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The 1927 Green Bay Packers - 7-2-1 (5TH)

Head Coach: Curly Lambeau



11 MILWAUKEE BADGERS                     W 34- 0    1- 0-0      N/A



18 DAYTON TRIANGLES (0-0-0)              W 14- 0     1- 0-0    3,600

25 CLEVELAND BULLDOGS (0-0-0)            W 12- 7     2- 0-0    4,500


2  CHICAGO BEARS (1-0-0)                 L  6- 7     2- 1-0    5,500

9  DULUTH ESKIMOS (0-0-0)                W 20- 0     3- 1-0    4,000

16 CHICAGO CARDINALS (2-1-0)             W 13- 0     4- 1-0    4,500

23 NEW YORK YANKEES (3-1-0)              W 13- 0     5- 1-0   11,000

30 X-at Milwaukee Eagles                 W 22- 7               2,700

NOVEMBER (2-1-1)

6  at Chicago Cardinals (2-3-0)          T  6- 6     5- 1-1    3,500

13 DAYTON TRIANGLES (1-5-1)              W  6- 0     6- 1-1    2,500

20 at Chicago Bears (6-1-1)              L  6-14     6- 2-1    6,000

24 at Frankford Yellowjackets (5-7-1)    W 17- 9     7 -2-1    9,000

X - Non-league game


The Packers begin to move up in the NFL standings as they complete an impressive 7-2-1 season. However both losses, which came at the expense of the Chicago Bears, cost them any shot at a Championship.


Football historians generally credit the Green Bay Packers with inventing several aspects common in today’s game. The team is believed to be the first to:

* Implement daily practice (Curly Lambeau, 1920s).

* Innovate the forward pass into the pro game (Lambeau used the play at will at East High School, then after only semester at Notre Dame in 1918 brought Knute Rockne’s “secret weapon” to early NFL).

* Introduce a mascot at pro game (dog named Olive, because he liked to eat Durkee olives, 1919).

* Install a stadium public address system (City Stadium, 1925; local radio shop owner Peter Platten installed speakers powered by six-volt wet-cell batteries; former Packers player Jim Coffeen was team’s first PA announcer).

* Have cheerleaders on sidelines (several games in 1931, from Green Bay East and West high schools. After the 1988 season the decision was made not to reinstate the team's official cheerleaders. While some Packers fans supported the official cheerleaders, many were opposed or indifferent. For several years, the team has used cheering squads from two local schools, St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wis., and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.)

* Use pass patterns (Don Hutson, 1935, ran a deep post to catch first career pass, 83-yard TD vs. Bears, Sept. 22, 1935).

* Charter an airplane to fly to a road game (1940).

* Have “tailgating” fans (some evidence suggests it was introduced at Bellevue Park, 1923-24, but no doubt perfected in new City Stadium’s spacious parking lots, 1957).

(SOURCE: Packer Media Guide)

PLAYER          POS       COLLEGE   G  YRS HT    WT

Myrt Basing       B      Lawrence   3    5 6- 0 200

Marty Bross       B       Gonzaga   2    1 5- 9 170

Tiny Cahoon       T       Gonzaga   8    2 6- 2 235

Boob Darling      C        Beloit   2    1 6- 3 216

Lavvie Dilweg     E     Marquette  10    1 6- 3 202

Red Dunn          B     Marquette  10    1 6- 0 178

Jug Earp          T      Monmouth  10    6 6- 1 235

PLAYER          POS       COLLEGE   G  YRS HT    WT

Rex Enright       B    Notre Dame   9    2 5-11 195

Thomas Hearden    B    Notre Dame   4    1 5- 9 175

Bruce Jones       G       Alabama   9    1 6- 0 165

Eddie Kotal       B      Lawrence  10    3 5-10 165

Curly Lambeau     B    Notre Dame  10    7 6- 0 190

Verne Lewellen    B      Nebraska  10    4 6- 2 181

Frank Mayer     G-T    Notre Dame  10    1 6- 0 215

Dick O'Donnell    E     Minnesota   9    4 5-10 196

PLAYER          POS       COLLEGE   G  YRS HT    WT

Claude Perry      T       Alabama   9    1 6- 1 211

Pid Purdy         B        Beloit   6    2 5-10 175

Roman Rosatti     T      Michigan   6    3 6- 2 210 

Gil Skeate        B       Gonzaga   2    1 5-10 190

Red Smith       G-E    Notre Dame   5    1 5-10 225

George Tuttle     E     Minnesota   1    1 6- 0 178

Whitey Woodin     G      Marquette  7    6 5-11 206

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JAN 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Although the 1927 pro football season is still a long way off, the opening gun will be fired at a meeting of the National league, which will be held in New York City at the Astor hotel February 5 and 6. Official notification of the annual winter parley was received from President Joe Carr of the National league on Monday. The text of the call is as follows:...TEXT OF CALL: "The annual meeting of the NFL will be held at the Astor hotel, New York City, on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 5 and 6. The meeting will be called to order promptly at one o'clock on Feb. 5. Matters of routine nature will come out before the meeting. In addition, the executive committee will consider all claims that have been filed during the past season and you are asked to come prepared with any data you may have to submit to the committee in the event you have a claim filed." President A.B. Turnbull of the Green Bay Football corporation and Capt. Curley Lambeau of the Packers will represent Green Bay at the pro football gathering...LINES BEING LAID: Although the 1926 season was just recently completed, officials of the Football corporation have been quietly laying the lines for several players who will prove valuable additions to the Big Bay Blues of 1927. It is safe to say, however, that a good many of last season's stars, who helped gain fame for Green Bay in the pro football race, will again be back in moleskins when the whistle blows for the opening game early in September. Rules of the NFL prohibit the signing of any college player until his class at school graduates and this regulation alone bars the team managers from making any announcements about players until in June when graduation days roll around. However, nearly all the managers are "feeling" their way with prospective players so that they will be all ready to sign contracts when the "barrier" is lifted...SEVERAL SEEK BERTHS: It is understood that several cities will file applications for franchise rights at the New York meeting. The National league functioned so much more smoothly this past fall than the "opposition" loop and Dame Rumor has it that some of the "outside" teams would like to get in where the going is good. The Philadelphia Yellowjackets will be officially awarded the 1926 championship. Guy Chamberlain's crew breezed home in front of the pack after an exciting finish with the Chicago Bears, Pottsville Maroons, Kansas City Cowboys and Green Bay Packers...NEXT SUMMER'S MEETING: During the confab along Broadway, the Green Bay delegates will probably be given an opportunity to present their plans for the summer meeting of the league, which is to be held in Green Bay. This is a very important session as the schedule is drawn up at this time along with final action on any new clubs that may be taken into the postgraduate gridiron circle. The Packer representatives will make the trip east from Chicago in company with George Halas of the Chicago Bears, Chris O'Brien of the Cardinals, Red Bryan of Milwaukee, Johnnie Dunn of Minneapolis and a number of other midwest pro football moguls.


JAN 26 (New York) - Red Grange and George Wilson, heading two troupes of barnstorming football troubadours, deflated their footballs and packed their sail cloth pants and vari-colored jerseys in the mothballs, after winding up down in Texas, putting the finishing touches on a season of football for revenue only, that fell shot of the spectacular success of a year previous, according to all reports. Grange's advent in the professional game after his last  game as a college star at Illinois was a master stroke which brought customers to the box office by the thousands. But the story was different this year. After C.C. Pyle launched his pro football league to compete with the one headed by silver-haired Joe Carr of Columbus, the bidding for stars became somewhat hectic, all of which tended to increase greatly the overhead. On top of the greater expense the weather was consistently had last season, particularly in the east. Rain kept many spectators at home who otherwise would join the line on the right at the box office.


FEB 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - President A.B. Turnbull of the Green Bay Football corporation and Capt. Curley Lambeau of the Packer left here at midnight for Chicago en route to New York City where they will attend the annual winter meeting of the NFL, which is to be held at the Astor hotel, opening at noon Saturday. The Packers' delegates will be joined in Chicago by George Halas of the Bears, Chris O'Brien of the Cardinals, Red Bryan of the Milwaukee Badgers, John Dunn of the Minneapolis Marines, Dewey Scanlon of the Duluth Eskimos, Doc Andrews of the Kansas City Cowboys and Manager Young of the Hammond Professionals. This contingent will make the trip to Gotham in a body. Routine business is to be transacted at the league meeting and the pennant will be officially awarded to the Philadelphia Yellowjackets. It is expected that several applications for franchises will be discussed and placed in the hands of the executive committee for final action. Green Bay's representatives are expected home again early next week.


FEB 5 (New York) - With representatives of twenty-two clubs in attendance, the annual winter meeting of the NFL opened here at noon today at the Hotel Astor. President Joe Carr, Columbus, O., presided at the conference which will hold over Sunday. Award of the championship honors to the Philadelphia Yellowjackets was the first business on the program. According to the official standing, the next four teams finished in the order named: Chicago Bears, Pottsville Maroons, Kansas City Cowboys and Green Bay Packers. Claims and counterclaims will hold the attention of the executive committee during the afternoon and this evening there will be discussion over applications for franchises in the league. Nothing will be done of the 1927 schedule "making" as the arranging of playing dates won't be taken up until the July meeting which is to be held in Green Bay, Wis.



FEB 7 (New York) - Officials of the NFL Sunday tentatively approved plans to divide the teams in the league into two divisions. Final action will be taken at a meeting in April, President Joseph F. Carr announced. The teams in the tentative class "A" division of the league are New York, Chicago Bears, Chicago Cardinals, Detroit, Kansas City, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Pottsville, Brooklyn, Providence, Los Angeles, Duluth and Green Bay. The class "B" teams are Akron, Dayton, Columbus, Canton, Louisville, Racine, Minneapolis, Hartford, and Hammond...CARR IS RE-ELECTED: President Carr and other officials were re-elected. The Pottsville (Pa.) club, which had been on probation a year and fined $2,500 for violating the territorial rights of the Philadelphia club, was restored to good standing by vote of the club owners, President Carr announced. The league also officially awarded the 1926 pennant to the Frankford Yellowjackets of Philadelphia and authorized an appropriation for suitable team and individual player trophies for the champions.


FEB 7 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Football fans of Green Bay were greatly pleased with the news from the New York meeting of the NFL that the Packers have been assigned to compete in the Class A division of the league. Of course, nothing else could have been fair because the Badger state champions have long been among the leaders on the postgraduate eleven. President A.B. Turnbull of the Green Bay Football corporation and Captain Curley Lambeau of the Packers, who attended the meeting in New York, are expected home Tuesday and then some more details of the National league confab will be available for publication.


FEB 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The best brand of professional football ever played will be on tap in the Class A division of the NFL this fall, according to President A.B. Turnbull of the Green Bay Football corporation, who, accompanied by Capt. Curley Lambeau of the Packers, represented the Bay at the annual winter meeting, which was held in New York. "The Packers were rightfully placed among the best elevens in the country," said Mr. Turnbull in discussing the football meeting, "and in order to keep Green Bay in the select class, we must have a team this fall that is the best in the Packer history."..."KEENER THAN EVER": "Competition is going to be keener than ever before. Through the division of the league, which is just about settled, the so-called 'weak sisters' have been placed in Class B. This means that every club of the major division can be considered a topnotcher. It is quite a load for a city the size of Green Bay to carry and several times I was asked the meeting how we do it. Green Bay is the smallest city in the A division. We will have to compete against teams representing Chicago, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Providence, Kansas City, Duluth, Los Angeles and other larger communities. Each year since I have been connected with the Football association the load has grown heavier but this year it is the biggest increase of all. It means that the Packers of 1927 will have to be the greatest eleven that ever wore the Gold and Blue. And it also means that the football followers of Green Bay and vicinity will have to support the Packers by an increased gate attendance in order to make ends meet from a financial point of view."...FOURTEEN CLASS A TEAMS: "There will be fourteen teams in the Class A division according to present plans and, as far as it is possible, each club will play around the circuit. This will give the topnotch team a clear cut claim to the championship. Under the new arrangement, the best football attractions in the country will visit Green Bay. It is very likely that our home games this fall will include the New York Giants, Philadelphia Yellowjackets, Chicago Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Milwaukee and several other of the 'big' teams. It is going to cost a lot of money to bring these teams to Green Bay but I am in hopes that increased gate receipts will help foot the bill."...WILL HOLD MEETING: The Football corporation president said that in the near future a meeting of the local organization would be held. Football fans will be asked to attend and the entire program discussed. Ways and means of clearing the financial hurdle of Class A league football will be taken up at the conference and, if the necessary support is promised. the corporation would go ahead with its plans to give Green Bay its greatest season of football. According to Mr. Turnbull, the division of the league caused a lengthy dispute at the meeting and it was only after many hours of argument that plans were devised to split the National league into A and B divisions. "The first plan suggested," Mr. Turnbull said, "was to divide the clubs on a geographical basis but many evils to this suggestion were pointed out and it was sidetracked. Then the major and minor proposal was taken up. In other words, cities with the largest population were to be grouped in one wheel and the smaller cities in another. Pottsville and Green Bay led the attack against this scheme and some of the bigger cities, including Chicago, Philadelphia and New York, helped us out. Finally, the Class A and B program was introduced and it carried but not without plenty of argument. The fourteen best pro football cities were named by a committee appointed by President Carr. I can say that Green Bay was one of the first 'best' pro football cities to be selected by the committee."...ELIMINATE WEAKER SISTERS: "As a matter of fact, the National league, by dividing into two divisions, is just eliminating the cities who are wobbly on pro football. It is very likely that a number of the B division class will form a league of their own. At least that was the talk during the closing stages of the meeting. Akron, Dayton, Columbus, Canton and Louisville would be the nucleus for this circuit. Final action on the division of the league will be taken at a meeting in April. This special session was called so as to give any of the teams placed in the B division a chance to talk things over in their respective cities and, if possible, bring to the league officials any new guarantees of improved financial support or increased patronage. However, it was the report of the committee that the A division be limited to only fourteen teams."...MEET HERE IN JULY: The schedule meeting of the National league will be held here in July as originally planned. According to Mr. Turnbull, many of the eastern football moguls from the east who have never visited Green Bay are looking forward to the July session. As yet President Joe Carr has set no definite date for the confab but it will probably be held July 29 and 30. The Packer representatives, of course, could not close for any games at the meeting but feelers were sent out and a more extensive eastern trip is contemplated. Aside from playing Philadelphia, the Big Bay Blues will probably exhibit their football wares in New York and Providence. Of course, this jaunt will come during the closing weeks of the season. As usual the Packers will play home and home games with the Milwaukee Badgers, Chicago Bears and Cardinals. It is quite likely that both the Philadelphia Yellowjackets and New York Giants may do their preliminary training in Wisconsin this fall. Due to the fact that the major league baseball season lasts longer this year, neither of these clubs will be able to get underway on their home grounds until October and they welcomed the chance to tour early...JACKETS RELEASE CHAMBERLIN: It was announced at the football meeting that the Philadelphia club had released Coach Guy Chamberlin. According to rumors, Chamberlin may very likely hitch up with Chris O'Brien of the Cardinals. O'Brien is determined to put in a winner again on the Chicago south side and he figured that Chamberlin could pull the trick. Although the Football corporation is not in a position to make any announcements about players, it is known that negotiations with several are underway. Letters have been sent to a number of college stars, who graduate in June, in hopes of interesting them in Green Bay. The management intends to follow up every possible lead so that when the first of September rolls around, the Packers will have the "makings" of a team that will be able to hold its own in the Class A division of professional football.


APR 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - E. Pid Purdy, pint sized quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, just simply can't keep out of the publicity limelight. George Downer, well known Milwaukee sportswriter, gave Pid some ink in one of his comments in "Following Through" on Sunday, and here is how the ink spiled about the Packer start: "Last spring, when the Brewers were going so badly at the start of the season, The Sentinel received many suggestions from fans, designed to help out the club. One fan, a former member of The Sentinel sport staff, Art Hughes, suggested the names of two players who might be available - he was not positive that either of them would help the Brewers. The men he named were Johnny Monroe, second baseman, with Omaha in the Western league in 1925, and Pid Purdy, outfielder, of Lincoln. Monroe played a great game last year and is now playing second base and batting third for Sacramento in the Pacific Coast league. California baseball writers call Monroe the best seconds sacker in the league on his showing this spring. Purdy is well known here as the quarterback and star drop kicker of the Green Bay Packer football team. He went through the 1926 baseball season with Lincoln in the Western and hit the trifling total of .372 in 140 games. He is now leading off and playing center field for Seattle. In a recent game against Los Angeles, Purdy got four hits in five trips to the plate, scored three runs, made four putouts and one assist. One of his hits was a double."


APR 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A meeting of the NFL will be held in Cleveland at the Statler hotel over the weekend for the purpose of taking final action on the proposed division of the circuit into A and B classes. The call for the meeting, which was received here Monday from President Joe Carr, is as follows: "The adjourned annual meeting of the NFL will be held at the Statler hotel, Cleveland, Ohio, on Saturday and Sunday, April 23 and 24, 1927. The meeting will be called to order at 2 p.m. on Saturday. As you are aware, this meeting is for the purpose of taking final action on any plans that will be proposed for the reorganization of the league and we would suggest that you come to discuss this proposition from every angle." At the meeting in New York last January, it was practically decided to divide the circuit into two groups and Green Bay was assigned to a place in the Class A division along with Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Providence, Pottsville and some of the other leading professional cities. President A.B. Turnbull of the Green Bay Football corporation and Capt. Curley Lambeau of the Packers, as usual, represent Green Bay at the gridiron confab. A meeting of the Green Bay Football corporation board of directors together with a number of prominent football fans will be held at The Press-Gazette, Wednesday evening, at 7 o'clock. At this time particular plans for the 1927 season will be discussed. All of the directors are urged to be on hand promptly.


APR 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The 1927 professional football season was unofficially launched last night at the Press-Gazette when officers and members of the directors' board of the Green Bay Football corporation met with a number of representative business men and discussed plans for the coming ball. The meeting was one of the most enthusiastic ever held by the Football corporation. Those in attendance pledged their support to the Packers of 1927 and every one promised to put his shoulder to the wheel and help handle the hundred and one details that are necessary to a successful organization...CLASS A DIVISION BERTH: After the football situation was thoroughly gone over, the corporation officials were instructed to attend the National league meeting at Cleveland over the weekend and accept for Green Bay a berth in the Class A division of the National league. It was pointed out by President A.B. Turnbull that this step would cost Green Bay more money for professional football than it has ever spent in the past but it was the unanimous opinion that Green Bay would carry the load with flying colors even though the dollar sign on the expense side of the ledge was bigger than usual...WILL NEED STRONG TEAM: The fact was presented to the football meeting that competition would be keener than ever and that it would be necessary for Green Bay to have its greatest eleven in history on the gridiron. This was promised by Capt. Curly Lambeau, who said negotiations for several strong additions to the squad were moving ahead very satisfactorily. Several of the business men when asked what they thought about professional football in Green Bay replied that they felt certain that the Packers had done more to put this city in public eye than any other venture. Others pointed to the fact that the Packers' games brought hundreds of outsiders here from all over Northeastern Wisconsin and upper Michigan and once these visitors got the 'Green Bay habit' they came again...DISCUSS FINANCING PLAN: Methods of financing the Packers this fall were taken up by the conferees and several proposals were laid before the meeting. These suggestions are to be discussed again at a later date. Of course, the season ticket selling plan will be continued as in past years. Shortly after President Turnbull and Capt. Lambeau return from the league meeting at Cleveland, another meeting will be called at which all of the football fans in the city will be invited to attend. It will probably be held in the assembly room of the court house. It is expected that at this conference several new committees will be appointed to further the efforts of the football corporation. Professional football in Green Bay has increased so rapidly of late that it is next to impossible for a handful of the faithful to take care of all the work...START WORK EARLY: Active preparations for the fall will be started earlier than ever this year because the football directors want to have the 'foundation' well laid before the last of July when the National league will hold its annual schedule meeting in this city. The Green Bay delegates will complete preliminary arrangements for this session while they are in attendance at the Cleveland meeting this weekend.

APR 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Representatives of the Green Bay Football corporation, President A.B. Turnbull and Capt. Curly Lambeau left this afternoon for Cleveland, Ohio, where they will attend a meeting of the NFL to be held at the Statler Hotel on Saturday and Sunday. The main business of this session will be the division of the league into two classes, A and B. Of course, the Packers are slated for a berth in the Class A division. The Green Bay envoys will join representatives of the Chicago Bears and Cardinals in the Windy City tonight. A special car has been reserved for the football moguls as delegates from Milwaukee, Hammond, Kansas City and Minneapolis will also be on board. It is possible that the Packer officials may close several deals for players during the Cleveland conference.


APR 25 (Cleveland-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Green Bay, Wis., often termed the "best little football city in the country," will play host to the moguls of the NFL at the annual schedule meeting which will be held on July 16 and 17. This was one of the important items of business transacted at the league conference here over Saturday and Sunday. Instead of dividing the circuit into two classes, the post graduate football directors deemed it best to have only one main circuit that will include about sixteen teams...DROP OUT FOR YEAR: With this program mapped out, the Hammond Pros, Hartford Blies, Rochester Kodaks, Akron Indians, Racine Legion and Louisville Colonels stepped into voluntary retirement for a period of at least one year. It is probable the Kansas City franchise will be switched to Cleveland, O., and there is also a possibility that the Columbus Panhandles will take a year 'vacation' from the post graduate gridiron. The National league officially adopted the rules passed by the Intercollegiate Athletic association to govern the play this fall. The league guarantee fund was increased from $1,500 to $2,500 by a unanimous vote of the moguls. This step was deemed necessary for better protection around the circuit. This money must be deposited with the league secretary at the time of the schedule meeting in Green Bay, Wis...OUTLOOK IS GOOD: According to President Joe F. Carr, Columbus, who presided at the meeting, the outlook for a banner season is unusually good. The executive figures that a sixteen spoke wheel, composed entirely of first class clubs, will produce a much improved brand of football. Under the new arrangement, it will be possible for nearly all the teams to meet each other. There will be more intersectional football this fall than ever before. It is understood that the New York and Philadelphia clubs are planning a Wisconsin and Illinois invasion early in the season and in turn the western clubs will invade the east late in November or early in December. The meeting here was held behind closed doors and very little given out to the public. However, it became known that some startling changes were contemplated at Detroit and several of the other cities. A number of players trades were talked up and the various managers are said to be lining up many college stars who will graduate from school in June.


JUN 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Cahoon, 817 E. Walnut-st., are the proud parents of a girl, born early this morning at St. Mary's hospital. The mother is reported resting comfortably. Mr. Cahoon is a member of the Packer football team and also athletic director at the Columbus club.


JUN 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Bruce Jones of Jasper, Ala., and Claude Perry of Good Springs, Ala., two of Alabama university's greatest line men have signed their contracts to play with the Green Bay Packers this fall. For the past five years, 'Alabam' has ruled supreme in southern football. As a matter of fact, Alabama has shown so much gridiron class that this team has twice been invited to play in the tournament of Roses at Pasadena, Cal., and each year covered itself with glory. Alabama, for the past three years, has been credited with one of the best forward lines in the country. Scores, via the straight football route, has been scarce against Alabama...JONES CAPTAINED TEAM: Bruce Jones played varsity football at Alabama during 1923, 24, and 25, while Perry saw service in 1924, 25 and 26. Jones was captain of the 1925 team and coached the front wall in 1926. During the past season, Perry's brilliant work at tackle got him a lot of 'ink' all over the country. Jones is a running guard, and it is said that he is the best interference maker ever produced in 'dixie' land. Jones will go about 210 pounds in football trim while his teammate, Perry, is about fifteen pounds heavier. Jones is mighty fast for a big fellow and like Wier, the Nebraska star, was a hurdler on the track team. Perry was also a basket and baseball star...OTHER CLUBS AFTER THEM: The Packer management has been dickering with these two Southerners since early in January. A number of other clubs were after them but Green Bay's reputation as the "best football town in the country" won them over. Both Jones and Perry played side by side with Buckler in 1925, Buckler joined the Chicago Bears last season and his sensational play at guard for the Bruins was one of the features of the pro football season. While in college, Perry and Jones were rated on a par with Buckler. The Alabama 'twins' are the first newcomers to enter the Packer fold this year but, now that commencement days are at hand, it is expected that several other important announcements will be forthcoming before the Pro football meeting is held here on July 16 and 17. Negotiations are also underway for a couple of stars who have already made a name for themselves on the post graduate gridiron.


JUN 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Dick Flaherty has signed his contract to chase the 'cowhide' for the Green Bay Packers this fall. This is good news to the army of Big Bay Blue followers as the classy end us one of the best liked players on the team. 1926 was Flaherty's first season in pro football and he made good with plenty to spare. Flaherty pulled a leg muscle during the opening week of practice and this slowed him up a bit in the early games. However, he found himself in the Racine game when he blossomed forth as a star and for the remainder of the schedule was one of the bright spots in Capt. Lambeau's aggregation. Flaherty was a running mate to Dilweg at Marquette for two years. As a matter of fact, he is still a Marquette student as he has another year to go in the medicine course. Flaherty is a leader in the campus activities at the Milwaukee Hilltop instruction and he is the junior class president. Flaherty is the first member of last year's team to sign his contract but it is expected that nearly all the other veterans will be lined up in the near future. Jones and Perry, two Alabama stars, are the first two newcomers in the Big Bay Blues' nest this year.


JUN 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Back in 1919, a husky red-headed freshman reported for football practice at East High and it didn't take him long to make the squad. When he wasn't practicing football, he was watching football as was played by the Packers. Those were the days of Curly Lambeau, Rosenow, the Zoll brothers, Jimmy Coffeen, Reggie Dwyer, Fritz Gavin, when the Packers routed Ishpeming, Stambaugh, Mar-Menominee and other teams but met their waterloo at Beloit. Page Baldy Zabel! This above mentioned red-head never missed a game at home. He was always parked near the Packer bench, getting an earful whenever possible. One day, a friend of the red-head's said: "How would you like to play with the Packers when you get out of school?" "Maybe I will," was the reply. The youth who popped the question only laughed, thinking it was a big joke. But the red-head's prediction has come true. Tom Hearden has signed his Packer contract for the 1927 football season...ENTERED NOTRE DAME: Following his three years in high school, Headen laid plans for a college career and it didn't take much urging from Curly Lambeau, who coached him several years in high school, for Red to pick out Notre Dame. When Hearden hit the trail for the institution that Rockne put on the football map, Lambeau's last words were: "Remember, Red, after you graduate we want first call on your services." And Hearden kept his word. Tom earned his football numerals at Notre Dame in 1923 and the following season saw him on the varsity squad, playing halfback with the shock troops. This was the year the 'Four Horsemen' made football history. The former East High captain has another good season on the grid in 1925 and when it came time to elect a captain for 1926, the letter men cast even up ballots for Hearden and Edwards, a quarterback. So both of these players shared the leadership honors for N.D. last fall...DEMON ON DEFENSE: According to Coach Rockne, there hasn't

ever been a more consistent player on a Notre Dame team than Hearden. The Bayite always did his part and a little bit more. He was a great interference maker, a first-class ball lugger and a demon on the defense. Tom is set up on husky lines and is a bear for punishment. During his career at Notre Dame, he was never on the hospital list for a single minute. Hearden is just the type that should go in pro football and a number of clubs in the National league were after him. But true to his promise to Capt. Lambeau, Hearden came home here and talked things over. After several conferences, he signed on the dotted line...LAW SCHOOL GRADUATE: Tom graduated from the law school at Notre Dame just recently and he is now doing some studying in preparation to taking the state bar examination later in the summer. Hearden intends to become affiliated with some legal firm here before the football season starts. Hearden is the Packer No. 4 of the 1927 team to sign his contract. The other players are Jones and Perry from Alabama and Dick Flaherty, a veteran of last year's eleven.


JUN 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Tiny Cahoon will do his stuff for the Packers again this fall. The husky tackle is one of the first veterans to sign his contract for the 1927 season. This will be his second year with the Big Bay Blues. Cahoon came here last September from Libby, Mont., where he had been serving as athletic director at the high school. Tiny's hometown is Baraboo, Wis., but he got his collegiate schooling in the far west. He spent one year at Montana and then took his other three at Gonzaga. Cahoon played basketball and football at both institutions. This husky line man came through nicely in his first year from pro football. It took Tiny a couple of games to get the "lay of the land" but once he got settled, he cinched his berth without any argument. During the latter half of the season, his consistent front line play was one of the main reasons for the Big Bay Blues finishing up their schedule in a blaze of glory, Cahoon is serving as director of physical education at the Columbus Community club. He stepped into this position during the winter and his work proved so satisfactory that the athletic committee recently tied up his services for another year. Under his guidance, the physical education activities at the C.C.C. has broadened out considerably.


JUL 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Bernard (Boob) Darling of Beloit college is the sixth member of the 1927 team to sign his contract. The others, already in the fold, are Jones and Perry, linemen from Alabama; Tom Hearden, 1926 captain at Notre Dame, and Dick Flaherty and "Tiny" Cahoon, members of last year's great team. The newest addition to the battlefront of the Big Bay Blues comes here highly recommended as a gridiron warrior. He can play guard or tackle but it was at center that he made his reputation in the Midwest conference...PURDY PRAISES HIM: "Pid" Purdy was the original Darling booster around here. He played with him for a "couple" of games at Belot. Before Purdy hit the trail for the Pacific coast to play ball with Seattle, his last words were: "Get Darling. That boy is some footballer." Several of the National league clubs were after Darling, but he decided to cast his lot with the Packers so as to near at home. His family resides in Oshkosh, and it was at the Sawdust City high school that "Boob" first bloomed forth as a footballer. He was a member of the Oshkosh 1920 eleven and captained the 1921 team that won the state championship from Marquette...WISCONSIN, RIPON, BELOIT: Darling journeyed around a bit during his collegiate career. He started as a freshman at Wisconsin, but, when Ralph Scott, former Chicago Bear guard, left the Badger campus to coach at Ripon, Darling went with him, Darling saw two years of varsity football at Ripon, playing guard, and was elected captain of the '24 team but switched over Beloit. One account of the one year residence rule, Darling wasn't eligible at Beloit in 1924 for football. However, in 1925 and '26, he was the outstanding star of the Fairyland team and both years was selected as the all-Midwest conference center. Darling is somewhat of a bootsmith, and, in the Beloit-Notre Dame game in 1925, he placekicked a field goal from the 30-yard stripe. Darling is a six-footer and tips the beam at about 195. He is of the rangy type of line man that always goes good in professional football. The new Packer voted for his first time last fall. All who know him say that "Boob" would rather play football than eat and down Oshkosh way, the natives are willing to bet that Darling makes the grade with the Badger state champions.


JUL 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The annual schedule meeting of the NFL will be held here on July 16 or 17. The official call for the meeting was issued recently by President Joe F. Carr of Columbus, O. It is expected that some sixty pro gridirons will be on hand for the schedule conference, which is the most important gathering of the year. According to the program for the meeting, the business sessions will open promptly at noon on Saturday. Every effort will be made to speed along the official tasks so as to give the visitors some time to enjoy the entertainment schedule arranged by the Green Bay Football corporation, owners of the well known Packer eleven...ACT ON FRANCHISES: Aside from drafting the 1927 outline for games, action will be taken on the applications of several cities for franchises in the league. It is understood that several of the 'Grange' league clubs would like to cast their lot with President Carr's organization. The National league is looking forward to a banner football season, according to President Joe Carr. Changes have been made in several cities which add financial strength to the circuit. Aside from President Carr, the other officers of the National league are John Dunn, Minneapolis, vice-president and Carl Storck, Dayton, treasurer. According to reservations, delegates from the following cities will be hand for the meeting: New York, Brooklyn, Providence, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Pottsville, Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Detroit, Louisville, Chicago, Hammond, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Los Angeles and Green Bay...GREEN BAY IS HONORED: This is the first time that the league meeting has ever been held in a so-called "small city." Green Bay was awarded the gathering in recognition of its splendid all around record in professional football. A number of the delegates are coming in early as they intend to spend their vacation in Wisconsin's great summer resort country.


JUL 13 (Columbus, OH) - Joe Carr, president of the NFL, will pack his little black bag Thursday night and hit the trail for Green Bay, Wis., the hometown of the Packers, where the annual schedule meeting of his gridiron wheel will be held on Saturday and Sunday. The executive, who is also head of the Columbus baseball club and the American basketball circuit, always likes to get on the scene a few hours ahead of time so as to have the stage set nicely before it is time to call the delegates into session. According to Mr. Carr, there are no clouds on the horizon of the NFL and he expects the coming meeting in Wisconsin city will be a peace parley all the way. "I am sure that all the delegates, like myself, are looking forward to the meeting in Green Bay, which is located in the heart of the summer resort territory in Wisconsin. We expect to combine business with pleasure and, according to the arrangements drawn up by the Green Bay Football corporation of which A.B. Turnbull is president. I don't think there will be a dull moment all the time we are there. Of course, the main business is the adoption of the 1927 playing schedule and this is quite a job in itself. Aside from the arranging of games, we will be called upon to take action on the number of applications for franchises and this is where, it is quite possible, that some big news for the sports world will break."


JUL 13 (Chicago) - Chicago's pro football moguls, George Halas, Ed Sternaman and Chris O'Brien, owners of the Bears and Cards, respectively, will spend the weekend at Green Bay, Wis., where the NFL meeting will be held. According to Halas, this is going to be a banner year for pro football and he thinks the meeting in Green Bay will start off the 1927 season in a blaze of glory. Chris O'Brien, the Cardinal manager, is going to Green Bay in hopes of making a number of player trades. It is understood that the south side helmsman is planning to house clean his gridiron machine.


JUL 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - When the time for football practice rolls around in September, 'Jug' Earpe will don the moleskins and start his sixth season with the Green Bay Packers. The husky center, who is so well liked by the army of Big Bay Blue followers recently signed his contract for the 1927 season. Earpe was one of the outstanding Packer stars last fall. He was moved back to center after holding down a tackle berth in 1925 and made good with a vengeance. As always, Jug gave the club the best that was in him and several times his fierce play took him to the sidelines with injuries, but he was already when the whistle tooted for the following game. Earpe seemed to take special delight in getting "hot" against the Bears and Cardinals. The big center is one of the real veterans on the Packer squad. Aside from Capt. Lambeau, he was probably seen more service for the Bays than any other player now on the squad. Jugger joined the Packers early in the season of 1922 and he has been going ever since. Earpe had two seasons with the Rock Island Independents before accepting the Packer terms. He is a graduate of Monmouth college where he played varsity football for four years. The Packer star has been a year round resident of Green Bay for quite a while and he is associated with the Brown County Motors. Gradually the Packer squad is being rounded out for the coming season.


JUL 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The annual schedule meeting of the NFL got underway here today at the Northland hotel promptly at noon. President Joe F. Carr, Columbus, O., called the gridiron moguls from some twenty cities into session promptly and there was little time wasted in getting down to business. Practically, the whole afternoon will be given over to arranging the outline of games this fall. This is a difficult task as it is no easy job to satisfy each of the clubs with choice home dates and the 'cream' of the traveling ones. Representatives of each club will be required to post a certified check for $2,500 as league guarantee money. In other years, the forfeit money was only $1,500 but at a recent meeting it was decided to take on another thousand to the guarantee...BANQUET AT BEAUMONT: Shortly after six o'clock the meeting will recess, and the footballers will move over to the Beaumont hotel where they will be guests of the Green Bay Football corporation at a banquet. These 'gridiron feeds' are always a feature at every National league meeting. There will probably be another business session this evening as every attempt will be made to get the decks all cleared sot that the visitors can be taken for a motor tour of the Cherry country on Sunday afternoon. The majority of the footballers will leave here Sunday night...WILL HAVE SOME NEWS: President Carr had little to sat for publication before the meeting got underway. "I don't think there is anything to be given out now," said the National league executive shortly after his arrival in the city, "but we should have a couple of good news breaks before we get finished with our work here." When asked about the outlook for professional football during the coming season, Mr. Carr replied with a snappy "Never better." He added that the post graduate game has been making progress each year and that he expected the 

the coming season would be the history of the gridiron sport. "Our organization is stronger right now than it has ever been," continued the league president, "and the public is beginning to appreciate our efforts to keep professional football clean as a whistle." It was the first time that a number of the eastern gridiron moguls had ever paid a visit to Green Bay, but to the majority of the other delegates, particularly those from the middle west, they felt right at home because they had been here before for a taste of the Packer stuff...HALAS KEEPS BUSY: George Halas, one of the Chicago Bear owners, was jumping around pretty lively before the meeting time getting the foundation laid for his schedule. One of the local football fans, who was parked in the lobby, recognized George and asked him if his club was going to play in Green Bay again this season. "We certainly will," said Halas, "and your Green Bay club will meet us at Cubs park. The pro football fans in Chicago think the Packers are one of the greatest teams in the county." A number of the managers were busy talking player traded and some deals will probably be put across before the meeting adjourns. There was a report in circulation that Cleveland would return to the National league with Andrews, who managed the Kansas City club, in charge of the team. Last year, Cleveland belonged to the 'Grange' league for a short period. Guy Chamberlain, who drove up to the meeting with Chris O'Brien of the Chicago Cardinals, isn't enthused about Wisconsin hospitality. Chamberlain was pinched once in Racine county for speeding, and he again ran afoul of the law for 'stepping on the gas' in Outagamie County...MINNEAPOLIS TO RETURN?: Teh moguls were gossiping a bite about the story that Minneapolis would return to the fold again this year. John Dunn, who is vice-president of the National league, it is understood, has organized a new football company in 'Gopher-town' and they are ready to do business again. A few year back, the Minneapolis Marines were one of the best known professional teams in the country. The Philadelphia delegation was asked about a lot of questions about the signing of Charlie Moran as the Yellowjackets' coach. Everybody figured that it was a good move for pro football because Moran is rated as one of the greatest gridiron mentors in the country. He put Centre college on the football map and turned out a great team at Bucknell last fall. Moran replaces Guy Chamberlain, who was in charge of the Frankford team for two years...PLENTY OF FOOTBALL TALK: Football seemed to be the sole topic of conversation around the lobby of the Northland during the morning hours and many of the tourists got a good earful of gridiron gossip. There was some discussion about the changes in the rules, but it was the prevailing opinion that the variations in the 1927 code would not alter the game materially.

1927PACKERS-7-18-12 NFL Teams_edited.jpg


JUL 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The NFL will have twelve spokes in the wheel this year as a result of the important schedule conference which was held here over the weekend at the Northland hotel. The clubs now comprising this major gridiron organization are: Chiago Bears, Chicago Cardinals, Green Bay Packers, Dayton Triangles, Cleveland Bulldogs, Pottsville Miners, Buffalo Bisons, Philadelphia Yellowjackets, New York Giants, Providence Steamrollers, Never Duluth Eskimos and either the Gary, Ind., Steelmen or another crack traveling team that would be an ace attraction in every city in the circuit...MEANS BETTER RACE: It is the general opinion of the gridiron moguls that the cutting down of the circuit will tend to promote a better race for the championship pennant as practically every team in the circuit will meet all the other squads during the season. Among the clubs who have taken to the sidelines for a year's football vacation are: Milwaukee, Hammond, Detroit, Los Angeles, Louisville, Canton, Hartford, Rochester, Brooklyn, Minneapolis Marines and Kansas City. Some forty delegates sat in at the conference here which get underway Saturday, shortly after noon. Included in the list of out of town representatives were: Taylor and O'Brien from Chicago Cards; George Halas and Sternaman, Chicago Bears; Cleveland, Andrews, Brandt and Deutsch; Louisville, Aaron, Hertzman; Columbus, Jimmy Corcoran; Hammond, Young and Secrist; Dayton, Storck and Redelle; Philadelphia, Haines and Royal; Milwaukee, Johnny Bryan; Providence, Coppins and Dooley; New York, Harry Marsh; Duluth, Scanlon and Haugsrod; Pottsville, Dr. Striegel; Minneapolis, Dunn and Ness; Buffalo, Lowe and Batterson; Detroit, Jimmy Conzelman...POST FORFEIT MONEY: Routine business was hurried through and then deposits were posted by the clubs. It was here that the thinning out process got underway and a number of the managers announced their intentions of remaining off the gridiron this fall. Eleven teams posted the $2,500 guarantee money. Following some discussion about the schedule, a recess was voted and the footballers flocked over to the Beaumont hotel where they were the guests of the Packer management at the banquet where a good time was had by all during the two hour holiday period. Following the banquet, the league delegates returned to the Northland where they resumed their schedule conferences. With the field cut down to a dozen clubs, the arranging of games became more difficult than ever and the managers were having their troubles trying to fill satisfactory dates...HALT AT MIDNIGHT: About midnight, President Joe Carr of Columbus, O., who presided at all of the sessions, called a halt until Sunday morning. Although the meeting was in recess, secret conferences were being held until the wee hours of the morning. The meeting got underway again about 11:30 Sunday morning, and the decks were so cleared for action that the schedule making proceeded rapidly and, after about two hours' work, the 1927 playing program was pretty well completed. The majority of the delegates left on the 4:20 Northwestern train for their homes...EXPRESS THEIR THANKS: Before adjourning the meeting, a vote of thanks was extended the Green Bay Football corporation by the delegates for their cordial reception here. Providence put in a bid for the 1928 schedule meeting. The midwinter gathering will be held at some place selected by President Carr. The delegates adopted the Spalding football as the regulation league "cowhide." Probably the most important player announcement made at the meeting was about Benny Friedman. The two year All American star at Michigan has signed a contract to captain the Cleveland Bulldogs. This club will be composed mainly of former Kansas City Cowboys and 'Doc' Andrews is to serve as manager. The Chicago Cardinals are dickering for the services of Guy Chamberlain as coach, but the former Nebraska star is under contract to the Philadelphia Yellowjackets and, as yet, hasn't been able to get his release, although it was rumored just before the magnates left town that the deal had been closed. There is a chance that Jimmy Conzelman may take over the job of team leader at Providence...BRYAN WITH BEARS: Johnny Bryan decided at the last minute not to put a club in the field at Milwaukee. Bryan lost a pile of money in the Cream City last year and doesn't want to take another chance with red ink. Bryan, who is the property of the Chicago Bears, will probably play with the Halas-Sternaman combination. Many of the managers put across player deals, but these were held under cover until official approval by the league officials. It is understood that several of the league stars will be seen in different togs this fall...CARR LAUDS GREEN BAY: Before leaving, President Carr tossed a bouquet in Green Bay's direction: "I knew when the league meeting was arranged for Green Bay that we would have an enjoyable time, but the hospitality of everybody has exceeded my fondest expectations. It just seemed as if everybody was 'going the limit' to make us feel at home. And I never heard so much football in the mid-summer time in my life. Green bay certainly is a 12-months football city." Mr. Carr was taken out to the City stadium for a glimpse at the field, and he remarked that it was a beauty spot. The league president promised that if business cares didn't prevent he would come here this fall for one of the Packer games.


JUL 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - After about twenty-four hours of steady arguments, debates and a hundred other things, Green Bay Packer representatives emerged from the annual schedule meeting of the NFL with an outline of games for this gall which was looked upon with admiration by representatives of the other clubs. Aside from having six games cinched for home with the possibility of two others, the Big Bay Blues closed for a number of important 'road' arguments which will take the team east through Philadelphia, New York and Providence. As the schedule now stands, the eleven games signed up; one contest is hanging fire while the Nov. 6 date is being held open for a banner attraction. The other "vacancy' is Nov. 27, three days after the combat with the Yellowjackets in Philadelphia and it may be filled by an eastern non-league eleven...CLEVELAND HERE, SEPT. 25: The Packers have a tentative date with Gary for Sept. 18. This club has been given a week to deposit its $2,500 guarantee fund. The following week Cleveland, with the famous Benny Friedman of Michigan, will perform here. A week later, Oct. 2, the Chicago Bears, old enemies of the Packers, will invade Green Bay for a gridiron tilt at the city stadium. Ernie Nevers and his Duluth Eskimos will play in Green Bay on Oct. 9. The following week, Oct. 16, Chris O'Brien and his Chicago Cardinals will be in our midst. October 23, the Dayton Triangles have been booked for Green Bay and on Oct. 30 the Bisons of Buffalo will display their ability to chase the cowhide. Nov. 6 is an open date, but the Packer management is in hopes of booking an all star attraction. Further announcement about this date will be made after President Joe Carr returns from an important conference in New York...PLAY CARDS NOV. 13: The Packers start traveling Nov. 13 by playing the Cardinals in Chicago. A week later they go back to the Windy City to mix with the Bears at Cubs park. Thanksgiving Day sees the Big Bay Blues performing against the Yellowjackets in Philadelphia. Sunday, Nov. 27 is open at the present. Sunday, Dec. 4, Green Bay will play in the Polo grounds at Gotham against the New York Giants and Capt. Lambeau's club winds up the season a week later with a game against the Steamrollers in Providence.


JUL 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The NFL officials took a step in the right direction at the schedule meeting, which was held here over Sunday, when they decided to cut down the circuit to a dozen teams. In past seasons, about twenty clubs were in the championship contest and this made the league a big unwieldy because the schedule was too short for all the teams to play around. The twelve team organization is an excellent one as all of the so-called 'weak sisters' have been eliminated. Through the new arrangement, it will be possible for nearly every club to play a home and home series with the other elevens in the league. As usual, the Packers will play a stiff schedule. Games have been arranged with all of the best teams, and it is safe to say that no member of the league secured a better allotment of dates. The Green Bay 'at home' schedule is well drawn as the contests with the Chicago Cardinals and Bears, the Duluth Eskimos, Cleveland, Dayton and Buffalo cam be listed as choice attractions. The Packers' eastern trip is an outstanding feature as Green Bay is booked to play in Philadelphia, New York and Providence. Who would have thought seven years ago that New York and Green Bay would ever meet on the gridiron? It will take the greatest football eleven that Green Bay has ever had to survive this schedule successfully. However, the Packer management is preparing for this, and we feel confident that when the whistle blows for the opening game early in September our Big Bay Blues will be the equal of any spoke in the national wheel.


JUL 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Carl Lidberg, Minnesota 1925, the greatest line crashing fullback that ever wore the Packers' gold and blue, has signed his contract for the coming season. This announcement sets at rest the rumors that 'Cully' was going to do about everything else but play with Green Bay. This will be Lidberg's seconds season with the Packers. Lidberg's first year in pro football was a distinct success and several of the experts placed him on their all pro selections. The husky backfielder was great at backing up the line and often would stop the opposition carrier before he reached the scrimmage front. Lidberg generally got his 'yard or two' when necessary and during the 1926 season he had touchdowns to his credit on the Chicago Bears and Cardinals. Lidberg is in the insurance business in Minneapolis, but he had secured a leave of absence and will report here for practice Sept. 4. Like nearly every member of the Packer squad, he will live here during the football season. The Packer line crasher is a graduate of Minnesota. He had three seasons of varsity football at the Gopher institution, and, in 1924, he was the unanimous choice for all-Western fullback. During the fall of '25, Lidberg served as freshman football coach at his alma mater. That year he turned down a lot of pro offers as he wanted to finish a post-graduate course at the 'U.' However, last year he answered the call of the Packers and Green Bay was never sorry. Lidberg is the eighth Packer to accept terms for 1927.


JUL 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Eddie Kotal, who gained gridiron game while at Lawrence college, has signed his contract to play with the Packers again this fall. This will be Kotal's third year with the Big Bay Blues. He joined the Bays late in the season of '25 and made good with a vengeance on the Packers' eastern trip through Pottsville, Philadelphia and Providence. Last fall, Kotal saw plenty of service. He was sort of a utility man in the backfield and played every position but fullback. The former Lawerence pride is a classy open field

runner and a good snagger of forward passes. It is quite likely that he will see lots of action with the Badger state champions before the curtain is pulled down this fall. Kotal should report in tip top shape for the gridiron season as he is doing 'heavy work' every day and in between times playing shortstop for the Wausaukee club of the Wisconsin Valley league. Kotal is the ninth member of this year's Packer team to accept terms.


AUG 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - George Tuttle, a six foot end, weighing about 195, who played three years of varsity football at the University of Minnesota without losing a single minute of play on account of injuries. has come to terms with the Green Bay Football corporation and will be seen in a Packer uniform this fall. The Bay management feels that it accomplished a good stroke of business when Tuttle came into the fold because several clubs including the Duluth Eskimos, Cleveland and the Chicago Bears were hot on his heels...PLAYED WITH LIDBERG: Tuttle is a fraternity brother of Cully Lidberg and it was partly through the Packer fullback's efforts that 'Tut' signed on the dotted line with the Big Bay Blues. Back in 1924, the last year that Lidberg was playing varsity fullback, Tuttle was holding down a wing job on the Gopher squad. It was in his sophomore year that he made the regular string. 'Fat' Spears, the Minnesota coach, also insists on big rugged ends that can take a tackle out of the play and Tuttle filled the bill to a nicety. So well in fact that he was ranked as one of the best defensive wing men that ever chased the football on Northrup field. Red Hearden, who captained Notre Dame last fall and also is a new member of the 1927 Packer eleven, has played against Tuttle several times during his collegiate football career, and the product of the Rockne gridiron school claims Tuttle is a pretty rugged customer. "We always found that Tuttle have us plenty of trouble," Hearden said. "He is fast on his feet for a big man and a savage tackler. I know that to be a fact because he 'smeared' me several times in last year's game."...MIXED WITH FRIEDMAN: Last season, Minnesota and Michigan locked horns twice on the gridiron and in both of these encounters Tuttle had several skirmishes with Benny Friedman, the Wolverines' all-American quarterback. According to stories appearing in the Minneapolis papers, it was Tuttle's 'he-man' tackling that sort of took the wind out of Benny's sails. Anyway this pair will have a chance to resume their gridiron feud in pro football this fall and the Green Bay fans will have a chance to glimpse it as Friedman will play here on Sunday, Sept. 25 with Cleveland against the Packers. Ten players have been signed by the Packers for the 1927 season. Walter Jean, a member of the Bays for two years, has been loaned to the Pottsville (Pa.) Maroons.


AUG 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Back in the season of 1922, the football fans of Green Bay were startled with the announcement that the Packer management had traded Jab Murray, who had been a member of the Bays for several seasons, to the Racine Legion for Whitey Woodin, who was playing his first year of pro football after leaving Marquette. And the same Howard Lee Woodin has just signed his contract with the Big Bay Blues for 1927. It will be his seventh year with the Green Bay eleven. Aside from Capt. Lambeau, Woodin and Jug Earpe are the veterans of the outfit. Whitey has been a consistent performer at a guard position and during 1926, he enjoyed his best season with the Packers. In the games against the Bears, Yellowjackets and Detroit, Whitey's play on the forward wall stood out prominently. Woodin is one of the Packer players who is a year round resident of the Bay. He is connected with a well known automobile company here as sales manager and has made a success of his work. Eleven Packers have not signed their 1927 contracts.


AUG 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Packer football stock sailed sky high over the weekend with the official announcement that "Red" Dunn had signed his contract to play with the Big Bay Blues. Ever since the NFL meeting, the word has been noised around that the Packers were after Dunn, and it is needless to add that the Green Bay football colony is all smiles today over the fact that the famous Marquette gridder will do his stuff with, instead of against, the Bays this season. "Red" Dunn has always wanted to play in Green Bay. Back in 1924 when he launched his pro football career, Dunn passed up his own wishes so as to be loyal to his hometown and he signed with Milwaukee. When Alonzo McGurk, who owned the Milwaukee club at that time, ran short of money, he unloaded several of his star players and Dunn, together with Weller and Erickson, were sold to the Chicago Cardinals for a considerable amount of 

cash...WITH CARDS TWO YEARS: Dunn played with the Cardinals in 1925 and '26. Last fall, when Chris O'Brien, helmsman of the Cardinals, let Paddy Driscoll go to the Bears, Dunn stepped into Paddy's shoes as team leader of the Chicago South Siders. He did everything that was asked of him - and a little bit more in the bargain. At the end of the 1926 season, Dunn told Manager O'Brien that he would like to play elsewhere than Chicago and expressed a preference for Green Bay. However, at that time, O'Brien couldn't see this at all. When the Cardinal owner closed a deal by which Guy Chamberlain was to handle his team, the Green Bay management got busy with negotiations with Dunn. It was known here the Chamberlain intended to 'clean house' with the Cardinal team as he had a raft of new players lined up. During the league meeting, representatives of the Green Bay club got together with Chamberlain and O'Brien and a temporary deal, subject to the approval of all parties concerned, was put through for the purchase of Dunn...WANTED TO PLAY HERE: Negotiations ran along for several weeks awaiting the final O.K. from the Cardinal management and, in the meantime, Capt. Lambeau of the Packers got in touch with Dunn. "I have always wanted to play with Green Bay," said "Red." "And nothing will please me better than to be with your team." When the Packer management got word from O'Brien that the deal was on, Capt. Lambeau lost little time in hustling to Milwaukee and getting "Red" to sign on the dotted line. And that's the story of how Dunn joined the Big Bay Blues. Dunn needs little introduction to the football fans of Green Bay because he has been a thorn in the side of the Packers for three years. In 1924 he played quarterback for the Milwaukee club that took 17 to 0 licking here and a few weeks later in Milwaukee was bumped off 17 to 10. In this game, Dunn kicked a field goal that tied the Packers early in the fray. In 1925, he played with the Cards against the Packers in that wild and wooly 9 to 6 affair. This was the game that Paddy Driscoll, coupled with the assistance of Head Linesman MacGregor, pulled out of the fire for the Cards in the last minutes of play after George Abramson had come through with a pair of nifty field goals...TWO FIELD GOALS: Last fall, Dunn came here with the Cardinals and proceeded to play a lead role in the 13 to 7 defeat that the Packers suffered. It was Dunn's educated right hoof that chased the cowhide through the uprights for pair of field goals. The famous Red started his football career in the Milwaukee high schools and then entered Marquette where he blazed forth as a stellar gridder. Red had three years of varsity football under Coach Murray and, probably aside from LaVerne Dilweg, was the greatest player ever turned out of the Milwaukee Hilltop Institution. He captained the team his senior year...TRIPLE THREAT ARTIST: Dunn will be a valuable addition to the Packer squad because he is a triple threat artist. he can pass, kick and run and what's more there isn't a better field general on the pro gridiron. The addition of Dunn to the Big Bay Blues will give Green Bay a backfield second to none in the National league. Several other important announcements about players can be looked for withing the next two weeks, according to officials of the Green Bay Football corporation.


AUG 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Rex Enright, who was one of the greatest fullbacks that Knute Rockne ever turned out of his football school at Notre Dame, will again cavort in Packer moleskins this fall. In a letter which contained his signed contract, Enright wrote Capt. Lambeau that he is already getting in shape and that he hopes to show the Packer followers a brand of football this fall that will open their eyes. Enright had some trouble getting started here last fall. It seemed as if a jinx was camping on his trail. Injuries slowed him up a lot and not until the Packers began their final road trip did the former South Bender hit his real stride. In the last game of the season against Detroit, Enright gave as brilliant an exhibition of footballing as put up by any Packer player during the 1926 schedule. Slowly but surely, the Packer squad is being rounded together and within the next two weeks, the Green Bay management hopes to have the battle front completed and from all indications, it should be plenty good enough to hold its own with any 'enemy' in the NFL. 


AUG 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Dick O'Donnell, veteran end, is the fourteenth member of the 1927 Packer football machine to put his name of the dotted line. This will be O'Donnell's fourth season with the Big Bay Blues. He joined the club in 1924, coming here from Duluth where he had played two years of pro football. O'Donnell is one of the best defensive ends in the business and last fall, he broke into the limelight frequently on the offensive by snagging forward passes, which spelled plenty of yardage for the Big Bay Blues. Dick adopted Green Bay as his home, shortly after he joined the Packers back in 1924, and has been living here ever since. The Packer star is employed as a salesman by a well known automobile concern. Unless the handwriting on the wall is all wrong, there will be several surprises for the Packer followers in the way of new players within the next few days.


AUG 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Pete Jackson of Missouri, who starred in the Missouri Valley conference during the seasons of 1924 and 1925, is the newest addition to the Packers of 1927. Jackson was a backfielder on two championship conference teams and, along with Baccus, a star end, was elected to captain the 1926 Missouri varsity. However, Jackson did not return to school last fall. Jackson can play quarter, half or full. He is credited with having lots of football sense and, according to Coach Gwinn Henry, was in a class by himself when it came to clearing a path for the ball carrier...LEFT HANDED PASSER: The former Missouri star stands but two inches under six feet and he tips the beam at 185 pounds. He is a left handed passer and this tends to make him extra valuable on the offense as a port side tosser often confuses a defending team. Jack Crangle, former Illinois player, who was assistant coach at Missouri, had this to say about Jackson: "I think Pete should go in pro football. Sometimes a gridder fresh from college finds the postgraduate game pretty tough going, but Jackson should be right at home because he is rugged enough to stand a lot of punishment. In the two years we had him at Missouri, he was generally the first out for practice and the last to leave. A player like that 'likes' his football."...FIFTEEN PLAYERS SIGNED: Jackson is the fifteenth Packer to sign a 1927 contract. Several other important announcements are scheduled within the next ten days, it is said.


AUG 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - E. Pid Purdy, half pint quaterback and drop kicking specialist, will join the Green Bay Packers on Sept. 15. Purdy, who is playing center field for the Seattle ball club of the Pacific Coast league, has secured permission from manager Wade Killefer of the Seals to toss away his diamond spikes for his gridiron cleats on Sept. 10. Purdy will hustle cross country and should reach here five days later. He will make a stop at his home in Beatrice, Neb., and pick up some of his football equipment. The return of Purdy will be welcomed by the football fans here because the diminutive quarterback was listed high among the Big Bay Blue stars of 1926. It was his educated toe that whipped the Cardinals in Chicago 3 to 0 and in the Paddy Carr booster fund game at Soldiers field in Chicago, Pid booted a 50-yard field goal that tied the Bears 3 and 3. One of the Seattle papers carried the following story about Purdy and his footballing: "Pid Purdy will go to a National League game on or about September 10. But the club won't be Pittsburg, Chicago, New York, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Boston, Cincinnati or Brooklyn. The bright diamond student in the second row says that's all the clubs there are in the National League. He's right and wrong. Purdy is going to a club in the NFL - Green Bay - with which he played last season upon the frost-bitten Eastern professional gridirons. Since the National League season gets underway September 25, with the Green Bay Packers entertaining Cleveland, Pid will have to get back there early in September for fall training. Baseball, of course, will have him in good shape, but formational work, passing and kicking will require some practice. Purdy is an expert punter and drop kicker, so he will have to spend some time with his educated toe. too."


AUG 18 (New York) - The war between the National and American professional football leagues that cost over half a million dollars last season has been definitely ended. The announcement was made Wednesday night by Joe Carr, president of the NFL. As the result of the peace plan, there will be but one professional football league this year. It will be the NFL and will include twelve teams. Under the reorganization plan, the following teams will be active: the New York Giants, Red Grange's Yankees, the Cleveland Panthers, Philadelphia Yellow Jackets, Chicago Bears, Chicago Cardinals, Pottsville, Providence, Green Bay, Duluth, Dayton and Buffalo. The Chicago situation caused the most trouble in merging the two leagues, but it was ironed out by the combination of the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Cardinals. This club will play at White Sox park, while the Bears will still continue to use the Cubs park.


AUG 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Announcement that Red Grange and his New York Yankee eleven was taken into the NFL was expected here as news had leaked out at the July meeting about the Pyle aggregation wanting to get in. The addition of Grange rounds out the 12-spoke wheel. However, some changes in the schedule will have to be adopted, but this will not cut much of a figure here as the Packer team has one tentative and one open date ready for any emergency that might crop up.


AUG 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Dreams of a national championship pro football eleven for Green Bay have come to a step nearer reality through the announcement that Lavvie Dilweg, one of the greatest ends of all time, has come to terms with the Green Bay management. Ever since Johnny Bryan told the moguls of the NFL during their session here last month that his Milwaukee Badgers would not exercise their franchise rights this season in the pro wheel, the Packers have been after the former Marquette all-American...BEARS, GIANTS AFTER HIM: At first it looked like a fruitless chase as the Chicago Bears, New York Giants and Philadelphia Yellowjackets were hot after the peerless wing man. Anyway, Packer officials put in their bid to Bryan and made it a stiff one, at that, because they figured the addition of Dilweg would just about round out a championship club. When Dilweg got word that he was 'on the market,' he hastened to Johnny Bryan and told the Milwaukee manager that he would quit football rather

than play somewhere that he didn't want to. Dilweg wasn't keen about going east and he wasn't so enthusiastic about joining the Bears. In this way, he paved the way himself to prance out in a Packer uniform...WANTED TO PLAY HERE: Negotiations with Johnny Bryan were finally closed a few days ago and it didn't take long then to get set with his 'wonder wing-man' and have him put his name on the dotted line. Like Red Dunn, his former teammate at Marquette, Dilweg remarked while signing his contract that 'Green Bay was one place where he always wanted to play football.' It is needless to add that Green Bay is just as glad to have him as he is to be here. Dilweg is known the nation over as a football luminary. He is a product of Milwaukee high school gridirons. After graduating from prep school, Dilweg entered Marquette and it didn't take Coach Frank Murray long to discover that he had a star in the making. The big end had three years of varsity football at the Milwaukee Hilltop institution. He made a bid for national game in 1923. The following year, he captained the team but was jinxed by injuries. However, he came into his own in 1925 and played super football. So good in fact that Walter Eckersall, well known Chicago football expert, placed Dilweg on his first all-Western and all-American selections...PRAISED BY COAST CRITICS: At the close of the '25 season, Dilweg went to the Pacific coast with the East team and his brilliant play at end amazed the California sports scribes. One of the writers in his story about the East-West game said, "Spectators saw two of the greatest ends of all time rub elbows. Out here we all thought Brick Mueller in a class by himself but Dilweg, the Marquette sensation, showed the famous Brick a lot of things he didn't know about footballing. We take our hats off to him." The Packers made a determined effort to land Dilweg last year, but the big end finally decided to cast his lot with the Milwaukee club as he had another year at Marquette to complete his law course. Dilweg got his degree this June and soon after signed a contract for life, marrying Eleanor Coleman, who was women's sportswriter for The Wisconsin News...GREAT PASS RECEIVER: Dilweg should have another banner year of pro football. He went plenty good last season and was selected on the second all-American pro eleven. One of Dilweg's specialties is snagging forward passes. He didn't have a chance to do much of this last fall because the Badgers' aerial attack was woefully weak. The big end should be a big factor in the Packers' air drive because he will get plenty of chances to be on the receiving end with such tossers as Lambeau, Purdy and Dunn hurling the cowhide. The former Marquette star is plenty fast for a big fellow, and there isn't a better end in the country when it comes to taking care of the opposing tackle. During his last year at college, his wing wasn't circled once. Dilweg gets down fast under punts and seldom loses is man. There is a possibility that Dilweg may locate here permanently providing negotiations now underway with a prominent Green Bay law firm are concluded satisfactorily...BETTER THAN EVER: Aside from two and possibly three more player announcements to be made public within the next ten days, the Packer squad of 1927, which, on paper, looks bigger and better than any team that ever sported the gold and blue, is about completed.


AUG 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Lanky Lou Lewellen, who was picked on the all-American professional football team in 1926, has signed his contract with the Green Bay Packers. This announcement sets at rest the thousand and one rumors that have been in circulation for the past two months. This will be Lewellen's fourth season with the Badger state champions. He joined the Bays in the fall of 1924, fresh from Nebraska where he played varsity football for three years and captained the team in his senior year. Lewellen has developed into a great backfielder and his punting ability probably isn't equaled by any bootsmith in the National league. Lou foots 'em fifty or sixty yards at a crack and the extra yardage has caused all the Packers' opponents plenty of grief. With Lewellen in the fold, the Packers have a backfield, which on paper, looks like a second-to-none combination.


AUG 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay Packers will headquarter "de luxe" this season under an arrangement which was consummated this week and by which the Football corporation has taken out full privilege memberships in the Columbus Community club for every man on the team. This year the Packer squad will be housed in what perhaps be the finest and best equipped club house and team headquarters in the entire professional league. The team has been assigned private quarters on the top floor of the community building, equipped with showers, rubbing tables and complete athletic equipment. Here the huskies will report daily to don their moleskins prior to the routine of practice periods and assemble again after they have gone through their rigorous drills at the playing field. But in addition the team-men by reason of the full privilege memberships in which they have been enrolled will find the gymnasium, the swimming pool, and the club rooms quite congenial places to ease their weary bones. The plan for a property equipped headquarters and training post was worked out by representatives of the Green Bay football corporation and the club and presented for final action to the club's executive board. The board's acceptance of the proposition made the Community building the Packers' official headquarters for 1927.


AUG 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - It won't be long now before the football season gets underway in Green Bay, and it's safe to say that the anxious fans are beginning to count the days before the Packer squad gets into action. Definite announcement about the start of the season can be expected anytime now. It will either be Sept. 11 or 18. The advent of "Red" Grange into the National league may bring about several minor schedule shifts and this is bringing about the delay over the official starting date. The Packer management is burning up the wires in an attempt to complete arrangements to the satisfaction of all concerned. If the Packers don't open their season until Sept. 18, the players won't report until Sept. 11. However, if the opening game is billed for Sept. 11, members of the Big Bay Blues will be ordered here on Sept. 4. Notices to all of the players have been sent out and they were instructed to await 'wire' reporting orders. Tickets have been ordered from the Chicago print shop that has supplied the ducats for the past two years and the season's supply should be on here before Sept. 1. In the meantime, the campaign for the season ticket sale has been mapped out. The ticket sales committee will swing into action next week following a meeting which will be held in the assembly room of the courthouse, Monday evening at 7:30. This year's sales drive will have to be more intensive than ever before because the cost of pro footballing in the 12-club National league has jumped several notches since the close of the 1926 season.


AUG 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Red Smith, Combined Locks, Wis., is the newest addition to the Green Bay Packer squad of 1927. His position is guard and he is a product of Knute Rockne's famous football school at Notre Dame. The Spaulding Football Guide for 1926, in its review of the Notre Dame '25 eleven, had this to say about the new Packer: "Leading players of the Notre Dame team were Smith and Hanousek, guards, and Enright, fullback." Smith started his footballing at Kaukauna High. Then he entered Lawrence and played one year of varsity. This was before the Appleton institution put the freshman rule in effect...PLENTY GOOD GUARD: The husky guard was out of school for about eighteen months and then entered Notre Dame. It didn't take Rockne long to size up his possibilities and as soon as he became eligible, he was drafted for the first team service. Smith was a plunging fullback when he entered N.D. but Rockne made him over into a guard - plenty good. He is of the rough and tumble type of gridder and his teammates at Notre Dame claim that if he don't get away big in pro football nobody will. Smith tips the beam at 190 pounds and is built solid as a rock. He cracks 'em hard when running interference. Football isn't Smith's only sport line as he is a diamonf star. He was captain of the 1927 Notre Dame nine, doing practically all of the catching. At the end of the school year in June, he signed a baseball contract with the New York Giants and has been in the east ever since. Smith, according to present indications, will be "excused" early by Manager McGraw so that he will be on hand here when the Packers start practice...ONE MORE LINE MAN: With the exception of another line man, who will be announced within a few days, the Packer squad is completed and the club will take the field for the opening game with a battle front.


AUG 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A week from Sunday, Sept. 11, the Green Bay Packers will open their 1927 football season at the City stadium against the Milwaukee Badgers, headed by Johnny Bryan, in a non-league game. Announcement of the opening encounter will be made at a meeting of the Green Bay Football corporation held Monday evening at the assembly room at the Court house. Another shift in the schedule was announced as Dayton will play here on Sunday September 18 in the first game of the National league schedule. The Dayton club was originally booked for Oct. 23, but Manager Redelle of the Triangles agreed to come up here at an earlier date so as to partly pave the way for Red Grange and his New York Yankees to appear here on Oct. 23...GRANGE DATE PENDING: The Grange date is only pending, however. President A.B. Turnbull of the Green Bay Football corporation received a letter from President Joe F. Carr, Columbus, in which the National league executive wrote that he was hoping to book Grange at Green Bay. Mr. Carr further suggested that Dayton be switched from Oct. 23 to Sept. 18 and Mr. Turnbull completed this change over the long distance telephone with the Dayton management Monday evening before the football meeting. If Grange comes to Green Bay, it will give the Packers eight games at home. This is the heaviest at home schedule which has ever been attempted by a Green Bay team. However, in view of the choice attractions, such as Cleveland with Benny Friedman, Ernie Nevers and his Duluth club and the Chicago Cards and Bears, the Packer management feels confident that the ever growing football colony in Green Bay, Northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan will rally to the support of the Packers and more than ever help carry the financial load...MUCH INTEREST SHOWN: Much interest has been shown at the football meeting and a goodly number of gridiron boosters pledged their support to the season ticket sales drive, which was launched this morning under the direction of Ray Evrard, chairman of the sales' committee. Evrard addressed the meeting and pointed out the necessity of going over the top with a record amount. "Each year it is costing Green Bay more money to compete in pro football as competition is getting stronger and it is up to the Packer followers to go the limit in supporting the team," said Mr. Evrard. "Season ticket sales give the management a 'pot' to start off with and this amount is absolutely necessary this year to make ends meet. We are going to hit every football fan that we know of in an attempt to raise a larger preseason sum than ever before."...GET FIRST CHOICE: The Packer management intends to take care of its "old friend." In other words, persons who had box or reserved seat season tickets last year will be given the first chance on the same reservations for 1927. Those desiring the tickets, if not called upon by any member of the ticket sales committee, are urged to get in immediate touch with Mr. Evrard at Howard 40 or call The Press Gazette between 7 and 9 in the evening. The ticket drive must be cleaned up within the next few days as the tickets will be ready for distribution early next week. This

is a difficult job in itself and it is only through the cooperation of the fans that this "operation" will function smoothly.


AUG 31 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Football practice for the 1927 Packer machine will get underway on Sunday afternoon and Capt. Lambeau expects nearly all of his hands to be on deck when the squad steps out for its initial drill which will be staged at Joannes park. Reporting orders were flashed out by wire immediately after Monday night's meeting and, as the players had received previous word to be prepared to report early, it is figured that the majority of them will be here by Sunday noon at the very latest...BUD JORGENSON ON JOB: The Packers training quarters at the Columbus club are in readiness for the players and Bud Jorgenson will again be on the job as property manager. This will be his third year with the club. Gordon Bent is expected to deliver the new football equipment within a few days. The Big Bay Blues won't waste any time wheeling into action as the squad will have but a week to "spruce up" for the opening game





1927PACKERS-8-8-Red Dunn_edited.jpg

with the Milwaukee Badgers, which is scheduled at the City stadium for Sunday, Sept. 11. The Green Bay team will check in from many sections of the country. Jones and Perry come from Alabama. Pete Jackson is on his way from St. Joseph, Mo. Red Dunn, Dick Flaherty and Lavvie Dilweg made up the contingent from Milwaukee...DARLING FROM OSHKOSH: Boob Darling will jaunt in from Oshkosh while Eddie Kotal has been working in a canning factory at Markesan, Wis. Tuttle and Cully Lidberg will be the Minneapolis members of the squad, and Rex Enright is from Rockford, Ill. Pid Purdy is now with the Cincinnati Reds while Red Smith is doing the catching for the Syracuse International league club, having recently been sent there by the New York Giants. The hometown delegation includes Capt. Lambeau, Whitey Woodin, Jug Earpe, Dick O'Donnell, Tiny Cahoon, Verne Lewellen and Tom Hearden.


SEPT 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A special session of the NFL will be held at the Statler house in Cleveland, Sunday at 2 p.m., for the purpose of ironing out the difficulties in the schedule which cropped out following the admission of Red Grange and his New York Yankee club into the circuit. Notice of the "parley extraordinary" was received by Packer officials from President Joe F. Carr, Columbus, O. A.B. Turnbull, president of the Green Bay Football corporation, will represent Green Bay at the gathering. The Packer management took a step by itself to bridge the Grange gap. Red and his New York club refused to come here Sept. 18 so Dayton was moved forward from Oct. 23 to the Sept. 18 date. This left the Oct. 23 open and President Carr assured the Packer management that go the limit to book Grange in here then. Mr. Turnbull is prepared to stand pat on the Packer schedule as it has been so rearranged, and it is understood that several of other clubs will support Green Bay's demand for Grange to perform here. While the Packer executive is in Cleveland at the schedule meet, Capt. Lambeau will start the home fires burning in a football way by having his team out for the opening practice of the season. With but three exceptions, it is expected that all the players will be on hand to chase the cowhide at Joannes park. The Big Bay Blues will only have a week to tune up for their initial skirmish with the Milwaukee Badgers, billed here for Sept. 11. In the meantime, Chairman Evrard of the season ticket sales committee and his assistants are busying themselves calling on prospective customers. Due to fair time, many of the prospects haven't been reached but the sales drive will be speeded up to top speed during the next few days. The Packer ticket force, headed by Spike Spachmann, have been working out the ducats for the past few days and the season books will be ready for distribution about the middle of next week. Those who had reservations in former years will be given first opportunity to buy the same seats again. It is expected that tickets for the Milwaukee game will be put on sale at the usual places about town next Wednesday.


SEPT 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - King Football will make his semi-official bow for the 1927 season here on Sunday when the Green Bay Packer squad dons its moleskins for the first time to engage in the initial practice at Joannes park. The Bays aren't getting into action any too soon because they have only one week to prepare for the Milwaukee Badgers, who are scheduled to play here on Sept. 11 in the opening game of the season. Johnny Bryan is going to bring a snappy club up here and the Packers aren't going to have any walkaway. As a matter of fact, the Milwaukee-Packer contest looks like the best opener that have ever been staged here...PLANS DAILY PRACTICES: Capt. Lambeau intends to work his gridders every day and there will be a couple of blackboard talks thrown in at night for extra measure. Aside from Sunday, all the practice sessions will be staged in the morning. Many fans are expected to take in the workouts as naturally the football followers will be anxious to get a peak at the newcomers, who with the veteran material are counted on to round out a team that will make quite some bid for the National league championship...PURDY AND SMITH: So far as is known at the present time, all the Packers will be on hand except Purdy and Red Smith, who are playing baseball. E. Pidney is now cavorting with the Cincy Reds while Smith is doing the catching for the Syracuse International league outfit. Smith is expected to be here no later than Sept. 29. The Packer management has been balked twice in its deal for another lineman, but it is quite possible that the deal for the much desired forward will be completed by President A.B. Turnbull of the Green Bay Football corporation while he is attending the special schedule meeting of the NFL at Cleveland on Sunday. Meanwhile, negotiations are being kept up with two players, either one of whom will add a lot of strength to the Packer machine.


SEPT 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Red Grange and his New York Yankees have been booked to play the Packers in Green Bay on Sunday, Oct. 23. President A.B. Turnbull of the Green Bay Football corporation, who represented the Packers at the National league meeting in Cleveland on Sunday, was successful in scheduling the famous Redhead and his club for this city after an all day wrangle which sometimes threatened to upset the whole schedule and even the league itself. Grange is the outstanding attraction in the football world and the Packer management will start at once to make preparations to handle a 10,000 plus crowd at the City stadium on Oct. 23. The Grange game tickets are sure to sell like hot cakes, but the box and reserved seat season ticket holders won't have to worry because they are assured of the same seats for every game...THREE OTHER SHIFTS: Three other shifts were made in the Packer out of town schedule. The Packers will play the Cardinals in Chicago on Nov. 6 instead of the 13th, and the Milwaukee game has been set back to Nov. 13. This contest was originally booked for Nov. 6. The change is beneficial to the Bays as the game in Milwaukee is now "sandwiched" in between the Packers' appearances in Chicago against the Cardinals and Bears. In the earlier schedule, the Big Bay Blues were booked to face the Cardinals on Nov. 13 and the Bears the following Sunday. A schedule conflict forced the Packers to give up the Dec. 4 date in New York against the Giants. When the Grange club entered the league, it was agreed that the Yanks and Giants were to play two games against each other in New York City and it was necessary to book one of those battles on Dec. 4. As a matter of act, Charlie Pyle, Grange's "matchmaker," insisted that the Packers give up this Dec. 4 date in New York before he would agree to play Green Bay...PLAY IN BUFFALO DEC. 4: As a substitute for the date in New York, the Packers will rub elbows with the Buffalo club on Dec. 4. This means a home and home series with the Bisons as Dim Batterson's club plays in Green Bay on Oct. 30. The Packer squad started its practice on Sunday, and there was probably a thousand persons on hand to glimpse the team in its initial drill. Despite the mid-summer brand

of weather, Capt. Lambeau put his club through an extensive workout. There was another session on Labor Day and the team continued its practice stunts this morning. The team has to be hurried along fast as the opening game with Milwaukee will be played Sunday and, according to reports from the Cream City, Johnny Bryan is bringing an aggregation here that is practically the same as last year, with the exception of three players. It will probably be the toughest "lid lifting" fray that the Packers have ever undertaken.


SEPT 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "The Green Bay Football corporation will be greatly disappointed if the season ticket sales for the Packer games doesn't show a healthy increase," said President A.B. Turnbull on his return from Cleveland, O., where he attended a special session of the National league and rounded out the Packers home schedule by booking Red Grange and his New York Yankees for Green Bay on Oct. 23. "There is no use getting away from the fact that we are in pretty 'big stuff' for a city the size of Green Bay. As a matter of fact, this year it is bigger than ever. The league has been cut to a dozen teams and only the best football cities have survived. And Green Bay is one of them. The competition is going to get harder all the time and in order to make the grade the Packer management has been forced to the limit in molding together a team, which on paper, looks as if it should be as good as any spoke in the wheel. Naturally, this has necessitated an extra outlay of money, but the board of directors voted to go the limit and attempt to keep pace with the other teams. It is a huge undertaking but we figure this is what the fans want and we intend to give it to them. This season we have the best home schedule that a Packer team has ever played. There isn't what could be called a 'weak' game here. Even the opener with Milwaukee is a first class attraction. We have booked eight games for the City stadium. This is one more than usual but when the opportunity came to schedule Red Grange it was too big an opportunity to pass up. On my return home, I was told by Chairman Evrard, of the season ticket sales committee, that the returns were not up to expectations. This indeed is unfortunate because the money that we raise from our season tickets is the 'pot' that keeps the football corporation away from the financial breakers. We simply must have a larger nest egg than before and I am taking this opportunity to appeal to the fans to get on the band wagon and support the Packers as they never did before. Everybody who is a football lover should help carry the load, and the best way to do this is to answer the call of the season ticket sales campaign. We appreciate the support of the public because it has been this financial assistance that has put the Packers over. This year, expenses have increased, competition is keener and I am hopeful that before the end of the week, Chairman Evrard will be able to report that the ticket sales campaign has neared the $10,000 goal which is the amount the football corporation should start out with this fall. I feel confident that with a stronger team and a "never better' home schedule, the army of Green Bay Packer followers will jump aboard the season ticket band wagon and help just that much more to enable Green Bay to keep its well deserved place high up in professional football along with such major cities as New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Dayton, Buffalo and Providence.


SEPT 7 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Packer football stock soared a but today with the arrival of Rosie Rosatti, veteran lineman of the 1924 and '26 teams, and Bruce Jones and Clark Perry, guard and tackle, respectively, who earned their football spurs in brilliant style at the University of Alabama.


SEPT 7 (Milwaukee-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Although local sports followers are at present all excited about the chances of the Milwaukee Brewers to land the pennant in the American Association flag race there are a flock of them who have turned their thoughts toward football in anticipation of the coming season for from all indications Milwaukee, although not having a team in the professional Football League as in previous years, will have the greatest team to represent the city since the days of Pollard, Robson, etc. The eleven this year will be made up largely of the men who played on the team last season with the addition of several men to strengthen the positions which were weak. Johnny Bryan will be captain and coach of the team and there are but few who can handle a team any better than the fiery little red head. Last season with a flock of unknowns Bryan developed a team which played some great games and was able to give the best in the pro league plenty of competition. With the experience gained last season the team should be greatly improved. The ends will be handled by John Fahay and Neacy. Both are tall and rangy and last year showed marked ability in their positions. Neacy for several years has been regarded as one of the best in pro circles and only the fact that business makes it necessary for him to headquarter in Milwaukee has kept him from getting on with more famous teams in the National pro league...LANE AND ASHMORE: At the tackles will be Oxie Lane, former Marquette captain who played sterling ball at this position for Bryan last season, and on the other side of the line will be Ashmore. "Ash," as he is called, proved the surprise of the season last year, his first in pro ball, and both he and Lane have been called among the best linemen of the last season's crop. Art Moran, former Marquette man, will also fill in at one of the tackles. The guards will be Dunnigan, former Minnesota man, and for years a star in the pro league. The other guard will fall to the lot of Engelking, a 247 pound importation from California. According to Bryan, this boy is going to make some of the huskies who he faces wish that they were something else but football players. Don Crane, rated as the best center Marquette ever had and last year captain of the Blue and Gold, will be in the position of snapper back and in his debt in select circles is expected to show the same class. Hollquist and Curtin, who played quarter last year, will again be back calling signals and with their experience of last season should be decidedly improved field generals. Woods, another product of California, will be at fullback. He played at California in the days of Brick Mueller and was a smashing fullback and was rated as the best fullback on the Pacific Coast during his last year in college...BRYAN, MURPHY, HEIMSCH: At halfs will be the same trio who performed last season, Bryan, Murphy and Heimsch. Murphy, although a mere youngster, flashed some great play and his kicking was a big factor in the success of the team last year. Meisch, a Marquette product, is a great forward passer and is the pivot man in some of the trick formations which the Milwaukee team worked last year. Bryan has had his charges working out every day for the past week and the doughty little leader expressed his opinion that if the Packers expect to win next Sunday when the Badgers invade the Northern City that the tribe of Lambeau, et all, will have to step lively or there is apt to be considerable wailing and gnashing of teeth in Packer town while the referee blows the final blast on his whistle.


SEPT 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Cub Buck has signed up. But don't get excited fans for the genial Cub is not going to don the moleskins again to play for the team with which he was connected for so long and which he helped to make famous. His signature has been fixed to a document which calls for his appearance at the City stadium on Sunday to referee the opening football game of the season between the Big Bay Blues and the Milwaukee Badgers. This should be great news for the fans as Buck is rated as highly as an official as he was a player and Green Bay fans have come to realize that a good official is as important to a football game as good players. This will be about the only chance Green Bay fans will have to see the former Packer star as he will leave next week to assume his coaching duties at Miami university. The umpire for the game will be former Coach Iversen of Sheboygan, who last year officiated several games here to complete satisfaction of all concerned. The headlinesman duties will be handled by "Murph" White, West High football mentor who is also a capable official...GETTING PARK READY: Everything is being put into readiness for the opening game. Special seats are being erected in anticipation of the largest opening crowd which has ever attended a game in this city. Seats are for sale at the usual places about town and early reports indicate a capacity crowd. And this is as it should be. For Green Bay is at the threshold of the greatest season which it has ever known. Its team will be the best ever and the support given the team should also be the "best ever" so that the city can continue to maintain the national prestige which it has gained as the best football town in the country for its size. And the team is getting ready, too. Each morning Captain Lambeau has his charges out working and each workout has been impressive. The contingent of football men has been about completed with the arrival in town today of Rosy Rosatti, Claude Perry and Bruce Jones. All that remains to make their appearance are Carl Lidberg, Pid Purdy and Rex Smith. Rosy at first contemplated not playing this season but the arrival of September and football news changed his mind and he wired Captain Lambeau that he would be down this week ready to start the season. The big Michigander looks to be in great shape and if this is so should be in for his greatest season on the gridiron...BOTH LOOK GOOD: The two boys from below the Mason Dixon line also look to be in the pink and capable of more than holding their own with the linemen whom they will face during the season. They have entered into the work with a snap and pep characteristic of the ideal college athlete and going at their present rate should prove great additions to the Packer battlefront. Much time has been spent by Capt. Lambeau in getting the boys in shape and several plays have been worked out which should prove to be great ground gainers. With ends like Dilweg, Flaherty, O'Donnell and Tuttle to grab passes and with Curley and Red Dunn throwing them, there is no question but that the forward passing game will again be the strong forte of the Blues, but some of the wise ones who figure that forward passing is about all the Packers can do are apt to be in for a surprise as this season the Packers are blessed with the best ball toting backfielders which they ever had and also the best blockers and interferers. The game on Sunday will start at 2:00 and many of the old ushers will be back on the job to handle the crowd. The veteran gatemen will also be on the job to do their share and all in all everything is set and everybody, fans, players, officials, etc., are just rarin' to go.


SEPT 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - It won't be long now before the Green Bay Packers, resplendent in their new togs, dash out on the gridiron at the City stadium to give battle to the Milwaukee Badgers in the opening of the 1927 pro football season in Green Bay. Sunday is only two days off and in the meantime, there is hustle and hustle in gridiron circles so that the stage will be nicely set to give King Football such a royal reception that he will be eager to come back in years to come...PACKERS LOOKNG GOOD: The Packers are looking good in their practice workouts. Fans, who look over the team over each morning, see a much improved brand of play and it is a certainty that Lambeau and his gridders will be in pretty fair shape to make things interesting for Johnny Bryan and his chesty Badgers from the Cream City. This is the toughest opening game that the Packers have ever booked. Milwaukee has a first class football machine and the Badgers can be counted on to go the limit in an attempt to spoil Green Bay's opening day party. There is a scene of activity at the City stadium. A crew of men are setting up the bleachers on each side of the field and extra bleachers will spring up "over night" on the west end of the gridiron. Jake Miller is doing his best to put the playing field in shape and the surface of the gridiron is looking "greener" than ever before...TO ELIMINATE CONFUSION: The ticket sales booths have been placed outside of the new wire fence at a distance apart which will make it handy for the Packers' customers. Everything possible is being done so that when the crowd starts gathering on Sunday, there will be no confusion around the gates. The Legion band has again offered its services and the musicians will be on the job as usual to give the spectators a thrill before the game, between the halves and whenever else the occasion demands it. According to report from the ticket selling places about town, every indication points to the biggest opening day crowd in the Packers' history. Many out of towners have sent in for tickets. This is a first class sign because it indicates that the football fans of Northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan are starting to "follow" the Packers much earlier than in other seasons.


SEPT 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Carl Lidberg won't be seen in a Packer uniform this season. The former Minnesota star, who played brilliant football for the Big Bay Blues at fullback last season, has decided to pass up the pro game and he is going to try his hand at coaching. Lidberg has accepted an offer to join the coaching staff of Colgate university of Hamilton, N.Y., and he will leave for the Empire State campus immediately. Lidberg's letter to A.B. Turnbull, president of the Green Bay Football corporation, which was received Thursday afternoon, is as follows...


SEPT 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The signing of a game with Red Grange's New York Yankees to be played here Oct. 23rd, gives the Green Bay Packers the greatest football schedule since they were organized. The completed schedule provides from games at home with the outstanding teams of the league, as well as notable games abroad, but the home contests by all odds present the finest series yet arranged. In fact, as good and as great football as is played anywhere in the United States this year will be staged in little old Green Bay. No small distinction, we should say! The finest talent in America will be seen here, and without a doubt some of the games played will go down in football history as classic events. This is assured not only because of the outside talent coming to Green Bay, but because the Packer have the strongest team with which they have yet entered a season, and this is saying a great deal inasmuch as they have always had one of the strongest of the professional teams. It is made up of a collection of players that would do credit to any city in the country. The fact that Green Bay stands so high in the league, both in a professional and ethical sense, and because football here has been so well supported, has made it possible to obtain a practically all-star team and arrange so fine a schedule. This will be the greatest football year Green Bay has seen. Interest is at a high pitch. If the financial support of the Packers is as liberal as the advance situation indicates, the future of professional football here will be assured and we shall be able to maintain the enviable place we have reached in this great national sport.


SEPT 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The lid will be lifted on the 1927 professional football season in Green Bay Sunday afternoon when the Packers, Badger state champions since 1918, will attempt to turn back the Milwaukee Badgers. Referee Cub Buck will call the teams into action promptly at 2 o'clock. For months the Packer management has been making plans for the football season and now that it is at hand, officials of the Big Bay Blues feel confident that they have got together a club that will go a long ways in the pennant chase for the National league bunting. On paper, it looks like the strongest machine that has ever worn the blue and gold...BEST OPENING CARD: This is the best opening card that the Packers have ever booked. As a rule, Milwaukee is a midseason opponent of the Big Bay Blues, but this season it was necessary to book the Badgers as an "opener" to assure their appearance here, due to the fact that so many stellar attractions have been scheduled later on. The Badgers will have a first-class aggregation on the field. In Ashmore and Lane, Milwaukee has a pair of sweet tackles while Neacy and Fahey always play good ball at ends. Craine, Marquette's 1926 captain, is holding down the center post for the Badgers and he is flanked by Moran, another Hilltopper; Dunnigan, who played with Green Bay a few years ago, and Engelking, a 240-pund husky from the Pacific coast...HAVE GOOD BACKFIELD: Don Curtin, Marquette, and Holloquist, Middlebury, are the Milwaukee quarterbacks. Woods, of California, a former 

teammate of Brick Mueller, plays full while Murphy, Heimsch and Johnny Bryan are the other backs. Murphy is a great punter while Bryan has played enough pro football to know the game from first to last whistle. A number of new faces will be seen in the Packer lineup. Red Dunn is slated to perform at quarterback while Lavvie Dilweg is booked for a job at end. Tuttle, former Minnesota star, will also perform on the wing. Jones and Perry, two Alabama star linemen, will hold down guard and tackle, respectively. Boob Darling is a new recruit who looks good at center. Hearden and Jackson are the newcomers in the backfield. Veterans billed for action again are O'Donnell and Flaherty, ends; Cahoon, tackle; Woodin, guard; Earpe, center, and Kotal, Lewellen, Lambeau and Enright in the backfield...OPEN GAME ON TAP: There should be plenty of open football on tap as the Packers are well known exponents of the air attack, while Johnny Curtin, the Badgers new quarterback, had quite a reputation as a tosser when he was at Marquette. So far as punting is concerned, the fans should be treated to a choice brand. Lewellen is as good as any bootsmith in the National league, while Murphy, the Milwaukee back, kicks 'em long and high when his line holds tight. In one of the games last fall, Murphy stood behind his own goal line and "footed" the cowhide 90 yards down the field. The Packer official program, which will be sold at the field, includes not only pictures of the players and statistics of the teams but a brief summary of the changes in the rules. This will be handy for the fans at the first game when some new penalties are handed out...BACK TO REFEREE: An added attraction to the fray will be the appearance of Howard "Cub" Buck as referee. Buck leaves next week for Miami, Fla., where he coaches the university eleven. Iverson of Sheboygan will be the umpire while Murph White is to act as head linesman. The gates at the park will be opened promptly at 12:30. All ushers and gate men are asked to be on hand promptly at noon so that the stage will be set to handle the crowd with as little confusion as possible. Despite the enlarging of the fence and the additional gates, there is no change in the seating arrangements at the field. Sections A, B, C and D are located on the north side of the gridiron, with Sections E, F, G and H on the south side. As usual, the "knot hole gang" will be camped at the east end...SUNDAY MORNING TICKET SALE: Sunday morning reserved seat tickets will be sold at The Press-Gazette from 9:30 until noon. This office is being opened to handle out-of-town customers who are unable to reach Green Bay until a few hours before the game.

1927PACKERS-9-10-Milwaukee Meet_edited.j


NOV 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - After being on the shelf for a few games with a bad ankle, Cobb, the husky Cleveland tackle, is back in action again. This former Kansas City star is a finished forward and there are few better tackles in the league...MacArthur and Harvey, two members of the defunct Buffalo club, have found regular berths with the New York Yankees. MacArthur is a sweet working center blessed with a bullet pass while Harvey holds down a tackle...The Yankees are going to the coast for the holiday season, according to an announcement by Owner Pyle. A game has been with Kansas City on Dec. 18 and several other arguments are to be played farther out west...The Duluth club will perform at Stapleton, Long Island on Sunday. This was the date that the Eskimos had with Buffalo. The Long Islands have a snappy machine and their record this season is made up of many victories...Charlie Rogers who made football history at Pennsylvania during his three year varsity service, seems to have found himself with the Frankford Yellowjackets. During recent engagements, his work has been brilliant...The Providence management has never been sorry that Wildcat Wilson's name was attached to a contract. This super-gridder has greatly helped in keeping the "Rollers" up there. He sure can punt 'em high and plenty far...A glance over the lineup of the Canton Bulldogs brings back thoughts of the pro game of yesterday. Included in the battle front are Peter Calac, Michaels, Robb, Barry, Caldwell, Nichols, Bissell and Dunn, still a good end...Providence and Pottsville will resume hostilities this Sunday on the Maroons' home lot. The Rollers took a 6 to 3 lacing the first time the clubs met this season but Wilson & Co., have improved much since then...Dave Healy, the Bears' aggressive tackle, continues to hold its own among the postgraduate gridders. Healy has been chasing the cowhide for years. He starred for Rock Island way back when and still is

making the headlines...Lewellen, Green Bay halfback, who was selected on the all-American pro team in 1926, is making another strong bid for the honor eleven. The former Cornhusker is mighty fleet of foot and he hasn't been outpunted this year...One of the big games of the season will be played in New York on Sunday where the Chicago Bears will tackle the Giants. Both clubs are blessed with "man-mountain" forward walls, good kickers and first class "luggers."...Broda, who was one of the famous iron men at Brown in 1926, has bowed to the call of "dollar and cent" football. He has signed with the Cleveland Bulldogs. Early in the season, Broda turned down a raft of postgraduate offers...Kenneally has developed into one of the greatest ends in Joe Carr's circuit. The Pottsville wing-man follows the ball like a flash. He is right at home in the pass game, and when it comes to tackling he dumps them hard...Chris O'Brien hopes to go over big in Chicago on Sunday as he has engaged Soldier field for the Cardinal-Cleveland game. Benny Friedman is a big drawing card, and O'Brien is confident that he will pack them in...There are a few of the pro loop veterans that don't seem to ever grow old. Milt Romney belongs to this class as he is one of the aces of the Chicago Bear attack this season. When Romney is right, he is mighty hard to beat...Green Bay rooters made a great showing in Chicago last Sunday when the Packers played the Bears. Headed by the lumberjack band, about a thousand Wisconsites invaded the Windy City and they hooped things up in college style...Dame Rumor has it that Minneapolis will return to the National league in 1928. John Dunn, the pro football magnate of Gopher-town, is laying his plans already and it is understood that a stock company will be organized...Blood has been doing a man sized job for the Duluth Eskimos. Aside from the famous Nevers, he is the star of the Northerners' backfield. Blood is a triple threat gridder and his specialty is snagging forward passes...Mule Wilson sure is earning his money for the New York Giants. This product from Texas has been a headliner in every game. He is a handy man to have around as he is equally at home in either half or fullback...Dayton has uncovered another Hawaiian who seems right at home on the football field. His name is Hippa and he goes along with a hurrah. The Hawaiian is pretty catty in the open field and gets down under punts awful fast...Frank Mayer, a graduate of Knute Rockne's football school at Notre Dame, has shown lots of football ability with the Green Bay Packers. This is his first year on the professional gridiron. He plays guard or tackle.


NOV 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay Packers want to play the New York Giants, leaders in the NFL. Announcement was made today by A.B. Turnbull, president of the local football club, that a telegram had been sent to Dr. Harry A. Marsh, manager of the Giants, requesting a game with his New York eleven if the New York Yankees should take one game of the series of two that is to be played between the two teams during the next two weeks. If the Giants lose one of their games to Grange's outfit, the Packers by trouncing the New Yorkers have a chance to land on top of the heap. While if the Giants win it will clinch their claims to national professional football honors. Mr. Turnbull has offered to play the game in New York or Milwaukee, believing that a large crowd would be attracted to the game in either city. The telegram sent late Monday by the Green Bay team president follows: "If you should lose one game to the Yankees, would you consider playing us championship game on Dec. 18 in New York City or Milwaukee. Wire reply so I can hold my club together."...PLAYERS WILL RETURN: The New York club was the only one in the league refusing to play the Packers throughout the season, but since it holds the top position and Green Bay is right at its heels, a game may be arranged. Definite word from Dr. Marsh is expected within the next 24 hours. The New York Yankees will close their season on Dec. 11, and Lewellen and Earpe, who are finishing out the season with that club, will return to Green Bay shortly after that date. Both of the "Packers-that-were" and "Yankees-that-are" make their homes in this city. Dick O'Donnell asked permission to finish out the season with the Duluth club and will probably stay with them until the finish of their last game. He is also a permanent resident of Green Bay. Claude Perry and Bruce Jones have returned to their homes in Alabama, Perry to Good Springs and Jones to Jasper. Bruce left the club at Philadelphia, and is to be married on Dec. 20, while Perry returned to Green Bay and left yesterday for Good Springs. Pid Purdy has nothing to do but hang around Green Bay and the United States until the Cincinnati baseball club goes into spring training. Red Smith stayed in New York on the Packers eastern trip for a conference with John McGraw, and will go into spring training with the New York Giants in February. Meantime, he is at his home at Combined Locks, Wis...DILWEG TO STAY HERE: Lavvy Dilweg, who came to the Packers from the Milwaukee club this year, has developed as much of a liking for Green Bay as Green Bay has for him and will continue his law practice and his work at the Columbus club here. Frank Mayer is spending some time at Notre Dame and will go to Minneapolis from there. Red Dunn has returned to Milwaukee to resume his work with the Travelers insurance company there, and will play pro basketball this season. Tiny Cahoon is back at the Columbus club, where his duties as physical director will keep him busy until next season. Whitey Woodin has returned and is awaiting the arrival of the new Ford. Red Hearden is back in town and plans to attend the University of Wisconsin at the opening of the second semester. He will study physical education. Boob Darling has returned to his home in Oshkosh, and Rex Enright will return to Rockford, Ill. Rosy Rosatti will return to Dakota, where he is employed by his brother, who is a prominent architect, and Eddie Kotal will as usual spend the remainder of the year in Appleton, his hometown. All of these very well defined arrangements are conditional, and in case the Packers are successful in arranging a game with the Giants, all of the boys will be back and rarin' to go in an attempt to put Green Bay at the top of the list.


DEC 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - As a result of their 13-7 victory over the Chicago Bears on Sunday, the New York Giants are firmly entrenched in first place of the National loop. The Gothamites open their series with the 

Yankees this weekend...The Bear-Giant combat was a bitter affair. Neither team was able to break into the scoring sheet during the first half but the New Yorkers came home twice in the last quarter and the Chicagoans passed to a score...The Providence Steamrollers took picks on the Yankees to the tune of 14-7. Red Grange got into the game for a while and executed several successful forward passes which gave the Rhode Islanders plenty to worry about...However, the Wheaton ice-man retired to the sidelines after the half intermission and Conzelman's gridders stepped forth to victory. Some 10,000 spectators witnessed the fray which was crowded with classy footballing...Benny Friedman and his Cleveland Bulldogs, making good use of the forward pass scampered home to a 32-7 victory over the Chicago Cardinals. The former Wolverine started nearly all of the touchdown formations...The Cardinals seemed to be a bit off color and they didn't give the Ohioans anything to worry about except in the second frame when Lamb grabbed a lateral toss and ran to the 3-yard mark. Bucklin then crashed over...The Frankford Yellowjackets got an even break in their gridiron activities during the past week. Thanksgiving Day, the Hornets bowed to the Green Bay Packers 17 to 9, but whipped Duluth on Saturday 6 to 0...The Jackets, after making wholesale changes all year, seemed to have hit upon a good combination. Mercer, Ford and Rogers are playing bang up ball behind the line while "Two Bits" Homan is always a passing threat...Claypool, who played center for the Cardinals in 1925 and '26, returned to the Chicago South Siders' field this season in time to have a hand in turning back the Bears 3 to 0. Claypool is a stellar snapper back...The Duluth Eskimos have been getting their bumps frequently on eastern gridirons. Nevers has been just as brilliant as ever but his support cracked frequently and the Big Blonde simply could not do it alone...The Chicago Bears and Yellowjackets will dome train riding this weekend. Saturday the two clubs are billed to battle on the Frankford gridiron while Sunday will see the teams having it out in the Windy City...Thomas, a St. Johns college product, who played with Brooklyn last year, is making quite a name for himself with the Cleveland Bulldogs. He picks a hole in the line nicely and is also a classy forward pass grabber...According to present plans, three of the National League clubs, the N.Y. Giants and Yankees and the Duluth Eskimos, will tour cross country to the Pacific coast for a series of gridiron encounters in the holiday season...Philadelphia sportswriters paid tribute to Lavvie Dilweg, the Green Bay Packer end, for his brilliant game against the Yellowjackets. Unless the 'experts' change their minds, Dilweg is sure of an all-American berth...The Providence players continue to sing the praise of Gus Sonnenberg, whom they claim is the best tackle in Joe Carr's postgraduate wheel. The former Detroit "U" star often gets down the field faster than the ends...Dame Rumor has it that Brute Trafton is gunning for a certain sport writer in New York who panned him to the limit in the story of the Bear-Giant game. It probably was the worst set down in the history of the pro game...The New York Yankees "borrowed" Lewellen, Green Bay backfield ace, for several contests. Charlie Pyle's set of carriers have been wrecked by injuries and he found it necessary to flash a gridiron S.O.S. in a hurry...Mickey McDonald is flashing a great brand of ball for the Chicago Cardinals. It was his sensational cowhide lugging that paved the way for O'Brien and Co. to take a fall out of their old rivals, the Bears...Tony La Tone still goes on his line plunging way for the Pottsville Maroons. Maybe the coal miner isn't starring as much as in other years but just the game he is always good for a yard or two when it is needed.


DEC 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The curtain has been pulled down on the Packers' 1927 season. Decision to this effect was reached by officials of the Green Bay Football corporation following three days of 'silence" from the management of the New York Giants. As a climax to this statement, A.B. Turnbull, who has served for five years as president of the Green Bay Football corporation, announced his resignation. All efforts to get the Gothamites into a game with the Big Bay Blues this year have failed, and the management figures that it is useless to carry on any further at this late stage of the game...BOOKED WITH GIANTS: When the July meeting of the National league was held here and the schedule arranged, the Packers were booked for a game with the Giants in New York on Dec. 4. A few weeks later when Red Grange and his Yankees were admitted to the fold, a switch in the schedule was necessary and the Bays were frozen out of their fray in New York and shunted over to Buffalo. This proved a disastrous move because the Bisons dropped out of the circuit and left the Packers two open dates, one of which was at home Oct. 30. However, after continual shifting, the Packers played in Milwaukee on that date. This left Nov. 13 open and the management was in hopes of getting the Giants here for that date as the league schedule showed the New Yorkers "open."...MADE SUBSTANTIAL OFFER: A substantial offer was made the Giants to come here but they turned it down late and instead played Stapleton, L.I., in a non-league game. Rather than to remain idle, the Packers booked the Dayton Triangles for a return engagement in this city. After the game in Philadelphia, the Packers returned home. Efforts to book games in the east were without success as the majority of the clubs, both league and non-league, had their schedules filled...NO REPLY RECEIVED: Early this week, a challenge was wired the New York management to meet the Packers on Dec. 18 either at the Polo Grounds in New York or at Athletic park in Milwaukee. However, the Easterners turned a cold shoulder on the challenge. As a matter of fact, they never even answered the first query or the "follow up." Information from the telegraph office shows that both messages were delivered at the office of the New York Giants and signed for by officials of the club. It would be a difficult task to get the team together again even if a reply was received from the Giant management next week. The majority of the players who are non-residents have already left for their homes and the management has decided to tuck away the moleskins in moth balls and await another season before seeking additional professional gridiron honors for Green Bay with the great Packer team...BEST TEAM IN HISTORY: The 1927 Packer model was the finest football machine that ever represented Green Bay. Lambeau & Co. vaulted over all opposition except the Chicago Bears, and it was only the breaks that shunted these two contests from the victory column. The Packers are safely entrenched in second place in the National league race and this is the highest position that they have ever finished in. It is a long way until the 1928 football season but, in the meantime, the management will continue its chase for footballers who will fit into the machine and help develop another winner. A goodly number of the 1927 veterans will probably be back in togs again and even right now "feelers" are being sent out for new material...LETTER OF RESIGNATION: President A.B. Turnbull's letter of resignation which was mailed out today to the members of the board of directors is as follows: "With the closing of the season of 1927, I have completed my fifth year as president of the Football corporation, and, after due reflection, have decided to resign my place as head of the organization and settle back as a supporter and spectator from this date forward. While there has been considerable worry and work attached to the management of the club, I confess that there has also been much pleasure and many thrills to compensate for the troubles. I want to publicly acknowledge the splendid cooperation given me by all of the directors, but particularly do I appreciate the assistance of Dr. W.W. Kelly, R.E. Evrard, Marcel Lambeau, Emmett Platten, Wenzel Wiesner, G.W. Calhoun, Fred J. Van Dueren and E.A. Spachmann. Without these men, the executive work of the organization would have suffered greatly...PRAISE FOR LAMBEAU: There is another man I want to speak of. Five years' observation of the actual control of the team itself has demonstrated and proven conclusively to the writer and, I am sure, to practically all of the directors that no better man could be found in the whole league or out of it to captain, coach and manage the team than Curly Lambeau. To his untiring efforts, ability, sound judgment, tenacity and constant loyalty is due not partially but entirely the success of the Packer team on the field of play. His record speaks for itself, and I cannot praise his work and unselfishness too highly. It is my desire to be relieved entirely of any responsibility in connection with the future operation of the club, but I shall willingly give my successor the benefit of any experience I may have gained if it is desired. Just as soon as possible the treasurer's report will be made available, and an audit completed for presentation to the board of directors at the annual meeting to be held early in January."


DEC 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Wilfred Smith, Chicago Tribune sport scribe, flashed his All-American pro team on the air Sunday afternoon between halves of the Bear-Duluth game and his selection included two Packer stars, Dilweg and Lewellen. He gave both of the Bay aces quite a boost in his radio broadcast. The Tribune's team is as follows: Ends, Dilweg, Green Bay, and Bacchus, Cleveland; tackles, Milstead, N.Y Giants, and Koslowski, Providence; guards, McMillen, Chicago Bears, and Michalske, N.Y. Yankees; center, Trafton, Chicago Bears; quarterback, Friedman, Cleveland; halfbacks, Lewellen, Green Bay, and Driscoll, Chicago Bears; fullback, McBride, N.Y. Giants.


DEC 14 (Neenah, WI) - Word has been received here that Howard P. (Cub) Buck), all-American tackle from the University of Wisconsin in 1915, is seriously ill with diphtheria at Miami, Fla., where he is football coach at the University of Miami. A daughter also is seriously ill with the disease. After his graduation from Wisconsin, Buck coached at Carleton college, Carleton, Minn. Later he played with the Green Bay Packers and coached the Lawrence College eleven for three years. He has coached the University of Miami football team for two years.


DEC 15 (New York) - Jack McBride, of the New York Giants, former Syracuse star, has been selected as the outstanding player of the NFL for the 1927 season by Jack Reardon, New York gridiron official. Reardon places McBride at fullback on his all-star professional eleven with Ernie Nevers of Duluth and Lewellen of Green Bay, Wis., at the halves, with Benny Friedman of Cleveland at quarterback. Lewellen was with Grange's Yankees in the last two games against the Giants. The rest of the lineup follows: L.e., Hubbard, Giants; l.t., Owen, Giants; l.g., Connaughton, Yellow Jackets; c. Trafton, Chicago Bears; r.g., Fleischman, Providence; r.t., Ed Weller, Chicago Cardinals; r.e., Ray Flaherty, Yankees...DIDN'T SEE DILWEG: Jack Reardon, the New York official who picked the above team, did not see Lavvie Dilweg of the Packers in action. If he had, the Packers great end would probably have been placed on the team instead of Ray Flaherty of the Yankees. In the official All-American pro selection, which is picked by managers, sport writers and officials of the NFL, Dilweg got sixteen of the eighteen ballots for left end on the first team. The All-American pro teams will be published in The Press-Gazette on Friday.


DEC 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A coach's fondest dream." That word picture can rightfully be wished on Friedman, Lewellen, Nevers and Driscoll, the backfield of the All-American professional eleven as selected

via the questionnaires route from managers, officials and sport writers of cities which were represented in the NFL. And what's more the backs on the second team, Haines, Tryon, Senn and McBride, can't be sneezed at either. Brilliant work of the carriers was an outstanding feature of the post graduate gridiron this past season...TIMES HAVE CHANGED: There was a day when the pro footballing scores were limited to a touchdown or so and possibly augmented by a couple of field goals but times have changes. The pro football team of today is different than of old. Practice makes perfect and the $$$ players stage their daily dozen just as regularly as the rah-rah boys. With but two exceptions, every spoke in Joe Carr's wheel this season had an offense that was a continual threat. There was a lot of open football. The air drive was the main stock in trade of at least half the clubs and the tossing game always makes a hit with the spectators who pay their good money to see the post graduate brand of football. The pros of 1927 had a flock of good kickers. Field goals were not as numerous as in past years, but the punters with the 60-yard boot were to be seen in nearly every game...GIANTS HAD GREAT TEAM: The New York Giants, winners of the championship, probably had the greatest football team ever grouped together on the gridiron. The Giants had an ever powerful wall from tackle to tackle, two big high powered ends and plenty of variety in the backfield. More than this, the New Yorkers had such a capable set of "extras" that fresh men could be sent into the game without weakening the team a bit. Several stars shone brightly on the pro football horizon this year for the first time and one of these was Benny Friedman, the Michigan All-American quarterback. Benny performed just as well in the pro game as he did on the collegiate grid. As a matter of fact, Friedman showed so much class that he was nearly a unanimous choice for the quarterback job. The former Wolverine didn't have to take his hat off to any player when it came to tossing the old apple. It was his bullet like pegs that put Cleveland back on the pro football map. Along with Friedman in the backfield are three "repeaters," Lewellen of the Green Bay Packers, Paddy Driscoll of the Chicago Bears and Ernie Nevers of Duluth. Each of these players were on the All-American professional team in 1926. Lewellen was the best punter on the post graduate field besides being a fine open field runner and pass receiver. Driscoll isn't ever growing old. He can pass, run, and kick just as well as he ever did and this is saying a lot...NEVERS PLAYED BRILLIANTLY: Ernie Nevers continued his brilliant play this fall but he was pushed hard for the fullback job by McBride of New York, as hard a hitting line plunger as there is in the game today. However, Nevers earned the shade because he pretty near had to go it along with the Eskimos. Every man on the first team backfield is a triple threat artist. They all pass, kick, and run the cowhide. Just imagine the deceptive attack that a coach could build around this quartet. In Haines, Senn and Tryon, McBride would have plenty of support in the second string backfield. Senn and Tryon were ace ground gainers, while Haines was without equal when running the ball in the open field...OTHER GOOD BACKS: There was a block of other good backs. The Giants had a pair in Mule Wilson and Wyckoff. Wildcat Wilson and Jimmy Conzelman starred for Providence. Mercer and Rogers looked good for the Yellowjackets while Latone and Wentz went well for Pottsville. Bloodgood and Simmons stood out prominently for Cleveland, as did Jones and Strader for the Chicago Cardinals. Lambeau, the Green Bay Packers captain, played brilliantly. Hubbard of the N.Y. Giants, playing his first year of pro football, showed plenty of class as an end. He was big enough to take care of the tackle yet fast enough to roam the field. The Giants often brought Hubbard back and had him back up the line on the defense. Dilweg of the Green Bay Packers was practically a unanimous choice for the other end. The former Marquette star shone brightly in each game. It was his consistent wing play that helped lots to keep the Wisconsin eleven close to the top in the championship race...SECOND TEAM ENDS: Lynch and Kennedy were voted the places on the second team but only by a close margin over Corgan of the Giants, Bacchus of Cleveland, Swanson of the Cardinals, and Flaherty of the N.Y. Yankees. Red Joseph of Dayton and Kassell of the Yellowjackets also got several ballots, along with Joe Rooney of Duluth. Gus Sonnenberg and Ed Weir were elected to the tackle jobs. Sonnenberg is a veteran pro footballer who made a great comeback when he changed his scenery from Detroit to Providence. The Steamroller is a superb line man and often galloped down the field faster than his ends. In addition to this, he is quite some kicker. Weir was an All-American at Nebraska, and he carried it with him through the pro game. The Frankford club didn't have a rip snorting season, but Weir's super performance were like a bit of sunlight in the clouds. There were plenty of other good tackles. Milstead of the Giants came through with bells on, and old Duke Slater showed enough real football to earn himself a second team berth. Milstead's charging tactics were a feature of the 1927 champions' play. Cleveland had a good tackle in Cobb, while Lyman stood out prominently for the Chicago Bears. Ashmore turned in some good games for Duluth, and Cahoon was one of the mainstays of the Green Bay front wall...FIRST CLASS GUARDS: From the votes of the experts, Owen and Michalske were by far the class of the guards. These players were placed on nearly all of the teams. Michalske was the star of the Yanks' front line and his feature exhibitions did a lot to counteract the absence of one Red Grange, whose season was marred by an injured knee. Owen of the Giants is one of those footballers who doesn't know what the bench means. He has played in about 26 straight games without ever being taken out for a minute. As a slashing guard, there were not many who could hold a candle to him. Rhenquist of Cleveland and Graham of Dayton flank the center on the second string. Rhenquist had the edge over all but Michalske and Owens while Graham owes his place in the lineup to some brilliant individual play. He is quite a ball hawk and roves around considerably yet wasn't caught often on "cut backs." McMillen of the Bears and Baldy Nesser of the Giants were stellar line men. Kiesling more than earned his money for the Eskimos. Jim Laird, a made over backfielder, did a good job at Providence, and Maher, a Notre Dame product, was a whole team in himself for Green Bay...SMITH AT CENTER: It was a close ballot from center, but Smith, the Cleveland snapper back, won the ballot on an 8 to 7 count over Trafton, the Chicago Bears' middle man, who has been a "talking point" in pro football for a number of years. Smith made the all-pro eleven last year while playing with Kansas City and he continued his top notch play this fall. He is a perfect passer and follows the ball closely. Smith "scents" an opponent's play as quick as any player in the league. Trafton likes his football and plays it just as well. He is in the game all the time but sometimes his "wolfing" tactics get him in hot water. However, there isn't probably isn't a club that wouldn't welcome the big fellow if the Halas-Sternaman combination ever let him loose. Murtagh of the Giants, Springsteen of the Cardinals and Reed of Frankford were among the other capable centers. 


DEC 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Green Bay football enthusiasts will be interested in an account of the wedding of Bruce Jones, Packer player whose marriage to Miss Sara Christine Woods of Jasper, Ala., took place Dec. 20 at Jasper. The ceremony was performed in the First Methodist Church at 8:30 p.m. by the Rev. W.F. Yarborough. The bride wore a gown of Duchess satin made with a tight bodice and bouffant skirt. Her veil was in fan effect, with a coronet of orange blossoms and seed pearls. She carried a shower bouquet of brides roses and lilies of the valley. Jones was a newcomer on the Packer team last year, and with Claude Perry, a college teammate, found the proverbial "Welcome" in large letters on Green Bay's doormat. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama and captained the college team when it defeated Washington on the Pacific coast. After an extended wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. Jones will reside in Green Bay.

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FRANCHISES FOLDING AFTER 1926: Akron Indians - Brooklyn Lions - Buffalo Rangers - Canton Bulldogs - Columbus Tigers - Detroit Panthers - Hartford Blues - Hammond Pros - Kansas City Cowboys - Los Angeles Buccaneers - Louisville Colonels - Milwaukee Badgers - Racine Tornadoes FRANCHISES JOINING NFL IN 1927: Cleveland Bulldogs - New York Yankees


GREEN BAY 14, Dayton 0

GREEN BAY      1  0 0 1.000  14   0 Buffalo        0  0 0  .000   0   0

Providence     0  0 0  .000   0   0 Chi. Cards     0  0 0  .000   0   0

NY Giants      0  0 0  .000   0   0 NY Yankees     0  0 0  .000   0   0

Chi. Bears     0  0 0  .000   0   0 Frankford      0  0 0  .000   0   0

Duluth         0  0 0  .000   0   0 Cleveland      0  0 0  .000   0   0

Pottsville     0  0 0  .000   0   0 Dayton         0  1 0  .000   0  14


Dayton 6, FRANKFORD 3


POTTSVILLE 22, Buffalo 0            GREEN BAY 12, Cleveland 7

NY Giants 8, PROVIDENCE 0           Chicago Bears 9, CHI. CARDS 0

GREEN BAY      2  0 0 1.000  26   7 NY Yankees     0  0 0  .000   0   0

Pottsville     1  0 0 1.000  22   0 Cleveland      0  1 0  .000   7  12

Chi. Bears     1  0 0 1.000   9   0 Frankford      0  1 0  .000   3   6

NY Giants      1  0 0 1.000   8   0 Providence     0  1 0  .000   0   8

Dayton         1  1 0  .500   6  17 Chi. Cards     0  1 0  .000   0   9

Duluth         0  0 0  .000   0   0 Buffalo        0  1 0  .000   0  22


PROVIDENCE 5, Buffalo 0             Chicago Bears 7, GREEN BAY 6

NY Yankees 6, DAYTON 3              CHICAGO CARDS 19, Pottsville 7

CLEVELAND 0, NY Giants 0 (T)

Chi. Bears     2  0 0 1.000  16   6 Chi. Cards     1  1 0  .500  15  16

NY Yankees     1  0 0 1,000   6   3 Dayton         1  2 0  .333   9  23

NY Giants      1  0 1 1.000   8   0 Duluth         0  0 0  .000   0   0

GREEN BAY      2  1 0  .667  32  14 Frankford      0  1 0  .000   3   6

Pottsville     1  1 0  .500  29  15 Cleveland      0  1 1  .000   7  12

Providence     1  1 0  .500   5   8 Buffalo        0  2 0  .000   0  27


FRANKFORD 0, Dayton 0 (T)


CHICAGO CARDS 7, Dayton 0           GREEN BAY 20, Duluth 0

NY Giants 19, POTTSVILLE 0          NY Yankees 13, Cleveland 7 at Detroit

Chi. Bears     2  0 0 1.000  16   6 Pottsville     1  2 0  .333  29  34

NY Yankees     2  0 0 1.000  19  10 Dayton         1  3 1  .250   9  30

NY Giants      2  0 1 1.000  27   0 Duluth         0  1 0  .000   0  20

GREEN BAY      3  1 0  .750  52  14 Frankford      0  1 1  .000   3   6

Chi. Cards     2  1 0  .667  22  16 Buffalo        0  2 0  .000   0  27

Providence     1  1 0  .500   5   8 Cleveland      0  2 1  .000  14  25


NY Yankees 19, BUFFALO 8


FRANKFORD 54, Buffalo 0


Cleveland 6, NY GIANTS 0             Frankford 23, BUFFALO 0

CHICAGO BEARS 12, NY Yankees 0       Pottsville 6, PROVIDENCE 3

GREEN BAY 13, Chicago Cards 0

Chi. Bears     3  0 0 1.000  28   6 Pottsville     2  2 0  .500  35  37

GREEN BAY      4  1 0  .800  65  14 Providence     1  2 0  .333   8  14

NY Yankees     3  1 0  .750  38  30 Cleveland      1  2 1  .333  20  31

Frankford      2  1 1  .667  70   6 Dayton         1  3 1  .250   9  30

NY Giants      2  1 1  .667  27   6 Duluth         0  1 0  .000   0  20

Chi. Cards     2  2 0  .500  22  29 Buffalo        0  5 0  .000   8 123


NY Giants 13, FRANKFORD 0


NY GIANTS 27, Frankford 0           GREEN BAY 13, NY Yankees 0

CHICAGO BEARS 14, Cleveland 12      PROVIDENCE 7, Dayton 0

DULUTH 27, Pottsville 0

Chi. Bears     4  0 0 1.000  42  18 Duluth         1  1 0  .500  47  20

GREEN BAY      5  1 0  .833  78  14 Pottsville     2  3 0  .400  35  64

NY Giants      4  1 1  .800  67   6 Frankford      2  3 1  .400  70  46

NY Yankees     3  2 0  .600  38  43 Cleveland      1  3 1  .250  32  45

Chi. Cards     2  2 0  .500  22  29 Dayton         1  4 1  .200   9  37

Providence     2  2 0  .500  15  14 Buffalo        0  5 0  .000   8 123


Providence 20, FRANKFORD 7


CHICAGO BEARS 14, Dayton 6          CLEVELAND 21, Duluth 20

NY Yankees 7, CHICAGO CARDS 6       NY GIANTS 16, Pottsville 0

PROVIDENCE 14, Frankford 0

Chi. Bears     5  0 0 1.000  56  24 Chi. Cards     2  3 0  .400  28  36

GREEN BAY      5  1 0  .833  78  14 Pottsville     2  4 0  .333  35  80

NY Giants      5  1 1  .833  83   6 Duluth         1  2 0  .333  67  41

NY Yankees     4  2 0  .667  45  49 Frankford      2  5 1  .286  77  80

Providence     4  2 0  .667  49  21 Dayton         1  5 1  .167  15  51

Chi. Cards     2  3 0  .400  28  36 Buffalo        0  5 0  .000   8 123


FRANKFORD 10, Pottsville 0


NY GIANTS 21, Duluth 0              POTTSVILLE 9, Frankford 0

CLEVELAND 15, NY Yankees 0          CHICAGO BEARS 0, Providence 0 (T)

CHICAGO CARDS 6, Green Bay 6 (T)

Chi. Bears     5  0 1 1.000  56  24 Chi. Cards     2  3 1  .400  34  42

NY Giants      6  1 1  .857 104   6 Pottsville     3  5 0  .375  44  90

GREEN BAY      5  1 1  .833  84  20 Frankford      3  6 1  .333  87  89

Providence     4  2 1  .667  49  21 Duluth         1  3 0  .250  67  62

NY Yankees     4  3 0  .571  66  49 Dayton         1  5 1  .167  15  51

Cleveland      3  3 1  .500  68  65 Buffalo        0  5 0  .000   8 123


NY YANKEES 26, Chicago Bears 6      NY GIANTS 25, Providence 0


NY Yankees 19, POTTSVILLE 12


FRANKFORD 22, Cleveland 0


NY YANKEES 20, Chicago Cards 6      GREEN BAY 6, Dayton 0

PROVIDENCE 13, Duluth 7             CLEVELAND 37, Frankford 0

CHICAGO BEARS 30, Pottsville 12

NY Giants      7  1 1  .875 129   6 Frankford      4  7 1  .364 109 126

Chi. Bears     6  1 1  .857  92  62 Chi. Cards     2  4 1  .333  40  62

GREEN BAY      6  1 1  .857  90  20 Pottsville     3  7 0  .300  68 139

NY Yankees     7  3 0  .700 131  73 Duluth         1  4 0  .200  74  75

Providence     5  3 1  .625  62  53 Dayton         1  6 1  .143  15  57

Cleveland      4  4 1  .500 105  87 Buffalo        0  5 0  .000   8 123


FRANKFORD 12, Chicago Cards 8


NY GIANTS 28, Chicago Cards 7       CHICAGO BEARS 14, Green Bay 6

Cleveland 22, PROVIDENCE 0          POTTSVILLE 6, Duluth 0

NY Giants      8  1 1  .889 157  13 Frankford      5  7 1  .417 121 134

Chi. Bears     7  1 1  .875 106  68 Pottsville     4  7 0  .364  74 139

GREEN BAY      6  2 1  .750  90  20 Chi. Cards     2  6 1  .250  55 102

NY Yankees     7  3 0  .700 131  73 Duluth         1  5 0  .167  74  81

Providence     5  4 1  .556  62  75 Dayton         1  6 1  .143  15  57

Cleveland      5  4 1  .556 127  87 Buffalo        0  5 0  .000   8 123


Chicago Cards 3, CHICAGO BEARS 0    Cleveland 30, YANKEES 19

Green Bay 17, FRANKFORD 9           POTTSVILLE 6, Providence 0


FRANKFORD 6, Duluth 0


NY GIANTS 13, Chicago Bears 7       Cleveland 32, CHICAGO CARDS 7

PROVIDENCE 14, NY Yankees 7

NY Giants      9  1 1  .900 170  20 Frankford      6  8 1  .429 136 151

GREEN BAY      7  2 1  .778 113  43 Pottsville     5  7 0  .417  80 139

Chi. Bears     7  3 1  .700 113  84 Chi. Cards     3  7 1  .300  65 134


1927 Providence Steam Roller vs. Red Grange's New York Yankees Program

The first New England team to win an NFL championship, the Providence Steam Roller was a part of the "Big League" from 1925-33. Presented here is an extremely scarce program from the Roller's 9-0 victory over Red Grange's New York Yankees on December 3, 1927. Source: Heritage Auctions


1927 New York Giants vs. Providence Steam Roller Program

Extremely scarce original game program represents the New York Giants' 25-0 victory over the Providence Steam Roller on November 8, 1927. Source: Heritage Auctions

Cleveland      7  4 1  .636 189 113 Duluth         1  6 0  .143  74  87

NY Yankees     7  5 0  .583 157 117 Dayton         1  6 1  .143  15  57

Providence     6  5 1  .545  76  88 Buffalo        0  5 0  .000   8 123


FRANKFORD 0, Chicago Bears 0 (T)

CLEVELAND 20, Duluth 0

Providence 9, NY Yankees 0 at Syracuse


NY GIANTS 14, NY Yankees 0

CHICAGO BEARS 9, Frankford 0

PROVIDENCE 20, Pottsville 0

NY Giants     10  1 1  .909 184  20 Frankford      6  9 2  .400 136 160

GREEN BAY      7  2 1  .778 113  43 Pottsville     5  8 0  .385  80 159

Chi. Bears     8  3 2  .727 122  84 Chi. Cards     3  7 1  .300  65 134

Cleveland      8  4 1  .667 209 113 Dayton         1  6 1  .143  15  57

Providence     8  5 1  .615 105  88 Duluth         1  7 0  .125  74 107

NY Yankees     7  7 0  .500 157 140 Buffalo        0  5 0  .000   8 123


FRANKFORD 6, NY Yankees 6 (T)


CHICAGO BEARS 27, Duluth 14         NY Giants 13, NY YANKEES 0

NY Giants     11  1 1  .917 197  20 Frankford      6  9 3  .400 152 166

GREEN BAY      7  2 1  .778 113  43 Pottsville     5  8 0  .385  80 163

Chi. Bears     9  3 2  .750 149  98 Chi. Cards     3  7 1  .300  69 134

Cleveland      8  4 1  .667 209 107 Dayton         1  6 1  .143  15  57

Providence     8  5 1  .615 105  88 Duluth         1  8 0  .111  68 134

NY Yankees     7  8 1  .467 142 174 Buffalo        0  5 0  .000   8 123

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