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The 1927 Green Bay Packers - 7-2-1 (5TH)

Head Coach: Curly Lambeau



11 MILWAUKEE BADGERS                     W 34- 0    1- 0-0      N/A



18 DAYTON TRIANGLES (0-0-0)              W 14- 0     1- 0-0    3,600

25 CLEVELAND BULLDOGS (0-0-0)            W 12- 7     2- 0-0    4,500


2  CHICAGO BEARS (1-0-0)                 L  6- 7     2- 1-0    5,500

9  DULUTH ESKIMOS (0-0-0)                W 20- 0     3- 1-0    4,000

16 CHICAGO CARDINALS (2-1-0)             W 13- 0     4- 1-0    4,500

23 NEW YORK YANKEES (3-1-0)              W 13- 0     5- 1-0   11,000

30 X-at Milwaukee Eagles                 W 22- 7               2,700

DECEMBER (2-1-1)

6  at Chicago Cardinals (2-3-0)          T  6- 6     5- 1-1    3,500

13 DAYTON TRIANGLES (1-5-1)              W  6- 0     6- 1-1    2,500

20 at Chicago Bears (6-1-1)              L  6-14     6- 2-1    6,000

24 at Frankford Yellowjackets (5-7-1)    W 17- 9     7 -2-1    9,000

X - Non-league game


The Packers begin to move up in the NFL standings as they complete an impressive 7-2-1 season. However both losses, which came at the expense of the Chicago Bears, cost them any shot at a Championship.


Football historians generally credit the Green Bay Packers with inventing several aspects common in today’s game. The team is believed to be the first to:

* Implement daily practice (Curly Lambeau, 1920s).

* Innovate the forward pass into the pro game (Lambeau used the play at will at East High School, then after only semester at Notre Dame in 1918 brought Knute Rockne’s “secret weapon” to early NFL).

* Introduce a mascot at pro game (dog named Olive, because he liked to eat Durkee olives, 1919).

* Install a stadium public address system (City Stadium, 1925; local radio shop owner Peter Platten installed speakers powered by six-volt wet-cell batteries; former Packers player Jim Coffeen was team’s first PA announcer).

* Have cheerleaders on sidelines (several games in 1931, from Green Bay East and West high schools. After the 1988 season the decision was made not to reinstate the team's official cheerleaders. While some Packers fans supported the official cheerleaders, many were opposed or indifferent. For several years, the team has used cheering squads from two local schools, St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wis., and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.)

* Use pass patterns (Don Hutson, 1935, ran a deep post to catch first career pass, 83-yard TD vs. Bears, Sept. 22, 1935).

* Charter an airplane to fly to a road game (1940).

* Have “tailgating” fans (some evidence suggests it was introduced at Bellevue Park, 1923-24, but no doubt perfected in new City Stadium’s spacious parking lots, 1957).

(SOURCE: Packer Media Guide)

PLAYER          POS       COLLEGE   G  YRS HT    WT

Myrt Basing       B      Lawrence   3    5 6- 0 200

Marty Bross       B       Gonzaga   2    1 5- 9 170

Tiny Cahoon       T       Gonzaga   8    2 6- 2 235

Boob Darling      C        Beloit   2    1 6- 3 216

Lavvie Dilweg     E     Marquette  10    1 6- 3 202

Red Dunn          B     Marquette  10    1 6- 0 178

Jug Earp          T      Monmouth  10    6 6- 1 235

PLAYER          POS       COLLEGE   G  YRS HT    WT

Rex Enright       B    Notre Dame   9    2 5-11 195

Thomas Hearden    B    Notre Dame   4    1 5- 9 175

Bruce Jones       G       Alabama   9    1 6- 0 165

Eddie Kotal       B      Lawrence  10    3 5-10 165

Curly Lambeau     B    Notre Dame  10    7 6- 0 190

Verne Lewellen    B      Nebraska  10    4 6- 2 181

Frank Mayer     G-T    Notre Dame  10    1 6- 0 215

Dick O'Donnell    E     Minnesota   9    4 5-10 196

PLAYER          POS       COLLEGE   G  YRS HT    WT

Claude Perry      T       Alabama   9    1 6- 1 211

Pid Purdy         B        Beloit   6    2 5-10 175

Roman Rosatti     T      Michigan   6    3 6- 2 210 

Gil Skeate        B       Gonzaga   2    1 5-10 190

Red Smith       G-E    Notre Dame   5    1 5-10 225

George Tuttle     E     Minnesota   1    1 6- 0 178

Whitey Woodin     G      Marquette  7    6 5-11 206

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JAN 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Although the 1927 pro football season is still a long way off, the opening gun will be fired at a meeting of the National league, which will be held in New York City at the Astor hotel February 5 and 6. Official notification of the annual winter parley was received from President Joe Carr of the National league on Monday. The text of the call is as follows:...TEXT OF CALL: "The annual meeting of the NFL will be held at the Astor hotel, New York City, on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 5 and 6. The meeting will be called to order promptly at one o'clock on Feb. 5. Matters of routine nature will come out before the meeting. In addition, the executive committee will consider all claims that have been filed during the past season and you are asked to come prepared with any data you may have to submit to the committee in the event you have a claim filed." President A.B. Turnbull of the Green Bay Football corporation and Capt. Curley Lambeau of the Packers will represent Green Bay at the pro football gathering...LINES BEING LAID: Although the 1926 season was just recently completed, officials of the Football corporation have been quietly laying the lines for several players who will prove valuable additions to the Big Bay Blues of 1927. It is safe to say, however, that a good many of last season's stars, who helped gain fame for Green Bay in the pro football race, will again be back in moleskins when the whistle blows for the opening game early in September. Rules of the NFL prohibit the signing of any college player until his class at school graduates and this regulation alone bars the team managers from making any announcements about players until in June when graduation days roll around. However, nearly all the managers are "feeling" their way with prospective players so that they will be all ready to sign contracts when the "barrier" is lifted...SEVERAL SEEK BERTHS: It is understood that several cities will file applications for franchise rights at the New York meeting. The National league functioned so much more smoothly this past fall than the "opposition" loop and Dame Rumor has it that some of the "outside" teams would like to get in where the going is good. The Philadelphia Yellowjackets will be officially awarded the 1926 championship. Guy Chamberlain's crew breezed home in front of the pack after an exciting finish with the Chicago Bears, Pottsville Maroons, Kansas City Cowboys and Green Bay Packers...NEXT SUMMER'S MEETING: During the confab along Broadway, the Green Bay delegates will probably be given an opportunity to present their plans for the summer meeting of the league, which is to be held in Green Bay. This is a very important session as the schedule is drawn up at this time along with final action on any new clubs that may be taken into the postgraduate gridiron circle. The Packer representatives will make the trip east from Chicago in company with George Halas of the Chicago Bears, Chris O'Brien of the Cardinals, Red Bryan of Milwaukee, Johnnie Dunn of Minneapolis and a number of other midwest pro football moguls.


JAN 26 (New York) - Red Grange and George Wilson, heading two troupes of barnstorming football troubadours, deflated their footballs and packed their sail cloth pants and vari-colored jerseys in the mothballs, after winding up down in Texas, putting the finishing touches on a season of football for revenue only, that fell shot of the spectacular success of a year previous, according to all reports. Grange's advent in the professional game after his last  game as a college star at Illinois was a master stroke which brought customers to the box office by the thousands. But the story was different this year. After C.C. Pyle launched his pro football league to compete with the one headed by silver-haired Joe Carr of Columbus, the bidding for stars became somewhat hectic, all of which tended to increase greatly the overhead. On top of the greater expense the weather was consistently had last season, particularly in the east. Rain kept many spectators at home who otherwise would join the line on the right at the box office.


FEB 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - President A.B. Turnbull of the Green Bay Football corporation and Capt. Curley Lambeau of the Packer left here at midnight for Chicago en route to New York City where they will attend the annual winter meeting of the NFL, which is to be held at the Astor hotel, opening at noon Saturday. The Packers' delegates will be joined in Chicago by George Halas of the Bears, Chris O'Brien of the Cardinals, Red Bryan of the Milwaukee Badgers, John Dunn of the Minneapolis Marines, Dewey Scanlon of the Duluth Eskimos, Doc Andrews of the Kansas City Cowboys and Manager Young of the Hammond Professionals. This contingent will make the trip to Gotham in a body. Routine business is to be transacted at the league meeting and the pennant will be officially awarded to the Philadelphia Yellowjackets. It is expected that several applications for franchises will be discussed and placed in the hands of the executive committee for final action. Green Bay's representatives are expected home again early next week.


FEB 5 (New York) - With representatives of twenty-two clubs in attendance, the annual winter meeting of the NFL opened here at noon today at the Hotel Astor. President Joe Carr, Columbus, O., presided at the conference which will hold over Sunday. Award of the championship honors to the Philadelphia Yellowjackets was the first business on the program. According to the official standing, the next four teams finished in the order named: Chicago Bears, Pottsville Maroons, Kansas City Cowboys and Green Bay Packers. Claims and counterclaims will hold the attention of the executive committee during the afternoon and this evening there will be discussion over applications for franchises in the league. Nothing will be done of the 1927 schedule "making" as the arranging of playing dates won't be taken up until the July meeting which is to be held in Green Bay, Wis.



FEB 7 (New York) - Officials of the NFL Sunday tentatively approved plans to divide the teams in the league into two divisions. Final action will be taken at a meeting in April, President Joseph F. Carr announced. The teams in the tentative class "A" division of the league are New York, Chicago Bears, Chicago Cardinals, Detroit, Kansas City, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Pottsville, Brooklyn, Providence, Los Angeles, Duluth and Green Bay. The class "B" teams are Akron, Dayton, Columbus, Canton, Louisville, Racine, Minneapolis, Hartford, and Hammond...CARR IS RE-ELECTED: President Carr and other officials were re-elected. The Pottsville (Pa.) club, which had been on probation a year and fined $2,500 for violating the territorial rights of the Philadelphia club, was restored to good standing by vote of the club owners, President Carr announced. The league also officially awarded the 1926 pennant to the Frankford Yellowjackets of Philadelphia and authorized an appropriation for suitable team and individual player trophies for the champions.


FEB 7 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Football fans of Green Bay were greatly pleased with the news from the New York meeting of the NFL that the Packers have been assigned to compete in the Class A division of the league. Of course, nothing else could have been fair because the Badger state champions have long been among the leaders on the postgraduate eleven. President A.B. Turnbull of the Green Bay Football corporation and Captain Curley Lambeau of the Packers, who attended the meeting in New York, are expected home Tuesday and then some more details of the National league confab will be available for publication.


FEB 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The best brand of professional football ever played will be on tap in the Class A division of the NFL this fall, according to President A.B. Turnbull of the Green Bay Football corporation, who, accompanied by Capt. Curley Lambeau of the Packers, represented the Bay at the annual winter meeting, which was held in New York. "The Packers were rightfully placed among the best elevens in the country," said Mr. Turnbull in discussing the football meeting, "and in order to keep Green Bay in the select class, we must have a team this fall that is the best in the Packer history."..."KEENER THAN EVER": "Competition is going to be keener than ever before. Through the division of the league, which is just about settled, the so-called 'weak sisters' have been placed in Class B. This means that every club of the major division can be considered a topnotcher. It is quite a load for a city the size of Green Bay to carry and several times I was asked the meeting how we do it. Green Bay is the smallest city in the A division. We will have to compete against teams representing Chicago, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Providence, Kansas City, Duluth, Los Angeles and other larger communities. Each year since I have been connected with the Football association the load has grown heavier but this year it is the biggest increase of all. It means that the Packers of 1927 will have to be the greatest eleven that ever wore the Gold and Blue. And it also means that the football followers of Green Bay and vicinity will have to support the Packers by an increased gate attendance in order to make ends meet from a financial point of view."...FOURTEEN CLASS A TEAMS: "There will be fourteen teams in the Class A division according to present plans and, as far as it is possible, each club will play around the circuit. This will give the topnotch team a clear cut claim to the championship. Under the new arrangement, the best football attractions in the country will visit Green Bay. It is very likely that our home games this fall will include the New York Giants, Philadelphia Yellowjackets, Chicago Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Milwaukee and several other of the 'big' teams. It is going to cost a lot of money to bring these teams to Green Bay but I am in hopes that increased gate receipts will help foot the bill."...WILL HOLD MEETING: The Football corporation president said that in the near future a meeting of the local organization would be held. Football fans will be asked to attend and the entire program discussed. Ways and means of clearing the financial hurdle of Class A league football will be taken up at the conference and, if the necessary support is promised. the corporation would go ahead with its plans to give Green Bay its greatest season of football. According to Mr. Turnbull, the division of the league caused a lengthy dispute at the meeting and it was only after many hours of argument that plans were devised to split the National league into A and B divisions. "The first plan suggested," Mr. Turnbull said, "was to divide the clubs on a geographical basis but many evils to this suggestion were pointed out and it was sidetracked. Then the major and minor proposal was taken up. In other words, cities with the largest population were to be grouped in one wheel and the smaller cities in another. Pottsville and Green Bay led the attack against this scheme and some of the bigger cities, including Chicago, Philadelphia and New York, helped us out. Finally, the Class A and B program was introduced and it carried but not without plenty of argument. The fourteen best pro football cities were named by a committee appointed by President Carr. I can say that Green Bay was one of the first 'best' pro football cities to be selected by the committee."...ELIMINATE WEAKER SISTERS: "As a matter of fact, the National league, by dividing into two divisions, is just eliminating the cities who are wobbly on pro football. It is very likely that a number of the B division class will form a league of their own. At least that was the talk during the closing stages of the meeting. Akron, Dayton, Columbus, Canton and Louisville would be the nucleus for this circuit. Final action on the division of the league will be taken at a meeting in April. This special session was called so as to give any of the teams placed in the B division a chance to talk things over in their respective cities and, if possible, bring to the league officials any new guarantees of improved financial support or increased patronage. However, it was the report of the committee that the A division be limited to only fourteen teams."...MEET HERE IN JULY: The schedule meeting of the National league will be held here in July as originally planned. According to Mr. Turnbull, many of the eastern football moguls from the east who have never visited Green Bay are looking forward to the July session. As yet President Joe Carr has set no definite date for the confab but it will probably be held July 29 and 30. The Packer representatives, of course, could not close for any games at the meeting but feelers were sent out and a more extensive eastern trip is contemplated. Aside from playing Philadelphia, the Big Bay Blues will probably exhibit their football wares in New York and Providence. Of course, this jaunt will come during the closing weeks of the season. As usual the Packers will play home and home games with the Milwaukee Badgers, Chicago Bears and Cardinals. It is quite likely that both the Philadelphia Yellowjackets and New York Giants may do their preliminary training in Wisconsin this fall. Due to the fact that the major league baseball season lasts longer this year, neither of these clubs will be able to get underway on their home grounds until October and they welcomed the chance to tour early...JACKETS RELEASE CHAMBERLIN: It was announced at the football meeting that the Philadelphia club had released Coach Guy Chamberlin. According to rumors, Chamberlin may very likely hitch up with Chris O'Brien of the Cardinals. O'Brien is determined to put in a winner again on the Chicago south side and he figured that Chamberlin could pull the trick. Although the Football corporation is not in a position to make any announcements about players, it is known that negotiations with several are underway. Letters have been sent to a number of college stars, who graduate in June, in hopes of interesting them in Green Bay. The management intends to follow up every possible lead so that when the first of September rolls around, the Packers will have the "makings" of a team that will be able to hold its own in the Class A division of professional football.


APR 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A meeting of the NFL will be held in Cleveland at the Statler hotel over the weekend for the purpose of taking final action on the proposed division of the circuit into A and B classes. The call for the meeting, which was received here Monday from President Joe Carr, is as follows: "The adjourned annual meeting of the NFL will be held at the Statler hotel, Cleveland, Ohio, on Saturday and Sunday, April 23 and 24, 1927. The meeting will be called to order at 2 p.m. on Saturday. As you are aware, this meeting is for the purpose of taking final action on any plans that will be proposed for the reorganization of the league and we would suggest that you come to discuss this proposition from every angle." At the meeting in New York last January, it was practically decided to divide the circuit into two groups and Green Bay was assigned to a place in the Class A division along with Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Providence, Pottsville and some of the other leading professional cities. President A.B. Turnbull of the Green Bay Football corporation and Capt. Curley Lambeau of the Packers, as usual, represent Green Bay at the gridiron confab. A meeting of the Green Bay Football corporation board of directors together with a number of prominent football fans will be held at The Press-Gazette, Wednesday evening, at 7 o'clock. At this time particular plans for the 1927 season will be discussed. All of the directors are urged to be on hand promptly.





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