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The 1922 Green Bay Packers - 4-3-3 (7TH)

Head Coach: Curly Lambeau



24 at Duluth Kelleys                    L  2- 6   0- 1-0     N/A


OCTOBER (0-3-2)

1  at Rock Island Independents (0-0-0)  L 14-19   0- 1-0   3,500

8  RACINE LEGION (0-1-0)                L  6-10   0- 2-0   3,603

15 at Chicago Cardinals (1-0-0)         L  3-16   0- 3-0   3,500

22 at Milwaukee Badgers (1-1-1)         T  0- 0   0- 3-1   6,000

29 ROCK ISLAND INDEPENDENTS (3-1-0)     T  0- 0   0- 3-2   8,000

NOVEMBER (3-0-1)

5  COLUMBUS PANHANDLES (0-4-0)           W  3- 0   1- 3-2   2,000

12 MINNEAPOLIS MARINES (1-2-0)           W 14- 6   2- 3-2   2,000

19 at Racine Legion (4-3-0)              T  3- 3   2- 3-3   3,000

26 MILWAUKEE BADGERS (2-1-3)             W 13- 0   3- 3-3     N/A

30 X-DULUTH KELLEYS                      W 10- 0            2,000


3  Y-vs Racine Legion (6-3-1)            W 14- 0   4- 3-3   4,500

X-Non-League Game Y-at Milwaukee


In a year to forget, the Packers were disciplined for using college players under assumed names, resulting in the franchise being turned back to league on January 28. Curly Lambeau promised to obey the rules, used $50 of own money to buy back franchise for $250. As the season progressed, bad weather and low attendance plagued the Packers, resulting in local merchants raising $2,500 and a public non-profit corporation being set up under direction of A.B. Turnbull. Lambeau would remain as general manager and head coach.



Curly Lambeau used some college players in a non-league contest in Milwaukee against the Racine Legion in early December 1921 that was billed as the Wisconsin State Championship game. A Chicago sportswriter found out about it and blew the whistle on the Packers. Incensed by this infraction of the rules, the NFL moguls demanded the forfeiture of the Green Bay franchise, and the Clairs complied. Now the truth. Lambeau used college players all right, but it was in Green Bay's game against the Decatur Staleys. George Halas's collegiate ringers spotted Lambeau's collegiate ringers, and Halas told the Chicago newspapers about it. The NFL demanded the forfeiture of the franchise, and the Clairs complied. Why is the latter story true? Lets go back to 1921 and find out. Most sportswriters, those in Chicago in particular, were opposed to professional football. Only those in small towns, such as Green Bay, bothered to attend games and write about the local team. When the big city scribes wrote about the pro game, they did so as a way of degrading the pros. The alleged game was held in Milwaukee. Why would a Chicago sportswriter be in the Cream City covering a game that didn't have a Chicago team in it? Why would a Chicago sportswriter care about a game in Milwaukee between two small town teams such as Green Bay and Racine? Why would the NFL care about the Packers using college players in a non-league game, especially since the circuit's rules didn't forbid such use of college players? One of the players used by Lambeau was Notre Dame's Heartley "Hunk" Anderson, a former teammate of Lambeau's and a native of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. George Halas coveted Anderson's services, and if Green Bay was in the league, Anderson would more than likely sign with Green Bay to play in '22. Therefore, Green Bay had to be removed from the NFL. Halas blew the whistle to the Chicago press, and the NFL gave in to their pressure to get rid of Green Bay from the loop. More legend: Lambeau's friend Don Murphy sold his car to loan Curly the money to buy back the franchise that the Clairs had forfeited. The truth: Curly Lambeau so loved football and he wanted so badly to play in the NFL that he went to the league meeting in January of '22 to apply for a new franchise for Green Bay. He didn't get it. Leastways, not at that meeting. For months, the league officials put off a final decision on his request. When they did make a decision, they told Curly that he could have his franchise if he could raise $1,000 as security against folding. Lambeau succeeded in raising the money by forming a corporation whose principal owner was Nathan Abrams. Some historians have chosen June 24, 1922 as the birthday of the Green Bay Packers because that was the day Lambeau was awarded a franchise in the NFL and that franchise has continued without interruption to the present. They have a sound argument, too.  (Excerpts from Green Bay Packers Facts and Trivia Copyright 1994 by Larry D. Names) - THE TAYLORVILLE SCANDAL (Pro Football Researchers Association)

PLAYER          POS        COLLEGE  G YR HT    WT

Cub Buck          T     Wisconsin  10  2 6- 3 250

Tommy Cronin      B     Marquette   -  1 5- 8 170

Pahl Davis        G     Marquette   -  1 6- 1 185

Merton Dunnigan   E     Minnesota   2  1 5-11 210

Jug Earp          T      Monmouth   7  1 6- 1 235

Allen Faye        E     Marquette   1  1 6- 1 205

Gus Gardella      B          None   7  1 5-10 185

Moose Gardner     G     Wisconsin   9  1 6- 2 224

*-Eddie Glick     B     Marquette   -  1 5-11 165

Dave Hayes        E    Notre Dame   7  3 5-11 165

PLAYER          POS        COLLEGE  G YR HT    WT 

Lynn Howard       B       Indiana   8  2 5-11 210

Curly Lambeau     B    Notre Dame   8  2 6- 0 190

Dutch Lauer       B       Detroit   2  1 5-11 184

Dewey Lyle        G     Minnesota   2  1 6- 0 202

Charlie Mathys   QB       Indiana  10  1 5- 8 165

Stan Mills        B    Penn State   8  1 5-11 190

Jab Murray        T      Marquette  3  2 6- 3 250

Peaches Nadolney  T     Notre Dame  8  1 5-11 230

Walter Niemann    C       Michigan  8  1 6- 0 170

PLAYER          POS       COLLEGE   G YR HT    WT

Ralph Owens       G       Lawrence  3  1 6- 0 210

Pete Regnier      B      Minnesota  5  1 5-11 170

Joe Secord        C           None  2  1 6- 1 190

Rex Smith         E      La Crosse  2  1 6- 1 200

Claude Taugher    B      Marquette  2  1 5-10 185

Eddie Usher       B       Michigan  5  1 6- 0 195

Lyle Wheeler      E          Ripon  8  2 6- 0 190

Whitey Woodin     G      Marquette  6  1 5-11 206

*-Carl Zoll       G     No College  1  1 5-11 240

*- Did play in non-league games in 1921

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JAN 10 (Canton-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Plans for the 1922 professional football season will be discussed here on January 28 at the annual meeting of the American Professional Football association comprising of teams in 18 cities in New Haven, Conn., to Green Bay, Wis., and Minneapolis. The meeting will arrange schedules...It is probably that at this conference the league executives will investigate the charges filed against the Green Bay Packers by some of the sport scribes in Chicago. President Joe Carr recently was in the Windy City and probed into the claims made by the Tribune writer. It is known that he interviewed Larsen, Anderson and Garvey, Notre Dame stars, who were ousted from collegiate athletics for alleged participation with a professional football team. Emmet Clair, who holds the Green Bay franchise, is now living in Chicago, having severed his connections with the Acme plant here will attend the conference of the professional footballers.


JAN 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Badger football fans are wondering what is going to happen to the Green Bay Packers when the professional gridiron moguls get together for their annual conference in Canton, O., January 28. Charges have been filed against the Packers by Chicago sport writers who claim that the Green Bay team made use of college players during the past fall, which resulted in Garvey, Anderson and Larson being ousted from Notre Dame. We have a hunch that the alleged scandal will blow over without any fireworks.


JAN 23 (Canton-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The annual meeting of the American Professional Football association will be held here on Saturday. Representatives of teams from New Haven, Conn., in the east to Green Bay, Wis., and Minneapolis in the west will be in attendance. Last year the organization was composed of eighteen squads and all indications point to the circuit being enlarged. President Joe Carr has received applications from over a dozen elevens and their admittance will be discussed at the meeting. The alleged violations of the eligibility rules, concerning the use of college players, under assumed names by teams in the league, will be investigated by the board of directors. Chicago sport writers have charged that the Green Bay Packers made use of Notre Dame players during the past season...MAY BE REPSENTED: Although the football season is still far in the distance, some of the pigskin backers are beginning to get their noses to the ground. The situation here is a bit uncertain and some of the fans deem it best to ​step out for themselves and organize a football association. Emmett Clair, who held the franchise in 1921, has severed his connections with the Acme Packing plant and is now living in Chicago. It is thought doubtful that he will come back here and put a team in the field. It has been reported that he will have a team in the Windy City...ALL WANT TEAM: Captain Lambeau of the Packers has been conversing with businessmen here and they are unanimous in their opinion that Green Bay should be represented in the league if not by the Packers then some other team. Several conferences are planned for this week and it is quite likely that a representative from 


January 9th 1922

Green Bay will attend the league meeting in Canton Saturday night.



JAN 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Captain Curley Lambeau of the 1921 Packers football team, accompanied by Donald Murphy, left Friday at noon for Canton, O., to attend the Professional Football league meeting. The Green Bay representatives are prepared for any emergency and if it is possible they intend to keep the Bay in the pro league at any cost. The football situation here is a bit muddled due to the fact that Emmett Claire, who held the franchise last year, is now living in Chicago and it has been reported that he wanted to transfer the Green Bay franchise from this city to Chicago. Thanks to the support of some of the football fans here, Lambeau is in a position to lay his cards on the table and show the pro league magnates that Green Bay is ready to fight for its franchise.


JAN 28 (Canton-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Professional football moguls from all parts of the country are gathered here today to attend the session of the Professional Football league. Close to thirty teams are represented and the delegates come all the way from New Haven, Conn., on the east, to Minneapolis, Minn., and Green Bay, Wis., on the west. President Joseph Carr will preside at the meeting tonight which will be held at the Canton A.C. Many matters of importance to the pro gridders will be ironed out at the conference. The 1922 schedule will be partly mapped. The main home and traveling dates of each organization will be agreed upon...MANY SEEK BERTHS: Applications for franchises will be taken under consideration. Close to a dozen newcomers want berths in the gridiron wheel. Dame Rumor has it that there will be a shakeup in the officers as some of the teams are reported not satisfied with rulings during the past fall. The college player angle is another main issue. It is said that several of the pro teams made use of college players. This charge has been filed against the Green Bay Packers but when the offense was alleged to have been committed the Wisconsin champions were playing against a team not a member of the professional league. The rules govern only games played in the professional league. Representatives from Green Bay are in attendance and they are going to demand a showdown on the charges. It is possible that the Green Bay franchise may change at tonight's meeting.



JAN 30 (Canton-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Magnates of the American Professional Football association in session here on Saturday ousted the Green Bay (Wis.) Packers club from membership, because the Packers last fall used players still in college, thereby violating the rules of the association. George Halas, with the Decatur Staleys last fall, was granted a franchise for the Chicago Bears, to operate at Cubs park. The assembly included representatives of sixteen cities - Rochester, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Canton, Akron, Columbus, Dayton, Chicago, Louisville, Rock Island, Minneapolis, Decatur, Racine, Milwaukee and Green Bay. Chicago was represented by both the Cardinals and the Bears. A rule was adopted providing for a deposit of $1,000 by each club to guarantee observation of the league clause prohibiting the use of players in college. No agreement was reached on a salary limit but it was decided to limit each squad to 18 players...The franchise of the Green Bay football club in the American Football league was surrendered by J.E. Claire at a meeting of the gridiron moguls here on Saturday. After Claire turned in the Green Bay franchise to league officials, Earl Lambeau, who captained the Packer team in 1921, made application for the berth in the gridiron circuit in behalf of the Green Bay Football club. Don Murphy of Green Bay also attended the meeting. Following an executive meeting of the league officials, it was announced that Lambeau's application was held up pending further consideration. Later one of the officials stated that it was  more than probable that Green Bay would continue to hold a berth in the league...PRAISE FOR GREEN BAY: During the discussion of the Green Bay franchise, the Wisconsin city was called one of the best football towns in the middle west. Managers Flanagan of Rock Island and Dunn of the Minneapolis Marines lauded highly the treatment given their teams while in Green Bay and also stated that the Green Bay gridiron was one of the best in the country. Chris O' Brien, manager of the Chicago Cardinals, also came to the defense of Green Bay, saying that the 1921 team was one of the best in the country and the support given to the Green Bay squads by the fans of Wisconsin was wonderful...SUPPORT WAS WONDERFUL: Bill Harley, assistant manager of Decatur Staleys went O' Brien a bit better in speaking of Green Bay. He said that when Green Bay faced the Staleys in Chicago on the Sunday after Thanksgiving day, 600 fans from the Badger city followed the team to Chicago and that he had never seen such a display of spirit at a professional football game. "That Green Bay crowd even got Chicago talking about 'em," said Harley. "And take it from me that is going some." The magnates went on record against playing of college stars, and a team's franchise will be forfeited if collegiate players are made use of. The executive board was empowered to draft a statement outlining the aim of the professional football league in answer to the numerous charges that have been made by college coaches. Scheduled were discussed by the managers and some games arranged although final exchange of contracts won't be made until after a meeting in Chicago late in August. Applications from a number of teams for admission into the league were placed before the gridiron moguls. Final action on the new members will rest with the board officers and an announcement will be made within the next sixty days.



JAN 30 (Racine) - George (Babe) Ruetz returned from Canton, Ohio, this morning, with the announcement that the Racine American Legion football team's application for admission into the American Professional Football association had been received and that he was advised by President Carr that it would be accepted at the next meeting of the organization. This means that the local team will be in the best pro organization in the country. Babe, who is manager of the team which cut a swath in state football circles last year, is naturally elated over the success of his mission. He also brought back information that the Green Bay Packers were ousted from the association for violating an association ruling by hiring college man to play against the Racine team in a post-season game. Several college players were on the Packers' team which played the locals to a wonderful tie. Mr. Ruetz is, of course, sorry that the Acme Packers have lost out, but says they were pretty "uppish" towards the Legion a year ago just because they were members of this classy organization and that now the tables will be turned. It was decided at this meeting, which was attended by managers of teams from coast to coast, to change the name to the National Football association and to have eastern and western divisions. This will save the teams a lot of traveling expenses and the best team in the western division will have a chance to play the best team in the eastern division for the national championship at the end of the season. A big pro title game of this kind would be one of the finest drawing cards in the country and would probably be staged in some college bowl. Babe says there were representatives at the meet from Rochester, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Canton, Akron, Columbus, Dayton, Chicago, Louisville, Rock Island, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Milwaukee and Racine. Chicago was represented by both the Cardinals and the Bears. Milwaukee is going to try to get a membership in the league and have a pickup team play at Athletic park. It was decided to have all members of the association put up a forfeit of $1,000 to insure the observation of the rule which cost Green Bay its franchise. The professional association is doing this to protect the college game and keep its standing with the fans. Mr. Ruetz says the meeting at Canton opened at 2:30 p.m. and continued until 11:30 p.m. He spent Sunday in Cleveland and reports having enjoyed himself. With men like Babe Ruetz and L.A. McDowell, recently named Legion athletic officers, at the helm, the new Racine Legion team is bound to be a success from the jump off. Contracts are already being signed with fast men and Gillo will again be under contract to guide the team. It looks as if Racine football fans, and their name is legion, will have some rare sport next fall.


JAN 31 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The professional football magnates put the skids under the Packer franchise in jig time at the meeting in Canton on account of using a trio of Notre Dame stars last fall. Rules are made to kept, not broken. That is all.


FEB 1 (Milwaukee) - One amusing angle in all the disclosures regarding professionalism among the members of the Notre Dame team last fall is the fact that Johnny Mohardt's participation in the game at Milwaukee between Green Bay Packers and the Racine American Legion professional teams was completely overlooked. Mohardt had played in Milwaukee on the Notre Dame team against Marquette November 19, and what was well known to hundreds of fans here. In the professional game mentioned he played with the Racine team, under his own name and the fact that he was to play was advertised in advance, though a faint effort was made to conceal his identity at first, until it became evident that he was be with the Legion eleven. As the game was played, he was the star of the outfit and his clever work was featured in the news stories of the 3-3 battle for the state professional title. The Notre Dame men playing with the Packers were "covered up" by assumed names. Mohardt alone was known to all the fans present, yet, to date he has apparently escaped notice on this game, notwithstanding the fact that, according to Notre Dame advices, representatives of the Notre Dame athletic board were sent to Milwaukee to make an investigation, as a result of which three men who played with the Packers were dropped....There is one other aspect of the present furor that is also refreshing. It is the disposition of certain coaches to assume that the wrong is all with the promoter, who seduces the college stars of otherwise flawless ideals into playing for money on their teams. Two or three days after the Marquette-Notre Dame game last fall, the coach and manager of a local team which was being talked of as a possible opponent for the Packers on Thanksgiving day was called up on the telephone by a local athlete, also claimed to be acting with authority, and was asked if he would be interested in a proposition to get four Notre Dame stars for that game, if it was played. The local man stated that he was authorized to make arrangements and that he could get Mohardt, Kiley, Anderson and another player,"on a very reasonable financial basis." Of course, the athletes involved might deny any connection with this offer, but a few days after this a local sport promoter showed his friends, including members of the Journal sport staff, a telegram which purported to be from Mohardt - it at any rate has his name at the end - in which he stated that he would play in Milwaukee on a certain date, with a certain team "for $100 and expenses". Evidently, this matter of professionalism among college athletics is like most other infractions of rules and laws, largely a matter of the individuals.


FEB 3 (Green Bay) - A statement issued today by G.W. Calhoun, former publicity man for the Packer professional team, said: "Officials of the Green Bay Packers state positively that Johnny Mohardt never played with the local pro eleven. It is a well known fact among football fans who attended the Racine-Packer game in Milwaukee December 4, that Mohardt played with Racine. A Racine paper ran a cut of Mohardt with the story about him being an 'ace" in the college football world."


FEB 4 (Racine Journal News) - The fact that Johnny Mohardt, Notre Dame grid star, has 'fessed up that he played with the Racine American Legion team in their historic contest with the Green Bay Packers at Milwaukee on December 4 last is no reflection upon the management of the local team. Mohardt was brought here and paid his price to take part in a professional game because he was through with the college game as he graduates in June. Babe Ruetz, manager of the Legion team, knew that Green Bay was going to be loaded for bear and so he provided some bear meat. Mohardt showed his good sportsmanship by making his confession as no inkling of his having played with the Racine team sends to have filtered into Notre Dame ears although Johnny was given some lengthy writeups in both the Racine papers as well as the Milwaukee papers. Johnny played under his own name not thinking it necessary to operate under a nom de plume as did the colleagues who bolstered the Packers' line. The Racine Legion football team played its first season last year and made a record of which it can be justly proud. No college men who have not graduated played upon the team until the post-season game and then only one outsider was secured and he was a man who was through with the collegiate grid game. It is possible that Mohardt will sign up as a Legion regular next season and he was most favorably impressed by the regulars who played with him in the Green Bay-Legion game.


FEB 10 (Shawano) - A message received here this morning announced the death of Mrs. Howard, wife of Tub Howard, noted football player of Mondovi, Wis. She was a sister of Dr. Terlinden, Bonduel, and was married about a year ago.


FEB 16 (Milwaukee) - Milwaukee will break into the professional pigskin ranks next fall with an all-star eleven headed by Jim Thorpe, the greatest player in the history of the game. Negotiations for a franchise in the Professional Football league, which includes the greatest pro elevens in the country, were completed on Wednesday when Joe Plunkett and Ambrose McGurk, of Chicago, closed a contract with Otto Borchert for the use of Athletic park. At least twelve games will be played in Milwaukee and such famous aggregations as the Canton Bulldogs, the Columbus Panhandlers and Philadelphia Quakers will be brought here to battle with Thorpe's eleven. At least fourteen teams will compose the pro circuit, the league members to be selected from the following which have applied for franchises: Philadelphia Quakers, Buffalo All-Americans, Canton Bulldogs, Akron, O., Indians, Cleveland Pros, Rock Island Independents, Detroit Tigers, Chicago Bears, Chicago Cardinals, Louisville Brecks, Hammond Pros, Evansville Pros, Minneapolis Marines, Columbus Panhandlers, Dayton Triangles, Racine Legions and Green Bay Packers. According to Messrs. Plunkett and McGurk, who managed the Morris Supremes of Chicago last season. Thorpe has already lined up a great galaxy of stars to represent Milwaukee, including Al Nesser, of Akron, O.; Ed. S. Conley, of Valparaiso U.; Bud Lane, Northwestern; Dunk Annen, Brown; Larsen, Notre Dame; Paul Czarnicki, Notre Dame; Clyde Zoia, Notre Dame; Gil Falcon, Wabash; Joe Hanke, Minnesota; George Risley, Indiana; Hi West, Colgate; Knight, Great Lakes; Fritz Pollard, Brown, and Pucilek, Nebraska. Thorpe will also endeavor to sign up several Milwaukee boys, who were grid stars in their college days.



APR 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Although the football season is still some months in the distance, the gridiron followers are wondering "what's what" in the pigskin situation here. To date, the outlook is a bit clouded but it is certainty that the Bay will be represented by a big time football machine. Within the next three weeks, the Clare brothers are expected to make known their decision whether or not they will again assume charge of the franchise in the city. If last year's backers deem it best to withdraw from the promotion field, there is no doubt but that other interests will step to the front and take over the team...ACTION BEFORE LONG: Some action will have to be taken before long as some of the stars of the 1921 machine have received offers to play elsewhere next fall. It is known positively that the services of Cub Buck, Curley Lambeau and Jab Murray are wanted by other professional football organizations. Green Bay's status with the American Football league is just the same as at the famous Canton meeting when the Packer franchise was ordered surrendered by the league officials for alleged violations of the eligibility rules. It was charged that the Packers made use of college players...APPLICATION WAS MADE: However, at that meeting, the application of the Green Bay Football association for membership in the league was presented by Curley Lambeau and President Joe Carr, together with the other magnates as they figured Green Bay too valuable a football center to be left out in the cold. Carr promised action on the franchise application before June 1 and unless some strings have been pulled of late, the local football backers feel certain that Green Bay will again be given membership in the professional pigskin chasing circuit.



JUN 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Green Bay football fans are beginning to wonder if President Joe Carr of the American Football league has forgot all about his promise to take action on the Bay franchise in the pro wheel by June 1. A yet nothing has been heard from Carr, who headquarters in Columbus, O., and telegrams sent to him brought the reply that he was on an auto tour and wouldn't return home for another ten days. When the football magnates met in Canton, O., January 25, President Carr and other league officials pledged themselves to give Green Bay definite answer on its franchise application no later than June. This step followed the action of the managers in calling in the Packer franchise, which was held by the Claire brothers, for violating the league by playing college stars in the Green Bay team's lineup. At the conference, President Carr hinted that favorable action would be taken on the petition of the Green Bay representatives, Earl Lambeau and Don Murphy...JUST DRIFTING ALONG: Since that time nothing has been heard from the Pro league officials and things have been sort of drifting here. The Claire brothers are now located in Chicago and it is not considered likely that they will return here this fall. The football season is only three months away, and according to Captain Lambeau something has got to be done before long. "If we don't lay a foundation here," said the old Packer star, "we will be out of luck in getting together a team which will enable the Bay to keep its prominent place on the football map."...PLAYERS GET OFFERS: It is known that several of the Packer stars have received offers from other teams but they are holding back waiting to finds out what's doing in Green Bay. Of course, nearly everything hinges on the decision of President Carr of the league and until he is heard from no definite steps can be taken.


JUN 7 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The football bee is beginning to buzz around in Marinette and already the pigskin chasers are making plans to place a strong team on the professional gridiron. According to rumors from the Northern towns, Buff Wagner and Sammy Powers, who played with the Green Bay Packers for the past two years, have signed with the Twins. Efforts are being made to land Jab Murray, but the big fellow is waiting to see how the football situation at the Bay clears up before doing anything.


JUN 16 (Columbus) - President Joe Carr of the American Football league has called a meeting of his organization to be held in Cleveland, O., on June 24 and 25. This conference was originally scheduled to this weekend but was set back a week on the request of several of the managers. The principal business of the meeting will be action on the award of franchises, according to President Carr. Included in the list of cities desiring berth are three from Wisconsin, Racine, Milwaukee and Green Bay. The Green Bay Packers were in the league last season but were ousted at the January meeting by the board of managers for alleged violations of the rules. It was charged that the Packer team made use of Notre Dame players in league games. According to President Carr, a new organization is being formed at Green Bay to take over football and the Claire brothers who had the franchise last season are in no way connected.


JUN 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Captain Curley Lambeau of the 1921 Packer football team left this afternoon for Cleveland where he will attend the meeting of the American Football league which will be in session on Saturday and Sunday. Lambeau will attempt to get favorable action on the Green Bay application for a franchise in the professional gridiron wheel. President Joe Carr of the pro league, Manager Dunn of the Minneapolis Marines and Manager Chris O' Brien of the Chicago Cardinals, it is said, will support the application of Green Bay in the executive session. Representatives from Racine and Milwaukee are also expected to attend the confab in an attempt to get  berths in the wheel. The business meetings will be held at the Hollenden hotel in Cleveland.


JUN 24 (Cleveland) - The annual summer session of the American Football league opened here at noon today in the Hollenden hotel with President Joe Carr of Columbus presiding at the meeting. Professional football magnates from about 25 cities were registers, among those being Earl Lambeau of Green Bay, Wis. Many important matters are up for discussion at the gathering. A new constitution, drafted by President Carr, will be acted upon and franchises for the coming fall will be given out. One famous team, the Staleys, is missing from the meeting as the Decatur Starchmakers have dropped out of professional athletics. George Halas, who managed the Staleys last season, is endeavoring to secure a berth for his Chicago Bears in the league. This team will be composed mainly for former Staley players and their games will be scheduled at Cub park, Chicago...GREEN BAY SEEKS FRANCHISE: The application of Green Bay, Wis., for a franchise in the league, is causing much discussion among the pro magnates. The Packer team of Green Bay was ousted from the league at the January meeting for alleged violation of the eligibility rules. However, Lambeau, the Green Bay representative, in presenting his plea at the meeting, stated that there has been a complete housecleaning in the football situation at his city and that Green Bay was willing to obey to the letter every regulation laid down by the league...GIVEN MUCH PROMINENCE: Much prominence was given to the ousting of the Packers last fall and for a time, the Green Bay eleven was one of the most talked of teams in the country. The Wisconsin city is considered one of the best football towns in the middle west and the patronage was all that could be desired at the games. It is the prevailing opinion here that if the Green Bay club pledges itself to obey the rules, it will again be restored in good standing in the professional football circuit. Two other Wisconsin cities, Racine and Milwaukee, are seeking berths in the wheel. The meeting of the magnates will continue until Sunday night.


JUN 26 (Cleveland) - Three Wisconsin cities, Green Bay, Racine and Milwaukee, were awarded franchises in the Professional Football league during the executive session of the managers which was held here over the weekend. President Joe Carr of Columbus presided at the conference. The new constitution was adopted and the organization went on record as absolutely opposed to any of its teams tampering with players now in college. The managers agreed that a violation of this ruling will result in the immediate loss of the franchise...BACK IN GOOD GRACE: One of the features of the meeting was the restoration to good grace of Green Bay in the organization. The Green Bay club was ousted at the January meeting for playing college players in league games. Earl Lambeau, who represented the Badger city at the conference, laid his cards on the table and told the managers that his city was anxious to return to the league and he pledged his word that his team would live up to every regulation. His appeal was placed in the hands of a special committee, composed of the board of officers, and they reported in favor of granting the franchise. Their recommendation was unanimously passed by the managers, who were loud in praise of Green Bay, several of them calling the city the best football town for it size in the country....GREEN BAY IN DEMAND: Lambeau, the Green Bay representative, was flooded with demands for games. The publicity given the Packers last fall has made them a good drawing card and nearly every team in the league was anxious to boost them. It is said that Lambeau completed negotiations for games with Rock Island, Milwaukee, Racine, Minneapolis Marines and Joe Carr's Columbus All-Stars. He also has contests hanging fire with the Chicago Cardinals, Canton Bulldogs and Buffalo. The pro league will open its 1922 season on September 30. Membership in the organization has been limited to the sixteen best football clubs in the country.


JUN 26 (Cleveland) - College players will have little chance of breaking into a football game over which the National Football association has jurisdiction. At their two day conference which adjourned here yesterday, representatives of professional football teams changed the name of the organization and voted several important changes in the constitution. One of these provides a fine of $500 for engaging a player still at college. A second offense will bring expulsion while a player entering a game under a false name will be barred from the league. Each club must post a forfeit of $1,000 to observe the rules. Contracts with players will be similar to those of professional baseball players, including the reserve clause. Teams from Marion, O., Milwaukee, Racine and Green Bay were admitted to membership, the Green Bay team is under a new management, the club which held last year's franchise being expelled for violation of player rules. 



JUN 29 (Racine) - Hank Gillo will again captain the American Legion football team which has been recently granted a franchise in the National Football association. Gillo led the eleven last year and starred throughout the season. It was Gillo's dropkick in the last two minutes of play which enabled Racine to tie the Packers 3 to 3 in the state championship game at Milwaukee last December. The Legion management plans to put an all star squad on the gridiron this fall. Negotiations are underway with several players of national reputation to play in this city. Efforts were made to secure Cub Buck who starred last season for the Packers but the former Wisconsin player is on Green Bay's reserve list and will probably again be seen in action with Lambeau's eleven.


JUN 29 (Milwaukee) - Backers of the Milwaukee club in the NFL have closed with Otto Borchert for the use of Athletic park during the football season. As yet the outlook for the Milwaukee team is a bit cloudy but those behind the club have promised a good team. An attempt was made to sign up Jim Thorpe, famous Indian star, to coach and captain the team but it was made known at the meeting in Cleveland last week that the Redskin would head to the New York nationals, a pro team to play at the Polo grounds in Gotham.


JUN 29 (Chicago) - Chris O' Brien, manager of the Chicago Cardinals, has signed Johnny Mohardt for his football team. The former Notre Dame star will carry the brunt of the backfield work as it is reported that Paddy Driscoll, who has long been the Cardinals' mainstay, has broken with Manager O' Brien and will probably be seen in action with George Halas' Chicago Bears.


JUL 25 (Appleton) - Captain Curley Lambeau of the Green Bay football team, members of the Professional league, did a good stroke of business here last night when he signed up Cub Buck to play with his team this season. Buck was one of the stars of the Green Bay Packers last fall and his services this season were in demand by many teams in the country. The Milwaukee, Racine, Canton and Columbus teams were after him. The Green Bay grid leader made Buck an offer which he could not very well afford to pass up and after a little discussion Buck, who is Boy Scout director and a prominent member of the Rotary club, put his "John Hancock" on the contract. Buck will have charge of the Green Bay's team line and the terms of the agreement call for the big player to report in Green Bay for practice three times a week.


JUL 28 (Marinette) - Word has been received here that Curley Lambeau, captain of the Green Bay professional football team, will be in Marinette next week to sign up three and possibly four players. Last season Marinette contributed Jab Murray, Buff Wagner and Sammy Powers to the Green Bay lineup and Captain Lambeau is said to be anxious to get them again. All three men were big factors in the extraordinary success experienced by the Packers. Sport writers claim that Murray outplayed every center who opposed him, while Powers and Wagner were also rated highly. Kuchenberg, who starred at halfback with Marquette last fall, may also be signed up by Lambeau. It is understood that some negotiations have already been made between the two, but nothing definite has been announced. And after Captain Lambeau has gone away, and the best of Marinette's athletes have been signed up for Green Bay, an effort will be made to organize a Marinette-Menominee professional eleven. This will not be tried, however, until the Green Bay "raid" has been completed.


JUL 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Two more football players have signed contracts to play with Green Bay this fall as negotiations have been satisfactorily completed with Bill Dunnigan and Fee Klaus. Klaus is pretty well known in pigskin circles around here. He was a first string man for West High for several years and in 1920 made a regular berth at center for the Packers. Last year, he was one of the few hometown players who was kept on the pro league squad throughout the entire season. Cub Buck is strong for Klaus, and thinks that this year he should have little trouble catching on. The ex-West Sider is a sure passer and plays a spendid game on the defense. Bill Dunnigan, who played varsity football at Minnesota in 1917, '18 and '19, should be a valuable addition to the Bay squad. He tips the beam at about 200 pounds and his position is at end. With Faye and Dunnigan on the wings the Bays will have a pair of big fellow playing the extremities who should be able to smash their way through the best kind of interference. After leaving Minnesota, Dunnigan played a season with the Hammond eleven in 1920. One of this teammates on that club was Tubby Howard, who played with Green Bay last year. It is quite possible that the pair again may be teammates this fall.


AUG 1 (Marinette) - Captain Lambeau of the Green Bay professional football team, accompanied by Eddie Glick, former Marinette football star, who is now living in Green Bay, made his expected visit to Marinette yesterday to talk football with Kuchenberg, Powers, Murray and Wagner of this city. It is understood that all the men but Wagner agreed to the terms offered them by Lambeau, and that they will play with the Green Bay team this fall. Their contracts are to be signed next week. Powers and Murray were on the lineup of the Packers' football team of Green Bay last year. Murray was a regular center, while Powers was a substitute lineman. Wagner, of the Packers' backfield last year, turned down the offer flat. Kuchenbeg will be a new players in Green Bay. He did good work in college football circles last year while playing in the backfield with Marquette.


AUG 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Charlie Kuchenberg, a Marinette, Wis., boy, who for the past three years has been the backfield ace at Marquette, has accepted terms to play with the Green Bay eleven of the Professional football league. Kuchenberg is considered a corking good footballer and he is the type of gridder who will go well in the pro game. The former Hilltoppers is big and husky, going 180, and can play any of the backfield posts. Captain Lambeau plans to play him at quarterback. "Kuchy" is an expert hurler of the forward pass and is blessed with an educated toe which makes him a super punter. The Green Bay management is hot on the trail of another Marquette star. Claude Taugher, the plunging fullback, is the moleskin star sought by the Green Bay club. Football fans can remember Taugher as the 200 pound backfield, who in the game here two years ago against the old Packer team, caught the ball on the kickoff while playing with the Milwaukee All Stars and dashed down the field headed for a touchdown. He cleared all but Medley who stopped him on the 20 yard line. Medley was so badly injured in the play that he was out of the game for the remainder of the season.



AUG 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "The greatest season of football in the history of the pigskin game in Green Bay is ahead of us." This was Captain Lambeau's statement on his return from the Professional Football league meeting in Dayton, O. "Despite the fact that we are the smallest city in the pro league," said Lambeau, "our fame has gone before us, and I was treated royally by the other magnates in the wheel. It was their unanimous opinion that the Bay is one of the greatest football cities in the country, and I had easy sailing getting the choice dates on the scheduled filled with teams of national reputation."...HARMONY AT MEETING: "Harmony ruled at the meeting in Dayton. All of the managers did their bit to put things over in good shape. Bill Harley's re-entry in the football league was welcomed by nearly all of the managers. It was the prevailing opinion that the season of 1922 would be a banner one for professional football. All of the magnates reported an increased interest in the pro game despite the barrage thrown last winter against the Sunday pigskin chasers."...IS SPLENDID SCHEDULE: "Our schedule is all that could be asked for. To me it looks as if our crucial contest will be at Rock Island on October 1, but I can assure the football fans of Green Bay that when we step out to battle the Independents in this game, we will have the strongest and best drilled eleven that ever wore a Green Bay uniform. During the next ten days, we hope to have some important announcements regarding the makeup of the team. We are fairly fixed at the present time but hope to sign several gridders of known ability within the next few days."



AUG 23 (Columbus) - The National Football league was put on a firm and permanent basis at the meeting at Dayton last Sunday. Fifteen teams from various sections of the country posted a guarantee of $1,000 to guarantee their membership in the organization and fulfillment of all obligations. Five other teams were given an extension of ten days to post guarantee or forfeit their franchises in their respective cities to other applicants who are ready to enter. From these cities according to announcement made here today by President Joe F. Carr, a complete schedule was adopted and each team would play a series of ten league games. The season will open on Sunday October 1, and will close on December 10. Each club must have contracts on file with the secretary before any player will be eligible to participate in a game. A select set of officials were decided upon and in the future the referee for all games will be appointed by the president of the organization. Each club must number all players and cannot carry more than eighteen men. It was also announced that a number of the clubs in the league have underway or in the embryo stages the construction of football parks in their respective cities. A franchise was awarded to Toledo, Ohio, and will be operated by a company of Chicago men, under Bill Harley's direction, who intend to put a high class team in the Maumee city. It was decided to limit the number of franchises to twenty and after that number have been issued franchises can only be obtained through transfers. Cities assured of franchises are: Rochester and Buffalo, N.Y.; Youngstown, Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Marion and Toledo, Ohio; Evansville, Ind.; Hammond, Ind.; Rock Island, Chicago (two teams), Milwaukee, Racine, Green Bay, Wis.; Minneapolis, Minn, and Louisville, Ky.


AUG 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Here's some good news for the Green Bay football fans. Jab Murray has signed his contract and will again be seen in action here this season. Captain Lambeau made a hurried trip to Marinette last night when it was rumored around here that the Chicago Bears, Racine Legion and Milwaukee were hot on the trail of the former Marquette star, who is now a practicing lawyer at Marinette and candidate for the nomination of Marinette county district attorney on the Republican ticket. Murray is a popular idol here. He was one of the few "out-of-town" Packers of last season whom the football fans worshipped. Murray is of the aggressive type of footballers. He has "pep" galore and keeps fighting from first to last whistle. In 1921, Murray's work was brilliant in every game and in the contest against the Staleys, despite his broken hand, which was injured in the Cardinal contest the week before, Murray gave the mighty Trafton all that he was looking for. With Buck, Murray and Moose Gardner, Green Bay has a trio of linemen who are sure to hold their own with the best in semi pro football.


AUG 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Within two weeks, the Green Bay football squad will start their practice grind for the coming season. Captain Lambeau hopes to complete the makeup of his teams before Labor Day, and then the preliminary training stunts will start immediately. The Bay eleven this season will practice afternoons, three time weekly, if the plans of Captain Lambeau go through. A number of the players will be here in the city while the Marinette and down valley footballers have made arrangements to get here for daylight workouts. As yest, no contest has been secured for the opening date, September 224, but negotiations are underway with several teams and it is hoped to close the contest within the next few days. Bessemer and Manistique, Mich., teams have turned down the Packer proposal.


AUG 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - With but two or three exceptions, Captain Lambeau of the Green Bay  football team has got his squad pretty well line up and the strongest eleven that ever wore moleskins for the Bay will step out on the field at Rock Island October 1 in the opening league game of the season. Four men who gained fame in Western Conference football will hold down the line berths. Cub Buck and Jab Murray, stars of the 1921 Packer squad, will be back in the fold. Moose Gardner, giant Badger tackle, is one of the new additions along with Chet Wiley, who for three years made his letter at Indiana in a guard position. Klaus, who has been with the Bay eleven for two years, will again be in togs. Several other prospects are in view, including Peaches Nadolny and Emmett Keefe, a pair of former Notre Dame stars, and Cronin, another Marquette letter man...ENDS ARE GOOD: The end material looks promising. Dunnigan, a Minnesota star for two years, is billed for action at one wing while Doc Faye, considered by many the best end ever developed at Marquette, is slated to hold down the other end of the line. Both of these players are big men, Dunnigan going pretty close to 200 pounds while Faye will top the beam at over 180. Cowboy Wheeler is also under contract. There is plenty of class behind the line. Captain Lambeau has been the mainstay of the Green Bay eleven for a number of season. This year his knee is fit again and he will resume his old post at halfback, turning over the quarterback job to Kuchenberg, one  of the Marquette college stars in 1921. Taugher, the Hilltoppers' plunging fullback last year, will perform the same stunts for the Green Bay team. He is rated as one of the best in the middle west. At the other half, Eddie Glick is expected to show his true worth...OTHER BACKFIELD MEN: Aside from these backfielders, Lambeau is negotiations with Regnier, the Minneapolis Marine star, who can play either the backfield or end. Joe Reik of baseball fame is going to try out and Walt Pearson, who played with Mare Island, is anxious to show here as well as a raft of other backfield possibilities.


AUG 31 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - With his gridiron squad practically selected, Captain Lambeau is being flooded with applications from players who are anxious to try out for the eleven that will represent Green Bay in the Professional Football league. In the last two days, Captain Lambeau has received letters from a half dozen pigskin chasers desiring berths. Tommy Mills, who was a member of the Buffalo All Americans last year, wants to come here. He is now located at Davenport, Ia. De Moe and Carey, who played with the Packers last fall, are anxious to return. From Florida came a letter from Art Johnson, who captured the University of Florida in 1921. He writes that he is anxious to get into pro football and that nothing would please him better than to play in Green Bay.



SEPT 1 (Dayton) - Secretary Carl Storck of the NFL has announced the complete schedule of contests in the professional gridiron race for the coming season. The opening battles are scheduled Sunday October 1. The closing regularly scheduled games are booked for Thanksgiving day, November 30. The first two Sunday in December, the third and tenth, are being reserved for championship play...FACE STRONG TEAMS: The outline of games mapped out for the Green Bay, Wis., club call for the Badger champions to meet the best elevens in the country. Captain Lambeau's team is scheduled for ten contests, six at home and four away. Home and series are booked with the Racine, Milwaukee and Rock Island elevens. Green Bay goes into Chicago October 15 to meet the Cardinals. Columbus invades Green Bay on November 5, the Minneapolis Marines are there, November 12, and the Chicago Bears are booked in the Wisconsin city on Thanksgiving Day, November 30. One feature of the schedule is the two game invasion into Wisconsin of President Joe Carr's world famous Columbus Panhandles. The Ohio champions last season were runner up to the Staleys for the pro football title. Sunday November 5 the demon Ohioans will play in Green Bay and on the following Saturday, November 11, Armistice Day, they are booked for action in Racine against the Legion team.


SEPT 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Commencing the sportmanlike stand of the Green Bay Football club and assuring the Bay management that Claude Taugher is ineligible for varsity football competition at Marquette due to the "three year" rule, Coach Murray has put the much needed O.K. on the fullback playing with Captain Lambeau's team. One of the "Cardinal" rules of the NFL this year is that none of the teams shall make use of any players in college who is ineligible for varsity unless permission is granted by the coach of the college football team. This is just what the Green Bay Football club did and following is Coach Murray's reply:

"Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 1, 1922

Green Bay Football Club, Green Bay, Wis.

Dear Sirs: I want to commend your organization in the

stand it takes concerning a "hands off" policy in regard to college athletes. It will be for the best interest of all concerned when all pro teams throughout the country act likewise. Claude Taugher is through at Marquette, insofar as football is at stake; he has played his three years and that finished the playing period of any football man here. Therefore your organization will not be tampering with an 'eligible' athlete in making use of Taugher. You will find Taugher a capable football player. He is a brilliant line plunger and a sturdy defensive star. During his three years at Marquette, he has been one of the most consistent members of our team.

Yours very truly, F.J. Murray, Marquette College Football Coach."


SEPT 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Orders to report for practice were mailed out today to some twenty candidates for the Green Bay football team. Captain Lambeau has ordered his squad to be here next Sunday and, if possible, he will get in a morning and afternoon workout. Among the players who will be here are: Buck, Faye, Dunnigan, Murphy, Kuchenberg, Pearson, Lambeau, Klaus, Wheeler, Glick, Wiley, Loos, Owens, Nadolny. Moose Gardner, the giant tackle, won't pull in here until the following week as his contract is not in effect until September 17. Negotiations for the opening game on September 24 have practically been completed but publication  will not be made until the terms of the agreement have been signed. As the dope looks now, the Green Bay club will open away from home.


SEPT 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay football team will open its season at Duluth on Sunday ​against the famous K.C. eleven, which last year won the ​northwestern football title from the Minneapolis Marines in the Thanksgiving day game at Minneapolis by a one touchdown margin. The Duluth club is composed entirely of former Minnesota and Nebraska pigskin chasers and the same organization has intact for five years. The K.C.'s lost but one contest last season. Rock Island beat them by a lopsided count. This is a pretty tough foes for the Bays to tackle in the opening fracas but Captain Lambeau deemed it best to accept the K.C.'s offer rather


than remain idle. Efforts to book games with the Upper Michigan teams proved futile as the Miner squads were not anxious to tackle Green Bay so early in the season. The booking of the Duluth game completes the Green Bay schedule until after November 30. As the outline stands now, the opening date at home will be October 8 against the Racine Legion. Then Lambeau's eleven jumps for the next two Sundays, playing at Chicago and Milwaukee and will be back at home for the return game with Rock Island on October 29. On November 5, Columbus is here, the following week the Minneapolis Marines play here. November 19, Green Bay is at Racine, November 26, Milwaukee comes here, and November 30, the Chicago Bears are booked for action in this city.


SEPT 7 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Brick Owens, a star lineman from Nebraska, and Bo Phillips, who made his letter for three years at Minnesota, may be seen in the Green Bay football team's lineup this season. Owens, who is recommended by Cub Buck, is working at Waukegan, Ill., and if a position of some sort can be secured for him here, he will bring his family to the Bay and located here permanently. Phillips has a great rep as a footballer. He tips the beam at about 190 pounds and is an adept tosser of the forward pass. Last season, he was the backfield ace of the Louisville Colonels but refused to go down south again this year on account of the extreme heat. Negotiations with Regnier, the crack backfielder of the 1921 Minneapolis Marines, have just about been completed and within the next three days his signed contract is expected. Regnier will come here and stay during the football season. Captain Lambeau received the signed contract of Moose Gardner, the giant tackle, who made football history at the University of Wisconsin. Gardner is now working at Ashland but is to reach here not later than September 15. He will live in Green Bay during the fall.


SEPT 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Green Bay's football stock took a big jump when a pair of crack backfielders, Paddy Cronin of Marquette and Doc Regnier of the Minneapolis Marines, joined the ranks of Captain Lambeau's team. For three years, Cronin, the "fighting Irishman", has been a star with the Hilltoppers. His position is quarterback and his fighting qualities made him one of the most valuable players in midwest football last season. He is an adept tosser of the forward pass and specializes in dropkicks. According to the terms of Cronin's contract, he will reside in Green Bay during the football season. Regier wired in last night his acceptance of terms. The big backfielder of the Minneapolis Marines, will arrive here on or before September 15, and reside in the city during the fall. Regnier is a star of the first water and he played about half the game for the Marines last season against the Packers. Captain Lambeau plans to use him at left half. On Kuchenberg's request, the Bay football management has given him his release. The Marinette lawyer deemed it best to stay at home and play with the Twins on account of his business connections.


SEPT 9 (Duluth) - Duluth's greatest season of professional football will be ushered in here Sunday September 24, when the K.C's claimants to the championship of the Northwest as a result of their 6 to 0 win over the Minneapolis Marines last Thanksgiving Day, give battles to the Green Bay eleven of the NFL. This Wisconsin team is rated as one of the best in the country. For three years, they held the pigskin championship of Wisconsin and in 1921 they finished high up in the pro league standings losing only to Rock


(left to right) Eddie Anderson, Lawrence “Buck” Shaw, Jim Dooley, Fred “Ojay” Larson, Heartley “Hunk” Anderson, Harry “Horse” Mehre, Art “Hector” Garvey, Roger Kiley. 

Credit: The University of Notre Dame Archives

Pro football gave Packers the boot

No evidence to support conspiracy theory involving George Halas, though


Aside from the Jackie Robinson saga, which was really part of a much larger and more profound epic about American society, the story of the Green Bay Packers is the most compelling in sports. No novelist, no Hollywood producer could have dreamed up a better narrative. The Packers’ improbable survival and success in the only pocket-sized outpost in big-time sports is living proof that truth is stranger than fiction. But, sadly, Packers history has to be one of the most poorly researched subjects on sports bookshelves and there’s no better example of that than the story about the Packers getting kicked out of the American Professional Football Association, just months before it was renamed the National Football League. Yes, the Packers, who are nearing their 100th year in the NFL, almost didn’t survive six months. At a league meeting on Jan. 28, 1922, at the Courtland Hotel in Canton, Ohio, J. Emmett Clair, who had run the Green Bay franchise with his brother John Clair during the 1921 season, offered to withdraw it following a discussion with other club owners, according to the league minutes on file at the Ralph Wilson Jr. Pro Football Research and Preservation Center at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Packers had been caught using college athletes with eligibility remaining under assumed names. Clair apologized for the indiscretion and his offer to withdraw from the league carried. While it wasn’t noted in the league minutes, the players were from the University of Notre Dame. Sixty-five years later, the book, “The History of the Green Bay Packers: The Lambeau Years Part One,” concluded the following. 1) The Packers used the players against the Decatur Staleys (now the Chicago Bears but even then the Chicago Staleys) in a game played on Nov. 27, 1921. 2) The Chicago Tribune was the source of the story and where Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne learned about it. 3) George Halas “was the man behind the expulsion” of the Packers and (NFL president) Joe Carr “aided and abetted the Halas plot.” Further, Halas “was the author of all the articles” about the Staleys appearing in the Chicago papers in 1921 and worked in concert with the Tribune to oust the Packers from the league. This conspiracy theory, hatched over nearly 13 pages, has been repeated in countless other books and articles about the history of the Packers and the NFL, although it was unsupported by official documents and newspaper stories of the day. Let’s start by working backwards. Handwritten minutes of a Faculty Board of Athletics meeting dated Dec. 9, 1921, are on file at the University of Notre Dame Archives. In the second paragraph, it was noted, “information had arrived Friday noon that four Notre Dame stars had played professional ball on the Sunday immediately preceding.” The minutes, dated four days prior to the story breaking in both the South Bend Tribune and Chicago Tribune, didn’t name the players, but noted all members of the board were present except for Rockne and two priests. Soon thereafter, The Notre Dame Scholastic, the university’s student news magazine, reported, “Three of the ablest of our players – Heartley Anderson, Fred Larson and A.A. Garvey – were found guilty of having played professional football in the city of Milwaukee.” The Scholastic added, “They have been barred from participation in athletics at Notre Dame and their monograms have been withdrawn.” Larson and Garvey were juniors; Anderson was a senior and recently had been elected captain of the hockey team. The South Bend paper ran a detailed front-page story on Dec. 13, 1921, and reported the athletic board’s final decision was reached following additional conferences on Saturday and Monday. In addition, it reported the expelled players had played for the Packers on Dec. 4, at Milwaukee, against an American Legion team. The Chicago Tribune also reported on the board’s action for the first time on Tuesday, Dec. 13, but in a much briefer six-paragraph story under a one-line subhead in the sports pages. The Packers’ opponent on Dec. 4 was the Racine Legion, a non-league foe that would be admitted to the NFL before the 1922 season. The game had been promoted as a showdown for the state championship and played at Milwaukee’s minor league baseball park, later renamed Borchert Field. While news traveled considerably slower if at all in those days and college players performing on Sundays on the sly to pick up extra cash was commonplace, it was no secret in Milwaukee and Racine that the Legion was loading up for the game. Newspapers in both cities reported beforehand that Notre Dame stars John Mohardt and Eddie Anderson, both seniors, were going to play for Racine. Both had starred for Notre Dame two weeks earlier in its victory over Marquette at Milwaukee and their return engagement figured to draw more fans to the pro game. The Racine-Green Bay game lived up to its billing, ending in a 3-3 tie. What’s more, the Racine Journal-News divulged in its game story the next day that Green Bay also had fortified its lineup with ringers. “Green Bay had several Notre Dame men from this year’s lineup with her,” wrote Jack Roberts of the Journal-News. “They were Larson (pictured left) at center; (Buck) Shaw at left guard, and Anderson at left tackle.” The Green Bay Press-Gazette in its Dec. 5 edition included in its lineup of Packers starters: Smith at center, Keefe at left guard and Oakes at right tackle. It also listed Williams as the quarterback and Sullivan as the right guard. Two Milwaukee papers, the Sentinel and Journal, listed Sullivan as the left tackle, Oakes as the left guard and Clancy as the center. Players named Oakes, Williams, Sullivan and Clancy had not played in the Packers’ six league games or previous four non-league games that season. Could it be that the Packers also used college underclassmen in their game against the Staleys a week earlier? No mention of it could be found in any of the newspapers of the day or any official documents at Notre Dame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s research center. There also was nothing suspicious about the names listed in the Packers’ lineup. In 1956, Jack Rudolph was a Press-Gazette colleague of Packers co-founder George Whitney Calhoun, who had covered the games in both Chicago and Milwaukee 35 years earlier, and wrote the following about what continues to be recognized as the first Packers-Bears game. “Several other Packers (in addition to an injured Tubby Howard) didn’t appear either. The roster included a number of college players under assumed names and when word got around the dressing room just before game time that a number of college representatives would be in the stands they refused to take a chance on their eligibility.” Keep in mind the Packers’ roster was a revolving door in 1921 as they replaced their local players, mostly products of Green Bay’s East and West high schools, with recruits who had played college football, mostly at Notre Dame and other Midwest schools. Thus, by the end of the season, the Packers had so many players living in or near enough to Chicago they had to practice there. Before the Packers’ final two league games, against the Cardinals and Staleys, they didn’t practice until Friday, or after they arrived in Chicago. So even though there’s not a shred of evidence, much less any proof, of the Packers using still-eligible players from Notre Dame against the Staleys, nothing can be ruled out. Then again, to concoct or repeat a conspiracy theory around that game surely qualifies as journalistic negligence based on the paper trail of primary sources available at so many libraries. Did Halas and the Chicago Tribune collaborate to get the Packers kicked out of the league? Rockne, who doubled as Notre Dame’s athletic director, lashed out at pro football the day after the scandal story broke and called on college coaches to take a stand against the pros. “College Football Faces Most Serious Crisis In History” and “Rockne Points To Evil,” were two of the subheads over the South Bend Tribune’s Page 1 story. This time, the Chicago Tribune waited an extra day, running a much shorter story about Rockne’s reaction on Dec. 15. In the same edition, in his “Straight From The Shoulder” column, the Chicago Tribune’s Frank Smith called on pro football to banish the Packers. When the league did just that six weeks later, the paper praised the decision and boasted it was “the direct result of an expose by The Tribune of conditions prevailing on the Green Bay team.” The minutes of the Jan. 28, 1922, APFA meeting show that Halas moved to accept Green Bay’s withdrawal. It also was true Walter Halas, George’s older brother, was an assistant coach to Rockne at Notre Dame, and George Halas coveted Anderson, Larson and Garvey enough to have signed them for the 1922 season. It’s all there in writing. The Chicago Tribune lobbied to get the Packers booted out of the league and Halas favored their withdrawal. However, there is no evidence they conspired with each other. Moreover, the Tribune might have patted itself on the back for breaking the story, but papers in Racine and South Bend actually beat it to the punch. Smith’s appeal to Carr and the rest of the league was a typical, passionate sports column. In essence, he was repeating what many of college football’s most prominent coaches were preaching: The pros were ruining their sport. Smith’s column wasn’t particularly kind to pro football in general and it certainly wasn’t a screed directed at the Packers. There’s more. Smith was the Tribune’s sports editor, not someone likely to ask a 26-year old Halas to ghostwrite his column. Finally, Smith wasn’t alone. J.J. Delany of the Milwaukee Sentinel criticized the three Notre Dame players for taking money to play against Racine and also endorsed Smith’s position. Two days after Smith’s column appeared in the Tribune, Delany wrote in his “The Morning After” column, “Professional football, the minute it starts tampering with college players deserves no support from the public…” Let’s not forget, Rockne was much more of a national figure at that point than Halas. Moreover, college football was where the crowds and the money were, and there might have been no bigger hotbed of the sport than Illinois. Those were the days when the University of Chicago under legendary coach Amos Alonzo Stagg was a national power and covered accordingly. It also should be noted the morning of the APFA league meeting, when Green Bay lost its franchise, the Tribune, via The Associated Press, broke an even bigger scandal on its front page over a semipro game played between two small Illinois towns, Taylorville and Carlinville. “The bitter rivalry between the two country towns” was “so acute that approximately $100,000 was bet on a football game,” AP reported. The two towns had loaded up with ringers, nine players from the University of Illinois on Taylorville, and at least eight from Notre Dame on Carlinville, for a game played on Nov. 27, 1921, the same day as the Packers-Staleys game. Although the book subtitled “The Lambeau Years Part One” suggests Rockne learned of this double dose of bad news at virtually the same time, the Tribune first reported on the Taylorville-Carlinville scandal 46 days after it first disclosed the Packers’ misdeeds. Clearly, as the APFA owners gathered in Canton, pro football was under intense pressure to clean up its act and making an example of Green Bay, a league city, was a convenient recourse. Halas also had his own problems to worry about at the meeting. He was athletic director of the Staley Manufacturing Co. of Decatur, Ill., in 1921, and running the Staleys in partnership with Ed “Dutch” Sternaman and supposedly Bill Harley. By the Canton meeting, Halas and Sternaman were in a battle with Harley over ownership of the franchise. The league minutes reflect three representatives from the Staleys were at the meeting and their dispute was “thoroughly discussed.” During the proceedings, the league’s executive committee also requested a statement of fact from Halas, Harley and A.E. Staley, the Decatur starch-maker and original sponsor of the franchise. It wasn’t until after Green Bay lost its franchise that Halas and Sternaman finally prevailed by six votes and were awarded one in the name of the Chicago Bears. One book which got the story right, including the role of the Packers-Racine game, was “Joe F. Carr: The Man Who Built The National Football League.” Author Chris Willis, head of the research library at NFL Films, also debunked the theory Halas was the driving force behind the Packers’ ouster, just so he could sign Hunk Anderson and two other players. “Sounds too far-fetched” to believe was Willis’ conclusion. Admittedly, Halas probably saw little value in retaining Green Bay as a league member at that point. The two teams had played one game and Halas had yet to reap the financial bonanzas that he would later from the rivalry. Then again, he didn’t appear to have much of any influence on the Tribune, contrary to what was written. Advance stories of Staleys games were no more than two paragraphs long at times and game stories no more than six in accordance with pro football’s minor-league standing at that point. Also, Halas had entered into an agreement in early December 1921 to write offseason basketball stories for a Tribune competitor, the Chicago Daily Journal.  As it turned out, the league wasn’t very serious about making an example of Green Bay, either. On June 24, 1922, less than five months later, Green Bay was readmitted. SOURCE: Cliff Christl -


Hunk Anderson


Art Garvey


Fred Larson


Certificate naming the officers of the Green Bay Football Club: President, E.L. Lambeau (Earl "Curly" Lambeau); Vice President, Joseph M. Ordens; Treasurer, Nathan Abrams; and Secretary, G.W. Calhoun. The certificate is signed by George Calhoun. (SOURCE: Wisconsin Historical Society)


This certificate was issued on August 22, 1922 for a franchise fee of $250 ($50 of which was invested by Curly Lambeau) and was signed by the first NFL president, Joseph Carr. (SOURCE: Packer Hall of Fame)


ABOVE: Hagemeister Park was the home of the Packers from 1919, their inaugural season as a semipro team, through 1922, their second year in the NFL. Before East High School and City Stadium were built, Hagemeister Park included the tract of land from Baird Street east and Walnut Street north to the East River. In 1919 the Packers played on a sandlot with no fence or seating. In 1920 they enclosed he field with a wooden fence so they could charge admission. But after the season ended, the ballpark was torn down. It was rebuilt in the spring of 1921 for the local baseball team. when the Packers were admitted in late August of that year to what is now the NFL, its seating capacity was enlarged to about 3,500. The Packers played their first league game at Hagemeister on Oct. 23, 1921, beating the Minnesota Marines, 7-6, before a packed house. Construction began on East High in 1923 roughly where the football field had been located. Their were several buildings in Hagemeister Park. One was the clubhouse, a social center located at the corner of Baird and Walnut streets. Another was the Armory, which the Packers used as a locker room and indoor practice facility. The Armory was destroyed by fire Christmas morning 1926. In memory of George and Marguerite Kress. (SOURCE: Packers Heritage Trail)

BELOW: Railbirds at Hagemeister Park (SOURCE: Neville Public Museum)



SEPT 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Some sixteen aspirants for pigskin honors with the Green Bay eleven of the NFL jumped into moleskins Sunday afternoon at Joannes park and went through their first drill of the season. Considering it was the first time out, the footballers looked pretty good and it was the general opinion of the onlookers that Captain Lambeau has the makings of a team which will hold up the Bays' past reputation on the chalk marked field. Among the out of town players who were in togs at the first workout were: Taugher, fullback; Buck, tackle; Owens, guard; Dunnigan and Faye, ends; Murray, tackle; Nadolny, guard, and Sorenson, guard...COMING THIS WEEK: During the coming week, Glick, halfback, Cronin, quarterback, Regnier, halfback, Joe Reik, halfback, and Moose Gardner, tackle, will report to Captain Lambeau. The Bay management is hot on the trail of several good additions to the squad and it is hoped before the end of the week report the signing of at least two other footballers...WILL PRACTICE HARD: The Green Bay squad has but two weeks to get into shape for the opening game with the K.C's at Duluth on Sunday, September 24, and Captain Lambeau plans to drive his squad at top speed. Several practices will be staged during the next few days and next week daily workouts are scheduled for the Bay eleven. The Bay squad, about 20 strong, leaves here Saturday night, September 23, for Neenah where they will catch the Soo line flyer for Duluth, reaching the scene of the struggle at 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning.


SEPT 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Football fans who follow the fortunes of the Green Bay team need not worry about Captain Lambeau's squad tackling such a stiff team as the Duluth K.C.'s in the opening game, because according to the Bay leader his squad will be in the pink of condition and "rarin' to go" when they rub noses with the Northern champions a week from Sunday September 24. "We will be in shape for the Duluth game," stated Lambeau. "The condition of the players will be a big factor in our success this season and we are going to demand that each and every man on the squad be 'right' when he steps on the field of play. It is well for the fans to remember that this year we will have practically a 'full-time' team. Aside from Buck, Faye and Jab Murray, we hope to have all the players living here this fall and the aforementioned trio reside in such close radius that they can report here on a minute's call. I realize the strength of Duluth but our team will be out practicing every day next week in preparation for the contest and I feel secure that we will knock the K.C.'s off."



SEPT 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - When the Bay management was advised late yesterday afternoon that Indiana was after Cub Buck as head coach of the football team, they immediately got in touch with the famous gridder at Appleton. Captain Lambeau placed the situation before the famous lineman and Buck said he would give definite answer before 9 p.m. There was a couple of uneasy hours for the pigskin leaders here. Buck called in on schedule time and after short discussion, accepted the counteroffer of the Bay management. Green Bay's famous lineman is now the one of the highest salaried man in professional football. Buck was among the pigskinners in uniform at the practice of Green Bay club late this afternoon.


SEPT 13 (Appleton) - Howard "Cub" Buck thinks more of his work as municipal Boy Scout executive and his football contracts as player with the Green Bay team of the NFL and as assistant coach of Lawrence College than a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to coach a team of a big school with $3,000 back it for ten weeks work. Buck announced his decision to decline the offer of the University of Indiana, Bloomington, Ind., to coach this year's team in place of Jumbo Steihm, who has just submitted to an operation in a hospital at Rochester, Minn. When Prof. J.W. Monkhaus of the University felt that Buck was not favorable to the offer at $2,500, he wired the grid hero that the school would be willing to raise the amount to $3,000. Buck was former lineman at the University of Wisconsin besides captaining the team during his schooling there. He coached for three years at Northfield College, Minn. It was due partly to his work last year that Lawrence emerged champion of the Little Five conference. Buck starred with Green Bay last year at tackle. He also coached the pro team's linemen. "I think more of my connections here and the contracts I have made with my respective employers at Green Bay than of a temporary offer of this kind," said Buck. "Of course it is an honor to be offered the coaching of a team in the Big Ten conference, and it would be a fine achievement to turn out a champion eleven there, but I have decided to decline."


SEPT 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Thirteen candidates for the Green Bay football squad indulged in a workout last night at the ball park and among those in uniform was Cub Buck, who turned down a Big Ten coaching job at Indiana to remain with the Bay professionals in the NFL. Paddy Cronin, former Marquette star backfielder, was out in togs for the first time and he looked good. Captain Lambeau was using him in a halfback position and he was off like a flash to signals. In last night's practice, Faye and Dunigan were holding down the wing positions, Buck and Murray were playing the tackle, Nadolny and Gilson were at the guards while Klaus passed the ball at center. Glick, Lambeau, Cronin and Wheeler were in the backfield. Taugher, Regnier, Moose Gardner and Owens will positively be here for Sunday's practice and three other men have been wired to report here. Next week there will be daily workouts at the league grounds.


SEPT 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Professional football received a big boost when Cub Buck turned down the coaching job at Indiana and decided to paddle along in the board that he was now riding in. The former Badger star had a great opportunity offered him but instead of running off wild, he remembers his associates and his agreements with them and as a result, the Appleton Boy Scout director is a bigger man than ever in the eyes of his admirers throughout the middle west...Naturally, Green Bay rejoices over Buck's turndown of the collegiate coaching job. The Bay worships its football team like Princeton does its Tigers and the huge Buck looms as one of the main links in a gridiron machine which this fall should rank with the best in the country in the professional football world. Buck is that type of a footballer who makes friends, not enemies, on the gridiron and he would be a valuable addition to any pigskin organization. Northeastern Wisconsin can well be proud of Buck.


SEPT 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Paul Davis, who for three years made his letter at Marquette as a varsity backfielder and lineman, has joined the ranks of the Green Bay football eleven. Davis lives in Oconto and before entering Marquette had two years of Normal football. Dolly Stark, who formerly played at Carleton college at end, is being sought by Green Bay. Stark is recommended by Cub Buck, who claims he is a corking good wingman. Stark played a year with the Marines and saw one year of service with Hammond. Last year he didn't play. Stark is now living in Wisconsin Rapids and the Bay management is pulling every string possible to bring him here. Captain Lambeau has wired Duke Smith, former Penn State star, who played last year with the Canton Bulldogs, to report here immediately. Smith can play either line or backfield and he is a big bruiser, tipping the beam at over 200 pounds. Efforts to secure Harold Hansen, the former Minnesota fullback, have failed. Hansen is working in Minneapolis and could only get away on Sundays. This would prevent him reporting for practice and Captain Lambeau decided to pass him up for this reason only.


SEPT 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A week from tonight, Green Bay's squad of footballers will hop off for Duluth where on Sunday, September 24, they will give battle to the famous K.C.'s champions of the northwest as a result of their victory over the Minneapolis Marines last Thanksgiving Day. A strenuous week of drill is facing the Green Bay squad. Good progress has been made in the workouts of the past week, but Captain Lambeau plans to put his hopefuls through a workout during the next few days, which will put them right in shape to make it mighty interesting for the Northwesterners. Nealy every man in the squad will stay here next week and, according to Lambeau's plan, morning and afternoon practices will be staged. Regnier, Moose Gardner and Owens are scheduled to arrive here Sunday morning and they will remain for the remainder of the season.


SEPT 16 (Duluth) - Next Sunday's game between the Duluth K.C's and the Green Bay team of the National Football association is creating no end of interest hereabouts and the first block of seats put on sale by Manager Dewey Scanlon were gobbled up in a hurry. The appearance of Cub Buck here with the Wisconsin team is eagerly awaited. The development over his refusal to accept the Big Ten coaching job at Indiana attracted much attention in Duluth and the football fans are anxious to see the big fellow in action.



SEPT 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - From the look of things, Green Bay's "Big Blue Team" is going to more than live up to its name in its drive for gridiron supremacy in the NFL. A big crowd of fans watched the teams going through a course of sprouts Sunday afternoon at Joannes park and the squad looked good. The pigskin fans were of the unanimous opinion that the team sizes up as the best aggregation of footballers in the history of the game here...FIFTEEN MEN OUT: There were about fifteen men in uniform and Captain Lambeau, assisted by Cub Buck, drilled the candidates for about two hours. The line from tackle to tackle looked like a stone wall. Buck and Jab Murray played the tackles, Moose Gardner, Owens, Zoll and Nadolny the guards, while Klaus and Secord snapped the ball at center. Dunigan, Faye and Wheeler held down the end berths while Captain Lambeau, Davis, Cronin and Taugher cavorted in the backfield. Doc Regnier, the Minneapolis Marine star, was the only other player "billed" to put in an appearance not in uniform. The Gopher pigskinner is having some trouble getting his release from Manager Dunn of the Marines but the Green Bay management has filed a protest to President Carr of the NFL against Dunn's action and it is hoped that the matter will be cleared up in 48 hours. The Bay squad will work out every day this week in preparation for the Duluth game on Sunday. Daylight practices will be the rule and arrangements have been made to have nearly every man on the team here every day for the drills....DULUTH - The Duluth K.C.'s who play the Green Bay eleven on the National Football Association here next Sunday, opened their season with a 19 to 0 victory over the classy Hurley combination yesterday. The Catholics made all their scores in the first half and rested content to let the second string men battle with the Miners in the closing periods. Manager Dewey Scanlon's team looked pretty good in their initial start and it is the prevailing opinion here that the famous Wisconsin champions are going to have a battle on their hands next Sunday.


SEPT 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - With the Duluth game but a few days off, Captain Lambeau of the Green Bay football team is just about decided on who he will use against the champions of the Northwest in the Sabbath Day conflict. Faye, Dunnigan and Wheeler will hold down the end berths, Cub Buck, Jab Murray and Zoll will play the tackles with Owens, Moose Gardner and Nadolny at the guards. Either Klaus or Secord will snap the pigskin at center while in the backfield, there will be Captain Lambeau, Regnier, Taugher, Davis, Cronin and Glick...TO PLAY QUARTERBACK: In case there are no other additions to the backfield in the next two days, Regnier will play quarterback. If the other backfield ace decides to play here, Regnier will be switched to a halfback berth. The Bay squad has been working out daily this week and there will be no letup in practice until time to hop the train for Duluth on Saturday. It is possible that some of the backfield men may leave for the season of the conflict on Saturday morning so as to escape the night ride in the sleeper.


SEPT 20 (Duluth) - The Duluth K.C.'s, according to Manager Dewey Scanlon, are ready to turn back the invasion of the Green Bay eleven, professional football champions of Wisconsin. The Duluth team is working out  daily to rub off the rough spots which were brought to notice in the Duluth contest. There is a lot of interest here over the game and every indication points to a bumper throng.


SEPT 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There's one less gridiron foe for Green Bay. The Beloit Fairies, who in years gone by have had several memorable tilts with Bay elevens, are not going to don the moleskins this year. It is hard to make pro football pay in a college town and for three seasons the Enginemakers have been skating along on pretty thin ice, financially. Evidently, the McCarthy brothers and Boss Chubb didn't care to monkey again this year with a money loser.



SEPT 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Charlie Mathys has come home to roost. The former West High football idol, who in later years, gained fame on the gridiron as a college football star at Ripon and Indiana will play quarterback for Green Bay in the NFL. Mathys is one of the greatest pigskin chasers ever developed here. He is to the West Side what Lambeau is to the East. While at Indiana, the Green Bay boy made a name for himself as a field general and forward pass receiver. He was favorably mentioned on several All conference teams during his last two years at the Hoosier school...LAST YEAR WITH HAMMOND: Last fall, Mathys played with the Hammond Professionals but he turned down an offer to go back again this season. The Bay management has been negotiating with him for about a week and Friday night he phoned from Rockford, Ill., that he had decided to come back to the Bay and live. "Get Mathys and we'll have a forward passing combination second to none" was Cub Buck's advice when he was told of the negotiations with the former Indiana star. "With Mathys on the receiving end and Lambeau tossing 'em, our aerial attack will be the equal to any team in the country."...REGIER AT HALF: With Mathys at quarter, Doc Regnier will be shifted to a halfback job. This is the position he played while at Minnesota. With the ex-Gopher at one half and Lambeau at the other, the Bays will have a pair of big husky halfbacks who can stand the strain of a grueling battle. Taugher and Davis at fullback complete a pretty classy backfield. There is no question but that this set of "behind-the-line" men are at least fifty 


percent stronger than last year's aggregation. A half dozen of the Bay players leave tomorrow morning for the Duluth while the remainder will pull out in the evening.


SEPT 22 (Duluth) - There is much interest here over Sunday's football game between the K.C.'s and Green Bay, professional pigskin champions of Wisconsin, but the Catholics backers are not any too keen to even risk even money on the game. Evidently, the fame of the Green Bay eleven has been preceded the team here. The Duluth football fans are fighting shy of an even bet on the chances of the K.C.'s and those seeking to place any bets on the Green Bay team are forced to give odds. Every indication points to a capacity crowd. There is a heavy advance sale of tickets and with good weather prevailing, it is expected that at least 4,000 spectators will see the huskies in action on the chalk marked field.



SEPT 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Despite the fact that we are facing one of the best elevens in the country, I think Green Bay will be proud of its team after Sunday's game at Duluth." This was the way Captain Lambeau sized up his team's chances in the opening contest of the season tomorrow with the famous K.C.'s, champions of the Northwest. For the first time in football history here, Green Bay is opening away from home but in football circles an air of optimism prevails because the Bay squad is fit for the fray...THE ADVANCE GUARD: The advance guard of the Green Bay team pulled out this morning, Gardner, Nadolny, Murray, Dunnigan and Owens leaving over the Northwestern. Eddie Glick has been in Duluth since Friday. The remainder of the Green Bay squad will leave here tonight. There has been a change in the traveling plans. The team is to make the trip from here to Neenah via auto. The squad will pull out from The Congress at 9 o'clock sharp. Those leaving from here will be Klaus, Secord, Wheeler, Cronin, Regnier, Davis, Mathys and Captain Lambeau. Cub Buck, Doc Fale and Biff Taugher meet the Bay footballers at Neenah where the squad will hop the Soo line flyer for Duluth.


SEPT 23 (Duluth) - This city is taking on all the appearances of a college town on the eve of a big football game. Everybody from the city councilmen, bankers and businessmen down to the school boys are talking football. Tomorrow from a Duluth point of view, the biggest gridiron attraction ever staged in the Northwest will be on tap at Athletic park when the famous Green Bay eleven, professional football champions of Wisconsin, and Duluth's own K.C.'s get together in a pigskin fracas which promises to be a humdinger. This game means a lot to Dewey Scanlon's Duluth team. They would rather beat Green Bay than any other team on their schedule. With this to view the Duluth squad has practice every night since the Hurley game and right now appears to be in the pink. The strength of the Green Bay squad is realized here. The Badger outfit is composed of ex-college stars who are pretty crafty footballers. The record of the visiting team shows them to be one of the greatest football aggregations in the country. Tomorrow will tell whether or not Duluth gets a place on the pro football map.


Island and the Staleys. The appearance of the Badger squad here has created no end of interest in the northwest and Manager Dewey Scanlon of the Duluth team is hopeful of drawing a capacity crowd to the game. The football fans of the Northwest have heard about the famous Green Bay team for several season but this will be the first opportunity they have had to see them in action. The visitors will bump into some some stiff opposition. Harold Hannon, the former Minnesota star, will play fullback for Duluth while Ink Marshall, famous colored end, is to hold down one end of the line and Des Jar Dien, ex-Chicago center, is slated for the middle of the line. The Wisconsin club of Duluth is laying plans to entertain the Green Bay squad while they are in this city.



DEC 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The curtain has been pulled down on the professional football season in Green Bay. The management burned up the wires in an attempt to secure a suitable opponent for Sunday but at this late date in the season, other clubs in the league are fighting shy of inclement weather and the high guarantees demanded forced the Bays to put the moleskins in mothballs. After the victory over Racine on Sunday, wires were sent to a number of the pro league teams. Canton replied, asking for a guarantee of $4,000 with the option of a big percentage of the gate while the Dayton Triangles asked $2,500 with privilege of a fifty-fifty split. The Milwaukee club wanted Green Bay back in the Cream City on Sunday but Manager McGuirk refused to offer any guarantee whatsoever and due to the fact that the Green Bay club is badly in debt, it was deemed best not to take a chance. With the season completed here, this morning's mail brought the final standings of the pro league from President Joe Carr. The percentage table places Green Bay in sixth place with an average of .625. The Bays finished ahead of the Racine and Milwaukee clubs.


DEC 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There won't be any dispute this year about the state professional football championship. The Green Bay victory over Racine in the final league game of the season was a decisive one and left no chance for argument. As the dope now stands, Green Bay rules supreme in the Badger state and what's more the big blue team can be rated one of the best in 


the country.


DEC 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A meeting of football fans will be held at the Elks club Thursday night at 8 o'clock for the purpose of discussing the football situation in Green Bay insofar as the professional situation is concerned. The proposal to have the businessmen take over the club franchise in the NFL will be discussed as well as plans for financing the organization here...WANTS BIG ATTENDANCE: Efforts are being made by the committee in charge of the meeting to get out a representative gathering at the meeting. It is urged that all those who have the interest in the game will attend the conference on Thursday evening. It is hoped to get the decks cleared for action so that plans can be laid immediately for a team next year which will, at least, equal the great squad which represented Green Bay during the season just completed...UNDER RESERVE CLAUSE: Nearly all of the players are under the reserve clause and if things get off right, it will be possible to bring nearly all of them back here for the opening of the 1923 season.


DEC 7 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A large attendance of football enthusiasts are expected to be on hand tonight at the Elks club when the Green Bay professional gridiron situation will be discussed by the businessmen and followers of the pigskin game. The meeting will start promptly at 8 o'clock. The committee in charge of the gathering is endeavoring to get out a capacity crowd of representative businessmen at tonight's conference. Proposals covering the transfer of the franchise to a holding organization of businessmen will be put before the meeting. Other matters of most importance pertaining to the Green Bay club will be ironed out, it is said...IMMEDIATE ACTION NECESSARY: Immediate action is necessary and the businessmen have called tonight's conference in an attempt to lay a firm foundation for next season. It is urged that everybody who has the welfare of pro football in Green Bay at heart to attend tonight's session at the Elks club. The football players were guests at an impromptu banquet given last night by some of the fans at De Lair's restaurant. Many of the players were called on to say a few words and they unanimously praised the Bay as the best football city of its size in the country.



DEC 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A good start was made at a football meeting at the Elks club last night to retain the Green Bay franchise in the NFL. A representative gathering of approximately 150 businessmen and football boosters sat in at the conference over which John Kittell presided. An open discussion of the professional football situation in Green Bay drew many opinions from the spectators and it was the unanimous decision that pro football of the big league scale meant too much to the city to be passed up...COMMITTEE IS NAMED: A committee composed of Leland Joannes, A.B. Turnbull, Fred Hurlbut, Ray Tilikens and George De Lair was appointed by Chairman Kittell to handle the plans of the organization and take charge of the sale of stock. It is planned to dispose of the stock to the football fans of the city and in this way to raise enough funds to start off the season with a working capital in the treasury. Plenty of pep and good feeling was on tap at the meeting and considering the inclement weather conditions, the splendid turnout bids fair for the success of the project...EXPLAINED BY SPEAKERS: Plans for the organization of the football association were fully outlined by several of the speakers, who brought out the high spots in the program through which Green Bay will continue as a member of the professional football association.


DEC 11 (Columbus) - The success of postgraduate football in the middle west is evidenced by the fact that President Joe Carr has received applications from four cities, pertaining to securing franchise berths in the NFL. According to reports in pro football circles here, Beloit, Wis., Kenosha, Wis., Ironwood, Mich., and Duluth, Minn., have sent feelers to President Carr concerning entrance in the circuit in 1923. The Beloit Fairies up until last year always had a pro eleven in the field. It is felt here that they would be a good addition to the league. Duluth has long been prominent on the gridiron and their team this year played creditable games against Minneapolis and Green Bay, two members of the league. The success at Racine has stirred up action at Kenosha and F.T. Nehlsen of the Simmons company is already laying his plans to place a team on the gridiron next year. Ironwood, Mich., had a successful year of football and it is known here that they would welcome the chance to get into the organization. A meeting of the NFL magnates will be held in Chicago about the middle of January and, at that time, action on the new franchise awards will be taken up.



DEC 12 (Madison) - The choice of a football coach to succeed John R. Richards, who resigned from the coaching staff of the University of Wisconsin yesterday because of the press of private affairs, is occupying attention of the student body and alumni. Several names have already been brought forward with assurance that they are to be considered by the athletic council when it makes a selection. Talk turns first to Jack Wilce, head coach at Ohio State university, an old Wisconsin man who has developed winning teams for the Buckeyes. It is suggested that he might be connected with the new university hospital here, devoting his time in the fall to football...RICHARDS FOR BRADER: Coach Richards is recommending James Brader, for three years a tackle on the Badger tram. Brader graduated in 1921 and has since been assistant coach to Guy S. Lowman, baseball coach and coach of the 1918 Wisconsin team. Cub Buck, one of the Badgers' greatest tackles, now playing with the Green Bay Packers professional football champions, is another prominently mentioned. He was offered the position at Indiana university this past season but declined, keeping faith with Green Bay on his pro league contract. Howard Hancock, captain of the 1917 team, and a noted tackle, now coaching at the Oshkosh Normal school, is well up on the list of possible selections. He has been turning out strong teams at the teacher training institution and is well known here...WILL TAKE THEIR TIME: The athletic council announced that it is to consider thoroughly the question of a new coach and will probably not come to a decision for some time.


DEC 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Some thirty-five football boosters gathered at the Beaumont hotel Tuesday evening and further outlined plans to take over the Green Bay franchise in the NFL. The Green Bay Football Corporation will have a capitalization of one thousand shares at $10 per share. The stock subscription campaign will be launched immediately, and the city has been blocked out for the purpose of putting over the drive successfully. The committee in charge hopes to get in personal touch with every football fan in the city...LIST OF COMMITTEE MEMBERS: The list of committee members who will put over the football drive is as follows: Ben Masse, Ben Kaster, Cecil Baum, Art Geniesse, Gordon Bent, Jay Gould, E.L. Lambeau, Joe Nugent, A.L. Counard, Jim Miksch, A. B. Turnbull, Frank Buchholz, Earle Murphy, Dr. R.B. Powers, A. B. Fontaine, Frank Kerwin, John Martin, Jerome North, H.V. Joannes, Leland Joannes, J.H. Golden, George De Lair, Ed Dupperault, Fred Hurlbut, A.C. Witteborg, Syl Kersten, Fred Garrett, Ken Schuldes, Milton Larsen, Emmett Platten, Joe Kabat, Ed Schweger, Louis Oldenburg, Forrest Plott, George Holz, Ray Leicht, Tom Dwyer and Ray Tilkens. At the gathering last night, the situation was thoroughly discussed and those in attendance were unanimous in their opinion that immediate action was necessary. It was planned to start work immediately and no time will be lost in putting over the campaign which will pave the way for Green Bay to continue as a member in good standing in the NFL...HAVE PLEDGED $1,300: During the course of the meeting, it was reported that $1,300 had already been subscribed by the following: John Kittell, Fred Hurlbut, Lee Joannes, H.V. Joannes, Ed Schweger, V.I. Minnahan, J.H. Golden, Ed Dupperault, Eben Minahan, A.C. Witteborg, Ed Krippner, Louis Oldenburg, George De Lair, A.B. Turnbull. Any person desiring to make subscription and not called upon by the committee members is asked to get in touch with Lee Joannes.


DEC 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Football fans around this neck of the woods are much interested in


the announcement from Madison that Cub Buck is being mentioned as a successor to John Richards as Wisconsin football coach. There is no getting away from the fact that Buck is one of the greatest gridiron men in the country. He is a student of the game, and, this coupled with his ability as a player, makes him a valuable asset to any coaching staff in the country. It is our opinion that Buck is just the man and so far as football is concerned. One thing is sure Buck would keep peace in the athletic family at Madison, anyway...If Kenosha, Beloit and Duluth are awarded franchises in the NFL, it will tend to increase, more than ever, the interest in postgraduate football from a Green Bay point of view. These cities are rivals of the Bay in athletic competition of all sorts and no doubt, their admittance to the pro wheel will be welcomed here with open arms. We can remember - way back when - and it wasn't so long ago that the Fairies were Green Bay's bitterest enemies on the grid.


DEC 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Association of Commerce this morning announced the sale of the first share of stock in the Green Bay Football corporation as early as 9 a.m. The stock was offered for sale for the first time this morning and 1,000 shares of stock at $10 each are being offered by the corporation for putting a team in the field next year.


DEC 16 (Chicago Journal) - An All-American team picked from All-Americans - that's what the All-Star team from the National Postgraduate Football league amounts to this season and such a selection ought to mark the ultra plus in the "All" team craze which sweeps the country annually at this time of the year. On the first eleven, as offered by the Journal, are found six men who once graced the gold-braided lineup of Sir Walter Camp, while the second team includes a quartet of the nationally famous honor men. Pete Stinchomb, former Ohio State halfback with the Bears, is the only local All-American to make the first eleven. Henry, Washington and Jefferson tackle of Canton; H. Stein, Pittsburgh guard with Toledo; Alexander, Syracuse center with Rochester, Urban, Boston end with Buffalo, and Rip King, West Virginia fullback with Akron, are the other first-team men who were spotted by Camp in their undergraduate days...DRISCOLL IN STAR BACKFIELD: A powerful and versatile backfield is composed of Paddy Driscoll, former Northwestern star with the Chicago Cardinals, paired at half with Pete Stinchomb and with Hughitt, ex-Wolverine with Buffalo at quarter, and King, terrific plunger at full. Driscoll and King are triple-threat artists, able to run, kick or pass, and Stinchomb is a great open field runner and receiver of passes. Hughitt, in addition to being a great passer, wins his position because of his canny field generalship. On the second team, Laird, Buffalo's ex-Colgate All-American fullback, is

the three-ply man. He has as mates quarterback Boynton of Rochester, who made Camp's team at Williams; E. Sternaman of Illinois, who plays with the Bears, and Lambeau, Notre Dame half with Green Bay...WOTTA LINE! WOTTA LINE!: A tremendous line is centered around Alexander, center, and Stein and Healey, guard, the latter a new man who showed great class with the Bears. Blacklock of the Bears and Haenry, Canton, win the tackles with Guy Chamberlian, ex-Nebraska star with Canton, and Urban, Boston All-American, with Buffalo covering the wings. The second team line has two All-American ends, E. Anderson of Notre Dame with the Cardinals and Boss of Detroit with Rock Island. Gilles, ex-Carnell Cardinal, and Hathaway of Indiana and Dayton, get the tackles. H. Anderson, former Notre Dame star with the Bears, and Nesser of Akron are the guards next to Flowers, Ohio State center, with Akron...BO IN FEW GAMES ONLY: On the roster of the National league teams were the names of a number of famous players like Bo McMillen and Red Roberts of Centre, who would have been in line for honorary positions except for the fact they played only a few of the closing games of the season. While the bigs are sitting around waiting for Camp to come out with his annual surprise sheet, it might be amusing to wonder what would happen to the college heroes if they had to smack up against this superman eleven, picked from the cream of all the colleges of the country for five or six years back.


DEC 16 (Beloit) - Professional football under the national league may be staged here next year, if plans of a certain group headed by Dennis McCarthy, president of the Fairbanks-Morse Athletic association, mature. "There is a probability of the formation of a minor division of the national league in order to accommodate the smaller towns," said Mr. McCarthy to the Gazette. "In that event we would put in a city team If the guarantees, salaries and visiting teams' expenses are within reason. Under the present system the Green Bay Packers lost $5,000 this year. "Professional football is growing. There are many people; who like to see grid games, but cannot attend the college contests because they have to work on Saturday. We believe if the national league forms a division to accommodate towns of the size of Beloit, we could make the game pay ancl put out a crack team that would draw well from Janesville and Rockford, besides our own city. We would use the Fairy field. When we had 

a team year ago, we made money. In fact, it was the best year we had. There were certain conditions, particularly too be made out of town games, that made it impossible to continue the game this year.


DEC 23 (Ypsilanti, Mich.) - Bernard Kirk, star University of Michigan football player and chosen as an All-American end this year, died this morning at a hospital here from injuries received in an automobile accident last Sunday. Kirk's skull was fractured. Kirk, whose home was in this city, was injured when the automobile in which he was riding, crashed into a telephone pole. The injury to his skull resulted in meningitis, which caused death. Eddie Usher, former Michigan varsity football player and captain of the Michigan 1921 baseball team, who played with the Green Bay Packers this year, was in the automobile with Kirk, but escaped injury. Kirk, in addition to being chosen on the All-American team this year, was selected as an end on the mythical All-Conference and All-Western eleven. He was regarded as one of the best flankers in the country during recent years, being especially adept in receiving forward passes.

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FRANCHISES FOLDING: Cincinnati Celts, Cleveland Tigers, Detroit Heralds, Muncie Flyers, New York Brickleys Giants, Tonawanda Kardex, Washington Senators FRANCHISES JOINING: Marion Oorang Indians, Milwaukee Badgers, Racine Legion, Toledo Maroons FRANCHISES CHANGING NAMES: Chicago Staleys became the Chicago Bears.


Chi. Bears 6, RACINE 0              AKRON 36, Columbus 0

TOLEDO 15, Evansville 0             ROCK ISLAND 19, Green Bay 14

BUFFALO 7, Hammond 0                DAYTON 36, Oorang 0

CHI. CARDS 3, Milwaukee 0           CANTON 38, Louisville 0

Akron          1  0 0 1.000  36   0 Rochester      0  0 0  .000   0   0

Canton         1  0 0 1.000  38   0 GREEN BAY      0  1 0  .000  14  19

Chi. Bears     1  0 0 1.000   6   0 Racine         0  1 0  .000   0   6

Buffalo        1  0 0 1.000   7   0 Evansville     0  1 0  .000   0  15

Dayton         1  0 0 1.000  36   0 Hammond        0  1 0  .000   0   7

Rock Island    1  0 0 1.000  19  14 Milwaukee      0  1 0  .000   0   3

Toledo         1  0 0 1.000  15   0 Oorang         0  1 0  .000   0  36

Chi. Cards     1  0 0 1.000   3   0 Louisville     0  1 0  .000   0  38

Minneapolis    0  0 0  .000   0   0 Columbus       0  1 0  .000   0  36


DAYTON 0, Canton 0 (T)              Chicago Bears 10, ROCK ISLAND 6

OORANG 20, Columbus 6               Racine 10, GREEN BAY 6

TOLEDO 12, Milwaukee 12 (T)         


AKRON 13, Rochester 13 (T)

Chi. Bears     2  0 0 1.000  16   0 Rock Island    1  1 0  .500  25  24

Chi. Cards     1  0 0 1.000   3   0 Minneapolis    0  0 0  .000   0   0

Buffalo        1  0 0 1.000   7   0 Rochester      0  0 1  .000  13  13

Akron          1  0 1 1.000  49  13 Milwaukee      0  1 1  .000  12  15

Canton         1  0 1 1.000  38   0 Hammond        0  1 0  .000   0   7

Dayton         1  0 1 1.000  36   0 Evansville     0  1 0  .000   0  15

Toledo         1  0 1 1.000  27  12 Louisville     0  1 0  .000   0  38

Racine         1  1 0  .500  10  12 GREEN BAY      0  2 0  .000  20  29

Oorang         1  1 0  .500  20  42 Columbus       0  2 0  .000   6  56


BUFFALO 19, Columbus 0              ROCK ISLAND 60, Evansville 0

TOLEDO 14, Hammond 0                DAYTON 17, Minneapolis 0

CANTON 14, Oorang 0                 MILWAUKEE 20, Racine 0

CHICAGO BEARS 7, Rochester 0        CHICAGO CARDS 16, Green Bay 3

Chi. Bears     3  0 0 1.000  23   0 Racine         1  2 0  .333  10  32

Buffalo        2  0 0 1.000  26   0 Oorang         1  2 0  .333  20  56

Chi. Cards     2  0 0 1.000  19   3 Rochester      0  1 1  .000  13  20

Canton         2  0 1 1.000  52   0 Minneapolis    0  1 0  .000   0  17

Dayton         2  0 1 1.000  53   0 Louisville     0  1 0  .000   0  38

Toledo         2  0 1 1.000  41  12 Hammond        0  2 0  .000   0  21

Akron          1  0 1 1.000  49  13 Evansville     0  2 0  .000   0  75

Rock Island    2  1 0  .667  85  24 GREEN BAY      0  3 0  .000  23  45

Milwaukee      1  1 1  .500  32  15 Columbus       0  3 0  .000   6  75


Canton 22, AKRON 0                  MILWAUKEE 0, Green Bay 0 (T)

Toledo 7, RACINE 0                  DAYTON 20, Hammond 0

CHICAGO BEARS 7, Buffalo 0          ROCK ISLAND 26, Rochester 0

CHICAGO CARDS 3, Minneapolis 0

Chi. Bears     4  0 0 1.000  30   0 Oorang         1  2 0  .333  20  56

Chi. Cards     3  0 0 1.000  22   3 Racine         1  3 0  .250  10  39

Canton         3  0 1 1.000  74   0 Louisville     0  1 0  .000   0  38

Dayton         3  0 1 1.000  73   0 Minneapolis    0  2 0  .000   0  20

Toledo         3  0 1 1.000  48  12 Evansville     0  2 0  .000   0  75

Rock Island    3  1 0  .750 111  24 Rochester      0  2 1  .000  13  46

Buffalo        2  1 0  .667  26   7 Hammond        0  3 0  .000   0  41

Milwaukee      1  1 2  .500  32  15 Columbus       0  3 0  .000   6  75

Akron          1  1 1  .500  49  35 GREEN BAY      0  3 1  .000  23  45


Canton 7, CHICAGO BEARS 6           Buffalo 7, DAYTON 0

TOLEDO 39, Louisville 0             MILWAUKEE 0, Hammond 0 (T)

GREEN BAY 0, Rock Island 0 (T)      AKRON 62, Oorang 0

CHICAGO CARDS 37, Columbus 6        RACINE 9, Rochester 0

Chi. Cards     4  0 0 1.000  59   9 Racine         2  3 0  .400  19  39

Canton         4  0 1 1.000  81   6 Oorang         1  3 0  .250  20 118

Toledo         4  0 1 1.000  87  12 Minneapolis    0  2 0  .000   0  20

Chi. Bears     4  1 0  .800  36   7 Evansville     0  2 0  .000   0  75

Buffalo        3  1 0  .750  33   7 Louisville     0  2 0  .000   0  77

Rock Island    3  1 1  .750 111  24 Rochester      0  3 1  .000  13  55

Dayton         3  1 1  .750  73   7 Hammond        0  3 1  .000   0  41

Akron          2  1 1  .667 111  35 GREEN BAY      0  3 2  .000  23  45

Milwaukee      1  1 3  .500  32  15 Columbus       0  4 0  .000  12 112


AKRON 22, Hammond 0                 GREEN BAY 3, Columbus 0

MINNEAPOLIS 13, Oorang 6            RACINE 57, Louisville 0

CHICAGO BEARS 9, Dayton 0           CANTON 0, Toledo 0 (T)

CHICAGO CARDS 9, Buffalo 7

Chi. Cards     5  0 0 1.000  68  16 Racine         3  3 0  .500  76  39

Canton         4  0 2 1.000  81   6 Minneapolis    1  2 0  .333  13  26

Toledo         4  0 2 1.000  87  12 GREEN BAY      1  3 2  .250  26  45

Chi. Bears     5  1 0  .833  45   7 Oorang         1  4 0  .200  26 131

Rock Island    3  1 1  .750 111  24 Evansville     0  2 0  .000   0  75

Akron          3  1 1  .750 133  35 Louisville     0  3 0  .000   0 134

Buffalo        3  2 0  .600  40  16 Rochester      0  3 1  .000  13  55

Dayton         3  2 1  .600  73  16 Hammond        0  4 1  .000   0  63

Milwaukee      1  1 3  .500  32  15 Columbus       0  5 0  .000  12 115


RACINE 34, Columbus 0               


CANTON 3, Buffalo 0                 CHICAGO CARDS 7, Akron 0

GREEN BAY 14, Minneapolis 6         ROCK ISLAND 43, Dayton 0

LOUISVILLE 13, Evansville 6         CHICAGO BEARS 33, Oorang 6

Chi. Cards     6  0 0 1.000  75  16 Milwaukee      1  1 3  .500  32  15

Canton         5  0 2 1.000  84   6 GREEN BAY      2  3 2  .400  40  51

Toledo         4  0 2 1.000  87  12 Minneapolis    1  3 0  .250  19  40

Chi. Bears     6  1 0  .857  78  13 Louisville     1  3 0  .250  13 140

Rock Island    4  1 1  .800 154  24 Oorang         1  5 0  .167  32 164

Akron          3  2 1  .600 133  42 Evansville     0  3 0  .000   6  88

Racine         4  3 0  .571 110  39 Rochester      0  3 1  .000  13  55

Buffalo        3  3 0  .500  40  19 Hammond        0  4 1  .000   0  63

Dayton         3  3 1  .500  73  59 Columbus       0  6 0  .000  12 154


RACINE 3, Green Bay 3 (T)           BUFFALO 3, Akron 3 (T)

CHICAGO BEARS 3, Rock Island 0      MILWAUKEE 13, Oorang 0


Canton         6  0 2 1.000  91   6 Buffalo        3  3 1  .500  43  22

Toledo         4  0 2 1.000  87  12 GREEN BAY      2  3 3  .400  43  54

Chi. Bears     7  1 0  .875  81  13 Minneapolis    1  3 0  .250  19  40

Chi. Cards     6  1 0  .857  75  23 Louisville     1  3 0  .250  13 140

Rock Island    4  2 1  .667 154  27 Oorang         1  6 0  .143  32 177

Milwaukee      2  1 3  .667  45  15 Evansville     0  3 0  .000   6  88

Akron          3  2 2  .600 136  45 Rochester      0  3 1  .000  13  55

Racine         4  3 1  .571 113  42 Hammond        0  4 1  .000   0  63

Dayton         3  3 1  .500  73  59 Columbus       0  6 0  .000  12 154


CANTON 20, Chicago Cards 3          CHICAGO BEARS 20, Akron 10

GREEN BAY 13, Milwaukee 0           TOLEDO 7, Columbus 6

RACINE 6, Hammond 0                 Oorang 19, BUFFALO 7

Canton         7  0 2 1.000 111   9 Milwaukee      2  2 3  .500  45  28

Toledo         5  0 2 1.000  94  18 Buffalo        3  4 1  .429  50  41

Chi. Bears     8  1 0  .889 101  23 Oorang         2  6 0  .250  51 184

Chi. Cards     6  2 0  .750  78  43 Minneapolis    1  3 0  .250  19  40

Rock Island    4  2 1  .667 154  27 Louisville     1  3 0  .250  13 140

Racine         5  3 1  .625 119  42 Evansville     0  3 0  .000   6  88

Dayton         3  3 1  .500  73  59 Rochester      0  3 1  .000  13  55

Akron          3  3 2  .500 146  65 Hammond        0  5 1  .000   0  69

GREEN BAY      3  3 3  .500  56  54 Columbus       0  7 0  .000  18 161


1922 Jim Thorpe's Oorang Indians First Ever Game Contract vs. Dayton Triangles

Led by all-world sports legend Jim Thorpe, the Oorang Indians of the National Football League were put together by Walter Lingo to market his Oorang dog kennels in 1922. With a population of well under 1,000 people, the town of LaRue, Ohio remains the smallest city in NFL history. One of the most significant early-NFL documents ever handled by Heritage Auctions, this original game contract represents the Indians' first game every played in their brief history as a franchise. The 1922 season opener was played on October 1st against the Dayton Triangles (Dayton won 36-0). (Source: Heritage Auctions)


1922 Canton Bulldogs vs. Toledo Maroons Program - Championship Season (Canton)

While current NFL fans hold Tom Brady and his New England Patriots in the highest regard, true pro football historians recognize Guy Chamberlin and his Canton Bulldogs as not only one of the earliest pro football dynasties, but also one of the most significant squads in APFA/NFL history. (Source: Heritage Auctions)

Dayton         3  3 1  .500  73  59 Rochester      0  3 1  .000  13  55

Akron          3  3 2  .500 146  65 Hammond        0  5 1  .000   0  69

GREEN BAY      3  3 3  .500  56  54 Columbus       0  7 0  .000  18 161


RACINE 3, Milwaukee 0               CANTON 14, Akron 0

Oorang 18, COLUMBUS 6               CHICAGO CARDS 6, Chicago Bears 0

Buffalo 21, ROCHESTER 0


CANTON 40, Milwaukee 6              Dayton 7, CHI. CARDS 3

CHICAGO BEARS 22, Toledo 0          BUFFALO 16, Akron 0

Green Bay 14, RACINE 0 at Milwaukee

Canton         9  0 2 1.000 165  15 Akron          3  5 2  .375 146  95

Toledo         5  1 2  .833  94  40 Oorang         3  6 0  .333  69 190

Chi. Bears     9  2 0  .818 123  29 Milwaukee      2  4 3  .333  51  71

Chi. Cards     7  3 0  .700  87  50 Minneapolis    1  3 0  .250  19  40

Rock Island    4  2 1  .667 154  27 Louisville     1  3 0  .250  13 140

Racine         6  4 1  .600 122  56 Evansville     0  3 0  .000   6  88

GREEN BAY      4  3 1  .571  70  54 Rochester      0  4 1  .000  13  76

Dayton         4  3 1  .571  80  59 Hammond        0  5 1  .000   0  69

Buffalo        5  4 1  .556  87  41 Columbus       0  8 0  .000  24 179


Canton 19, TOLEDO 0                 CHICAGO CARDS 9. Chi. Bears 0

Canton        10  0 2 1.000 184  15 Akron          3  5 2  .375 146  95

Chi. Bears     9  3 0  .750 123  44 Oorang         3  6 0  .333  69 190

Chi. Cards     8  3 0  .727  87  50 Milwaukee      2  4 3  .333  51  71

Toledo         5  2 2  .714  94  59 Minneapolis    1  3 0  .250  19  40

Rock Island    4  2 1  .667 154  27 Louisville     1  3 0  .250  13 140

Racine         6  4 1  .600 122  56 Evansville     0  3 0  .000   6  88

GREEN BAY      4  3 1  .571  70  54 Rochester      0  4 1  .000  13  76

Dayton         4  3 1  .571  80  62 Hammond        0  5 1  .000   0  69

Buffalo        5  4 1  .556  87  41 Columbus       0  8 0  .000  24 174

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