chance of repeating for the title."...PRAISES WESTERN TRIP: Lambeau vigorously defended the west coast trip, which gives the Packers a chance to experiment with plays and try out new men. Queried as to the Packers' chances in the All Star game, he shrugged. "We may win it 21 to 0, or lose it by the same score," he said. "The All Americans have six complete teams, and they can start scrimmaging earlier, because they are training for only one game and injuries mean little. In addition they have the cream of the country's coaches on their staff. We aren't overconfident by any means." Changes in the stadium met with the stockholders' approval. Some 5,000 seats have been added, and toilet facilities installed. In addition, a practice field, directly east of the East high school practice area, is being built and will prove a great boon to the squad, Lambeau said.


AUG 4 (Green Bay) - All tickets for the All Star football game at Soldier field Sept. 1, which are unsold by Sunday, Aug. 15, will be returned to Chicago, E.A. Spachmann, Packer ticket sales director, announced today in urging football fans to pick up their seats without delay. Tickets priced at $3.30 and $2.20 now are on sale at the Packer ticket headquarters, Legion building, and the $3.30 seats are the only ones available anywhere, Spachmann said...BUSY LOOKING AHEAD: Although the home season ticket campaign has not yet opened, the sales headquarters is busy making preparations for this annual Packer function. Circular letters for distribution to past season ticket holders now are being prepared, and these will be mailed out with return postcards. Holders of season tickets in other years will have the opportunity of getting the same seats, or other seats if they desire them. More information on the season ticket campaign will be released later.


AUG 4 (Green Bay) - Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers is seeing Bears already. Not in his sleep, but awake. There is one consolation, however; it was a dead Bear, not a live one. Curly came into the Press-Gazette office with a story of seeing a dead black bear along North Quincy street near the Metropolitan Sewage plant. He said he had been driving in from his cottage, and plainly saw the bear right beside the road. But he didn't stop to investigate, because he didn't like Bears, alive or dead...NOT CHICAGO BEAR: Curly was positive it wasn't a Chicago Bears. "It wasn't big enough," he said. "It only weighed about 120 pounds." Investigation along the road failed to locate such a bear. The nearest thing to it was a strong stench near the city dump, but further sleuthing traced its source to a pair of fermenting garbage. Faced with this statement, Curly was still certain he saw a bear. Several other men came along and stopped and also examined the critter, he said...WHO'S AFRAID, ETC.: No explanation was found yet today as to where the carcass had gone or where it had come from. As far as was known there were no circuses or carnivals passing through here in the last few days. Since there are those who would question Curly's tale, it was hoped anyone knowing the whereabouts of the dead bear at present would reveal such information. There is one thing Curly was certain about, however; that there will be a horde of real Bears in Green Bay on Sunday, Sept. 19.


AUG 5 (Green Bay) - Gus Dorais, University of Detroit football coach who is getting a big play in the balloting for the All Star mentor at Chicago, would be a wise selection, according to Edwin B. Dooley, sportswriter of the New York Sun. In a recent article Dooley gave Dorais a big play, as follows: "If Dorais is elected, professional football will be in for a merry evening when the former collegians meet the Green Bay Packers at Soldier field. Dorais, one of the shrewdest coaches in the game, is aerial minded, yet he has never permitted his forward passing game to overshadow the importance of formidable line play. Schooled in the game in the days when emphasis was on the work of the forward wall, he insists on building rugged and aggressive barriers in front of his backs. If football fans appreciate the task ahead of the collegians, they will cast their votes for Dorais. The all-star eleven will have to outpass one of the best passing attacks in professional football. The Green Bay Packers last season had the most highly developed aerial offense in the professional game. With Arnold Herber tossing the pigskin and Don Hutson, the spectacular of a number of capable receivers, catching the passes, they forced their way through to the championship. It was largely a journey by air, and that's the way they may travel when they run into the former collegians. In football it has been demonstrated repeatedly that there is only one way to thwart a well-developed aerial offense, and that is to have a better aerial offense. A single pass is more valuable than a dozen line thrusts, and the pass burns up far less energy. If the all-stars hope to combat the overhead tosses of the Packers they will need an aerial artist like the astute Dorais to provide them with the blueprints. The Detroit coach is a masterful teacher. He knows the game as few men do, and he has the patience and the thoroughness to carry through on those meticulous refinements that spell success in the delicate business of timing. Dorais on short notice would give the collegians an attack that would keep the professional stepping all game. The passing game, to be really effective, must be rehearsed over a period of weeks, with the same man receiving. Under such circumstances the passer and receiver develop a sixth sense, that makes possible those beautiful completions you walk about for years. With the all stars, Dorais, assuming he is elected head man, will have to work fast. He can't be expected to do the impossible, but it is The Sun man's belief that he will do a better job than any other mentor in the business. Dorais has talked, slept, planned and plotted passing attacks all his life, and he has tricks up his sleeve that spell touchdowns. If the all stars face the Packers without an aerial game of merit, college football will look sad. If Dorais, on the other hand, has the right to direct proceedings things at worst will be not be bad, and there is a chance the collegians may surprise the Packers. Dorais' teams are considered impossible to scout properly. His passing game is so subtly devised it takes a camera eye to tell what has happened. Dorais will not overlook defense under any circumstances. Detroit teams are notoriously difficult to score on, and the records show that over the last few seasons most of the touchdowns made against Detroit have been accomplished by the overhead route. With the kind of talent Dorais would have at his disposal for the all-star clash, he could employ plays that would be a revelation to coaches as well as fans and give the spectators a show never seen before."



AUG 6 (Green Bay) - The world premiere of "Pigskin Champions", a Pete Smith sport short featuring the Green Bay Packers, National professional title holders, will be shown in the Orpheum theater here


next Friday, Aug. 13, it was announced today. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which produced the film, has selected the home of the Packers as the most logical place for the picture's world premiere...FANS ARE INTERESTED: Green Bay and Northern Wisconsin generally, including the Fox river valley, has been intensely interested in the showing of the film ever since it was announced in California last March that the world champions would appear for M-G-M. Several weeks of hard work were spent by the Packers preparing the short, and thousands of feet of film were exposed. Since that time the studio has been bust trimming down and arranging the sequences for public showing this fall. Just what scenes will be used is not known, and the Packers themselves are curious as anyone. It is possible that a preview will be arranged for members of the football squad.


AUG 6 (Green Bay) - No combination of the best looking talent Hollywood can dig up would provide as interesting cinema fare for football fans of Green Bay and Northern Wisconsin as the big, burly cast of "Pigskin Champions", which will appear at the Orpheum theater late next week. The film has been awaited locally ever since mid-winter, when it was announced that Green Bay's championship football team would appear in one of Pete Smith's sport shorts in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lot. Many hours were spent in taking pictures of the professional champs, and even the players do not know which scenes will be used, and which omitted. The Hollywood movie executives displayed particular interest in the exceptional talents of the Packers - that is, the things they could do that the average football team couldn's. "We have a halfback who can throw a football with deadly accuracy for fifty or sixty yards," Coach Curly Lambeau told them, and they demanded to see him. Herber was trotted out and made to exhibit his throwing wing. "We have six backs who can punt better than 75 yards, and within a small landing area," Lambeau said, and again Pete Smith insisted upon proof. So the Packer punters lines up for another demonstration. Clarke Hinkle spent all afternoon filing down his punts so that they'd roll outside in the "coffin" corner. He had to kick in a high wind, too. Herber had to sail a forward pass accurately through a suspended pane of glass. At one time a California rain, believe it or not, set in and the entire squad was moved indoor, where a sound stage was turned over for its use, and a complete gridiron constructed.


AUG 9 (Green Bay) - The probably selection of Gus Dorais as All Star coach to pilot the All-Americans against the Green Bay Packers drew a hearty second from Earl (Dutch) Clark, newly appointed head coach of the Detroit Lions. Interviewed by W.W. Edgar in the Detroit Free Press, Clark praised Dorais' attributes and predicted a great contest between the Packers and their ex-collegiate foes. The interview follows: BY W.W. EDGAR: Judging him by his youthful appearance and his heavy coat of tan, one would have suspected him of being a lifeguard enjoying a few hours away from the beach. But when Earl (Dutch) Clark, the new head coach of the Lions, pulled up a chair and started to talk football, you forgot the time of the day and suddenly realized that here was a very serious minded individual bent on making a success of a new venture. Unmindful of the weather outside, which was better suited to swimming and golf than it was to heavy shoulder pads and moleskins, Dutch, who had just arrived to prepare for the opening practice sessions of the Lions, was eager to talk football in general, endorse Gus Dorais for the position of head coach of the College All Stars, and the Detroit Lions in particular. "I don't believe s sounder choice of coaches for the All-Star team could be made," he remarked, while extolling the teaching ability of Dorais. "Gus seems to have the uncanny knack of coming up with good teams year after year and he does it with the material that doesn't look any too good when the work starts."...WHIPS UP TEAM: Clark smiled a bit, perhaps in contemplation of the task that lies ahead of him in selecting the varsity team of the Lions. "I've been around Detroit for three years," he pointed out, "and in that time I've watched Dorais working. Honestly, I don't know how he does it. I've gone out to the stadium and looked at the squad and walked away wondering just how a team could be whipped out of the kids. Yet, when time for the first game rolls around," he went on, "Gus always comes up with a team that will hold its own in fast company. How he does it always has been a marvelous thing to me. What's more, Gus not only has a good looking team, but one that will give you plenty of action. It's the kind of a team that is always doing things - always on the attack and eager to lug that ball around."...WOULDN'T KNOCK PACKERS: Asked how he thought Dorais would fare if given the chance to pit his system against the Green Bay Packers, Clark wavered for just a second. After all, he was a coach in the NFL and he didn't want to say anything that could be construed as damaging to the cause of the pro champions. "With Gus coaching the All Stars," Clark explained, "it should be a whale of a game. Gus will give the Packers plenty to look at. He's got a good overhead attack and the mere fact that he stresses passing is proof enough that he knows how to erect a defense for the overhead style of play." Did he think this would give Dorais an edge, Clark was asked. "Well, I wouldn't exactly say that," he answered. "You see those things work two ways. Gus has a sound overhead game. That is, he teaches some great passing and thus, naturally, has a sound defense for them. But don't forget the Packers will be much the same. In Herber and Hutson, they have a good passing combination. But they also have a good defense. That's why I think it will be a whale of a game, should Gus be named coach of the All Stars."...18 DAYS LONG ENOUGH: Clark also disagreed with those who believe that Dorais will be at a disadvantage in having only 18 days in which to teach the All-Stars the system he would employ. "Eighteen days should be time enough to weld a team," Dutch confided. "After all, he'll have lots of good material on hand, fellows who know what the game is all about and it won't take long to grasp Dorais' ideas. And the Packers will do likewise. The only advantage, if any, lies in the fact that the collegians may arise to a higher emotional peak. They'll be younger, still filled with the desire to play, while to the Packers it might be just another football game. This is taking nothing away from the Packers. They'll be ready, but a fellow sort of loses that emotional something after he's been around for a time."...GUS LOGICAL MAN: But Clark, while not saying anything against either team, insisted that Dorais was the logical man to coach the collegians. "Gus will play the Packers at their own game, and it should be a whale of a game. I known Gus will make it that way. For he can do more with less material than anyone I ever saw. And I know he'll do a good job with the material he'll have available on the All Star squad." About his own job, Dutch was a little more outspoken. He's looking forward with eagerness to making a success of his first venture as a coach, but not without a little doubt. "I feel much like a sophomore going back to pull down his first punt," Dutch said. "I'm eager and willing and enthused, but I don't know just what is going to happen."...CAPTAIN OF WEST: "I remember one year in the East-West game on the coast, I was the captain of the West team. I had been chosen from Colorado and our type of play was a bit slower than that in the East or on the coast. I found that one in a hurry. I remember well the first time in that game that I dropped back in the safety position. The opponents punted. The ball sailed high and went only about 30 yards. I tried to be a big shot and came racing in to catch the ball. But just as I got to it, two fellows got me. I went one way and the ball went the other. And that's how I feel now, about being a head coach. It's like that day I went down under a punt. I've got a lot of confidence, but I'll feel a lot better after the season gets underway." Asked about the Lions, Clark said, "We're going to have a lot of flashy backs, but our line may not be as strong as it should. But I hope we'll be up there." No one ever spoke with more sincerity of purpose, and regardless of the success that may come his way in the fall, no one ever could accuse Dutch Clark of going out on the limb in the middle of the summer.


AUG 9 (Green Bay) - With the deadline - next Sunday - less than a week away, there still remain some $3.30 All Star game tickets for sale at the Legion building Packer ticket headquarters, E.A. Spachmann, director of sales, announced today. "If these tickets are not purchased by next weekend," said Spachmann, "they will be sent back to Chicago, and it will be very difficult for Green Bay people to get good seats thereafter."...ONLY ONES LEFT: The $3.30 seats now available here are the only ones remaining anywhere, as they have been sold out completely in Chicago. A number of requests for $3.30 tickets have come in from Milwaukee, but the supply is not yet sold out. "A lot of people are going to be running around looking for tickets the week before the All Star game," Spachmann predicted, "and unless they act promptly, they won't be able to get accommodations."


AUG 9 (Green Bay) - August (Mike) Michalske, former Guard of the Century while with the Green Bay Packers, and last season assistant coach at Lafayette university, has not signed a Packer contract for 1937, Coach E.L. Lambeau announced today. "Despite rumors to the contrary, we have not signed Michalske," Lambeau said. "We are dickering with him, and it is possible that we shall come to terms." Lambeau was a busy man today, as the Packers will launch their practice season next Saturday morning, and there is a wealth of detail to clear away. The vanguard of the outside men is beginning to appear. Herman Schneidman, blocking back, has arrived in town, along with Buckets Goldenberg, and Joe Laws is expected tomorrow. Another arrival due Tuesday is Lyle Sturgeon, giant North Dakota State tackle, who Lambeau hopes will solve some of the tackle problems.


AUG 9 (Green Bay) - Mike Michalske signed a Green Bay Packer contract at 11:25 this morning in the office of Coach Lambeau. Michalske will serve as player and assistant coach.


AUG 10 (Green Bay) - All members of the Green Bay Packer football squad who are or by that time will be under contract, will report to their training headquarters next Saturday morning at 10 o'clock to get their uniforms and submit to a physical examination, Coach E.L. Lambeau announced today. At the same time Lambeau announced that Lou Gordon, right tackle, and Wayland Becker, right end, have signed with the Green Bay professional team for 1937. The Packer gridiron battalion will swing into practice formation for the first time on Saturday, and will conduct a strenuous conditioning program over the entire weekend. Once started, the men never will relinquish their efforts into December, when their 1937 National league efforts will lead either to the end of the schedule or to another championship playoff game. A training table will be established for the entire squad, Lambeau announced. Three meals a day will be served the Packers at the Beaumont hotel, and lodging headquarters will be set up at the Hotel Northland. "We want to see the men eat the right food, and that they have the proper kind of beds," Lambeau explained. The matter of regulating the players' diet of course will fall to Trainer Dave Woodward. Quarterback Hank Bruder, one of the squad's real veterans, will serve as liaison officer between the men and the commissary. He will help Woodward in carrying out the desired diet and will handle any complaints or disputes which may arise...GIVEN

TO GANTENBEIN: The matter of regulating the living quarters will fall to end Milt Gantenbein, another Packer veteran, who will add to these duties the task of helping the new men get acquainted with the older players during the early days of the season. Another task will be that of taking charge of all rules meeting, and that assignment will fall to halfback Arnold Herber. A new practice field for the Packers is being completed at the east end of the East high school practice area, and will be ready for use Saturday. Goal posts will be installed and Lambeau also is having a set of six padded posts arranged, in the positions of a defensive six-man line. The team will be able to use these posts in working out offensive assignments, instead of having six Packers standing idle, as formerly. The stadium is being painted, and will be resplendent when the first home game is played. Backs of the box seats will be red, the seats will be tan and the floors grey. The training house also is painted internally, and is outfitted with lockers...SEVERAL ON HAND: The infiltration of Packer players began this week, and several now are on hand. Halfback Ray Peterson and guard Russ Letlow, two San Francisco products, arrived from the coast yesterday, and Swede Johnston, who has been working on a St. Louis golf course, also arrived. Joe Laws and Lyle Sturgeon were expected today. Saturday's physical examination will deal principally with the heart, Lambeau said. "We will make sure that every man is in the pink of condition, as regards his heart," he said. The return of Gordon bolsters to 


some extent the tackle situation, which has been doubtful with the failure of several regulars to come to terms with the Packers. Although Lambeau expects Ernie Smith to sign, Ade Schwammel has announced his retirement. Fortunately, Gordon saw considerable experience at right tackle with the Packers last season, and he played exceptional football with the team on his western trip. He is a former University of Illinois star, and saw seven years of pro football with the Chicago Cardinals and Brooklyn. He weighs close to 245 pounds, stands 6 feet 4 1/1 inches, and is one of the most aggressive men on the squad. He keeps up a constant chatter, whether in the game or on the bench, and unless one of the new men come through, he may be Green Bay's regular right tackle this season...STARRED AT MARQUETTE: Becker, a member of one of Green Bay's best known athletic families, starred first at East high and then at Marquette university, before playing with the Chicago Bears and Brooklyn Dodgers. He is an exceptional punter, but as the Packers are well fortified in this department, his service with the Bays has been confined to work at the end post. Becker weighs about 185 pounds, and is six feet tall. He plays an extremely aggressive game.



AUG 11 (Green Bay) - Ernest F. Smith, former all-America tackle at the University of Southern California and for two seasons a mainstay of the Green Bay Packer line, came to terms with Coach E.L. Lambeau today. He will leave Los Angeles by plane Friday night and will arrive here at noon Saturday. The signing of Smith takes a terrific load from the Packers' 1937 tackle situation. An All-American as a college player, Ernie also won all-pro honors last season, when his whirlwind play was a sensation of the league. He didn't have a poor game all season, and his driving, vigorous, aggressive work on offense and defense made him a plague to all Green Bay's opposition. In addition to his exceptional line play, Smith has blossomed out as the National league's most dependable placement kicker. He didn't miss an extra point boot all season, except one at Detroit when the pass from center was fumbled. In only two seasons with Green Bay he has kicked 30 extra points and five field goals, to rank 18th, without a touchdown, on the Packer all-time scoring list. He is only three points behind Myrt Basing of the 1923-26 era...BACK TO CALIFORNIA: Ernie's wife will accompany him east, but will return to California after the All Star game. He is engaged in the insurance trust business in Los Angeles. Smith weighs 225 pounds, is 27 years old, and stands two inches above six feet. While at U.S.C. he was the most publicized lineman in the country, particularly after the Southern California-Notre Dame gang of 1932, when his great play enabled the Trojans to snap the long Irish victory string at South Bend.


AUG 11 (Green Bay) - A new tackle, Walter Bartanen of Bessemer, Mich., former Ferris college lineman, has accepted terms with the Green Bay Packers this season, and already is in the city, getting himself into condition. The Packers are straggling into town, their number steadily increasing as the squad prepares to launch practice next Saturday for the All Star game. The team is not permitted an official practice session before Saturday, but the training room is open, and a number of the men are working privately to improve their condition before drills start. At various times yesterday afternoon 15 squad members worked out, including all of the Green Bay residents. Others were expected to take advantage of the training facilities today. All they do is exercise, run a bit and take advantage of the blazing mid-summer sun as a conditioner. Most of the men here now appear in excellent condition. Year-around Green Bay residents, some of whom have been working out all summer, include Wayland Becker, Tiny Engebretsen, Hank Bruder, Clarke Hinkle, Arnold Herber, Mike Michalske, Paul Miller and Milt Gantenbein. Yesterday afternoon at one time or another also appeared the veterans Herman Schneidman, Russ Letlow, Buckets Goldenberg and Swede Johnston, all in the pink of condition. Three freshmen were on hand - Ray Peterson, the San Francisco halfback; Lyle Sturgeon, North Dakota State tackle; and Bartanen. Sturgeon, a tremendous fellow apparently in excellent shape, and Bartanen, who is carrying a little extra heft but is working it down rapidly, are two of the men who may be called upon to help plug the tackle gap left by Ade Schwammel. Peterson is a tough and speedy looking back who weighs around 185 and is supposed to be a hot kicker, although the Packers aren't working with the football yet. Richard (Red) Smith, assistant coach, will arrive Saturday, Coach Lambeau announced, in time to assist with the opening drill. Sunday's session will be a stiff one, with the afternoon program devoted to the photographers. Several newspapers will have their men present, and the Packers will be togged out in their new uniforms for the occasion.



AUG 12 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packer squad, which will launch practice Saturday for the All Star game at Soldier field Sept. 1, is beginning to take shape, as the players, ordered to report this weekend, arrive in the city. Four more Packers reached Green Bay late yesterday, when George Sauer, halfback; Joe Laws, halfback; Bernard Scherer, end; and Herb Banet, quarterback, checked into Milt Gantenbein, in charge of housing arrangements. Sauer, Laws and Scherer are veterans of the Packer squad, while Banet, a rangy, 6-foot-2 individual, starred for three years with Manchester college. A number more men are expected to arrive late today and early tomorrow, as Coach E.L. Lambeau anticipates having every one of his men in uniform on Saturday. He has had no word that anyone will be delayed, and the entire squad will assemble this weekend, barring three promising recruits - Eddie Jankowski, Averell Daniell and Bud Svendsen - who will report to the All-Americans at Chicago. There will be nothing of interest to the spectators in Saturday morning's drill, as the program will be confined to issuing uniforms, checking weights and taking physical examinations. In the afternoon the Packers will be trotted out for their first official drill, and an all-day "sudden death" session is on tap for Sunday...LOOK PRETTY, PLEASE: Routine drill will be conducted Sunday morning, and the afternoon will be devoted to taking pictures, with representatives and several newspapers on hand. The team will be attired in its new uniforms for the occasion, and will be at the field around 2 o'clock. The Packers who already are on hand are taking daily individual conditioning workouts, as the training quarters are open for their use. The rain yesterday handicapped most of them, and they spent most of the time sitting around their hotels, swapping stories and getting acquainted with the new men. Eleven Packers as yet haven't arrived. Don Hutson is at home in Arkansas, and probably will head northward on Friday. Carl Mulleneaux and Fred McKenzie are driving eastward from Salt Lake City, Utah, and Lou Gordon is working in Chicago. Champ Seibold, employed in Oshkosh, has yet to put in an appearance...ERNIE FLIES EAST: Ernie Smith will leave Los Angeles by plane Friday night, and will be in Green Bay in time for Saturday afternoon's workout. Lon Evans is presumably on his way north from Fort Worth, Tex. No word has been heard from Zud Schammel, the Iowa guard, and he probably will drive here from Iowa City tomorrow. Frank Butler is enjoying the sensation of being a brand new father in Chicago, and will remain with his wife as long as possible. Darrell Lester, the T.C.U. all-America center, 238 pounds of beef, is expected to arrive with Evans, and Bob Monnett will pull in from Michigan within the next 24 hours. This will complete the squad.


AUG 12 (Hopkinsville, KY) - This rabid baseball town bade farewell today to "Red" Smith, manager of the Hopkinsville Hoppers, now leading the Kitty league, who will leave to return to the professional league gridiron wars. He is assistant coach of the Green Bay Packers. He was presented with varied gifts and was guest of honor at a luncheon.


AUG 12 (Green Bay) - George Halas, head coach of the Chicago Bears and for many seasons an arch-enemy of the Green Bay Packers, today started a series of All Star game discussions in the Chicago Tribune. His first article follows: BY GEORGE HALAS (HEAD COACH, CHICAGO BEARS): This is the first time that I concede the All-Stars a better than even chance to defeat the NFL champions, but that concession is made with a qualifying "if". If Green Bay goes into that game weighted down with the same self-satisfaction or overconfidence which has characterized other title holders in this annual charity classic at Soldiers' field, they're in for trouble. If the Packers go in there chesty - repeating "We're the champs" to themselves - they'll be known as Wisconsin's "cheese champions" thereafter...TEAM IS STRONGEST: The point I want to get across is that this year's All-Star squad is the strongest ever assembled and the Green Bay team is in for a great big evening. My sympathies naturally are with the Packers. I'd like to see them chase the All-Stars right through Gate H into Lake Michigan, but that doesn't blind me to the advantages of the collegiate squad. The All-Star squad has many advantages, not the least of which is the moral, spiritual, verbal and physical support of their athletic director, Arch Ward. Arch is supposedly a neutral party. Actually, he is about as neutral as Joe Louis was with Jim Braddock..FRANCIS IS DYNAMITE: This year's All-Star team has greater offensive possibilities than any of those of the past. According to Link Lyman, line coach at Nebraska, Sam Francis, the big fullback, is 200 pounds of dynamite, which may suddenly explode in the Packers' faces. With Francis, Huffman, Drake and La Rue, the offensive of the All-Stars is easily the most formidable in the history of the game. I've watched all of those boys in action and they have so much stuff that I'd like to have the entire backfield with the Bears. Tomorrow we'll cast an eye over the All-Stars' possibilities and analyze the unique advantages of the squad. From there we'll proceed to a discussion of the potential headache for the All-Stars in the mighty offense which the Packers will release against them. That will include some comment about the passing combination of Arnold Herber and Don Hutson. Until you've seen those boys in action you really haven't see forward passing and receiving.


AUG 12 (Green Bay) - The Packers, by an eyelash, missed getting Jim (Sweet) Musick, pile-driver back of the Boston Redskins, now the Washington pro team, this week. Musick obtained his release from Boston and agreed to terms with the Packers. While playing badminton at his Santa Ana, Calif., home. Musick threw his ailing knee out of joint, and wired Coach Curly Lambeau that he has decided to retire from professional football. He is sheriff of Orange Country, in which Santa Ana is situated...Anyone who thinks that the Philadelphia backfield this season will consist of the Ritz brothers and Shirley Temple is making a vast mistake. The Eagles, who meet the Packers at Milwaukee Nov. 14, are loaded for trouble.



AUG 13 (Green Bay) - When the Green Bay Packers open their practice schedule officially at City stadium tomorrow morning, Coach E.L. Lambeau believes that all but four of the men who rode with the team to the national championship in 1936 will be missing. He expects to have 31 in uniform by Saturday afternoon, his total including 22 who saw action in 1936. The list of recruits who will start working out for regular positions does not include four men who are drilling with the All-Americans at Chicago - Eddie Jankowski, Wisconsin fullback; Averell Daniell, Pittsburgh tackle; Earl (Bud) Svendsen, Minnesota center; and Ken Nelson, Illinois end. The four Packers who saw service in 1936 but will not be in uniform this season are the following: Johnny Blood, halfback, new head coach of the Pittsburgh Pirates.Walt Kiesling, guard, assistant coach at Pittsburgh. Ade Schwammel, tackle, retired. Cal Clemens, blocking quarterback, unable to agree on terms. To fill the shoes of those capable veterans, Lambeau has as likely a collection of young men as ever tried out with Green Bay. How many of them will be able to nudge out the veterans for regular berths with the team is problematical, but one thing is certain already - several of them have outstanding talent. One question mark remains among the veterans - Tony Paulekas. Tony, a promising guard last season, who also can take a turn at center, has been undecided about competing, but Lambeau expects him to report for the All Star game, and possibly to remain for the season. Blood and Kiesling, of course, naturally did not return when they landed the Pittsburgh jobs, and Clemens hasn't been able to come to terms with the corporation. Ade Schwammel has given "retirement" as his reasons for not competing, but the fact of the matter is that he's expecting an addition to his family next month, and doesn't want to leave California. Arrivals yesterday included Bob Monnett, who came over from Michigan, and two southern boys - Lon Evans, veteran T.C.U. guard and the fleet Don Hutson, Alabama end. The only men missing at noon today were Lou Gordon, Fred McKenzie, Champ Seibold, Ernie Smith, Zud Schammel, Frank Butler and Darrell Lester. Here's a pre-training season glance at the Packer squad situation, regards the newcomers:

ENDS - One candidate without previous professional service, in Ken Nelson, University of Illinois. A big, promising boy, Nelson, is rated by Coach Lambeau as a player likely to stick in professional football. Included in a wing corps which also has the veterans Milt Gantenbein, Don Hutson, Bernard Scherer and Wayland Becker.

TACKLES  - Four lively newcomers. Averell Daniell, all-America and highly publicized, with the All Stars at Chicago, won't report until after the big game. Lyle Sturgeon, 264-pound husky from North Dakota State. Walt Bartanen, 263-pounder from Ferris college. Fred McKenzie, great performer with Utah in the Rocky Mountain conference. Add this talent to Ernie Smith, Lou Gordon and Champ Seibold - and shake well before using.

GUARDS - One likely new man is Zud Schammel, Iowa's great all-American, and a returning veteran who coached in the East last season - August (Mike) Michalske. With these two supplementing the great Packer guard crew of last season, there should be few worried at the position. Returning veterans are Tiny Engebretsen, Lon Evans, Buckets Goldenberg and Russ Letlow.

CENTERS - Two brilliant candidates in Bud Svendsen, now with the All-Americans, and Darrell Lester, 238-pound, two-year All-America of T.C.U. These will compete with Frank Butler, giant veteran, and Bud's brother, George Svendsen, one of the best in the business.

BACKS - The great brigade of 1936 almost intact, although George Henry Sauer will leave after the All Star game to coach at New Hampshire, and the colorful Blood is in the East. Returning veterans are Hank Bruder, Arnold Herber, Clarke Hinkle, Joe Laws, Swede Johnston, Paul Miller, Bob Monnett and Herman Schneidman. Three freshmen will try to crash this talent - Eddie Jankowski, Ray Peterson and Herb Banet.


AUG 13 (Chicago) - Coach E.L. Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers today signed Ken Nelson, the University of Illinois' great end, following a conference here. Nelson is working out with the College All-Americans here, having received more than 587,000 votes at his position in the recent national players' poll. At the same time Lambeau announced that it is doubtful whether Carl (Moose) Mulleneaux, Utah Aggies end, will report to the Packers tomorrow. Mulleneaux's parents do not want him to play professional football, and he has decided to remain at home this season. Nelson appears to be the answer to the pro coaches' specifications as an end. He weighs 190 pounds in the gym, stands an even six feet, and plays a terrific aggressive game. During his career at Illinois he blocked seven punts for touchdowns in major games. He was off to a whirlwind start as a sophomore, playing 60 minutes of football in each of his first five games...GOOD PRO PROSPECT: Tough and durable, ready for a full stretch in every game, Nelson is expected to make the pro grade. He will report to Green Bay immediately after the All-Star game, rounding out a wing corps which also includes Milt Gantenbein, Don Hutson, Bernard Scherer and Wayland Becker. Nelson starred in the East-West game on the coast last Jan. 1, where he first caught Lambeau's attention.

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